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  1. Yep, these are pretty, pretty good, just like their Ravenscroft. And I really like the UVI engine, almost more than Kontakt.
  2. Fleer

    My king, where art thou

    The whole forum? The entire industry!
  3. Fleer

    My king, where art thou

    All is good indeed. Well deserved.
  4. Fleer

    My king, where art thou

    Nevvah. There can be only one 😎
  5. Fleer

    My king, where art thou

    Thanks, Christian, happy to know he’s alright.
  6. Fleer

    My king, where art thou

    Hope so too, maybe Starise can have a peek.
  7. I like the fact that the orchestral samples come from Red Room Audio. They’ve got a very detailed sound I quite appreciate.
  8. Don’t know. Was free with Focusrite or Novation last year. Really worthwhile.
  9. Yep. Meanwhile looking mighty fine. My kind of toy 😎
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