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  1. Fleer


    Pretty pretty pretty pretty 🤩 Labadee-iti 😍 9 kegs of beer!
  2. Fleer

    Out - Fabfilter Twin 3

    It is absolutely delicious.
  3. That new one (Current Substances) sure is tasty.
  4. It was Domain, which is pretty unique. And Spaces is a subset of Domain, while this one (Phases) gives you Clearmountain’s Flanger and Phaser.
  5. Great dev. Love their Glissando Harps.
  6. Anyway, thanks @Technosticafor posting, as Scoring Acoustic Guotars was the one I was waiting for. Already got and love Vocalise, Voczlise 2 and Scoring Guitars, as far as Gravity expansions go. Mind you, they run mighty fine on their own without the need for the main Gravity engine they’re based on.
  7. I believe changing to Pound Sterling does the trick.
  8. Fleer


    Yeah baby! tell us about your cruise 🤠
  9. Yeah, the entire Arturia FX collection 3 is pretty good. Plus their newest ColdFire.
  10. Eventide Spring is part of their H9-series (also in the Anthology XII bundle). That series has some other great pedal-inspired plugins like the pretty amazing Blackhole (shimmer style) reverb.
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