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  1. Hey, I just did for my new car. Dang.
  2. Depends on which sonic signature you prefer. Are you a Texas Twang guy? Indie? Maybe start with Strawberry, or Stratosphere. But they’re all so good.
  3. It’s live! Best group buy in da biz.
  4. https://www.meldaproduction.com/MSoundFactory
  5. It’s pretty cheap at Melda as well, and buying there is good for your account status too
  6. Got this one some time ago from WA Production. Not bad at all, especially the MIDI. Very easy to program too.
  7. In his defense, he often had glitches in our favor, priced too low, and stil honored them.
  8. No, they often stop working when updating MacOS. And I love updating MacOS
  9. I actually wanted to like Waves, even though I always loathed WUP. So I collected lots of their plugins over the years, including bundles like Abbey Road, Pianos & Keys, CLA etcetera. Easily some 100 or more, mostly from EveryPlugin’s Koby. But I didn’t activate the serials, as I waited for the right time to start using them. Then, all of a sudden, they started talking subscription and forced me to activate them all. Which I did. Next, they aborted their subscription plans. And now all those plugins are out of WUP and I’m out of luck. Wrote them about it, they couldn’t care less. Thanks Waves, but no thanks. Go WUP yourselves.
  10. Those 8 sound packs are worth the bundle price.
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