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  1. Fleer

    Univeral Audio Luna

    How. Deed. Yoo. Doo. Dat.
  2. Nice indeed, great extra presets. Soundiron rock.
  3. Got several ProductionVoices piano library already. They’re top notch, exquisitely sampled by a Canadian guy called Jason (if I’m not mistaken).
  4. Yeah, love these guys. Got almost everything but still need to jump on Phase Plant.
  5. Yeah, there’s something unnatural about this kind of automatic strummers. They’re urgently in need of a (better) humanizer.
  6. I quite like it, ZT. It’s my ambient soul that needs quenching!
  7. Nice. Already got Veevum and Riffendium from these guys. Good stuff.
  8. And that sweet SynthMaster One!
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