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  1. I particularly like this one: Whales and Hendrix legato
  2. Fleer

    Installed! (DUH) - $23

    He’s got the hook
  3. at APD. Seems interesting as it’s cross platform, including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Found this vid:
  4. Folk rock more than rock, PC, but you can get quite creative with it. Much more than your run-of-the-mill double bass
  5. Got it in January. Would love to get that cello too.
  6. Really like this one. But then I’m a strings man.
  7. Sweet. Got the STD-1 and Chop Shop on another account.
  8. Uh oh indeed. Still, Slate and SSL make for a fine combine.
  9. Yeah. But winter is coming. Their sub is already present in the shadows of Native Access 2.
  10. Good to see we don’t need 14 for this.
  11. Still waiting for Apple Silicon native compatibility.
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