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  1. Fleer

    Ohmforce Bundle

    And I’m getting rid of it for $100
  2. ... and drive a 4x4, not knowing it’s 16
  3. No coup for me, my king, but hey, I’ve got them all in MPS 3
  4. I’m seeing five times as much, King L.
  5. If you’ve got Ozone 9 Advanced, try Musical Rebalance for size. Quite remarkable.
  6. Louph this stouph: http://new.dreamaudiotools.com/
  7. If anyone’s interested, still have a AIEP3 Select serial with: DB-33, Mini Grand, Hybrid 3 , Loom, Strike 2, Structure 2, Transfuser 2, Velvet 2, Vacuum Pro & Fresh AIR Pack, theRiser & Flux Transitions An honest offer gets them!
  8. And they should all run fine in Analog Lab 4.
  9. I did too, John. Then upgraded to the full version (albeit academic) and One. Nice synths with very fine presets. Just got a new (lighter) GUI as well. And I guess version 3 is at the horizon.
  10. Interesting, as I stayed with V Collection 4 but got the latest Analog Lab for free. Where did you get that info, bjornpdx? I’m particularly interested in that Switched-On Tribute. Wendy Carlos was da man.
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