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  1. Thanks Craig. I’ll just have them confirm my edu status.
  2. I have only positive things to say about their software (synths, FX) and hardware (MiniLab controllers and MiniFuse interface). All perfect. And their support is second to none. I consider Arturia to be one of the finest examples in music production.
  3. Sonic bliss is in the ear of the beholder.
  4. https://www.orangetreesamples.com/audio/SonomaBreezeAltoFlute.mp3
  5. No song yet, you’ll have to wait until the holidays, Max. Yep, I’m a classically trained flautist (since I was 7) and not very happy with most flute libraries sonically. The one I liked the most until now was 8Dio’s Claire. This new one from OrangeTreeSamples pleases me more. It’s the fullness and warmth. Check out the VI Control thread, they have some added examples that may show you what I mean.
  6. Fleer

    Luftrum Winter Sale

    Cheers. Do you know if that newsletter voucher is time limited?
  7. I gladly offer my contrasting favorable opinion. And I’m a flute player. Love playing this one.
  8. Fleer

    Luftrum Winter Sale

    Still thinking of Lunaris 2 and Bioscape.
  9. Knowing you it’ll be “installed” before Xmas.
  10. A flute from OrangeTreeSamples ain’t just a flute. No, sir!
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