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  1. Fleer

    Gone again!

    Missing you already, my king.
  2. King Koby? Nah, he’s the duke.
  3. Got them since 2015 or so, but now I’m wondering what to do with them as they fill up so much space. Kick them all out? Only keep the last one (2020)? But even that one’s over 50, like me.
  4. Don’t mention the saturator!
  5. Fleer

    Plug & Mix VIP Bundle

    Still mighty fun
  6. I’ve got Albion Neo (and Tundra) but otherwise I would have jumped on this. It’s the most interesting of the Originals series IMO.
  7. The Loegria legato isn’t included.
  8. Fleer

    IK VI Group Buy

    If I would already own Miroslav (the original) and ST4 (not Max) then I guess I’d prefer Syntronik to Miro 2 CE. Not much extra time in the latter while the former has some pretty good synth sounds. But if deciding between the full Syntronik (including Deluxe) and the full Miro 2 then I’d get the latter.
  9. Fleer

    IK VI Group Buy

    I only have NI Battery for drums, so maybe it’ll be worth it for me ... I hope.
  10. Fleer

    IK VI Group Buy

    It’s that bad, is it?
  11. Fleer

    JRR Shop

    There can be only one
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