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  1. Objeq Delay was da shiznet.
  2. Nice. There are too few Cinematique Instruments sales.
  3. More and more into granular myself. More organ than regular EDM stuff.
  4. I’m thinking we can pretty do the same with audio stems ourselves.
  5. Fleer

    IK MIxbox Crossgrade

    For me MixBox is more like the McDSP racks, while Slate’s VMR is way above.
  6. We are all just visitors here
  7. Not in my book. Edith: better wait for a deal with a great freebie.
  8. It’s like any other company from Modena.
  9. Nah, CM. My best Beat sub was €60 including the $300 Heavyocity Aeon Collection.
  10. Just when you think you’re out ...
  11. Indeed it’s not. It was $7.27 actually.
  12. Fleer

    IK MIxbox Crossgrade

    50 gear credits and I’ll bite
  13. That I got them for $10 the year before.
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