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  1. What in the name of Zeus are you guys doing with all this ?
  2. Best of the best. Apart from FabFilter Pro-R and Zynaptiq Adaptiverb, of course.
  3. Fleer

    AAS Take 3 Soundpak

    Same thinking here, but I also like the Destruction pack.
  4. Liked their first batch pretty much, particularly the vocals.
  5. Fleer

    IK Black 76

    Freebie is the word.
  6. Still, interesting that Audi in Latin means “listen”.
  7. Gold is still WUPPED for a few weeks here. Is it sensible to upgrade now?
  8. Missed it too, King L. Edith: have to say I’m not that sad. More of an Ostinato guy than a Modal Runner, I guess.
  9. Get them in your account: Chromaphone 2 v2.2.0. Lounge Lizard EP-4 v4.3.0. Lounge Lizard Session 4 v4.3.0. Objeq Delay v1.2.0. String Studio VS-3 v3.1.2. Strum GS-2 v2.3.0. Strum Session 2 v2.3.0. Ultra Analog Session 2 v2.2.0. Ultra Analog VA-3 v3.1.1.
  10. Update 2.0 is available. Still, not jumping, primarily ‘cause of that orangey GUI.
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