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    Auto Tune

    you could install Melodyne Essentials. or get the next up version depending on your budget (Celemony | Editions https://www.celemony.com/en/melodyne/melodyne-5-editions). meanwhile if you search online, there are a number of freeware autopitch products and commercial ones as well - Waves, Melda, etc all make autopitch, and harmonizer, etc plugins. free ones: https://www.sageaudio.com/blog/audio-plugins/top-5-free-vocal-tuning-and-formant-plugins.php
  2. try just soloing the track you're working on. skip exclusive solo as depending on where it's applied can lead to some strange routing resulting no sound 🙂 also - have a process for yourself. when i use a region fx, i follow these steps fairly rigorously, first make a copy of the track, then for melodyne = one - create region fx, two - solo the track and do my edits, three - render fx or if i'm not happy, revert. and using small segments like what you're doing is good. one trick i picked up - using the piano or rhythm along with whatever i'm tweaking. with the studio version, the other track acts like the "chord track" for the other ones.
  3. maybe there is some new info? this threads last entry from 9 months? 10 months ago... @jon sasor [cakewalk] is the VS-700 info up to date?
  4. well you could create a while loop which reads in the file content into an array until the app or device crashes... of course, it's more likely that reading the file means getting a file handle which could (without proper care) try to lock the file and in a folder requiring admin permission to lock it, doesn't get the exception properly caught, or worse eaten, and then nulls etc fun for all and so on. that it works on the developer desktop is meaningless. if i had a dollar every time i heard that i wouldn't have to work for a living making sure developers don't do things like that...
  5. hmmm i ran into this issue and remember to install the registration number as admin, so i ran it as admin and it worked fine (two weeks ago). however one other caveat - make sure there is no extra space at the end, and in my case i found the number wrapped in the web UI and was missing the last 4 numbers. easy to fix. and in some apps (not dimension) if i copied the text from an email and there was a space at the end, and not paying attention, some products saw that as an extra character.
  6. you need to run it as admin first time you register it
  7. when i see it, i re-run my redistributables installer 🙂
  8. welcome Francois! if you have a Google Drive, you could host it there (there is a default "Public" folder) and share a public link to it. that is how many folks here share their wares.
  9. one thought is check and see what processes are running - like Defender etc which can be a problem anyways, so exclude cakewalk etc from the live scanner.
  10. the reason someone includes the date in the file name is to avoid issues where downloading the file changes the file date stamp to whenever you copied/downloaded etc. and some files, if you open in an app with auto save can modify the date modified (DoRD 🙂 ) so if the date of: mix complete, mix approval, master, master approved is important to preserve across people and systems, insert YYYMMDD (and even HHMM) is light enough to add. "My Song MIX 20230102 APPRV 20230201 blah blah etc" or better - share metadata in a related text file 🙂 )
  11. Delivery Recommendations 070711 https://naras.a.bigcontent.io/v1/static/delivery_recommendations_for_recorded_music_projects_final_09_27_18_0 some ideas on naming conventions (a bit dated perhaps) PT Guidelines v22b1.doc (grammy.com) http://www2.grammy.com/PDFs/Recording_Academy/Producers_And_Engineers/PTGuidelines.pdf Grammy Naming Conventions – Meyer Audio Tech, LLC https://meyeraudiotech.com/index.php/grammy-naming-conventions/ The Recording Academy is the leading society of music professionals | RecordingAcademy.com https://www.recordingacademy.com/producers-engineers-wing/technical-guidelines
  12. yeah, some projects i want to put the version into the name - lately using "Two" "Three" etc appended after the song name. when producing and the client wants version by day (or even hours a few days few times) i use "YYYYMMDD" (or add "-HHMM" for time) so "V20230313" so it's sortable more easily. so, it may be something like "Song Name Two V20230217-1800.cwp" "Song Name Two V20230217-2030.cwp" etc
  13. did you turn on the key signature / scale setting in the MIDI track? then you can either turn off (or toggle) the key signature / scale or switch the scale to allow "off notes"
  14. one of the problems with the redistributables - there are variations in the top-level version in some of them depending on a patch level and any API choices the developer made... so, yes mostly 3rd parties but MS lately has been doing a lot of updates on Edge and Defender, and some OS stuff (both W10 and W11 - which i'm on now) and so i find spending the extra 10 minutes to re-run them just ensure that the ones i need are there... i'm much less concerned about some VR in Edge support for occulus products than i am my CW and Sketchup program... 😉
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