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  1. view file explorer properties: 2116/2 (stereo) / 24 (word length) = 44.1
  2. did you try holding shift when loading a project to go into safe mode to make sure it's not a plugin? then you could try reinstalling the SPLAT redistributables as OS updates (if you're using an OS which is getting updates) can easily impact the functionality. i'd try the redistributables first. while re-installing the core app is not a lot of disruptions, it could be, so last choice for me.
  3. as HOOK noted - the bit depth should be ok -- except -- the 16-bit may be lower quality or have some clips etc depending on the material and how it was recorded. if your project is 32-bit the 16-bit will be padded with the lower bits set to zero until you hard edit them (like bounce to clip) when the new files should become 32-bit (as any processing which then impacts the lowest 16 bits will become non-zero). if there was a sample rate difference - those should have been altered when you added them otherwise you'd get a warning if somehow you slipped them in (not easy so unlikely).
  4. and the idea that using automation instead of MIDI fails when plugins don't have automation on their controls... and technically, VST3 can use MIDI, with the caveat that a) it's not to the specification if you do code it; b) it's a bit of extra work and realistically, if plugin developers started to do it regularly, Steinberg could pull their license or alter any supporting libraries to screw it up more... does CLAP support full MIDI and automation in the specification / libraries?
  5. ugh! learn! not when i can ask a forum for the answer... 😉
  6. the trick was to "save as" so the new project file was only taking the bounced files with it (the example John was showing) so there is a reduction. and this is generally a best practice for archiving or sharing projects - bounce tracks from zero (1:01) to end (or export tracks for the same consolidation and reload) and save the project as "myproject-v###" or "myproject-v###-ARCHIVE" etc etc so it's "clean". best to also include project documentation - track list, effects, settings, other metadata, lyrics, artists, etc so if you revisit a project years later you can be refreshed...
  7. the interesting thing about the Synth V - if you imagine yourself as a producer training a singer - here are the notes and a reference track, then tweak to the "singers" voice, it is very like coaching someone on a song but letting them do their thing. in the vocal libraries i'm using, they're created from real singers so they're not really synthetic. the singers who provided their voices had to sing the "phonomes" which is what the engine uses to assemble the vocals. i'm actually impressed someone had the vocal chops to sing partial words and sustain sounds (for editing) (and like thousands of them) and in one of my libraries, in 3 wholly different languages...
  8. do you have "open all devices" set to on? in the past this has caused people to experience slowness and many open files. if you only connect the 828x is it still slow?
  9. i have a pair of powered USB 3.1 6-slot strips with individual power buttons. run all disks off one (content and project drive) + dongles for Waves and iLok, and the other strip for music keyboards, Logitech adapter, IO unit, etc so the faster port is the disks and the slightly slower is the rest. placed off the side of the laptop with my keyboard & mouse only a foot or so away. excellent performance for all and no issues on interrupts or disk access.
  10. i seem to remember that this (when not using all of them) caused a significant number of file to be opened and some allocation which was causing severe performance degradation... of course if you need them open, then you need them.
  11. as a quick test - this happens in all projects? only this one? or only new ones since an update?
  12. nope. same as if i enter manually. the only pulldown for separation is the articulations space. only blank rows are the bottom. same behavior - note in the bottom blank rows only added to the last row SIDE STICK
  13. thanks. i load up SSDSampler and your drum map. i have the theme as Tungsten as well. i'm not seeing a gap above the KICK. BUT -- if i adjust the window separations so i see a gap BELOW the SIDE STICK, then i also see the blank lines which you're seeing up top. and if i double click to add a note, it simply adds it to the SIDE STICK row and doesn't create an entry. so there may be a setting [somewhere] which allows entries to be made into the drum map from the PRV? for me - it's not adding the extraneous row, just adding them to the bottom SIDE STICK row. not sure if this helps or not, but i'm not able to reproduce it as in your first post.
  14. and if the bundle is somehow corrupted, the project is a goner... best best - esp after lots of editing - prep for transfer - bounce to clips from zero. save the project as a new version to create a new folder so only the audio files it needs are included, and then zip that project and file folder. worst case, the zero point WAV files are able to be dragged into a new project and stay sync'd, otherwise the clean files and project will be more reliably transferred because it has only the files needed. of course verify any plugins needed are also available in each machine 🙂 with practice, this process is only a few minutes to package up, much safer than using a bundle file, and with cloud transfers pretty easy to do.
  15. if it's something you do frequently - maybe setting up a template with more tracks & busses w/ the FX off (and presumably the PC off as well), then remove them as setting up the project. would work nicely also if you need specific track - buss routing configured consistently as well.
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