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  1. one thing i noticed in the reviews - heat. the 7950X without turbo was running near 95°C and recommended much larger cooling capability... intel product also running hot and thus both likely getting temperature throttled.
  2. thanks! in reality i've had older versions which i used to open the older projects to view settings etc. which if open in newer version would be hidden by proxies. overall the installations only take maybe a 1gb of space with all the plugins etc. yes, it would be interesting to see what you did with the registry compilation.
  3. Intel Announces 13th Gen Processors: Core i9 13900K Faster, More Cores Than Ryzen 9 7950X (forbes.com) https://www.forbes.com/sites/antonyleather/2022/09/27/intel-announces-13th-gen-processors-core-i9-13900k-faster-more-cores-than-ryzen-9-7950x/?sh=da65d16328db AMD Ryzen 9 7950X Review | PCMag https://www.pcmag.com/reviews/amd-ryzen-9-7950x
  4. same here - programs stay on the C: drive, as much as content - i junction to my D: drive. so i tend to be selective with things like Sample Tank, Waves, Melodyne, and a few other that if you try to do their entire folder, things get screwy. but using junctions on the content subfolders seems to work fine.
  5. you could try the matrix view and drop samples on the buckets there. read up on (and play with) the matrix tool as it has a lot of excellent capabilities.
  6. i would try out the Ozone to remove it (in the past when preprocessing files i would use Sound Forge to kill the DC offset and set levels etc). now i mainly use RX-7 to perform my preprocessing on files.
  7. its definitely something going on... i got the out of phase issue on the drums (i replaced the ez drums with addictive drums). created a blank project. set up SI-drums (everyone has those 🙂 ) on an DRUMS audio track and MIDI (clips from project file) track. create new patch point. assigned output of DRUMS to Patch Point 1 created new audio tracks - PDRUM with Sonitus Compressor in FX bucket, and RAW. assigned Patch Point 1 to both PDRUM and RAW. created Bus A. assigned output of PDRUM and RAW tracks to Bus A. started PLAY. no phasing. turn off FX on PDRUM, ok. turn on FX on PDRUM - phasing. turn off - still phasing. STOPPED PLAY. restart PLAY - no phasing. with the Sonitus Compressor turned off, cycling the FX bucket causes the same phasing. removing the Sonitus Compress - cycling is ok, no phasing. added Wave C1 compressor - no problem. going to suggest the Sonitus Compressor is the issue. if you remove it from the original project - same thing happens - no phasing. TEST (DRMS W PATCH POINT PHASE).cwp
  8. OP - is it possible that you turned off the PDC during tracking to eliminate latency, and now any un-even fx timing is showing up?
  9. there is also this: Cakewalk - Cakewalk Documentation - Removing DC offset https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=EditingAudio.22.html
  10. then again, there are lots of recordings where what was sung is not what the lyrics sheet said as a means of circumventing the record label and radio/tv censors... 🙂
  11. i like playing chords on the bass - not only strumming but also arpeggios as i walk the chords. i find that this is useful when there are only a few instruments playing (like dynamics drop in the midrange instruments during a verse or guitar solos). one trick i found (i seldom use a pick) is to strum downstrokes with the face of my fingernails (essentially back handed) and thumbnail (upstrokes) so it's a hard surface against the strings. best bet is round wound (on my precision it sounds almost like a piano), but also works on flats (my upright EDB - i even get some nice harmonics).
  12. in case anyone was interested in what the White Album played live would be like:
  13. yeah, i think the shift modifier on the ctrl-drag would be brilliant to allow easy cloning (or not) of the automation(s) assigned to the fx. 🙂
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