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  1. the track you show is the MIDI source to EZD. and EZD is not a source of MIDI output, so it won't show up in the sources list... you can drag MIDI from EZD to the MIDI track, you can use the MIDI track to trigger the play on EZD, or write your own MIDI notes, use the step sequencer to generate them, drag in MIDI clips etc etc etc. the audio tracks you have setup are the sound outputs from EZD. as reginaldStJohn noted, you could assign multiple MIDI tracks to feed EZD - for an example - if you have a clip your imported and wanted to separate the instruments into separate MIDI tracks so you can do other things to them - you could splt that clip across several MIDI tracks using a CAL script then modify each independently (e.g. maybe you want the highhat pattern separated because you'll tweak it and use it for tambourine or shakers - and use a wholly separate VI to perform those)
  2. Glenn Stanton

    Clip color

    ah you want the background of the clip to change, in my exmaple the content of the clip follows the color. David has the idea on the color of the clip background so setting it. if that isn't working, it may also be that the new Sonar themes are not quite there yet 🙂
  3. thanks! i fully understand mix scenes. i don't use them because my workflow is better without them. that said, if at some point i want to change, i may go back to using them like i did what? 5-6 years ago? i just find the workspace thingie more quickly configures the space and tools for a given step and let's me switch rapidly with depending on any coupling to the project file.
  4. Glenn Stanton

    Clip color

    so you're saying the track color is not applied to the new clips after you're done recording them? or you're saying that while you're recording they're dark gray? for the former - turn on the track colors. for the latter? no idea possibly a feature request.
  5. Glenn Stanton

    Clip color

    in general, the clips use the track color setting: in the preferences, i check the "show strip colors" to make the tracks use the color (the small knurb on the left end is where you select the color for the track).
  6. i never use the mix scenes. i use the workspaces instead since they transcend the projects... but whatever works for you will, erm, work for you..
  7. the VST3 is a Steinberg specification which is licensed directly via Steinberg. if you develop to those specs and test rigorously, then the plugin should work in almost any DAW. https://steinbergmedia.github.io/vst3_dev_portal/pages/VST+3+Licensing/Index.html
  8. for sure. i have several templates - a "raw" one for when i need just a couple of instruments ready to go, a "record" template which has all of the tracks, insturments, etc ready and wired - i simply remove tracks and instruments versus adding them (most times), and a "mix" template which mirrors the record template w/o any of the instruments or MIDI tracks - everything goes into the mix template as audio (like when i do client mixes). i also have a "master" template for assembly of 2-tracks and either individually or as a "album" layout the tracks and do most of the required "paperwork" as leveling/eq/compression needed in small bits. and a "compose" template which has a couple of instruments and some "generator" tools. i also have a couple of variants of the record/mix which are using SSL, API, or NEVE plugins to simulate the "console" effects like channel strips vs independent plugins. i use the SSL one a bit more tha the others as clients will share their projects and many have some specific SSL settings they really like and i want to recreate those. then i switch views with custom workspaces for tracks / console views, busses / console views, or just drag the busses/tracks back and forth on console view. very fast (for me). some examples: DAW template - 01 - process.svgDAW template - 02 - mix.svgDAW template - 03 - workspace.svg
  9. maybe your keystroke setting got removed? if you right-click on the clip and select "Region FX -> Melodyne -> Create Region FX" what happens?
  10. weird because i just updated them yesterday and they're working fine in my Sonar & CW - True Dynamics, True Iron and KClip3. and yes, some companies are blaming CW for their poor implementation of the latest VST3 spec - and some of those need to have the .vst3 folder extension removed so they work. but many of the properly implemented ones work fine.
  11. both google, onedrive, some stuff into dropbox and very rarely icloud for some clients
  12. i use a 4TB SSD called "cloud" and except for my C:\ documents folder (OneDrive by default), all the other stuff is backed up there. i sync from my local drive to the cloud drive, then the cloud services sync to/from there. cost - an external USB drive (~$200)? the benefits? i have a local backup of my stuff + the clouds. and my source materials are never at risk from the cloud services doing weird stuff.
  13. so, you have your serial number and activation #'s handy? then you run the standalone version of the app as admin? you enter the serial number and activation #'s. then what happens? you get an error?
  14. so -- using WASAPI will work as will ASIO4ALL. the UMC22 doesn't have a native driver like my UMC202HD or UMC1820. https://mediadl.musictribe.com/media/PLM/data/docs/UMC/QSG_BE_0805-AAR_U-PHORIA-Series_WW.pdf
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