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  1. the downside of modular choices - how many busses did you need? or tracks? i think over time you define what is the most likely combination of tracks and busses you typically use and make that your primary template. then create the other track templates for expanding your project. i have a single large "template" template which has my full set of tracks and busses, and when creating a new track template, i use that to add the new track, set up the effects, sends etc. and then export it. if i have existing busses that match up - the track is simply added and wired in. if the project doesn't have the associated buss(es), then they get added and the track is wired in... so my primary template has maybe half the total number of tracks and busses and i have another 30 or track templates for specific instrumentation and their associated busses. the main annoyance is the buss colors not being preserved and thus the track colors are not...
  2. maybe an mp3 file is the only [surviving] copy of something (think old cassette tape 🙂 ) and you need to do some edits - example - you get an mp3 from someone's mp3 recorder of an important meeting but want to run RX on it to clean it up - so converting to WAV first then running through a series of fixes (some may be destructive writes) - and then re-export as mp3. obviously not the same as buying things and getting them as mp3 when they should have been WAV (or other lossless format)...
  3. you could just create presets to reuse things. i have made about 50 custom presets which include sonitus and PC, waves and PC, slate and PC, etc variations of eq, compressor, effects, etc which i can readily load and tweak. this way if my template defaults are just right, i load up the waves or slate variations and tweak if necessary. saves a lot of clicks and time 🙂 then like other presets you can select multiple tracks or busses and load them in one go (like you could with FX Bin)
  4. i almost never use the track FX bin as most of the stuff i'm using is the in the PC modules. so i use the PC FX bin/chain for presets that include non-PC/VST/DX modules like compressors, effects, etc. then with a bunch of presets, it's easy to add them across tracks and busses. and tweak. plus my templates already have the bulk of PC modules per track and busses setup.
  5. why not use the techniques forum here? many people are leaving facebook.
  6. looking at the list it would appear that each of Mark's test where an increase of 10 is roughly an octave (20, 40, 80, 160, etc). but if you produced a finer granularity for your own as testing as Mark described, you could likely map to whatever range you wanted. it's likely different EQ types will have different slopes so you may want to test for each of the 4 EQ types.
  7. sadly it's only for paid subscribers.
  8. @Olaf you might want to reach out to @Noel Borthwick and have the team look at the project file you're using/created so they can try to recreate the steps you've described here. probably the fastest way to solve this.
  9. also, recheck some windows settings as well: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/windows-scaling-issues-for-high-dpi-devices-508483cd-7c59-0d08-12b0-960b99aa347d
  10. actually there are a number of features in CW which provide tempo changes to audio files - and depending on the content - can be effective. in some cases though, the stretching and slicing needed to change a tempo can produce undesired artifacts. so check out the options for modifying tempo. Cakewalk - Cakewalk Documentation - Changing tempos https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Tempo.06.html
  11. does deleting the presets.db remove any custom presets?
  12. the presets.db is a SQL lite file, so unless there is a rollback function (which the "restore" button sounds like) you'd have to reload that db file. depending on how you backup your system, you might be able to restore that file to its last known good config. another thought (if re-installing isn't an option) is to install it on anther system, bring up the preset you want, document it (photo etc) and configure and save it as the factory preset on your main system.
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