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  1. to be honest - i don't usually mess with any of the stock settings except to choose what to display in the track section 🙂 but i don't see anything there that would be a potential change in how the horizontal scrolling operates.
  2. @Jeffrey @Teegarden there is an "EnablePluginMenuFix=1" item you can add to the initialization file under preferences. not sure this will fix the scrolling issue but it definitely fixed the heading in the inspector panel (which as noted a couple of times, had nothing to do with the theme as it was broken in build 141, fixed in 147, then broken again in 155). not sure why anyone would want the option 0 ("break my menu") but maybe there is something in screen layout that requires an adjustment. 🙂
  3. i use my wireless keyboard and mouse. video monitor is a 70" TV so it's pretty visible across the room. the keyboard and mouse can operate up about 30' (transceiver type, not BT).
  4. yeah i saw several of my themes had that warning (flat, minimalistic orange, etc) but when the developers updated them for 2021.04 and they're working fine. but for testing i switch between my normal custom theme and the default mercury theme.
  5. hmmm. maybe some WAV based samples would be useful? i use some very old soundfont version or these: http://www.compositiontoday.com/sound_bank/percussion/castanets.asp but they might not be of the right quality in a commercial project.
  6. cool thing is that was just their bar rig, their outdoor concert rig is much bigger 😉
  7. Glenn Stanton

    selecting midi

    the "larger" UMC units have their own Behringer ASIO driver (e.g. my UMC 1820 has the 4.59 version ASIO driver) and it works very well.
  8. agreed @Ben Staton - however, the theme is not, nor ever was, the issue. 🙂 however "FixTheMenu" thingie does work. perhaps we can make that a permanent part of the code as i'm not sure many people want the "TheMenuIsBroken" option 😉 new screen shots in Mercury. as a note, the custom theme is just fine. before: after: UPDATE*** - build 170 does not have this issue, i removed the plugin fix in the INI and restarted. all good again.
  9. nothing special - i just install the update and look 🙂 it was there in build 141, then gone in 147, and back in 155 - likely something got branched and then re-introduced...
  10. Hi @Ben Staton - i get this with the default Mercury or any other theme . i first encountered this in build 141, then in build 147 it was fixed. now it's back in build 155. i'm guessing some bit from a 141 branch got put back into the main build stream...
  11. looks like the inspector window sizing issue from 141 is back in 155. the inspector is overlapped by the multi dock. and if i undock the inspector, the maximize and drop down (for docking options) partially overlap the PC icon.
  12. hmmm. i haven't seen this one before. for me it's the opposite, i have a bunch of wav files - bounced, edit, record, etc and it takes a bit of effort to clean up when archiving a project. i haven't seen a situation where all the tracks all exist in a single wav file - except when you are viewing the "take lanes", all of those for a given track exist in a single wav file (whereas using "takes as tracks" create individual files).
  13. i like the Mp3Tag editor. lot's of features. freeware but also likes donations. 🙂 https://www.mp3tag.de/en/index.html
  14. or worse, Computer Associates. Where all good software goes to die.™
  15. no, it's the default theme. i was using minimalistic orange but i switch out of it to make sure it wasn't a theme issue. as a note build 147 has corrected this issue but at the moment it's a separate download from the update notification in the CbB app (which is the 144 build).
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