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  1. A very nice and generous free update. Well done, Arturia!
  2. Freeware VST Plugin Brandulator is a complex sound processor that allows you to get quite interesting combined effects -- comb filters, trance gate, vocoder, wah-wah, various types of modulation (chorus, flanger, phaser, ring, etc.). The functionality of this plugin is based on splitting the original signal into uniform intervals, in accordance with the tempo of the musical composition, to each of which a certain type of processing can be applied. http://stone-voices.ru/vst/brandulator
  3. Actually, for me (an AmpliTube 5 CS user), this may be more trouble than it's worth given that: "We're excited to be offering you these fresh collections. Custom Shop users can expect one or more of the presets to work using just the free gear included in AmpliTube 5 CS, and can audition 20+ new". This is way too much hassle for just one or two presets. Oh well...
  4. Thanks. I just noticed the previously released ones (e.g., Slash, Satriani, etc.) in the IK Product Mgr. But how do I find these *specific* presets in AmpliTube itself? I've tried searching for them but they don't show up. I've also followed all the instructions: 1. Download and install AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop 2. Launch Custom Shop 3. Use the Restore My Purchases tool Check, check, and check. But where are they? To be clear, I'm not sure what the preset names are or how many there are, so I don't even know what I'm looking for.
  5. I'm struggling with this as well. So, where do the MESA/Boogie presets show up? This is needlessly complicated.
  6. Anarchy Comp is a versatile compressor suitable for use on any kind of sound, mix buss, or master buss. https://anarchyaudioworx.com/anarchy-comp/
  7. https://www.pluginboutique.com/articles/1711
  8. Very nice synth! Thanks for posting.
  9. T-Force Delay is a dual mode delay effect device. It can be used to add an echo effect to your sound. Its feedback signal can be modulated with filters and a degrader, to emulate the old vinage style analog tape echo effects. It can produce simple stereo delays, but also can be switched to ping pong mode for that typical left/right pingpong echo effect. It also has a flanger to create some crazy flanger effects on the feedback signal. https://mastrcode-music.de/en/vst-plugins/t-force-delay/
  10. Yes, and I'll set the license to expire in 180 days so that I can charge them $10 to renew it! 😁
  11. I think IKM should change the name of their Product Manager to Product Mangler.
  12. HY-ESG is a plugin developed by HY-Plugins and released by Bedroom Producers Blog. It is a gate sequencer (aka a trance gate effect) with a twist. It uses a Euclidean sequencer instead of the standard step sequencer seen in most other trance gate plugins. https://sellfy.com/bedroomproducersblog/p/hy-esg/
  13. https://youtu.be/5GzMx9CnhVk?t=33
  14. The Big Apple plugin is a feed-forward dynamic range compressor based on the ideal VCA mathematical model. This audio processor allows you to use the parallel compression mixing technique (also known as New York compression) in your everyday work. The parallel compression works inline without any additional routing inside your DAW. The "Big Apple" plugin also available as a simple unit! Features: Threshold: from 0 dB to -60 dB Ratio: until 20:1 (with the soft knee mode) Make-up gain: until +24 dB Attack range: 1..200 ms Release range: 50..2000 ms (with the auto release mode) The sidechain input for an external signal (your host application has to support this feature) https://hasound.com/products/bigapple/
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