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  1. Wouldn't it be easier to just do it directly through the VI plugin rather than converting to audio? But to answer your question, Melodyne doesn't seem to have the necessary tools to do this easily (at least that I'm aware of).
  2. While using it in a project the synth started to periodically emit a burst of noise. I hope Imaginando doesn't require us to go online and login everytime we want to use this damn thing because that's definitely no bueno! And the same thing happens with DRM.
  3. Definitely worth the sales price! My only gripe is that we only get a VST2 Windows' plugin. It works fine now but I don't want to have to give up a good synth when Steinberg drops VST2 support in Cubase.
  4. Maybe they're expessing their dissatisfaction of the Schrödinger's cat thought experiment.
  5. Download, demos, and info: https://qsynthi.com/ Uncover Quantum Soundscapes Dive into the Sonic Potential of the Schrödinger Equation. Play with Quantum Mechanics Harness the motion characteristics of quantum simulations to craft expansive, evolving sounds. Whether you’re layering big chords or honing in on a melody, QSynthi adapts to your creative needs. Sculpt Your Desired Sound QSynthi integrates the principles of quantum physics into sound design, converting quantum simulations into dynamic, evolving audio. This groundbreaking instrument offers real-time adaptive tones, allowing for a unique exploration of the sonic possibilities found within quantum phenomena. Simulate Real-Life Phenomena Animate real-life phenomena through sound with QSynthi. This tool offers a distinctive and interactive way to understand complex systems, blending the realms of quantum physics and music. Explore, tweak, and play – it’s quantum physics with a melodic twist. Version 0.8
  6. I guess it was a limited offer. 😉
  7. I just picked this up. It's marked at full-price until you go to the product page. Not sure if it's a pricing error, or an actual sale and it's mis-marked.
  8. Yes, I got that far, but the site rejected my coupon code. Thanks anyway. EDIT: I tried it again (did the same thing as before) and now it works. Go figure.
  9. And the coupon code for the 1991 is not being accepted at bozmasterkeys.com. The party's over!
  10. The 1926 is no longer free. I guess it was an oversight and was just corrected.
  11. Makes me think of Hocus Pocus by Focus...
  12. Do you think it will ever go back down to $79? That's my buy price.
  13. Same here. NA shows ~30GB but then downloads only a few hundred MBs. This is now true for many products, so the reported sizes should be taken with a grain of sand. It's a new 'feature'.
  14. I wasn't able to complete the transaction w/o providing a credit card number even after clearing all browser data on both FF and Chrome.
  15. Review: https://bedroomproducersblog.com/2024/05/22/fanan-team-bella/ D/L: https://www.fananteampro.com/bella
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