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  1. I just updated and now neither the standalone nor the plugin launches. NI has really been off their game lately. Proceed with caution...
  2. I have the same offer. Did the upgrade provide anything beyond the ~1,500 additional presets?
  3. I've decided to install it first on my old, re-purposed Windows 7 'test' system, just in case.
  4. Sorry for such a newb question, but does this also apply to getting Obduction from Epic Games via their Epic Installer?
  5. BTW, autoruns (for Windows) is an excellent tool for seeing (and controlling) what's installed and runs on your system. Before installing anything new I take a 'snapshot' of my system (via File | Save...), perform the installation, and then run "Compare..." to see what (if anything) was added. It's very comprehensive, lightweight, and free.
  6. I'm new to Epic Games. Is it safe/wise to install them on a system that you use for your DAW? Specifically, will the installer or games install any resource-draining software that would reduce DAW performance?
  7. It appears you have to buy something before getting the plugin for free. Fragment is a dual looper device with pitch shifting, phrase modulation and more. It comes free with An Moku's Less for $6 - out now on Puremagnetik Tapes. Download instructions are included with the Bandcamp album download.
  8. Thanks, scook. I saw the notices too, but was surprised that a non-US company had sales tax nexus in the US. Most of my plugin purchases are from non-US companies, and I seldom, if ever, pay sales taxes. Maybe I should have; who knows.
  9. I just went to purchase an upgrade to Saturn and Timeless and noticed that sales tax was added to my order (appropriate for my state [I live in the US]). Is this something new for FF? They're not a US company and so I'm surprised that they have tax nexus here.
  10. Sorry, but both are excellent. I use them regularly in most mixes. I wish all my plugins were so thoughfully designed/executed. Note, I don't use them to enhance audio but rather to fix problems or achieve standard mixing goals. I used to use them to enhance/sweeten/fortify tracks but found there were many better alternatives (YMMV).
  11. This is particularly true for Acustica/Aquarius! And if you tick the box "Always show trash icon" in the Settings "Installation" tab, it adds a little trash icon to the GUI that you can click to purge the (rather large) setup files. Warning: Do *not* set the "Stage area path" to a place where you have other files that you want to keep because Aquarius will delete *everything* in that folder!
  12. To download the updates without the Steinberg Download Assistant, go here: https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/downloads/cubase_11/cubase_pro_11.html
  13. locrian

    PA Mega Sale

    Elysia Karacter can also be had for 10 with the voucher.
  14. No coins for you -- come back one year!
  15. Where did you guys find these magical points/coins?
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