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  1. https://youtu.be/sGLAPu20H5k https://youtu.be/Favv7VkGov4?t=21
  2. MonsterStringsVST is a Free String virtual instrument that sounds great but is still lightweight in RAM usage. In this first version, Monster Strings has 13 Presets, divided into 2 main categories: ACOUSTIC and SYNTHESIZER. ACOUSTIC has 2 sub-categories, ENSEMBLE and SOLO. https://agushardiman.tv/monster-strings-a-good-free-string-plugin-with-small-ram-usage/
  3. TugGlicento is an audio effect plugin for Windows (VST3) and Mac (VST AU) that can play multiple effects simultaneously. Feautures: Variable speeds for each line 5 Band independent moog filter (edge of self resonance) 5 band ADSR and LFO (syncable) for filter Effects for each line Variable beats for each line. Variable duration for each line. Matrix. Randomization. Presets. REVERB, DELAY, CHORUS,,DECIMATOR, DISTORTION, PHASER ,PITCHSHIFTER, COMBFILTER, REPEATER, VIBRATO, TREMOLO, RINGMODULATOR with many parameters https://www.audiopluginsforfree.com/tugglicento/
  4. My Ozone 10 Advanced update says "Full Trial". Does anyone else have this?
  5. Lots of free stuff on their site now...
  6. When you said "Jim helped me build my last DAW" does that mean you paid him for his parts list and then you built it yourself?
  7. https://heavyocity.com/product/foundations-nylon-guitar/
  8. You can do that too (with some plugins). For example, I moved all my Acustica plugins to an SSD in a external drive enclosure (that's the "VST3-Mobius" link in my screenshot above).
  9. I've been moving the .vst3 files to a company-specific folder for years without issue, except for SpectraLayers and, now, XLN:
  10. Unfortunately we can't choose where to install the VST3 plugins (on Windows). I always move them into a company-specific folder. Hopefully they'll make that user-selectable too.
  11. Version 14 seems to have eliminated the Preset Browser (introduced in v12).
  12. You can hear demos of a few of the patches here:
  13. I received this in my inbox this morning:
  14. Unfortunately Aero is quite heavy on CPU usage. I can run just *one* instance and nothing else; it drives my Cubase realtime meters to overload. I have yet to use an Acustica plugin in a project. They sound great (though not this one) but are way too CPU-intensive. Oh well...
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