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  1. Some new clues... But it is more than one brand new product...
  2. It's a mystery to me too.
  3. I would not react well if that happened to me. 😉 When you say that "...all my v9 plugins stopped working" did this happen as a result of you updating them? I'm asking b/c I don't understand how an update would affect previously installed/functioning plugins.
  4. You probably already know this, but you can put all your licenses on a flash drive and just plug it into whatever machine you want to use. I have an old USB 2 hub from 15+ years ago that has my e-licenser, iLok and a cheap flash drive that contains my Waves and Plugin Alliance licenses (I realize that they allow three installations/plugin). I simply plug this hub into whatever computer I want to work on. And I do something similar with my VIs: they're distributed on five (1TB Samsung) SSDs mounted in an Oyen Digital Mobius Pro 5C 5-Bay USB-C enclosure. All of my DAWs have the same file structure so I just plug the USB hub and 5-Bay enclosure into whatever machine I want to use and I'm ready to go! It takes just a minute and greatly simplifies my setup obviating the need (to a large extent) of having to install/update everything on several different systems.
  5. Just curious, what types of problems do you have? To me their installation / authorization system is among the best, right up there with AAS, FabFilter, Plugin Alliance and UVI. I just click a few buttons and my new plugin is installed and authorized. No fuss no muss. Demoing a plugin is just as easy.
  6. Same here. The version 13 plugins that I've tested seem to work exactly the same as when they were merely v12. As such I'm not going to pay to upgrade any of my v12 plugins not currently eligible for the free update.
  7. I've updated 21 plugins from v12 to v13 and of those have tested the following and experienced no problems (Win10 v1909 | Cubase 11 Pro | RME UCX): BSS DPR-402 V13.0.0 CLA EchoSphere V13.0.0 EMI TG12345 Channel Strip V13.0.0 Kramer HLS Channel V13.0.0 L1 Ultramaximizer V13.0.0 NLS Non-Linear Summer V13.0.0 PRS SuperModels V13.0.0 Scheps Omni Channel V13.0.0 Vitamin Sonic Enhancer V13.0.0 YMMV.
  8. A brief demo of some of the included IRs:
  9. Kontakt libs -- in my experience -- are more CPU friendly, less likely to crash your DAW, offer a wider sound palette, and just sound better (at least to my ears). Exactly!
  10. Just crossed 20k ... now go to sleep.
  11. A free Bass VST with 3 sound categories (Synth Bass, Electric Bass, and Acoustic Bass) suitable for any music genre and for all Music Arrangers and Music Producers! https://monsterdaw.com/monster-bass-a-complete-bass-rompler-for-your-low-frequency-needs/
  12. I too am a tightwad, and was considering participating in the GB. But the sheer number of alternative plugin providers enables us to indulge our tightwadish tendencies without testing our tolerance. And that's why I never end up buying from IKM.
  13. Everytime I think of buying something from IKM I get frustrated by their convoluted marketing and give up. It's just not worth the hassle.
  14. I was hoping to be able to use JamPoints with the promo, but that doesn't seem possible. I guess it's one or the other. Oh well.
  15. Question: If a product like MODO DRUM Crossgrade normally sells for $199.99 but currently is priced at $149.99 (due to a $50 promo code), which price is used for "qualifying products of equal or lesser value" ($199.99 or $149.99)?
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