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  1. For anyone interested, make sure you try the demo of Union first. When I did, it had a crazy impact on system resources, especially for something that doesn't do complex physical modeling or some such. So I chose to pass on it. YMMV.
  2. Just want to make sure you know: you can do this on a per-clip basis using Inspector.
  3. Yes. I do this to audition different processors. For the reverb send, I've set up two different buses and switched back and forth. Neither allows for instant A-B testing, though. I've not figured out what would allow me to do that, maybe being able to select multiple FX and toggle their bypass status? I do have a license for MCompare. I'm sure it will do more than I've done with it yet, that's usually the way it is with Meldaproduction.
  4. Starship Krupa

    Clips Move

    I have had issues with this and finally got a handle on them (so to speak) by keeping a closer eye on my snap settings. I had a habit of keeping them lower than necessary for working in the Track View. Really, when moving clips around, I usually need nothing lower than 1/4 note. It's in Piano Roll when my grid and snap need to be lower, so I've been using the local snap settings for PRV and keeping the global (which controls Clips Pane) up at 1/4 or 1/2 or even a full measure. Also, I go into Preferences and set the Snap Intensity to all the way Extreme or just one notch below. I'm still not used to Cakewalk's mushy snap options there. I'm used to snap being SNAP, where you can't place something off grid unless you turn it off.
  5. I wonder if the mouse software may be getting confused when a 3rd-party plug-in takes focus.
  6. The iZotope suites (Ozone, Neutron, Nectar) don't do any "magic tricks" that I know about. As you say, they're just racks of processors, and they can't do anything that other plug-ins can't. With the Mastering Assistant and presets, Ozone is good for doing a quickie job on rough mixes. In my observation, some folks seem to think that everyone who uses Ozone uses it in the same way: hit the button, then accept whatever it comes up with. Maybe the earlier versions of Ozone tended to come up with over-limited and over-hyped solutions? In my experience the Mastering Assistant's suggestions are okay, they never make the thing sound worse, but I prefer the results I get without it. They're not meant to be blindly accepted, they're supposed to put you at a starting point that's further down the road. As with many or most processors that affect dynamics, the presets (and the results of the wizard) are set up to make the level higher, which makes it impossible to know right away if they're making the sound better. Ozone and T-Racks One became less impressive once I started using Gain Match and MCompare. There's still a school of thought that says you shouldn't master your own tracks regardless of what tools you use. 🤷‍♂️ Anyway, I like the processors that come in Ozone, Neutron, and Nectar, and their UI design is attractive and functional. I rarely if ever use them because they tend to chew up resources and I get issues like the ones @Misha is seeing.
  7. Call this an Endlessly Asked Question. Your guess is as good as anyone's. There has been no official word on this. If you want to find a ton of great virtual instruments for free, check this thread: There's enough stuff there to keep you busy for weeks just downloading it and trying it out.
  8. Huh. Thanks for the tip. This suggests that the mouse software loses track of the fact that it's in Cakewalk, where you have custom buttons set up.
  9. Yeah, I think Cakewalk will yield unpredictable results until all themes in the themes directory are ones that have been saved in TE with their correct names. Delete works fine, but delete coupled with a rename from Explorer or two and you'll have zombiethemes, themes whose names don't show up, etc.
  10. An excellent deal at $39.99. For the $14.99 one would pay with a current loyalty voucher it becomes "OMG." When you get it, it comes with the main one and then another one with fewer controls (presumably more resource-friendly, not that it's ever been a problem) to use on tracks and buses.
  11. Question 1: the Reference Guide talks about how we may save arpeggiator presets, but doesn't go into any detail on how to possibly create our own custom patterns. Am I missing something? Is this possible to do (within a reasonable definition of "possible"). Question 2: legend has it that there was once a set of over 500 user-created .arp files called "Alesion ARP Presets.zip." I can find the page on the old Cakewalk Inc. site that used to host it for download by Project5 users, and I can find a reference to it on this site that also has the same patterns in .ptn format. I can even laboriously load the .ptn files that are available into the Cakewalk arpeggiator and use them, one at a time via multiple open dialogs. However, I can't find the file itself. I'm sure there's someone who has it or knows where I can find it. I've been messing about with arpeggiators lately and would love to have 500 more patterns to play with and/or be able to create my own custom ones for use in Cakewalk.
  12. Well, for most of us it's about the opposite of a bummer. Cakewalk is a better DAW now than it has ever been. And free to use. Those might be the LP-EQ and multi-band compressor, both of which were sold separately from SONAR (although included in the Platinum bundle). They were/are Mac compatible, as far as I know. There is that matter of the Apple M1 processor, which if your system is brand new, it doubtlessly has. I think Rapture Pro may have also been available for Mac, but not as sure. Whatever, if you had valid licenses for the LP EQ and Multiband Compressor and can demonstrate proof, BandLab may well be able to recover your licenses.
  13. I further overhauled the round Yellow Submarine/EVA 01 Transport buttons, and updated this theme with them. They're all now the same diameter as the Record button. Enjoy! FlatMinimalistic&Dark.sth
  14. Curse you. Okay, Yellow Submarine, EVA01, and FlatMinimalistic&Dark all have updated RECORD buttons in their transport modules. The RECORD button is now round like the other ones (dig my solution to not having enough room to write "Step" for Step Record mode?): I also updated some of the other art in FlatMinimalistic&Dark to make it more closely match the original prototype as posted.
  15. I think this is a critical piece of information: So unless the OP had licenses for the handful of Cakewalk, Inc. plug-ins that were Mac compatible (the LP EQ's and CA/2A, I believe), they're going to have a rough time of it to say the least. Who knows if that stuff will even run on Apple silicon.
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