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  1. They are both great.. but Waves is a subscription for Mac users
  2. Following this conversation… https://www.meldaproduction.com/MCompleteBundle/features “Everything you need MCompleteBundle contains all of our effects covering all the tasks involved in music production: composing, mixing and mastering. It also contains all of our instruments. With our included free for life updates, any new plugin we release moving forward will be free for you! And it takes just a few clicks using our update system.” Not all business models have to be the same thankfully
  3. I think that is by number of licenses sold
  4. If you have Austrian Grand they will give you a voucher .. crossgrade aurora 50% off, you can buy it for 64,5€. So if the question is.. is it worth it to buy Austrian grand in this sale just to upgrade it to Aurora, i dont think so.. you are better off waiting for one of the 50% off sales that UVI regularly does on Aurora itself.
  5. It's a miracle he needs, the miracle
  6. This did work for me too last year https://helpcenter.celemony.com/M5/doc/melodyneEssential5/en/M5tour_essential_Coupon_neutral?env=standAlone
  7. I consider myself a pragmatist.. 59$/70GB = 0,84$ per GB! = AWESOME DEAL! but unfortunaly my price point is 0,50$/Gb 😭 .. will skip this one 😏
  8. Ended up paying 13€ with vc for this… steal!
  9. I have a doubt in their Albion line up… i saw somewhere that if you buy their Albion Legacy and then upgrade to Albion one you get the two libraries for the price of Albion One. my question is, just out of curiosity, if you buy Albion One first did you receive the Legacy library too or just a folder inside Albion One with part of that Legacy library?
  10. They state “70% of what you spent” it is a bit confusing. but yeah my goal is to end up getting complete too 😊
  11. In reality ..from them you will probably buy 50% off too, so in the end it is indiferent to buy from them or 3rd party I stand corrected
  12. Take into account that, from my understanding, if you buy Melda products outside Melda’s store itself and pretend to follow some kind of upgrade path it is less rewarding. In upgrade paths they compensate 70% off what you spent if bought directely from them vs 50% off the pluggin value if bought from other retailers that is something to be considered
  13. Oh i see… i was seeing 60,29$ that is with VAT after the 10$ crossgrade discount will try the newsletter code
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