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  1. Fleer

    Guitar Chords Stabs

    Under $1 for your heavenly espresso in Rome (and all over Italy)
  2. Fleer

    KV331 Spring Sale

    And 3.0 is coming! (cue cello)
  3. Fleer

    KV331 Spring Sale

    Got the Everything Bundle some time ago. Pretty, pretty good.
  4. Fleer

    Karofyer Sale

    Sounds interesting 🧐
  5. Telecode, I still have an unused code but don’t know if it would work. You’re welcome to try.
  6. Still highly prefer OrangeTreeSamples guitars. But there’s something about the UVI engine I quite like. In a way, it seems more direct than Kontakt.
  7. Gullfoss’ developer wrote over at Gearslutz that updates will remain free.
  8. I absolutely am in love with this one. Was hesitant between Soothe and Gullfoss at first, but this update absolutely nailed it. Gullfoss is magical And, quite remarkably, all updates are free. Great company.
  9. Fleer

    ZInio Offer

    Still on my free year of CM
  10. Or get it at JRR for $40 with code Forum
  11. I’ll jump when the upgrade from HO Diamond is $99.
  12. Yeah, got this bundle a while ago and it’s still among my favorites. I do like UVI.
  13. GForce is incredibly dedicated to detail and you can get the original tapes (for M-Tron Pro) like the pretty amazingly sounding Streetly expansions. Quite something. As for VSM, they include all former expansions at the current (crazy) price of £33 until the end of April.
  14. Tell me, do you think I'm to blame?
  15. A much smaller one, a bit stale even
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