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  1. Thanks. Didn’t work on my phone (adding to account).
  2. Now there’s a deal! Edith asks: but how do we add it to our accounts?
  3. Drag and drop sample support: http://www.synthanatomy.com/2019/11/kontakt-6-2-brings-drag-drop-sample-support-new-effects-more.html and of course, some libraries require v6.
  4. No sweat. Ya can’t beat the unbeatable.
  5. And that Velvet keyboard remains pretty sweet.
  6. Yep, it’s a good one. Nice pads indeed.
  7. Fleer

    UVI Kroma 1.5

    Still lovingly stuck with HideawayStudio Chromatix. And it’s on sale in their bundle.
  8. Not getting Noire for $75. No. No no.
  9. There’ll be an upgrade price for v1 owners.
  10. Now I see why my account still shows my purchases. My first was in 2015.
  11. Mine is still there in all its glory.
  12. And I want that INIL Choir too. If it only would be in this 90% off sale
  13. Indeed. Some devs do, others don’t. But I think you’ll be right in most cases.
  14. Now I’m thinking that EP1 may be the really special one this time, at 5 GB.
  15. Blue Grand Mk2 has sympathetic resonance.
  16. Having bought their “All Samples from Mars” I’m wondering if this one’s included, as it came out later.
  17. From the list, at least these: Tubed Wurli CIN-A CIN-C SSG
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