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  1. Fleer

    UVI Synths Legacy

    It’s a lovely library, with some nice D-50 sounds.
  2. Actually find this quite important too.
  3. Are those samples any good? Or were they already part of the original Scaler?
  4. Those D-50 sounds in there are quite nice.
  5. Thanks, Lars. Sweet update.
  6. With a new Audition sampling gizmo http://www.replikasound.co.uk/audition_voltus.html
  7. Well, with Christo gone to join Jeanne-Claude, there had to be a new redemptor. Hail to the king.
  8. We’ll teach CGR, we will.
  9. Thanks Dzilizzi! I’ve got WG2MKII as wel, and it’s the shiniest, almost as shiny as the TVBO
  10. Gabriel García Márquez would get a Samsung T7
  11. Interesting. So that Sampletekk White Grand in the APD bundle (with the Black MkII) is indeed a MkII as well. So, is it the White MkII or the WG2 MkII?
  12. Kontakt in times of Corona.
  13. Got it ages ago but still prefer Player libs. Love to see them in the library pane.
  14. Fleer

    Free: IK Syntronik OXa

    Is this one the same as in the base Syntronik product?
  15. Still love the Production Grand, wish it was Kontakt Player compatible though.
  16. If I remember well, the Black was Mk2, not the White.
  17. Cinemorphx is one of my SampleLogic favorites, as it nails that cinematic sound. Got it for Kontakt Player but now there’s a much cheaper way to get it if you’ve got full Kontakt.
  18. Fleer

    Ample Guitar VC III

    The man. The guitar. The hair.
  19. WG2MKII should have it all, and a nicer GUI.
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