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  1. BBCSO Pro is so worth it. Between that and HOOPUS you’re set for classical.
  2. Still got a Sound Expansion serial lying around as I didn’t like the two latest (EDM) instruments. Here’s hoping I can put it to use.
  3. Kirk Hunter does great strings, already got Kinetic Strings Plus. So this one’s the brass library in the new Kinetic Plus series.
  4. Nah, thanks Zo, I’m going to leave it at that. Bygones
  5. I had 3 licenses of many Waves titles for a very specific reason: not to WUP. And then Waves told us perpetual licenses would be no more, So I gave them all away. And then Waves said sorry. I love those guys, really do
  6. First put Masterdesk True Peak into your cart. That should add a special coupon and bring it down to $20. Next add the mega-coupon.
  7. I love Audiobro libs. Especially LA Scoring Strings.
  8. No probs here, but it’s an M1Max
  9. Yep, thanks Patrick, got that free True Peak upgrade. And I added a free bx_bass dude to my WedgeForce Keemun. Deep down gravy.
  10. That would be stoopid. Wouldn’t want to be without BBCSO Pro, Tundra or Neo.
  11. Even more so, these are the Neo vst guys. Got to know them through their pianos years ago. Pretty good when on sale.
  12. Fleer

    Soothe2 Spring Sale

    Could never gel with Oeksound. Gulfoss, on the other hand … 👍
  13. Got their Amati Violin and Cadenza Strings. Gewd stouph.
  14. Fleer

    PSP Tsunami Sale

    Rather a Tsunamini if you ask me
  15. Fleer

    Too late

  16. So it was all some manager’s magic to make us register all those plugins we had lying around
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