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  1. You can only use one personal voucher per value. One of $25, one of $50, one of $75 etc.
  2. Apart from a few items (like the Lurssen) the so-called mastering plugins from IK are absolutely great for mixing.
  3. Come to Craig’s rescue, UIKG!
  4. Fleer

    My Latest Deal

    It looks sooooooooooooo nice.
  5. Fleer

    My Latest Deal

    Man, I’m jealous. King, you own it!
  6. ... and Hideaway Studio is pretty pretty good.
  7. Here: https://audec-music.com/drive/
  8. Same here, I'm very happy I could get it for free, especially as I got the original version Magic AB when it was sold by Sample Magic. Didn't particularly like the sudden switch to PA (as also happened with Thorn) but Humberto came to the rescue. Great first post by the way, very welcome.
  9. Yeah, somebody help out our dear Zo. He needs a $25 voucher for a license transfer.
  10. Then again, I may get SVX 1 for the effects 😎
  11. You can stack both vouchers, John. I just did, thanks to Humberto.
  12. Haven't tried it yet, Zo, I'm in my (usual) buying frenzy.
  13. I know the feeling. Don’t get any anymore.
  14. The weird thing is that SVX1 and SVX2 are each at $99 level in the Group Buy Buy it seems that once you get SVX1 then SVX2 is added to your Group Buy choices at a lower price level. So this means Group Buys do evolve after launch Hey, UIKG, come on, tell those Modenese to add Brian May pretty please. (Here goes rhyming Fleer)
  15. Dang, I need that. Anyone not using his or her $50 voucher? Edith: or her!
  16. And how much is the upgrade price from SVX1?
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