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  1. True, OrangeTreeSamples are up there with the very best. Started using the acoustic guitars for my Bach project (and they made it shine) only to see the electric guitars perform at the same high -highest- level. Wonderful indeed.
  2. I thought we’d get a cheat code, but the product is called Cheat Code. Next product: Free Beer.
  3. We want our 25th freebie. We want our 25th freebie. WE WANT OUR 25th FREEBIE!
  4. This could be fun. Downloading.
  5. Oops, at first I was thinking of Paris.
  6. Only saw The Wall. With the kids.
  7. Yeah, PlugInGuru’s Unify is pretty amazing.
  8. One hundred and fifty!
  9. in here, now Larsy is back?
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