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  1. Often. Twice or thrice a year I guess.
  2. It was kind of a joke, kloon, as the sub is called SonicPass. And I want to get Falcon. But not a sub.
  3. Got a nice RealSamples collection already. I consider them the Pianoteq of samples, collecting all these vintage keyboards. This one’s exquisite.
  4. Also check out both Sampletekk Rain uprights, especially when they’re on a 70% off sale.
  5. And less than a year ago they added free Crossplay: https://borderlands.com/en-US/news/2021-06-24-borderlands-3-crossplay-update/ (P.s.: this is real fun. The last game I played a bit was Borderlands 2 from 2012.)
  6. Fleer

    Eventide H3000 Sale!

    I still have an extra Anthology XII bundle available I’m not using (as Eventide now allows for two activations).
  7. Thanks Abe, great game, and it’s for Mac too.
  8. Thanks for sharing that info, Peter. I wonder, as some of us have most of IK’s software, would there be a way to get into Total Studio Max while taking into account everything we already own? Also, would like to see upgrades to Total Studio Max payable with Gear Credits.
  9. Okay, I take it back. I hate spring reverbs
  10. Love those spring reverbs. Already have the Eventide one but this looks interesting.
  11. Still love the sound of Kirk Hunter a lot.
  12. Absolutely love it, especially as it’s got instrument specific presets. Sadly it ain’t M1 native yet.
  13. For me, yep. Got them (almost) all but I consider HOOPUS best for that big (Hollywood) sound and BBCSO for more (subdued) classical work. Those are my two main staples. In fact, I could do with: - HOOPUS for big orchestral - BBCSO for classical work - FabFilter for contemporary FX - Slate Digital for FX emulations - Arturia for synth emulations plus Pigments and PhasePlant.
  14. True, gotta love the authorization scheme. Good point, Young one. The ones I love most are Analog Stage, Tape, SW34EQ Mk2 and AutoGain Pro.
  15. For life? And the next? Hell yeah.
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