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  1. Yeah, I’m pretty fond of Kilohearts. Only missing Phase Plant.
  2. Good idea, but since I will get KU 13 at some point, I’d have to check if these expansions are included. I guess most are.
  3. There’s even a better deal. If anyone’s interested, get the Abbey Road Collection for $150 from me. I’m done with WUP.
  4. Would this work with BBCSO Pro?
  5. Maybe we could ask the mods for his email?
  6. Anyone heard anything yet?
  7. Still, they did the same with Processed Pianos before they popped up in Reason Suite.
  8. Fleer

    Wusik MSTR FREE

    Don’t know why, but I stopped looking at Wusik freebies.
  9. And I still don’t have much confidence in the reliability of Antelope’s Zen interfaces, even though they look good.
  10. I want this. Strike. I need this.
  11. Wondering what they may still do with this in the future. SugarBytes are quite good at creating interesting music software. One of my favorite developers.
  12. Just got this from a survey but I already have Analog V. If anyone wants this, PM me your email. Edith: gone, found a good home
  13. Just hoping the upgrade price from HO Diamond will be acceptable.
  14. This is the entire collection of Cinematic Guitars, if I’m not mistaken. Still some of the best.
  15. My God was great. Ian Anderson made me stick to my flute lessons.
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