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  1. Just picked up Silk from Pluginboutique because they had sent me some coupons for UJAM instruments. I was going to get Amber instead, but then realized I had NI Strummed Acoustic and it fit the same mold. Since I could only afford one instrument right now I went with Silk. I wish Silk provided a choice between nylon strings and steel strings. I would love to have a picked steel string guitar to compliment Amber's strummed sound.
  2. Yes. But Novation owners only. Not Focusrite owners.
  3. I am interested in what the preset names are...Basement Benny, Bedroom Barb, Mariah Carey, Wolfgang Mozart?
  4. Not 40% off Molot though. 20% off.
  5. Not saying that the Windows update did not mess you up, but I upgraded to 2004 months ago with no ill effects. My last update was September 12 and my system is saying it is up to date. So this is not a universal problem. Your advice is good though, to move licenses back to the cloud, just in case.
  6. Yes. Channel Robot has switched away from developing Kontakt instruments to developing plugins. On his website he states: I used to make Kontakt libraries, with samples as their sound sources, but these days I make instruments in VST/AU and AAX formats. He still sells the Kontakt libraries, just doesn't make em anymore.
  7. Wadja mean POC? It's got a "Professional Sound Chipset" in it. If it is "Professional" then it's got to be good, right? Otherwise it would say "Amateur Sound Chipset".
  8. 1.2 is an old product. It kind of like a gateway drug into the Ethera series. It is cheap to get you hooked. However Zero-G is usually very generous with upgrades at the time of a new release. For example Ethera Gold 2.5 is coming out September 25. The upgrade from 2.0 is just $13.95. This upgrade is more than just a point release upgrade. It adds a whole new male voice, new vowels to the female voice, as well as another 10GB of new material. I am looking forward to it.
  9. kitekrazy, what are you talking about? Ethera Soundscapes 2.0 is $95. So if you buy 1.2 and upgrade to 2.0, that is $85, saving yourself $10. The loyalty part is getting 20% off any other Ethera title once you buy this one. The Ethera series is fantastic and well worth the investment.
  10. balinas is correct. The current version of Fathom is
  11. But there are three of them, acoustic, electronic and dystopian. Each of those has a Ristretto free download.
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