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  1. More info in the discussion on the Audio Plugin Sale Facebook page. Same questions were asked there and the developer responded.: https://www.facebook.com/groups/plugindeals/permalink/3723205951122689/ You may need to be a member of APS to see the post.
  2. I hate it when there is a bundle like this and I already own one of the products in the bundle (CYCLE-CRE8) and yet it is cheaper to buy the bundle than just the other item in the bundle (Pad Motion is $59 at APD). Guess I shouldn't complain since it is still $100 off the list price of Pad-Motion.
  3. Thanks for this. I thought you might have some insider information. There are other companies that sell the same product through PA and on their own website. Deskew with their GigPerformer3 is one such company. Might Vertigo do the same, or have they really dropped any further collaboration with PA?
  4. It is my understanding that the VSM-4 is not an upgrade of the VSM-3. From the release on the Vertigo website: The new VSM-4 plugin is not a successor or update of the VSM-3 Mix Satellite. Sonically it stands for itself but it comes with all the useful features of the VSM-2 Mix Satellite plus some more new functionality for your Mix and Mastering needs of today.
  5. I am curious where the news of the PA and Vertigo parting ways was posted. Vertigo is still listed on the PA website as a partner.
  6. Brother, can you spare a dime?
  7. Anyone got a spare $375 they can throw my way?
  8. So many options! I have choice overload. It is like standing in the cereal aisle at the grocery store, trying to decide what to buy when all I have been eating in the past is Corn Flakes.
  9. Thanks for all the advice. At this point, I am only going to be able to afford one library so I am not looking for an everything bundle. I am playing with AGML, the lite version of AS Martin. I like what I see so far. There is no demo that I can see for the OTS guitars. I already have NI Session Guitarists Strummed Acoustic 1 & 2 Session Guitarist Picked Acoustic, all the UJAM guitars, AAS Strum and Sugar Bytes Guitarist. I am looking for something more flexible and sounds good.
  10. I was seriously considering this, but now I think I'll save my money towards an Ample Sound guitar.
  11. A bit of a pain, but you could use something like the free NoteMapper by CodeFN42 to move the keyswitches. Of course, there would be a disconnect between what you play on the keyboard and what you see on the screen.
  12. I guess that is because ARA was originally developed as a joint venture between Presonus and Celemony.
  13. Seriously! I was about to give Ripchord a pass until you mentioned that.
  14. Doug Rintoul

    Biotek 2 FREE

    Bummer that I missed that survey then. Wonder if KVR will be flooded with cheap copies of Biotek 2 now.
  15. Doug Rintoul

    Biotek 2 FREE

    Nada here too. I wonder what triggered it.
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