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  1. The update is from any previous version of Pro. The upgrade is from any version of Artist.
  2. Likewise. I have not bought anything since the voucher change. I used to buy a plugin a month on average. Now I used every voucher during this sale except the second $25 voucher, which probably brought my average up to one plugin a month again. Damn you Dirk!
  3. Ya, that is probably it. It problably should have said "without the need of an iLok dongle".
  4. Price is now $ 119.14. Should have got it yesterday😝.
  5. I deleted all my aax plugins because I had no use for them and they were taking up space. Now whatumigonna do? Good thing I have no use for Pro Tools.
  6. Musicradar is wrong. I read the same so I decided to try to download Pro Tools Intro. It asked for my iLok account before I could download it.
  7. Correct. And Neoverb is in the list. So SK should have been able to use the voucher on Neoverb. Though, now that I reread Erik's messages, I see that he was taking a pass on Neoverb. So he may have had a plugin in his cart that was not on the list when he tried to apply the voucher.
  8. That is strange. At least you got something that you wanted!
  9. Love Guy and all his manic energy!
  10. Oh. Are we suppose to use these libraries once we buy them? I am just here for the deals! Seriously, I like these a lot. They sound great to my ears and in the right hands, they can bring tears to your eyes.
  11. I know, right? Still, it is ~$168 CDN from Best Service as opposed to $210 direct from PreSonus.
  12. I got this last year when 8Dio was giving it away with purchases over $100. At the time however, there was a glitch in their system where the list price of an item was used, not the sale price, so I ended up buying The New Ambient Guitar and Bottles for $35, and having Anthology strings thrown into the deal. Note that you have to contact support to get the legacy Adagio library for $8. I did that, and they sent me a coupon code to reduce the price of the Adagio Violins from $70 down to $8. After I purchased the violins, they added the rest of the Adagio library to my account.
  13. I thought about this too, but as ALC has stated, you can get at least two years out of a Studio One release. I not sure I would use the extra stuff in Sphere to make it worth spending more money. I already own Notion.
  14. The monthly voucher is no longer a $25 voucher, but an "any plugin for $29.99" voucher. Combine that with the $20 no limit voucher and you come up with $9.99.
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