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  1. I want it all! Unfortunately, I can't afford any of it right now.
  2. Did the same. And discovered as Brian did that there are no instructions for getting the Bitwig serial. BIt of a screwup this month, I would say.
  3. I have a Computer Music subscription but I'll be damned if I can figure out the answer to either of the filesilo questions for this month's issue. One is the first work in the feature title on p13, but there is no feature title on p13. There was another question about page 20, and a red/orange box, but I could not figure that one out either.
  4. Also check out this thread on KVR. Lots of good stuff in there. https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=517113&start=1080 Reactor also has many generative modules.
  5. That is exactly what is happening for me. Glad I am not the only one having this problem.
  6. The problem is certainly machine specific. I did get it to run on my laptop with no problems. I should also state that I have no problems with V1 on either machine. The question is what is it on my desktop that is causing fits with reMidi V2? I have no problems with any other plugin.
  7. Can't get V2 to run on my machine though. It hangs whenever I try to load it into a project, no matter what DAW I use.
  8. I'm with Fleer. I am waiting for it to be $60.
  9. This is what Pink Floyd was to me. The first time I heard Dark Side of the Moon, it was like an epiphany. My world up to that point had been mostly mono. To put on the headphones, turn out the lights, and let the music wash over me was an experience like no other. Not a single drop of acid was consumed or needed. When the guitar screamed out on Time, I knew I had found my musical home. And nothing prepared me for The Great Gig in the Sky. I am not sure why music affects people in different ways. All I can say is DSOTM is as far from boring to me as can possibly be as any music that touches my soul.
  10. Note that ETHLOYA20 at Time+Space works for this deal too.
  11. I wish I had $145 kicking around. I am on Artist right now, and will make the jump to Pro, but am still recovering from late 2020 spending.
  12. Note that this is a gateway drug into the crack world that is Ethera. Once you start down this path, there is no return.
  13. Here is hoping they also do templates for Studio One.
  14. I am not a troll! I despise trolls. I am asking a serious question, not trying to rile you up or anything. I am just trying to understand what the issue is because I am just not seeing it. As I said, maybe I am too dense to understand. What am I missing?
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