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  1. "The core of Digimorph is additive non-band limited oscillator which can contain mix of 16 harmonics. Its shape can be sinus, triangle, pulse, saw and multi-pulse. " So does the sinus oscillator give you a nasel sound?😀
  2. I want it all for free. Money for nothing ya know...I want my MTV.
  3. You actually may have the latest version. I don't think Luna is at version 1.6.2 as stated in the title of Larry's thread. It is at 1.6 2nd Supplemental as stated in the body of Larry's thread. The actual version number is
  4. I would say something went wrong with your update then.
  5. This looks too much like real work. In fact, that is how I feel about most of these simulators.
  6. Ima gonna wait for the $29 software emulated plugin.
  7. Huh? Why do you think you need to uninstall before updating? I updated fine without uninstalling.
  8. Nah. I was lazy. It did start fine after I reran it. Maybe a reboot would bring more stability.
  9. Three crashes for me so far, one at first run and two while playing the demo project. Can't say I am too impressed. Interface looks okay. It does start up fast.
  10. English version https://www.uaudio.com/luna.html
  11. But this one might get me to the front of the line!
  12. "About as useful as a chocolate teapot". I learned a new phrase today! Can't argue science...or can you?
  13. Well that sucks. Good thing I decided I didn't want anything either.
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