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  1. Ahhh, you took all the fun out of it. Party pooper.
  2. Last year, they had a 90% sale in May and August.
  3. I do. I have Riffer and Chordjam. I'l have to check it out.
  4. Think of it from AAS's perspective though. Do you really think they want to be selling AAS packs at $3 a pack? I doubt that they get much of a percentage of the magazine sale, if any.
  5. This is exactly why Beat flagged gmail accounts as being suspicious. People were creating multiple gmail accounts just to grab codes like these and reselling them. I also think buying multiple copies of the magazine just to get AAS codes is gaming the system. I am pretty sure AAS would frown on this.
  6. Waiting for a sale on this one. Had my eye on it for a while.
  7. This is a good analysis from vi-control of the main Sampletekk piano offerings: Sampletekk Piano Versions
  8. Wow. The site is slow. Worse than during the group buy. Good thing I already have the EQ-81.
  9. Could be Aussie as well. All the examples I've seen are from a British perspective. Plus I have Brit friends who use it all the time.
  10. Upgraded my MonoFilter and opted for SIgMod which looks like it could be very useful, all for $18. I am chuffed, and I am not even British.
  11. Cheapest plugin I can find that would work is $129. I suppose you could get three $49 plugins for $47.
  12. This is almost my story exactly. MMM is what started me down the GAS path. TBH, I have not spent much time with MMM as I quickly moved on to CW and then Tracktion Waveform because they offered a free version and I upgraded, and then Reaper and finally settled on Studio One. The rest of your story is similar to mine as well.
  13. Looks like they are back up again.
  14. I agree. These are a really good quality presets. I went crazy and bought a boat load but at 90% off for something that was already reasonably priced and not junk to start with, it was well worth the investment.
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