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  1. Yup. Less weight to carry around. Loosing weight is suppose to be healthy, right?
  2. I just worry that the next time Larry leaves he is going to be singing:
  3. 25314 registrations have been reached so far in the GB. I wonder how high it will go? I also wonder how many actual people that number represents. And I wonder how many new customers this GB has brought into the IKM fold. I am sure Peter and team are crunching those numbers now. From this user's perspective, this GB has been a resounding success, not only from the all new toys I have to play with, but also from the community that has been built up around the group buy. Not to mention that my post count has increase dramatically because there was so much to talk about.
  4. Oh, I don't know. Maybe because Studio One plugins are not widely used outside the Studio One environment? Maybe because Studio One plugins are still at version 1? Maybe because there aren't V9, V10, V11, V12, and V13 Studio One shell files and the VSTs don't move from one shell file to another when they are upgraded?
  5. Likewise. They already extended the GB to get to the 25K level.
  6. Yup, and jam points if you have them. You should be able to get into the $200 level for about $112 if you have 48 jam points.
  7. Peter has stated that the Electromagnetik or Cinekinetik collections will only get you in at the $149.99 level. The $50 savings comes from buying the bundle as opposed to buying each library in the bundle separately. Your second statement is correct.
  8. So the KVR IKM group buy page has finally reached 169 pages which is where the originals Deals IKM group buy thread was frozen. Is it legit to add the pages from this thread to the original thread? I say it is.
  9. @Peter - IK Multimedia I am pretty sure there is an error in the latest mailing from IKM that you might want to check out. The mailing is talking about the T-Racks tape machine collection and how if you buy a tape machine from it, you can get 24 other software titles. See if you can spot the problem with following: I don't think that is suppose to say TASCAM TAPE COLLECTION, unless you are adding it as a qualifying product.
  10. Ya, Larry. Come in from the cold.
  11. We are very grateful that you stuck it out and continued to push us to bigger and better things. I was going to sit this one out but ended up quintuple dipping. It has actually saved me some money because when I see a sale on something that I might be interested in, I tell myself, "Naw. You have so many IKM things to check out, You don't have time for this too." I wonder how long that will last?
  12. Ya, I am probably overreacting. I just get tired of people thinking that because they do not have any problems, other shouldn't either.
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