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  1. I will admit that the intro price is a bit strange, but $29.99 is hardly false advertising since it is the true current price of the plugin. They could have made it $29.99 and not allowed you to use the coupon on it. Either way, I don't think it is a big deal. If you care about WUP, then as you say, it is the full price that counts. I really don't care about WUP so it does not impact me at all. I was sitting on the fence about this one. I already have the other three Waves NX plugins. You may have pushed me over the edge.🤪
  2. Not sure I see the issue. Do you think you should have gotten 40% off $29.99 with the CREATE40 coupon?
  3. What site was this? I wonder if the price would be $44.99-40%=$26.99 if you put in the coupon code. That is what it is at everyplugin.
  4. Where is it advertised as $29.99? The Waves website linked in the OP clearly states LIMITED-TIME INTRO OFFER: 72 HOURS ONLY $199 On Sale $49.99 $29.99 SAVE 85% With Coupon: CREATE40 Ends in 37:07
  5. With the CREATE40 coupon. The special introductory price is $49.99.
  6. 25% off all bundled packages including Symphonic Elements Drums by Hands Zimmer, Hans Zimmer's younger brother who is currently out on bail pending his pickpocket trial.
  7. You need to use the voucher code BX-N-2999 to bring the price down to $29.99. bx_console N was on my wishlist. It is no longer.
  8. Depends on where you are I guess. I just added it to my cart with the coupon and it does not look like I am going to be charged any tax. I am in Canada. BTW, everyplugin.com has this for $27 with the CREATE40 coupon.
  9. Glad someone is discussing grownup stuff. I tried that about 45 years ago and decided adulting was too hard.
  10. Who are these mythical moderators anyway? Has anyone actually seen one?
  11. +1 for OBS Studio. It is an incredible piece of software. It can even load VST2 effects on the audio channels.
  12. Just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is where I hail from. While Queen Elizabeth "rules" over this land, Larry is my King.
  13. Are these referral codes? I see you posted the same codes in April and June for both Groove Monkee and Bluecat and these seem to be tied to your Digifreq website.
  14. Larry's banning was a mistake and was reversed. It makes you wonder what this guy did to get himself banned.
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