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  1. Brilliant move. Get one before you need it, as once the power outages hit there will be none to be had. Like tire chains. Another plus : once you buy a generator that's about as good a guarantee there is that you'll never need one. Same principle used to apply to air conditioners. I bought one in the 70's, used it for a week and never again. But that was before all the weather maps adopted today's mostly-orange/red color palette. A couple years ago we hit 115 degrees here - this in an area where states of emergency are declared if it goes over 90. Next, we need to discuss the wild fires.
  2. That's the good news: snow rarely sticks around more than 2 or 3 days. The bad news is that in the interim it goes through a couple melt-freeze-melt cycles, leaving a thick coating of ice that makes roads literally impassible. And sidewalks unwalkable. In Portland especially, this often takes the form of ice-laden trees and power lines that then fall down, and if news reports are representative, almost always landing atop someone's new car. But that won't be until December at the earliest. Plenty of time to enjoy a pleasant summer before the wind storms arrive. They told you about the wind storms, right?
  3. The rain ain't so bad. In fact, neither Portland nor Seattle even make the list of the top 10 rainiest cities in the US. Take a trip up to Juneau if you want to see what real rain looks like. Best of all, we rarely have to shovel our precipitation.
  4. Enjoy your summer in the PNW! I used to hate summers in NE. Actually, come to think of it, winters weren't that great, either. Then again, they do observe a proper Autumn in the Midwest, a foreign concept in these parts.
  5. After all these years evading the virus, I was beginning to think I was immune. Or at least very lucky. But it caught up to me at Saturday's gig. The following day I was aching, but that's normal after moving gear so I wasn't concerned. After a gig my back usually aches for a day and then I'm good. But by Sunday night I was having chills, so I went to bed and stayed there for the next three days. Today, after a much-needed infusion of peanut butter and jelly, I am feeling much better, but my brain remains foggy and I'm very tired. The worst part is I don't know what to do with my time. I can't string two thoughts together, so composing and recording isn't happening. Watching TV hurts my eyes. Listening to music hurts my ears. Can't focus to read. I have no appetite. I've been banished to the garage so no household interaction. Only posting in the Coffee House has a low-enough bar for my addled head.
  6. Nearly every YouTube advice-giver starts with the same premise: I've found a secret that nobody else knows about...
  7. Just reading about similarities to this solar storm and the Carrington Event of 1859. Back then it messed up telegraphs, which stopped working or even spit out sparks. That was the only electromagnetically-sensitive technology that existed at the time. Different story nowadays. Already hearing reports of issues with wireless microphones at concert venues. To make matters worse, the earth's magnetic field that protects us from that stuff has diminished since 1859. So if you've been saving up for a Van der Graff generator, you might want to hold off on that purchase. You may soon get a comparable show from your toaster.
  8. Too much light pollution here. The sky appeared a little brighter than usual, that's all. I was looking forward to it, too. Not enough to get in the car and drive someplace darker. When the kids were little we'd have made an adventure out of it and gone to the mountains and camped out. Later, in middle age, I would have set up the stage lights in the garage and made music. But now I'm old and lazy, so it was just "oh well, wonder what's on Netflix".
  9. None. Best we can do is approve a flagged post, or delete it if it's spam or if deletion has been requested by the OP. Particularly egregious crimes against forumdom are passed on to Wookie for summary dismemberment.
  10. It does indeed look like a big pizza pie, albeit one that's been severely mishandled during delivery.
  11. Steve was an engineer's engineer. An accomplished musician who believed in a light hand on the console so that artists could do their thing without battling corporate suits who wanted everything to "sound like a beer commercial". His Wikipedia page is surprisingly entertaining. A kindred spirit, I would have liked to have been friends with him.
  12. Great story, Rain! And to think nobody took you seriously when you said "I'd give the shirt off my back for that guitar!"
  13. Yes, there is a Mix knob. Presumably, it can be automated. It's usually better to bring an effect in and out this way as opposed to bypass, as it avoids artefacts (e.g. clicks) when an effect is abruptly turned on or off. btw, the "no GPU" version probably isn't necessary on your laptop. You may get more efficient CPU usage with the GPU version.
  14. So I just heard he died in 2008. On the bright side, he lived considerably longer than Keith Moon. Come to think of it, all of us here can claim that accomplishment.
  15. I wonder if he's still bragging about the time he was in The Who. For 20 minutes.
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