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  1. For those not old enough to get the reference...
  2. The neuropathy isn't necessarily forever, either. Contrary to what we used to believe, nerves do eventually self-repair. 15 years ago, the only sensation in my feet was of being cold. I am happy to report that now if I step on a nail it once again hurts like hell. Progress!
  3. I, for one, would not drink green water.
  4. Just as an aside, there is no good reason to oversample a delay.
  5. This has been a mystery to me since BandLab took over Cakewalk. You'd think they'd be looking for ways to make money off their now-free product. As a standalone VST, it's not tied specifically to Cakewalk. It also happens to be one of the best LA-2A emulations around. I really expected to see several Cakewalk products offered for sale, such the Adaptive Limiter, which is also very good. At first I wondered if it's because CA-2A had been licensed from a third party, but that seems unlikely. The DLL properties say "Copyright 2016 Cakewalk Inc.". When BandLab bought Cakewalk's assets, my understanding is that included all of Cakewalk's intellectual property. That in itself does not definitely prove Cakewalk owned it outright, though. It could still rely on some licensed library. But looking at the DLL's dependencies, I see nothing listed beyond standard Windows files and the C++ runtime. No obvious third-party components. Even if it had been developed by a contracted third party like, say, Rapture, I'd think that any ongoing revenue sharing agreement could be revived. But I have asked Noel about it in the past, and all he'd say is that it was developed in-house. So it remains a mystery as to why this great and potentially lucrative plugin hasn't been made available for sale again. But I'm guessing it is not a technical issue.
  6. Those crazy bills are based on "demand pricing". I think we can assume Bill has been demanding some electricity, no?
  7. Does the problem persist if you substitute a different delay?
  8. I feel that way by 6:00 AM. Most mornings I'm up at 4:00, for no particular reason. Well, actually tbh it's because I have a self-imposed rule of no cannabis until an hour before bedtime. So bedtime has been coming earlier and earlier.
  9. My home page says 371,592 trackers and ads blocked, 5.2 hours time saved. But they could be just making that up. It's not like I've been keeping track. A more useful metric would be how many hours I've wasted watching cat videos.
  10. No such thing as a "hot water heater". If the water's already hot there's no need to heat it. It's just "water heater". Got your utility bill yet, bb? We've been hearing horror stories about $10,000 electricity bills.
  11. I've had some time to play with Legendary Low Strings. Didn't take long to figure it out, as it's one of those one-trick libraries that just sounds great with zero effort. And golly, does it sound good. We're talking animated Disney princess-movie good.
  12. Oh, there are still plenty of remote, unincorporated spots to build your house without gummint interference. When the Nazis moved out they left behind some verdant, low-tax, isolated properties. At least, I think they've gone. But then that's what they'd want you to think.
  13. The only way I'll ever beat you to the punch is if I start checking my emails more than twice a week.
  14. You're on! I've seen a number of Pacific sunsets from the Oregon coast, mostly from Yachats, where my daughter's in-laws had a place. Also spent time in Newport, when we felt like enjoying big-city amenities such as the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum. Lots of talk here about places we'd rather live. But I've travelled pretty extensively, lived in Europe and in every corner of the U.S., have a tropical island home in the Philippines, and still haven't found anywhere that suits me better overall than the Pacific Northwest.
  15. I have longtime roots in Sandpoint. My grandparents settled on a couple hundred acres there in 1949, and it was the first destination of my life at 2 months of age. At 13, I spent a summer there logging with my grandfather. Mom 'n Dad bought a couple acres with a cabin on the lake in the 60's and it was our annual summer destination growing up. Lost my virginity in those woods (not a joke). My folks built a rammed-earth house there in the 90's, but we had to sell it when Mom died and Dad got dementia. So yeh, lots of fond memories there. But I am genuinely sad to report that Sandpoint ain't what it used to be. It has traffic lights now, and the traffic to go with them. It's become San Francisco of the north. The local government has been infested with California refugees with their big-city ideas about zoning rules and such. No more building your own log cabin without a permit. Lots of music still happening, though.
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