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  1. Wonderful writing and production (to say nothing of the vid). One of my all time favorite go to is Peter Gabriel , and this reminds me of his work ... Just excellent and thanks for posting it πŸ‘ Steve
  2. There's so much work in this one... excellent story/lyrics very impressive my friend ... I also really enjoyed the trip πŸ‘ ATB Steve
  3. Supa Reels

    Coming Home

    Great back story, and I really enjoyed this one ... great vocal work btw. Thanks for the post ATB Steve
  4. Not too sure about that where I'm concerned 😎 But just to say I've been trying out that god particle plug .. and it's great for finishing/mastering work ...amazing bit'o'kit .. might invest a few bob 😏
  5. Been doing my homework and, cutting a long one, I think the master track has that pro feel that we have come to accept, as said it's a refresher to hear another language and it's a sweet song mixed well .. boy have you come a long way mate ... love it ! ATB and happy new year Steve
  6. Came late to the party, but I'm glad I caught this one ... great song and I really enjoyed it Steve
  7. Thankyou Dean, You comments are well taken and are correct. I don't think I will revisit this anytime soon but don't think your advice will be ignored when I do ... sometimes you just tire of the song your working on and have to take a break ... I thank you for listening and valid crits. ATB Steve
  8. I lived there for around 20 odd years in the 50s till we moved to a place called Upper Norwood, then Crystal Palace ..then eventually here in Westward Ho! ... Have to laugh mate, you say if you if you considered moving back to London you would need to learn a lot of languages .... but I'd say you need to have a lot of money first ... and I mean lots 😎 Good chat Steve
  9. Hi Tim, think you nailed the problem, using cans ..... for long periods esp on the main mix is never a good thing . As said this ain't you ... at all Looking forward to the new mix ... ATB Steve
  10. Thankyou for listening and the comments. Yes there are timing issues with the song as Andy noticed, and your right about the arrangement Nigel, in that it is a long song and the interest, musically speaking, can be boring ... I wrote these lyrics to play out my childhood and I'm afraid I didn't give the time I should have to the arrangement, having spent most of it on the video, but I have to accept your point ..although you say you liked ,it and that means a lot 🀝. I still call myself a Londoner although I now live in N Devon. I went back to my old childhood house in Brixton some years back with my wife and we were shocked at the changes. We lived in Gresham Rd back in the day, and we felt at home, spoke to a few old guys who knew Bowie and a bit of history, and maybe because we had lived there many years ago we didn't feel out of place, but the London we knew was gone, yep all the old stuff was there The Tower, Buck Palace Whitehall etc, shops and markets but it's lost it's soul which, I think, any Londoner who lived there years ago would say .... and so I wrote this when we got back ...the comment Tim made (The dreamy style lends itself to a nice reflective feel almost as if I were reliving someone else's childhood ) is, to say the least, profound πŸ‘Thankyou for taking the time to listen. All the best Steve
  11. Supa Reels


  12. You are so right about the hang ups of working apart, There is a muso over the pond and one in France I've tried a collab with but it's slow and unproductive ( I'm UK ) ...yep it works I know ( you only have to listen to Bapu's ex stuff to know that !) . Sometimes someone else has a take on lyrics that can be better that what you initially were thinking and the whole song takes a different turn .... I think if she has not been in a studio it might be better to chat over a cuppa ... studios can be daunting even smaller ones like mine ... look forward to the result , Good luck Steve
  13. Supa Reels


    Agreed I also thought the vox was a little hot in places but when I attempted to rectify, I found it lost the intimacy so I decided to leave well alone ... good call though πŸ‘ Glad you liked it and thankyou for the comment and listening. Steve
  14. Supa Reels


    Thanks for the great comment, as said I really am just a lyrics guy and not so much a muso ... Yep it is confessional but that's what songs are for ... they are songwriters therapy πŸ˜‰. So glad you got to listen to it and enjoyed .. means a lot All the best for the new year Bruce
  15. Thanks for the share .. brilliant ! He IS a great skins man ... your not bad either LOL .. Steve
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