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  1. Bloody FANTASTIC ... That's all she wrote πŸ’₯ (BTW as a lyrics guy it's a nice touch to include them)
  2. Supa Reels


    Thanks for the comments guys ATB Steve
  3. The Picasso of verse, I agree with Andy ... pie was a little cold, but thanks anyway πŸ‘Š ATB Steve
  4. Boy I love this track ...brings a tear.... the chorus makes a beautiful song complete. What harmonizer do you use ? ATB Steve
  5. Well ... here we go again ... my ears are filled with your shrouded message and the talent to produce something that has a profound message ... but lets have a little less experimental ....and ... just for once ( as someone who has followed your work for years ) pull it back ... just for once Jess ... BTW bass playing is ex. I get it, I really do .. your words ( if anyone really listens to them are profound). I love your stuff ...but it don't help a good nights sleep TeHe ATB Steve πŸ‘
  6. Amazing .. really not sure what I'm listening to ( arpeggios to one side ) ... multiple tracks or as you note ' the ability to sing multiple notes at the same time ' .. yikes! Thanks for the post I never knew singing was such a beautiful and weird thing .... ATB Steve
  7. Boy !! Have you reached perfection ... timing locked to the transitions and in fact the whole project is professional, I was waiting for the narration to start !πŸ™‚. I agree with the highs everyone has given it .. and I'm not a fan of instrumentals .... but it's a TEN from me πŸ‘‹ ATB Steve
  8. Supa Reels


    I really have to do the whole thing again ..without the pain .. the fact that you were impressed could mean I won't get my head out of the studio πŸ˜… ,,many thanks for your advice and comments ...watch this space Take care and atb ( Soft tails can be troublesome LOL ) Steve
  9. Supa Reels


    Thanks for that it really does mean a lot ... but then you know that as a fellow songwriter ATB Steve
  10. Supa Reels


    Thanks for your blessing mate, at my age I should know better LOL. Must admit this needs work but I appreciate your ears and comments .. many thanks Best regards Steve
  11. Mesmerizing ... But as said, too long but I like it . Steve
  12. Supa Reels


    Hi Lynn thanks for the comments, as said I will remix as feel it's not my best work .. But Gerry Rafferty ..Wow! Stat well my friend Steve ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for your comment Dream Art ..Means a lot ☺️ Steve
  13. That's how it's done. I echo the previous comments excellent work ...reminds me of Santana ( One of my favs ) πŸ‘ ATB Steve
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