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  1. Sounds great on the old Beyers .... Bjorn visits tubular bells. Great stuff mix is just right for my ears 👍 Stay well Steve
  2. Thanks for the lyrics , and just to say they are profound .. BTW will you be wearing lycra when gigging? " Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Dazlyn Duo" .... roar of the crowd .... Have a great day 🎃 Steve
  3. Been listening to this again ... well quite a few times actually. I think, maybe, you two should do more of this stuff, you seem to gel into a complete style of your own and it's exciting to think that you may produce more work like this 🤞 ... One crit though ... printed lyrics 'cause you know ( esp you Lynn ) how much I appreciate them. Anyway it's one of my favs ATB Steve
  4. AT LAST !! THE GAG HAS BEEN REMOVED ... Fantastic Album and a must listen ..... good luck with this release 👊 ATB Steve
  5. Great video .. thanks for the lyrics this is the whole package ...great work!! Steve
  6. Great song but vid is too disturbing for my taste .. Steve
  7. Supa Reels

    Talkin Bout

    Sounds a bit like Lennon when he did his experimental stuff .. like the cut back vibes of this work plus the ending 😎 Steve
  8. Supa Reels

    Hand Awakening

    Well done .. keep at it and I'm sure it will come ( I get it 'cause I had a stoke some years ago took me an age to get somewhere near what I was ) Best of luck Steve
  9. Like the take on this .. very dark .. really good ( not sure about the eq either but it seem to work well ) Steve
  10. Supa Reels

    testmix_ jzfu

    Your work is so well produced ..and I love it Steve
  11. Supa Reels


    Cool and very tight .. great work, my love is the 'Hammond' and lead guitar 👍 Steve
  12. Supa Reels

    Red Planet

    Liked it a lot ... left a comment on YT Steve
  13. Many thanks for the compliment ... Glad you liked it 🤝
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