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  1. I do not disagree at all - and as you may have suspected, my reply was actually meant to sound a little pedantic, and to poke a little fun at people who tend to be a little stiff - myself first. I imagined it as something you might hear Frasier say (if you're familiar with the tv show of that name). FWIW, the vast majority of my own music features absolutely no "real" instrument, neither live performance. I usually refer to my main project as EBM (Embalmed Body Music in this case). Everything is programmed, sequenced, and whatever is played on the keyboard is ususally quantized becaue I am an awful keyboard player. Most of my creative output of the last 20 years or so simply wouldn't exist without a DAW - I wouldn't have written that stuff on a guitar. I've always been quite ambivalent. Yes, it irks me to no end when kids call themselves "producer" - pretty much like it does when a girl taking selfies called herself a "model" because she posts pictures of hersef on instagram. But I am old, and I get that. Likewsie, I can b*tch about hip hop one second and be digging out an old Beastie Boys record the next. I am a huge fan of dark electro/industrial music - and I am very much aware that a lot of those guys don't play any instrument and can't hold a tune to save their life. But at the end of the day, if the song is good... I think that as long as you don't actually take yourself too seriously, it's ok to contradict yourself and be ambivalent. Not to be too rigid. Maybe that's why I feel that those self-proclaimed producers could also benefit from a little self-mockery.
  2. Instagram Buffoon: Are you a beatmaker? Me: Actually, I've studied classical music, I've dabbled with traditional jazz as well as traditional music from many cultures, I can read and write charts, I play an actual instrument - even a few of them. I have, on multiple occasions, played music and sang live on stage. I also like to amuse myself by indulging in rudimentary sound design and, yes, I sometimes "make beats". But since I do not require a laptop to make music, I believe the proper term would be "musician".
  3. The Neon Judgement - Chinese Black
  4. Listening to Sixx and Lee's little speeches during the show, you get the impression that both of them have taken hammers to the head a few times. It would be safe to assume that their collective IQ barely adds up to the number at the bottom of their shoes.
  5. From way back when I discovered the Beatles as a teenager. I was obsessed with the song of the name, and I started signing my drawings and art projects with it in school. It iss a shortened version of my old early 2000's IM nickname, too. Also, I love rainy days. In actuallity though, it is not my nick name. In real life, a lot of pople call me... The Dark Lord. 🙄 I would never call myself that, obviously - except as a joke. That one I got from a girl at work in the early 2000's. She started calling me that and the rest of the people picked up on it and it stuck with me ever since. Even my boss called me - and still calls me - that. I've left that place in 2008 but the name stayed with me - some people (not very close obviously) don't even know my actual name. Even my ex-wife used to refer to me by that name when we met and started dating. The funny thing is that, I had never seen the Star Wars movies in English at that point, so I was completely oblivious to the reference. But I always wear black, I am tall, I have broad shoulders, and people always told me I looked like a knight or a prince or whatever, so it seemed to be just another one of those.
  6. Mötley Crüe. It was a negative impression, but an impression nonetheless. Not that I was expecting any different. Except Mick Mars. He was cool. More seriously, The Cure in Montreal in 2008. They played for almost 3 hours. Robert Smith doesn't look like the healthiest person on earth but he really surpised me, especially when he put the guitar down for some songs and ran around on stage. I realize that 2008 is not that recent. But I'm old and I don't go out often.
  7. I don't remember the last time I watched the news - but whenever I got pulled in and went through a phase of keeping up with the world, it was via written, online sources. I bought my last tv in 1997 when I moved in with my first wife, and left it to her we broke up in 2001. I didn't get another one until my second wife bought one in 2013. Although, we're essentially talking about a big display to stream Netflix, Prime and such. These days, I usually stream something like an episode of Seinfeld during my lunch break because I hate hearing myself chewing. Most of the time I won't even finish it. Then I'll sit in front of an episode of something or a bit of a hockey game for half an hour with my guitar before I go to bed. It takes me days to watch a full game. I honestly don't know how people manage to keep up. The only occasion on which I spend serious time in front of the tv is on my day off, when I usually try not to spend a minute in front of the computer. But I mostly watch Japanese movies movies - since I'm studying the language, it's like soft homework. Or then documentaries and historical movies.
  8. I'd recommend being careful with the use of big names. Weaker people tend to drop them, and there are few things as annoying as name dropping.
  9. Stone Temple Pilots - Church on Tuesday
  10. lol Gene wouldn't think highly of me. I really don't own much in terms of memorabilia and never did. Besides that mug, I have an Alive tin plate, a few t-shirts, a set of bobble heads, a few books and a few posters rolled up in a closet somewhere. The albums and a few DVDs, of course. Every time I see serious collectors showing their stuff, I feel kind of overwhelmed. Even guitars - 4 or 5 is more than enough for me. At some point, it seems I would feel like an employee in a museum, as if my stuff owned the place and I was only a guest, carefully tip toeing around. Maybe a defence mechanism, since we were kind of poor when I was a kid, so I couldn't have afforded it, anyway. I've yet to make it to his museum here in Vegas, but I saw videos showing only parts of the collection, and even that felt overwhelming. I did collect girlfriends named Melanie at some point, but that's a different story...
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