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  1. I've slowly been going through this: https://www.stereogum.com/category/the-number-ones/ This guy has been writing an article about every single Number 1 for several years. Well researched and written, and his opinions are quite funny.
  2. This is a deals forum not a dolls forum.
  3. husker

    UVI sale up to 50% off

    I ended up with Drone with my voucher. Not sure it was a good decision, but that is what I ended up with. I spent a lot this season, otherwise I may have gone with Augmented Orchestra or World Suite.
  4. husker

    UVI sale up to 50% off

    That is where I'm at right now. What is the consensus on World Suite?
  5. husker

    UVI sale up to 50% off

    @TheSteven - how long did it take for you to get your voucher? I'm still on the fence about this, I should probably go ahead and get it.
  6. husker

    UVI sale up to 50% off

    How long is the $100 good for?
  7. husker

    UVI sale up to 50% off

    I can get Falcon 2 plus two expansions for $172.... HMMM.
  8. husker

    UVI sale up to 50% off

    I do not need Falcon. I do not need Falcon... I do not need Facon. Maybe I do...
  9. Still waiting on Vapor Keys 2....
  10. Amazing gift. Thank you @Greg Schlaepfer!! OTS is one of my favorite sample companies - quality product, and one of the most customer friendly developers out there.
  11. Unfortunately, my newsletter is active.
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