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  1. What is this word "need"??
  2. I'm in 5X, so I've done my part.
  3. I have very little experience with IK (like a grand total of two weeks or so), but I've REALLY been digging the Shipwreck piano!
  4. Everything bundle - the gift that keeps on giving! Still think that Synthmaster is the best bang for the buck out there.
  5. I'm in the same boat. I have had this conversation with @abacab - I used to think there wasn't such a thing as too many synths, but now I think differently. (Unless its hardware synths - you can't have too many of those). At some point, I will probably get Fathom.
  6. @Reid Rosefelt, you're actually way off base on your reply, as you are making assumptions, when you are not familiar with what I am actually speaking about. He has demonstrated me to a specific character flaw, and as such, I will not purchase anything from his company. Not sure where you come up with this. All forums need moderation. Not really true. Its his forum, he can moderate as he chooses. I'm not sure what the point of that statement is Reid. Quite honestly, saying something like that is beneath you. I don't really hate anyone (ex-wife notwithstanding). And I don't get into arguments online - I have a real life that I care about - with a real family, and real hobbies. Arguing on forums is not one of them. I've actually never been banned from any forum, as I strive to keep my behavior above board. It is only my opinion (and Mike even agreed he operates like a dictator). But, his actions have consequences, and one consequence is that I will never buy any of his products.
  7. Is this the part Abacab where I let you know how much you have disappointed me in the last year? (I love that show, and that episode is one of my favorites).
  8. My melodies and beat pattern ideas could be chart-topping and club shaking, but not festival anthems. So this isn't for me then? (I jest - I always like to make fun of marketing hyberbole)
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