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  1. husker

    Your BF Strategy

    This ^^^^ I keep a running spreadsheet of what I want, with the normal sales price. I try to stick with a plan and get my purchases done around BF. But without fail, some really great deal comes along in December that I can't resist. Last year for me it was the NI Orchestral Tools as well (picked up the Metropolis Series for a great price).
  2. I still love Cubase though. I totally would have gone to Studio One when Sonar went under if they would have supported instrument definitions.
  3. That would cost $60 if it were Cubase. 😞
  4. husker

    UVI Kroma 1.5

    UVI has released several updates recently. Nice to see.
  5. Agree! Larry does us all a great service. Thanks @cclarry!!!!!
  6. husker

    UVI Updates

    For those of you with UVI Products (Vintage Vault, etc), there are two updates out - Emulation II and Darklight IIX
  7. Don't they usually have a 50% the Bundle around this time?
  8. husker

    cubase 10.5 released

    $20 to upgrade Elements. $60 to upgrade Pro.
  9. This. I've get more sales emails from MF than almost the rest combined.
  10. I'll second the oddities about the installation. I though I would just use their "Output Hub" to install. I figured that was like Arturia Software Centeral, Waves Central, Native Access, or any of the other 100 auto downloaders/installers that are standard. But no, this is just a downloader - you then have to run the actual installer. You download it, and Output Hub now reports it is installed even though I didn't actually install it. Huh? I really don't know the purpose of this Output Hub. And, as Matthew says, it just put the plugins where it wants, not where you want. Garbage.
  11. Crap, I gotta quit coming to the Deals section with a few bucks hanging out in Paypal. Ordered.... Sigh....
  12. Appreciate you doing this again this year.
  13. Yeah, me too. I just bought it today and cruised through the presets. Only a handful are what I would call usable. Good thing I'm only out $4.
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