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  1. The best FM soft synth around....
  2. I have to think how blessed we are these days. $300 for something that would have costs thousands several years ago.
  3. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly they resolved it for me as well. Kudos to Eastwest.
  4. I definitely used the web site for activation, just something went wonky. It is a great deal - I was planning on Fantasy Orchestra this Christmas, so a free Forbidden Planet is great.
  5. FYI I had to email EastWest - something odd happened in my transaction, and they had to deposit the Forbidden Planet into my account manually.
  6. I did. Fantasy Orchestra showed up, but not Forbidden Planet.
  7. Has anyone gone for this deal yet? I got the license for Fantasy Orchestra, but nothing on the Forbidden Planet.
  8. I've been eyeing this exact thing. I already just have so much stuff, but the Steinberg sounds really get overlooked around here.
  9. I bought another hardware synth (I love the hardware), plus another MIO XL midi router (converting all my midi to midi over ethernet). The only other thing I bought was the 2023 From Mars collection. That's it.
  10. No Dorico either, which is what I was hoping for.
  11. Best free pdf download in da biz......
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