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  1. Let me know if anyone doesn't want their voucher?
  2. I think next year I'll go to the pro version...
  3. Anyone know the difference in this new Version 2? I have the first version, just want to know if it is worth buying the second.
  4. I upgraded from 13 to 13 UCE. Worth it in my opinion. Once I upgraded, the air smells better, water tastes better, the temperature is warmer, and my dog became friendlier. Jesting aside, I'd jump on that deal.
  5. husker

    New 8 DIO Freebie

    80% off plus Silka - that is a great deal....
  6. On a related note: has anyone changed the location of the sound sets or Syntronik and Sampletank? I just bought another SSD, and am rebuilding my Daw from scratch. I think that @Peter - IK Multimedia mentioned a process a few months ago, but I would like to find it. If I remember, you go through all the process downloads, sound bank installers, etc, which seems to place on the C drive somewhere. I guess you can move that whole directory to another drive, the point Syntronik 2 and Sampletank to the new location. Is this the correct procedure? Anything else I need to be aware of? Thank you.
  7. husker

    Ghosthack Freebies

    Anyone found anything on the store $5 or less? @pseudopop - Thank you for posting these each day. Good reminder for me to grab them.
  8. husker

    FL Studio

    What do you prefer about Bitwig?
  9. That is a great price for that collection.
  10. husker

    FL Studio

    The recent thread regarding "who uses Cakewalk" was interesting to me, as I've been in the market for awhile for a secondary DAW. I started with (cough) Sonar For Life (/cough), and still feel a little jaded about that. I went with Cubase when SPLAT went under, and am very pleased with it. I'm not a DAW collector (I'm a synth collector) (well, and string library collector). I would, however, like to get a secondary DAW. To me, Cakewalk/Bandlab and Studio One (two other popular choices) are very similar to what I have already in Cubase - I've been looking at something radically different. I'm not really interested in Ableton, which leaves FL Studio. I do have a version of Studio One Producer, so I could upgrade for around $100 to the latest, but I actually really like how "different" FL Studio is. The current deal is the full version for $399 - I've had it in my cart for a few days, and Imagine Line sent me an addition %10 off coupon to entice me to buy. In cart, it is $359 for the FL Studio All Plugins edition. Is this my best deal for this?
  11. In 21 more years, I'll have the complete Berlin Inspire I....
  12. I value @Matthew Sorrels input as well. I actually really like the Cinematic Studio series, but I'm a hack...
  13. Wait, you actually make songs? I must be in the wrong forum....
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