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  1. Fair question. I don't have many concerns about credit card information or data breaches, but I do have concerns about their infrastructure. If you are an ECommerce vendor, having a running website and good recent backups is IT 101. JRRShop struggles with these basic functions. With so many other resellers, I think I will choose to not use JRRShop in the future.
  2. husker

    Xchange Collections

    I assume they'll do the same to me...
  3. I know this - as an IT guy, I've seen enough red flags for me to avoid JRRShop now.
  4. I'm on V7, and I'm not seeing any updates either.
  5. @Zo Can you post a link to your video please?
  6. It was me who spoke (not actually spoke, I wouldn't dare actually speak to the King. This was over PM) to him. He just said he is taking a few weeks holiday/vacation, and wouldn't be posting much. All is good.
  7. I actually thought about it, but my discretion got the better of me. I actually thought about it, but my discretion got the better of me.
  8. Run Native Access to Update....
  9. All of the above is correct. I have two licenses, a Pro on a dongle, and an Elements on the "Soft E Licenser." I never really have any issues upgrading my Pro on the dongle, but I always have a devil of a time with "soft E Licenser." It is very confusing, and I do computers for a living. It really shouldn't be that difficult.
  10. No, you have to purchase a 10.5 license to run 10.5. A 10.5 license is good for 10.5, 10, 9.5, 9, etc. You only need the one license.
  11. Its the same process for any upgrade - .5 or otherwise. It defaults to a separate install. A license is a license - if you have Pro license for 10.5, you can run 10.5, 10., 9.5, 9, etc. Whatever you want.
  12. I talked to him the other day. He's just taking a bit of holiday.
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