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  1. husker


    5.38 would be tough to turn down...
  2. husker

    Steinberg Expansions Summer Sale

    Zinc - I don't seem to have it either. I don't have the .vstsound file - all I remember is I paid $10 to upgrade to PadShop Pro. Maybe that upgrade didn't include it....
  3. husker

    OrangeTreeSamples Group Buy!

    In 24 hours no less....
  4. Thanks for the tip. I had 2.5 GB of worthless files there.
  5. husker

    Ozone 8 Advanced

    I don't even need this and I'm going to try to buy it! What an inexpensive way to get into it.
  6. husker

    SWA Halion 6 Masterclass

    These can be downloaded.
  7. husker

    Iris 2 @ JRRshop $24.36

    In cart with code Group
  8. husker

    VSTBuzz "Synth Week" promotion:

    Thoughts on Syntorial?
  9. husker

    JBL 308P MKII 8-inch Powered Studio Monitor

    Thanks Grem. Just need some better monitors. And a Prophet 12.
  10. I love these tools - I have the Stereoscope, Oscilloscope, and Frequency Analyst.
  11. I got sucked in by the "Sonar For Life" campaign. Sonar was my first ever DAW, and it lasted about a year.
  12. husker

    JBL 308P MKII 8-inch Powered Studio Monitor

    I still need to upgrade my 305s
  13. husker

    Blue Cat's Oscilloscope Multi 2.3 - free update

    Sweet. Thanks for passing along.
  14. husker

    Waves 50% off Everything.

    That's a good deal.