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  1. @pseudopop - Thank you for posting these free game deals. I've picked several of them up.
  2. Oh dear Lord that is so true. I was USAF (not Army) but almost all the same principles apply.
  3. Uh.. Yeah. If you want to play it realistically, make sure you get up at 4:00 AM every day (including the weekends), work all day, eat dinner, then work some more. Repeat every day. (Born and raised on a farm in Nebraska).
  4. husker

    June SOS Out Now

    Best mag in da biz!
  5. NA actually works pretty well for me. I guess I'm in the minority.
  6. Released today! https://zero-g.co.uk/products/elements-kepler
  7. Even worse - I'm Norwegian....
  8. Actually, I just moved right to Cubase, I never used Bandlab.
  9. I started with buying Sonar For Life as my first DAW, then two months later they folded. 😡
  10. Ethera - best Kontakt bang for da buck in da biz!
  11. Steinberg can't win. They get excoriated for years over the E-Licenser, then they get guff when they get rid of it.
  12. How are these delivered? As PDFs?
  13. husker

    Free Serials

    Melodyne Essential - 2297-73FN-5HD5-63N5-K3FT UA Polymax - W0LM-MQPD-KMRC-R9H0
  14. Very happy you are taking the opportunity to travel.
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