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  1. Awesome! https://cinematicstudioseries.com/woodwinds/ VI-Control will be having a meltdown tonight....
  2. husker

    Uhe Sale at NI

    @abacab - did you pick anything up?
  3. Pavlov is 100% correct. I've a 25 year career in IT, and it has become insane over the past few years. I recently did a site visit to one of our small sales offices - my IT team has been implementing new Layer 7 firewalls across our enterprise. I went to observe this specific implementation, and within minutes of standing this new office (minutes, not hours), we were seeing nonstop attacks from China, Turkey, Russia, the US, and Romania. In an office of 8 people. Its not just the big boys - it's everyone. It was insane. My group told me they see the same thing, time after time.
  4. <Cough> JRRShop <Cough>
  5. It kind of pisses me off that @Audio Plugin Deals doesn't even bother to check if the same deal is posted or not. It goes the same way every time- Larry posts it, then they post it themselves, then someone reminds them that it's already been posted. @Audio Plugin Deals - if it has already been posted, don't spam up the forum.
  6. Chester Thompson is his name. Check their work here - probably the best live version of Fifth of Firth out there:
  7. Well, the price is now $135, so it ended early. That makes my decision easy.
  8. I just had this conversation with Larry recently. I use Cubase as my only DAW right now. There are only two issues I have with Cubase - its expensive, and I have to purchase/maintain two copies. I travel frequently, and hotels suck without something to do, so I generally do learning/music work in the evenings. I travel with a Surface Pro, and I don't care to take my ELicenser everywhere. So, that means I had to buy a copy of Cubase Elements. And that cost adds up. I actually kind of like the look of S1, and it would be nice to have the same DAW everywhere, and not maintain two copies. That is why I bought that cheapo Epix bundle earlier this year - to get the cheap S1 2 Producer knowing I could upgrade cheaply this holiday season. Cubase is great for Midi and external instruments. S1 still doesn't support patch scripts/instrument files. And I just am now getting used to Cubase. Do I really need another DAW? I have just a couple hours to decide. Quite honestly, what I should do is just go back to Sonar/Cakewalk.
  9. Well, I only have the Studio One 2 Producer (got it in one of those cheap bundles), so I really don't have anything.
  10. Someone tell me I don't need Studio One 5 Pro for $79
  11. I've spent the better part of a month creating Cubase track icons for various things. I figured I would give them away to anyone who wishes to have them. I've included VSTs from Air, Arturia, Native Instruments, Reaktor Ensembles, Steinberg, KV 331, Izotope, U-He, UVI, etc. I also created icons for every Kontakt Library in Komplete Ultimate, as well as third party libraries from 8Dio, Cinematic Studio, East West, Ethera, Orange Tree Samples, Sample Logic, XLN, etc. They are free to anyone who wants them, and can be downloaded here: Link
  12. husker

    Waves Year End Sale

    But, to be fair, Waves has released some really nice plugins at some really good prices this year.
  13. Same here. Mine definitely upgraded, but Cubase reports
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