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  1. Also 60% off at AudioDeluxe. Up to 15% extra off with code MAY2022. https://www.audiodeluxe.com/search/site/eastwest
  2. They have had all kinds of sales and yes, IIRC you have been able to buy both Core and Pro at least 50% off.
  3. BTP

    Update: Focusrite drivers

  4. FYI: Sorting by price or savings % doesn't work correctly. It looks like the numbers are sorted as strings.
  5. Info from the video: "Over 50 GB including over 600 synths Going to Composercloud+ May 12. Available for purchase June 12."
  6. May 5th-10th. All products in the shop are at base price. https://audioplugin.deals/ 10% off with code 5YEARS.
  7. I tested the VST3 version quickly and it seems to be working.
  8. I was wondering why the patches have chord names but then I played the notes longer. LABS is already a really impressive collection and just keeps getting better.
  9. The email had the preset bank name wrong. It's called "Experience TH-U Premium".
  10. Yes, but only 2 free right now. For every 100 registrations one more free is added. 3000 is needed to get them all. It seems to be a slow start. Only 15 participants and it's been hours. I wasn't following the previous Group Buy from the beginning so I can't predict how this one goes.
  11. Thanks for looking into this. I had it off. It seems that you have to turn off Auto login too.
  12. It seems that there's no way to close the Capsule Portal unless you use the task manager and you have to run it even when you just want to use the VST. Really annoying.
  13. BTP

    VSL - Free Fujara Flute

    Yes. (Change your view settings in iLok License Manager if you don't see it listed, that's what I had to do.)
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