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  1. Are you using an ASIO audio interface or on board sound card? The audio driver is important for using a DAW like Cakewalk.
  2. A screen shot might help. Did you zoom in on the track?
  3. Well I'll be darned, I also have a good version of Sound Forge came with a Sony Digital turntable.. Now you have my curiosity>
  4. You originally said you did this no problem? Anyhow you open the Bandlab assistant. Go to the Apps Tab. go to the "Open" button and select "install add ons and you should get this screen with the options. I already have all this stuff but it still seems to proceed and reinstall them, not very sophisticated.
  5. Yes Midi sync is what allows different midi devices to ,, well,, ya ,, sync. An example would be I gan set my 1984 Roland drum machine in Midi sync mode, then tell Cakewalk to transmit midi start stop found in preferences under "Project/ midi and when I start Cakewalk the drum machine plays along in sync using Cakewalks tempo. I also used to use MMC to sync my Yamaha MD 8.
  6. my guess is you made a typo when submitting your address. I would try again but you'll have to use a different user name to make it work. Because the software is free you can even create a whole new account but will need to use an alternative email.
  7. I guess the OP is talking automation. I have about 6 wave editors and none of them "re-draw" waveforms. It would be interesting to hear what that sounds like.
  8. And Lee are you aware that the latest version of your software is available for free? X3 is real outdated and huge improvements have been made since then. https://www.bandlab.com/products/cakewalk
  9. When I've had issues like this there's been some sort of hidden data that I cannot see in Cakewalks event list. Close inspection of the track inspector might reveal something. Like try re setting the volume slider or gain and see if it moves when you start the song. Someone mentioned Ample Bass and this will often happen where it will jump to 1.6 in the GUI. I have to lower the midi track level to 64 to re set it to my pre set of 1.0. Never had to do that with other VST's. Tricks I've also use were to change channels ( didn't always work) or slip edit to exact first midi event or split and delete the " empty" data before the first note.
  10. Instead of a Flash drive I would invest in a nice 1 or 2 TB external drive. They go on sale for around $100 and then you need not delete or compress anything. I have 4 external drives and 2 of them are only for Cakewalk back ups. I date the whole folder which will have the sub folders of each project in it. Drag and drop to the external drive and carry on.
  11. This seems stupid but did you re boot your system a few times after the updates?
  12. The focusrite Scarletts run at about 20 ms RTL at a safe buffer so I myself cannot engage the input echo without hearing a very noticeable delay.
  13. OK lets start from over and for now forget the mixer it only ( as other John has said) complicate things. Just hook up the Scarlett and lets get sound from Cakewalk. Things to check if not already done. Make sure the Scarlett is the audio device when you click on the Windows speaker icon. Make sure in Cakewalk preferences the scarlett is the only audio device selected and you are in ASIO mode. Make sure the Master buss is set to output to the Scarlett and the tracks you are playing are set to output to the Master. When you play the song the Master buss meters are moving. Plug headphones into the scarlett you will hear the playback. Or plug the studio monitoring system into the rear outputs, same difference. Now plug in a mike or guitar and engage the direct monitor switch. You should hear both the playback and the input signal. I do not recommend using the Soundblaster while trying to work with Cakewalk. You have a proper audio interface , use it. Creative drivers are notoriously invasive and will cause conflicts with the Focusrite drivers. I speak from experience as I have Creative PCI sound card on my old computer. The only short coming of the 2i2 is the monitoring system. Most interfaces have a blend control for playback and input. They chose to only have a toggle switch so you have to lower your playback level inside the DAW which is a PITA. Your mixer could be used to solve that issue but lets just get sound first using the interface.
  14. Cj- the cue mix, as it's name implies, is for monitoring only and it has no bearing on export. I can turn my monitors right off in Cue mix and it still exports correctly. I've personally never experience any issues with export. I don't use Cakewalk for direct MP3 because I need to master the file first in Wave Lab. Once I'm happy with the Wave file I convert using Gold Wave which is another wave editor I like. Wave Lab for some reason still wants money to unlock MP3 encoding just like Sonar used to. Any how, I use 190 kbps as that seems just fine for where those songs are going. To Meld Magic- If you use a real audio interface you won't have any of those stupid settings to worry about.
  15. How I have always done this without issue is Ctrl A to select all. then go to - Tracks / Select track outputs/ Then select the audio buss
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