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  1. John Vere

    Missing sound

    Nope never is.
  2. Check list 1- Midi cable is tested and in good condition. This is not just in but out. 2- Midi connection directly to sound modules works. ( bypass interfaces) 3- Midi file playback from DAW plays sound modules. 4- Midi interface input and output ports are checked in Cakewalk preferences Midi Device. 5- Midi interface input is chosen as input for midi or simple instrument track in Cakewalk. 6- input echo and recording standby is on and track meter shows activity. 7- Inputs are set to Omni or the correct channel being used by hardware. 8 install Midi Ox to confirm midi signal path is working.
  3. That was the first thing came to mind. Most stuff is very returnable these day. They generally don’t ask questions. Either send a replacement or your money. But don’t leave it too long. On a side note. I just built a new system and it took 3 days and I’ve used a total of 60 GB of the 3 TB of storage I installed. I’ve got more stuff than I’ll possibly ever use. Probably a better strategy is to only install stuff as you need it. You’ll be surprised at what you don’t need.
  4. My Dad was a lineman for the CPR railway in the 30’s and then switched over to BC Telephone co for like 40 years. He had lots of stories about static and what he called induction. You could be Ok working on a line until someone placed a call and hit you with 90 volts. I had an issue with getting shocked from the taps of my basement laundry tub. He put a meter on it ant then to the ground of a nearby outlet. There was 20 volts DC. He said it was induction putting the current in the house from the hydro lines ground system that my copper pipes were part of. His conclusion was my house was not really grounded and when I touched the tap in my bare feet standing on the concrete floor I became the best ground in the system. I had to add a couple more ground rods which solved the problem. But he explained how the proximity of hi voltage to any copper lines will induce a currant. It’s sort of why we use shielded cable down there on the stage with the A/C lines. And why you should not run them parallel to each other.
  5. Thanks for the kind words. A lot of work goes into making videos. At least the way I do it. As far as Sonar/Cakewalk/Sonar goes It depends on how you use the software as most certainly a lot of stuff is still the same even going back 20 years. But example, with CbB Workspaces cannot be ignored and any instructions that don’t include them might miss a lot. The new Sonar we are told will be a major upgrade to the graphics and possibly a bunch of new features. I had to pull my tutorials on Next because they are updating it just about every 2 weeks. I’m slowly re doing them and trying to keep it basic for now but probably anything I make right now will become outdated in a short time. Mostly I mentioned this because I’d hate to see the OP go to all that work for discontinued software. They might be totally unaware of what is taking place.
  6. Definitely a bug with the software. It seems it is not staying in focus. It’s like when you go to type a new track name and all of a sudden all heck breaks loose. Like typing the word “Guitar “ opens the Gain, U=? the inspector, the Tools, Arranger, and will start recording if I have a track armed! The good news is Cakewalk Next has a Lyrics track and I’ll assume Sonar will have one too. The Next lyrics track is like the Arranger track. I like it’s system of creating, there’s a place you just drag and drop the whole song called the scratch pad, and then from that window drag each line to create the little boxes at the top.
  7. The click sound is the sign that Cakewalk just changed Sample Rate. Make sure everything you are using is set to the same sample rate. I even set it in Windows sound settings. I use 48 because of making videos.
  8. FYI. Cakewalk by Bandlab has just been discontinued so tutorials will be obsolete very soon. Sonar will be similar but the whole look will change so CbB videos will look wrong to new users.
  9. Not exactly sure what you are asking but to increase all tracks height select all and hold CTRL when dragging one track up or down. All selected tracks will resize equally. To Zoom in and out on a project ALT mouse scroll wheel.
  10. That totally depends on the material. Every song is different. Generally I use 1/16. But a lot of my material uses triplets. That’s why I Quantize as the last step before editing. You’ll soon hear that you choose the wrong one so you undo and try again with different settings. You can try different grid line settings in PRV and see what grid matches your notes
  11. If you don’t see certain track widgets it because you are using the Basic Workspace. Change to Advanced. This reminds my that Scook is still missing since Sept.
  12. @msmcleod I read the info about the VST and it only talks about how the hardware devices were multi timbral It doesn’t really ever say the VST is. I guess easy to test by inserting the VST and see if there’s options for separate output tracks. If not then no point in using it as multi instrument anyway.
  13. Are you still trying to install the old version?
  14. I play my part on my Yamaha bass and then drag the audio track to AmpleP bass instrument track. I use Melodyne Melodic. The midi will be an octave low. Transpose 12. I also find the duration is 1/32 to 1/16 too long so select all and drag back. Then I make all velocities 106. I Quantize I fix glitches and some notes to lock in with other tracks. I have over 300 backing tracks done this way as well as all my originals use either the Ample bass or Dim Pro Acoustic You can find my songs on all major streaming services if you want examples. I’m also on Sound Click So instead of redoing just try the convert to midi trick first. I can actually use my Yamaha and real bass audio but I find the Ample p bass sounds almost identical anyway and it gives me way more options to clean up minor errors as well as rock solid timing.
  15. Ya one of those sort of obscure bands I loved. Great job. Especially the drums. You really captured that sound.
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