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  1. If all your projects were saved as "Pre Project Folders" you only need to copy that entire folder to the new computer. There's no reason to be freezing tracks unless you have some old 32 bit plugs that refuse to install on W10. I can open projects I made 20 years ago.
  2. Yes projects and templates and track templates will all save Pro Channel settings. You can also save pre sets within in the prochannel. Click on the little icon that is in the upper left corner.
  3. John Vere

    New release

    FYI Plug ins are also effects. You can always roll back to the last version.
  4. John Vere

    New release

    The new release won't likley fix your issue. Have you submitted crash dumps to Cakewalk team? if not, how will they even know there's any issues? Nobody else seems to be having a problem so your's will be system related, not Cakewalk. Possibly we can help you sort that out. List what your using. And to add 99% of the time if Cakewalk crashes it's a plug in that causes it.
  5. Well for me the answer is yes . It's not in sync but I can most certainly see the timeline and the arranger lane if it was there, and the tempo map ect. It really depends on the zoom level of each view. If you managed to set the zoom the same they would be pretty close to in sync.
  6. What is the plug in and why do you need Cakewalk open to register? Is it in focus? Dim pro you need to run Cakewalk as administrator
  7. The colours depend on the theme you are using. They represent VST 2, VST 3, DX and then VST2 32 bit. There's the option in Preferences VST settings / VST3 migration to hide all VST2 options for the same plug in. That said some people have had issues with certain VST3 and have reverted to the VST2 version. So best to sort out which versions you want to use. Myself I use all VST 3 when available without issue so I've hidden the VST2 versions.
  8. I bought my NSM 10’s in the mid 90’s when I had a real studio and music store. So my relationship goes way back. I’ve had those in both properly treated spaces and in my spare bedroom drywall box. Guess what those mixes came out like? I’ve been in less that perfect spaces since I sold the studio 15 years ago and all I can say is it’s extra work to mix in a crappy room. You can do it, but in the old days I would nail a mix first time round. I’m still always very close but I look forward to finishing my new space. The wife sort of wanted a new kitchen, bathroom etc first. But after 2 year those projects are almost done. Just yesterday I was stuffing Roxul insulation in the ceiling joists. It’s in a half finished basement space. I’m going for dead but with lots of soft wooden slats and shapes. Anyhow. My answer to the op is like the others. The right monitors in the right room. Or. Spend a million hours re mixing. Or get lucky 🍀
  9. Interesting topic as this is something I just recently pondered. My wife has used hearing-aides for around 6 years now. She’s always bugging me I need them too! So to keep the peace I booked a test with her audiologist. Turned out he’s a Musician and Audiophile. My test came back with my EQ curve dropping off on a steep slope after around 1,200hz. . My low end is 100 % intact. kinda weird for a bass player? But this would imply that when mixing I would crank up everything over 1,200 hz! But the exact opposite seems to happen and I have found myself not having enough high end in my mixes when “ looking” at a spectrograph . He explained that our brain learns to compensate over time and this is why even though our input device is broken, our processor makes up for it. So we can maintain an educated judgment of what a songs balance should be even with a hearing impairment. He advised that I not ever change my monitors! He also advised that hearing-aides would be beneficial for conversation listening but useless for my music because of the low fidelity of the system. So this is good news as I don’t need to spend $3,000 just to hear people. I’d rather listen to music anyway.
  10. John Vere

    Windows 10 Pro Question

    What I’ve found avoids interruptions is to at least once a month run Windows updates as well as updated everything I have that might need this. Im always surprised at how many apps need updating. Most I’ve disabled auto updates for this very reason.
  11. Had to laugh because you used the word Grok. I think that’s a word not many people will have a clue what it means but I sure do! What was that dang book though? You got me thinking about it Edit. Ok now I see it’s like a classic SI Fi term coined buy Robert Heinlein. Actually a Martian term.
  12. The odd thing about you tube and where your most hits come from is it’s generally just Google search. My second most hits come from Facebook which has at least 6 different Cakewalk/Sonar pages. My lowest hit count actually comes from this forum because it’s really becoming a thing from the past. I think this is sad in a way because people get way better help here than on Facebook. I totally hate trying to follow threads on Facebook. It’s pretty rare someone will get bad advice from here, but it’s totally opposite on Facebook. I had a lot of fun making the tutorials but I’m at the end of having any spare time for that stuff. Finally there are live shows to play again so time to change my strings and dust off the old PA system.
  13. Tutorials # 28 and # 29 are details of using the new Export feature. Use the pre set "tracks " and Range should be Entire project.
  14. John Vere

    Missing Audio Files...

    Yes it’s very easy to manage. You transfer projects by making a back up copy to a portable storage device. Open the project on the old computer and use: Save As Copy all audio with project Browse to the storage device That version will be identical to the original and this cleans out unused audio files as well. I have transferred hundreds of Cakewalk projects for a long long time now and the only time I ever got that message was from very old projects that I might have saved before I understood the system. In the old day per project folders were optional, now it’s the default.
  15. Peak level is only half the issue. It’s loudness that really matters so your tool for the job is using a loudness meter on the master buss. It’s very simple. You will put a brick wall limiter first In the bin and set it to ( popular choice) -1.0db. For this I use the free Loudmax limiter . Boost 11 is also good for this. Do not apply any gain. Just the limiter. Then a loudness meter after this. I like the You Lean meter it seems the most sensitive to fast peaking. So then pick a target of say -14 luffs and set every song to this target by either turning it up or turning it down. The peak limiter will compress any signal over -1.0 db. I rarely have to turn anything up but if you do simply use the master bus gain . Videos #22 and 24 have details
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