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  1. I had just updated this morning. See my post about thanks for the 59 bug fixes! And of course I had to re log in which seems par for the course. But I am often greeted with that screen and that’s fine as long as all this goes away once we are in the clear of this early access/ Backstage pass annoyance. Looking forward to the big announcement!
  2. Just installed the latest update. I always read the release notes. I counted 59 Bug fixes! So good job everyone. I even saw one I reported. And the Sampler has arrived. You see folks, it will all be worth the wait. I just played a gig last weekend and the money is sitting here waiting for the news!
  3. You didn’t need to register the products back then. The serial numbers were all that was required. That was the days of key generated serials and possibly half of the users were using pirated copies. Example I can install and run Sonar Producer 8.5 , x1 LE or X3 because they just use serial and registration numbers that are on the covers, No need to phone home. They do recommend you register them which I did and that is handy if you loose the DVD. Sonar 6, 7 and 8.5 are not registered on my list. I lost my disks a long time ago and only had made a ISO image of 8.5 . The first version to phone home was Splat needed the Command Center. Then CbB was using Activation system. So it’s possible the software being sold above is just the result of someone sitting on a basement who ISO copied an old pre phone home version off a disk they had and is selling it now because there’s people who have heard there’s new DAW called Sonar. They can include the same serial and registration numbers in the follow up email.
  4. I personally don’t like the new start screen at all. It’s labeling is confusing and yes I’ve noticed it doesn’t seem to place recently opened in order. I have returned to my old method of opening directly from my project folders. Note the clear simplicity of the old start screen. 3 options that say it all. Now this is what I normally see on first boot. And the list is now not clear where my existing projects are? You have to toggle the Recent and All, this is annoying to me. Click, click click click, And this is obviously always on line and phoning home because there's a little blue circle every time you make a move. And what's with on line Projects? I guess that's a Bandlab App thing? It makes me want to go offline again.
  5. I agree as I have often needed to undo a change that happened to a completely different track or part than the one I’m now working on that I’ve put in 1/2 hour of work on. I’ve probably saved a bunch of times as well. It would be way back. I guess the feature would be a long list of current changes that you open and could see and choose the one item that needed undoing.
  6. Tracks through entire mix will export each track including any processing on the tracks and master bus and each track will be the correct length.
  7. It’s not clear what version it actually might be. Orange implies Cakewalk by Bandlab. That would be funny if the download is just CbB. I still have X1 LE registered in my account. It was free with some Roland Hardware I bought. I never really used it.
  8. There's no guarantee that this would work smoothly. Better solution is purchase the L8. That's what I'm using now. It also is 32 Bit. Two UAC 232 @ $269 = $538 Zoom L8 $529 ( go on sale for much less) Two UCA 232 = 4 pre amps 1 headphone mix per unit, example how do you set up cue mixes? The Zoom L8 = 6 pre amps and 2 Line inputs. It has a full featured digital mixer and you can have 4 custom headphone mixes. It shows in Sonar as 12 inputs There are 8 mono. But you can record the Master as stereo which will record wet using the very nice built in effects. Inputs 7 and 8 can also be stereo inputs from other devices as well as computer loopback, very useful. You have Hardware control over most of your tracking cue mixes. You have meters! And you can back up everything as you track to the built in digital recorder. Never loose a take again.
  9. Do like the cheaters do and set up a computer that plays the song over and over all week long.
  10. Dang, that’s actually useful stuff. When do we ever stop learning cool things about Sonar.
  11. I Googled Cakewalk Sonar and look what was there! On the comments it shows 2024. Such a deal! This is also interesting what shows up. And read the little notes in the lower right info box- This is labeled Cakewalk Sonar and it says " was a DIgital Audio workstation. 2017. They better get going on having a proper web presence, way too much old garbage attached to the Sonar name. Bad move using it again I think. This is not what I would want to see if I Google Cakewalk Sonar. SO LE is $200 and Splat $360. Too funny.
  12. What Greg said still works. You can record the vocals in any other projects or DAW for that matter and drag it back to the original. Take note that best practices is complete the audio tracking sessions before you get too carried away. Vocals should be very early in the process to avoid recording parts that conflict with the melody. People listen to vocals they could care less about the noise in the background. So vocals are out front and the first in line. Not last.
  13. We haven’t needed the Assistant for possibly a year now. Activation a in the help menu.
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