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  1. Why are you using ASIO4all?? Steinberg has a top quality asio drivers and your using a iffy driver?? I think this comes up because people are having sound issues and there are WAY to many idiots out there who advice trying Asio4all. It used to be a solution a long time ago. We totally don't need it now as we have WASAPI which for most folks will work the best for on board sound cards. If you have an Audio interface it will come with a proper ASIO driver- USE IT.
  2. Yes as he said best to use a cloud storage that you share. See which one allows larger files. I use One Drive to share between my computers at home. What's cool about a shared folder is the version stays updated as you both add parts. One way to conserve file size is to take finished audio tracks and bounce them to a single track, Then use SAVE AS to make a new file. When I once did an online collaboration I converted the bass part to midi using Melodyne. Then I sub mixed the vocal and guitar to one track. Midi is real small. When he sent the project back he had added piano and organ which were midi. I then just opened the original full project and dropped his parts into it. You can do the same with audio. Just have a working copy and keep the full version in a different folder.
  3. It should looks like this only less inputs SO for my second mike input I use the Right Focusrite USB ASIO Mic1 If your list doesn't look like mine make sure your using ASIO and your preferences look something like this And I'm going to assume you turned the input gain knob up until the peak light goes red and backed off a hair.
  4. Yes I see it's 1986. But I put that in the reply for others as it's an important step for the keyboard controllers that use USB MIDI.
  5. Yes the worst one was IK media which was said to be a free VST etc. and they were not. They were all demos and I think it was a huge download. It was very invasive. They might make good products but I was so p---d at that I got rid of the works after only trying one. I love the companies that just give you the .dll and a library folder to drag and drop after you unzip. Then you just enter the serial number the first time you load it. That's seems like all any VST should need to do. Also Air forces you to install iLok which is also a PITA.
  6. I just rebuilt a computer and as is my habit I do a few things before i INSTALL cBb. First like others here I have to install bits and pieces of my older Sonar installs so as to get the Goodies that came with them. And at this point I install the latest drivers for my Interface which is a Scarlett 6i6 in this case. I have done this same procedure many times as I think Cakewalk likes to find my ASIO device on installation. I then install CbB and first thing I do is check my Audio preferences. In the dozens of times I've been through this my Scarlett ( or others) have always been the only audio device and ASIO is up and running. I have never had to change driver modes from WASAPI. So I can only assume you opened Cakewalk at some point before you installed your drivers. But it still does not seem right you had to do this 3 times so another assumption is possibly you have not set USB power suspend to disabled in Power advanced options and the interface was not on line. @scook Yes possibly there are still some poorly written ASIO drivers ( like Creative) kicking around but I think we've come a long way in the last 5 or so years. Seems drivers overall have greatly improved. Both my Scarlett and Tascam drivers are now miles ahead of the original releases. If you remember the thread about testing your timing offset years ago, everyone who tried it had almost perfect results using ASIO. I can't remember someone testing that didn't and this sort of covered a lot of brands of interfaces. If the timing was out it was by a very tiny amount that would not have any impact on recording overdubs. Even iffy ASIO drivers performed better than none ASIO drivers. All cases of testing other modes , if you could, the timing was out by as much as a 1/8 note ( to use a well know reference ) so we collectively came to the conclusion that the recording timing offset was super important and people should be aware of this. That's why it's nasty when a generic ASIO driver takes over your Recording Latency dialog box and that's why I will continue to warn people of the downside of other driver modes. Often they are totally fine for everything but recording overdubs.
  7. Only ASIO will report RTL correctly to Cakewalk. Even though WASAPI is your second best driver mode it will not sync overdubbed tracks. You don't believe me do a loopback test. You'll be fine once you install and use ASIO.
  8. Ya, I love the way Air products sound and they are cheap on sale. But I have come to the conclusion the installer is broken. After rebuilding 2 computers this month that was the only product that is a huge time suck. It always looses the libraries. And if you dare to change the pathways forget it.
  9. You don't mention which interface you are using which makes a big difference. The design and the ASIO drivers all contribute to Round Trip Latency. ( RTL) And if your System can't process the data because of DPC latency your audio engine with bog down when using super low buffer settings. So your Computers specs are also part of the equation. Then your OS and the millions of background tasks also hog DPC by constantly jumping into your buffers and kicking your audio out. To achieve super low RTL you need a top quality interface with real good ASIO drivers. A fast multi core computer The Computer needs to be optimized to death. Correctly set up your DAW by stripping down the project to bare bones while tracking with effects. Running Latency Monitor is a good place to start.
  10. Here's a re mix using AD 2, Ample P Bass, Added TH3 to guitar track , Changed OOOs to a weird synth. Tried a new organ freebie Colla B3 1 OK I just tried again and it's working now cool Believer Johns.mp3
  11. @abacab something happened to your MP3 it's playing garbled. I tried a few ways of playback. I've heard of issues with exporting MP 3 in Cakewalk. I always convert in Gold Wave.
  12. Nobody else has this problem. Well the Bandlab assistant is a bit buggy, but example I just started fresh on a new build and it took all of 10 minutes including the Add ons. It took a lot longer to install all my old Sonar stuff using CCC and that was without downloading. I have those backed up and I just copy them into the CCC download folder before running the installs. A week ago I did the same thing from scratch and that was a slow computer but it didn't take long to install the basic CbB and goodies.
  13. https://sites.google.com/view/cactus-studios/home I have 5 tutorials that cover everything to do with midi. Make sure you install the midi driver from Roland, don't use a generic windows driver. Make sure the Roland is checked under Preferences/ midi/ devices- Inputs On the midi track set the INPUT- make sure the Roland is the input device and choose OMNI The OUTPUT of the MIDI track needs to be set to the SI Piano and input echo on so you can hear it. The Si Piano OUTPUT need to be set to your master bus. Your Master Bus OUTPUT needs to be set to your audio interface. You can test the SI piano is outputting sound using the GUI interface.
  14. This one is free but is not super detailed- https://www.voxengo.com/product/span/ This is the one I use now I paid for it to get the drag and drop feature which has paid for it self 10x over now https://youlean.co/youlean-loudness-meter/ When you say Export tracks do you mean you are exporting a mixdown of all tracks or just each track? This is a good tutorial
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