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  1. Your screen shot tells me nothing but I’m guessing you’re trying to use the Arranger to create a playlist. Most people who use Cakewalk live use the Playlist feature. Each song is a separate project and the playlist loads them up as a set. Then it’s easy to change each song.
  2. Pad and keyboard velocity curve is set in the hardware not the software. The software records what it received. Your pads might not even be velocity sensitive or they are set higher than the keyboard. Read the manual on how to set this.
  3. Pretty much all drum VST's have a mixer for adjusting levels of kit pieces. Some also have Compressors and EQ and other processing. With Addictive Drums I've heavily modified most of the settings and saved them with my song titles. Level and Velocity are two different things Velocity for most instruments changes the timber or harshness of the sound as it is increased to emulate what happens when you hit things harder. Most snares become more aggressive as you increase the velocity. I find around 100 is normal but by 115 it starts to have more bite. EQ and compression is also a good way to bring a snare out front without it becoming too loud.
  4. Or by settings do you mean your workspace changed? When you select any given workspace it remains until you change to a different workspace. It has nothing to do with saving projects. Project don’t save workspaces. If you make a bunch of changes to your set up then you need to save it as a new workspace or overwrite the one you made changes too. If not next time you start cakewalk it will load the last workspace chosen. Auto save won’t overwrite your original project. It only creates a bunch of files marked as auto save copy in your project folder. I doubt you had it turned on as it’s not a default setting.
  5. Every time I rebuild a new system all goes well except installing any Air products. The installation is buggy as all get out. Right now I totally can't use Strike drums working because it says it's already installed? it isn't. Run the installer and it askes if I want the uninstall only. It is no where on my system. If I ask it to uninstall I get an error. I don't really use it so I don't care to bother to sort it out. Glad I only paid $5. But they do have great sounds in Xpand and I use the DB33 organ a lot. I would be nice if they paid attention to their installers, kind of reminds me of installing Cakewalk
  6. @Simon Wilkinson Did you know you can batch process as many files as you want using most Wave Editors. I often finish albums of up to 20 songs, export as Wave then batch convert to MP3 using Gold Wave. All audio formats are supported as well as every MP3 option. no http://www.goldwave.ca/
  7. John Vere

    Clips Move

    The other thing that can happen is if say you change your snap settings to something small and you touch a clip that over lapped that grid. The clip might jump to the new grid.
  8. John Vere

    Clips Move

    Only thing comes to mind is weird things happen when you have Ripple Edit on.
  9. Yes a screen shot showing the tracks and their input and outputs would speed this up.
  10. CTRL W toggles the playback ( spacebar) between stop in place and return to the place you started.
  11. lots of ways You could record the midi data to your computer and save it as a midi file. Then transfer the files to his computer. Easy. Or To record to his computer if their interface has midi then yes you would connect both your audio and midi outputs to their interfaces midi and audio inputs. You would need to make sure that the VST you are using has its midi outputs selected. That way your midi input will be sent to your midi output of the interface. Easy way would be if they have the same VST instrument you use installed on their DAW.
  12. The focus has been on improvements to the Piano Roll View and not much has advanced in the staff view. So most user work in the PRV. I’ve never used the Staff view but there sure is a lot of grumbling about it.
  13. With the Motu M4 it’s one of the choices for an input. Also that in other apps that use Audio.
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