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  1. Probably they removed it in the registry It takes over your timing master sometimes so not a good one to have if you don’t need it
  2. This seems dumb but you are saving the change before you leave preferences?
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  4. I made a short video on the topic that will answer all your questions. The M4 was a great choice for me, but it might not be the best for you. It's a common mistake to buy an interface just because 20 other people use it and recommend it. Just to find out after you buy it that it's missing an important feature that you need. And just to make it clear, most all audio interfaces have at least 1 pre amp. This is covered in the video.
  5. If this is the same track as in your other post this is most likely because you have hard panned the guitars. So as each of these parts changes level so will the balance. To test just mute your guitar buss and see what happens.
  6. Just to clarify, audio drivers have no impact on midi data. That is handled by the midi driver which is either MS generic or supplied with your controller. Example Roland and Yamaha supply a midi driver. The only time you will notice midi latency is because the soft synth you are triggering is affected by the audio system. So you can be using low quality on board audio and have almost zero latency when you play a vst from a controller. The only latency would be the delay from the output of the VST to your monitoring system. Basically half the RTL. On my system at a 256 buffer that shows as 10ms. But start adding effects that requires more processing and that latency will increase. And if you lower your buffers too much, your audio will cut out or crackle. This is your computer, not the audio interface doing this. Good ASIO drivers allow lower buffer settings by design but then your computer needs to be fast enough to optimize the available performance. My Motu is a good performer, but my computer is not capable of much under 128 without crackles. As far as recording goes it is best practices to bypass all effects while tracking to avoid timing issues. Midi or audio. If your interface has direct monitoring, use it, and audio latency won't matter. Do not use input echo while recording audio. The only exception is when you what to monitor something like a Guitar sim.
  7. Your best bet is to watch a few tutorials on Mastering in Cakewalk. It's to complicated to explain properly in a paragraph as Dave just found out There is a tutorial sub form here or quicker is just do a google search for Mastering in Cakewalk. Creative Sauce are my go to videos. He's easy to follow and uses mostly free plug ins.
  8. I see what I have is Ozone 9 Elements and I got it from same deal at Plug in Boutique last fall. But as I said it is gathering dust as I didn't like what it did. As Bitflipper said lots of free plug ins including what comes with CbB, can do the same but just not automatically. That said it's this automatic thing that trashed the OP's song. It even LOOKs bad. No dynamics just 50% slammed to the roof. And yes my screenshots above were from this same spot in the song. As said it has quiet spots too. That does make it that much more tricky to master.
  9. I happily paid for the pro version for the drag and drop feature. I have used it hundreds of times on just about every track I record as well as my masters, my videos and testing old files. It’s a tool I couldn’t work with out now. The paid version also can be set using presets or your own custom peak levels. Those red lines tell you when both the peak or the LUFS exceeds your settings. It all adjustable in the settings. I bought Ozone on Black Friday sale and it made my mixes sound worse than if I do it myself. It is a good starting point for beginners but takes more work for me to get it to sound right. Collecting dust now
  10. I agree with Bit. The Lander master is sort of what I'd expect they slam it to a limiter make it overly compressed and punters will think this is good because now they are loud! You can do this yourself with things like the free Loud Max or Boost11. What a waste of money if you ask me. No doubt your left /fright balance will not be even when you hard pan guitars like that. If that's the mix you wanted don't worry about it. Oh, I can't really hear much of the drums at all. And Span confirms my theory. See all the low end in the Lander version, right around 150. And look at all the low mid that's missing which on most playback systems is the most important.. your version was much better but looks a little peaky in the higher end. You're better off to use these tools and master yourself using the compression/ limiter and EQ of your choice. I'm always experimenting with different plug ins. Last go round was the Loud Max for limiting and the LP Multiband to dial in a frequency balance looking at span and the LP meters. Your version Lander Version
  11. And right away there is information needs updating as you say you need the Bandlab assistant updated before your can update Cakewalk. See how fast stuff becomes outdated
  12. From the download page: Note: After this amp simulator, you need to put the cabinet simulator (IR). Well I can't find any cabinets on the web page ,, and that seems odd that its a second vst you run. @reginaldStjohnThey are both 32, 64 and Mac stuff. http://nalexsoft.blogspot.com/ I downloaded Amplex. I had same issue as you. no sound when enabled. It says to click on information line,, nothing there, looked back in the zip folder and found the documentation folder so put it in the folder that seems to open. Clicked on one of the txt files and got sound,,, but real quiet, I turned it up full and its not loud and the tone seems boring. Not sure its worth the bother. Lots of interesting stuff. Sort of free but asking for a donation. Mabey it's louder if you pay for it Edit- I found this in the J800 folder: You can use the PowerEnd plugin as poweramp: https://nalexsoft.blogspot.com/2019/03/powerend.html Edit #2 -- I just installed the C2 compressor and it seems to work just fine. A new toy.
  13. Probably master bus was set to the digital output. By default Cakewalk uses what is at the top of the output list and that is usually the Digital out. Other common problem is on board audio and not using WASAPI mode.
  14. Sounds like a hard drive issue. Full? Cakewalk takes at the most 2 minutes to install. One trick is don't install the additional content at the same time you install core program. Do that afterwards.
  15. Maybe you should post the song or part of it so some of us can analyze it for you. It might just be the mix making it somehow quieter. Possibly you have to many sub frequencies pushing your levels but not sounding loud on most playback equipment. Example a kick drum can be almost peaking at -0.1 true peak but the LUFS are only -28. A kick is a very transient instruments. But a bass which is more of a sustained sound, might be peaking at -3.0 and the luffs are -16. In the mix through smaller studio monitor or headphones these two instruments together sound correct to your ears. Your not hearing everything they are producing. Low frequencies can push your readings to the max and on a cell phone which doesn't play those sounds, the mix will end up quiet. I use SPAN and a sub woofer to check my low end. Its a common mistake to have too much low end in a mix and be unaware that this is why your mixes "sound" quiet. All that low end energy is pushing the meters and the readings. Slap a hi pass filter on your master buss and start moving it up towards 100hz and watch those levels drop.
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