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  1. Why I never use simple instrument tracks,, every attempt in the last ? years has resulted in weird behavior of midi. And for those who only use them to keep track count down learn how to use track folders. This is even better as you can do things like have 2 or 3 midi tracks for one instrument like say piano and splitting right and left hand. And drums work really well using track folders. For me it makes editing or copying parts easier. My first reaction to a silent VST is to open the GUI and if it has a playable interface trigger it. Look at the master volume etc.
  2. I just did this and I used my last version of Splat and 8.5. Don't see anything missing so far. As said just do bare bones installs and best to do them in sequence of age. I saved my Command center download folder so I just copy that over and run it. That way no downloading and goes fast.
  3. The PVR works with anything that uses midi notes and controllers. So yes you can use it. I'm a little peeved at Ample right now, I have downloaded and used the P bass lite and the Guitar VST freebies for years now. I was just loading up a new computer and after 6 attempts neither one of these will work. Get error messages about can't find samples even through I have not changed pathways same as I always do. And even after you point them at there own libraries same message,, so some sort of bug in latest version. Don't give them any money just now, Have you just googled free Guitar VST's? Try KVR web site or look in JRR shop for deals right now. Never pay full price for software,,, just keep looking for deals..
  4. I get e mails monthly from a lot of Plug in companies as that's usually the penalty for grabbing freebies. Generally I delete the email without opening. I love new plug ins, but find most of what I got with Sonar is still as good as it is going to get on my budget. But being Black Friday I thought I'd actually look and see. I'm a sucker for a cheapo deal or freebie. I set the filter at under $0-$99 and go. Took 2 hours to look through the 1,000 or more VST plugs on the JRR site alone. And that' just the under $99,, :- I was paid well for my time spent as there are many freebies that do not show in the JRR shop freebie listing page. Here is a few I think I might find useful. Audified MultiDrive Pedal LE Overdrive Pedal Plugin https://www.jrrshop.com/audified-multidrive-pedal-le Zotope Vocal Doubler - Free https://www.jrrshop.com/izotope-vocal-doubler Beatskillz MAX1 Intelligent Automatic Compressor Plugin https://www.jrrshop.com/beatskillz-max1 zotope Ozone Imager Plugin https://www.jrrshop.com/izotope-ozone-imager And a few from Shattered Glass. https://www.jrrshop.com/shattered-glass-audio-sga1566 https://www.jrrshop.com/beyer-dynamic-virtual-studio-monitoring-plug-in Also check out Black Rooster site https://blackroosteraudio.com/en/products?utm_source=newsletter_bib&utm_medium=email_bra&utm_campaign=eoy2019 Some cool freebies there too.
  5. I was going to say that most 3rd party VST's default to the Steinberg folder and I didn't see that on your list. It's the first thing I do on a fresh install is include the 2 Steinberg vst folders where I keep all my 3rd party stuff. There be one under "Program files" and another under "Program Files (x86) " I just spent last night looking over all the Black Friday deals, In the process I found a dozen very cool freebies. The JRR shop and Black Rooster as example. The Ample P bass lite is my main bass now. Only limitation is it doesn't go below E. I also use the Guitar plug in if a midi track has something worthwhile , most don't. But that one seems a bit better than Strum Session to me.
  6. My computers were all put on ice while we moved last June. I did fire up my old W7 Laptop right away to use for email etc, but we were busy outside etc so no time for fun. Just last week I unpacked our 2 desktop computers and fired them up on our nice new fiber optics network. When I turned on my DAW and opened Cakewalk it showed as being in Demo mode ( first time I've had this) OK fine. Before I did anything I immediately opened Windows Update and let it do it's thing. As you are aware there was a major update so it took quite a few re boots to finally stop updating. Then I opened and logged on to the Bandlab assistant and it updated and finally then I updated Cakewalk. Took all of 4 minutes to complete. As said the system works flawlessly if you follow those 3 simple steps and in that order. I then logged on to all my various VST licensing apps and updated everything. The Office computer is always on line but my DAW machine I often disable the internet while working but only out of habit. I actually notice no difference between being online these days and have often found my DAW has been working away happily with the wireless adaptor active. I was a huge believer in staying disconnected in the past but have slacked off on believing in that now, As long as Windows is up to date all seems to work now as it should. It's free software and it is what it is as far as the way they choose to keep us connected. I just hope they keep this ship afloat. And free is great but I'm sure most of us would not be that upset if we had to start paying again.
  7. Yes this seems to be the way it is no matter what key signature you give the song ( I just tried) the E, D and B show as flats and the rest are #.
  8. For what it's worth when old VST don't work I move on to something newer that does. A great Free Bass is Ample Lite -https://www.amplesound.net/en/download.asp Only bummer is it does not go lower than E. For those songs I have tweaked SI Bass. But sounds like it might work if you simply re install and leave the samples at default location.
  9. Best to make sure your Audio interface is actually recognized and set up in preferences first. It's common to open transferred projects and get that message. I mostly get it when I've transferred to a different computer using a different interface but it even will show up when using the same interface if it doesn't like some setting. No big deal just make sure your Master is the default output for your tracks or in most cases it would be from sub busses.
  10. It's a simple matter of using the global effects bypass toggle which is a box marked FX. Couldn't be more simple. It's "good practice" to learn to keep projects light on effects and bypass all mastering type effects while tracking. VST's instruments do not cause "more" latency. And only certain effects can be the offenders so with me if I need to re record something when I'm at the mastering stage, I just use that magic button "FX" and there is no latency. This same latency will also appear if you try and record midi with a controller.
  11. Huge time saver for me when making backing tracks. I have over 200 now and I need them all to be exactly the same mix. I get weird glitches where even though there is no volume controller data my Ample bass will jump to a louder level than the pre set. I will catch that right away by the level in the meter.
  12. To solve the issue of different VST's having this crazy all over the map outputs I use custom presets for the ones I use the most. I also have track templates saved where I've already tweaked them to my liking. The default levels are normally a bit loud. I think they do this because of the "Everything will sound better if it's louder" rule.
  13. I used to use my wireless keyboard but I now use a USB footswitch. I like to hold my lyric sheets in my hand so nice to use my foot to stop start or rewind. I have W-R and spacebar programed.. I have 4 or more different brands. X Keys, https://xkeys.com/xkeys/footpedals.html solid as a rock, used for 16 years still works but I needed 1 more pedal so now use the stealth. A no name el cheapo this one I use for Cakewalkb https://www.amazon.ca/DOLITY-Programmable-Triple-Control-Switch/dp/B07D14Y2NX/ref=sr_1_9?keywords=usb+foot+pedals&qid=1570597116&sr=8-9 and one I control Power point for lyrics. https://www.amazon.ca/Homyl-Double-Control-FS2016_USB2-Computer/dp/B07G22QHWS/ref=sr_1_23?keywords=dual+usb+foot+pedals&qid=1570597716&sr=8-23 and best of them all is my Stealth system. https://stealthswitch.com/applications/stealthswitch3/ I use the Stealth for controlling my laptop at live gigs. It has a 5 pedal inputs. Super easy to program. They all work about the same and use software to program the macros. Anything is possible if it's a keyboard or mouse move. The Stealth has the best design as you can use better quality footswitches like you use for sustain or drum machines. The software is also better. The elcheapos software is kinda freeware stuff but you only have to suffer it once and the device retains those settings forever.
  14. I have one of those Behringer USB interfaces. They used to ship free with there so called USB mixers. And ya they do not have real ASIO drivers, and asio4all is actually is a good driver to use with them,,,but,,, they have bad Latency specs no matter what driver you use. They are great for playback and I used mine for years for live performances playback without issue... but for recording seriously it's been stated here a million times--- You need a proper audio interface with good ASIO drivers . There's no point trying to use any other driver mode or on board sound cards unless you feel like fighting a loosing battle with your system. Your set up sort of worked because your USB/Midi devices had proper drivers. The midi in/out would have used those and not your audio interface crummy drivers specs.
  15. Question from someone who has not paid much attention to PC development for a few years-- Do you need a newer MOBO to install these? My Mobo is a at least 5 years old now.
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