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  1. Good lord I guess you did't read my post,, Its very simple to highlight the notes,, use the smart tool to drag up or down and the velocity will be changed without making them all the same,, the lowest value will still be the lowest value. What do people have against using the mouse to speed things up? No need for menues or plug ins my goodness that's a lot of work to do the same thing I can do with one combination mouse move..
  2. I see I replied with the same answer in the thread scook posted. But easiest way I know of is highlight the notes and drag the velocity up or down using the smart tool placed in the velocity editing section of one of the notes. Just a couple of mouse moves and the smart tool is all it takes.
  3. I myself have never had issue with the authorization of Air software. Yes you have to install the ilok app but once you authorize you can then forget it exists. I think it asked for an update 2x in the 5 years I've had it. I also like that I can use the ilok to authorize different computers without much hassle. It's almost just as easy as using a USB dongle without wasting a port. This is not so with others like XLN on line installer. I tried to run the demo version of Addictive drums and Keys on a machine that once was fully authorized and the activation app won't let me past the "you already have this on 2 machines" warning. Tried wiping everything to do with XLN from the machine and it comes back so must be buried in the registry.
  4. My solution would be to google " whats the best video scoring software" and see what the status quo use. I doubt if Cakewalk will be mentioned. Cakewalk is a midi/audio sequencer. The video playback track is sort of a quickly done afterthought like many things they did in the past and is not professional quality. The software is now free and I can't see them spending development time on the video track,, just like the notation issue. I use Vegas for movies but that's just using a mastered audio track. I can see scoring would be the other way around with a mastered video and a full powerful featured DAW underneath.
  5. The OPEN automatically with TTS-1 is actually not that well documented. I couldn't figure out why it only worked sometimes until thanks to the forum & scook who pointed out the secret was having nothing checked in midi devices outputs. I only use TTS-1 for preview purposes. I certainly haven't used it in a song or backing track for a long while. I open the project and if I decide to use it I simply populate the project using my Track templates for each part and then point the appropriate tracks to those. The sonic difference is huge right away. I've done this as an experiment using only Cakewalk supplied instruments like Dim Pro and the SI stuff. Pretty much Dim Pro can replace most of the weird stuff in TTS-1 but because it's not GM it's a lot of work finding sounds. But once you have them you make a track template and name it Horn Section or Flute etc. I also use a very inexpensive synth called Air Xpand. It's always on sale for under $20 and it has a huge library of very usable sounds. https://www.jrrshop.com/air-music-tech-xpand-2 It might go on sale Boxing day for $9.00. One of the big differences is the built in effects are always much better on anything other than the TTS-1. I hope it keeps working forever as for me it's an important tool and huge time saver for previewing songs.
  6. One way to test TTS-1 is to OPEN an midi file. First you need to set Cakewalk to automatically open midi files with the TTS1-. Go to Preferences/ Midi/ Devices and un check any output boxes. Now find any midi file and tell it to open with Cakewalk. I set this up in Windows. Cakewalk should open the midi file and TTS-1 and all the tracks ready to go. This will rule out any project specific issues. I have always opened midi files this way without issue. And as said the developers were Roland and the synth has nothing to do with the Bandlab team. It's an old piece of software and basically unsupported. Just open it with the synth rack if that works. It is a hard one to replace for it's ease of use with GM files.
  7. I'm following this as well. I also need to be able to jump to any song at anytime.
  8. I'll have to try the "new" playlist, I wasn't aware they had updated that feature, it seems very few people use it so that's cool they took the time to give it some attention. I would like to have the option of basic 4 track mixing as well as midi control of some lights and effects. In 1984 my Atari controlled all this no problem.
  9. I totally agree with having trustworthy bulletproof software for live performance. Your fear of changing to something untested by you personally is not unfounded. As it is there would be no real difference as far as the playlist goes between the 2 versions. Home Studio is all you really need in that regard so Artist is a cut above. Why not install and use CbB and use it for creating your tracks but stay with Artist for performance? I have stayed with a version of Win Amp that must be 20 years old for this reason.. I've yet to find a replacement. Most media players are all about looking stuff up on line so you can have song info etc. Win amp is the only player I have found that can stop when a song is finished,, manual playlist advance, nothing else has it. I toyed with the Sonar playlist idea but my gripe was it was slow between songs. I sometime like to start the next song immediately while the last chord is still ringing.
  10. Generally it is not recommended to install software to data drives. There's no real reason to do this. I have 240 GB SSD drives on all of my computers and none of them are much over 1/2 full because I use data drives. Even my Laptop which only has one 240 GB drive is around 2/3 full and it's got a heck of a lot of software running. I just store stuff to external drives and the cloud.
  11. If the song is soft in the beginning and louder at the end then I would not reach for any compression just yet. I would fix those tracks. Easy to fix this in Cakewalk using automation or dividing tracks into segments and normalize them to -6 db ( or whatever) so the track is the same average level from start to finish. This will take a while but if you have the time is first choice. The faster method is this is super easy to do in Wave Lab. I would use the analyzing tool to see what my overall RMS level is for the whole song. Then I would look at the waveform and scroll through the song looking for any spikes or peaks, fix them and also pay attention to the levels at the different points in the song. If what you say is the beginnings are lower level that's easy to rectify. highlight the first verse analyze it and fix it's level. Carry on in parts to the end of song. If your good at this it only takes a few minutes to even out the level of a song, You just have to use a light touch and not have dramatic changes.
  12. I agree, much easier to create a new lane. I do this a lot for adding mod wheel to organ to change Leslie speed.
  13. If you have Dim Pro which came free back in the old days then the acoustic bass patch is actually very good. I use it a lot.
  14. A round trip latency of 25 is normal for so, so interfaces. Both my Tascam us1641 and my Scarlett 6i6 run around there when I'm using a Safe buffer size. I just got this antique M Audio fast track pro along with a PA system and a bunch of junk someone actually put out on the curb with a FREE sign on it. SM 58, 3 Nady wireless systems and best of all a Rexx model 602 pre amp.. Anyhow you can see my screenshot and the reality of crappy interface specs. I don't know how old your interface is but if it's older Behringer then toss it out and get something new that works with W10. And while your shopping a little more RAM wouldn't hurt either. 8 Gigs is sort of bare bones. Anyhow the RTL has no bearing on transport responce time. Mine stops and starts instantly. If I put a million plug ins in a project with only 8 GB RAM I think my computer would freak out and stall like that. It too busy coping so it ignores you.
  15. You should learn how to use track templates. You can save a complicated set up and save it. Then you just insert into a fresh project. It will even add sub mix buses. I have templates for everything I normally use. Example midi VST instruments all ready to go with my patches etc. And as I always use the same inputs of my audio interface for certain things the template remembers my inputs. Example: Electric guitar clean template- Input set to Channel 2/ Track is colored green / Pro channel has my effects and they are set they way I like/ Output inserts a Guitar sub buss/ colors it and inserts all my effects. Templates are a simple way to have your tracks set up the same from song to song. I never use song templates anymore, just the track templates. I can populate a blank screen pretty fast.
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