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  1. Heritage guitars, made in the original Gibson Factory. Haven't had the pleasure to play a new one from when BandLab took over. But my Heritage Prospect is my favorite guitar (own Gibsons that I rarely play including vintage ones). When I went shopping for a semi-hollow (or hollow) a number of years ago, I'm still very thankful I didn't buy any of the Gibsons I looked at. I do think getting rid of the Prospect out of the standard lineup was an unfortunate turn of events though.
  2. Also costs just as much, if not more once we see actual street prices for the Console 1
  3. It is either that or they don't know how to build an OS that is backwards compatible with anything.
  4. It is proprietary. Otherwise Win10 would recognize it and extract it without having to install another program to do so. Agree with Larry 7zip is the best free option I'm aware of. However, I still stand with the notion it is annying to have to install another program to extract such a small file set. RAR is for when real compression and large files are in play.
  5. Using a proprietary compression format (albeit a respected one) for the delivery of the file is pretty lame.
  6. They make solid plugins but $50 for a couple "effect types" I basically won't use is a super easy pass for me. And agree the Two notes is cheaper for the cab simulator and those guys know a bit about cab simulation.
  7. New ones are much smaller than those old clunkers. Yes your 17 year old machine has a "square" screen, but there is also the thickness component. If that thing was actually usable for 17 years, that is a small miracle. Current model life expectency isn't even a fraction of that. The T430 feels about twice the size of a T490. Unless I was the original owner I wouldn't look at anything older than a T440. That is already a 5 year old laptop, which is end of life time frame for many users.
  8. Lots of experience with ThinkPads T440,450,460,470,480 (and s) models. No experience with Refurbs though. Would only risk it if the price was right. They make good machines but refurb in a laptop is likley basically used with some swapped out parts.
  9. Most plugins are abandonware as far as I'm concerned. They are 64 bit and VST, I'm guessing those standards will be supported for a little while. I've got Waves v9 pluings from a year ago that don't work as they are Abandonware if you don't pay more than I paid for them in the first place to WUP. Own Strings and Brass but have never installed them (size and ilok)
  10. Very cool. Was worried it was goign to be another ambient guitar texture thing (which I have plenty of tools for myself). This I can get some use out of!
  11. All those MasterClass ads are annoying. Good to see an excellent spoof done by celebrities. Alternate fact seems to be your wife has good taste in music Forget the fact that they are popular, they were writing excellent songs, with an organic approach years before they got main stream acclaim. They have copious amounts of talent, the simplicty could be considered an art. Dan can get some really interesting tones, plays tastefully and writes good parts with solid lyrics and melodies. They actually deserve the success, the real deal, in my opinion. (newest album is "meh" though) Search "The Black Keys: No longer the underdogs" on youtube.
  12. I did that but no luck with that step alone. First computer took Support deleting a bunch of files and other manipulations. 2nd computer I had to both copy the folder from the 1st computer and then run an install. Both computers working, but took hours of work and support to make it happen (and I have way more IT experience than the average person).
  13. This is true. I personally didn't bond with PaintShop Pro for photo editing. If that is the only thing someone was looking at in the bundle, I'd recommend Affinity Photo next time it goes on sale for $35-40 again. I got the bundle to add ParticleShop as a plugin for Affinity Photo, and Painter 2019 for the ability to paint on photos (or turn them into paintings. Painting on photos can easily be done with Affinity Photo, but wanted to check out the abilities of some of the "smart" workflow that Painter brings to the table in that particular area.
  14. Fair warning, the Painter Program has been a nightmare to install on both (up to date Windows 10) machines I've tried it on. Curious the experience of others.
  15. This only includes one that was in the bundle. $49 is still a steal to get the others. I paid over $125 for that same set during very good sales.
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