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  1. Studio One hasn't been around very long though. PA4 - Cakwalk 2005.05 is a couple decades worth of upgrade costs.
  2. Oh, the $300-400 software package? 😆
  3. Something terrible must have happened, story time Larry! I've got $5 on Neutron Advanced. 🤣
  4. Two computers, manually ran bandlab assistant (since the update failed related to the new version). Both says "up to date" open - with no new version available. But still stuck on 2020.04
  5. Good #1 was brought up during the beta stage
  6. I'd make the same argument about vst and vst2 though.
  7. mine says Scaler 2.0b7 VST3 with the .06 install, seems odd.
  8. I don't know that much about the tech , but if a cutting edge company like Celemony is only going the VST3 route....I'm guessing there are some advantages to it.
  9. I think I paid about that for the Firefly Comp in the bundle. Certianly have bus comps that are better, but I do appreciate the fact I can load it on all my computers without any issue. , which can't be said for some of the others.
  10. This is a forum for deal, and I don't see one here. Mods need to move the thread. 😁
  11. Yeah, I have all of those other than Oracle (it tends to be on the poorly reviewed side). That said, I've used Nebula and Glitch before. Glitch I used on a guitar part that helped "make" one of my tracks. Unusual use. Haven't really used Kara yet and don't think I put Ravage light on any project so far. I ended up grabbing Axis (their muti-band comp). Not that I really needed it since Cakewalk's MB-Comp is excellent. But the stereo imaging at different bands, and "L-R" balance at different bands might be fun to play with. Thought about the Scaler 2 tutorial videos, but at $18 seemed a little steep even though it is on sale. I'm hoping that David from Scaler continues to put out videos on it that might make that tutorial package redundant.
  12. +1 same understanding. Now I have to decide what to purchase to get it, since I did the Scaler 2 upgrade on day one. 😆
  13. Anyone else having the Midi Notes recorded in the Scaler 2 track capturing both the actual note played along with the chord/phrase/expression that is binded? Previous versions would only capture the note played in the Scaler 2 track. Capturing the Scaler 2 output on a different midi track works as expected (only capturing the binded notes) Didn't see this bug in the forum, so curious if other Cakewalk users are seeing the same behavior. (Tried with VST2 and 3)
  14. Thanks! Wasn't in my account yet, but is now.
  15. Where did you get .05 ? I re-downloaded from my PB account and still .04 there.
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