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  1. Brian Walton

    Humble Bundle Magix software!

    From what I've seen, once you register with Magix (and redeem the code) the Magix site hosts an installer program. Of course a back up of an installer is always a good idea, but not 100% sure these on the bundle site will be the ones to archive. Given these require authorization, unless they turn the authorization servers off and installer might not be of much use (should the day come where they are not in business).
  2. Brian Walton

    Humble Bundle Magix software!

    I'm pretty sure the only question here is if SF12 is worth $25. Not postiive but I think 64 bit and VST3 were added to that version (over 11). Also wondering about the temptation myself, at least we have a few days to decide.
  3. Brian Walton

    What other DAW is most similar to CbB?

    I run Cakewalk on 5 machines all of various ages (though all on Win10). No real issues to speak of for basic recording, mixing and editing. Oldest a custom pieced together i3 machine with only 2 cores and a 3.1GHz CPU. Newest a Lenovo T470.
  4. Brian Walton

    Boz Digital Flash Sale - Sasquatch

    It might have some PC going on, that that isn't the special sauce here in my experience. Check out some demos should help give a better idea of what is going on. I have v1 and v2. I still haven't gotten into some of the new v2 options. Even with a great mic and a great kick I still find myself using squatch to modify the sound to fit the track.
  5. Brian Walton

    Instachord anyone?

    I've only messed around with InstaChord for a few minutes, but as someone that has played guitar for over 25 years and only spent hours with a Keyboard.....it seems like a good tool for individuals that lack keyboard skills and knowledge to easily play more complicated chords with a more realistic feel. Altering the timing of when each note is hit within a chord that is played takes a bit of time on the "programming side" and quickly switching between some complicated chords (and strum/picking) style patterns takes actual dedication to learning the instrument. To me, tools like this are aimed a little more directly at the non-keyboard players that still want to get some of those parts down, or the experienced keyboard players that want to better simulate guitar parts. I think the Youtuber's I watched fall into the latter that rave about it. The "guitar voicings" with picking patterns certainly gives a feel that from a keyboard player perspective is more difficult to pull off. Those of us that have played guitar for 20+ years, sit here and think, well it doesn't sound that authentic and wouldn't that be easy to play on guitar? That is the crux of a plugin like this, to assist in an area where one's skill might lack in a area. For me, I likely don't have a lot to gain from the guitar voicing piece, but do have something to gain from the Keyboard voicing and chord + action programming. Will see how that works out when I actually invest time with it. Just as I use EZ Keys on occasion to work out an idea from a different perspective. It is easy to fall into ruts when you play an instrument (such as guitar) for a long time and nothing feels new or interesting.
  6. Brian Walton

    I had it with Wave Plug-ins.

    I've had problem after problem with Waves authorization. However, if you upgrade that often, I'd think you would have the deauthorization process that many manufacture's require down to a science. It isn't just WAVES that requires deauthorization to keep your license intact with hardware changes. And yes, I think it is annoying. As for the once a year recovery, I'm wondering/betting on the fact that you would have to be WUP'd for them to give you the time of day. I had one plugin that was stuck on v9 which should have kept working along my v10 ones, but it didn't and the only way they would provide assistance was if I WUP'd that one. So the notion they will continue to work, is false.
  7. Brian Walton

    Oke Bandlab/Cakewalk is really awesome.

    Welcome! I've paid hundreds for Sonar over the years with the standard package and upgrades. It is full featured and well thought out. It is amazing Bandlab bought the program and released it for free to the world. It was (and is) my DAW of choice even with money as no object. I personally think you are right on the money that the Chord Track concept is the primary feature that is lacking to draw in more users. However, I think the changing the key on the fly function is far less needed than the basic idea of having a compositional tool that doesn't rely on the user's ablity to play a midi-keyboard or analog instrument to get basic song ideas and structures down. That is what is needed (in my opinion) to bridge the gap for the entry level music creator and a fully professional DAW (which Cakewalk is). This tool would also be valuable to intermediate - and even advanced musicians.
  8. Brian Walton

    Who's Using ReWire with CbB?

    Back in the Gibson owned days I always had the grandiose idea of Using Reason as a rewire plugin in Sonar. However, the reality was the few times I tried it always felt clunky and the synths I had with Reason at the time really sounded more dated than I remembered them being. With so many good (free and cheap options) that can work as a VSTi within Cakewalk, I ended up moving on. That being said, I do not have the latest and greatest full blown Reason version. The general concept is a good one and I'd imagine Craig has a workflow that is much improved on my own personal experiment with it. I did not realize Reason removed Rewire on the recent "lite" versions. I think I bought 8 to get the functionality in the 64 bit environment. Previously I was using an old, but full blown version in 32bit land. After moving strictly to 64 bit, I got the lite version to see if the concept would work for me. As noted above, it didn't seem like it was worth the hassle and I never liked the idea of basically the recource hog of effectivly running two DAWs at the same time. (Did not run tests to determine how much that idea is rooted in reality)...perhpas another area Craig could shed some light on. I even have an unopened Reason Essentails box that should be in the Rewire era. Bought two at the time given I work in multiple environments (and didn't want to have to rely on the included Reason dongle. (note I bought lifetime updates with Sonar, so I had more in the box synths than the current free Cakewalk offers currently).
  9. Brian Walton

    Sweetwater IMSTA FESTA ATL Software Deals

    I don't think you would have lasted a week there. The "deals" are not good enough and the bottom floor they let the customer service reps can work with do not get agressive enough. You would have spent your day pointing customers to better sales. Think about how many times you have posted a "sweetwater" related deal..... 😂
  10. Brian Walton

    Waves Buy One Get 2 FREE

    I'm not convinced that is the only reason. Selling hundreds at $30 to people that would never ever even consider a $200 single plugin also adds up fast. I think they did enough reseach to figure out what the market really is these days.
  11. Brian Walton

    Freeware Instruments Thread

    Spitfire Audio LABS https://www.spitfireaudio.com/labs/
  12. Brian Walton

    Favorite Freeware FX Thread

    Love Boz's stuff and the Sidewinder I think was my introduction. I used that all the time. However, when Izotope came out of the free Imager, I found that became my go-to and Sidewinder the backup. Both are excellent.
  13. Exactly. Anything goes in this sub forum (within the rules), but I expect the other places to be on-topic.
  14. Brian Walton

    Pro Channel vs. VST Plug Ins

    I'd agree the MEqualizer is very feature rich for a free EQ. I didn't find the interface to be as welcoming but see value in using it for more surgical and unique tasks. The Pro-Channel is straight forward and easy to dial in without a lot of clutter and its place in the PC adds extra value. MEqualizer would be my suggestion though if I was using any other DAW, excellent addtion to the thread.
  15. Brian Walton

    Pro Channel vs. VST Plug Ins

    PC EQ beats any free EQ I've ever seen. Both ReMatrix and B-Reverb are top notch Tape, Channel Emulation good (but expensive alternatives sound better, IMO) The compressor is ok, but a number of Paid compressors I'd argue are a noticeable improvement (if for nothing else versatility). Pro-Channel as a whole is fantastic and can easily produce pro quality results in the right hands. I'd love to see more effects and options added as the format certainly beats VST windows.