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  1. I think the question is checking out with an actual freebie. They have free plugins without need to purchase but still require a checkout process. Paid purchase is well paid even if you only wanted the freebie of the month.
  2. No way, would be difficult to go back to the last "sonar" version at this point. This particular release, while I'm all for fixes this particular one doesn't seem to intersect with things I ever work with.
  3. Maybe I read the wrong release notes, none of the things you mention are on a "fix list" referenced in the OP link as far as I can tell
  4. Only DAW I use is Cakewalk. None of these fixes are things in my workflow though.
  5. Have it but never used it really. Things that depend on a side chain setup, I tend to get put in the unused bucket on my end. It can work without side chain but I already have other plugins that generally serve the function that this one does. So it could depend on what you have in the tool box. They seem to have a good licensing system, so that is always a plus in my book
  6. Not a fan personally, but was expecting something more like this with the thread:
  7. While I expected them to do this and didn't sign up for forever 29 as I anticipated that. The original terms of the plan was 100% under the concept that upon new release you could get new plugins at the discount that was the point. Not waiting for sales way down the road. New plugin gets released, if you are on the sub you have the option to get it. That was infact the incentive. I didn't expect they would do it for the expensive NI and iZotope stuff but there is a strong argument to be made here.
  8. JRR hasn't sent my serial number yet but based on my research this suggests you should be able to https://support.guitar-pro.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000825529-GP7-6-Can-I-install-Guitar-Pro-7-6-on-more-than-one-computer-#:~:text=YES.,computers at the same time. If it didn't allow it, I wouldn't have pulled the trigger.
  9. Really expected this would happen (though I agree a rant is in order). Thanks for confirming I didn't miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime with the Forever 29.
  10. I picked it up for $10 a few months ago so matches previous pricing.
  11. I thought that might be it also until I played it. Didn't sound like what Chandler was getting to me though it might be in the same genere. I thought Chandler's was more Natural and dynamic than this one.
  12. Thanks Chandler. Where exactly is the Taiko instrument? I'm on v16.0. Did it get renamed to something other than Taiko?
  13. What do you find made the expense worth it above the free Tux guitar?
  14. Same, got all for for less than the cost of this plus a whole lot more.
  15. Yikes, even worse. TAPEBUNDLE-9999 is the code they sent out to anyone on the email list.
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