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  1. Give then a throw away email address and use off-line activation and keep your machine offline if you are worried about it. I understand the concern, but I'd do some actual research before jumping to conclusions on this one. You might reach the same conclusion or you might not...but you owe it to yourself to actually do the research. Cakewalk kept a lot of the same team over the years with a long track record of treating the customer better than most of the competition. One of the reasons I favored them in the first place years ago is the authorization methods they used that didn't treat the paying customer like a criminal, unlike others in the same market place.
  2. You mean the licences NI requires a developer to pay to be allowed to use the "player" version? Uh..that is the point....NI has decided it doesn't want to allow Sennheiser to truly make the instrument Free on their platform.....this is on NI.
  3. Millions of dollars of development have gone into creating this applcation that has evolved over decades now. This isn't some fly by night program. How many professional applicaitons of this level have you seen just suddenly give away the source code, which other current competitors could then copy and use without recourse for their own financial gain? Cakewalk is a huge value add to the Bandlab brand. Look at the other open source creative/technical applciations on the market...there isn't a single one I can think of that has the capabilites and refirenment that Cakewalk has. Other programs typically will have some nice technical qualities with a horrible GUI, or limited feature set, or lack integrations. Cakewalk (Sonar) had many "firsts" in the industry over its history. The fact you even bring Linix into the conversation here, on a program deeply ingrained with Windows, simply suggests you have no idea what you are talking about. You are aware that Cakewalk was a professional paid for (and every expensive program) for ~20 years, correct?
  4. Those PRO version (though slighly older) are much more capable feature wise than the "studio newer versions" The only thing I'd use them for is extra computers that are beyond your two install authoriazation limits with the PRO versions. You may appreciate the smaller tool set if you are not using either with any seriousness . But they are a downgrade, no doubt about that.
  5. Senn offers and continues to offer the package for free. It is NI that is blocking the ability to do so, paid or not. Unfortuntly , it would have been nice if Senn just did a stand alone app in the first place. NI doens't exactly bring that much value to the table from an end user perspective.
  6. Already in effect. Check the Sennheiser Drum program, new installs as of May require full version to use. After 7 years of being actually free. LAME.
  7. Scroll down here for the code to use at check out for Plugin Boutique: https://remix.beatport.com/?utm_campaign=113850_PIB Beatport Remix Challenge NL 13-08-2020&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Newsletter&dm_i=6D39,2FUI,1069WU,9ENQ,1 (intentionally didn't just copy the code here, out of respect to give those that are offering it credit for viewing the site, etc.)
  8. Love Resolve, but it has one flaw.... incompatibility with older (and some very current) machines. Other than that, it is wonderful. (Well that and the way it saves project files in a 'hidden" way is annoying, especially trying to transfer a project to another computer without using the studio on line collab functions.
  9. Well I don't think it is wonderful or anything. But I do think it is an improvement over 8.1. I never leave sessions open without saving work, it is just a good habit to form when working with computers. And restoring browser tabs are just a few button clicks. In Chrome: Vertical 3 dots in the upper right -> history -> recently closed tabs. And if you had say 15 tabs open it will open all of them not just make you do it one by one. Now you might lose forms you filled out or something like that, but I recover 20+ tabs without issue hundreds of times and don't even think about it anymore. You might want to just start with a basic, scheduling of an update when it prompts. I've worked with over 100 Win 10 machines and never had one push an update that couldn't have been moved to an "off hour" running Professional.
  10. I have basically nothing on my desktop. The start button opens a menu of quick access to programs organized and categorized exactly the way I want them. It is more configured to "me" than any other version I've used, which dates back to Windows 2.0 (maybe even 1.0, I don't recall and I also owned an Apple in the early 80s)
  11. I'm really confused as to why Magix now have two different "Pro" video editors in the product lineup Full Vegas not included in the bundle - but this product I haven't heard of before VideoPro X is (and accroding to the MSRP is the most valuable product in the bundle. Not sure why they woudl devide the development base like that. Anyone used VideoPro X? Vegas (which just about everyone knows) and Video Pro X
  12. Are you using the home version or something? While it does have updates, I haven't seen any fundemental changes in the Pro version since the initial release. The welcome screen only pops up once in a blue moon after an update. I do not run into it even on a monthly basis. I have 8.1 on a "tablet" that I couldn't update to 10 due to space reasons. Win 10 feels more like an upgraded 8.1 to me. I would prefer the updates to be manageable, but I also work with enough security to know and appreciate (some) of the updates that are happening to keep current with the latest threats. It is the first Windows OS, I felt generally comfortable with from a security perspective without having a bunch of other "anti" apps running in the background.
  13. A few do this very thing and agree it is annoying. IK does this for the other products to, but at least with the VST effects outside of the "bundle" you can use the manager to not show them. Within something like Amplitube, it is an annoyance to find what you actually own. Nice freebie, but I do agree I tend to not even opening Amplitube with regularity for such a reason (I also don't tend to use in the box amp sims) If you own legacy WAVES products you are downloading a 3+ gig file, it is nuts with them as well.
  14. Pretty sure 8.1 is the bizarre thing, not Win10. 8.1 was a niche OS only around for a short time. Though I certianly understand the frustration, imagine being a MAC user and having almost everything break with an OS upgrade.
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