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  1. Love the sound here to, but honestly hate the color. The headphone bag makes them look awful as the black wears off on the headband. I prefer the sound to many pricier sets, to me they are just fantastic. Forgiving enough to really enjoy listening to music but accurate enough to have fun mixing. Toneboosters morphit also has a profile to make then flatter or any shade in-between
  2. Hate to say it, but developed and released are two different things. Haven't seen the verbiage, but based on what you wrote sounds like there might be a loophole. Either way, glad I'm not on-board with any of it.
  3. It is just a personal preference thing. That section isn't one where you can click and get functionality from and the fact it has constant movement It is already drawing your eye up there so my brain doesn't need the distraction of reading a word, I know it is related to performance, so I know what it is. The idea is to declutter some of those distractions that don't add value to me personally. It is a little extreme perhaps, but that word "performance" is pretty big up there and I found I liked it better with it removed. Other areas where I'm selecting a tool, or something of that nature, I want some indication of what it is. (and it does say performance if you collapse it)
  4. So this is one of my favorite and most used themes. I made some mods to it (not to make it "better" just more in line with how I like to work). So thanks to @Colin Nicholls for the Flat White Theme that inspired @John Paul Anthony Dela Cruz to create AFUI 1.5 theme that I've created a few tweaks to. So it isn't really a new theme, just a slight variation 2021.01 compatible. Main idea of changes that I made: Remove lots of the word clutter (pro-channel, Effects, Sends, I/O, Performance, gain/pan) - where any experienced user already knows where these are. Change FX active/inactive button in track and console view. I went for the traditional green is on, red is off type of look. Adjusted the color of at least one of the faders Just posting if anyone finds the variation interesting of an already brilliant theme created by someone else. AFUI 1.5 - BW Pro_2021-01.sth
  5. Not sure what the deal is. Mine said something like demo mode at the top, and I couldn't find a place to load the key, so I just dragged the file onto the application and demo went away.
  6. The "pro" version of my theme is now updated for 2021.01 If you use the other themes you could export the Channel Strip Selections assets from this one and import them in the others. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/3/folders/1AAfZyUQm1Mfid8pdp5F4qDqEdWC55k92
  7. Yeah, I had done restarts yesterday, but it wasn't until more switching today that it seemed to accept the updates. Now on to modifying custom themes!
  8. Thanks. I had changed themes and done computer reboots yesterday. Today I swtiched about 10 different themes and it finally took.
  9. I tried that a few times, doesn't reveal the new buttons. Thanks
  10. Even using the stock themes doesn't seem like the new Selection buttons are showing up:
  11. I actually have a true story that I think actually tops that one, but I don't think he needs more attention than he already has. It really amazes me his creations reached such mythical status. A business model and personallity that was effectivly the polar opposite another famous boutique builder.
  12. Def grab this (pay what you want including $0) https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/126561-500-affinity-designer-vector-pain-brushes-pay-what-you-want/ And if you search through this forum section you will also find a whole mess of free brushes and things. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/11-resources/
  13. I only have some of the content (most is actually 3rd party created), but each I tried was certainly high quality. Lots of free brushes on the internet if you look around if you just want to expand the tool set: https://www.brusheezy.com/free/affinity-designer
  14. You might not have a need for publisher layouts, but if you buy publisher you will then be able to use studiolink to switch bettween the 3 apps more or less instantly. That is helpful even if you don't touch the publisher side if you do any cross vector/photo work. Note not every feature is still there when you do that, but most are....might consider running the demo to see if it woudl be worth the extra $25 to gain that.
  15. Real Wrecks are way more dynamic and harder to record, It makes them super expressive in a great players hands, and a bit painful in those with less control. This is assuming someone isn't using an express and cranking the gain - those are a lot more forgiving. Yeah, I don't care what anyone else uses...boxes are just tools. In fact you look at something like a Wreck...basically no-one has them. Yes, there are some major players with them, but a lot of them went to I'll say lesser known guitarists they never want to part with them. I'm a HUGE fan of small amps. Trainwreck (by JM) has been working on a low watt Wreck design for a few years now, I'd expect we will eventually see it come to market and I look forward to that. Yep, Kimock used Boogies for a while. By the start of 2000 he was using a Dumble ODS pretty much all the time. THen they sky rocketed in value and he started using Two Rock on tour and kept the Dumble for home/studio. Give him any high headroom clean amp and you are going to get fantastic tone from him. Also helps that he frequently plays gigs without monitors after really careful stage setup, so you get more purity of tone coming from the Amp.
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