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  1. I tired the neural EQ when it was released for free. It was the most CPU hungry nonsense I'd ever tried. I heard they may have made it more efficient but for me the ship sailed. Haven't seen anything interesting enough for me to try something else yet.
  2. The price depends on what you have in some cases here. For me they show up as $30 and $50.
  3. No reason to get Peak if you have Pro on Masterdesk (unless you like less option interface I think) If you don't have either of the Shadow Hills, "A" is the more premium option with additional features and a resizable UI. They do sound different. Overall Class A can tend to be more tube warmth ish, which also means it can sound muddy on some sections. I tend to use it when I want a little flavor, and pick a different family if I want transparent. I use IRON which is also the same price more than Green.
  4. I know more people that use Adobe than use a DAW with adon effects as a hobby and I live in both worlds. Both are worlds of a sea of hobbiests vs a small pool of people making a sustainable living wage at it, and ironically it takes most more than a decade to make pro level results in music and plenty of people can get good enough for a small gig in photography/editing in less than two years without prior experience with some practice and youtube instruction. Much harder to overcome the investment costs in music than it is in the digital art world.
  5. Best opportunity was when they had the send in guitar playing recording offer. If I had waited until I racked up all my recording during the period and that final sale they had which overlapped honestly could have gotten MComplete from ground zero. It was a sweet deal for any guitar player that know how to record. And I imagine we will never see something like that again.
  6. At least rent to own. The price point seems about right for the market now. While I never do subs (and have MComplete outright), I can't imagine the previous $50/month was something a lot of people could justify.
  7. Also consider just grabbing MODO Drum the free version: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/mdstudio/?pkey=modo-drum-kit-studio I have a few drum programs, AD2, EZ Drummer, Session Drummer (the previous version), Drum Core 4 - not discontinued, JamStix, MODO Drum, Melda's MDrummer, etc I'd suggest getting a few for a program or two to find out what you find valuable and difficult to work with before making a hefty purchase in this area. (JamStix,Slate, and AD2 also have stripped down but function free versions)
  8. Did you sign up for the beta? Those who are on it know it is still seeing updates/changes before release.
  9. I'll have to check the cpu hit on that. Amplitube tends to be resource hungry. I've run a couple tonex instances for the same, though I tend to use one of my real world drives so I can control with my feet.
  10. I'm willing to deal with it for this particular product. I have virtually every product they have and agree that most take up crazy disk space I wonder if they released a TONEX player vst that lacks the modeling network stuff and took out the VIR, only loading individual IR for the profiles how small it would be. Each capture is a very small file size.
  11. Amplitude bundles though. My own perspective is after TONEX came out my only use for the amplitude amps was simply to compare the difference. $40 can buy some nice TONEX captures from a variety of places and amps.
  12. Just make sure you didn't already get it from PB a few years back when it had a limited time -$5 offer.
  13. Haven't run the updater yet, but some of those are certainly things I was hoping for in the last update. Glad to see it isn't just a "we added products to buy" update.
  14. Yeah, I thought the same. I ended up buying a 2nd pedal during that offer, using JamPoints. 😁 The $300 range is a solid/fair price. $400 is a bit high but not totally unreasonable given just how good it is.
  15. The Dumble collection as free with Pedal Purchase was "worth it" if you had the jam points. The $50 release price would have been borderline, some of those captures are quite good. This one at $100 is too much, but I could see a Boogie fan picking it up. They don't make sounds that are my favorite, and the Amalgam captures are good enough for what I may occasionally take for a spin. They need real grail amps or a massive collection of something to really command that kind of price.
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