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  1. Major EQ Shift at default settings. Should be able to get some use out of these though!
  2. As long as they didn't make it an exclusive owner of the IP, etc. Having Jamstix tied to SD3 would be a fate that is pretty close to death. Part of the beauty of the program is the fact it can work with ANY drum library (not just the most over priced one on the market that refused to give real long term upgrade pricing options) 😂
  3. That does look good. Is there a similar alternative for Dual Monitor 1080Ps? i.e. not "really" high rez + large monitors. Something more normally like Dual 22 inchers. (also from a design perspective, looks pretty, but Fonts/color combo on the backgrounds are hard to read)
  4. WIth at least 20 DAWs on the market, I can't even imagine trying to spend the time to learn more than a couple. I appreciate Reaper's operating model and efficiencies. However, the few times I tried it, just couldn't bond with the interface. Cakwalk is just better designed out of the box from my perspective. If I was a MAC user, I'd spend more time with it to make it my platform for such a machine. Thankfully I'm not, and Cakewalk is wonderful.
  5. Wonderful, got about 90% there and will have to work out the kinks on the last 10%. (open hi-hat seems to be the same as closed hi-hat despite picking different number and maybe a couple other sounds that are off). So close to getting my favorite drum set of all time used in my own productions, how amazing is that? (The main upside to DC4 is drum sets from actual drummers that have spent decades matching and tuning drums and cymbals for their own sound). Other libraries sound great, but virtually all of them have a certain plainness - which admittedly makes them versatile and usable by a wide range of users. Thanks, I've posted there a few times over the years, but most of it was before and around the LONG anticipated JS4 release.
  6. Jamcussion is the only thing I don't have. Think that is going to change during this sale period. I wish Jamstix had mapping to DrumCore 4. But I also realize that isn't as popular/widely used as AD2, EZD, BFD or Superior.
  7. TheYou mention Kontkat library...that sums it up right there. Mention what the deal actually is for, that is all the OP seemed to be asking. I'm fully aware of the fees NI put on developers to use the echo system. And some deals are not free related to this, developer can and do charge for libraries that require the full version. Nothing to do really with making a distinction between free player and full. It is about mention it requires a fairly expensive paid product on top of getting said deal. Not every deal post mentioned the item is a Library tied to this one specific paid product. That is what the OP was getting at
  8. I agree that a deal poster doesn't owe the community anything. However, standard form is someone posts a deal about a plugin that only works with (lets say Studio One) for example, people tend to note that restriction. A library that requires a $200 investment to get it to work on top of whatever the deal is fits into a similar catergory. "Requires Studio One" is 3 words that saves the end user time, the same thing with "Requires Full Kontakt," People post deals for the good of the community, I'm not convinced it is unreasonable to hope they they could type 3 extra words to save numerious people from what ends up feeling like click bait. "Free" sample library (if you already spent at least $200 to get the player). It could even be reduced to 3 letters RFK if we started off with some acronym standardization. 😁
  9. They call it a "VST instrument" on the web page more than once, which is fairly misleading if it is really a Library of files that can only be opened and played through the full Kontakt Player. Poor choice of words.
  10. I've been a DAW user for about 2 decades. They clearly don't have a top notch Human Factors team at NI that developed the product. And if you understand Human Factors even in its most basic form, you would understand that the "user problem" and the "Kontakt itself problem" are not separable.
  11. Not everyone works in MIDI world, and there are lots of alternative products. I personally find the interface and function of Kontakt within a DAW to be annoying. It has trouble communicating with some other "midi driver/creator" programs in my experience and can be a pain to setup and use.
  12. + 1 on emailing Ralph. The other option is just to buy the pieces (or bundles) you don't have.
  13. That was not the case when v10 was current and people had issues with getting v9 to still work. Multiple reports of that, including myself. I would not expect that this has changed in the current state.
  14. Unless he upgrades to v11, I'm betting Waves only response will be "upgrade to v11." They provide zero support for anything outside of current.
  15. I have not reverted back, I just increased the buffer at the moment trying to experiment. Even opening old projects that I was working on before the update seem to need a higher buffer rate not stutter and clip. (even after the hot fix that was just released, which I realize likely had no ASIO changes)
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