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  1. It seems odd to me that they didn't also develop a VST plugin version so you could load that into a DAW that way the preset/effects chains you create could be loaded and used within the DAW easily. The free Element program does this. Really thinking about grabbing this, but that lack of functionality doesn't quite put it in the no-brainer catergory for me.
  2. Same! The Concrete Limiter (and I'm also missing the PC4K S-Type Comp and expander/gate) would be nice to see as well. Already had the PC2A but think that is a real bounus for new comers.
  3. Brian Walton

    Melda 15

    I started testing it last night as it is one I've been interested in. Effectivly I was scratching the surface doing A/B testing turning the cab sims on and off of PA plugins and comparing that with MCabinet (I didn't go the "MB" route yet as for testing I need to start simple). First impressions were pretty good. But it is interesting how some settings can sound great on one amp when I set it up where I like it, then switch the amp I put in front of it and it sounds like total garbage. Not "it isn't a great fit for that amp" but truly garbage, not like you woudl experience swapping out a cab in the real world. But spending time with one amp, and tweaking MCab, I could certainly get usable sounds out of it without a doubt. The question for me generally speaking is it really going to offer "better" sounds easily across the board and also worth the cost. If it was half off the sale price, I'd call it a no-brainer. At close to $60ish, it is a little pricey IMO. If I was using a hardware modeler that loads IRs, I'd imagine I wouldn't even balk at the price since you can create custom IRs with it. But as someone who only plans to use it in the box with VSTs that already have solid options built into the plugin itself (and a super handy way to preview them).....I'll be doing more testing before pulling the trigger. For an effect like this, having more than a week (duration of the sale) would be helpful. This isn't a plugin I htink you can really come to grips with in a hour.
  4. Haven't used this one yet but Tilt EQs are can be surprisngly powerful and this one looks like it includes many of my favorte "features" that Boz's T-Bone includes (my go to). High/Low Pass to help tame the effect at the extremes. A nice visual representation of the tilt. Mid/Side functionality
  5. I don't remember exact size after install, but it is pretty easily the largest plugin I have that isn't a sample libarary.
  6. They offer a few other freebies with Aquarius. It takes more room than I expected to. I think this is related to the convolution tech they have....and it is also installing multiple plugins the stand alone pre, eq, comp, in addtion to the strip and then double that for the fact they have "real time" versions of all those as well in the package. It does sound quite good though. High on the CPU usage side, but can add a ton of character even just put on the master bus.
  7. I always develop tones from scratch using my guitars , so wasn't sure. Not related to IKM but most virtual guitar rigs I'm always left scratching my head who ran QC to let the presets out the door as representative of a product.
  8. Activation limit = 1 Thanks but pass.
  9. Interface is a lot better now. v4 was pretty dreadful, IMO. Still a bit of a resourse hog compared to say the PA stuff, but much much easier to work with on the UI side and content management than it used to be.
  10. Yes, this feature showed up in v5 Not sure about presets, but if you are just looking for creating a rack of owned gear it is easy now.
  11. Hmm just spent $52 with them yesterday and the bucks offer was $2.5. Doesn't equate 10%
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