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  1. You are living in the past. My first version of Cakewalk was 2. I can't even imagine going back to the pre X series no skylight interface. Spend some time learning the layout and perhaps try some user created themes. The current product is world's better.
  2. In terms of the group buy, my understanding is it isn't an option for anything other than the smaller subsets.
  3. Wrong forum? This is Cakewalk by Bandlab delas section.
  4. Loving the sound of the kit in the demo videos. Requires full Kontakt is a non-starter for me currenlty.
  5. Bought in 4 times and I'll still be missing something like 5 pieces of gear after using them all.
  6. I believe you are correct. If you are in at the 99 tier you can grab the entire collection but the individual pieces were not added at the 49 or 79 level. What they did was add items that were in the MAX collection but not available in any other package.
  7. Peter made this post along those lines, and he would know better than anyone else
  8. It depends if it is part of another package, then it can happen. Overall though, with the drowndown list in a view like this, it won't let you select individual products you selected already. As mentioned in another post, it isn't fool proof though, but in terms of this particular example it could fit into an odd area. I for example have The Deluxe Upgrade, and therefore can't select it, but I can select the Cross Grade (as it is a seperate but overlapping product from what I own)
  9. And since you can't select a product as a freebie that you already own, I'm guessing you have to sell the old one before you could actually select it, might want to check your account.
  10. You can't fully trust the drop downs or the website. If you have say Dyna-Mu from one of the T-Racks Packages, Dyna-Mu will still show up as an option for a freebie for you in the drop down and on the website. Synths are out of control like this. So there are many potential pit falls unless you really know what you have and want.
  11. I was there obviously mid week, mid day and saw no less than 6 staff members, and I might have been the only customer. No clue how they are still in business. The IKM filled checkout counter (both in display cases and on the wall pegs) used to host a plethora of mics and recording interfaces by numerious brands. (BTW, the website should tell you if something is avaialbe for pickup at a particular location. No need to deal with the call in hassle, just order online and wait for confirmation the item is ready to pickup).
  12. They are $150 each for the software version.
  13. I went to guitar center for the first time in at least 5 years to do the 4th GB buy in thanks to the hardware addition. The kiosk at the front of the store was basically all IKM products, I was shocked to see this. But the stunned look on my face only continued as I brought up the group buy to the sales associates of which none of them had a clue what I was talking about. If I worked there you can be certain I'd be selling that stuff like hot cakes with the promise of buy this and get a whole mess of software for free. I realize GC associates get a bad rap, but this makes me wonder how information is being provided at the corporate level. Point being I agree 25k should have been hit a long time ago but seems like all the available spread the word channels were perhaps underperforming.
  14. Speaking of the Looper in Amplitube. I assume the Looper doesn't show up in the VST version for other people also and is simply a funciton of the standalone? It would be nice to experiment with that Amplitube's version itself inside a DAW providing other VST tracks one might want to use along side it.
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