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  1. I paid $50 for it which was a few months before it hit $30. Up until I got it for $50 they basically were not letting it go under $100. It was $125 and I had a $75 voucher. Now it has seen a few $30ish sales. And I even grabbed it for an extra set of seats for more computers.
  2. Agreed. I have Superior Drummer 2 and didn't even bother to install in on new computer builds and complained that the upgrade pricing was not only limited time but multiple times more expensive than I paid for v2 in the first place. (I have ezDrummer 1 also) I like the IKM group buy but think the pricing is out of line with reality otherwise - they also need to work on CPU efficiency. Something like AT5, Mixbox, Tape, etc are massive resource hogs. That said, I have the vast majority of what they made and I like a good chunk of it. ToneX is a special product, sounds great and pretty good on the resources interface and searching could use quite a bit of work but the core of the product is unique.
  3. I tried a free one and it didn't work, so I ended up doing the buy in just to have them. I'm pretty sure the download was nearly 300GB, which I certainly don't have room for - and haven't used any of them either. Sadly if you don't download them within the period stated you will have to pay to download them at some future state if you do choose to use them.
  4. Don't know but lots of the rack units are quite old. If they do update the host platform that would be expected (and perhpas some gui tweaks to go along with it), but it seems to be the individual units have been consistant for a long time. New modules would certainly be above the $50 level unless we get lucky with a change of pace. More recently releases have been all above $100, so it isn't like you would pick up new tools. When Syntronic 2, old Synthronic 1 codes works for a buy in from what I remember. (they just couldn't be give away codes).
  5. Yeah, but with a retail price of $50 you have to basically be new to the game otherwise there isn't much at that buy in tier. Would be different if it was a $100+ plugin
  6. I thought the same about Omni but switched to Amek 9099 and haven't looked back. the one Waves plugin I'm keeping installed is Clarity Vx. I liked the Abbey Road verb but a bit to hungry and stuff like IKM Sunset Sound replaced that kind of need for me (though yes they sound different)
  7. A little too close to home for some of us where that has happened to individual plugins.
  8. Once you register it the WUP thing starts - they know there is a good percentage of people they will trap into a WUP payment once registered. It cuts down on resale of serial numbers - once registered there is basically no chance of you reselling that code as it becomes worthless between wup and transfer fees They may not be actually changing anything other than putting in that line in the sand on the back end with serials that were previously sent out.
  9. See below (but the main thing is yes, you do need an IR loader option in the singal chain after MTurboAmp but doesn't need to be MCabinet specifically) This. MCabinet is cool and has some sophisticaed IR options. But the free MConvolutionEZ is great as long as you have a few nice Guitar Cab IRs. Built in on that front is a bit limited - but works great with free or paid ones.
  10. I know I got something around 100 things (all the little AT stuff adds up) with multiple buy ins. So that would require a give away every week. 😁 Would have been nice is those of us that actually bought Tonex got the boogie give away that was directed towards those that hadn't made the jump yet. And I'm betting some bitterness is also coming with the ToneX pedal that is around the corner (which will include a software seat), without additional discounts for those of us that got it with another purchase just after release.
  11. He does as he mentioned the temptation of the upgrade price recenlty to get the ALL bundle.
  12. Even better deal than the release price special (which was already reasonable). Just be aware you will want an IR loader with cab impulse responses.
  13. Proximity is also cool...if they were not so resource hungry I'd use them more ofen than I do. Both can be unique tools.
  14. Likely notification of products removed from support. 😇
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