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  1. If I own the full Modo Drum "1" What happens if I buy Modo Drum 1.5 SE as that has the 3 new kits in it. Would my 1.5 suddenly have all the kits (so you can swap out kit pieces) or would I be left using 2 separate programs to access the drums (and no ability to swap in new kit pieces)? With this being IKM, don't want to make assumptions myself.
  2. It is Memoral Day Weekend.
  3. Brian Walton

    Bow to the king

    In most English speaking countries the act of kneeling is an act or sign of respect, obedience, loyalty, or servitude. It is only considered humiliating by the participant if they are being forced to kneel against their will. When one keels as a genuine act from the heart then one doesn't care what others think. Larry's post above suggests he acts as a servant king (nominated by the people no less)...and that is the type of king that deserves a kneel/bow, IMO.
  4. So it stops working all together after 10 years? Most people appreciate the 10 years of upgrades, but software suddenly no longer working (even with an older installer) tends to be the turn off.
  5. This is pretty normal. It was always just for plugins, and my first thought was that means Gig Performer is out. But PA seem to occasionally let something slip through the cracks when a deal goes live only to catch it after orders roll in. Gig Performer 4 hit $30 for a limited time at least 2 times now and those with higher tier vouchers have also been able to grab it for about $30 on other occasions. And it hasn't even been out for all that long either. I'd imagine it might happen again one day. Between voucher stacking, dynamic discounts, and random flukes good things happen to those who keep alert and pounce quickly.
  6. Nice, I did miss that! thanks.
  7. Unless they changed something you need about 1k more in a lot less time than that. 3 days left, correct?
  8. I think this thing sounds great. My main complaints are CPU usage and Size (it is about 2 GB for a plugin if my memory serves me). I'd agree some of the controls are a bit fiddly (turning modules on/off) then controlling dials that change based on the setting. My PC is only powerful enough to run it on the master or during mastering, but it does get some use as it does impart some amazing flavor.
  9. While I agree with this idea on paper, in practice I'd say there is a component of randomization in all my final tweaks. Of course I ultimatly choose which version I think sounds better, but as it relates to something like TMT which is rather subtle there are certainly things that I add to and tweak almost randomly in a master bus or mastering chain that create even more variation by nearly random controls. Tools that add flavor where I might put it on a track, tweak some knobs and then you A/B with the on-off to see if you like the results more than before. I don't see the TMT randomization as any different than that process. My ears certainly are not good enough to eq with two different eqs bilindly to get the exact same end result that would phase cancel each other without some serious A/B during the process. Thus I think there is an element of randomization even when I think I know what I'm doing or am after. In the example specified of giving a client 2-3 mixes where the only thing you change is TMT (many clients want to hear more than a single option), the question in many respects is if that TMT variation is even noticable enough for a client to say they strongly prefer mix "A" over an alternate. That would be pretty interesting if Brainworx actually did a real world study on it to see if cients actually care about those differences, vs say putting BlackBox MS on the master vs not.
  10. https://bedroomproducersblog.com/2022/04/12/soundwide-free/
  11. Based on the image provided above that has "v2" written on it. I'm curious how they are going to market this thing as it frankly looks nearly identical in both layout and features to V1. Sure V2 says True Peak on the limiter section which I'm going to guess has the same algos under the hood as True Peak Limiter (which I like - but frankly only when I control some of the settings - so that is going to be interesting). But in terms of really taking it to another level, I'm a bit confused until we get more detail as I expected a little more of a visual overhaul at the least.
  12. They gave away both the "lite" Classic version and the full version at different times.
  13. For the latest and greatest plugins that don't get below $31 when ever you want. This plugin has been out for years. I couldn't find my receipt but I'm quite sure I got it for less than $25 after a loyalty voucher. They never marketed the forever 29 as the best deal you can get for older plugins.
  14. High on the CPU consumption scale. Also not in the EDM genre, but things like this can be fun to make static chords, notes, etc more interesting as John mentiones above.
  15. Yes, that is one that I picked up for $6 during the sale. It is basically the only stand alone amp option they have that I thought I could get a usable clean/low gain tone out of. It took some work to get the fizziness out of the top end on many of the settings (I used some external plugins in some cases) but certainly among the best they have to offer from what I could tell and felt it was worth the $6 to play around with. I did some A/B testing with brainworx amps during the decision making process. I would have passed at $15, for for $6 - sure why not?
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