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  1. They seem to have gotten better about it as of late, but they have historically had Waves Central updates that can "break" plugins that previously did work (v9 to v 10 was the worst offender that I recall), and without WUP they won't lift a finger to help you. This is relevant as you add plugins over the years. If you literally never run a Waves Central update - once they are working they should continue working. But if you add plugins or run multiple versions - from experience and from seeing other posts there are instances where you should have a working plugin but don't. I have machines that have v9 plugins that won't work and also even have a v12 plugin that won't work on one machine (but will work on the older machine). Waves isn't all rainbows and unicorns despite being one of the leading sellers of these things.
  2. A "sale" can be fundimentaly different than a "deal" if the sale isn't good enough, IMO.
  3. If I ever pay a pathetic 20% off on a Toontrack product, please go ahead and get me banned from the deals section as I wouldn't deserve to be here.
  4. If your Taylor has the fishman matrix, you might try to test drive one of the fishman aura pedals with it. If you match it up with the same model and pu used for the capture - it can transform the piezo into something closer to a micd guitar. It isn't perfect of course, but quite a bit different than your typical acoustic preamp toys. If your guitar doest match the pickup used for an image, it won't sound great though.
  5. What is the DRM like on this through epic games, do you know? Obvious GOG is paid at this time, but is DRM-Free.
  6. Right and you can also run a pre-amp pedal like the Ethos (and bypass the cab simulation output) to get the cab sim from this new pedal. But my point being honeslty not anywhere near the value that putting an amp sim plus optional cab and mix sim would have been. My thought wasn't that it was totally worthless, just isn't anywhere close to what it could have been and really only provides potential benefit to a very small seletion of users. Most amps DI out do not sound great even though really good IRs.
  7. Unless I missed something the obvious lust worthy pedal (Amplitube AMP/Cab simulation) in a pedal is missing from the line up. Honestly we have plenty of options for reverb, delay, modulation, distortion....what we are missing that is generally unique to IKM would have been the AMPs in a box instead of being tied to a computer (which makes you run your computer if far lower latency than most of us can do once a number of tracks are down) which would have been an actual value add to the recording process - not to mention the live application which is what most of us buy pedals for. It also says included 5 cab impulses so you can go direct to PA. Uh...without amps included what is the point?
  8. Haven't tried this one, but I have yet to try any de-esser that actually gets rid of everything I want it to and leaves in tact everything I want it to keep.....leaving me disappointed and waiting for the fun to show up. Note I haven't tried Melodyne 5s new features.
  9. I'm not sure I would have made any purchase without them. They usually bring something into the range of "ok I'll buy it" Im betting the criticisms come from the idea of just give the extra discount without them. I realize it is a loyalty program but from the negativity I've seen, seems like the customer base that is loyal wants better upgrade, crossgrade offers and feel like the new buy in prices are typically really close to the same. If almost every purchase uses jam points just get rid of the program and lower rates by 30% across the board including when sales hit.
  10. Certainly the best I've seen in the last year assuming you have a $25 voucher. If you don't have a voucher I'd imagine it hitting $29 instead of $39 at some point.
  11. Exactly, my point being this is what IK should have as a new product. Perhpas not the amp, but a pedal board looking device that can go into a Full Range speaker or recording console. The "irig" line looks more like beginner stuff that is also going to get outdated practically instanlty with the use of devices that are built for obsolescene.
  12. The Scheps Omni is great, too bad WAVES is the one that makes it.
  13. Back to my concept of get out of the computer interface. Want to break free from using a computer for guitar tones.
  14. Good EQ but was available for $10 last week...
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