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  1. Not sure what you are doing with it then.....but seriously. Cakewalk is my preference by a long shot, espectically for someone new to DAWs. Because I think the interface and tools and setup are more intuitive. Both are powerful, but I think Cakewalk offers a better user experience , is free, and comes with a great set of tools. And as stated by others, Reaper is not free despite the fact it has a trial that doesn't expire. If you continue to use it past the trial period, you are obligated under the terms and conditions to pay for it.
  2. Based on the verbiage I'm sure this is just a rehash of all the Computer Music "base" plugins Lots of good ones if you do not have them yet. But I wouldn't expect anything new for those of use that already have a recent CM magazine in digital form. This is likley what is included: https://www.musicradar.com/computermusic/cm-plugins-full-list-of-our-exclusive-free-vst-au-plugin-instruments-and-effects-571808
  3. Just be aware there was a long history of releasing pluigns with huge bugs. I gather he is being more careful about it now, but something to be aware of if you start to use them in critical mixes. I was testing out the SSL Bus Comp updated version yesterday (doing some A/B with WAVE's version). For free it is pleasing and I like the look of the UI. The controls are not as refined and the UV Meter doesn't behave exactly as I personally think it should....but well in line with what expecations should be for free. I think he would be well served to just devote time to perfecting a handful instead of keep building and revisiting. Lots of potential there, and yeah I'm sure it would be harder to get "paid support" if you only release 4 solid pluigns. But otherwise they end up being a curiosity more than something you can rely on for serious work.
  4. Market changed dramatically in the last 20 years. 20 years ago the market was truly insane. I'm thankful I never got trapped into a bunch of 3rd party purchases which would now be basically worthless. There are plenty of other top notch plugin designers offering $29 price point (and better) deals on plugins that sound as good and do not have the authorization limitations OR the install woes that WAVES has. Financially they are clearly a marketleader in the money they have made. The sfotware deployment system is far from it. I jumped on to the WAVES train at the $25ish level and have quite a few....even so, I'm managed to find alternatives to distance myself from using them moving forward with a few expections. Omni-Channel is a good value when on super sale and I honeslty haven't found anything with that functionality and sound quality at a similar price point. Basically everything else has solid alternatives that I was personally using.
  5. I have mine on a USB stick as well, however moving the seats back and forth in this manner is really no less of a pain than the transfer via the cloud would be most of the time. When I take the other computer somewhere, I don't have room for the extra USB hub, I need those seats authorized to the machine. So effectivly I can use the hub to move the seats, but I'm still having to authorize them using WC and transfer. And the scanning process is also a big time waster when using the computer with or without the USB or WAVES seats, etc.
  6. Well, I don't install new plugins every single day, but adding 5 minutes to every time I launch Cakewalk to scan all my plugins is absurd. When I install or remove plugins, a re-scan is part of the process. Rescanning all my plugins for no reason whatso ever is a time waster. Yet another problem with the one seat system, wasted time of rescanning.
  7. Was interested until 32bit vst2 only came up. Oh well.
  8. I agree but at this juncture, they have the model of confusion that generates money (even people in this deals forum are clueless and buy WUP for basically no real world reason). Once they make it clear that the next version doens't actually provide any type of upgrade, they are less likley to see revnue. (this v12 with pluign resizing is about the only "upgrade" they have really ever done.
  9. I'm far more concerned with the fact every single time I've upgraded to a new version WC has broken my plugins. 9 -> 10 all version 9s no longer worked and since I wasn't on WUP for 9 support would not provide assistance....so 9s left to rot 10-11 (smoothest thus far) but the scans and authorizations did not work properly on all computers. 11-12 most worked fine, but Berzerk does not work on one of my machines after the move to 12 (and I have more than one license for it). Other computer seems to work ok. Then we have the 1 seat per purchase rule which means the plugins basically cost double what every other company charges for those of us that use more than one machine and don't want to be botehred every single day transfering the seat back and forth. The extra space and install path is annoying, but not on the same level of magnitue that breaking and lack of support provide along with treating customers like criminals with one single install.
  10. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/elysia_niveau_filter.html
  11. Agree but $37 is too much to pay for one. Boz's T-Bone frequently goes on sale for $19. And there are free options on the market as well (ex. https://matthiaskock.de/wordpress/tilteq/2017/07/21/tilteq/)
  12. One of the best themes I've tried. Normally I'm on the dark spectrum, but this one is going to be the "go-to" alternative for something brighter. Love the flat buttons/layout and color palette is excellent for a lighter theme (and yes, I'm a huge fan of grey).
  13. Even if it was half that ....really steep price to effectivly get a re-sizing ability and a preset system that should have been included years ago. WUP is the worst. My upgrade pricing is also at that $240 price point and there is no way I'd pay even a sizable fraction of that. Those that I did upgrade as they were still in the "free" time frame didn't all go smoothly. and now I have to work through problems and plugins that don't work.
  14. In typical WAVES fashion, I updated a number that were still under WUP, some worked and Berzek Distortion no longer thinks there is a license for it despite what Waves Central states is authorized to my local computer.
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