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  1. Not @Fleer but I really like Lounge Lizard. it has a certain "bark" when you lay into the tines. Pianoteq can sometimes come across as too clean or sparkly, which is alright if that is what you need but the dirt just makes things feel more authentic.
  2. Here is a clip covering Acoustic Scoring Guitars. There is a lot of content in the library. I love that they give you all of the techniques mapped together and as individual patches. Heavyocity Scoring Acoustic Guitars | Livestream Flashback
  3. Thanks @cclarry for sharing this. I just had somewhat of a backlog of things to share so this was a great way to do it. I find I do better just going with the flow of things. I am possibly going to release “flashbacks” from the stream to highlight some of those moments. I really do enjoy sharing with everyone. Thanks for the kind support.
  4. It appears to be fixed! Here are two scenarios I have tried. Open Previous Project and Save without doing a SAVE AS - FIXED Started an Empty Project, Loaded VSL Synchron Pianos and HALionSonic - Save - FIXED I also was able to save some previous broken projects with their pre-release version. It also appears the version number was bumped up a little more as well. I would say go get it.
  5. * Update * I just heard that Steinberg has officially released the eLicensor update that fixes this issue. You can download it here: https://www.steinberg.net/en/company/technologies/elicenser.html
  6. Check out my article just posted here: https://wp.me/p6Mqqs-ze These sound really nice and are a taste of what is to come, so looking forward to more. Hopefully will be able to feature these soon.
  7. Kirk Hunter has just released Traveling Pianos for Kontakt. It is a collection of two Yamaha pianos: Kirk’s very own G5, along with a very special C7 belonging to Michael Lehman Boddicker, and has been played by many wonderful artists, namely Burt Bacharach, James Horner, and many more. It is available at an intro price of $99. More info here: https://www.kirkhunterstudios.com/products/traveling-pianos/ Kirk Hunter Studios | Traveling Pianos | First Look
  8. Don’t forget, with the purchase of Gravity, you also receive the new Scoring Acoustic Guitars Gravity pack that was just released.
  9. Just beat me to it! I have been playing with this some this evening and it is definitely a wonderful library even at the full price but this deal makes it a certifiable "No Brainer".
  10. Not necessarily, I was just experimenting with the possibility of seeing if I could use Unify to do to, the XY function of Orbitron. That is one of the limitations I see with a lot of audio plugins that offer transformative or morphing capabilities, I would love to see more MIDI potential baked into them and Unify is a very useful bridge to do those types of things. I would say that you can try the Orbitron Demo to see how you like the sound. I was playing around with it pushing Rhodes and Acoustic piano through it, some pretty freaky stuff. 😎 Another dream for Unify is to create some sort of audio input so it could be used as a hybrid audio/MIDI processor 😳
  11. Well, since we are talking about GAS, I hesitate to mention anything from FireSonic to keep from self-combusting. 😎 No seriously, I have not tried these plugins yet. In the past I have really kept the focus on instrument libraries and only recently have started looking into ways to feature effects plugins. I can tell you however, that I have already been playing around with Orbitron, and it reminds me of some of the OUTPUT Plugins that have the XY control and zones. Using Unify I have been able to insert it as an effect and Link Parameter mapped the Satellite control to my SL88 Grand's XY Joystick, which is a lot of fun. I love to get some sort of hands on control when working with anything that has multiple zones. So UNIFY is not an audio host/chainer per se so it is restricted to inserting the effects in relationship to whatever synth plugin you have on the Unify layer, still very impressive what you can do.
  12. Here is an article I posted earlier on my website. Also hoping to get a copy for review, looks very interesting. https://praisetracks.com/?p=2155
  13. Hey guys, Thanks for sharing the video. It was sort of spur of the moment as I had seen where the current Waverunner promotion was ending soon and wanted to share some of the libraries. I am a Cakewalker from back in the 90s and have always been so very fortunate to be a part of this amazing community. I also feel very blessed to have been introduced to so many developers over the past year who have helped to support the channel to allow me to present all of these amazing libraries and tools to all of you, Thanks again! Simeon
  14. Westwood Instruments just released the fourth in their "Untamed Series", Viola Untamed. It is available now for the launch price of $39 until Feb. 25th. More info here: https://praisetracks.com/?p=2142
  15. It is a beauty! Here is a short improv right after loading it up in Kontakt, lots of fun.
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