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  1. Personally it is to help with my tutorial production as well as those cases where I need to put a video together for an arrangement for a client. It challenges me to think outside of just music production and fine new ways I can leverage producing video content that would complement and add value to my music producing and arranging. Recently I have been working with a screenwriter who needs trailer like presentations to help present her screenplay ideas so having video editing capabilities really is essential for me. Here is a project I worked on recently. I did the audio sweetening (cleaning up vocals, noise reduction) and did the music arrangement using Cakewalk by BandLab and editing it in Vegas Pro 15.
  2. Done! I think with my journey to building a new PC a move to DaVinci Resolve would be a good one along with some of the fun of HitFilm and the extra plugins I think this is a good value. I would still have Vegas to be a backup during the transistion.
  3. Well this pulls me even further into the Arturia dimension! Pigments 2 is really a fun synth and it looks very deep as far as what you can do with the various synth engines. I like the "light bulb" tip that gives you some info on the person who worked on the preset.
  4. Dan, Have you experimented with the Multis in the Walker? I think if you have the horsepower this is a very interesting way to tailor a particular piano sound in a mix. I was checking this out last night and assigned the different mic slots to faders on my nanoKONTROL and it was a very interesting way to adjust the blend of the mic positions. I am amazed I am just finding out about this one
  5. @cclarry, I use this all the time, it is a great way to see how the services will adjust your mix. I just downloaded the plugin version and interested in how this works to pinpoint the spots where things get out of hand. I use it along with Gullfoss, Ozone 8 and Tonal Balance Control.
  6. Also looking at this today. So, a very interesting thing I thought I read or understood was that HitFilm would soon (or might already) support After Effects plugins and scripts which would really increase the value and utility of this application. I am currently at Vegas 15 but it has been so troublesome lately that I have been looking at alternatives like DaVinci and HitFilm so this is a really interesting value and all the more if the After Effects piece were a part of it. (update) Just saw that the latest update DOES include support for SELECTED After Effects plugins which is very interesting.
  7. Just discovered this piano library and it is massive! Embertone Walker 1955 Steinway Concert D Piano Library I am working on downloading and installing in between trying to put my new PC build together. It has an amazing 32 velocity layers and uses an interesting sample recording re-performance technique that allows accuracy and consistency between the layers. Anyone else here using this library? I am hoping to do a play-through video soon.
  8. That is my backup power source; at least for inspiration 😎
  9. Man, I was just thinking through that just now.😳 be quiet! sent me the power supply in the picture above but I had purchased their 700w before they send the other one. So I might keep this 700w just to be safe.
  10. OK, things are getting very close and I am very excited to be putting this together. Thanks all of you for the suggestions and support. Special thanks to @synkrotron, @Grem, @Matthew Sorrels and @Jim Roseberry Can’t wait but moving slowly to make sure I get it right. Special thanks to be quiet! for the case and power supply.
  11. Please keep us posted. Also another key thing to check is to make sure that your 4i4 interface is on its own dedicated USB bus and not shared with anything else. There is a nice utility called USB Tree that can show you specifically how your USB devices are connected. I have some external USB drives, webcam, etc. so it is vital the interface has an exclusive USB connection point. Here is the link for USB tree: https://www.uwe-sieber.de/usbtreeview_e.html#download
  12. OK, one more; I picked up Heavyocity’s Mosaic Keys and can’t wait to spend more time with these! My first experience with playing it sounds really amazing.
  13. You also might want to check out the latest Beta drivers for the Scarlett series. They seem to have improved my latency experience her tremendously. More info here:
  14. I picked up The Grandeur which I am really enjoying. Lots of really good stuff out there but trying to sort through everything I already have before buying anything else; it can just get a little overwhelming at times 😳 I am finally getting my new computer parts coming so excited about that and finally working through BBC SO.
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