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  1. That’s cool, I featured Singularis in this video of a recent Sampletekk Piano Bundle. Let's Play Sampletekk Boutique Piano Collection | Audio Plugin Deals Special https://youtu.be/bq1b2MpaRJM
  2. Cyril, All of the instruments in Celtic Era 1 are included in Celtic Era 1. There is also no MIDI export, Hopefully the Engine will get a much needed overhaul soon to incorporate those types of features as well as updating the gui and such. Joyfully!
  3. Thanks Yan, strange. I just tried on my iPad and both were working. Are you getting an error message or page not found? Joyfully, Simeon
  4. Friday’s livestream was nuts! Here is the full replay featuring Celtic Era 2. The only way I can describe the library is that there is real “heart” inside of the instruments that you experience while playing them. The replay is indexed and I am working on editing stand alone segments as well. Enjoy! Celtic Era 2 | CHROMA Grand Piano | GAZE | Giveaways and More!
  5. Stefano is an amazing and generous developer to continue to add more of these preset packs. His new Cinematic Percussion is really nice as well.
  6. Best Service sent this over for me to take a look at, and I am looking forward to exploring it. I am hoping to feature it on Friday’s livestream. Stay tuned! 📺
  7. I was not seeing it and actually waited to reach out to support until this morning. I am looking forward to experiencing what’s new. Joyfully, Simeon
  8. Just to keep things organized 🤓 I had asked Soniccouture to send me an NFR of just the Rhodes and Wurli and they sent me this entire bundle. I can tell you that the Conterburry Suitcase was a huge surprise! It is not like the Rhodes models similar to Keyscape or the Famous “E”, it has an entirely different personality to it and it is so nice. The Broken Wurli is also a huge hit. They were able to capture some very wonderful character with this one as well. More to come!
  9. Incoming! Soniccouture Vintage Keys Bundle!!!! https://www.soniccouture.com/en/products/g69-sc-vintage-keys/ Includes Broken Wurli, EP 73 Deconstructed, The Canterburry Suitcase, and Clav Looking forward to diving into these.
  10. This thread is becoming something like a Wurlitzer-palooza 😂 I am sitting on a plane in Dallas for the past hour because of lightning heading home and catching up. Lot’s of things to consider here.
  11. I almost forgot about this one, VIBRANT which was developed for HALion Sonic by e-Instruments. This was done about two years ago (wow, how time zooms past us). I will have to pull this up again as it is currently featured as the instrument of the month for 40% off. Also, going to brush up on some Ray Charles, and Billy Preston 😎
  12. Talking developers and Wurlitzers I have to mention Teletone Audio. Here is a video I did for their Vesepertone which has a Rhodes and Wurli. Here is the part of the clip I look at the Wurli. Far out!
  13. Now for a limited time you can download Soniccouture's HAMMERSMITH FREE. This is a single mic perspective version of HAMMERSMITH PRO which includes many additional mic positions. https://www.soniccouture.com/en/free-stuff/ This is a Konkat Player library, so you do not need the Full version of Kontakt to use this. You register the serial number inside of Native Access. This is provided after you sign up for a user account with Soniccouture They are also having a sale on the Pro version for $99 until September 30th. Enjoy! Simeon
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