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  1. Simeon Amburgey


    @Marcos Kleine so glad it is working for you. There is also an option in Preferences - VST Settings where you can "hide" the VST2 if a VST3 version of the same plugin is installed. I still need to work on creating some custom menus so you could have a VST3 folder and VST2 folder to help distinguish things a little better. Here is a great explanation from @Ryan IK Multimedia
  2. Simeon Amburgey


    @Marcos Kleine, *Go to the MODO Drum VST3 install location (which in most cases should be found at C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3) *In my case I dragged the MODO Drum VST3 out to my desktop * Go back into CWbBL, open Plugin Manager and perform a VST scan and the MODO Drum VST2 should now be available. Hope that helps?
  3. Simeon Amburgey

    MODO Drum VST3 Issues

    So I join with other users here who have experienced the crashing when inserting the MODO Drum VST3 Into a project. The screenshots and explanations all have a similar ring to them. I am wondering if we could use this thread to help share info that might help narrow things down? Of course the first thing you need to do is submit a ticket to IK Multimedia Support as I have done so they can have all the information as well to fix the issue. What I have observed so far is that there is NOT an issue using the VST2 version of MODO Drum. Here are a few scenarios I have tried and the result: MODO Drum VST3 Loads * NEW PROJECT - YES * PREVIOUS MIDI ONLY PROJECT - YES * PROJECT CONTAINING BOTH AUDIO AND MIDI - NO I hope this is helpful as MODO Drum has some really wonderful potential. Until it gets sorted I will use the VST2.
  4. Simeon Amburgey

    IK Multimedia Introduces MODO DRUM - Modeled Drums

    OK, I just tried inserting the VST2 version into a previous project that crashed using the VST3 and the VST2 of MODO Drum loads without crashing!
  5. Simeon Amburgey

    IK Multimedia Introduces MODO DRUM - Modeled Drums

    @Dave Schreier, have you had any progress on the VST3 issue! it seems the VST3 of MODO Drum works in a new project but I get the same crash when trying to insert it into an older project. Going to try with the VST2 version to see if I get the same results on an existing project.
  6. Simeon Amburgey


    @Marcos Kleine, just installed MODO Drum this morning. There does seem to be an issue when using the VST3 version of MODO Drum. I loaded the VST3 into a new empty project and it worked fine BUT I got the exact same crash message you indicated above. I am going to try using the VST2 and see what happens. I have submitted a ticket as well and hopefully to follow up soon and forward the crash mini dumps to support in hopes they can see what is causing the issue.
  7. @Ryan IK Multimedia, so I am really loving things so far, MODO Drum really sounds amazing! I did have a question however on Brush playing styles as I did not see this as an option. That would really be interesting to have this especially for the Jazzy Kits. btw I hope you were able to get me earlier messages. I tried to send an email but it mentioned the address was invalid. Thanks again!
  8. Here we go! This is running the VST3 version . First sounds are HUGE and just have this depth to them. Drums may never be the same More to come!
  9. Installing NOW! Can't wait to experience it !
  10. Simeon Amburgey

    Scheps Omni Channel - amazing problem solver

    Totally agree, love Chambers. I really enjoy using it on a string bus as it just gives them something special. Pushing drums through it as well is amazing, Jim, gonna have to pull the zombie channel up as well. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Simeon Amburgey

    iRig Keys I/O Half Price at Guitar Center

    I have an iRIG Keys io 49 and it is really a nice portable keyboard that works great along with an iPad or iPhone. The keys have a nice feel.
  12. Simeon Amburgey

    Gullfoss EQ: what do you think?

    Learning more each day about Gullfoss. I have been working through a lot of misconceptions based on early experiences; especially my reference to using Pink Noise. While this is a technique many have used in the past as a mix and balance tool Gullfoss definitely does not go there. I am still wrapping my head around this as I know many other Gullfoss users are. I found a very fascinating article recently interviewing Andreas Tell who is the lead developer for Gullfoss and it is a very good read full of a lot of info to help all of us to gain more insight on this amazing plugin. https://www.prosoundnetwork.com/pro-sound-news-blog/gullfoss-inventor-andreas-tell-tells-all
  13. Well, I just found out that the Thunderbolt is for the Clarett series but who knows what the future holds ?????
  14. When I was installing my 4i4 here at home I did a full installation the first time and saw a Scarlett 4i4 Thunderbolt driver in Device Manager. I had a couple of hiccups on my initial installation so I removed it and installed again but this time performing a custom installation selecting only the USB driver. So it appears that the 3rd Gen products support Thunderbolt in some way by providing a separate Thunderbolt driver; that is if I am understanding this correctly but it sure seems reasonable.