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  1. The 4Knob PopD Piano was created in collaboration with Sampletekk, and brings a beautiful as well as powerful German Steinway D into the HALion family of virtual instruments. More info here:https://new.steinberg.net/4knob-popd
  2. I downloaded it earlier today and never having this type of library before, I was very intrigued with the possibilities. I was especially surprised by the usefulness of stretching some of the sounds across the keyboard. Trailers gonna be rolling here pretty soon ;^)
  3. The replay should be up now. I did see the livestream was set to private but changed it before the stream started. Thanks so much and hope you enjoy watching?
  4. Going over some of the latest updates to Xperimenta Projects Due (version1.9.2). Also going to take a quick peek into a new library I have been testing for Xperimenta which should be fun, oh and there might be a giveaway!!!
  5. Had a really interesting time experiencing Soundiron’s SONESPHERES 3. Some nice combinations of natural ambience, acoustic, and synth textures. Soundiron | Sonespheres 3 - Currents | Ambient Sound Design For Kontakt
  6. Hey guys, I am very excited for this current promotion. I worked with Flavio over the past few days to help test some improvements, and enhancements to the library. Here are some earlier videos I have produced for DUE. I know you will enjoy this wonderful collection from a very gifted and passionate developer. http://bit.ly/APD_DUE_Xperimenta_Project (using this link helps supports the channel)
  7. It is indeed a trial by fire 🔥 One time I heat hearing something strange and could not figure out what it was. I then realized after the video when I went to take my lav mic from my shirt, I realized it was never attached, it had fallen down next to the sustain pedal under the table.🤣😂🤣😂🤣 My wife has suggested putting a checklist together, which I have done but just forget to check it before I get started 😳 Subbed as well, keep up the great work, and always remember to turn on your lava lights before you start.
  8. They have transitioned in a way to this website to give Klang a permanent home. http://klang.cologne Sign up for their new mailing list to stay up to date (or here 😎). The older Klang’s are still available for a minimal cost I guess to help cover bandwidth, etc. but new Klang’s appears to be in the works with no sign of slowing down. lots of interesting sounds for sure.
  9. Looking forward to doing a livestream going through some of the instruments and features of World Suite 2 Monday (around 2:00 PM EST). Should be fun.
  10. I just downloaded it this evening, and really enjoyed what I have experienced so far. Here is a short clip of one of my first plays, they had me at Gypsy Jazz Guitar. More is sure to come 😎 UVI World Suite 2 - Gypsy Jazz Guitar
  11. Here is a walkthrough I did a little while ago. Great instrument and the sale makes it even a better way to enjoy these sounds.
  12. I am excited to be a guest on @Peter - IK Multimedia DFLo's Audio Toolbox YouTube livestreams. We are going to take a look at the B-3x and music technology in general. Join me Wed the 26th 4:00 PM ESThere:
  13. Join me for a special look at the latest additions to the Big Bang Orchestra, NEPTUNE and ORION.
  14. OK, you don’t need this one, or do you? Honestly, it depends on what you have in your lineup at the moment. I picked it up a few months ago when they had it on special. I will have to load it up and see how it goes, it has been a while. Stay tuned 🤓
  15. Just tried loading BBCSO Pro and no crash using the VST3. My plugin shows version 1.1.9. Cakewalk Version 2020.08 (Build 100)
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