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  1. I was able to get LUNA started by working around the VST3 folder. The weird thing is I do not get any sort of notification when it runs into a problem plugin, it just VANISHES! It freezes when it tries scanning my WAVEShell v14 ;^) More to come, I hope they can provide more reliable indicators of what is failing as troubleshooting things like this make a demand of that precious time in a bottle. We shall see! Joyfully!
  2. I have not been able to get LUNA to launch here. The splash screen comes up and it vanishes. Anyone else have any startup issues? The problem is you cannot bypass plugin scanning and there is not an indication of which plugin might be borking the startup. Also, UA help keeps telling me to remove AU plugins :^)!!!
  3. Check it out: ROOTS a New FREE Instrument Series From Westwood Instruments So from my understanding Native Instruments is not charging developers for FREE Kontakt 7 instruments up to a certain number of serial keys. I think this is definitely a move on Native Instrument’s part to help encourage users to use Kontakt 7. A heads up would be to keep your eyes looking across the pond for another amazing free instrument, but don’t stare too long as you wouldn’t want those baby blues to get “Fractured”. 😎 See you Thursday
  4. I am hoping that this can be ported over to the new version of ENGINE. They have started with some of his earlier libraries and so this one would definitely benefit from that love.
  5. Fracture Sounds sent me a copy a few days ago and it is top of its class. I am planning on featuring it this Thursday during Piano Day ;^) There is a FREE Blueprint based on some of their recordings for this one that I haven’t been able to check out yet. Over the past months Fracture Sounds has made a huge dynamic shift and I think it comes from the addition of Angus and more from Dan Keen, they are definitely on an upward trajectory. Stay tuned! Joyfully, Simeon * I have been blessed to have a relationship with the Fracture Sounds team which has allowed me to experience and share their beautiful instruments.
  6. I second that as a track-wide setting would make this type of workflow a lot smoother. The per articulation timing is fantastic, this would be icing on the cake. There is quite the database of time offsets (actually they call is Negative Track Delay) already being managed here: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/negative-track-delay-database-spreadsheet.105332/ @msmcleod, Great points, and I am still learning more about the use case of having a TRACK DELAY ARTICULATION, that is interesting. Many of the composers in their templates have a track per articulation but the way you describe it is a nice way to address this. Great work. Joyfully, Simeon
  7. Excited to see this get off the ground. The first prototype has a really cool sound to it, almost like a nice round Horner bass at times, Running it through Recirculate is a lot of fun. It is like a team from a secret sampling society; Jon is “The Player”, Hunter is “The Blender GUI Master”, Owen is “ The Coder”. For the Prototype, Owen is using the open source HISE platform for their instruments. I hear that they are also going to still introduce Kontakt based instruments. The Prototypes might be called proof of concept experiments to get things rolling as well as to get some initial momentum. I have been big fans of what Jon, Hunter, and Owen have done respectively and look forward to seeing them succeed in this new venture. *The fine print: I have purchased instruments from Jon Meyer when first learning of his work. I have received NFR copies of their Pianobook Artists libraries via Spitfire Audio. I also purchased the first Somerville Sounds prototype in an effort to help support them and have offered to assist in testing future releases. Joyfully yours, Simeon
  8. Gary, I ran that particular tweak and it did seem to make a big difference. Here is another video that goes into a possibly more specific breakdown of the Ultimate Power Plan settings: Again, I have to go back to the dramatic difference my stability became after installing the RME interface and drivers. It would be interesting to see if things held steady let’s say if I went back to the Arturia or Focusrite. That might be something to investigate, but for now I am feeling a confidence in my system that is hard to explain. Joyfully, Simeon
  9. Will definitely give this a look. Thanks for sharing! Joyfully, Simeon
  10. Some good (and scary ones) in this video. I ran a couple of these, especially the NVIDIA Debloat and driver slimming suggestions, along with the DYNAMIC TICK suggestion. Honestly though, my biggest update was finally being able to add an RME Babyface Pro FS to my setup, it has been an absolute dream for me here. My past livestreams have been rock solid and I am able to run everything at 128 buffers which nets me around 2.7 ms roundtrip latency. It has been such an eye and ear opening experience with this and now I know first hand what everyone has been talking about all of these years. Here is what my latest Latency Mon is looking like:
  11. I had a chance to play through this on Friday’s livestream, it is captivating. Emotion In A Virtual World | Viola Textures Emergence Audio
  12. So, this is big news in a way as Nord has typically used FATAR (Studiologic) keybeds. Having moved to Kawai, you have more of the legendary VPC-1 type of keybed and from the looks of it and even improved version of that, so this will be interesting indeed.
  13. I downloaded the trial version and it looks very interesting out of the box. My use case would be for live-streaming and demo voiceovers, so one concern I had was overall latency which I am still working on figuring out how much, if any it adds to the processing chain. The noise reduction does seem to work very transparently without creating lots of odd artifacts which I thought was impressive. More testing to come. It was also Interesting to see the $29 price tag….hmmmmm ;^) Joyfully, Simeon
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