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  1. Make sure you are running the latest version of SampleTank 4 which is now at version 4.0.9. There were a few users seeing this same fatal crash and updating seemed to correct it. Check this thread:
  2. Here is a fun video that documents my journey putting everything together! I also show some noise comparisons between my older system and the new be quiet! Dark Base 700 case which is very impressive. I can tell in just the short first couple of weeks such a difference in performance and stability. I also have been making system images along the way just in case. Looking forward to a very musical and exciting 2020! New Year, New Computer; "The Build" v2020
  3. So this is crashing but then - So in this step it seems that ST4 loads; so does the crash happen on load or when you pull it up after it is inserted?
  4. Have you tried using the Insert Soft Synth? There might be an issue when dragging and dropping. I will try dragging and dropping here and see what happens. So just checking; when you unzipped them did you run the installer as well (sorry if I misunderstood)? If there is a chance the sounds installer placed them in another directory you can add that path to ST4 and do a rescan to make sure the sounds database is updated. This the exact screen that pops up in my friends issue. *disclaimer; not assuming anything, just trying to help troubleshoot 😎
  5. Neil, please keep us posted if you receive any updates. A viewer of one of my SampleTank 4 vids is having the same issue so any help in finding a solution would be great. There has to be some common denominator somewhere that triggers this on some setups and not others.
  6. Got it back here! I am however having problems getting LP EQ and LP Multiband Limiter. Both have serial numbers but I am wondering if they need additional activation? I downloaded and installed both through the Command Center.
  7. Same here, the PC EQ is just so convenient to use right away.
  8. Yes! This is an amazing keyboard. I remember playing an original Wavestation when it came out, a lot of fun. It is also interesting that a lot of the new workstation and synth keyboards being released are featuring a smaller keyboard. Here is a coll video by Sonic State I saw last night:
  9. Done! First new library of the year! I think what interested me was the streamlined sound as well as the layering of the arpeggiator engine.
  10. I am so excited to have this new build out together and just taking my time. I would love to hear some first hand experiences and suggestions that might help me get things started in the right direction, especially in setting up the BIOS and Windows. I went with the Intel i9-9900k an ASRock Z390 motherboard and 64 gb of ram 😎 A signature change is definitely imminent. I might still use the older system for doing other things. Thanks as always!
  11. They do provide a demo version of the Hammond B-3X here: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/hammondb3x/index.php?p=demo
  12. I was not aware this was an issue and I have not experienced anything crazy but will check it out. The only thing I could think of is where you might have originally downloaded your version. @msmcleod, any thoughts on this?
  13. Z-Noise would be my pick. Here is something I found from someone at Waves which might be helpful:
  14. There is also a very impressive list of other plugins and apps. One thing I noticed was a One Year Groove 3 subscription. FEATURES PreSonus Studio One Producer 2.0 Cakewalk CA-2A Eisenberg Einklang IK AmpliTube 2 Metal IK T-RackS 3 Deluxe Image Line Deckadance 2 Image Line Groove Machine Loop Loft The Producer Pack V1 Ohm Force OhmBoyz Ohm Force Symptohm PSPaudioware BussPressor SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro Sonnox TransMod Native Groove3 1-Year Pass
  15. This is still available for $59 https://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/xchange-producer-collection-with-presonus-cakewalk-ik-multimedia-image-line-loop-loft-ohm-force-and-sonnox/j15044000000000
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