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  1. Spitfire Audio has been such a great supporter of the channel and has sent me a few libraries to feature during their Summer Sale. Today I am going to be taking a look at STRATUS, which is not your conventional virtual piano library. It took a little while to unpack this library but it has so much potential that needs longer exploration to discover the really interesting aspects of it, Make sure you check out things after the halfway point where I work with the Piano Overlay, and the WARPS 😎 STRATUS is currently on sale for $179 (REG> $299)
  2. Take a listen. This was at the early stages of the PianoPalooza last year. This is an interesting library to be sure. PS: Welcome back Larry ;^)
  3. Yes, that is the issue I am running into. It seems the setup from the latest download link I had from their website was still installing the older executable. When I would try and run the UPDATE from inside of the Software Pass, it too would download the same, older version. Where did you get your Software Pass link? I submitted a request as well, so we shall see.
  4. This was a wonderful livestream. It is so wonderful to see the people behind the curtain who have brought these iconic instruments to life. I really enjoyed watching. Now if I can only get the Korg instrument downloader to actually download the right version number 😳😂
  5. Yes, I tend to not think about that, but it is something, especially with a percussion based library to have some sort of PAD MAPPING that needs to be addressed. I am still so amazed at how dynamic my SL88: Grand responds, it allows me to get that full ppp to FFF.
  6. Oh how I wish for those kind of comments! @bitflipper, hang on to each precious follicle 😎
  7. Whew! Oh boy, did this livestream take us into some crazy places. So grateful for the opportunity to share.
  8. Here is the livestream Flashback clip featuring the Art Deco Piano, enjoy.
  9. Here is a flashback of yesterday's livestream featuring the bundle.
  10. It really depends on the arrangement; tone, emotion, drive, tempo, what the other instrumentation will be.
  11. I did not realize when I did the livestream yesterday that TODAY might be the last day of the Xtended Piano sale. Check out this "Flashback" looking at this very interesting and captivating Piano library. *Works in the FREE KONTAKT Player.
  12. So here we go again ;^) https://bit.ly/APD_Sampletekk_Insane_Keys_Bundle *some links help provide support through being an affiliate
  13. If you go to the IK Website and log into your User Area, a Pop Up will ask if you want to Redeem the Art Deco Piano. After that when you open the Product Manager it should be there already authorized. That was my experience. It is a nice piano for a freebie, and thanks for posting the IRL pic, that looks really nice. I am going to try and feature it on the livestream Thursday.
  14. I am looking forward to selecting the two winners of our Hammers and Waves Giveaway. You still have time to visit the channel and check out the livestream replay. I will also be covering a couple of iOS apps that have really amazed me with what you can do. Of course, there will probably be a few piano libraries; Soniccouture Xtended Piano) and other news along the way. I look forward to seeing you at 4:30 PM EST on July 22.
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