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  1. I have this and if everything works out I will do a livestream on Friday around 3:00 pm. It is building on concepts from previous Sample Logic libraries but refining them in a really good way. One of the best updates is the preset browser. It makes it very easy to find what you are looking for. Stay tuned 📺
  2. I really enjoy using Trackspacer, it is a great tool to use to get a vocal to sit well in a mix.
  3. There is a user preset area. When you have made changes to an existing preset just type a name for your new preset in the Preset Name Dialog box and click Save, This will save the preset in the User Presets.
  4. Absolutely, and then you can go from there thanks to the modular approach. It is a very interesting library for sure.
  5. Here is the edited and indexed replay for my latest journey into the VSL Universe. I hope you enjoy the ride?
  6. Our journey into the VSL Big Bang Orchestra universe was an amazing ride indeed. I want to thanks to Ben from VSL for joining me and assisting in answering questions and helping me navigate a few things. I will be editing the replay and uploading soon but the full live stream replay is available below. Thanks to everyone for their support and I hope you enjoy being a part of my journeys to all of these incredible destinations?
  7. This is a very nice upright library. Quick Look | Sonic Atoms - Novel Piano | Free Library for HALion | Livestream Replay The Prayer | Featuring Sonic Atoms Novel Piano | Impromptu Playthrough
  8. Great library for the HALion family. Quick Look | Sonic Atoms - Baltic Shimmers | Library for HALion | Replay
  9. After 2 years of work, we are really excited to announce PREPARATO Piano, the first library of the Preparato Series recorded in a beautiful church in the center of Rome. Flavio and Filippo, the minds behind this project, followed the idea of John Cage,searching for new sounds from the most interesting acoustic sources. PREPARATO is not just a prepared piano library; thanks to the “Acoustic Modular Instrument” engine based on a multi-layering system, PREPARATO allows you to have an incredible control over the acoustic source, with endless possibilities of combination. The use of both acoustic sampling and creative modular software bring to PREPARATO the feel and power of a real synth, designed to meet the endless intricacies of a musician’s mind. Introductory price $99.00 (reg. $149) More info here: https://www.xperimentaproject.com
  10. This should keep you busy. ISW Pearl and Wholesound’s Baldwin are in the pipeline. CinePiano CinePiano from Cinesamples | Is This The Best Cinematic Piano Library? | First Look Embertone 1955 Walker D Embertone | Walker 1955 Concert D Piano Library for Kontakt Wavesfactory’s Mercury (With Grand Rhapsody Bonus) Side by Side: Wavesfactory Mercury and Waves Grand Rhapsody
  11. It’s about time 😂🤣😂🤣 No seriously, thanks so much, I really appreciate all of the support. I am always looking for feedback and suggestions on what to cover next. Thanks again.
  12. So just uploaded my playthrough of Production Voices Concert Grand LE. This is a very beautiful Steinway library. Check it out here:
  13. Here is a video of my first experience with five of the Sampletekk libraries. Enjoy!
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