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  1. Here is a playlist covering many of the Sampletekk pianos I have reviewed in the past, enjoy. So some of these are from some Audio Plugin Deals and other promotions but this might help give you an idea of the sound of these.
  2. My full press release here: https://wp.me/p6Mqqs-Cm So it looks like they are connecting the dots very slowly one at a time. From the teasers it definitely felt like they were going to introduce more strings, we shall see.
  3. This was my first experience with a Fab Filter plugin and it lives up to the name "Fab"! I love the interface and how intuitive it is to get something sounding wild right away. I am hoping this will not be my last one.
  4. Yes, the Synergy was sort of an outlier. I remember working at a Piano and Lowery Organ store at the mall. One of the organs featured the interchangeable ROM cartridges that we similar to the Synergy, and actually could have been based from their sampling technology. It is amazing that we were talking about only seconds available for the sampling content back then.
  5. And her is the Chairman of the board himself :
  6. Oh yes, "High Hopes" is a classic. If you ever watched reruns of Lavern and Shirley ;^)
  7. I loved sharing this library with all of you. I have very "high hopes" for it ;^)
  8. OK, I will try and get something together soon. I find my experience has been just the opposite, as I have been able to play some very airy, beautiful textures. I guess it is where their starting point of reference was.
  9. So, I had a chance to get a quick play on this and it really does sound wonderful. I keep asking myself;” ok another Mosaic Series, what could they possibly do?” Annnnd they always seem to do something that surprises you. I am hoping to get on stream soon to share it so be on the lookout for that. Also there are additional discounts for owners of previously released Mosaic Series libraries.
  10. Unfortunately, it is not. You can check out the full details in my press release here: https://praisetracks.com/?p=2340 It does look like a crazy delay for sure.
  11. Here is my official press release with more details. Very exciting stuff. Although, I thought they might actually be porting these libraries to their Spitfire Player. https://wp.me/p6Mqqs-Bl
  12. Westwood Instruments have created some amazing solo string libraries that take them to never before creative places. Now you can purchase all four as a collection with a generous discount. Also if you already own any of the previous Untamed libraries, you will also receive a discount consideration to complete your collection. More info here: Westwood Instruments
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