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  1. This offer has been extended for another 24 hours!
  2. I have used my Focusrite 4i4 3rd gen with ODeus and it seems to have worked alright. My recent frustration is with trying to use the 4i4 with VB Audio Voicemeeter. Voicemeeter is very strict as to how it handles ASIO drivers and will not tolerate some ASIO driver, namely Focusrite. I have contacted Vincent who coded Voicemeeter and he confirms there are many issues with how the Focusrite drivers are written. I tried using my PreSonus Studio 6|8 and things were a lot cleaner so I suspect it was indeed the Focusrite ASIO drivers. The 4i4 is a great interface but it seems to fall short in some specific use cases.
  3. Thanks @Matthew Sorrels, just removed these before going live ;^)
  4. Just downloaded this and am planning on doing a really impromptu livestream to demo the patches so it might get very interesting ;^) Join me LIVE a little after 1:00 pm here:
  5. So glad you enjoyed it. Well honestly I was not really thinking about it too much, being a musician in ministry most of my life it is just second nature. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities to share and as I always say the instruments sort of take me into different places which I am always amazed when it happens. Thanks again for watching and the kind words.
  6. I did a livestream featuring My Piano and Scoring Piano, very fun. There was a twilight zone moment so to speak but everything was put back in the right dimension. Live-streams can get pretty crazy at times. Enjoy, and yes please support this effort if you can; last check they had raise around 10,000 euros. Fluffy Audio Scoring Piano and My Piano | Supporting Each Other Through Music
  7. Here is a livestream replay featuring Ivory II Grand Pianos and American Concert D. I saw where they have extended special pricing for these at Ilio so I am thinking this would still be good at JRR as well. Very upfront and playable pianos.
  8. I had a wonderful time experiencing Fluffy Audio's Scoring Piano and My Piano. Remember that Fluffy Audio is donating the proceeds from the sale of their My Piano (currently at $10) to help support the medical needs in their area of Lombardy, Italy. Links and more info are in the video description. Tune in here and thanks so much for the support:
  9. I have been working with Morphestra 2 for a few weeks and there are a lot of amazing and wild sounds in this library. I just saw where Audio Plugin Deals has it on sale for $89.99! https://bit.ly/audio_plugin-deals-morphestra2 I was able to do a fun write up and demo for Audio Plugin Deals here: https://audioplugin.deals/blog/alien-inv Here is the video.
  10. This one looks like a lot of fun! Available now at the intro price of $189 (re. $249) until April 15th. https://www.fluffyaudio.com/shop/spaghetti-western/ Conceived as a joke over a year ago, we were looking for something particularly fun and easy to play and settled on this idea. We found it to be an inspiring tool that could strongly drive the hand, the heart and the mind of the composer. As in the desert, where mirages can drive you far away from the planned destination, you’ll find the same happens in Spaghetti Western: time flies and you’ll find yourself wandering the Old West, surrounded by unsavory figures. Not to worry, though; in Spaghetti Western you’ll be equipped with the necessary gear to be the hero of the story.
  11. It is in the house now! I love how this is a very playable and nice sounding Wurli.
  12. Yep, I am having a harder than normal time getting this to download and install so I think you are right that the bandwidth is getting slammed.
  13. Bob, My first thought was they did it with a Yamaha CS-80. I thought I would find a clip of the solo and thought I would watch the official video; I did indeed see the CS-80 but they danced through the solo 😂 I guess the reasons I thought of the CS-80 were; polyphonic after touch and the ribbon controller. I would love to see what you found out. Now to see if I can find a good clip of the actual solo. 😎
  14. WOW! This was a fantastic time tonight exploring this massive sounding piano library, just beautiful. I hope you enjoy watching the replay? Thanks everyone!
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