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  1. @Stavv Sorry- I forgot that it is a VST3 only plug until I was able to boot up my DAW . Look for filename Synthv-Studio-plugin-x64.vst3. I believe it is copied into the system VST3 folder by the installer.
  2. Been a while since I installed it, but I think you need to find the .vst file in the SythesizerV folder and drag it into your system VST folder manually. So far I find myself preferring to use the standalone mode anyway, but VST does work.
  3. I wish I knew that word when I was a kid trying to learn to play the cornet. friends: You suck! me: It's an aleatoric piece, you cretins!
  4. Synthesizer V https://dreamtonics.com/en/synthesizerv/ VI Megathread: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/synthesizer-v-vocaloid-haters-might-want-to-check-this.115973/
  5. When I tried to use that code I got: "The minimum spend for this coupon is $50.00." Verified working when I upped the total. However, I don't think I want to "Spend more to save more" for this one.
  6. I've enough keys (ATM). Please PM if you use my code so I can remove it. Generic code- KF-NPJWXXAX
  7. I just got the APD $5 off code today, but I already own Fragments. Let me know if you are able to use the code and I will remove it: LOYAL5-7K6NHGZX
  8. I'm afraid I have no idea. I use a PC and a laptop, neither that I upgrade very often (like >5 years). I don't install nearly as many libraries on my laptop, so the limit really does not affect me. Only two of my iLok libs have a one machine limit.
  9. Doesn't seem that bad to me on Windows (Ryzen 8 core 4 ghz). I can't give a good assessment right now because I have my PC running a background task that is eating about 10% and bogging down the HD, but five instances of Falcon in Bitwig with four instruments each (Quadra Traveler) is using only 4% more CPU than a single instance.
  10. I goofed- Confused channel strip with track utility.
  11. THANK YOU! I was not aware of that link. I sent an email to UVI support because I have not been getting their emails (yes- checked spam and made sure the newsletter/offers boxes were checked). I will certainly go for this one if I can stack my voucher/coupons. 👍
  12. My mistake- I was confusing track utility with channel strip 😬
  13. Brian Lawler

    Good recorder

    I have the Zoom H1 (no"n"). Older model that I have had for several years. It still works great, but it is made of the damned "soft-ish" plastic that was all the rage back then, so it is sticky now. BTW, I have found that you can re-hab some of the sticky plastic by scrubbing it with rubbing alcohol.
  14. Thanks- My bad. I guess I too, missed that fine print and assumed that the "Manage my products" menu would take me to that page.
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