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  1. Bunch of people on VI-Control (Curse You 8DIO thread) are reporting that they got the free Requiem Pro based on $98 FULL PRICE basis. ie buy a $100 product, pay $35 and still get the freebie. Did NOT work for me, I think because after my $48 + $78 purchase (before discount) the value in my account for the $78 product changed to $48, making the sum $2 short. I had the gall to query 8dio support, but they insisted that the freebie only goes out based on the after discount total. Not complaining, because I know it's a glitch. It just didn't break my way this time.
  2. I just got this email, but I have not logged in to verify the prices: Thank you for your loyal support of 8Dio and V8P. It is exactly 10 years ago we began our sonic journey and what a journey it has been! The largest orchestras and choirs ever sampled. The biggest ensembles and a new standard for modern, cinematic scoring tools and over thousands of deep-sampled instruments in total. This 10-year celebration will be special in many ways. Every 5 days we will change the sale with a new attractive gift with purchase. You will be able to get our Requiem Professional (value $498) for free - with any purchase over $98 and this particular gift with purchase ends on 9.5.21 We will also be releasing new libraries. New On The House releases and at last - begin to reveal our upcoming Soundpaint technology - which has been in the making for 8 years and something entirely new. Designed to shorten the distance from a musical thought to its final creation. Thanks again for supporting us. We hope you will enjoy this sale as our token of appreciation and can't wait to share more with you. In order to get 65% off - please use your unique discount code: _ _ _
  3. 65% off for V8P members with emailed code!
  4. 😴 Hallelujah-Short.mp3
  5. Everything on sale up to 45% off until August 16 https://groovemonkee.com/
  6. Thanks Fleer! I didn't realize that the Circle thing was limited to active update plans. I should have assumed.
  7. I think it must be VAT or similar. I already own MK 2 version, and it still shows as the 2.99 Euros on my page (regular 9.99 €) I am in the US.
  8. https://babyaud.io/bitwig-users Part of the "Bitwig Circle" -edit- You must have a current upgrade plan in force to get the "Bitwig Circle" goodies.
  9. https://www.hornetplugins.com/plugins/hornet-songkey-mk3/ This works well. Shows chords, key, and tempo. Sale ends at noon PDT on July 29 (70% off)
  10. First, I will dispense with the main topic. I have the Rhythm Guitar plug in as part of Explorer, but I have not gotten around to loading it yet! To @kevin H 's question. That is the route I took to getting the bundle. I bought Punch 2 for $86 and liked it a lot. I decided I want to go ahead and get the full bundle, and at the time (@ March this year), the best route I found was getting Sound Design X bundle for $47 (discontinued but Best Service still sold it), which entitled me to Explorer 6 for $99. Total cost $232. I actually checked with RP direct before I made the Design X purchase to verify that I could finish the bundle, since Design X was no longer offered direct from RP. They were quick to reply and helpful. Bonus- The DelSane delay was released about a week after I bought the Explorer bundle. I asked nicely, and RP immediately gave me a free key for it. If you like synths- there is a lot to Explore in this bundle 🙄. Yes, there is a lot of old stuff, but a number of the synths have old versions included for back compatibility I suppose. A new user can just ignore the early stuff. RP is constantly updating and adding features to their titles, and the point upgrades have been free so far. Massive number of presets, and the newer synths have "easy" parameter pages with reduced controls to make it easier to tweak without diving into the manual. RP has been posting YT videos about every week for a long time with tutorials, tips, and development update commentary.
  11. https://www.audioimperia.com/ SALE ENDS AUGUST 9TH, 1AM PST TRAILER GUITARS 1&2 – SAVE BIG! Bringing you everything from distorted fight-scene sonics to angelic ambience sounds, Trailer Guitars can be used as a conventional guitar instrument or an epic composition tool. Get Trailer Guitars 1 at 50% off ($37 vs $75) and Trailer Guitars 2 at 60% off ($99 vs $249). TALOS – NOW AT 50% OFF! Need earth-shattering brass? Look no further. With a huge sonic range and stomping sound, Talos is an incredible brass instrument with a wide range of versatility. A powerhouse, yet equally adept at the soft and subtle elements of brass, Talos is a must-have. NUCLEUS LITE EDITION – NOW AT 20% OFF! Nucleus Lite Edition provides you with all the tools you need to get started without breaking the bank and an easy upgrade path to the full version when you are ready for it. If you are looking to dip your toes into the vast world of orchestral sample libraries, this is it.
  12. That sounds about right. It shows my Pigments with an extra pre-set pack that they sold a while back, so minus those, the patch count is @ 2200.
  13. Hi, Saverio from HoRNet Plugins here, I'm writing to let you know that we are having a Summer Sale: 60% off almost every plugin and 30% off every bundle The sale is valid from July 21st and will last only until July 25th at 21:00 (Italy time). Have a look at the countdown on our site and do not miss the chance to have our latest plugins for less than half the price! Just go to https://www.hornetplugins.com to get the special prices! Thank you very much Saverio
  14. I had the free Arturia Lab "Lite" in my Arturia account (also own Pigments 3). My Arturia account offer for Lab V was $34.33, so I fed the GAS monster.
  15. I did a quick check and found about 21 Gig in use on my boot drive (by Reason 11 Suite). Could it be the high res graphics rendering? According to this thread https://forum.reasontalk.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7523824 When you load at a new zoom level for the first time, all the plug ins have to render, and it can take a while. They are supposed to cache for faster future loading. I am not going to Plus, but might go for 12 if the "own it forever" upgrade price is fair. I would like to know if your future loading(s) of a fixed project are faster. I am only interested in using the Rack, and I usually load it empty and add what I want after. I would be fine (I think) with picking and sticking with a fixed zoom, if that is what it takes to get (near) the performance of 11. <edit> NM. Gah- $3? Installing...
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