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  1. Great dev. That makes three nice freebies that they are offering. Paid stuff is well worth it too.
  2. Yes it is a pig https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=581935 I have hopes that they will improve it . I have some other mastering plugs like Lurssen from IK that need a really big buffer. Dev said that the problem is in the metering section. Would be nice if you could just disable that, especially if you only want to use as a channel strip.
  3. Breaking into the Music Business End June 6 https://www.humblebundle.com/books/music-taylor-francis-books?hmb_source=&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_1_layout_type_threes_tile_index_1_c_musictaylorfrancis_bookbundle
  4. KH Has been spilling a few beans about the update on their Discord channel and twitter. Looking kind of "Bitwiggy" (Bitwig = GOOD) one minute video in the link 👇 https://twitter.com/kilohearts/status/1520010169081634818
  5. GAH! This forum is costing me money. Buying the bundle direct from Lunacy? Code "newsletter10" for additional 10% off. Bundle price $125.10
  6. I confess... I skipped to the end first 👍
  7. This one has promise. You get the Hornet graphic EQ, Compressor with sync, and limiter in one plug in for @ $12. Developer has acknowledged that it is a cpu hog though, and promises improvement in updates.
  8. I caved (for the 9 upgrade). FWIW, 301 presets each for Augmented Strings and Voices synths.
  9. I think for the $49 bundle, they are well worth it if you don't have many plug-ins (yet ) I have too many plug-ins now, so I don't even have them installed on my desk machine any longer, but I do have and use them on my budget laptop. I like the simple and consistent UI, and they are pretty easy on the CPU. They are VST-2 only, but they have 64 bit versions, as well as 32. No updates since 2017. -edit- I didn't catch @Zolton 's reply until I posted. Nice to see that they are still working on them for future VST3 / M1 support 👍
  10. You can save another buck or more (depending on currency conversion) paying $22.49 USD at APD by using the 5YEARS code (ending May 10).
  11. If you've been waiting, this is the time. Doesn't get better than 70/30.
  12. Yes- So far they are not working on their marketing much. Vi-Control is doing that part 😏Solaria is a "voice" file that is read by Synth V, where the work is done. The free synth V https://dreamtonics.com/en/synthesizerv/ can load the free/demo of Solaria https://www.eclipsedsounds.com/shop. As mentioned, there is no manual, but there are helpful YT videos and it is fairly intuitive- it works rather like Melodyne and similar vocal tweakers, the big difference being you can type lyrics in which will auto-translate to phonemes. Either can be edited.
  13. I finally started digging in to this via the free limited demo versions of both Synth V and Solaria. Really amazing capabilities. I have purchased a lot of acapella vocal packs, but it is near impossible to find something to fit your work, so you have to build around the vocal. The Vi-Control topic is a goldmine of info- especially since there is no documentation for Synth-V. A lot of people have gone with the Synth-V + "Kevin" bundle for around $150 and added the Solaria female voice (separate publisher) for $90. Not cheap, but the capabilities are a synth-vocal game changer. The demo is very capable, albeit with low bit-rate output, but it let's you experience the UI before you drop the $ I have not jumped yet, but I am on the precipice and resistance is crumbling.
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