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  1. Works OK for me in CbB, but only installed/tried the 64 bit VST3.
  2. Hmmmm. I have Requiem Light, which is disappointing. Guess I will do some checking on this before I pull the trigger on Strezov. Thanks!
  3. Best Service now has Strezov Choir Essentials for $118 US
  4. I was looking for a choir deal over BF but nothing "clicked". This looks very good to me. Best Service not showing it yet, but they carry Strezov. Other than Best Service with their "Best Coin", any suggestions for a reseller?
  5. Actually I think this needs to come to the attention of the CbB developers. I am not sure how to file a bug report, but will look. I verified that the Ujam Drums work fine with "live" scaling tempos in Studio One 5.1.2, Bitwig 3.3.1, and FLStudio 20.8 <edit> Sent and acknowledged. As easy as an email to support at cakewalk.
  6. Good question. I am new to CbB, but I have reported bugs to Ujam before, and they did respond. They didn't fix the bug, but they acknowledged it I will start by sending them (Ujam) a note. =B
  7. Thanks for checking! I did a bit more poking and confirm that the up/down tempo does the same- I just had not used it due to tiny size on my display set-up. I tried a couple UJAM Basses and had the same issue, but the UJAM guitar I tried seemed to work OK. Not related, I assume, but it does bug me that Ujam still don't offer VST3 versions of their stuff.
  8. CbB Newb, I just discovered the tempo "slider" mouse control on the control bar. Something I have used often in other DAWs. Problem with any UJAM Virtual Drummer: As long as you change the tempo by typing a value in the control, everything works fine. After sliding the up/down tempo arrows with mouse-drag, however, the UJAM VST window shows weird data- Things that should be a single selection won't click "off", the graphic display of keys pressed disappears, etc. I can't get the plug-in to function correctly after this- I need to delete the track and start over. Similar behavior with all UJAM stuff I tried so far. Can anyone duplicate this, and is there a CbB setting I am missing that might be causing it? Thanks! Example: "Drum Kit" and "Mix Preset" only supposed to allow one selected:
  9. THANKS Larry. You have the golden browser. I looked over at AudioDeluxe and could not find it 🙄 Their "Deluxe Bucks" have pulled a lot of my $$ their way. I need to add them to my top tier shopping sites. They just made another sale.
  10. Neither GROUP or FORUM give additional discount at JRR- It that typical for the "loyalty" upgrades?
  11. Hmmm. Still have my $30 UVI "loyalty credit" that expires Jan 31. But I also own Soundtoys and Cableguys bundles..... The GAS is strong with this one, because UVI just makes awesome stuff.
  12. I built my current DAW machine in September 2019 and it has been rock solid (AMD Ryzen 7 3700X). Windows updates have been unkind to a lot of users, regardless of CPU. Find a disk image solution that you like, and establish at least a three external drive backup rotation "just in case". Be sure to also create the bootable media that will let you restore. I recommend Macrium Reflect Free. It is truly free for personal use, not crippled in any way, and even allows mounting an image to pull back individual files if that is all you need to recover.
  13. For those that got this deal: Boz just released "Das Boot" (stomps) for free. Check your email/account at Boz for a link. Price will be $0 in cart.
  14. A-Men! Minor updates for World Suite 2 and Drone - 53 Gigs for me. Silly.
  15. That would be my take. Since I own the UJAM, I am not looking further, but if you have the Reason Rack VST capability, this might be interesting. Should UJAM ever decide to update to "Version 2" (like they did for the basses), I expect you would not be eligible for a cheap upgrade, as this Reason version is apparently going to be "abandonware".
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