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  1. Credit to Larry for the original post In particular- if you are looking for Halion 6 Full version, and you own Falcon, Kontact, Machfive, or Omnisphere, you can save another $50 off the sale price ($175 $125 total) with the crossgrade option at https://www.steinberg.net/promotion/ At checkout you can select the Crossgrade option instead of full. cclarry created a topic in Deals.url
  2. Every year I let this deal pass... Last month I added a 4TB QVO SSD. This is the year of the Martian. 900 mbit internet is coming in handy.
  3. "Dungeon Siege II" Steam key. I really ticked-up the drive this morning, finally buying Samples From Mars complete (46 G) for $19.50 I need to step away and let this machine cool off.
  4. I jumped. I have not used Producer Loops before. 20 Gigs WAV format audio. Pretty well categorized by folders ( Library, Group, Loops/MIDI/Oneshots, Instruments. Long file names reflect Library, Group, tempo, key, dry/wet. Aleatoric/Foley have descriptions. Some duplication as far as dry and wet versions. I can't dig very deep yet- familial obligations Fill your HD for only a buck a gig- why not? I got my $ worth.
  5. Good product. Can generate longer more "orchestral" type motifs. No percussion generator. Fun but very random. You are going to be clicking the dice and going through a lot of tries to get interesting cohesive parts. Not in the same league as the other two. They also can't interchange data like the other two suites parts. More good stuff- Drum part generator is excellent. More suited to pop/edm. I find the chord parts a little more difficult to work with than Orb. If you want the easiest and broadest capability- get Orb AND CP. You can use the CP percussion generator with Orb, and have a lot of flexibility to experiment with the different part generators. You didn't mention Plugin Boutique Scaler 2.5- Really outstanding (no percussion generator) BUT I would not put this in the noob category. A little more work to set up master/slave tracks for chords, bass, melody, arps...
  6. Interestingly, I already own Captain 5, and there is no upgrade offer for Complete for me- still $124. The offer does look pretty similar to what was offered when I first bought Captain at V4 (the 5 upgrade was free). The stuff beyond Captain looks pretty "DJ oriented" which is not me. They do have a key/beat finder, but I already have that covered. Disclaimer- I have about everything in the "MIDI generator" genre, and I keep adding to my collection! I will be interested to see if Captain 6 will be a free upgrade for me next month.
  7. https://mixedinkey.com/black-friday-VIP/ Buy Captain Plugins now and get a free update in December to next version. Edit Looks like 50% off for upgrades- 40% off for new users. Look for a "VIP email" for current owners. Interesting that there is going to be some kind of Phaseplant tie-in for the new version. Captain Plugins 6 "Epic" For the Black Friday price of $99 $49 by purchasing Captain Plugins 5 you will get a free upgrade to Captain Plugins Epic when it launches in December. • New Play Styles open up a world of musical possibilities • New sounds powered by Kilohearts Phase Plant • Make the worlds best chord progressions and basslines
  8. Don't forget "Loonies". I can hit Canada with a rock from here (and often try). I might be interested in a crossgrade for the Cube. Best bang for the Yankee Dollar? (Reseller, direct?)
  9. Yes, I got a $10 voucher too. I also follow @Canopus advice and pretty much only purchase from Audio Deluxe. "A bird in the hand..." So, I didn't expect much.
  10. If you let a subscription lapse in the past, they will throw you a 50% off code by email once in a while. The sent one to me a week after I let mine lapse last December(passed on it). I got another one in October that I decided to use (Studio level for $59/yr), since there are some new apps and features I wanted to try. I assumed they have also added to the loop catalog over my lapse time.
  11. JRR Prices are up. I think Group is a bit cheaper than Forum $54.18 for Abyss. OK- I call witchcraft on Lars. I was in a chat with JRR support and they told me right when they put the sale up!
  12. I sent JRR a query yesterday. I would think that they would follow the other resellers. Probably swamped with updates. After a few hours of play, I am actually having second thoughts about Abyss, but really like Hyperion. There are some great sounds in Abyss, but there is a little less variety in the patches than I would like. Hyperion "clicked" with me pretty quickly as far as being intuitive to program and amazingly broad. VERY nice that Tracktion gives a full 90 day evaluation period. I can't find a sale end date on the Tracktion site. Audio Deluxe says 34 days left.
  13. Abyss and Hyperion have my eye (and ear). Playing with the demos. Any dealers that have bonuses on top of the discount, or is direct from Tracktion the best route? It looked like I might get a couple more bucks off for owning a couple other titles. <edit> Looks like PB might be the place for me. Tracktion direct gets me a $4 discount if I buy both (plus I have a $3 credit there), but they collect sales tax that wipes that out by nearly 2x. With PB I get a couple future bucks/points AND I can make two buys to scoop the freebies. JRR not showing any sale yet. I will wait and see if they put it up. Abyss is a definite. Have to spend more time with Hyperion. It looks complex as heck, but the presets really sound great.
  14. So- That didn't take long 😆 https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/36197-hornet-black-friday-sale/
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