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  1. https://www.audiothing.net/effects/filterjam/#grabit
  2. This probably isn't the solution, based on your symptoms, but you might try it: https://solidstatelogic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007770037-Hear-your-DAW-and-apps-at-the-same-time
  3. Mulling Vocal Bender over, as I already have Little Alter Boy. Found the following direct comparison. Agree with @Carl Ewing that Bender sounds much less "gritty" in the YT vid.
  4. Thanks for the tip on the freebie. Already have a bajillion "classic" soft-synths, but I now have a new registration on my Tracktion account. My MalwareBytes filter REALLY did not like Tracktion registration page. I had to whitelist it and still click though a "Phishing Warning" from MB to get in. False positive, I'm sure. I think I have been on there in the past couple months without issue.
  5. Brian Lawler

    AIR Updates

    Even though the Windows plug-ins have not been updated, I still think they are a great value if you catch them in bundles, etc. I resurrected many of them for use on my laptop for simplicity of install/activation (iLok software) and low space and CPU impact. @Yan Filiatrault - I have not experienced any crashes or problems with AIR FX or VSTi with Windows on either desktop or laptop. I think I have most if not all the VSTi's. I only have a subset of the FX that came with a MIDI hardware purchase some time ago, and I don't use those regularly.
  6. Brian Lawler

    AIR Updates

    The only thing updated is the installer shells. The VST dll's in these are byte-for-byte identical with the 2015 versions that I had. I didn't see any difference in the content either, but I didn't feel like digging that deep with WinMerge.
  7. I gotta give props to Rob Papen. I just bought the Explorer 6 upgrade nine days before the release of DelSane. You have to draw the line somewhere, but RP immediately issued me a (no charge) key upon my request. I probably would have popped for the $29 anyway, because I collect delays like some gather compressors. Fun to play with.
  8. Found this on RP's YouTube post.
  9. Well, Gainmatch was an easy sell. I watched the videos and spent 15 minutes with the demo. LOTS of options "hidden" in the menus/icons. Got it direct for $15 thanks the the "YT15" code published on this forum.
  10. I found it! Gainmatch It was $19 on sale for $12 (in early March- not on sale now). Not sure if it has the same ability as this thread product, but certainly cheaper. I just looked at the Youtube vids for it and it looks very useful.
  11. I thought there was a @ $20 VST mentioned on this thread a few weeks ago, but I can't find it now.
  12. Thank you! I just discovered that when I was poking around. They are all installed locally now. I still show an update for "Arturia Lite" in ASC, but that can wait. Much to explore in P3.
  13. Yeah. I got the free Pigments 3 update installed, but since buying the $19 patch kit, Arturia Software Center has been a smoldering heap. Oh well- Something to look forward to!
  14. Note Magix' non-commercial use restriction. I know you mentioned not usually using stuff with this restriction in one of your videos. I am in the same boat. I bought a few of their packs in the early days, and although I don't currently license or sell music, I prefer not to keep track of such sources.
  15. I agree with abacab's critique, but I did not find VIP at all worth keeping on my system. I got it "free" with my Alesis VX49 keyboard a few years ago, and had high hopes for a "poor man's Komplete" via hardware support in the VX49. It has been more than two years since it was updated, so I expect it must be abandoned. I cleaned all the VST-2 stuff off my system in favor of VST3 (except for VST2 only apps *cough* UJAM), so that was a huge strike against VIP for me as well.
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