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  1. Here is the schedule of libraries that will have a 24 hour Sale this coming week: Tuesday - Percussa V1 for Omnisphere 2 (SALE CLOSED) Wednesday - NoizBox for Unify Thursday - String Theory - Orchestrator for Unify Friday - BeatBreakers for BreakTweaker Saturday - MegaMagic Guitars for Unify Sunday - Sabrefy V1 for Unify Monday - Toxic FM8 for NI FM8 https://www.pluginguru.com/
  2. Bundle at Best Service $45.09 plus 3% Bestcoin. Not seeing any UJAM on JRR today- they used to allow coupons sometimes for them. Agree that $29 is too steep- Guess they are expecting the faithful to buy the bundle. https://www.bestservice.com/en/usynth_new_titles_bundle.html
  3. Under here: https://www.ujam.com/special-offers/ you will find:
  4. iLOK still dead for me but my plugs are working, even the UAD stuff (so far). UA Connect just shows an empty window and a "circle of doom" though. Edit- UA Connect eventually issued a "failed to launch, try again" error.
  5. Thanks for the additional info- Yes the newsletter code can only be used once. I burned mine getting the full version of Cube some time ago. Beam looks interesting, even though the only YT content I could find is sponsored. Also just a bit leery that any additional FX will be paid add-ons. So.... I am just judging Beam by what it can do now.
  6. 1.1 Update released https://lunacy.audio/beam-version-1-1-released/ Also- sale price back and running into June (40% off all Lunacy Audio) EDIT - Crossgrade price (own Lunacy Cube) $49 at PB: https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/53-Multi-Effect-/12371-BEAM-Crossgrade-from-CUBE
  7. Studio One 6.6.1 is now available for download in MyPreSonus (or click “Check for Updates” in Studio One). The complete release notes and version history can be found in your account. Thanks and have a good time! New Features and Improvements: * Support for new PreSonus Quantum ES and HD Series * Web-based MyPreSonus login * Improved modifier behavior for moving effects from Console to Arrangement * [Dolby Atmos] Support for reading, writing and rendering 5.1.4 trims * [Linux] System requirements updated to Ubuntu 24.04 LTS The following issues have been fixed: * [Chord Track] Selecting diminished triad chord not possible after minor triad * [Chord Track] Diminished chord becomes minor chord when dragged to instrument track * [macOS] Audio device commands not working * [macOS] Akai MPC 2 software not instantiating * [Scenes] Post fader inserts not saved with song * [Project Page] Track height not restored when switching to other pages * [Score Editor] Layout broken in measures with many rhythmic divisions * [Show Page] First section of Setlist item not skipped reliably * "Export Mixdown" with "Import to Track" engaged causes out-of-sync playback * “Go to Next / Previous Section” commands always start playback * "Lock Pan to Channel" setting on sends is not saved as default * Loading “White Grand” Sound Set displays wrong error messages * Misleading tooltip when hovering over Mute * Missing analysis results for certain chords * Object Panner crashes when certain 3rd party panners were used before * Object Panner disappears when Console is closed and reopened * Pan slider grayed-out on duplicated audio track * Playback of long audio files broken with small buffer settings * Potential crash when switching Spatial Audio mode from Surround to Dolby Atmos * Resizing certain plug-ins GUI creates graphical glitches * Some FX/Instrument thumbnails in Browser are tiny * Splitter routing lost when switching Track from mono to stereo * [Linux] Freezes and crashes when switching from JACK to ALSA with Pipewire enabled * [Linux] Some dialogs have the wrong size
  8. Looks great if you are an audio guy. Jump to about minute 28 ("cons") to see that if you are a MIDI/VI person, it's not a contender.
  9. No biggie. I just parked my "AGI STORM FX seed treater" next to a bunch of reverbs I never use.
  10. I am pleased that they implemented the MIDI out. I only have a couple VD titles, and I tend to use EZD3 or others for acoustic drums, but I am looking forward to UJAM adding the MIDI out to the Beat Maker and especially the virtual pianos & guitars. You can drag and drop entire MIDI phrases, but the fun of the Virtual Pianos & guitars is jumping among phrases "live" mid-measure. You can capture the trigger notes with mid-phrase changes, but not the actual played MIDI data (yet). Anyway- agree that I won't be using the VD stuff any more often, but optimistic for some of the other VIs.
  11. https://www.bestservice.com/en/downloads.html#ts120 Free Mode – Play each slot as a playable instrument. External Mode – Bypass the audio engine and use the slots as individual arrangers. Added an undo/redo option on the Play Page MIDI-assigns to the Solo/Mute Buttons 20 additional Stories that show you the full potential of the Free Mode
  12. Remember these guys? MEMDAY gets 10% off orders over $49 or 15% off over $99 Example: Omnisphere 2 $407.15
  13. And of course- Bartek (a man and his MIDI controller). It's free to watch!
  14. https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/mix-master-music-and-vocals-bundle Packs: 3/$1 20/$15 41/$20 TAKE 20% OFF WITH LEARNFEST20 COUPON
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