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  1. It looks like Best Service ran out of update keys. Hopefully sorted before the weekend. Perhaps it is SOP. I don't recall where I got my past updates.
  2. Presonus used to do a "live video" event for announcements of releases. Has a time been mentioned for that on 9/29, or perhaps they aren't doing those any longer?
  3. I married a musician. I may have "x" guitars but she has two pianos and a marimba. Either by tonnage or floor space, I will never catch up
  4. Looks to me like Vintage, Experimental, and Percussion are the only bundles at $29. Other bundles get a discount based on what you already own. Phooey. It was a pricing error on the three bundles above. They are fixed now or in the process.
  5. WOW- Percussion bundle is an absolute no-brainer at $29. I already had all four though 😒 EDIT - Pricing error fixed now.
  6. 10th Anniversary Sale. All Plugins are $29 and get SQUASHIT for FREE with purchase. https://klevgrand.com/
  7. https://www.lootaudio.com/category/plugins/melda-production/msoundfactory Sale ends Oct 15, 2022 I think this is still Melda's 50% off sale, but the GBP has taken a beating vs USD lately. Use a payment method with no transaction fees. I think Paypal adds @ 5%
  8. Completely agree Reid. I skipped over Cube last year on release as "yet another sample blending player". Your and other's comments during the last sale convinced me to purchase (after a trial). It is very easy to customize patches and in my experience on Windows 10 Ryzen 5 has been very resource friendly. Audiomodern gives amazing bang for the buck. Chordjam still gives me fits- I can get good output but don't seem to know how I got there Playbeat is a real gem though.
  9. https://lunacy.audio/products CUBE player VST plus libraries. Sign up for the newsletter to get an extra 10% off (I think just new customers). New release pack RUMBLE ($29 sale price). Sale ends October 20.
  10. @John Maar and I must be of similar vintage. My first entry into "programming" was a Sinclair programmable calculator in college, and that got me hooked. First real computer was an OSI Superboard (6502 based). Only used cassette for data storage. CPM and floppy drives were out of my price range Remember wire-wrapping? I designed and built a RAM expansion and a simple synth for the OSI. Synth was based on a TI chip- don't recall the part#. Sure wish I still had that. Years later I bought one (sans customizations) at a flea market as a keepsake. My first foray into MIDI on a PC was the Amiga. I started doing some simple programming to make use of it, but commercial products soon appeared and I didn't feel like reinventing the wheel. I never got into sampling or non-oxide based recording in the early days. I just could not justify the $$$$ for those huge cards full of RAM chips.
  11. I had hoped that UVI's new "Portal" program would handle patches without forcing a dl of the whole thing over again. 😡
  12. Certainly worth $30 for guitarists, even if you prefer standard notation to tabs. I am a bit miffed that my Arobas upgrade price from V7 is also $35 though. Cheaper to just buy it as new from JRR.
  13. $25 Upgrade price from I<3NY here: https://babyaud.io/upgrade I<3NY was free @ Dec 2020. My free key works for the upgrade price. NOTE: If you are on the email list for Baby, they give a code for an additional 10% off. IDK if they stack- I have not checked.
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