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  1. Yet another Orchestral library and/or a subscription model?
  2. Would you get it if it was 100% off?
  3. Better than: Albion Abbey Road One Komplete Ultimate CE ?
  4. Looks like it's $3 less than a full purchase sale price, which seems like 'not a sale' price?
  5. This will not get an "installed" from me. I pretty much abandoned this DAW at Pro X5.
  6. Bapu

    IK Servers Down?

    I'm in here in Californiashire.
  7. Bapu

    IK Servers Down?

    Bring it on....
  8. I own Abbey Road One and Albion, no early access here either.
  9. Been doing that for 69+ years. Why change horses mid-stream?
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