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  1. Yes, I'm just saying that *if* you don't use presets Sup 3 SDXs offer a deeper roll your own production options.
  2. Production ready kits vs Ability to roll your own deeper production values on the kit. Or so they say.
  3. Bapu


    @S.L.I.P.That's so ABULL in the songs forum.šŸ˜›
  4. When my (now 45 year old son) was three this was one of his favorite songs. And he loved Jean-Luc Ponty's New Country too.
  5. Bapu

    JRR Shop

    I once met one of the writers of that show and he said when they were spit balling ideas for a new show they were high and thought they should create a euphemism for a brothel (that would get past the censors). Apparently they succeeded. Uncle Joe is piano player/bouncer, the three girls initials are all "B.J." (Bobby Jo, Billie Jo and Betty Jo) and the aunt (Kate) is the madam.
  6. What are those blue tags for? šŸ™‚
  7. Well, when I installed my new desk I thought I would be making the wiring cleaner. It's still a hornets nest back there.
  8. Now that Doc is back do we have to act respectable again?
  9. Wannbe yuppie collector?
  10. I always buy all SDXs and all EZXs. Probably won't dig into both until later.
  11. https://www.bestservice.com/sensual_grooves.html
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