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  1. Sounds like a drunk tune up session. In a good way of course.
  2. Disclaimer: that's not my rig
  3. Bapu

    BFD Updated to

    Finally go the Mac working. After installing latest License Manager and logging out and logging back in. What a pain in the Mac a.$.$.
  4. Bapu

    BFD Updated to

    Nope. Same message. At least for now the PC version is working.
  5. Installed. 4 more updates to drum MIDI too.
  6. Bapu

    BFD Updated to

    PC install was flawless. Mac install was OK but now License Manager says "server was unable to process the request try again shortly"
  7. Paulo won't like it, transport at the bottom is a major turn off for him.
  8. Is that a random Hi or a purposeful Hi?
  9. 1. Cicadas 2. Self Imposed ban 3. He zipped up all his messages to help save space for Bandlab 4. IDK
  10. Bapu


    Fycksed for you me old mucker
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