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  1. My thoughts from my day one on FB. Killed my personal account so people would quit bugging me. I created a "music" account that I only use for User Groups and I've all but stopped going there too.
  2. Not Installed! I was sure I owned the Pro Version but a review of My Account says "no way Hose-A", yet I do get an offer of $123 since I own some "other" products.
  3. 30 files done 18 to go 61.4% of size done.
  4. Probably their site since I have 2000Mbsec service but typically get 1000Mbsec.
  5. Started downloading 4 hours ago and I'm at 43%.
  6. Aha! I only installed the engine. Shouldn't be too long now for the ROOM PACK. 🤣
  7. MIDI to follow one day soon I suppose.
  8. Or "free" if using a prepaid serial number. Installed!
  9. I bought it after the 3rd update. Works a treat with my limited knowledge at this point.
  10. Imagine if all your plugins were actual hardware 🙂
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