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  1. Not me. I only have a $50 that requires $75 in the cart. So I'd need a $49 item added to this one to save $10 on this flash sale. Sadly all the $49 items today don't exactly excite me. So in a way I'm saving $29.99 today. Or better stated I'm not spending $29.99 today. Truth be told I'm not dying to have the Alpha Compressor, but for $29.99 I would take it if I could've found something semi-needful in the $49 range. And thus, it may be that my $50 voucher will go unused this month just like the $25 from last month. Heck, I might as well go subscription 😞
  2. Bapu

    Softube Tape

    Had some virtual cash with PB, so I picked this up.
  3. @Shane_B.Actually no. It got sent back to MF. According to UPS it was undeliverable. MF says that usually means it was damaged. So I'm having that order cancelled (there are no more in stock, blah blah blah). I found a used one in excellent shape on Reverb.com. It's due to arrive on Thursday. In the meantime I'm looking at a Sterling (Music Man import line) StingRay 4H/4HH or the more higher priced Ernie Ball Music Man StungRay 4H/4HH. Shooting for one of those at the end of the year.
  4. Bapu

    Digital Performer 11

    GROUP did not work for upgrade but FORUM did. Still, $173 is pretty deep for an upgrade. Especially since I have not quite got the hang of DP10 yet.
  5. My first Google search brought up this: I'll get me coat.....
  6. Bapu

    I'm Baaaa-aaaack!

    What's in it for me?
  7. The wrap artists who did these seem intelligent, IJS
  8. I doan nose what ewes Am sayin'
  9. This is not the him/her you're looking for:
  10. It's an agreed upon perceived concept just like beads, or furs or whatever was way back in the day.
  11. I canne be arsed to size them properly... 😞
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