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  1. It's perpetually $149, right?
  2. Bapu


    Tomorrow = Lars = Installed!
  3. As an Albion user my price is $289 for me. Not "Installed!".
  4. Bapu

    Out Soon

    Well, if it's released tomorrow will it be "Installed!" for my birthday?
  5. Bapu

    Line6 Helix

    I really want to, I'm holding out for the upgrade to Total Studio Max 4 (assumes it will be in there).
  6. Yes I own every MIDI pack by Toontrack and Session Essentials is a pretty good one.
  7. Literally every last one of them had an update today.
  8. Installed! I'm down to two not owned: DeEss and Flex Verb.
  9. $44.49 at jrrshop with code forum
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XE5Y1Fgnm1A The last two songs of the day will be given feedback by Warren Huart for one by Ken "Zargg" Nilsen (In Vain), and the final song will be by Citizen Regen (@Zargg, @bitflipper and me; Death Spiral). You can replay it and or advance to the last two songs if you like.
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