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  1. to quote my mate @Fleer "pretty, pretty good"
  2. Since our band Citizen Regen is a virtual band consisting of members in California, Washington, Norway and Portugal time spent is difficult at best to calculate. But with all that we have at times only produced one song per year and at best three per year. We just completed our 20th a week ago.
  3. Uh oh sounds like another money pit looming ahead for me. 🙂
  4. Try not to go faster than a day at a time mate.
  5. Spectre Digital Element Bass (intro pricing) Neural DSP Darkglass Ultra Suite Analogue Drums Plastique & Gorilla Unify STL Tones Control Hub Expansions: Atrium Studios, Kevin & Kain Churko, Kris Crummet BOZ Digital Labs New York L Pianos (intro pricing) BFD Dark Farm Cubase 13 (not really a deal, typical upgrade price, but snagged it anyway) PhasePlant and then completed the Kilohearts Ultimate Bundle with my $200 discount code from my past years subscription. With my Avid Inner Circle $100 off I got Plugin Alliance MEGA XXL for a year for $200 (for the 10 plugins voucher to be used next December)
  6. And here I thought we were just crude and rude.
  7. Sorry Zo, I've never done it. And yes 57Gregy, it's best they leave the room.
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