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  1. Bapu

    Waves Tax Day Sale

    I can live without all my Waves plugins. And Slate, PSP, IK Multimedia ..... I can live without *EVERY SINGLE* plugin I own. It would be a so very sad life though.
  2. Or a balloon? Deflated of course. How would we make money if we are not the ones to inflate it?
  3. No matter what you do it's still Am.
  4. Lurves the smell of GG in the morning.
  5. It probably only has one 8" speaker in the cab. If that.
  6. Sadly, me old mucker, most are bigger than mine.
  7. Since I have UAD and Slate and now this one along side Empirical Labs' Arouser I'll have to do some comparative analysis (someday). Although I may not be pro enuf to tell the difference.
  8. Actually $29.90. The $0.90 might be a deal breaker for some. 😉
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