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  1. Yup, I own it already. It's a cool plugin.
  2. I qualify for a "Pick any 3 plugins for $29.99 each" monthly loyalty coupon. No telling how long that will last since I'm typically only spending my 4EVAH29 on a monthly basis (unless a flash voucher get's me something for less). [edit] I should have said I can pick 1, 2 or 3 plugins. It's not just 3.
  3. @jesse g I've updated my stereo signal chain I have 2 each LA-610 -> KT 2A (LA-2A clone) -> Lin76 (1176 clone) -> EQ-81 MK3 - all patch in bay so I can reconfigure easily The Lin76s used to be 76 KTs BTW the EQ-81s are brilliant.
  4. Needlepoint was $49 today, mine for $24. Not the greatest bargain, but I'm ok with that for now since the best I would have been able to do was 2EVAH29. I'm off to buy an $8 burger to make me feel 'right'.
  5. At age 15 (I'm 69 now) I smoked for about 18 months until my girlfriend said "It's me or cigs". I chose her. Married her after high school. Never looked back on cigs. Had few cigars with the boys a couple of times.
  6. Bapu

    Installed! (DUH) - $23

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