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  1. I pay just about $20/month for 2 select subscriptions, one of which gives me $100 at the end of each year so I can pick and choose what I want to own (Kilohearts, btw). The is not a true 'subscription' per se. It's my plugged in membership with Harrison. That monthly membership fee does get me anywhere from 1 to 3 free new plugins a year and goes toward supporting Harrison's dev effort (as well as purchasing major version upgrades at a reduced cost). I'll succumb to Slate's subscription when I get a project that uses his version of ANA or THU but only until I can convert the projects to my native versions of the products. As of right now I do own all of Slates plugins, so it's just that niggle that opening a project that uses Slate's ANA or THU will not recognize and load the actual native plug and populate his settings (stoopid, stoopid, stoopid even though I understand the reasoning).
  2. Empirical Labs only got as low as $169.15 😞 Still waiting for 50% off 🙂
  3. Everyone thinks it, Bub sez it.
  4. For me it still just means 'bapu'
  5. My Tinnitus (at this point) is a random chirping sound similar to the sound of our smoke detectors when the battery needs replacing. And it's random which ear it's in. But, it's only in one ear or the other for the duration of the engagement on a given day.
  6. Remember: Never put him on bypass
  7. Still no updates available in TT Manager. 😞
  8. Ditto to what everyone has said +1.
  9. Nuttin', nada, zilch. And that's what my collaborators say about my tracks too.
  10. DOH! I bought it twice, thinking I didn't already have it. I keed, I keed. I have three of them 🙂
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