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  1. I've been begging for his for over 5 years now. Doubtful it will happen. But, I've been wrong before.
  2. 1. It has real knobs to control the channel strip 2. The channel strip is an SSL 4000 console 3. They have other consoles available (for a price of course) If none of the above are desired by you, then there is no advantage.
  3. Just watched the vid from AES. If I was in the market for a controller (and didn't own the FP16 already) I would be stoked to get this. But for now I can live with my FP16 and my Console 1.
  4. Bapu

    Cubase 10 Pro for free

    It may be a while before I use it Zo, but I'll try to remember to give that a go and report back.
  5. Bapu

    Cubase 10 Pro for free

    When I registered 9.5 it automatically became 10 in the elicenser. Pretty cool.
  6. Because I'm just now registering my 9.5 Pro crossgrade. See ya in the funny papers.
  7. Then I'm twice as happy. I have the FP16.
  8. It's out now. Purchased->Downloaded->Installed. Done and Done.
  9. ^ A fun time travel vid two steps up.
  10. You're no Mike Pence, that's for sure. Oh wait, your wife is with you the whole time. My bad.
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