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    Favorite Freeware FX Thread

    Glad to hear it! I, too like the cleanness of the designs, both sonically and visually. I've been meaning to have a try at mixing using nothing but the Dead Duck package just as an exercise, see how good I am without access to my fancier toys.
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    Favorite Freeware FX Thread

    I think that a person can put together an excellent system entirely with freeware, and CbB is of course an excellent foundation. I hope this thread will be a "virtual sticky," that is, I expect it will be bumped often enough to stay near the top. I'm going to start listing favorite tried-and-true free plug-ins and links to where to download them. They are all ones that I have used extensively with Cakewalk, so they are safe to use in that environment. My recommendations will be only for 64-bit VST's. This thread is intended to be of assistance to our fellow users, especially new ones, in finding good plug-ins to augment the collection that comes with Cakewalk. I'll start with the bundles that I think every DAW user should download straightaway, whether they're on a budget or otherwise. First is the Meldaproduction Free Bundle. This bundle of 34 plug-ins has been described as the best value in the plug-in world, and I agree wholeheartedly. The Compressor and EQ surpass most of the payware competition and wind up on most of my projects to this day, 5 years since I first downloaded the bundle. Download it, spend an evening trying out all of the FX on some material and be amazed at what Meldaproduction is letting us use for free. As a promo, it sure worked on me, I've paid to upgrade the Free Bundle and also bought licenses for other Melda plug-ins. There are utilities in here like signal and noise generators and analyzers in addition to the excellent sound processors. If you only get one of these, make it this one. The ReaPlugs from Cockos, makers of REAPER. Six highly-configurable, very powerful effects, a compressor, multi-band compressor, EQ, delay, gate, and FFT dynamics processor, plus a couple more utilities. It may not sound so exciting, but these are very versatile, and very configurable, much like REAPER, the DAW that is their main product. The EQ and MB compressor allow as many bands as you want, the delay as many taps as you want, etc. Next is Voxengo's Assortment of goodies. I mostly stick with SPAN, the spectrum analyzer, and MSED, their mid-side utility, but Boogex, their amp simulator, and Stereo Touch, their stereoizer, are both excellent at what they do. I find the standard UI theme colors to be challenging on my eyes, so I tone them down in the settings. Blue Cat's Freeware Pack includes a good spectrum analyzer, a really nice guitar amp sim, and a good handful of modulation FX. Very attractive GUI's. Finally, if Cakewalk didn't come with anything, or if someone just wanted or needed one each of every standard effect plug-in, The Dead Duck Free Effects Bundle has 25 essential no-frills FX, nothing fancy, just functional and easy on the eyes. Compressor, Gate, EQ, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Bit Crusher, Expander, Channel Strip, they're all there. I've tried them and they work. Nothing fancy about the GUI's, they're nice and attractive, no fake brushed aluminum. As for the sound, no attempts here to inject "mojo" or "vintage warmth" or anything, they do what they say they do. If you download and install everything you can get from those five sites, you'll have in the neighborhood of 80 new plug-ins to try out. Each of them, even Dead Duck, has unique effects and utilities that might wind up being your favorite thing or just handy to have in your plug-in bin in case you need to do a bit of attenuating or boosting or analyzing or bit crushing or whatever. I'll be back with many more, and of course, I hope that others will jump in with great suggestions. These are just what I consider the freebie essentials, the Cheapskate's Choice. And sure, we'll have another thread for VSTi's. Start one!
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    Free Sonex Audio "Steinway D Piano"

    Is there any way to use the free piano without buying the $400 sampler? I'm not up on Knotakt.
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    Favorite Freeware FX Thread

    I just tried DD Compressor with the latest build of Cakewalk, Windows 10/1903 on my Core 2 Quad system with nVidia card and all functions worked fine, including the ones you mention. Man, I'm sorry to hear it. It's a good bundle of FX and fun to go through all of them. You might post a message to the developer on KVR Forum, he's active on there and very responsive the last time I saw. He doesn't like bugs, either. Wants them to work for everyone.
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    cakewalk by bandlab new features

    BandLab does own the intellectual property that was owned by the now defunct Cakewalk, Inc.,which includes the Cakewalk branded FX and synths. I believe that Meng, the CEO of BandLab said that they would be looking into making them available. Each plug-in is its own little program that can affect the larger program and must be given the same level of support, so this isn't as trivial as it might seem at first. As you can see, much attention is being placed on bug fixing and workflow enhancement. I favor this approach and believe it shows a bright future. For now, look at the "Favorite Freeware FX" thread for a list of what is now hundreds of freeware plug-ins that are known to work well in CbB. There is a corresponding thread for freeware instruments.
  6. Starship Krupa

    Air Instrument Cloud

    The bottom line that they are missing by a light year is that subscription licensing is for software that gets updated, for heaven's sake! It isn't for a company known for having come out with very little new in the past 5 years, for selling instrument plug-ins recycled from having been bundled with Pro Tools almost a decade ago at bargain basement prices. When they do come out with a new version of one of their instruments, it seems like the user base are kind of underwhelmed, and they wind up once again blowing it out for $20 in a couple of years. It would be like "subscribing" to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I have it, I'm fine with it as it is, and there's not going to be any new content. This just illustrates how "differently clued" their operation seems.
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    new member with no idea

    Here's where things get really esoteric. Others can speak for how the presence or absence of Hyperthreading (the Intel system has it, the AMD does not) would affect Cakewalk, but one thing is, between the two processors, that AMD has support for the AVX2 instruction set and that Intel does not. They are both old chips. Newer Intels support the instructions. I know that Vojtech of Meldaproduction uses those instructions in his plug-ins, and they are applicable to many multimedia and rendering operations, but I don't know for sure whether Cakewalk uses them. I'd be almost certain it does, as they have been around a long time now and the baker/devs are quite up on this sort of thing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Vector_Extensions This discussion is relevant to my interests, as I have a friend who also wants to buy a DAW computer and asked for my advice.
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    Still using SONAR?

    Because @Noel Borthwick asked, and so @Kev's issue doesn't languish on the defunct forum, here it is. I hope that's okay. If it's not, please let me know and I will delete it immediately. It looked like he wasn't the only one experiencing this and not liking it.
  9. Starship Krupa

    MIDI Clip Length Behavior

    In Preferences/Editing/MIDI, do you have Non-Destructive MIDI Editing checked? I ran into this one myself, and if I remember correctly, that solved it. The option is not-well documented. I may be wrong about it. Try it and let me know if it helps. I do know that I have the option checked and that I haven't had occasion to be exasperated about it lately, so there is hope. 😁
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    How to combine best takes into 1 track?

    Yes, you nailed it. The idea is that at the end of tracking, for each instrument or vocal or whatever, you'll end up with a Track for each of them, with your various takes in clips in one or more Take Lanes down underneath the Tracks. That's what Store Takes in a Single Track is about. (Sometimes I'll be recording 4 tracks at a time in Loop mode, playing drums (mic'd up kick, snare, and overheads), and wind up with half a dozen takes. If I had it set to Store Takes in Separate Tracks, I'd wind up with 24 tracks) Then I use the various comping functions to cut, copy, paste, move, split, mute, speed comp, however I want to do it, the various clips. This work is done in the Take Lanes, and once you get the hang of it, you can really fly, especially with speed comping, which doesn't even require moving clips around. When you have it all assembled, you can take your comped clips and bounce them to a single clip if you want; I just leave it as-is and commence to mixin'. I might archive some tracks with unused takes if I want to keep them.
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    "Unstable" VST by De la Mancha -- doesn't load!

    It's funny that this issue should come up with a De La Mancha plug-in, because I, too, have whittled my 32-bit plug-in arsenal down to only the ones that provide sounds that I can get with no other. I think I'm down around 5 at this point. DLM Sixty-Five is just such a plug-in, his amazing emulation of the dbx 165a compressor. I have been trying for years to "crack the code" of this one and figure out just what it is that I like so much about it, the soft knee, fast response, whatever, trying to emulate it with the versatile compressors at my disposal like MCompressor and MModernCompressor, ReaComp and so forth, that allow access to every parameter, including custom knee shapes in the case of MCompressor. One that is in the ballpark actually, is the dbx preset in the sonitus fx compressor in CbB, but still, not quite there.
  12. Starship Krupa


    I would also love this. Years ago when I was DAW shopping, the fact that Mixcraft comes with its own wi-fi remote app was a HUGE selling point. Since BandLab already has another DAW that runs on Android and iOS, I like to fantasize that it could be somehow be adapted to control Cakewalk. The Mixcraft remote only does transport and master fader, but as long as I set everything up, just having the transport available is golden. One of the barriers to doing this is feature creep, with people saying that it would be "useless" without this or that feature. I think the time I asked about it, the first reply was that such a thing would be "useless" without the ability to arm individual tracks. Fair enough, but that adds a lot of work to creating the app. For that level of control, I think a remote desktop like VNC with a tablet might be more appropriate. Me, I just want to be able to have access to Play, Record, Stop, and be able to go back to the top. The ability to assign one fader would be nice, for adjusting the level in the cans, but it would not be "useless" without it. Right now, I use a nanoKONTROL2 on a long cable like Mark. The wireless keyboard is also a fine idea. Both are rather bulkier than a phone, though.
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    new member with no idea

    This item or similar, is what I use. You can get a cable with Display Port on one end and HDMI on the other, but I find the adaptor to be more versatile.
  14. Starship Krupa

    new member with no idea

    I wouldn't be concerned about this. As long as the system has a Display Port, like the first system you were looking at, you can connect any monitor. Display Ports will accept adaptors for any kind of video connector, including HDMI. The adaptors are inexpensive. Every pre-configured PC is going to come with a certain amount of "crapware" installed. It's a source of revenue for the companies who build them. Even just Windows 10 itself comes with a bunch of Microsoft games and XBox stuff that I went through and disabled on my system. It's only a matter of removing it.
  15. Starship Krupa

    new member with no idea

    That system would handle many times more than what you describe doing. To be honest, I've not felt the limitations of my aging i5 notebook and not much on my even older Core 2 Quad system when running Cakewalk. You will hear from people who will say that you "need" such and such to run a DAW in 2019 or such claims, but often to me it seems like what they are talking about is a system capable of composing movie soundtracks with huge sampled orchestral VSTi's and many CPU-hungry plug-ins on every track, in a high-pressure professional situation where time is money and you can't let the client down. Or similar. So it's true that some people need that, but certainly not all people. The fact of the matter is that there is a vast spectrum of uses for a DAW, especially Cakewalk, and it's possible to get focused on our own use. For me, it's strictly a hobby, mostly audio, I've never loaded more than 2 VSTi's in a project. I should probably increase the RAM in my computer from 8G to 16, but when I went from 4G to 8G in my notebook it had so little effect on my use of Cakewalk that I just keep letting it slip. My audio projects at this point are indie rock affairs, I favor minimalist production, my track counts seldom nudge into the 20's, if that. My reverb is all done via sends. My FX are deliberately-chosen CPU-friendly ones like Meldaproduction. My only "extravagances" are that I sometimes put iZtope Neutron or Ozone on a bus during mixing. I use utilities like Task Manager and Process Explorer to see what's running on my system and turn it off if it's not necessary. I increase the buffers in my audio interface's driver during mixing to let Cakewalk breathe easier if it needs to. I often forget. As you have seen, your 10-year-old notebook can hold its own with Cakewalk. @John said it all: to use your money wisely, higher clock speed is more important than number of cores, and if you want to use multiple monitors, get an accessory graphics card. My onboard Intel HD graphics are fine for Cakewalk, but I run two monitors so as to have the Multidock (Console/Mixer and Piano Roll, etc.) on the second monitor, and it's just better to have more dedicated video RAM. Any new system will have USB3 ports, so you're covered there. Don't fret about the monitor connection. I looked at the back panel connections and the photo shows that it has a Display Port (that's the thing just to the left of the DVI), which means that with an adaptor, you can connect any type of monitor you wish. My Dell has the Intel onboard HD graphics similar to that system and I connected a HDMI monitor via a Display Port-to-HDMI adaptor. I now use the adaptor to connect the monitor to my Radeon 5770. One thing to be VERY aware of when buying a preconfigured system such as the one you are considering is that part of the way the company who sells them makes money is by installing many, many demo programs that you most likely don't want and that may run at startup. To get maximum efficient use of your system it's necessary to get rid of this "crapware." There is software to help you do this, and Windows 10 even comes with a feature called "Fresh Start" that will install a "clean" copy of Windows 10 without any installed 3rd-party software.
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    Should Hyperthread be enabled in BIOS?

    Ah, you have a Dell. My own main DAW is a Dell tower and it works just fine for Cakewalk, so despair not. There's a thing about mine I can share. When I first started running Windows 10 on it instead of the Windows 7 that came with it, LatencyMonitor was showing me similar spikes to the ones you were seeing, but they were about ndis.sys. I Google searched and found many people complaining of this issue, usually after getting an OS update from Microsoft. To shorten the story, what solved it for me was that instead of the "latest and greatest" Intel network interface driver, I needed to use an older one from Dell's website. Occasionally it seems like Microsoft pushes out a NIC driver that breaks it again, and when they do, I use Device Manager/Device Properties to roll back the driver and all is well again.
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    Forum members /home country ?

    Alameda, California, USA
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    Tools module icons change after 2019.07 [SOLVED]

    It's something that I've never seen mentioned in reviews of Sonar or CbB, but the existence of the Theme Editor and the resulting availability of excellent user-created themes is a huge feature. The only time I run with Mercury or Tungsten is when I'm troubleshooting and want a bone stock setup. Otherwise it's one of the M-Lux, M-Titanium, or Boston Flowers.
  19. Starship Krupa

    Tools module icons change after 2019.07 [SOLVED]

    To say that props are due @scook and @Matthew White (and @Mariano Germán Floresand @Canopus and @Michel Roth | MSol, and @Colin Nicholls and anyone else I missed) for creating their themes and getting with these changes so quickly is an understatement. Having rolled up my sleeves and gotten my hands dirty with Theme Editor, I have a taste of how much work is involved in just coming up with color alterations that look good. When I tried to get into creating my own buttons, oy, what a lot of work.
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    Tools module icons change after 2019.07 [SOLVED]

    I think Steve may have updated that one with the new buttons, give it a look. They've been giving the themesmiths a good workout with the Ripple indicator, the note length buttons in the PRV, and now these Smart Tool changes. You're in luck, Mercury Light Green is one of the ones he's updated.
  21. First off, as soon as your critical project is done, install Cakewalk by BandLab on your system. It's way better. Also, it will live alongside your old Sonar just fine . You can visit it if you become stricken by a fit of nostalgia. So the mp3 you uploaded is the sample you want to use? And when you try to use it, at render time you hear only the first part of the file and then nothing? A few questions: Is it just this particular sample or all of the ones in the library? What kind of disk are the samples on, and have you defragmented it lately? What happens if you move some of the samples you are trying to use to a different drive before trying the bounce? What is the sample rate you are using in your project? In Preferences > Audio Data > File Bit Depths, what are your settings?
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    Tools module icons change after 2019.07 [SOLVED]

    The latest build, with either Mercury or Tungsten theme, should show the Arrow icon on the Smart Tool button and the I-beam on the Select Tool button. The fact that your Tools module says "SONAR" on it indicates that you were using a custom theme. If you switch to either of the standard themes or to a theme where the theme's author has updated the Tools Module to reflect the changes, your Tools Module should show the correct graphics. Matthew White and Steven Cook both have themes with updated Tools Modules, and I believe that Boston Flowers has also been updated.
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    Favorite Freeware FX Thread

    https://imgur.com/a/YHkXA7G I'm trying to show a picture of the new UI for Meldaproduction's MTuner. Given my history of success with putting images on this forum, somehow, I suspect it might not be. I don't want to use the forum's own thing where you click on it to enlarge it and it gets smaller. so I tried imgur, but I can only get as far as having the link show up as text. However, that doesn't change the fact that while we weren't looking, or at least I wasn't looking, Vojtech made MTuner polyphonic. The picture, if you can see it, shows all 6 strings of my guitar ringing out and being analyzed by MTuner. And it's quite accurate, too. I can just call up an instance of MTuner, strum across all open strings, and tune away. Just a heads-up (and a bumpity-bump for the thread). If you don't have the Meldaproduction Free Bundle, then for heaven's sake go get it.
  24. Starship Krupa

    Feature Request - Mouse Wheel Scrolling of Menu Lists

    It is a drag (har har), and I've even tried messing with my Logitech Mouseware settings and 3rd-party solutions to no avail as yet.
  25. Starship Krupa

    Instachord anyone?

    I got Instachord and Instascale in the 2-fer bundle deal that Pluginboutique were running a few months back and just now got around to trying out Instachord. I've run into two main issues with it. The first I think I've solved with the help of a YouTube video, and that was how to route it in Cakewalk. Kinda convoluted, but I have it to where I play my MIDI keyboard, the Instachord plug-in's onscreen keys light up, and sounds come out of TTS-1. The second is trickier, and that is I can't quite figure out WTF the thing is supposed to do, apart from making a few people on YouTube super excited that they own a copy. 😤 From what I can make out based on their gesticulations, it enables you to play arpeggios with only 2 fingers while you talk about music theory. I can't figure out how to switch it into the mode where it plays the arpeggios in the first place, and the manual is little help. If that's all there is to this thing I'm going to be a little bummed because I didn't really need a payware arpeggiator, especially one that you need to apply music theory to set up.