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  1. Some classes are free to new Udemy users... this may be one.
  2. Maybe Edith hid 'em? I never go anywhere without my thong...
  3. Check you Kilohearts accounts - looks like they dropped prices
  4. I was thinking about picking up Phase Plant (got everything else) and decided to check my Kilohearts account and noticed that the price had dropped from BF. I just added it to my collection for $42.54 by upgrading to Ultimate, https://kilohearts.com/products/kilohearts_toolbox#ultimate When I last checked BF prices the the other day the best price I could get was $70.70 and this even beats last year's best price of $67.28.
  5. I just picked it up and so far (with all of 2 minutes playing around) I'm impressed. It seems to have the warmth & vibrancy of my old Albino VST that for some reason is missing in so many other soft synths. Hopefully I'll continue to be impressed as I use it more.
  6. and for Mac >> Version 14 Version 14 is a big update, however the main reason for a major update is a change in system requirements. 32-bit plugins on macOS are no longer supported from V14 and the minimal macOS version is 10.9. There are no changes on Windows platform. There are no known relevant backwards compatibility problems, so updating in the middle of a project should be safe.
  7. I picked up the Samsung 2 TB drive earlier yesterday. If you're talking price the 4 & 8TB versions - they're still more expensive than 2X the next step down. i.e. something like $99 for 1TB, $199 for 2TB, $534 (now, I think they was in the mid $400s yesterday) or so for 4TB. I don't think the demand for those models is enough yet (though I wish it was) to cause a significant price drop. Edit (misread) risk of waiting is that they might run out of stock. I was comparing Newegg against Amazon for various models and most on Newegg are now either out or backordered.
  8. LiquidSonics BF Sale, ends 12/7 "Seventh Heaven" ($49) "Seventh Heaven Pro" ($179) "Seventh Heaven Pro Bundle" ($199) "Illusion" ($99) "Lustrous Plates & Illusion" ($149) "Reverberate 2" ($99) The Seventh Heaven trial is available for free on macOS and Windows. Just enter the iLok code below in iLok License Manager and install the plug-in: 6216-3856-7145-7213-0245-0823-2195-91 The Seventh Heaven Professional trial is available for free on macOS and Windows. Just enter the iLok code below in iLok License Manager and install the plug-in: 5223-7288-2326-9224-8150-0830-4398-75
  9. Unfortunately not happening for my account. Probably because I purchased CA2600 from EveryPlugin, it's listed as in my account but not a purchased item.
  10. EZKeys Upright Piano standard 78% off $38 https://www.toontrack.com/product/ezkeys-upright-piano/ Edit: same price at BestService, JRRShop, etc.
  11. You can also get it free here: https://store.cherryaudio.com/ If you already have a CherryAudio account it'll be automatically licensed/registered to you on check out. edit: didn't see that slartabartfast had already posted this.
  12. Cherry Audio Year Two Collection $42 with code GROUP https://www.jrrshop.com/cherry-audio-year-two-collection This is the lowest price that I recall seeing for this collection.
  13. Express yourself this holiday season with the Morph https://sensel.com/pages/holiday-sale Holiday gifts and savings on the Sensel Morph, incredible deals on MPE synths from SonicLAB, Audio Damage, and Madrona Labs, plus free credits to Melodics for all Morph customers! $50 off on Morph bundles - automatically applied in your shopping cart! or Buy one overlay or accessory, get the 2nd half off! Already got a Morph and looking to add more to your setup? Maybe you’ve got the Music Maker’s bundle and are looking to speed up your workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro with the Video Editing Overlay, or you want to pick up a Morph Travel Case. Use discount code BOGOHalf at checkout *Discount doesn't stack with $50 off the Morph. So if you want to use both offers, please place two separate orders. All purchases have an extended return policy through January 25th. So you can feel confident giving the Morph as a gift to others (or yourself 😁), and they’ll still have a full month to test it out and make sure they love it. These deals expire on November 30th at 11:59pm PST. Get them while they're hot! The Morph Unmatched pressure sensitivity Per-note pressure, pitch bend, and timbre (MPE) Bluetooth or USB connection Make beats, melodies, and mixes Control your DAW A truly portable design More than music - overlays for video, illustration, typing, and inventing
  14. In regards to credit towards bundles - I confirmed this with Melda during their previous BF sale when I complained my trade up credit was too low. Melda tracks everything that you purchase from them and credits you .7 that amount. So anything you buy on sale means you'll only get credited .7 of the sale price. Anything bought from a 3rd party vendor or 2nd hand - is only valued at 50% retail and they credit you .7 of that 50% on those items. Apologies for not mentioning this earlier when someone broached this subject, should have been paying more attention.
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