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  1. TheSteven

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

    I've got maybe $6 in Jam Points... so not a deciding factor. If I got a significant # of Jam Points for purchasing directly from IKM instead of SW that would be a valid consideration.
  2. TheSteven

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

    I'm considering picking up Axe i/o from Sweatwater an 'IK authorized reseller' because I can split the cost over 3 payments. Any downside to this? Will I lose out on Jam Points or?
  3. Look in your installation folder for a Documentation sub folder. ..\InSessionAudio\Riff Generation - Outside In Edition\Documentation\Riff Generation - Outside In Ed - Manual.pdf Riff Generation - Outside In Ed - Manual.pdf
  4. I thought that the installation was supposed to take up around 20GB of disk space once installed. Mine looks like it's only consuming around 11GB - is this right? Appears to be all there...
  5. TheSteven

    IK Multimedia Introduces MODO DRUM - Modeled Drums

    Lol, I meant 'drowning' but the typo works as well!
  6. TheSteven

    IK Multimedia Introduces MODO DRUM - Modeled Drums

    That's a very nice video! In depth (in the right ways) without downing you in detail.
  7. TheSteven

    FL Studio Fire Sale

    Didn't want to leave this hanging on a negative... Problem wasn't with Akai Fire but one of my USB ports. Still checking on what's the issue with that port but Akai Fire is working fine.
  8. MeldaProduction has announced the 33rd round of the Eternal Madness Discount 2019, offering 50% off 4 plugins every week. Getting started on Monday, August 12th. Deal of the week: MPhatik Price: €50 €99 MStereoProcessor Price: €40 €79 MRhythmizerMB Price: €50 €99 MPhaserMB Price: €20 €39 Note: If you happen to be new to Melda plugins, you can use someone's referral code for an additional 20% discount off whatever you're buying. Here's my referral code: MELDA1548575 (Feel free to use it, or use a friend's because Melda gives them 10% credit too!) Plus get you can get 10 credits free for signing up to Melda newsletter!
  9. Ditto. I'm using iLok3 dongle also uninstalled iLok Manager and C++ libraries. Not sure what else I could try except holy water and incense. My PC specs are: Alienware M17xR4 laptop Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30GHz, 2301 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) 24 GB RAM, 2 x 1TB SSD hard drives Windows 10 Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362 Audio interface: Roland Quad-Capture
  10. Omnisphere Software 2.6.2c (Version History) Includes the following features and fixes: Fixes issue where some knobs could fail to appear on GUI after loading Keyscape patch (bug present only on MacOS 10.11) Fixes issue where older patches with non-null Glide parameter would have wrong glide duration Fixes issue when Arpeggiator is enabled: in some situations, when a chord is played not all notes would be played Edit: Nevermind... old news
  11. There is a problem with plugins that have been built using the current iLok SDK. This problem affects 64bit VST2 and VST3 plugins on Windows 10 and can causes problems with the hosting DAW running in unless the DAW is run under Admin mode! Note that older iLok plugins do not have this issue. For example Eventide just updated their Elevate Mastering Bundle to v1.5.12 and all the 64bit VST2 and VST3 plugins in the bundle have the problem - however the older release v1.5.7 is problem free of these issues. Issues I've verified if DAW is not run in Admin mode Cakewalk (CbB) scanning failure - new or updated iLok plugins will not show up in your plugin lists. Abelton Live - will repeated crash DAW on scan, occasionally during / after usage. FL Studio - don't recall it having scanning issues but any song using old iLok plugs that have been updated; when you try to manipulate a track containing that plugin will crash the DAW. Studio One - scanning & usage issues. https://support.presonus.com/hc/en-us/articles/210050383-Problem-with-VST-2-iLok-plug-ins-and-Softube-plug-in-in-S1-v3-1-35191-on-Windows-10 With Cakewalk - If you scan your VSTs while running Cakewalk as Admin - they will successfully scan. If you later run Cakewalk as non-admin it appears that you can use these iLok plugins (at least the ones I tried) without issues. If you are affected by this issue let iLok know! Please go to the iLok website, login and create a support ticket: https://www.ilok.com/#!support-ticket/gn Peace out ...Steven
  12. TheSteven

    FL Studio Fire Sale

    Got mine yesterday and... the damn thing doesn't sync properly. Triple checked my settings, still no joy. For the MIDI drum parts the grid buttons light up with the proper patterns but during play mode it's ahead 2/16ths of a 4/4 measure - so 2 columns off. Disheartening when something fails to do level 1 basic crap. Edit: problem was with USB port on laptop not the Akai Fire.
  13. https://insessionaudio.com/products/riff-generation-outside-in/ $99.99 - MSRP $249.99, Sale ends Aug 11th. or get Riff Generation Combo Package (Riff Generation and Riff Generation - Outside In Edition) for $199.98 Note: THERE IS NO OVERLAP OF MATERIAL BETWEEN EITHER VERSION OF RIFF GENERATION
  14. Also new updates for Windows versions of Saturate: https://www.eventideaudio.com/support/downloads/saturate-installer-mac Mac version was released today! https://www.eventideaudio.com/support/downloads/saturate-installer-windows Punctuate: https://www.eventideaudio.com/support/downloads/punctuate-installer-mac https://www.eventideaudio.com/support/downloads/punctuate-installer-windows
  15. TheSteven


    $49 is list price, Sale price in cart is < $25 Note: If you already own the Eventide Newfangled Elevate + EQuivocate bundle you already own/have this. Also there are updates release on 7/31 for Windows