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  1. TheSteven

    Softube Amp Room

    Demos sound really nice but isn't that usually the case for every guitar sim out there? I don't really want to invest in yet another guitar amp ecosystem where I'm going to get nickel & dimed by multiple extension & additions. Maybe I'm just jaded...
  2. TheSteven

    Softube Amp Room

    Link gives 404 error... try: https://www.softube.com/products/amp-room
  3. FYI Tested Znaptiq UnMix against iZotope's Master Rebalance (thanks @paulo for reminder) and liked Rebalance better. Maybe not a fair test - my testing was limited to one song that I have which has multiple percussion instruments and the kick IMO is mixed too loud ('Monkey on My Back' under the my tunes link). In trying to reduce the kick - UnMix sucked all the life out of all the percussion & transients (even the santoor/hammered dulcimer), while Rebalance left the tablas & other percussion pretty much alone or at least affected them only minimally. UnMix might work great on a classic rock song where the only percussion was the drum kick kit and no piano. and no cowbell...
  4. Premiere Pro is an industry standard. On the Mac side there's also Final Cut.
  5. No sub for me bub. So Pro is a no go.
  6. Anyone compare this against the iZotope one?
  7. Just saw the email from Zynaptiq then found this... You snooze, you loose. Still on sale without coupon till Feb 28th.
  8. TheSteven

    Auddict Hexaract

    Auddict Hexaract Last release (1.1.0) was in 4th quarter of 2018 and it's been at $99 since it's initial release. Doesn't look like Auddict has touched it since then which might not be a good sign based on the heavy hipe surrounding the releases. Very mixed reviews on VI Control forum - apparently has a decent range of presets but major issues when it comes to customizing patches or creating your own. I had looked at it hoping that it would be a good platform/tool to create patches out of my own samples but saw enough comments from others who had had the same idea and ended up giving up out of frustration that I got spooked. Also a thread on KVR saying v1.1.0 has issues in Cakewalk and Cubase https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=7299460#p7299460
  9. Nice deal. If you don't have a lot of VSTs probably should jump on it. I prefer the PSP InfiniStrip as it lets you keep settings (somewhat) when swapping modules, but it's not on sale.
  10. So... is this contained in Ethera Gold or a separate library? Looks like it from their comparison chart...
  11. Youlean Loudness Meter V2.4.3 – February 14, 2021 https://youlean.co/download-youlean-loudness-meter/ Fixed choppy scrolling in menus on macOS Fixed forced dedicated GPU switch on macOS. Now the current GPU will be used if possible Fixed default preset not loading correctly Fixed loading custom preset does not change the GUI size Fixed meter in FCPX getting disabled in Big Sur Fixed OS preventing editing files after drag and drop Fixed using multi-file drag and drop could lead to incorrect analysis if channel settings are preselected Fixed app moving up when resizing the window on macOS Fixed installer not working in 32 bit Windows Fixed potential huge RAM usage with VST3 plugin Fixed GUI flickering in some DAWs on older macOS systems Fixed Time Code not working in some situations in Pro Tools Updated VST3 SDK to the 3.7.1 Added support for Apple Silicon Added warning when sample rate is incorrect in the app If the sample rate is missing in the app preferences, a default sample rate will be used Removed momentary window knob Simplified buffer settings in the app preferences Ignore master volume setting in app preferences is now disabled by default Changed view settings icon (hopefully more clear now) macOS 10.9 is now a minimum system requirement for macOS Other small UI, UX improvements
  12. Dear Customer, We are happy to announce the release of Blue Cat's Plug'n Script 3.31, with many performance improvements, Unicode support, a new performance meter, and many other improvements and fixes for the software itself or for exported plug-ins (full change list below). An updated preview with native Apple M1 support is also available (see the "next release preview" link at the bottom of the download page). This is a free update that you can download from the same location as the original full version (you may have to refresh the web page): Check your email for your download like for Blue Cat's Plug'n Script 3.31 ! What's New: Apple Silicon support as a preview. Arrow keys can now be used to navigate presets, in the main view or in the presets browser. Next/Previous preset can now be triggered by MIDI CC commands. New DSP workload meter in the status bar. Smoother presets switching. Improved smooth plug-in bypass. Level meters do not use CPU anymore when the user interface is closed. Many optimizations for faster GUI loading and reduced memory usage. Improved performance for native DSP scripts. Improved plug-in loading performance, especially when having many user presets. Full Unicode support added to Windows platform. New Experimental Xml parser/writer for Angelscript. new KUIML actions to display presets or global settings windows: OpenPresetsSettings, OpenGlobalSettings. KUIML errors can now be redirected to a log file (log_file_path directive in SKIN) KUIML errors display in popup window can be disabled (show_messages="false" in SKIN) window.loaded attribute is now properly set to false and sends events when the plug-in window is closed. updated Angelscript filesystem object (fixes several issues with file dates). VST3: fixed a GUI update issue when using automation and long buffers in Cubase (parameters values jumping). Fixed an issue with random Audio Unit validation failures with exported plug-ins on MacOS older than 10.12. Fixed transport info sometimes not properly initialized for exported plug-ins using native DSP. Fixed an issue with endValues not properly set when using processBlock in exported plug-ins (Native scripts only). Fixed crash when defining actions after using the content attribute in INCLUDE directive. Mac: fixed intToString Angelscript function crash. Mac: fixed GUI performance issues on native P3 displays and improved performance on other displays. Mac: fixed mouse wheel that required large movements to change parameter values. Mac: fixed mouse cursor flickering issues. Mac: fixed Esc key not closing fine edit parameter dialog.
  13. FWIR the prices on these guitars have varied, bouncing from $99 to $129, though possibly maybe more. I don't recall the price hitting the $80 range though.
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