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  1. I actually ended up passing on this. Didn't really care for most of the presets.
  2. Fixed - need to have presets loaded for it work. ++++++++++++ Hi Steven, please just be sure the REEVERB XT unit (in ShineVerb) is set to ON (the Bypass/ON button on the upper-left corner of REEVERB XT blue unit). Please be sure to also install the factory presets library - you'll find everything in the demo package. Once the factory presets are installed into the proper folder (see included instructions) you'll be able to select and load each presets from ShineVerb GUI too.
  3. Does this work in Cakewalk? I was interested in checking this out but both the VST2 & VST 3 demo versions are non-functional (at least on my system). The only thing working is the GUI and the beeping every minute.
  4. Initial Audio Sektor updated to 1.6.2 Hi there, we have just updated Sektor to version 1.6.2 fixing a crash in some daw’s that occurred in certain scenarios. We have also been able to reduce cpu usage thanks to code optimizations. The update is available in my account at the updates tab. The full version installers have been updated as well. https://initialaudio.com/ Version 1.6.2 Fixed a crash in some daw’s that occurred in certain scenarios. v1.6.1 info:
  5. Sale ends (after?) today
  6. Say Hello to Less offending than extending 'that' digit but gets the idea across just as succinctly. When pressed the button lights up and flashes while the builtin voice yells "HELL NO!" For an even more dramatic effect - get the celebrity audio option that has Samuel L. Jackson yelling "HELL NO M***** ******!" Sure to enlighten even the most clueless - only an additional $15 at check out.
  7. $25, and they still do, just not with the impact they use to. Whether that with change back probably will depend on how well PA's subscription offering goes. If it becomes a real money maker then they'll have little incentive to undercut it. Maybe, need tends to be a subjective thing... I've been burned waiting for BF sales before, we've had a year or two not that long ago where the audio deals were fairly meager. BUT in reality most plugins are luxuries rather than necessities. You could turn out master pieces just with the plugins that come with Cakewalk. Heaven forbid I be the instrument causing you to pry the currency out of your wallet to ply your DAW with ephemeral objects of software construction causing your family to go hungry - that's Larry's job. I was just stating my decision and objectives.
  8. At this moment maybe the point of these sales is to encourage you to buy into a subscription. You look at these sales and their prices and think that's 2 or 3 times what the sub price is... PA is hoping that enough people will bite then forget or decide not to cancel their sub. I decided to join in to round out my collection and picked up Sculpt and in the coming months will pick up Black Box HG-2 MS bx_console AMEK 9099 bx_crispytuner and maybe Suhr SE100 After that it becomes a hard sell to keep the subscription as I've been picking off the choice PA plugins as they've come up on sale over the years. If I forget to cancel I may end up with a couple of $1 coupons to hold incase something new & interesting comes out. Or maybe that'll be a strategy like picking a Toontrack 6 pack even though there's nothing you currently want. But regardless - for me it's definitely going to be limited run subscription.
  9. I'll get it next month for $29 + $1.
  10. Did you like it? For me it's a tempting price but I've already got several other options that aren't getting enough of my attention.
  11. When I was a kid I thought it was funny to sing this to my mom, I'd sing it then we'd both laugh. Lol - Just realized that the lead vocal alternates sides each verse... Don't recall noticing that before even though I've heard this song countless times, maybe I've just for gotten.
  12. Hmm.. I'm seeing $41.25 and that's with code and already owning a couple... Not that that is still not a great deal.
  13. Will have to test this to see if handles guitar finger noise (squeaks) picked up with piezo pickups. iZotope does a decent job if you manually ride the automation, hoping this will do better than that.
  14. No soup for you! But they did include some Logic & M1 fixes...
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