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  1. In the past I used this https://www.neckdiagrams.com/ Not free but it's a full featured app designed for this kind of thing. Comes with templates, scale generator, etc.
  2. Yes, but I had to change the YouTube resolution to max (2160p) and even then it took multiple tries. And it created an additional new 8 Track license, it did not extend my current license which ends next month. I lost a month but not upset about it. Depends on how you look at it... It's a way to verify if the BitWig ecoscape works for you. No point in buying a full Studio license if you don't like how the 8 Track version works. It qualifies you for upgrades which can save you some $. Think of it more as an opportunity rather than a limitation.
  3. Assuming you're using Windows, check for "C:\Program Files\LUNA\LUNA.exe" Possibly the installer hung after the installation was completed.
  4. Not the first posting on this, but good reminder for those who may have missed it.
  5. Happy Birthday to both of you! Those damn birthdays are sneaky though, one moment you're young and virile and suddenly you're old and virile...
  6. Rigid Audio's Kontakt GUI Maker has been updated to 1-0-4 What's new in 1.0.4? - added: "Glitchdrum" demo project. - added: Maximize window toggle option for config_kgm.txt file. - added: Minimize, maximize/restore window toggle buttons (Windows). - added: Label color can now be switched between white or black. - fixed: Switch with a "Panel Switch" action assigned would reset panel assigns. - fixed: Duplicating items would cause a slow down/program crash due to a memory leak. - fixed: Item label y-position offset was incorrect when loading projects. - fixed: Empty item labels still visible after project loading. - fixed: Minor GUI fixes and optimizations. - fixed: Switch with a "Panel Switch" action assigned would reset panel assigns. - fixed: Improved project loading times. - changed: Project compiling: Items now keep their internal ID to maintain script persistency. For either demo or licensed version... https://www.rigid-audio.com/kgm_demo_download.html More info: Rigid Audio | PRODUCTS | KONTAKT GUI MAKER 2024
  7. Be really nice when they finally fix this issue. If you need to reinstall / install the latest version it here's the download link: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/specials/native-access-2/
  8. Don't know if that's still the case but these particular drives were (upto 9 months ago) having a high per centage failure rate. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/sandisk-extreme-pro-failures-are-due-to-design-flaw https://www.reddit.com/r/hardware/comments/15kx1k2/the_verge_we_just_lost_3tb_of_data_on_a_sandisk/ https://www.reddit.com/r/editors/comments/10syawa/a_warning_about_sandisk_extreme_pro_ssds/ Western Digital has denied there is an issue and is getting sued... https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/sandisk-ssd-firmware-fix-fails-hardware-havoc-revealed/
  9. Blue Cat Audio Plug'n Script 3.34 What's New: Extended user interface programming capabilities with KUIML 2.7.4 support (User Interface programming language). Scripting engine update, with improved performance. Unlimited parameters: for plug-ins developers, you can now configure the number of i/o params and string via a configuration file. Offline processing status (non-realtime rendering) is now available from the processBlock function. AAX plug-in now reports the recording status (in recent versions of Pro Tools that support it). Fixed missing floatToString,intToString and uIntToString functions for dsp scripts on Apple M1. AAX Atmos format is now available for exported plug-ins too. Graphical user interface refresh performance improvements. Improved resampling when the application starts streaming audio as a network server with Connector. Fixed a couple of issues with undo/redo. Ableton Live 11: Fixed VST3 MIDI input not detected. Fixed drag and drop that did not work within a 2 pixels margin at the border of drag source widgets. Fixed file drag and drop issues on Mac when using system::filepath applicative type. Mac: Fixed negative values not properly sent to DSP when entering them in text box after double clicking on a knob.
  10. @Bapu Thanks for checking out. Glad that Bigwig fixed their upgrade handling.
  11. You've got that reversed, unless you're designing your own Kontakt instrument it's actually more of a rompler that a sampler. It used to be strictly a rompler for non-developers but once Kontakt added the ability to allow developers give their customers the ability to drop in their own samples that difference blurred. There are a number of Kontakt libraries that now allow you to drag n drop in your own samples - for example: and Ibrido Zero by Sonokinetic. Both of these will allow mere mortals the ability to manipulate their own samples in a variety of ways.
  12. All that remains is marketing... and maybe the need for a hot shower.
  13. Interesting article on Thunderbolt 4, not relevant to this interface conversation but does tie in with USB/thunderbolt part of conversation. https://www.pcmag.com/how-to/what-is-thunderbolt-4-why-this-new-interface-will-matter-in-pcs-in-2021
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