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  1. Yes please! and could you purchase it for me too? Just PM me the license info. Just noting that if you (in this case not you, unless you're in the mood to take nondirected comments personally) are going to post information then please include the relevant information i.e. price, if sale - the expiration, if Kontakt - is full license is required, etc. It just makes things easier for your fellow forum members.
  2. You mention intro pricing - but then don't list it...
  3. It could be that the Helix Native prefers a 'fuller' tone as it's source. In the video at 5:50 he has the pickup selector in mid-position, typically I use the bridge which may have been why I never previously cared for the results(?). The Traveler guitar only has a peizo pickup and it's tone is more full acousticish than normally suitable for a rock amp. Just conjecture until I get back to my audio computer but food for thought.
  4. If you haven't gotten around to upgrading Play 6 - it's now free. Other upgrades? No idea, I haven't been tracking prices.
  5. No Details on EastWest's downloads page http://www.soundsonline.com/Support?section=updates They usually list something... Maybe they'll update it with more info later. Maybe they just want to remind everyone of their current sale (up to 60% off). The following is all they list. PLAY 6.1.9 PLAY 6.1.9 upgrade is for Mac users running OS X 10.7 or higher, and for Windows users running 7 and above. PLAY 6.1.9 is now available for free to all EastWest customers. If you are a current PLAY 6 user please use the Installation Center to get your update.
  6. Here you go Reid! (no sarcasm implied or intended) I like content. I like not NOT having to go the vendor website to find out if I'm even interested or if it's an update should I bother?
  7. Or as previously suggested once you buy it don't activate; use it to upgrade to 11 when it comes out. So you'll go from 10 to 11 for $36
  8. If I recall correctly D16 Sigmund was listed as a favorite delay among a number of respected forum users a couple of year back.
  9. While I like the AXE I/O I don't know to what degree it contributed to the whole. The previous time I used it was with a BC Rich Warlock and I spent a while tweaking the various parameters. I tried the Helix, meh , moved to IKM Amplitube where I got an decent 80's-ish rock lead / rhythm tone. This last time I grabbed the traveler guitar, a no-name clear blue guitar cable, plugged it in and adjusted the input gain on the AXE I/O then sampled some of the first 10 Helix presets with the ideal of throwing down some tracks to capture an idea and if it sounded like crap I'd rerecord it later with the Rich or my Les Paul; but I was very pleasantly surprised. I've tried recording the Traveler before but didn't care for it but as a non plugged in practice guitar, love it. So I don't know if it's the full combo or not that yields the mana, this happened just before all my free time got diverted into finding & moving dad to an Assisted Living Facility. Still dealing with that, but I pop here in the forum now & then for a mental break.
  10. @ensconced similar to what I went through. I own crapload of Line6 stuff and frankly I was insulted that after investing so much in their company and gear that the best upgrade price they offered was $299. And I wasn't impressed at all with it when I demoed it. Then I tried Helix Native with AXE I/O in combo with my Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic and the waters parted, a choir of virgins started singing, my tinitus went away... I was dumbstruck. I've been trying to find the holy grail guitar / direct box / amp sim combo and while some have close none really had more than a small set of tones I could tolerate. This guitar only has a friggin piezo pickup but the combo rocks & and the clean tones chime. The only reason I tried it is because it's my to go lay about practice guitar and I had an idea I wanted to capture before it evaporated. Haven't had time to really debug why it even works, too many things right now want to go sideways but thought I take a moment to share. BTW I ended up buying a used license from someone on the Line 6 forum. Upside cost me $150, downside license is now NFR.
  11. There are if you sign up for Line6's newsletter (which you probably already are) at the following link: https://line6.com/allure/ Can't testify to the quality, haven't had a chance to do more that figure out how to use them in Helix, but can't argue about the price.
  12. At some point I upgraded or bought some license addon for my PodFarm so that I wouldn't have to use the interface as a dongle. But thinking about it an iLok would be less restrictive as the software license is a single computer installation. I recently picked up up Helix Native. Haven't done much with it due to time constraints but I like it. Seems to have more, to my taste, usable tones than PodFarm but haven't really explored tones in PodFarm in ages.
  13. From https://production-expert.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d9dbbe046af2c4c785475a28b&id=3e6140c00c&e=e94c3cc3ea Use link above for complete details and additional reference links. Our friends at Plugin Boutique have a very cool offer right now, 3 plug-ins worth £89 for free. The bundle includes; Pulsar Audio Smasher Baby Audio I Heart NY W.A Production Vocal Splitter coupon code (also listed in PB link) is STAYIN
  14. I picked it up but won't be back in town till next week to play with it
  15. aIR Impulse Rack -$9.99 $24.99 aIR Impulse Rack aIR Impulse Rack is just what you need to make cabinet impulses your own. Mix and match as many cabinet impulses as you wish or even make cabs from scratch! Tweak, twist & mangle to your heart's content, The sonic possibilities are endless! Features Unlimited IR Slots Low CPU use, Fully Parametric EQ Serial/Parallel IR Processing 11 IR Processing Modules IR Export Function IR Folder Shortcuts Presets store any IRs used Includes 100+ IRs
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