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  1. TheSteven

    IK Mixbox

    Edit: Modified my original post after due consideration. I like the format of these kind of channel strips and it's nice that IKM has come out with their version. But they're a little late to the game - Slate, McDSP, PSP & others already have versions on the market. And like Larry and a number of others here I already own everything T-Racks (or close enough) so paying $99 to get what i already have in a new format doesn't really sit well with me. The price should be proportional to what you own of T-Racks. Own 10% of library - 10% off Own 50% of the library - 50% off Own 80% of the library - 80% off Own 80 to 100% of the library - maybe a $20 minimal fee. Reward customer loyalty, don't milk it.
  2. TheSteven

    Crowd HYPE

    https://freesound.org/people/Robinhood76/packs/3830/?page=2#sound Lots of very nice sounding "free"* crowd sounds *creative commons attribution-noncommercial license Was trying to decipher what that actually means... Found this.. What is attribution NonCommercial? Attribution–NonCommercial 4.0 – This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, and although their new works must also acknowledge you and be non-commercial, they don't have to license their derivative works on the same terms. Per https://freesound.org/people/Robinhood76/ "There's possibility to get a commercial license or permission to use my files from Freesound - like my facebook profile and just write to me." From FAQ of the creator of this set: - I want to use your sound in game/song/video that maybe will be selling in the future, can I use it now? Use it for free but remember about purchasing commercial license when you start selling it.
  3. TheSteven

    Crowd HYPE

    Please let us know what you think. I'm highly interested but leery - I'm thinking that "a crowd of over 50,000" is perhaps a little too vast, too washed out for most of my needs. Don't know if this is the case...
  4. No problems w 2004 on my system. At my day gig 2004 has fixed Blue Tooth issues some people were having linking their Air Pods with their Dell laptops.
  5. Requires iLok but you can install on hard disk as opposed to dongle
  6. The Revival is also free. Redeem this code in your iLok License Manager to get your free product: 3421-6517-6133-2258-4460-9236-2618-88 same code as The Monster https://slatedigital.com/revival/ Note: both The Monster and Revival are Virtual Mix Rack modules. You will need to install Slate's Virtual Mix Rack to use them. https://slatedigital.com/installers/
  7. No more so than you and your neighbor's wife eating breakfast in the morning at close to the same time. That you both do so doesn't mean you're colluding to off her husband. or does it?
  8. Melodyne 5 From https://visualsproducer.wordpress.com/2020/06/19/melodyne-5/
  9. <sigh> Next time I upgrade Komplete I'm going to hold off registering it till the next version is released...
  10. 30 day trial version: https://waldorfmusic.com/en/30-days-trial-versions
  11. I recently picked up Ovox but haven't had a chance to touch it. Not questioning the quality of Lector which does look interesting - wondering if you have you checked out Some audio examples from developer https://vicanek.de/audioprocessing/images/midichoirdemo.mp3 https://vicanek.de/audioprocessing/images/midichoir20newfeatures.mp3
  12. You don't have VocalSynth? 😨 Thought I knew you... (or maybe you don't regard it as a good vocoder)
  13. Drooled until I saw price $1399 Not in my budget - unless I find gold in my back yard.
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