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  1. I passed just for that reason. It's nifty but not nifty enough to not get lost in my collection.
  2. Oh darn - in moment of madness I purchased the SSL X-Limit+X and TDR Kotelnikov GE and saved almost $100 (over the Softube deal) in the process. I am inconsolable.
  3. (grumble) All I need to create epic cinematic scores in an infusion of cash and time...
  4. That phrase doesn't fill me with confidence. Wonder what complications are going to await us. Probably trying to fix leakage... I.E. serial #'s that got out, were hacked, etc.
  5. Softube "Icons" the Compressor collection On Sale $199 MSRP $299 Extra 10% discount with code ICONICFET Classic, legendary… iconic. The compressors in this collection—FET Compressor Mk II, OPTO Compressor, and VCA Compressor—are modeled on three of the most popular, most used compressors in the world. Important and influential gear that set a standard in the ‘60s and ’70s and never stopped. Outstanding then, outstanding now. Even more so. That's because we've added features fit for current times. From Drive and the Stereo Link switch to the Sidechain section, this set gives you more control and tailoring capabilities than before. Icons: The Compressor Collection is an indispensable mix of modeling authenticity and modern workflow. It's destined to be a studio star in its own right. If you already own any of these - go to the web page and check to see the lavish, generous discount that you as a valued customer are being offered! In my case since I already own the FET model (1/3 of the collection) my total discounted price (with coupon code) is $134 which technically is 1/3 off of $199.
  6. Saw 🏳️‍🌈⃤ Pink Floyd 1975 at the Los Angeles Sports Arena - great show in spite of the massive obtrusive presence by the LAPD (511 arrested - most for marijuana related charges). Then again for the 1994 Division Bell tour at the Rose Bowl - great shown, phenomenal sound.
  7. Curious about this as well. Seeing lots of misinformation on the Steinberg forum - not seeing** anything posted by Steinberg directly stating things clearly. **maybe I just missed it... Part of the crossgrade process use to be surrendering your Cubase license. A couple of forum user's claim that has changed with v12 and that you now can keep your Cubase but it becomes non-upgradable (some claim otherwise), but none of the info appears to 1st handed (i.e. I did it and here's what happened to me...) or directly from Steinberg. Minimally you should still be able to run your Cubase 11 Pro with your eLicenser, It would be nice if the crossgrade left you with a functional/upgradable v12.
  8. No issues here. I know that doesn't help you but just to let you know.
  9. StewMac 10% off sale ends today https://www.stewmac.com/ Nice site if you're in to making, fixing or modifying guitars, pedals or amps. Edit: Correction - discount only works if you're a member (then you get free shipping too). Sorry didn't catch that before posting.
  10. Web site is gone... BUT you can still download Instant Drum Patterns here: Instant MIDI Drum Patterns (archive.org)
  11. TheSteven

    Good recorder

    Cudos sir on your restraint!
  12. TheSteven

    Good recorder

    Zo - here's a good recorder. Best deal on this thread. Will never have dead batteries. Highly portable. Can be used to play intro to Stairway to Heaven. Sweet deal ($4.95) at Sweetwater
  13. That is in error. Purchase must exceed, not product. I used it for 2 $69 upgrades - paid the $38 difference.
  14. your Registered Products page: AAS Login (applied-acoustics.com)
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