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  1. Thanks for heads up!
  2. Free to existing to Pigment owners!
  3. Fan yes, but contest is garbage. One of those where you get extra entries for subscribing to various media channels, etc.
  4. Been working with Audio Damage - so far no joy.
  5. Check the timer running on top of the item on sale page. Da Capo sale ends at 8am PST today (Wed)
  6. I can't get the Factory Presets to download, are they present in your install?
  7. Does Sonikinetic offer the sale items again on the last day?
  8. It's actually a 40% discount... $59.40 which matches their BF pricing...
  9. You get numbers like that when your data type is US Currency and you forget to include the decimals...
  10. Looks interesting. Anyone using this?
  11. As far as Windows 7 goes - neither will Microsoft after Jan 14th, 2020...
  12. Damn, I wish you would have posted that on a new thread. I've been waiting all month for their freebie and missed it.
  13. With this coupon code I was able to update my Abbey Roads suite (adding Abbey Road Saturator) for around $16
  14. 8dio now has 3 free libraries - currently available, but probably not for long are https://8dio.com/instrument/free-you-cloud-collaborationfor-kontakt-vst-au-aax-samples/ https://8dio.com/instrument/free-angels/ https://8dio.com/instrument/free-radicals/ Requires FULL Retail version of Kontakt 5.5+ but I'm guessing you already knew that didn't you? Here are previous mentions to some of them...
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