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  1. Re: Voices of the Empire https://www.soundsonline.com/vocals/voices-of-the-empire Web page says: So if you have OPUS you now VOTE? Probably only applies to subscription... Edit: Seeing this wording on other libraries as well so must apply to subscription.
  2. PSP Echo v.1.5.0 CHANGES & NEW FEATURES: 1. VST3 format for macOS and Windows 2. New AAX engine for macOS and Windows 3. Apple Silicon native support, 4. The brand new Preset System - added sorting presets by categories; added Undo/Redo functionality; improved A/B functionality; improved save/load preset experience, 5. Tons of of new presets and new tempo synchronized presets designed by top sound engineers from around the world! 6. New graphic engine with zooming and high resolution graphics, 7. Side chain input for ducker controlling 8. Dropdown menu for directly settings value of music notes (including dotted and triplets) 9. Swap delay channels settings button 10. Dry enable button (as global parameter for all presets) 11. Wet enable button 12. Improved compatibility with the latest systems and latest version versions of popular DAWs, NO LONGER SUPPORTED: - 32 bit platform on Windows and macOS - macOS 10.11 and earlier versions - WindowsXP and Vista - ProTools RTAS format TO BE DONE: 1. Improving stability between VST3 version of the plugin and Ableton Live host application, 1) Log-in to your PSP account and go to My plug-ins section, 2) Download the installer appropriate for your operating system. You can overwrite the newer version over the old one so after downloading simply start the installer. 3) Restart your computer. 4) If needed you can always return to the earlier version.
  3. Wow a link with built-in advertisement. Hope you never have to type that url in to your browser...
  4. It's pretty, but not impressed by demo video. I expected to be wowed but instead after a couple seconds got bored. Could be the demo or maybe it's not my jam. Unfortunately just don't have time to play with it at the moment to determine true potential. I'd be real interested to hear what others think of it or hear some ear opening examples...
  5. Dude, seriously? With all the free libraries that get promoted on this forum that happen to require the full version of Kontakt? You sound like a carpenter saying he can't find a use for a hammer...
  6. Key words here: "All Access Pass can be used with iLok Cloud and does not require an iLok USB dongle" So all else requires iLok dongle.
  7. Wonder when this image was posted? Interesting.. but odd photo montage created from multiple different images pasted on a background of Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle. Castle image is probably from California park - my son says while there are multiple Disney Sleeping Castles at various parks no 2 castles are built the same. According to https://careers.xlnaudio.com/people company currently has 29 or more employees.
  8. ^^^ It is indeed a great, solid synth. IMHO it more than holds its own when compared with most soft synths. I think the main reason it doesn't get more love is that they stopped selling it. If they ever brought it back to market and added MPE** support that would great but not holding my breathe. **maybe I could do that with Unify.
  9. Shimmer Shake Strike 2 with the Expansion - discounted price for users with v1 is lower as well!
  10. I finally found my email coupon - emailed on Sept 15th 8:46am and picked up Opera for $19.50
  11. I have legacy and v2.31 Are you using Korg Software Pass to download/install it?
  12. If you're looking for a nice free EQ check out Blue Cat's Triple EQ you can pick it up by itself or as part of their excellent Freeware pack https://www.bluecataudio.com/Products/Bundle_FreewarePack/ Unless you just got have gooey knobs. Some of us probably like that kind of thing. and yes I know I misspelled GUI
  13. From https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/production-expert-1/synchro-arts-repitch-announced So RePitch + VocAlign = Revoice Pro?
  14. The Truly Wonderful yet Expensive Zynaptiq Adaptiverb Harmonic Tracking Resynthesis Reverb Plugin or the TWYEZAHTRRP. I don't use this a lot (maybe I should grab it more often) but there's been a couple times when I wanted something wet but couldn't find a verb that worked how I wanted with the other instrumentation and it (Adaptiverb) did the trick.
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