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  1. Regardless* of where you purchase the plugin from you still need to download the installer and install the plugin, the iLok activation only takes care of the licensing. *I bought my copy from SSL as well. The link you provided is only for iLok licensing, not plugin installation. You can download the Mac or Windows plugin installer from this page: https://store.solidstatelogic.com/products/ssl-lmc?tab=Documents
  2. Hi Jesse Did you install the plugin? Activating it does not install the plugin. I've made this mistake a time or two myself.
  3. Hi Zo, like @jesse g I'm not having on my end either.
  4. One license? or individual licenses? Edit: Single license key, single ilok activation
  5. Does Zynaptiq allow resale of their plugins? edit:seeing a couple being sold on KVR
  6. NI updates on 15 plugins (possibly more as I'm a Komplete release behind current) Run NI installer... Edit: Fixed total. It's 15 plugins - apparently I can't count.
  7. Sorry, the answer is NO. Edit: I see that Larry has already answered....
  8. Drop them an email or post a comment. Can't say that'll change anything but they do listen to feedback. My biggest complaint at the moment is their lack of a unified installer. Every plugin has a different installer and a different installer for 32 bit vs 64 bit vs VST vs VST3, etc.. Can make it a real pain to install upgrades if you have multiple BC plugins and need to install for multiple DAWs (for example 32bit & 64). Granted I've gotten spoiled by Melda and other developers that have unified installers and now have less patience for the piecemeal approach.
  9. Direct download link: https://thehouseofkush.com/pages/downloads
  10. Blue Cat "Mixing And Metering Plug-Ins Update & Customer Offers" Existing customers check your email for update links... Here is the update list and If your an existing customer you can use the coupon code in the email to save from 30 to 50% on the following. Blue Cat's DP Meter Pro Blue Cat's Destructor Blue Cat's Dynamics Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Multi Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Pro Blue Cat's Liny EQ Blue Cat's MB-5 Dynamix Blue Cat's MB-7 Mixer Blue Cat's Oscilloscope Multi Blue Cat's Protector Blue Cat's Stereoscope Multi Blue Cat's Stereoscope Pro
  11. TheSteven

    Sonnox Inflator

    If you need assistance - I can recommend lots of ways to ruin your mixes...
  12. TheSteven

    Sonnox Inflator

    Found it! It's listed in https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/100-plug-ins-every-engineer-should-try
  13. TheSteven

    Sonnox Inflator

    Seem to recall this plugin (Sonnox Inflator) be listed on someone's must have VST list... darn if I can remember what publication at moment.
  14. They do have options for making payments... I used the AfterPay option to make 4 payments with no fees.
  15. What the heck does "Optimize" option for Core actually do?
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