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    Ugritone Sale

    Get 20% off Ugritone plugins and virtual instruments with code SUN-VIR-343 for Sunday only. https://ugritone.com/?ref=16
  2. cclarry

    MauveFx Reverb

    $30 MauveFx is a reverb effect designed for ambient sounds, featuring long tails reverberations and modulations as well as a modulated chorus module. Features: BLZ Reverb engine. Bandpass filter. Stereo enhancer. Chorus effect. Fully automatable. Configurable modulations. 5 presets (Audio Unit only). Tuned for mid-frequency sounds. Formats: VST 3, Audio Unit. Platforms: Windows (x86), Mac (x86, M1). This plug-in comes with signed installers (both for Windows and MacOS). Changelog: Version 1.0.2 (March 2021) Introduced preset system for Audio Unit. Reworked audio parameters to be smooth. Version 1.0.1 (February 2021) Introduced versioning. Introduced manual pages. Reworked early reverberations. Reworked UI (shadows, orbs). Calibration of RT60 decay times. Version 1.0.0 (January 2021) Initial version. Manual Page Available at: https://blz.sbrk.org/static/blz-static/mauve-1.0.2.pdf
  3. I have it...it was there right away EDIT: I lied...it's not there yet, but there was an update to 10.0.5
  4. Bahhhhh....bahhhhhh That's all I'm sayin'
  5. Coupon for Native Version: 3d8am0i4 £72 / $89 Valid until 19th May 2021 (08:00 GMT) https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/5021
  6. And you get 3 free $20 Coupons for loops Run Acid Pro to Update Update is free
  7. cclarry

    KV331 Spring Sale

    We are glad to announce our annual 'Spring Sale', which will last until May 15. All of our products are discounted 40% across the store: SynthMaster 2.9: $59 SynthMaster One: $49 SynthMaster One iOS: $11.99 SynthMaster 2.9+SynthMaster One Bundle: $79 SynthMaster 2.9 Expansions Bundle: $119 SynthMaster One Expansions Bundle: $49 SynthMaster Everything Bundle : $229 Tip: Try out our demos and you'd get extra discount Thank you for supporting the development of our products! https://www.synthmaster.com/index.aspx
  8. But I'm just now catching up! I wasn't even here last week
  9. REAPER 6.27 is available, with the following updates: + Dither: fix half-bit DC offset [p=2425940] + FX: add option to not add undo points when closing FX windows [t=250733] + FX: improve pin connector window + FX: fix persistence of take FX processing channel count when processing only 2 channels on a track with more than 2 channels + JSFX: add Channel Mapper-Downmixer plugin + JSFX: add option in pin connector dialog I/O menu to pass through or zero out unused output channels + JSFX: support drawing vertical text via gfx_setfont flag 'z' (does not work with system/bitmapped font) + JSFX: allow Webdings/Wingdings for gfx_setfont() use on Windows [twtr=1376339905408815106] + macOS: add prefs/general/advanced option for window fullscreen button to activate fullscreen rather than OS fullscreen + macOS: add prefs/general/advanced options for rounded buttons and big sur listview margins + macOS: disable macOS 10.12+ Window tabbing menu items + Media item channel mapper: control/command-click a mapping to set exclusively for that channel + Media items: add action to set channel mapping for selected media items + MIDI: output multiple note-offs for the same channel/pitch if there are multiple sequential note-ons + Project time offset: preserve maximum resolution when setting project time offset to edit cursor position [p=2428360] + ReaScript: support drawing vertical text via gfx_setfont flag 'z' (does not work with system/bitmapped font) + ReaScript: allow Webdings/Wingdings for gfx_setfont() use on Windows [twtr=1376339905408815106] + ReaScript: correct documentation for Set/GetMasterTrackVisibility + ReaTune: fix potential crash with certain parameter settings and UI open [t=251553] + Render: resolve $samplerate wildcard correctly when mixing at one sample rate but rendering to another [t=249713] + TCP FX List: fix multi-column scroll extent issue [t=245850] + Timeline: truncate seconds and samples display rather than rounding, for consistency with H:M:S and H:M:S:F display + Timeline: when displaying minutes:seconds and a project start offset exists, center ruler major tick marks on project time zero rather than the start of the timeline + Track manager: display track channel count + VST: add I/O menu item in FX pin connector dialog to increase host channel count to match plugin + VST: add option in pin connector dialog I/O menu to pass through or zero out unused output channels + VST: cache VST3 parameter/bus/latency information for improved performance with yabridge and plug-ins + VST: improve behavior when VST3 plug-ins call restartComponent(kReloadComponent) + VST: more flexible support for passing MIDI program change messages to VST3 [t=251104] https://www.reaper.fm/download.php
  10. It is finally here! Century Ostinato Woodwinds is one of our most awaited releases and we are ecstatic to offer it to you! One of the reasons is that we now offer true ostinato deep-sampling for both Strings, Brass and Woodwinds. This means you can combine all sections together and get complete realistic repeated playing styles for virtually any orchestration imaginable. It is also easy to use. Just play and go. The Woodwinds come in two libraries. One featuring Flutes and Clarinets. The other featuring Oboes and Bassoons. All four instrument sections were deep-sampled (37K samples) symmetrically, so you can easily layer everything together. The Ostinato Woodwinds contains a deep wealth of short notes and an abundance of true repeated patterns recorded at multiple dynamics and velocities - essentially offering you truly realistic repeated patterns with full DAW-tempo sync. The beauty of Century Ostinato series lives in the Ultra Deep-Sampled phrases. Each uniquely captured expression and pattern is available across the range of the instrument at multiple dynamics, all while maintaining the same feel and human-like inaccuracies of a real performance by utilizing the fully host synchronized capabilities. This means you have ultimate flexibility and playability, all while letting the instrument work to fit your production. The entire Ostinato series was painstakingly captured at 96 kHz before being carefully down-sampled to 48 kHz for ease of streaming. Each recording session also featured only the very best in recording equipment, ensuring an almost purely and impeccably maintained analog signal path. This not only preserves and enhances the accuracy and character of each instrument but helps us to truly honor the sound of these master musicians, presenting you with only the best virtual instruments have to offer. Century Ostinato Woodwinds are available now: Century Ostinato Woodwinds: Flutes and Clarinets ($98) Century Ostinato Woodwinds: Oboes and Bassoons ($98) Go to www.8dio.com for more information. https://8dio.com/
  11. Hello friends, here comes a give away for all those who like Reverbs! just use the code: emt140rules https://digital.nevostudios.eu/product/nevo-emt-140/
  12. StonEQ 4K & TuCo Compressor Only for 48 Hours Save $25 TuCo Compressor $49 Save $20 StonEQ 4K - $39 https://sonimus.com/
  13. The first Apple event of 2021 is happening this week, some are suggesting a new Silicon powered Apple iMac, even more interesting is the rumour of native versions of Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro on iPad. Here’s what we know… https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/production-expert-1/logic-pro-and-final-cut-on-ipad-what-could-apple-announce-this-week-for-creatives
  14. Run the Kilohearts Installer to Update
  15. cclarry

    PA Gig Performer 3

    I have, and don't use, that either...LOL
  16. cclarry

    PA Gig Performer 3

    I asked myself the same question, and decided the answer was "no"
  17. cclarry

    PA Gig Performer 3

    Add Triad, or another $49 plugin, and that will get you to the $29.99 point EDIT: Nope...once you add the coupon for Triad you lose the DD, so you'll have to use a regularly priced $49 plugin like G8 or SPL Attacker, or something
  18. cclarry

    PA Gig Performer 3

    Add a Bx_Tuner to the cart...with the dynamic discount it shouldn't be too much more,
  19. During the 80s, arcade fever was strong and the video game industry was making millions. At that time, many games shared similar sound chips to generate their unique sounds, and it's Yamaha that provided the audio technology behind most of Sega, Capcom, and Konami's arcade games. 80s Arcade Sounds give you that particular sound and emulate through sound design the resonance of arcade cabinets as well as the instability of analog circuitry. We didn't stop there. The typical stereo effects heard in arcade games and the distance of standing in front of the arcade cabinet was also re-created. The result is thicker and richer sounds compared to other plugin emulations. 80s Arcade Sounds is available as a VST/AU plugin for Windows 8.1/10 and macOS El Capitan to Mojave (not compatible with Catalina and up). Best of all, as a subscriber, you can get 80s Arcade Sounds at 50% Off by using the code SEGA Simply copy/paste the code in the discount code field, wait a few seconds to see the price cut in half! The code will only be valid for this weekend. If you want more video game sounds, there's SMROM (Sega Master System), 8-bit FX, Famirom (NES tones), and Famidrums (NES drums). $15 with code https://www.samplescience.info/2021/01/80s-arcade-sounds.html
  20. cclarry

    Karofyer Sale

    Karoryfer Samples sale until April 30th, 25-50% off at https://karoryfer-samples.myshopify.com/ Vengeful Violin $29 ($59 regular) Vengeful Viola $39 ($59 regular) Vengeful Cello $39 ($59 regular) Vengeful Bass $39 ($59 regular) Torgbe choir $29 ($39 regular) Hadziha choir $29 ($39 regular) Snowkiss Guitar $29 ($39 regular) Secret Agent Guitar $19 ($39 regular) Secret Agent Bass $19 ($39 regular) Big Rusty Drums $19 ($39 regular) Unruly Drums $19 ($39 regular) Frankensnare $9 ($19 regular)
  21. https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/7514-Mix-Master-BundleZotope-Product Price in cart is $139.96!
  22. cclarry

    Sonible Balancer

    Sonible Balancer has been added to the Plugin Boutique FREE with purchase offering. You can now choose between Balancer and Levers as your FREE item https://www.pluginboutique.com/articles/1711
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