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  1. $26 https://www.splashsound.org/guitarstrum.html Requires FULL Kontakt
  2. Happy Birthday DynaQ. Since the release a year ago, DynaQ has established itself on the DAW's of many producers worldwide. Celebrate the 1st birthday together with MasterLab and a 50% OFF birthday coupon. Get DynaQ now and use the code "Happy Birthday DynaQ." at checkout. http://www.masterlab.audio
  3. cclarry

    IK VI Group Buy

    Correct answer!
  4. Hey ohmforce! It is time! The OhmForce website is being remade. You may have some trouble visiting our website for a couple of hours as we are updating everything. After that you'll be able to connect to your account with your usual email and password, just as you use to do, at https://store.ohmforce.com/account NB: in the meantime, the link above will *not* work (only it will allow you to subscribe to the newsletter - if not already done). Any question? Contact us support@ohmforce.com Thanks, the Ohm Force team
  5. cclarry

    IK VI Group Buy

    That's what I took....I almost forgot about it when I got back...but as always I check my account and lo and behold, there it was....FREEBIE #4!
  6. I would DIE if I registered it and it was automatically upgraded to V5!!!
  7. 2004 wouldn't update on mine, and now this one won't either... so whatever...
  8. That's because the changed it....
  9. $7.90 and get Imprint and Pumper FREE https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/6878?utm_source=KVR Audio&utm_medium=Eblast&utm_campaign=W.A Production Fundamental Bass
  10. The spookiest deal of the season has landed, and it’s one you don’t want to miss! 👻 We have compiled 6 of our best-selling plug-ins for you in our exclusive Halloween Bundle - a complete toolkit that’s a must-have for every producer. Not only that, but you can now get it for only $99 - that's $505 OFF for a limited time only! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get our top-rated plugins, recommended by top music industry professionals such as Darrell Thorp (Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, Radio Head), Joe Barresi (Soundgarden, QOTSA, Slipknot), Aubrey Whitfield (Kelly Clarkson, Little Mix, X-Factor UK), Koen Heldens (XXX Tentacion, Beyoncé, Rihanna) and Dexter Simmons (Brandy, Mariah Carey, Tupac Shakur)! $99 https://blackroosteraudio.com/en/landing/halloween
  11. “Aurora Choir” (V2) is an elegant and powerful choir sample library that features both Sopranos and Alto voices, 24 different syllables and 4 true legato modes. With 11GB of content and 4 mic positions, this is an elegant choir for writing inspiring and beautiful modern, film music. Its normally €399 but we're offering a huge discount on it for a short time. Use the code "choral39" to get our Aurora Choir (v2) for only €39 for a limited time! https://ariasounds.com/aurora-choir.html “Aurora Choir” V2 features both Sopranos and Alto voices, 24 different syllables and 4 true legato modes. Get it now for only €39 (91% OFF) Use Code "choral39" at checkout to apply the discount 4 Mic Positions in Pristine 48Khz/24 bit Quality The choir was recorded in a mid sized hall, for a pristine and clear sound, using four mic positions at 48kHz/24 Bit to ensure that no part of the vocalists’ glorious sound was lost. A variety of mics were used, including Neumanns, DPA’s & Coles 4038 mics. Choose from each of these, or create your own personal blend from the four available positions (close, ribbon, mid & far) The positions are ordered from closest to furthest, and you even have the option between close condenser mics, and close ribbon mics (for a darker and warmer sound). If an even more reverberant sound is what you are after, there is a reverb slider on the interface, and you’ll also be pleased to know that this library takes external reverb very well. Watch the video below to hear the library in action: We've also updated Aurora Choir to V2, with the following new changes: New dual send level effects with up to 6 selectable effects per send. New custom convolution reverbs Updated to Kontakt 5.8.1 (Please ensure you have the FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 - Not for Kontakt Player) Improved Phrase Sequencer Limit Number of Steps in Sequencer New Sequencer legato Mode Get it now for only €39 (91% OFF) Use Code "choral39" at checkout to apply the discount
  12. 10 CABS FOR 9,99€ This Halloween Cab Pack comes with 10 one of a kind mixes that blend cross-brand cabinets from our latest and greatest Cab Packs. The cabs are: ML-HLWN-II-DJENT-GREEN = Mega Djent + Mega Green ML-HLWN-II-DJENT-PR = Mega Djent + Mars PR-M75 ML-HLWN-II-GREEN-PR = Mega Green + Mars PR-M75 ML-HLWN-II-MARS-PR = For Destruction + Mars PR-M75 ML-HLWN-II-OS-DJENT = Mega Oversize + Mega Djent ML-HLWN-II-OS-MARS = Mega Oversize + For Destruction ML-HLWN-II-PR-BOOMTOWN = Mars PR-M75 + 70s Boomtown ML-HLWN-II-PR-OS = Mars PR-M75 + Mega Oversize ML-HLWN-II-TONY-OS = 70s Tony + Mega Oversize ML-HLWN-II-TONY-PR = 70s Tony + Mars PR-M75 AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY You can only get this Halloween Cab Pack during the next two weeks. This is an ML Sound Lab tradition so be sure you don't miss out. Last year's Halloween Cab Pack has ended up on some amazing productions. GET IT NOW
  13. It was 20 years ago today… Unbelievable, but we are celebrating 20 years as a company! Come celebrate with us and enjoy 30% off on everything in our store! Use this coupon code: ZPLANE-20th-ANNIVERSARY Shop Now!
  14. This Week Only - Thousands of Sounds for $135 $10. Jump into the colorful world of Puremagnetik. The Panorama Collection is a hand-picked a selection of the finest sounds across the entire spectrum of our catalog. It includes vintage analog synths, circuit-bent drum machines, acoustic basses, glitchy chip sounds and pianos. That's over 3 Gigabytes of sounds and hundreds of instruments for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic. This week, get the Panorama Collection for only $10. Whether you are new to the world of Puremagnetik or have been a long-time customer, The Panorama Collection is certain to freshen up your sound library just in time for winter productions! LEARN MORE
  15. Probably old stock left over from way back then sitting on the shelf...
  16. Run the Product Portal to update
  17. $135 at The MIDI Store https://www.midi-store.com/Softube-Summit-Audio-Grand-Channel-Download-p/sku43207.htm
  18. Check out the offerings here https://shop.presonus.com/software/Brand--Image-Sounds https://shop.presonus.com/software/Software-Category--Spark-Collection/sorting/priceHig
  19. My order for the full version was canceled...my order for the upgrade has shipped...
  20. You can download the update assistant here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 also contains the installation Media creation tool
  21. cclarry

    Nugen Audio Paragon

    $499.99 at EveryPlugin http://everyplugin.com/paragon.html
  22. Now DDLY is $8.39 with code GROUP at JRR https://www.jrrshop.com/izotope-ddly
  23. ABOUT THE FLYWHEEL REEL-TO-REEL TAPE - $29 intro price Flywheel is our take on emulating the distinctive sound of reel-to-reel audio tape recording systems. Instead of simulating a particular machine we took all the analog imperfections such as saturation, hysteresis, high frequency loss or the "head bump" and cast them into a zero latency, low CPU load plugin. A lot of thought has been put into reducing the parameter set into something that offers plenty of sonic flexibility while offering the most straightforward user experience: simply dial in the record gain to taste, select the tape speed and formula and color the result using the hysteresis and EQ parameters. On top of that, Flywheel offers additional, useful features including adjustable motor speed variances, tape transport stop / start, optional oversampling for improved audio quality and a global link feature. Download your fully functional 14-day trial here Hear the plugin in action here TRIALS AND PLUGIN ACTIVATION You can test our plug-ins without any restrictions for 14 days. Simply click the "Activate Trial" button in the plugin GUI after the installation to start your trial period. To activate your full license you can purchase a product activation key on our website. The activation key will be sent to you by email once the payment process has been successfully completed. Click "Activate plugin..." in the plugin GUI or the drop down menu below, enter your email and product activation key and hit the "Activate" button to proceed. FAQS AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT An overview of Frequently Asked Questions can be found under the following link https://fuseaudiolabs.com/faq.html Our tech support can be reached via the following link https://fuseaudiolabs.com/support.html
  24. A next-gen EQ, mix tool and creative filter, Shade delivers 35 shapes, 9 modulators, full multichannel support, and much more… Version 1.1 adds Band Solo for all EQ filter types, a Global Limiter, an all-new Preferences Panel, 25 new factory presets, and many more enhancements. A free update for existing users. https://www.uvi.net/shade
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