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  1. THAT is especially appreciated IE!!!
  2. 2 hrs until I leave for the Airport. My plane doesn't leave until 10 pm...but have to be there 3 hrs early because of "Security"...wooo hooo. See everyone when I get back, and thanx for the well wishes!
  3. Looking for Amazing Clips to Use in Your Next Session? Harrison has partnered with the online sample library BPM Create to bring you access to nearly one million royalty-free samples and thousands of sound packs! BPM Create features content from over 80 different industry-trusted label partners and their own in-house team of sound designers. Inside this powerful and intuitive platform, you'll find high quality loops, one-shots, instruments, musical stems, effects, vocals, MIDI files, synth patches, and more! Want to learn more? Scroll down to watch Harrison's product specialist, Nathan, demonstrate how to load clips from BPM Create into Mixbus's new Cues page, and then add his signature guitar parts. Or watch Austin-to-LA artist Zeale create a track on-the-fly with BPM Create loops and freestyle vocals. Harrison customers can sign up for a free one-month subscription to BPM Create with 75 credits, plus get a free download of all the samples, loops, and one-shots used in Nathan’s and Zeale’s videos! Get One Month at BPM Create - FREE [Use Code HARRISON] https://bpmmusic.io/create-signup Don't Have Mixbus version 8 Yet? Mixbus v8 has a new 'Cue' page for quick assembly and arrangement of clips. Get Mixbus v8 Now - only $29 $129.00 $29.00 You Save $100.00 (77%) Limited Time Offer https://harrisonconsolesstore.onfastspring.com/mixbus-8-bpm-create-offer
  4. Get the Ultimate Mix Bundle for only $39.99 ✅Featured with 5 of our best Mixing Tools: • Echo Vibe Digital Delay • Echo Verb Algorithmic Reverb • Head Crusher Analog Inspired Saturation Unit • AA-551 Channel Strip • iQ505 Asymmetrical EQ 🟢 All the plugins in this bundle are compatible with 64-bit Windows, Mac and Linux. Get it now this 5 plugins bundle for only $39.99 https://audioassault.mx/products/ultimate-mix-bundle
  5. https://www.waves.com/courses/audio-essentials-courses
  6. https://soundpaint.com/products/aleatoric-woodwind-orchestra
  7. $149.99 intro price https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/amek_mastering_compressor.html
  8. https://www.bigfishaudio.com/weeklyspecials.html?&sou=bfatopbar
  9. Full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 and above Only $11.50 - 80% Off. https://vstalarm.com/product/noizebreaker-by-sick-noise/
  10. $29 https://audioplugin.deals/product/trailer-braams-ii-by-fallout-music-group/
  11. MINIMA 2 FREE COLLECTION - 1 NEW INSTRUMENT EACH MONTH New Brush Piano - New E. Piano HOW TO UPDATE 1) Go to Pulse > Preference > “Check for Product Updates” 2) Library > Click on “Minima 2” > Click on “Update to the Lastes” 3) Enjoy! WHAT IS MINIMA? Minima 2 is a wide and completely free collection of acoustic and electronic instruments, that answer the needs of modern productions. Minima 2 includes Strings, Percussion, Prepared Pianos, Flutes, Vintage Synths, Basses and much more. Stay in tune, we’ll release one new instrument each month! https://www.xperimentaproject.com/minima-2/ Harpsichord 14,99$ 29,99$ From a beautiful, italian handcraft harpsichord made in Rome, XPERIMENTA Harpsichord is a ready-to-go and realistic italian harpsichord. https://www.xperimentaproject.com/xperimenta-harpsichord/
  12. USE: LOYALTY40 Enjoy massive savings with your exclusive 40 usd voucher! Unlock our plugins at unbeatable prices - don't miss this amazing opportunity. https://auroradsp.com/plugins
  13. Well considering the fact that I've already shoveled snow TWICE today, and it's STILL coming down, so I will have to shovel again, I will most definitely be looking forward to NO SNOW!
  14. Buy 2 save 10% Buy 3 save 15% Buy 4 or more save 20% https://kitplugins.com/
  15. Use code NL60AS https://zero-g.co.uk/products/ambient-soundware
  16. We are happy to inform you that Ampbox amp modeling platform has been updated to version 1.2. Available as a free update at www.mercuriall.com. Just download and install over the existing version. Changelog Added: Support for external MIDI controllers Fixed: Rare crashes when launching the standalone version Improved: Faster program launch. https://mercuriall.com/cms/details_ampbox
  17. 2 octave string section 1 octave Female mezzo soprano vocalist 1 multi patch taken from the full version https://shopbeladmedia.com/products/string-voice-expression-one
  18. https://waldorfmusic.com/
  19. Hexadic Synthesis Bundle | Sound Generation Suite. Come along for an exciting sound adventure with some of Puremagnetik's most acclaimed synthesizer devices. The Hexadic Bundle comes with 6 plugins that create everything from thick synthwave patches to retro-subtractive and robot chip-speak simulators. The Hexadic Bundle is on sale all week for only $19 (Normally $110) Dive into the the sun-baked Wade or create thumping kicks and basses with Foomph. Explore Karplus-Strong synthesis with Arkinaut and Buchla-style voices with Solveig. The Hexadic Bundle is an open toolbox for new sound design possibilities. https://puremagnetik.com/collections/device-bundles/products/hexadic-synthesis-bundle-sound-generation-suite
  20. https://8dio.com/products/century-artisan-brass-euphonium-for-kontakt-vst-au-aax-samples?variant=41310077681864
  21. I saw Santana, Iggy Pop, and the Rolling Stones there also (all in the same show). I could care less about Iggy, but Santana and the Stones were awesome!
  22. BTW...I was 13 when the show at Olympia happened! Would have been AWESOME to see them then!
  23. £24.99 "The fascination of the unknown dominates everything", Homer. Conceptually sequel and complementary to A N G E L - Evocative Pad Design for Pigments, HydraTek proudly presents A R C A N E - Mystical Atmospheres for Pigments, an exploration through dark, surrealistic and mystical soundscapes, deep evolving drones, immersive and unusual pads, quirky, bizarre melodic sequences and more. You'll find 100 carefully crafted presets for the latest version of Pigments, deeply customizable with all 4 macros and the modulation wheel assigned, including the special ARCANE macro, and with the advanced tooltips available for each patch inside of the synth to have all the key parameters and useful ranges at glance, for instant tweakability and further experimentation. Those presets are built over the free C R Y P T I C expansion sample pack, containing 100 hand-made soundscapes and drones. There are included also 100 samples and loops, built with the aforementioned presets for instant access and use, and 15 AI Artworks in line with the concept of the pack to inspire your audiovisual projects. Built mainly with cinematic and ambient composers in mind, this soundpack will prove itself to be an inspiring companion for other multimedia artists as well such as game audio sound designers or creative electronic music producers. Be brave and dive into the unknown... https://glitchedtones.com/products/a-r-c-a-n-e-mystical-atmospheres-for-pigments
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