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    TC Electronic Finalizer

    Mastering like you've never seen it before Before you publish your tracks to your favorite streaming services, or send them off for cutting to vinyl, they've got to be perfect. Introducing Finalizer With Finalizer's powerful range of groundbreaking and award-winning mastering tools at hand, you have all the essentials you need to take your music to the next level. And with both dynamics, loudness and frequencies across your entire song in a single view, Finalizer lets you see your tracks like you’ve never seen them before. Early bird special US$ 99 (reg. $199) + VAT where applicable Head on over to finalizer.com
  2. cclarry

    Coming Soon from IK!!!

    Amplitube Brian May!
  3. cclarry

    Spitfire Audio Symphonic Organ

    Intro Price of $179 https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/symphonic-organ/
  4. cclarry

    Zynaptiq Wormhole on sale

    Watching that video was a mistake...for me...
  5. cclarry

    Zynaptiq Wormhole on sale

  6. cclarry

    Zynaptiq Wormhole on sale

  7. cclarry

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

    Buy 1 get two free! Buy 1 Get 3 Free* when 250 registrations are reached Buy 1 Get 4 Free* when 500 registrations are reached Buy 1 Get 5 Free* when 750 registrations are reached Buy 1 Get 6 Free* when 1000 registrations are reached https://www.ikmultimedia.com/pickandmix/ Qualifying products https://www.ikmultimedia.com/pickandmix/#products
  8. cclarry

    40% Off Retro Organ Suite from UVI

    Add a retro feel and nostalgic touch to your music! With Retro Organ Suite you get 11 instruments reflecting nearly a century of design. Explore the warm and majestic tones of these vintage classics today! SAVE NOW Offer valid through August 26th
  9. -only $99!: https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/audio-plug-ins/reverb-foundry-hd-cart
  10. cclarry

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

    Yes...the price listed is what you get Credit for in the Group Buy...not what you pay after Jampoints
  11. cclarry

    Waves Submarine Flash Sale

    $23.48 with code YNY23 at EveryPlugin http://everyplugin.com/submarine.html
  12. cclarry

    Zynaptiq Wormhole on sale

    Buy at Time Space and get a Zero G Instrument FREE And $5 cheaper at $84 FLASH SALE! 47% OFF ZYNAPTIQ WORMHOLE + FREE KONTAKT COLLECTION + DOUBLE POINTS! Wormhole is a wonder. A multi-effects powerhouse for otherworldly glassy ambient octave-shift tails, surreal ambiences, psychedelic electronica colours, drones, sci-fi voices and so much more – guitars, pianos and pads love it! GET IT TODAY FOR JUST £77.99 PLUS £7 of loyalty points AND Ian Boddy Dark Ambient package worth £35 for free! GET WORMHOLE + EXTRAS NOW >>
  13. cclarry

    Audio Assault Bass Grinder

    Bass Grinder! Our first ever bass amp plug-in is back and has been updated with new features, without messing with the original sound! Bass Grinder contains 15 pre-amps and 20 Cabinets built-in, a gate, highpass & lowpass filters and a new "Crush Knob". The Updated Crush Knob is a 1-Knob Limiter perfect for making bass lines more agressive. Use the Amp Mix & Cab Mix Knobs to blend between the DIs and the Cabs to get even more bass tones! Get it for only $5!! Only for the next 48 hrs! I Want Bass Grinder!
  14. cclarry

    Coming Soon from IK!!!

    And HERE it is! https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/brianmay/?utm_source=KVR&utm_medium=eblast&utm_campaign=brianmay For those who didn't realize the picture Pete posted was the link to the product!
  15. cclarry

    Western Digital 1 TB SSD

    $99.99 at NewEgg Promo code EMCTDVU28 https://www.newegg.com/western-digital-blue-1tb/p/N82E16820250088?Item=N82E16820250088&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=GD082119&cm_mmc=EMC-GD082119-_-landing-_-Item-_-20-250-088
  16. cclarry

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

    No. You'll get full credit when you register at IK.
  17. cclarry

    Waves 24 Hr Secret Sale

    Prices are "meh" https://www.waves.com/
  18. We have released 12 new plugins in the past 6 weeks, more than we ever have in such a short period. Some of these plugins are brand-new, PA-exclusive titles. Others have previously been available for the UAD-2 platform exclusively. We are happy to see Brainworx releasing more of these fantastic tools natively! As you will know by now, all of these 12 new plugins are included in our MEGA Bundle Subscription, so you can get them ALL for just $24.99/mo or $249.99/yr. That's more than 100 plugins from 25+ brands, and growing. But... if you prefer to buy a few perpetual licenses once in a while instead of renting the whole bundle, we have something for you today! We offer all 12 new plugins at the official intro prices (no codes needed), for the next 48 hours. So you can mix and match ALL our plugins and save up to 60% extra, using our New & Improved Dynamic Discounts. You can combine these intro prices with most of your current vouchers (but not with already expired codes - pls check your past emails for details). To kick-start you all, we are giving you an additional $25 voucher today which you can use on any purchase ($99 minimum cart value) in the next 48 hours, for all of our older and newer plugins! PA-New-Native-25off USE THIS VOUCHER BY AUGUST 21st - 2am - California time Just use this voucher code during checkout and save $25 (Code can only be used 1x per user - Minimum cart value of $99) https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products.html?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=48hrs+Flash+Sale+++a+%2425+Voucher+For+All&utm_campaign=DO+NOT+SEND+YET!+190817+NEW+MEGA+Launch+Highlights+-+to+all+customers
  19. cclarry

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

    The 432 for Mastering is AMAZING also!
  20. All software sales earn store credit towards free samples & presets on Black Octopus. Get it here: https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/il-vocodex/ Coded by the one and only genius that is Didier Dambrin "Gol" (Creator of Harmor, Sytrus, & FL Studio)
  21. cclarry

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

    I used the 24 on this track...a shameless plug for a great plugin!
  22. cclarry

    Karoryfer Samples Vengeful Cello

    Vengeful Cello by Karoryfer Samples $19 until September 1st ($59 regular price). https://shop.karoryfer.com/vengeful-cello
  23. Ultimate Guide To Synths Every modern producer and engineer should know their way around a synthesizer. The Ultimate Guide to Synthesizers masterclass has 42 lessons that will enable you to use synthesizers like a pro! • Learn to use any synthesizer with ease • Understand exactly how synthesizers work, from basic to advanced techniques • Fully understand ADSR Envelopes, LFOs, Oscillators, Filters, Modulation, and Macros, as well as how to use all of these tools in your synth of choice • Comes FREE in your All Access Pass along with the ANA 2 Synth and 60+ premium plugins! Crash Course Sound Design Once you’ve mastered synths with our easy step by step course, we take you right into our Crash Course in Sound Design, which will walk you through exactly how to customize synthesizer presets - or build your own from scratch. Understanding sound design is ESSENTIAL if you want to get the sounds in your head to come out of your synthesizer! In this 11 part series, we will show you how to create every type of sound in your synth! • Explore popular techniques like wavetable synthesis, frequency modulation, sample-based synthesis, and more • Learn exactly how to design sounds from scratch in any synthesizer using an easy step-by-step process • Tweak presets with confidence knowing exactly how they work at a glance and which controls to change to get the sound you want • Learn how to make plucks, basses, leads, pads, growls, FX, drums, and keys Courses like these would cost hundreds of dollars from other online schools, but you can find them in your Slate Digital All Access Pass. TAKE ME TO SLATE ACADEMY
  24. cclarry

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

    The 24 is KILLER!
  25. cclarry

    Groove 3 Big BOGO Sale

    If you’ve been wanting to get a great deal on top-notch video downloads about your gear, studio tools and instruments, now’s the time to get them. For a limited time, purchase any download video product and get one of equal or lesser value for free. No codes are needed, just add 2 or more video download products to your cart, and your savings will be automatically calculated. To make this deal even sweeter, you can use any Groove Cash you may have on top, for even more savings! So grab all the titles you want before this limited time offer ends. Thanks and enjoy, Your Groove3 Team Start Shopping