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  1. $29 https://www.soundtoys.com/product/tremolator/
  2. My female cousins were going to see the Beatles at Olympia...I had to endure their "practice screaming"!
  3. Eplex7 DSP has announced time-limited plugin bundles at special price up to -55% off. These bundles will be available for sale only until October 31st at Eplex7 website and KVR marketplace. Dark cinematic bundle contains: Replikorp 2249 retro futuristic plugin instrument. + 3 x extending instrument libraries. Cinematic Metal Drums 1 Forest film pads 1 Analog FX Drums 1. Compatible with MAC & Windows / VSTi / AU / Mac VST, x32 / x64-bit. Price: 58,19 €, time-limited discount price - 55% off: 26,18 €. Vintage analog bundle contains: Klerhaim N1 analog VST synthesizer Vacuum tube VD76 plugin effect. Compatible with Windows, x32 / x64-bit. Price: 89,00 €, time-limited discount price - 50% off: 44,50 €. Hitech darkpsy bundle contains: Quantakor plugin instrument. + 3 x extending instrument libraries. Hitech SFX1 Psytrance Risers 1 Hitech lasers 1. Compatible with MAC & Windows / VSTi / AU / Mac VST, x32 / x64-bit. Price: 59,70 €, time-limited discount price - 50% off: 29,85 €. Try demo version of plugins / Read more about each bundle at eplex7.com https://eplex7.com/product-category/vst-au-plug-ins/
  4. It sounds.....well..... FANTASTIC!
  5. My bad...should have done a "Search", which I usually do
  6. cclarry

    Audiothing The Orb

    Vowel/Formant Filter Get it now with a 40% discount - $29 Until October 31, 2021 https://www.audiothing.net/effects/the-orb/
  7. I saw them at the Silverdome in '93...best show I've ever been to!
  8. Use the following code at the checkout: AHM14 https://audioassault.mx/collections/plugins/products/ahm-5050
  9. for your viewing and listening pleasure...
  10. 39 Euros https://vstbuzz.com/deals/77-off-omnidrums-by-have-audio/ Features Approx. 20 GB compressed file 50000+ samples .ncw format 12 mic positions you can mix, solo and pan for creative results 34 Factory patches 16 blank user patches to create your own sets and presets 21 different Kick sounds: 18 – 20 – 24 with different tunings and playing techniques 120+ snare sounds and techniques: one shots, drag, rim, rim-drag, rolls, press rolls, harmonics, stacks, tunings and special effects 120+ snare roll techniques, from standard to unconventional: different shapes, dynamics and length 140+ tom sounds and techniques: one shots, rim shots, drag, rim-drag, rolls, harmonics, tunings and special effects 200+ cymbal sounds and techniques (hi-hat, ride, crashes) including one shots, positions (cymbals played in multiple positions to get different colors), rolls, effects, stacks, prototypes and odd cymbals etc. 230+ time stretchable loops and rhythmic patterns 43 time stretchable Jazz fills Lots of creative textures and objects Note: Requires the FULL retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher (NOT compatible with the Free Kontakt Player).
  11. Check out the Bundle offers here https://www.groove3.com/offers
  12. 1. YES 2, YES you can sell it - NO you do not lose the freebies 3. YES - ANY Paid product can be transferred - only products purchased with Gear Credits, or Freebies are NFR
  13. Subscription - 1 Year for $109 at Plugin Boutique - 50% off https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/81-Bundle/89-Complete-Collection/8132-Reason-Annual-Subscription-Crossgrade-from-any-DAW-or-any-Plugin
  14. Get “Wicked Drum Hits 2” by Black Octopus Sound for FREE (instead of €22) until November 8th. One of the top selling drum packs from Black Octopus has returned! Wicked Drum Hits 2 is back with more of the thick, meaty snares, sharp kicks, tuned kicks, crisp hats, impacts, loops & more! A dynamic and punchy kit of drums is an essential piece in any producers arsenal, and Wicked Drum Hits 2 is sure to be a go-to favorite for many producers for years to come! https://vstbuzz.com/deals/free-wicked-drum-hits-2-by-black-octopus-sound
  15. IK Products are a VERY TOUGH resell...just so everyone knows
  16. $99 intro price https://tonsturm.com/soundpacks/motion-of-air/
  17. October 14, 2021 Step up your mastering game with these first-class studio processors! -Get Erin with a 50% discount! -Get Scarlet4 with a 50% discount! -Get Emerald2 with a 60% discount! *Promotion ends on October 17, 2021, at 11:59 PM CET. https://www.acustica-audio.com/store/marketplace
  18. Ok...post is a little confusing... Volume G is 69 Euros Sienna Volume A has been upgraded, and the Volume A Upgrade is what is free... not the Volume G pack
  19. Run the iLok Manager to update Version 5.4.1 GM (b3706, 933b85fce7), 2021-09-28: Improved message when server is unavailable in the iLok License Manager.
  20. Correct... Transfer fee is $19.99 and you have to buy a Transfer "Credit" in the Credits section. This will allow you to transfer any ONE license that is transferable. Be mindful that "Transfers" have a limited number, and sometimes you'll get the Message "Transfer Limit has been reached", in which case you'll have to contact support to have the limit reset.
  21. ⚡️GIVEAWAY⚡️ We partnered with @fabfilter_plugins for your chance to win a prize package valued up to $1,100 USD. Swipe for prizing details➡️ https://www.instagram.com/p/CVMAK4-lNtu/
  22. I've got 7 to use...and use them I will! I'll be getting duplicates of whatever....just in case I have to offload some.
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