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  1. Nice, this one is on my wish list.
  2. I snoozed the last time Alternate Keys was on sale, but it's actually now cheaper for me because the price is in USD and there is no VAT. I might pick up the Clavitube, too, while I'm at it.
  3. Zo already gave you the answer, but just reminding that the dynamic discount also applies to activation fees. And since this is the scrooge forum: By my calculations to get the lowest activation fee per plugin you either need to activate two plugins and use a $25 voucher (2 x $20 x 0.8 / 2 - $25 = $3.50 per plugin) or activate 10 plugins and use a $50 voucher (10 x $20 x 0.4 / 10 - $50 = $3 per plugin). 6 plugins and a $25 voucher is another sweet spot with $3.83 per plugin, but with every other combination you need to pay over $4 per plugin.
  4. I got my $25 voucher. I was worried I might have bought too much last year and they would now punish me with the $50 voucher. Luckily not. Here's their info about the loyalty vouchers: https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/news/article/items/customer-loyalty-vouchers.html
  5. Oh, your poor inbox!
  6. It depends on how you look at it. I would've gotten Lion one dollar cheaper with this voucher than with the previous one.
  7. Thanks, but I was referring to the "USERSURVEY20LG98HBT5" code. The $20 voucher worked without hitch. Apologies for the ambiguity.
  8. Well, I just get the message "A voucher code associated with this promotion has already been used. Only one redemption per account is allowed."
  9. Not working here. I think this is the one you got earlier this year if you participated in the survey. That code was one use per account.
  10. I'm sure we're all shocked and surprised to hear that they reset the voucher again... It's Unfiltered Audio ZIP or G8 for me, I think.
  11. I suppose I could pay $20 for Lion, though it has been cheaper before.
  12. What the toilet sees after you've eaten too much spicy food?
  13. Pseudopop

    dSoniq Realphones

    There is also CanOpener Studio by Goodhertz, which many people seem to prefer over other options.
  14. Also available in SFZ format for sforzando player, which is also free.
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