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  1. I can confirm that I have also managed to set this up so that PayPal never offers currency conversion. I'm pretty sure it was a checkbox I could check when I was authorizing the payment in a popup window. Can't find the setting anywhere on PayPal.com, but then again their UI is a hot mess.
  2. It seems that the article on ExtremeTech is a bit misleading. The differences in real life scenarios are mostly either not noticeable or in favor of the new model. According to some discussion on Hacker News, the new model is An article on Tom's Hardware says: Another article on Hexus says: Also, Samsung has made changes to the packaging, part numbers and the spec sheets, so you should be able to tell the models apart once you know what to look for. If I was planning to buy a new SSD I'd go for the newer model.
  3. Mine is invalid too, so it's not just you guys.
  4. Really? What timezone California is in?
  5. Talking about product managers: I wonder if we'll someday see something like Steam for plugins?
  6. The actual product might be a pre-generated license key, so they would have only a limited number of those.
  7. Ha, good catch. I have trouble remembering which month is which so I didn't even notice. 😅 They sent the email today, so it's a new deal.
  8. Not really a deal, but a pay-what-you-want charity loop bundle from Heavyocity. I think the minimum amount is $1. https://heavyocity.com/product/play-it-forward-v-2021/
  9. Available until 1st of July 11:59 PM AEST (they probably mean August) https://www.zenhiser.com/collections/hip-hop-trap/products/trap-sounds-sessions
  10. And now they've run out of keys or something.
  11. Is this the same as this: https://www.jrrshop.com/gforce-virtual-string-machine-expansion-combo ? It was cheaper back in April ($40 at JRR)... ...but I missed it, so maybe I should just cough up the extra $5. Or wait for a better deal.
  12. Pseudopop

    SSL LMC+ $29.99

    As a temporary workaround you could try adding "+ssl" to the first part of your email address. Most mail servers ignore the plus sign and whatever comes after it, so "john.doe@example.com" and "john.doe+foobar@example.com" both go to the same inbox. Of course, you should test if that it actually works for you.
  13. Available until 19th June 11:59 PM AEST https://www.zenhiser.com/collections/techno/products/dark-techno-fx2-sounds
  14. I bought "Achromic - Aggressive Rhythm Guitars" from this developer earlier this year. The sound is good for the price but the instrument is very buggy, not playing all the notes and sometimes playing the wrong articulations. I've been meaning to send some feedback about it but haven't gotten around to it. Still, just purchased this collection because the price is good and I like how light weight Achromic is as an instrument. Edit: I just noticed that he has some free instruments available too: https://www.iamlamprey.com/collections/free Edit2: Which are included in the bundle, apparently.
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