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  1. Well, it would work if they would let me use the $25 voucher first ($49.99 - $25 = $24.99) and then the other one ($24.99 - $20 = $4.99). But I guess they do it this way on purpose.
  2. Looks like I can't use this code with my personal voucher, because this is applied first no matter what and it drops the price too low for my personal code. Bummer. ☚ī¸ I don't think there is anything else I want, so if someone wants my $25 voucher (minimum spend $32), let me know.
  3. Don't forget the extra May voucher, if you haven't used it yet: MTFBWY25 Valid until May 31, minimum spend $39.
  4. Yup, not disagreeing with you there. Just wanted to point out the draconian terms, considering that these are, IMO, comparable to loops to some extent.
  5. Sorry, English is not my primary language, but let me quote the whole paragraph (emphasis mine): Doesn't this mean that they can basically do whatever they want with any song you use these tracks in?
  6. I would be very interested to see similar "most used" lists from the more experienced people in here. It's one thing to say "this is a really nice plugin!" and another thing to actually use it regularly, so seeing (or not seeing) a certain plugin on different lists would help me decide if it's actually worth the money, or at least something that I should look into. If you do post a list I personally would appreciate if you also mentioned what kind of music you usually mix or produce. I'm interested to see what effect that has on plugin choices. I personally am just starting to learn how to properly record and mix my metal/rock songs, so no favorites yet.
  7. For game deals I recommend checking out the GameDeals Reddit: https://old.reddit.com/r/GameDeals/new/ It's surprising how often good games are available for free.
  8. Pseudopop

    Banned from KVR

    I'm on this forum only for the deals... I really appreciate all the hard work Larry does. My wallet, not so much. 😄
  9. I was about to buy both SPL Iron and Metric A/B when everything was $29.99, but then I thought: "Well, I don't really need them right this second, and they'll probably be on sale at some point where I might have a $25 voucher I can use, too." I'm happy that things went as planned for once. Still bummed that I forgot to use that February voucher during the sale, though.
  10. Pseudopop

    Soundtoys 5

    Have I understood correctly that this would likely to be a single iLok license and it would cost $25 to transfer it to my (yet to be created) iLok account?
  11. Thank you for the info, Simon. I can be very patient when I need to and I don't have an immediate need for SD3 so I'll just play the waiting game, then.
  12. Are there ever any decent deals for SD3? I need some good metal drum kits but 380 euros is... painful, and in addition to that I will probably need to buy one or two expansions to get the sounds I want. 😓 Also, is this an intro price or the final price for Hansa?
  13. Well what's the point of having two codes at all, then? I guess it wasn't like that from the start? No wonder no one was interested in my codes... đŸ¤Ļ‍♂ī¸
  14. I kinda forgot that the monthly voucher was valid only until the end of the month and missed my chance to get something for a really good price. Now I'll probably use only one of the vouchers for this sale, so if someone wants the other one, PM me. (I'm going to bed right now so I won't get back to you until later.)
  15. I posted a list of direct (-ish) links to the ebooks, but the post needs to be approved by a moderator.
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