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  1. I recently did a half-serious attempt of using different tricks (including pitch shifting with Melodyne) to make my singing sound like a mob of children singing a nursery rhyme. I'm a bass baritone, so I knew it probably wouldn't work but I wanted to try anyway. The result sounded like a drunken amateur drag queen karaoke performance. So yeah, I'm looking at Synthesizer V very closely, too. Sounds amazing.
  2. But I need to click the "Redeem your pack and enter the competition" button?
  3. I'm confused. Do I need to enter the competition to get the pack? The website just makes me run around in circles.
  4. Oh, actually it's 39.68 euros in cart. But Audio Deluxe has it for $44.98 with $2.24 DeluxeBucks, so that's the cheapest option for me.
  5. It actually is, about €0.30 cheaper.
  6. It's €41 at Best Service for me, so JRR is cheaper. But thanks for the info, I'll guess I'll go for it.
  7. I intended to give it away sooner but I completely forgot I had it. The code is: enggnklzhn If you use it please post here to let others know.
  8. Did someone actually buy this and if yes, how is it? It's still available at JRR but the price has increased to $43.99.
  9. They are? Dang. I just bought it ten days ago. Let's hope Softube is willing to exchange my Jubilee license for Bluesbreaker...
  10. I think both Matcha and Keemun aim to be playable first, realistic second. I'm not qualified to say if they succeed.
  11. You don't keep your drummers in a dungeon?
  12. As far as I can tell different electric instruments look all the same, but I think it also depends on the original kit. In the image below the two top snares on the left are electric snares from the superior drummer basic library. The two electric snares below them are snares from Hip-Hop EZX. The hi-hat and the snare in the kit have also been replaced with electric ones. I should point out that nothing prevents you from replacing a cymbal with a kick drum, for example. It works like you'd expect. The only difference is that if SD doesn't have an appropriate image for the instrument for the location, it displays a generic electric instrument instead. So in the example you'd see a black electric cymbal instead of a kick drum. If you want to match the instruments you use with the kit image as closely as possible, then yes. If that is your goal then for electronic music something like Hip-Hop EZX might be a better option, because it has 16 pads you can use to place the instruments in a way that makes sense to you. But in the end it's all cosmetic and no matter where the instruments are located or what they look like they work the same.
  13. I'm not quite sure what you're asking, but here's an image of a default kit with 7 extra kick drums (shown on the left side of the screen). Does that answer your question?
  14. You always start with a ready made kit, but you could remove all the instruments from a kit, save it and then use that as a future template. As far as I can tell you can't change the layout of a kit. You can't move the instruments around, and if a kit has one kick drum and you add another one, it is displayed on a sidebar as a sort of a icon. So if you want the image of the kit to represent the actual instruments it has, you need to find a matching kit and start with that. I think you can import your own samples to SD but there are some limitations with them, like being able to use just a single velocity layer, for example. I have never tried it so I can't say for sure how it works.
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