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  1. That's weird. I keep seeing this: But actually now that I look at it more carefully I'm not interested in the full bundle. The price of the 23 item bundle seems to be fixed and that would be enough for me. I bought a similar bundle back in 2020 and it looks like all but one of the brush packs are new, so this could be a nice upgrade. Looks like @telecode 101 was right: everyone wants our money today.
  2. When I first loaded the page: 5 minutes later: Yeah, screw that. I'm fine if the middle bundle is BTA*, but I don't like it when the price of the full bundle increases with time like that. * Beat The Average
  3. Nothing. They just want your money.
  4. Normally €/$149, now €/$59. Deal available through October 3rd. https://www.uvi.net/beatbox-anthology-ii That's a lot of boxes.
  5. Normal price €199, now €119. Launch offer ends October 17th/18th (IDK, the site shows a countdown and I'm bad with dates). https://www.westwoodinstruments.com/instruments/solowindsuntamed/ I looked at the price and said to myself "nope!", but then I listened to the demos: It's still very, very likely to be a "nope", but... damn!
  6. Should I get the Neoverb for $9.99 or wait for the next good deal on some iZotope collection that includes it? It's either that or some Guitar Amp that I don't really need.
  7. Too good a deal to pass up, so I made the purchase. Let's see how long it takes to get the serial.
  8. I think this offer was available on Zinio, but doesn't seem to work anymore. And they don't offer any of the free gifts.
  9. Ooh, I forgot all about those. Thanks!
  10. Sorry to bump this, but how did I not notice this earlier? Phase Plant for €71.90? That's historical low, right?
  11. Tails for $15 could be nice. I'm pretty sure I have enough reverbs, but I like collecting Unfiltered Audio plugins. 😅
  12. WTF? There was no mention yesterday that the $10 voucher would expire after 24 hours. Oh well, didn't want to give them that $9.99 anyway.
  13. Yep, you're right. So I guess this is a good price for some plugins, for others there have been better deals.
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