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    https://www.jamstix.com If you've been enjoying the free version of Jamstix 4 and have been debating stepping up to the full version, this is your time. Jamstix is now on sale with deep discounts. For example, 'Jamstix 4 Studio' is just $99 instead of the normal $249 price. If you already own Jamstix 4, now is the time to get those expansions you've had your eye on. All of them are on sale, Jamcussion is only $29 instead of $69, MetalPak and BonzoPak can be had for $19 each instead of $49 and the big MiniPak bundle, which is already a great deal at $59, is on sale for just $39. The sale ends on December 31st. If you have any questions, drop us an email at sales@rayzoon.com and we will be happy to assist. Secure Online Shop Please note that the macOS version is still in Beta and does not work well with newer macOS versions. Do NOT purchase a Jamstix license at this time unless you are using a PC. Best regards, Your friends @ Rayzoon
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    but wait a week or two, and …
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    Apparently, extended to December 4. Change thread title?
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    Not in build 17 I just made those changes today.
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    EFX Fragments is absolutely worth it. But I got it, which is what holds me back from getting the FX Collection.
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    We're all waiting for the December Advent and 12 Days of Christmas sales
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    I wrote an article with guidelines for diagnosing plugin compatibility. Though to an end user it might not seem that way, the vast majority of problems are caused by plugin’s not being fully robust under a variety of operations. The most common problem areas are with following VST3 protocols, loading and saving state, thread safety, and proper separation of user interface operations from actual processing. Bugs in these areas can result in symptoms that vary from user interface problems, audio glitches, problems bouncing, crashes or hangs. We capture crash reports when possible and they sometimes lead to a resolution, but plugin issues are one of the most error prone areas in any DAW. You say you don’t see the same issues in your other DAW’s but that in itself doesnt mean anything beyond possibly the fact that the plugin vendor has not tested the same operations in Cakewalk. All DAW’s are vastly different in their internal architecture and a feature that works perfectly in one may or may not work in the other. We take plugin compatibility issues very seriously and if it indeed ends up being an issue in Cakewalk we fix it promptly. In fact even if it isn’t our issue we do what we can to work around it - much more than what some other DAW’s do.
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    Now that all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have been revealed and hopefully most of us have had a chance to add more plugins and tools to our arsenals, it's time to enjoy looking at what we got. What were the deals that you decided were worth your hard-earned money? Were there some that you wanted but resisted? (voluntary restraint, out of budget, fear of significant other's reaction, etc). Anything else that you'd like to share about this deals season
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    Far be it for me to encourage your EW patronage, but I believe the guys who wrote the MIDI engine for HOOPUS Orchestrator are the folks who did Sonuscore's "The Orchestra" series. Imaging applying that amazing scripting to 900 gigs of deep sampled variety. But I do think it will be on sale again (if this one ever ends I follow the HOOPUS thread on VI and someone from EW "with knowledge" teased that something new was coming for HOOPUS. I would not be surprised (considering this sale) if it is a paid upgrade or add-on.
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    Did you sleep? It was only a week. 🤔
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    It works differently. You choose a drummer that plays in the style of a real well known drummer (but the names are changed). Then you can direct the MIDI output to trigger another drum VI.
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    https://www.fanatical.com/en/pick-and-mix/q-up-arts-world-class-royalty-free-sounds-build-your-own-bundle Build your own bundle 1 for $1.99 5 for $6.99 all 16 for $12.99
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    808 State - In Yer Face
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    I went through something similar to abacab when I built a new system two years ago. I thought I de-authed my iLok but there was a SNAFU. iLok info said I should get all my licenses re-set after only one publisher re-set, and ALMOST all of them did fairly quickly. I had a few Air titles that wouldn't work, even though they were supposed to allow 2 auths, and I only used one. Anyway, they finally reset them- six months later. I wasn't using the ones I lost, and I forgot about them until the email came.
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    There's a Banksy fairly local to me that he did on the wall of Reading Gaol: I'd be willing to sell you that at a reasonable price.
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    This is why we advise never installing or using these drivers. What they do is hook into Windows and utilize the audio device via low level WDM. Since at startup time Cakewalk loads all drivers to check for availability, when we hit this driver, it causes symtoms like you saw even if you never intended to use it. Sometimes it will even change the sample rate of your audio interface as a result of being loaded. The best solution is to remove these ASIO wrapper drivers from your system so Cakewalk never sees them. One thing I've been wanting to do is to change how Cakewalk starts up to avoid loading all ASIO drivers once one has been selected by the user. This might help alleviate problems like this. Its a pretty big change so will have to wait for when I have time to tackle that.
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    A few people had certain projects taking long to load with certain plugins, so we investigated it and found that some plugins can flood the message queue with data when loading. Since Cakewalk was waiting for all activity to finish at load time, this caused the delay. I've now also further improved load time on systems with no internet or poor internet speeds. The app should load immediately in such cases in the next build.
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    The "Generic Low Latency Driver" is an optional driver installed by Cubase. It should not be installed when audio interfaces come with an ASIO driver. Removal is recommended. Removing the registry entry effectively hides the driver from CbB. The RealTek ASIO driver is not suitable for DAW use. It is not a generic driver and should be a problem unless you try to use ASIO driver mode with the RealTek chip. It does not matter if this is left in the registry or not just remember to use WASAPI driver modes when using the RealTek chips.
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    Some DAWs install generic ASIO drivers, CbB is not one of them. These generic drivers can interfere with manufacturer supplied ASIO drivers. Make sure there is at most one manufacturer supplied driver for each audio interface and no generic drivers are referenced in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ASIO
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    Whew... This one was just driving me crazy. I finally learned about it from someone's video where he mentions it getting in his way. Superior Drummer uses key aftertouch to execute cymbal mutes! This is gonna be very useful here as I’ve been using volume automation to achieve this... ...just thought I’d pass it on for others who might not be aware of this.
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    Yeah, definitely. I'm never quite sure where the input level should be. Obviously different guitars have different outputs. I've never really been completely sure where it should be with any Amplitube stuff.
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    The best new feature for BFD4 would be one that makes BFD3 work properly, and without the current crazy authorization system.
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    Short answer: I find the GUI to be extremely frustrating to use, especially the controls which are very fiddly, counter-intuitive, and often poorly labeled. There are huge differences in sound level among the instruments (as much as 15-20dB). And the library is not nearly as versatile as I had hoped (which is truly disappointing given my only expectation was to use it as 'melody support' where I'd layer it under certain vocal melodies to produce a fuller sound). Long answer: Atlantis 2 was the first Kontakt library I bought a la carte (I have many others, but they're part of Komplete 13 UCE). I don't care for Kontakt and, up until now, I'd just load a library, select an instrument, close the GUI and never even think about making any adjustments; I would do all that in Cubase. However with Atlantis 2 it does seem that to get what you want you do have to interact with the GUI a bit. And as I mentioned above, it's very difficult given the way the controls are set up. I also had hoped there'd be more 'playable' instruments vs fixed vocal lines/phrases. And much of the playable content is somewhat timbrally homogenous. To be clear, the three voices are hauntingly beautiful, and that makes it even more frustrating because I don't feel I can get them to do what I want. Of all the vocal libraries I own (some of which are Kontakt-based), this one is the most unresponsive and inconsistently responsive; and this is only exacerbated by the huge variation in sound level among the instruments/patches. Bottom line, if I knew everything I mentioned above before purchasing the library, I would have passed.
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    My big purchase this year was: Arturia V Collection 8 upgrade to VC9 Others: BrainWorx Knifonium Cherry Audio GX-80 Cherry Audio Miniverse Dorico Elements 4 PlugInGuru Unify Library - Absynth Power Pack Toontrack Fusion EZbass MIDI Toontrack Folk EZkeys MIDI Toontrack drum MIDI Contemporary R&B Grooves Tracktion Waveform 12 MIDI Producer Pack Udemy courses Left in cart: KORG Wavestate Native Studio One 6 Pro update Tone 2 Icarus 2 Valhalla Shimmer WA Prod Instachord 2 Zebra Legacy
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    Same with input gain as it impacts how the amp is driven. We need a default setting of course, but for those with a variety of interfaces the signal hitting Tonex can vary wildly. The beauty of AXE I/O seems like when the interface input is setup well, you get a reasonable response with a guitar. I can't say the same for all other interfaces with DIs out front or not.
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    There is also a mute articulation that you can apply that will silence a ringing cymbal and mute it like someone grabbing it.
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    I see it now on the previous post, but I'd rather not play it to keep enjoying that oh so quiet moment
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    This year my focus was vocals: Synthesizer V Studio Pro (love it!) Dreamtronics Natalie (love it!) Eclipsed Sounds Solaria (love it!) Zero-G Ethera Gold Atlantis 2 (hate it!)
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    I would like to see a global output knob or gain compensation. Some presets are very loud and some are very quiet. Would be easier for searching presets.
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    I am not listing prices because it messes with my denial. Reveal Sound Spire synth + 500 preset bundle Synapse Audio Dune 3 Dawsome Novum UJAM Synth bundle Completed patch lib for AAS 3 Unify packs Audio Imperia Nucleus + free Lite series Nucleus/Areia/Chorus Audio Imperia Solo Audiofier Pragmabeat Cable Guys Shaper Bundle Upgrade Devious Machines Infiltrator 2 Reason+ sub Audiothing Bubbles, Melda Mtransient and some other freebies
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    Project Lead PC for Music
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    No software but this PC with £100 off from Chillblast 1x Chillblast Fusion Custom PC 1x Intel Core i7-12700 CPU, 12 Cores* / 20 Threads, 2.1 -4.9GHz 1x 32GB DDR4 3200MHz Memory (2 x 16GB Sticks) 1x NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB Graphics Card 1x 1TB Samsung 980 PRO M.2 PCIe Gen 4 Solid State Drive 1x Corsair RM850X 80 PLUS Gold 850W PSU 1x Windows 11 Home 1x 5 Years Warranty (3 Years Onsite & 2 Years Labour) UK Mainland Only* 2x Noctua NF-A14 PWM Chromax Black 140mm Fan 1x Noctua NF-S12A PWM Chromax Black 120mm Fan 1x Noctua NH-D15S Chromax Black CPU Cooler 1x 2TB Samsung 870 QVO Solid State Drive 1x Fractal Design Pop Air Case- Black 1x ASUS PRIME Z690-P WIFI D4 Motherboard 1x 24x DVD-RW Drive 1x 2TB Samsung 980 PRO M.2 PCIe Gen 4 Solid State Drive Oh and four Michelin tyres for the Berlingo which were 10% off on Friday but then, infuriatingly 20% off on Monday!
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    I enjoyed the bargain hunting this year... Audiofier Tetrality 2 Impact Soundworks Massive World Bundle (7 instruments) Kirk Hunter Kinetic Strings Zero G Ethera Gold Atlantis 2 Toontrack SDX New York Studios Vols 1, 2, and 3 Melody Sauce 2 Upgrade 1999 Soprano Sax Moonlight from 8DIO Kilohearts Phaseplant Zebra Legacy Fallout Music Hybrid Studio Taiko Dronar Bundle (4 Dronar Instruments) Dark Intervals Artefact And although it wasn't a deal the item I'm most excited about... A handpan in C Minor from PanAmor handpans (https://www.panamorhandpans.com/). This is the one I got, except I ordered mine in 440 (enjoy this guy's playing - it's fantastic!):
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    Need to be able to run a drive/boost pedal captures (in addition to an amp capture)... without running multiple instances of Tonex. The CPU load of captures isn't particularly high. Why not let users configure several captures in a preset? That would offer FAR more flexibility... IK needs to address this.
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    8 Dio Intimate Studio Brass, Strings, Woodwinds Dorico 4 Elements Finished out my Metropolis Ark Collection Ethera Atlantis 2 BBC Symphony Pro upgrade from Core Sample From Mars (2022 Collection) Melodyne Upgrade to Editor (which I actually feel pretty good about. I got Melodyne Essential for free somewhere, I had a $20 coupon at the Celemony store which I used to upgrade to Assistant, then used Everyplugin to upgrade to Editor. So, I have a grand total of $132 to go from nothing to Melodyne Editor. ) And as @Nick Blanc says, the hardware comes next month.
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    Yeah, the plan is not to buy anything except for maybe new releases until next BF. I truly have multiple extremely high quality options for absolutely everything now. I've got a Seaboard Rise 2 coming in January so it should be loads of fun.
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    I didn't want to know this, but here goes... Audiomodern Atom BFD3 + 5 extensions Cherry Audio DCO-106 Cherry Audio Dreamsynth Cherry Audio Eight Voice Cherry Audio GX-80 Cherry Audio Memorymode Cherry Audio Miniverse Dawesome Abyss Dawesome Novum DDMF PluginDoctor Evolution Series Erhu Evolution Series Harmonium Evolution Series Suona Evolution Series World Percussion FXpansion Cypher FXpansion Strobe GForce Imposcar2 IK Multimedia Tape Collection inSession Shimmer Shake Strike 2 Klevgrand Fosfat Klevgrand Skaka Madrona Labs Aalto Madrona Labs Aaltoverb Madrona Labs Kaivo Madrona Labs Virta Nembrini IR Loader Newfangled Equivocate Newfangled Generate Newfangled Invigorate Newfangled Saturate Physical Audio Derailer Physical Audio Preparation PSound Vintage Accordion Rhizomatic Plasmonic Softube Model 84 Softube Modular Softube Parallels Sonic Academy ANA2 Soniccouture Hammersmith Pro Upgrade Soniccouture Sun Drums Crossgrade Spitfire Originals Cimbalom Spitfire Originals Cinematic Soft Piano Spitfire Originals Jangle Box Piano Spitfire Originals Mrs Mills Piano Spitfire Percussion Swarm Taqs.im SOLO TBTECH Kirchhoff EQ Tone Projects Kelvin u-he Diva u-he Repro XILS KaoX XILS PolyKB XILS PolyM Really gotta put a leash on myself next year.
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    Here's what I got! This view also! Paris Hotel Las Vegas!
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    Interoptability challenges can be a nightmare for developers, including the legions of folks who make Windows itself. And it's been that way for as long as I've been in the business, a span that predates not only VSTs and DAWs but even Windows, TCP/IP and the World Wide Web. We take it for granted that you can watch Netflix on your phone or embed a picture of your cat in an email, but most users are unaware of the years of late night hair-pulling sessions and negotiations that ultimately birthed such technological miracles. A great many musicians and DAW users are also software creators. You'll find the makings of a band in any office full of coders (as evidenced by Mr. Borthwick, who is himself a great picker). Consequently, many Cakewalk users and forum participants are also propellerheads, geeks and bit-flippers. And across that particular subset of CbB users you will find unanimous respect for Cakewalk, its processes, and its dedication to quality. That should say something to the less-informed masses who continually whine about the most trivial bumps in the road. But sadly, it doesn't seem to.
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    All Sandboxing does is crash a different process We've experimented with sandboxing - after all bitbridge is exactly that, except it only sandboxes 32 bit plugins. Doing it well is a very complex endeavor and potentially introduces a different set of problems. Workarounds are presently the only way most DAW's make plugins work but it takes cooperation and a willingness to work together between vendors.
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