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    Now available as VST, AU, and AAX and FREE https://shop.presonus.com/VU-Meter Presonus have announced that they are making some of their previously Studio One-only premium plugins like the new Ampire from Studio One 4.6 and the Fat channel plugins available as VST, AU and AAX.
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    Grab it here https://www.evolutionseries.com/product/world-colors-clar-duduk/?mc_cid=9b389c848c&mc_eid=dbeda474e8
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    Nice effort Simeon, music sounds great. I like that they show the download sizes on humble download page, about 50gigs of goodness in total! AAArgh! Windows 10 required and my 256gig C drive is not going to cope at all oh well, everything else has been updated so all i need to do is chuck in a new motherboard with CPU and ram and windows 10. Was going to do that soon anyway.
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    new version 3.1.14 - run to app to auto update
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    $9 at JRR https://www.jrrshop.com/soundtoys-little-microshift
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    Thanks Larry. Nice also that you can now access the shop from within Studio One Pro 4.6...
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    Now wishing I had purchased a 2Tb M2.NVMe drive instead of a 1Tb one a few weeks ago. πŸ™„
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    I've been using the big brother of this and I think it's great for breathing a bit of life into vocals IIRC the developer is the guy that developed the original H3000 version either way $9 is much of a risk
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    Hey, Lynn, Wow! This is a killer song and an absolutely stellar mix!πŸ˜€ Really well written and arranged, excellent instrumental performances, and fantastic vocals and harmonies! The production and effects on this were outstanding and really cool. I know I always say this, but this song makes me think of a modernized Steve Miller vibe that could have fit nicely on the "Fly Like an Eagle" album. And, I mean that as a very high compliment!πŸ˜€ Fantastic stuff, Lynn, everything you post just keeps getting better and better!πŸ‘πŸ˜€ Have a rockin' weekend, buddy! Bob
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    You can switch to silent mode, but it’s not the default. Check your settings.
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    Personally it is to help with my tutorial production as well as those cases where I need to put a video together for an arrangement for a client. It challenges me to think outside of just music production and fine new ways I can leverage producing video content that would complement and add value to my music producing and arranging. Recently I have been working with a screenwriter who needs trailer like presentations to help present her screenplay ideas so having video editing capabilities really is essential for me. Here is a project I worked on recently. I did the audio sweetening (cleaning up vocals, noise reduction) and did the music arrangement using Cakewalk by BandLab and editing it in Vegas Pro 15.
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    Ah well not to worry. Wishing on a Falling Star sounded epic by the way. Great job!
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    Yes, they may be part of the Cakewalk preset manager system. These are also stored in the registry. There is an export/import process in the plug-in manager to handle them.
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    My eighth grade teacher through a typewriter at a student. Now she would be fired. They made her principal couple years later LOL
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    $99 at Best Service https://www.bestservice.com/ezmix_6_pack_bundle.html
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    The full version of Resolve comes with advanced video noise-reduction. I've not seen an OMF plugin that does the same thing. The free Davinci Resolve with Ignite Pro is a formidable video editing solution. Throw in Hit-Film Pro as a secondary option... and you'd be pretty well covered.
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    FWIW, From my experience using video editing software (Adobe, Vegas, Davinci Resolve, etc), it's good to have several options. I've run into "road blocks" with each... and having an alternative was the only way to get work finished. ie: I've run into issues with Davinci Resolve where the timeline was fine for basic cuts/edits. As the session grew a bit more complex, the timeline got scrambled. Many hours of work... effectively gone. Davinci Resolve (feature wise) is nothing short of amazing. If you have a new iPhone (new video and photo formats), your existing editor might not (yet) be compatible. Ran into this a couple weeks back. If you have higher-end video tools, Hit-Film is likely not going to replace them. ie: The Chroma Keying is basic. It works... but nowhere close to Primatte Studio or Davinci Resolve. You've got to have excellent/even lighting on the green-screen. Hit-Film combines a pretty decent video editor... with After Effects like effects/compositing. At $30, if you work with video at all, it's worth having in the tool-box. If you use it once, it'll have paid for itself.
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    But the forklift clearly penetrated the styrofoam wall!?! What else is there to fathom? Pink Floyd gets a nice uptick in streams, hopefully. Good luck. Prolly not be as bad as predicted.
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    This deal is a no brainer, even if only for just all the extra fx plugins you get to use inside of Vegas 16 Pro. Thanks for the heads up about this πŸ™‚
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    Insolidus does look very nice. I was hoping All Claire would be even cheaper and I really don't need 78Gb of Vintage Keys. Shame they don't give you a few options for the freebie. Also, 8DIO don't allow resale/transfer of their licenses so I couldn't even sell the keys on.
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    I woke up this morning with a feeling of impending doom, dragged myself out of bed, turned on the news and ... ...BOLLOCKS!!! Just when you thought the general public couldn't get any more stupid, they do.
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    $199.99 on Guitar Center Pick of the Day https://www.guitarcenter.com/Daily-Pick.gc
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    This is the cheapest ever for the All Claire bundle, I think. In May 8DIO had a 70% discount at $198, but I much prefer almost 80% at $148. Regardless, this will turn out to be one pretty expensive Black Holiday for me. And you also get 78 GB of vintage keyboards for free. My sample drive will not be happy.
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    Yes I should have known as the exit poll performance has been remarkably accurate in recent times.
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    Thanks, updated the first post. Wasn't there when I looked at 6am this morning 😴 (stayed up late for the election).
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    good guess https://8dio.com/instrument/bundle-10-claire-woodwind/ - with vintage keboards for free as yesterday
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    +1, this may be overkill for many folks, but if/when the time comes it would be good to have (even at this version only). Rather than fumble with cheap alternatives and deciding later that you need more, you would already have something that can do a lot more and work your way up from the basics - not really any different from starting using CbB to make pod casts, then deciding to work orchestration one day. This is an awesome opportunity for someone who "might one day" get into video work without having to shell out big bucks... and in the event that it is just a flash in the pan (which is common to see), at least it wasn't a massive money investment for nothing. I had not heard of HitFilm before, but I already like the workflow to it, and seems pretty easy to start simple and shift gears into complex. All of the FX "just working" with the supported programs is just a nice bonus. Christian... your post popped up as I was typing... my suggestion would be working with Resolve until you hit a wall requiring an upgrade (goes for any program really). You may not ever miss it.
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    SteveC Yep looks like I have a re-mix and redo ...watch this space ..... Thank for taking the time to comment Steve WOOKIEE Thanks Wooks your comment means a lot Stay well πŸ‘Š
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    All of this is gear Joe has used at some point in his career - and not only him, but countless others. Marshall JVM is their flagship (hopefully this is the JVM410HJS). Wouldn't mind seeing IK's take on a complete 5150 (that is also one of Peavey's best selling amps of all time). Try and find a 6100 today yeah? Eventide isn't "top tier?" Countless guitarists have relied on the Chandler Tube driver. I guess you're trying to say this isn't "boutique" stuff right. Ok, well Boss, Vox and Dunlop are used by professional guitarists the world over, studio and stage, for decades - not just beginners.
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    this happened when vc7 was released - they've skimped a bit on bandwidth - I eventually got it to go through though, just keep trying. The actual download was quite quick. edit - I'm in the UK, @Zo you think you've got problems 😭
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    version 1.1.2 64 bit - build 191209 run the XLN online updater to install
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    Nice stuff @Lynn, mix sound good here.
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    By having a control bar module, like other modules this would be a global project setting, thus controlling the pitch +/- for all tracks. As I said in my previous comment, This would be perfect for adding precise pitch drops/raises and the knob itself to act as a fine tune for A = 440/ the cents value
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    @Starship Krupa, Excellent thoughts. Having the Cakewalk Reference Manual in HTML format likely would work for those devices that support HTML but I'm not sure all e-readers do. One of the reasons I suggest EPUB is because the specification supports intelligent page reformatting which allows each page to be reformatted based on display size and resolution. It also follows handicap ease-of-access visual recommendations for those with visual problems. One of the issues I have with pdf files is the page formats are fixed at emulating a standard sheet of paper. Page formatting "breaks down" when you increase font size or otherwise magnify the page for viewing.
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    Thanx for the Alt 9 tip. I can now use CSC to select an instrument and play notes using either the CSC keyboard (which there is no reason to do) or the M-Audio. Again, thanx for your help.
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    I agree with the reviews above; in spades! But (oh boy, here it comes), if I'm producing, I want you to vary the melody here. So hard to medicate alone when you're sinking like a stone I think the melody needs to descend on "stone". (are we in D, so stone would be C st D o B ne; and the way you "riff" on it, maybe C D B A G A. And maybe I've said too much?) Your song, your production, but that's what I would lobby for if I'm "behind the glass" on this one. Tom
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    Dan, Have you experimented with the Multis in the Walker? I think if you have the horsepower this is a very interesting way to tailor a particular piano sound in a mix. I was checking this out last night and assigned the different mic slots to faders on my nanoKONTROL and it was a very interesting way to adjust the blend of the mic positions. I am amazed I am just finding out about this one
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    A little U2 feel here? Unless what I think are "jangling" guitars down in the mix is a synth. I was going to agree with emeraldsoul on the drums, but hey; your song, your production. I do agree on the vocal processing, well done! Tom
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    @cclarry, I use this all the time, it is a great way to see how the services will adjust your mix. I just downloaded the plugin version and interested in how this works to pinpoint the spots where things get out of hand. I use it along with Gullfoss, Ozone 8 and Tonal Balance Control.
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    Very nice and well mixed. Excellent vocals and guitar playing. No critic from me for this one. Well done.
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    Most people don't really need the pro/dongle version of DaVinci Resolve. Though I personally wouldn't give up my dongle. πŸ™‚ Hitfilm has never really been in the same class as Fusion. But I may be slightly biased since I've paid well more than $1k for Fusion licenses (before Blackmagic). Lucky for me my last Fusion support contract got me a free Blackmagic Fusion dongle. And now they have made it so the Fusion dongle will authorize Resolve. I saw that bit about After Effect plugin support coming to HitFilm. I've seen this in the past (before Adobe cloud) there were several apps that supported AE plugins. But none of them could keep up with the changes in AE for very long. Or they were so completely buggy as to be unusable. I don't think I'd ever get my hopes up on plugin compatibility. Even OFX plugins rarely work right on all platforms/hosts and they were meant to.
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    Exactly the kind of dark path I didn't want to go down! Ouch indeed!
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    This is a really cool tune - made me think a bit of Peter Gabriel - maybe that's because of your vocal. I really liked the sound of your lead vocal - whatever fx you're using there - and there were some very nice BGVs in this. The mix sounds quite nice to my ears - the bass line is very clear. There's a lot going on in the mix, but it sounds like you've got it under control. If I were you I wouldn't change the mix - it sounds professional - radio ready.
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    Ignite Pro is even a bigger deal for me. 185 plugins I can use in Vegas Pro (or most any editing software). 560 effects and presets. For me this is the best offer from Humble Bundle ever. And in case I need to do a lot of explosions in my home movies, I'm all set. The bundle of Hitfilm and Ignite is $583. I have sometimes seen Hitfilm thrown in with an update to Vegas.
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    Beginning to end really compelling song. Love your voice. I got some ideas for myself out of this one.
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    Blimey! That's a bit more like it ! Vocal and mix sooo good ..as Daryl says guitar IS great ..but a given ..No Crits .. tight mix mate πŸ‘ ATB Steve
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    Great stuff Lynn. Really nice vocals and use of synths. Guitar is great but that's a given. Mix sounds good to me - plenty of room for everything.
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    That's being just a little bit too keen. I would do anything I could to get out of school, including holding the thermometer against the radiator when my mum wasn't looking to make her think I had a high temperature.
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    I have two coffee makers. The first is a $12 Mr. Coffee that only does one thing: Makes a perfect pot of regular coffee in 14 minutes (which I always drink hot & black while working - I have a mug warmer so I can enjoy it slowly). The second is a Nespresso Dolce Gusto Genio 2 which uses expensive pods like crazy, but can make any weird-sounding coffee-like drink in mere seconds (this one only gets used on lazy weekend days since, IMHO, the coffee isn't warm enough, there's not enough of it, and... see my note about coffee maker #1). Here's what it looks like though:
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