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    We’ve partnered with our friends over at Mastering The Mix to give Studio One customers BASSROOM for free! BASSROOM is a final mix and mastering EQ that helps beginners and pros get their low-end sounding great. It does this by delivering exceptional sound quality and suggesting genre-specific EQ adjustments a great audio engineer in a world-class studio would make. Here is your license code: [check your promo email]. Click here for installer and redeem instructions: https://www.masteringthemix.com/pages/redeem-your-free-gift
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    Mark - great track and sounds really good Like this one a lot and mix is spot on Great job Nigel
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    Yes, thank you....Arena Rock here I come!!
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    Wow.. that was a long time ago! Well let's try to look at this in a positive light... we've learned from you not to buy more than we need!!
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    My first attempt at making a theme, currently a work in progress.
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    Hi Makke Thanks so much, appreciate the positive comments Nigel VU, King Crimson and the Stones - very much on my listening list!!!! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for taking the time to have a listen and make a comment Very much appreciated Cheers Nigel
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    Wookie Think this is my favourite of the "warps" You nailed it, sounded great Very cool my friend Nigel
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    Good track - I can hear some top end stuff as Bjorn mentioned. Also, on my systems it sounds a little bass light Enjoyed it, cool stuff Nigel
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    @reko tomo - I think some of the issues you're having are maybe down to you using a basic workspace. For the time being, I'd recommend switching your workspace to "None" to give you access to all of Cakewalk's menus. Once you're familiar with what's available, you can then decide whether to design a workspace of your own or not. The other issue is that it's now 21 years since Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 was released. Many things have been changed / moved about since then. I strongly recommend watching some tutorial videos if possible. I appreciate that most tutorials will be in English, but even if you don't always understand what the user is saying, you'll at least see them using the features. The Groove 3 SONAR tutorials are very good, as is this free collection on YouTube (with this you can also turn on CC's and auto translate to your native language): Anyhow, in answer to your questions: This is where the Track's Edit Filter control is: Operations like Scale Velocity that do processing on your clips are now in the Process menu:
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    Brilliant Mark. Love your vocal and harmonies... balance is brilliant. Guitar work... MMMmmmmm... nice! Wacked up the volume on my Focals without subbase.. no comments here at all. I'd print this one... love it.
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    Asking about My Ginormous Ding a Ling again ? It's a real knee knocker and I have to hide it behind a man sized Guitar when I perform . Kenny
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    Yikes ! The Cancel Culture finally Cancelled Santa Clause. Then they turned him into a pseudo female elf and got him a Gig doing inventory at the local Walmart . Oh Man ! I think I may need to get to the Vet for an emergency eye flush after seeing that . Kenny
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    Sorry guys are having so many issue with this.. It was a headache trying to load all the stuff I had to use the licence that it comes with was a pain.. And it said it was out of date and I just downloaded it again finally got it installed it came with all the sounds not sure why you didnt get them @JoeGBradford the only additional ones I got was the guitars and the glockenspiel if you didnt get all the sounds I would suggest to redownload it.. I know its a pain but you might have to do it..😄
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    I guess I will have to miss this deal since I have been using it about a year. I dismissed this plugin at first because of the odd gui. A month or two later I had a music buddy that was telling me about this great new bass eq he found. (Bassroom) lol. So I had to load it up again. This time I fell in love with it and it lives on my master bus on every project. Spend some time with it before you decide about it. Then look at mixroom. I’m not into that auto stuff so much but these are nice eq’s and the auto stuff is a nice starting point.
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    Update: Haven't seen any responses to my bug reports, but I did gather a bit more info on the issue. I am seeing the same DPC latency spikes when moving the mouse cursor into the text entry field in Notepad. Also... the problem goes away completely after switching from the Radeon driver to the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter driver. It has it's own issues, however (consistently high DPC execution time in wdf01000.sys)... but the problem with text fields is gone. So this really seems to be an issue with the AMD Radeon driver. I really want to use this notebook for live performance, so hoping I can make some headway with AMD.
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    love the whammy bar. Your tunes really take the listener on a journey.
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    Actually, I went to a GC one day just to browse and came across a very pretty white Squire Strat with a maple neck. I played it through a Boogie Mini Recto head with a 1x12 cab with Celestion in it. Anyway, the GC salesman was trying to sell me the amp and cab, but I was so impressed with the Squire that I told him leave me alone, I may not buy the amp and cab, but I ain't leaving without the guitar! I ended up getting them all! When I got the guitar home I did what I normally do, put my strings on it and give it a good clean up. When I took the pickguard off, I was totally blown away that it had conductive shielding paint all on the inside!! Then I noticed that the pickups were Seymour Duncan single coil sized humbers!! I also noticed that the tremolo was a knock off of a Floyd Rose floating trem!! The pickguard was 5 layers, in a type of MOP swirl, definitely not the standard issue on a Squire. Then I got to looking at the paint, this was not a regular Fender white. More of a pearl color. I am even thinking they did some kind of fret work on it also because it is just so smooth!! So I concluded that somebody bought a Squire, fixed it up, then sold it to GC for whatever reason. Some salesman over there saw a Squire label on the headstock and placed a $200 price tag on it!! This thing plays like a dream!! Sounds fantastic!! It will never leave my possession I can tell you that!
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    I got the email. Subject is "Redeem your free gift — BASSROOM | Final Mix and Mastering EQ" from PreSonus <presonus@e.presonus.com>
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    I see these available directly from Toontrack for $10 (USD) https://www.toontrack.com/weekend-deals/ Not sure what it costs in other currencies.
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    I know exactly what you mean.
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    Gee, that one sure looked familiar! ('Cause I posted this version a while back! 😜)
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    Yes, as a matter of fact I do. But it only happens (clips disappear or other strange results) when I'm applying gain to more than one clip, as you mentioned. I just got in the habit of applying gain to a single clip at a time.
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    Feels like looking at a buffet after eating like crazy lol
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    For those who prefer scanning the highlights before clicking on the link, here is the list of topics (copied from the YouTube page) Sponsored by Performance Samples: https://bit.ly/3lCwhMD NEW RELEASES: Pad Therapy / Grainstates by Rigid Audio https://bit.ly/2PA0bGk Quantum -Emergence Audio https://bit.ly/3bvUMbD Synchron Elite Strings -Vienna Symphonic Library https://bit.ly/2PPpfZR Hainbach Landfill Totems -Spitfire Audio https://bit.ly/3fX2L3C Mrs. Mills Piano Originals - Spitfire Audio https://bit.ly/3fimbjd LA Modern Percussion v1.1. & Percussion In Motion Vol. 1 -Audio Ollie https://bit.ly/3wfHYOB ► Checking Out LA Modern Percussion 1.1 & Percussion In Motion Vol. 1 https://youtu.be/qtLmvarSfKs Continuum Guitars -Cinesamples http://bit.ly/3lIcjAw ► Review Continuum Guitars https://bit.ly/31zKwJi Berlin Character Strings -Orchestral Tools https://bit.ly/393ozqg Quadra by UVI https://bit.ly/3d3E16Q ► Review Quadra https://bit.ly/3u7gSHy Scarbo -Teletone Audio https://bit.ly/2PKoT6P 50% off Sake Bottle -Edu Prado https://bit.ly/3mpMPbo Bionic Plucks and Mallets -Riot Audio http://bit.ly/RiotAudio World Percussion Creator -In Session Audio https://bit.ly/2Pqcqor Maleventum 2 -Sinece+Other Sounds https://bit.ly/3wa2foX Designer Drums 3 -Rast Sound http://bit.ly/RastSound VENTO Essentials -Heavyocity https://bit.ly/2OTyQ1r ► Quick Look Vento Essentials https://youtu.be/K-bdYqlnVkE The Ruler & Ancient Greek Percussion -Soundiron http://bit.ly/37e8LwV Angry Brass Pro – Soloists-Performance Samples http://bit.ly/38rGkiD ► Review Angry Brass Pro Soloists https://youtu.be/3_FkpQeIz24 Angry Woodwinds Pro -Performance Samples http://bit.ly/3qzGASI ► Review Angry Woodwinds Soloists https://youtu.be/XVPAQw96FBA Raw Strings by Insanity Samples https://bit.ly/3nuUhRE ► Review Raw Strings https://bit.ly/2M5fZOS Interstellar Waterphone by Soundyan $36.75 w/code “W-A-T-E-R-6-9” http://bit.ly/38RJPPA Sunset Strings -Realitone https://bit.ly/3nEdOQ8 ► Checking Out Sunset Strings https://youtu.be/CmaNvWYvNr0 NEO STRINGS by Insanity Samples https://bit.ly/37ACWS1 ► Review NEO STRINGS https://bit.ly/2N4smM5 DOLLAR DEALS Rigid Audio + 10% OFF w/code “GIVEME10” https://bit.ly/39A0S9l 89% OFF Iris 2 by iZotope http://bit.ly/2zh1PlG UP TO 91% OFF Glitchmachines https://bit.ly/39DyHpR Colour Field by Mode Audio http://bit.ly/2npuLl0 LATEST DEALS ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cinesamples Bundle at Native Instruments https://bit.ly/2Ro1DMn 37% OFF Nagoya Harp -UVI http://bit.ly/_UVI_ 26% OFF Continuo Pro Collection by Karanyi https://bit.ly/39TQJnZ 74% OFF Bestseller Synth Bundle Karanyi https://bit.ly/3dkHa2d 30% OFF Mosaic Series -Heavyocity https://bit.ly/3cEjt5X ► Reviews Heavyocity Mosaic https://bit.ly/3sE6pTR Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 by Vienna Symphonic Library https://bit.ly/39VuBK3 50% Rengoku bundle -Stingray Instruments https://bit.ly/3lTpQ8F 71% off Drums Of The Deep 2 -Auddict 87% off Cinematic Traxx Bundle -Sampletraxx http://bit.ly/_VSTBUZZ_ 54% OFF Acoustic Revolutions -Impact Soundworks 80% OFF AcidBox -Audio Blast 83% OFF SIXPACK 1 -Image Sounds 91% OFF Insane Next Level Keys -Sampletekk http://bit.ly/PluginDeals 20% OFF Sonespheres -Soundiron https://bit.ly/3rIrriH 50% OFF Sounds of Mars -Rast Sound http://bit.ly/2SWpOx8 ► Reviews Sounds of Mars https://youtu.be/Oq8L5g8SpAg UP TO 36% OFF Have Instruments https://bit.ly/31z2vzt up to 35% OFF Have Instruments at PB https://bit.ly/38Rhb1N 40% OFF Rast Sound http://bit.ly/RastSound 30% OFF Fallout Music Group w/ code “SPRING30” https://bit.ly/_FalloutMG_ Time+Space Spring Sale https://bit.ly/3wcda1j up to 50% off Luftrum https://bit.ly/3piYCto 50% Fluffy Audio http://bit.ly/_FluffyAudio UP TO 40% OFF e-instruments at PB https://bit.ly/3rF9Tns ► Don’s Music Desk Bus Video https://youtu.be/-V3tN02rl9c PLUGIN DEALS: 82% OFF: SLAM2 (VST3, AU, AAX) by Beatskillz 69% Off BUTE Limiter 2 by Signum Audio http://bit.ly/PluginDeals Motor by AudioThing $9 (reg $19) http://bit.ly/3re2XNZ 83% off T-RackS tape by IK Multimedia https://bit.ly/39xKfuQ Audiority Effects Plugin Bundle by Audiority https://bit.ly/31FKoYL 75% off “MRhythmizerMB” by MeldaProduction http://bit.ly/_VSTBUZZ_ See all Plugin Boutique Deals – http://bit.ly/2cKEH4w 89% OFF Iris 2 by iZotope http://bit.ly/2zh1PlG UP TO 77% OFF RX 8 by iZotope https://bit.ly/31T9L9I 30% OFF ROLI https://bit.ly/3uwRz1H Energy Panner by Sound Particles Apr 11 https://bit.ly/3wbTvP4 41% OFF WORMHOLE by Zynaptiq Apr 11 http://bit.ly/2Lg6WXD FEATURED FREEBIES Rotary Free Big Band Horns Orchestral Tools https://bit.ly/OrchesrtalTools Cinematic Trailer SFX by GHOSTHACK http://bit.ly/PluginDeals Emotional Recorder -Fracture Sound https://bit.ly/2R4oDA1 Impact Soundworks Heritage Percussion http://bit.ly/3rS8XwZ ► The Download PLaylist https://bit.ly/3dKhYm2 Updated links: http://bit.ly/DealCompressor
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    Better yet you just need to put a limiter on the master and set it at the desired max level. The Loud Max is free and works well for this. https://plugins4free.com/plugin/2060/
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    @Peter - IK Multimedia Run along and be a good boy now. You have taken enough of our money as it is
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    It's like CC Larry in video form. Loved by deal seekers. Hated by wives, wallets and hard drives. LOL! 😆
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    Wait to our King Lar hears about this
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    Info on plugin: https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/home-page/2018/10/4/friday-free-plug-in-tube-sat-vintage-by-wave-arts?mc_cid=1c4caeb619&mc_eid=e94c3cc3ea How Do I Get This Plug-in? Go to the Wave Arts website and download the installer. When you run Tube Sat Vintage for the first time you will be asked to register the plug-in and provide an email address. you can unsubscribe from any communications at any time. Tube Sat Vintage is a free plug-in and no iLok is required to run it. Edit: Turns out this is an oldy but goody - been around a while, has nice reviews.
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    808 State - Cobra Bora More free-oh-frees for Friday 808 State - Flow Coma Another one to get @craigb's weekend started and still on the 303 theme ... 808 State - Pacific-303
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    hovering soundscape and ambiance. A nice imagination trip through the galaxy. Good job!
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    On each of their guitars there is an Assembly Instructions pdf, so I read the LP one and noticed the "Tools and Supplies" list up front with it. The neck is not totally finished, as it has not been set nor the truss rod adjusted. The assembly notes some sanding, nut slotting, and crown work. Some of the "proprietary tools" they sell are a bit on the steep side (nut slotting files stuck out immediately for me), which have either a cheaper alternative, or straight-up workaround. The ones that came to mind: Feeler gauge (not mentioned in the Tools and Supplies" but is in the instructions) can be bought at an automotive store for around $5 (used for gapping spark plugs). Fretting hammer - can do the same with a claw hammer and small block of wood. Wood on the fret, lightly tap with the hammer. I would also do this before setting the neck, since is easy to rest on something soft but firm (like my legs). Fret Crowning File - theirs is simply a triangular file with the corners ground off, so can modify one yourself. No-chip Countersink (for chamferring bushing holes) - a small strip of 150 grit sandpaper wrapped over the tip of your pinky will do the same thing, just do not ride up on the finish. Nut slotting files - It appears the nut is already pre-slotted, but needs final adjustment. Oddly enough the tools only mention 3 files, but since the nut wears down fairly quickly, you can do the same with an old set of strings (same gauge you will use) and some rubbing compound (essentially a fine sandpaper in paste form - automotive shop again). Need to tape off both sides of the nut, but you can run and old string through it with compound like a very fine coping saw (be sure to angle so the high side is the fretboard... should slope downward slightly toward the pegs). As far as finishes, their lacquer is pretty competitive, but they make a big deal about gloss finishes being a bear (and have a book on it). Tru Oil (used for gun stocks) is a very popular finish (form of linseed oil) that can be put on by hand and built up in numerous layers. Every couple layers it is good to 0000 steel wool slightly, and about 20 layers is what "looks like glass." It will darken the finish ever so slightly, but also has the advantage that to "re-polish" in the future means to simply add another coat or two. I slathered a couple coats with my bare hand on the top step of my basement stairs (redwood) 10 years ago and it hasn't needed to be touched since. I use it on guitars too, but don't walk on them 😄. Oddly enough, Tru Oil is the only thing I have EVER been forced to sign receipt for on delivery... I asked the delivery guy why and he said "gun paraphernalia"... I just chuckled and said "Whatever." Another "finish" option, is to get a vinyl print made of any picture/graphic that suits your fancy. Any automotive place that does "car wraps" probably also has the printer for making the wraps. They would need the dimensions of the face so they can properly align/print the "wrap." These are opaque as you have seen on cars (won't see the wood), and go on/come off with a heat gun, but can make anything as intricate as you can imagine (and change your mind later). You will want some base finish under them so that they do not transfer any ink to the underlying wood. The longer they are on, the harder they are to take off... another reason for a finish under them, so if worse comes to worst, you can sand through the vinyl and never touch the wood beneath it.
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    Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal by Dr Strangely Strange
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    The Beatles - Oh! The Horror Oh! The Horror - Strange
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    Loved the rhythm in this one, really unique. And, what a great voice! Might want to change up the drum track a little...skip a beat hear and there.
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    Hi Mark, had a listen just now on headphones, and there is absolutely nothing offensive in your mix . . . what a great song, your talent really shines in this one ! I'll circle back after a few more listens on the bigger speakers, and the ever critical Ford Ranger highway road test. Really like everything you're doing in this one.
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    I would like a way to have cakewalk easily "simplify" or "average" out automation nodes, that were input from a controller. IE: riding fader volume. Example, I use a midi controller to write initial automation. But then I want to touch it up later. I'd like Cakewalk to intelligently remove as many nodes as it can, to make tweaking with a mouse later on, easier. When working on film, I like to do one live pass on score ducking and then clean it up with the mouse. The main issue is that all of my motions are typically slightly late as I'm reacting to the video on screen (as you'd expect unless you have scenes completely memorized). When there are too many nodes, it makes grabbing the appropriate group and sliding it where it needs to go, slightly problematic because the boundary nodes collide. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn't. There is a CAL for removing every x nodes, but that's too imprecise to really be useful to me. Other DAWs have simplify functions. I'd like Cakewalk to do so as well. In the screenshot, Red shows the actual automation written and blue shows an example of about what I'd like cakewalk to do. Almost like a quantize-ish function (not quite, but I think you get what I mean.) I know I can just draw a new line with the mouse, but I'd prefer to not make 1000 spaghetti nodes all over the place. Thoughts?
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    My greatest fear is that one day I'll die and my wife will sell my guitars for what i told her they cost.
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    sure do hear those sixties here.nice job.jack c.
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    Love this synth. Fat and full sound.
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    Ooh, the Cakewalk Glossary. That would be a very handy tool for new users.
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    Those are all freeware DAWs. If they were not probably full of invasive spyware etc I might download one just for fun, But I avoid freeware unless recommended by someone I trust. I would imagine they are not very full featured anyhow. Cakewalk is complicated because of its long history in development and not to mention, it used to cost $500. Just because it is free now does not put it in the same category as any Freeware DAW's. Not even close. It took me 10 years to "get it".
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