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    Hi guyz my first amp sim review !!! Here's my humble review of those beauties , the BST 100 and the MRH 810 1) Intro and plugin tour 2) Clean / med tone 3) @19 min heavier tones 4) Conlusion Don't expect metal lol !!! Now you guyz will know my type of tone Thks for watching !
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    FYI, I had an existing Groove 3 plan that expires in April of 2020. I wrote Groove 3's customer service and asked if I should wait until my plan expires or put the code in now. And the guy said that the iZotope code will expire at a certain point, so it's best to put it in now. When I did, my subscription changed from expiring in April 2020 to April 2021. So if you are holding onto your Groove 3 code for a rainy day, you should know that it won't last forever. If you want to know how long it's good, you should check with Groove 3. They have really fast customer service. I was waiting for the bugs to get out of the system on MPS 3 before upgrading. It was a breeze to do. Everything went quickly. Just followed the email. Used the iZotope Portal and made sure to activate the reverbs in iLok. And because of all of you, I got the free upgrade! 😎 I never would have thought to ask about a grace period because I bought in early August. And wow, those reverbs are outstanding. So thank you guys! And thank you iZotope!
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    https://www.synthmaster.com/synthmasterplayer.aspx?referrer=facebook SynthMaster Player is a simplied version of SynthMaster with limited editing capabilities. It is targeted towards users who prefer to use presets rather than designing their own sounds. It comes with 1800 factory presets. Users can edit the 12 easy parameters or the bypass states of layer/global effects assigned for each preset by the sound designer.
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    The fact that Cakewalk is even still among us is an amazingly kewl and welcomed thing, but add on top of that 1) it is free and 2) they are REALLY pouring it on with continued development of features and maintenance. AMAZING! Bob Bone
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    MIDI: Better Notation/Staff View. Grace notes do not display properly. It often doesn't display triplets properly. Playback is routinely out of sync with the arranger playback. Load the same MIDI file into Reaper, or even GarageBand, and it's flawless. All of the notes are there, the triplets display properly, etc. The playback is flawless, and the score cursor is in sync with the arranger playback cursor (and audio). Also, need a Page View in the Score Editor, not just a line. The workflow for switching which track is displayed in the staff view makes no sense. Changing track selection in the arranger should automatically change which track is displayed. One shouldn't have to open/go through 10 staff view windows simply because he wants to view/edit many tracks in his session. You have to Shift or Control Click across multiple tracks to select them and then open Staff View for Multiple Tracks to show up there... … ... What's displayed in the Staff View should simply follow track focus and arranger cursor position, and vice versa (for cursor position - i.e. Sync the two together). An Option to Merge MIDI Tracks would be nice. Take all notes on the two tracks and create a new track with all the notes in one MIDI Clip. Maybe this is already doable, just not in the places I looked. MusicXML Import (i.e. from Sibelius, Finale, Notion, MuseScore). Especially if they won't fix the note display issues in the score. Perhaps this would be less problematic if we could import something other than MIDI files. Usability & Accessibility: If you view the list of Drum Maps, I hope you never have to scroll it, because it would take all day. Mouse wheel doesn't work in this list, and it only scrolls when you click and hold on the arrow (not ergonomic - or even standard design/behavior on Windows). They need to reimplement how this list is designed to work. Awful user experience if you create your own Drum Maps and they don't all start with "Aa," due to molasses scrolling speed. Actually, that's the work around. Throw two A's in front of all of your Drum Maps' names… … … Really, though? Niggle: Why are there still 3 useful plugins disabled by default? Allow user to choose where to install Studio Instruments Suite - or install its Samples to the Content Location chosen, by default (as Drum Replacer does). They take up a lot of space for people with smaller system SSDs, if they need them (cause they may not yet have better). They don't NEED to be on the system drive - at least not the samples. Reintroduce Offline Context Sensitive Help. The PDF Reference is terrible, and doesn't even have a Table of Contents that displays in the slide-out in a PDF reader. This makes jumping from topic to topic a nightmare, unless you're lucky and everything is cross referenced Spoiler: You're never going to be that lucky. That documentation is basically a Context Sensitive Help File in PDF format. It is not a Reference and was never written or intended (or content necessary) to function as a "Reference Guide." Allow mouse wheel scrolling to adjust knobs in the Mixer/Track Editor/etc. It's more ergonomic. Tempo, Marker, [Chord], Arranger Tracks - Chord Track can wait (can use Markers, for now, until a fuller implementation) Ideally, pinnable to a top area like many other DAWs. I know there are some "workarounds," - none of which are really that elegant, especially with how tiny the markers are. The contrast between markers and the background is pretty terrible in the default Tungsten theme. Defaults should be more visible. Purge Presets/FX Chains/etc. requiring previously paid content (that is probably never coming back, at this point) from the CbB installation. Import those from SONAR Platinum, if installed. Reason: Unnecessary clutter. Add an area in the Preferences to Set up an External Wave/Audio Editor (Sound Forge, Acoustica, WaveLab, etc.) Editing the Registry should not be necessary, and is a dangerous requirement for users . Also, impossible on managed PCs, even if the requisite applications are already installed. Add an entry to the Context Menu for Audio Clips, to open that clip in the External Wave Editor. Example Remove Delete option from Audio Library Explorer Some people have their settings in Explorer to Recycle without Confirmation, and may not expect a typo to send their Loops, etc. to the Recycle bin. This can happen innocently and go unnoticed, until after the file is deleted by Storage Sense.
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    That's so true....most amp sims do a lot of metal. Although I like metal, it doesn't show the full range of what the sims can do (which is what I'd really like to see/hear). Another thing I'd like to see in these vids is what audio interface/DI they're using and/or anything else in the signal path before using the amp sim. Most reviews rarely show that. Anyway, looking forward to more of your vids.
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    This video is great : got all the answers i needed for my questions ...
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    Exclusive for Loyal customers - $129 - Today only! $5,000 worth of award winning plugins Masterclass courses taught by legendary pros Every new Plugin and Masterclass FREE with membership $129 TODAY ONLY (our lowest price EVER) Money back guarantee if you don't make the best sounding music of your life (NOTE - this is for 1 Year of access) https://slatedigital.us11.list-manage.com/track/click?u=c1ab83e36c10fd8899d6b2a8d&id=a4c50d0c59&e=306ef1560d
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    That vid starts with an ad for new UAD Apollo interfaces, to launch Oct 22nd ...
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    For hybrid trailer sounds, I'm kinda torn between this offer and the 8dio one https://8dio.com/instrument/cyber-hack-bundle-for-kontakt-vst-au-aax/
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    He make me LOL saying about why 10 not 8, he was able to see how students instantly get better workflow... Well how about 12 instead of 10? Not even better workflow? Or maybe 14? Maybe with 8 faders price would be lower and 2x8 is 16 what is even more than 10 and so on... It seems to be cool product but I would appreciate more this introduction if explanation for some design decision would be truthful and serious... In fact together with console 1 in one shared case it looks really cool and useful.
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    Excellent photos. You guys look ready to rumble! I hope there is a lot of traffic through the booth. Love the back drop with all the affiliate names. In one photo it looks like there is a large "Cakewalk" sign above the booth?
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    These are the most in-depth tutorials I've ever seen on Jamstix... 4 hours worth, but well worth the watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o96TLgRjAq8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzXMingzgBw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLpmv6XwsVk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVW9H20F94Y
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    Thank you! Let me elevate you from that pit...
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    Anyone other than me here enjoying thing like this?
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    Wonderful! Its good to see Cakewalk back and thriving.
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    Actually we haven't been working on anything lately. I think Bapu & Daryl have been doing some solo or other colab stuff. I've also been busy working on a solo project (taking forever), but if it's half way decent, may post it in the songs forum. Have you posted anything in there?
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    That's some very good stuff there!!
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    I haven't used YouTube in a while for uploads but I will let you know when there's something worthwhile there (unless you want to check out my covers under the pseudonym AfterGlow on the Cover-in-a-week channel - see sig).
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    Good list here. A little too much to be honest, its overwhelming. Might have been better to split these up in separate threads. But im not sure how you could without it looking like you created 20 threads. This is pretty good info for the bakers. Its appreciated. You can drag one clip on top of another and bounce to clips. this merges clips in 3 clicks. I would agree a merge button might be nice but where to put it in an already bogged down menu. I was able to crash cakewalk for the first time in probably a year after following your recipe. As far as Staff view goes, im not sure. Hopefully they show some fixes but that thing has been simply "only maintained" since it's inception, not improved. - Hey..This is helpful man. As a user of cakewalk, thanks for posting this detailed list. I'll write up the crash in lyric view later on today and hopefully its fixed by next release. Unless you already have. We might not always see eye to eye on issues but I have to respect this list you have compiled.
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    One of my favorite Tchaikovsky tunes
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    I'd definitely be a subscriber!!
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    My pleasure Mesh! Yes I think it will become something I use for new compositions and also for adding something to existing songs or even covers. I will also have a go at making an entire song using it. It would be even better if I capture the process on YouTube...maybe in installments.
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    Thanks Zo for the Video.....very nicely done/useful!
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    Some pix from day 1 posted
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    Hey Mesh, see below for my initial thoughts on Riff Generation - Outside in Edition.
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    Told ya that Chorus (Mercuriall) is so awesome, you power it on... and it sounded more awesome!
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    Oh joy, two more weeks of October to enjoy this!
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    That's a good mix right there! I could call attention to quite a bit of quality mix effort, but for some reason those horn parts stood out. Not bad in the patch department but I think the horn lines you wrote really fit the spaces in the song, and sounded like a well thought out horn arrangement. Also the chorus, where I think you doubled the lead vocal? Nice one there. On the "what the huh?" side, I actually don't think I have a clue as to what your song is actually about. Seems like you are referencing something very specific to you? Or something you have observed? That's just grand, of course, but as a listener I'm left out on this one. So what the hell is goin on??? Or am I just "left to my own interpretation?" Which is fine too. nice tune, that's the main thing. cheers, -Tom
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    Great news my friend. I finally figured it out and got it to work thanks to your help. Ron
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    Read my mind. I picked it up this morning after reading that amp sim thread. The price was right with my voucher. Rocky
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    I'm not sure Fleer...I would believe that the Console 1 plugins would come in all flavors, so it should work....but you'll only get the benefit of the DSP integration with the Console 1 plugins (I believe)!
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    Look at that. One right handed guitar and all those lefties. I'm ap-pauled
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    This is the same as the Console 1, which utilizes it's own set of plugins that integrate with the controller. This one just adds multiple faders...but the DSP for the plugins is built into the unit. THAT is how it can "sound good"....think UAD
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    Thanks to you, I was able to upgrade from MPS 2.0 at an unbeatable price! Smooth transaction and quick transfer from Izotope. They even sent a Melodyne serial.
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    Hi - I'd like to request the feature of being able to select and move/slide tempo changes using the Tempo View, etc. As one works on songs/pieces, in some cases, extra measures are added to the composition, and whole sections with tempo changes have to be moved, etc. Thanks for your consideration!
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    No, but now I have one......thanks!! Just kidding
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    Of all the ways to deal with software, this strikes me as one of the least intrusive. No dongle, no freakouts if your hard drive changes, no having to keep track of how many computers you've authorized. If all I need to do is let BandLab know from time to time that I still exist, that's okay with me.
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    There are other DAW's??? Who knew! 😆
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    This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time - I'm assuming it must be a satire. I was particular impressed by the ice hockey pucks mounted on sticks made by Shun Mook that set up a "sonic room boundary". The Shun Mook product page makes for some particularly hilarious reading: Apparently it works because " ... there are so many things that science still do not know and cannot explain." It goes on to explain "With Shun Mook we channel away the bad sounding resonance energy because it cannot be destroyed. Just as you cannot stop a flood with a wall you have to dig a cannel to divert it. In this case we use our diamond tipped resonators. The diamond crystal being the hardest material on Earth can release the vibration instantly while the ebony wood body acts like a reservoir for the musical energy to excite the resonance energy in its body. Hence this musical energy is feed back into the system while the diamond acts like a mechanical diode – pass the unwanted vibration out one way." You can pick up a Shun Mook Ebony Dowsing Pendulum for $300 (or get the High Energy version for an extra $20). What this is for is anyone's guess. Perhaps you use them to find the best path to lay your $2000 per foot speaker cables to avoid any spots particularly affected by quantum distortions caused by intersecting ley lines. They've got patents on some of this stuff. Can you really get a patent for snake oil in the US?
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    Howard Benson/STL Tonality. All the talk about Nembrini on the other thread made me want to find a simple plugin with a limited number of amps (but more than one), effects, and cabs.
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    One of those songs totally out of my experience so kind of hard to comment, but I thought the overall mix is very good. Definitely a dance-able beat. I was trying to figure out the "Africa" in the title but not sure if that's in the vocal part or in the drum track?
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    Happy anniversary Moshuang! Wow! what I like is the fact that I have read the suggestions, reported bugs and complaints in this very forum and soon after, an update comes out to incorporate that very stuff, this one really nails it for me! You bakers are right on target and very much in touch with the users, well done!
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    Pretty, pretty good stuff at Adam Monroe Music.
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