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  1. KVR a breath of fresh air? Double yikes with a helping of crikey.
  2. i.e. How to make the most money for the shareholders and bollocks to the workers.
  3. ... and chill The Irresistible Force - Waveform
  4. Gong go Acid House System 7 - Alpha Wave (Plastikman Acid House Mix)
  5. It's always time for a bit of Acid chez Wibbles. 🤪
  6. Acid Electro Dynamik Bass System - Robotmachine (Hardfloor Remix)
  7. Time for a bit of Acid Kraftwerk - Aerodynamik [Alex Gopher/Etienne de Crecy Dynamik Mix]
  8. Van Morrison - Queen Of The Slipstream
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