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  1. If the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William were to all die suddenly, then it would leave me in the position of wanting to bang the new Queen Mother. That's about as near as I'll ever come to being a monarchist.
  2. Shitty bollocks. Gutted. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/jan/22/terry-jones-monty-python-founder-and-life-of-brian-director-dies-aged-77
  3. Lyrics: "Avenues all lined with trees" ... ... speakers are need to appreciate the thunderous bass that comes in at 0:50. The original version is far superior to the re-recorder version with Gillian Gilbert.
  4. I see the problem. The socks should have been labelled "Feeties".
  5. Just living a healthy lifestyle will make it seem so very, very looooong.
  6. One certainly shouldn't be taking medical advice from the mass media. They aren't interested in the accuracy of what they are reporting, only in the headline. For example, there may be a report saying that, according to a new study, drinking a glass of red wine a day helps prevent diabetes. What they don't say is there have been another 999 studies saying that drinking red wine has no effect on diabetes. Nor do they care about whether the study has been peer reviewed or whether the results are repeatable - without this no reliance can be placed on the study. One horrific result is we now have hundreds of people in developed countries dying from easily treatable diseases, e.g. measles. Thanks Andrew Wakefield. As for the media (and politicians) misinterpreting the results of medical studies whether through ignorance or design ... Yikes! I've gone over my three sentence limit, I think I need a lie down.
  7. It transpired that last night's curry was hotter than I thought at the time ... ... ouch.
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