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  1. Wibbles

    Favorite Freeware FX Thread

    Here's a link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE90EC6DE32E81D76
  2. Wibbles

    IK's biggest breakthrough

    It's got to be a mouse organ:
  3. Wibbles

    Left/Right brain perception

    I am aware of the concept of hemispheric dominance. But the idea of "Are you an accountant? Then you must be left-brained. Are you an artist? Then you must be right-brained " (as it is used in this thread), is nonsense.
  4. Wibbles

    Left/Right brain perception

    The left brain/right brain idea is a load of bollocks. Just google "left brain/right brain myth".
  5. Wibbles

    35 free zine graphic texture overlays

    It's some rather different sites that I use when looking for free photos.
  6. Deja Viking?
  7. Wibbles

    I Adore Having My Thread Removed...

    Good job too.
  8. I'm pleased Not Liverpool won the Premier League. Not Liverpool have always been my second favourite team.
  9. The darker the roast, the less caffeine.
  10. Wibbles

    Mercurial Audio Metal Area FREE

    Without going via Facebook: https://mercuriall.com/cms/details_freestuff
  11. Wibbles

    Today's headline for Steve et. al.

    At least it's better than being at the mercy of the Drumpf clan.