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  1. Well, according to the new FAQ on cakewalk.com the free version will continue to be free and wont be removed it seems. So that is a plus! The bad news is that sub price. At that price you may as well just get Bitwig if you don't mind that much per year. You would get way more value that way. Otherwise the most affordable option and the greatest value is Reaper. No sub required and you are covered for 2 versions of the software.
  2. Now you're just making me hungry! 😩
  3. Enjoy your sub guys. No need for me to even tell you "I told you so" 😛
  4. Whether people like it or not. The general consensus is that anything before an official release is beta! So they can call it whatever they want, but they cant stop people from calling it beta!
  5. "dial-up the demon in your drums" This here is a no demon household. No demons allowed here! So I'll pass. 😱🙏✝️ ⚡ 👿
  6. Hillmy


    Just one of the reasons of many that I switched to another DAW.
  7. You can download free VGM's from here https://www.zophar.net/music/sega-mega-drive-genesis , then use the RYMCast to sample the synth sounds and load them into RYM2612 to play them. I tried sampling a famous Sonic game music and was able to play the same synth sounds using the RYM2612 which is cool!
  8. I already have UVI Xtreme FX 1 and 2. UVI Meteor. The free foley library that comes with Davinci Resolve Studio. And WA Production Ultimate FX Bundle 3. I don't know if getting this would be overkill or just duplicate was of space. I am already covered when it comes to synths, so I don't see the need to get Krotos Concept.
  9. It's funny that I keep adding the free waves plugins to my account but I will not install anything related to Waves in my PC. I get them to satisfy my G.A.S. even though I will never use them! 😆
  10. I had to come to the realization that I am not a musician, but a plugin collector. 🤪
  11. I was able to download with no issue
  12. Mine just came through now! 6:55 AM EST
  13. it says this on the site: "Licenses are issued manually, so please allow for up to 48 hours after entry to receive yours."
  14. Oh, snap. I was too late again! >_<
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