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  1. From version 16 it doesn't require a dongle anymore. I'm using an activation card which is really just a serial number you get sent in the mail. Also can be used for 2 PCs.
  2. It has been very stable for me, version 16. Version 17 is in beta right now so I'm expecting that it wont be as stable. I'll just wait for the official release which will be stable.
  3. That's why I bought Davinci Resolve instead. Pay a one time fee for the studio version of the product and get lifetime updates and upgrades for free! I bought it when it was version 16 and been getting free updates. Now with their HUGE version 17 upgrade, I'm getting that for FREE!!! 😎
  4. I got it just in time before it's gone! That's a first! 😛
  5. Just found out about this! Awesome stuff!
  6. Maybe a few. Depends if you have the rack extension. To get the most out of this you would need at least the Intro version.
  7. Hillmy

    Izotope Vinyl Update

    They changed the look! Cool!
  8. I got RickRoll'D and I aint mad at all! 🤣 EDIT: Yes! I did indeed watch the ENTIRE music video! GOOD TIMES! 🤪
  9. Hillmy

    Software Updates!

    iZotope Product Portal. Native Access. Reason 11. Steven Slate Audio Center. Run them all to get the updates.
  10. Run the installer. Then run the VST and login then it will download the presets and then click install.
  11. Hillmy

    Up to 60% off KV331

    2.99 has only just recently gone to beta, and that comes out first. So it will be a long while before 3.0. If we are lucky, probably next year. 🤪
  12. yes, there is an upgrade path. You pay the difference after release date. So this way, you can buy this now then upgrade to pro after release and you would have saved $5 and got an extra preset pack.
  13. For $20 you get the Plus version + an extra pack of presets! This deal is only available for 7 days! Link in video description. More details about the synth from the official site here: https://vital.audio
  14. Hillmy

    Did you Notice?

    UVI has a sale!
  15. If you are lucky with sales. You can get Excalibur for $10, Nimbus for $29 and R4 for $29. I did this year from Plugin Boutique and Audio Deluxe! ;D
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