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  1. "Full Kontakt required" 😛
  2. I just got RX 7 recently and was having problems with Connect. Glad I found this page! So I did some test using both methods for sending files. The Process Effect way only seems to work the first time. Then somehow I no longer get the shell window with Connect inside it and the option for me to click OK anymore. Instead it opens the module the same way it would open if I added it as an effect. I do get the option to click reference or repair, but no preview button or anything else. Nothing seems to happen and it doesn't open RX. When I open RX manually it opens an empty wav file. It seems Connect sent a file but didn't capture the audio. So in RX it is just an empty file. When I use the Tool Editor (thanks to scook), It works every time. However there are a few things to consider for this to run smoothly as intended. I noticed some odd behavior by RX each time I use this method. When RX opens up it gives an error saying that it cannot use the session data folder anymore and to change it. Not true. I confirmed that it uses it just fine when comparing it to opening RX outside of Cakewalk. My guess is that it says this because the file is opened through Cakewalk via the Temp folder and not the traditional "File > open" method that you would use if you opened a file through the program itself. So you can do all your edits as normal but make sure to click save. This is because cakewalk exports a wav file to the Temp folder and RX uses that file to edit. If you don't save Cakewalk wont get the changes. So after you saved the file DO NOT close RX. Go to File > Close File. THEN you can close RX. Then when you go to Cakewalk it will notice the file it exported changed and will ask you if you want to update your track with the changes. Why close file then close RX you may ask? Because if you don't, RX behaves as if it closed accidentally and when you open RX again for example outside Cakewalk, it re-opens the session and says it cant find the original file (which it is not supposed to anyway hence "Temp" folder). All this does is waste disk space because it doesn't delete the contents of Session Folder which is RX's Temp folder. So you could imagine this taking up a lot of space overtime saving ALL your sessions since you first used it. If you close the file before closing RX, it deletes the contents of it's Session Data folder so it starts brand new when you open it again whether standalone or through Cakewalk. This is how it is supposed to act. I hope this information helps anyone that may use RX but is confused about what is happening. Use the Tool Editor to add RX as a menu item and use that method for editing through Cakewalk, ignore the error and save and close file. Then you should be good.
  3. I just got this. It's awesome! What's funny is that I was looking up best piano VSTs and VI LABS was one of the companies I was looking at. Their price threw me off though 😛 Then I found this deal a few hours later ðŸ˜ē😍😎
  4. Oh no, I just got another reverb when I thought I would't have to anymore! ðŸ˜Ģ But at least this next one free ðŸĪŠ
  5. This one? https://www.zinio.com/ca/beat-m37585
  6. It was so worth the hassle trying to get it free, insane sounds! I also got 2 coupons! %50 and 25 euro off anything at D16. I could't help myself and got Godfazer and Punchbox for %50 off hehe. I had similar reactions when I tried those too. Absolute magic! The bonus stuff is cool too like the beat.de Zampler, which I think looks better than the Plugin Boutique version. The free sound banks are cool too. I ended up buying another magazine to get Waves Elements Synth too, lol. So I got more bonus stuff ha 😛 You can get any version of beat magazine from that German website it seems. So if there is an edition that has the free stuff you like, you can probably buy it from there.
  7. Since I saw some people mention Transfuser 2 (a GREAT plugin btw with a big library of samples to work with), it is still on sale for $20.42 at VSTBuzz: https://vstbuzz.com/store/87-off-transfuser-2-by-air-music-tech?raf=ref9633843
  8. You could also get this bundle: https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/58-Inst-Bundle/2656-AIR-Music-Producer-Pack It includes Hybrid 3, The Riser, and Creative FX Collection Plus (28 FX plugins). All for $29. Great deal as well!
  9. I didn't have Elements or VocalSynth. So what I did was purchase VocalSynth and the upgrade bundle. Then I went to my iZotope Portal app and added the VocalSynth serial first. Then added the Nectar 3 serial after. After downloading and installing everything. It all worked great and as expected. I got full working and activated versions of all of them including Melodyne. I did however get Melodyne AFTER activating Nectar though. Don't know if that makes a difference but I did that just in case. Since you already have Elements (which should show in iZotope Portal), just get the upgrade version and enter the serial in iZotope portal and you should be fine and ready to go!
  10. Looks very interesting and may get it.
  11. I had Excalibur in iLok already, so all I did was add Nimbus then install the plugin and it worked fine. I do not have PhoenixVerb
  12. haha! This is my first reverb purchase and I don't think I will ever need to buy another one. 😛
  13. Is getting Reason Intro worth it as a vst upgrade from Lite? I plan to use it mostly as a VST in Cakewalk. for $125 CAD is it really worth the price? Does it come with more stuff to justify the price? Or is it just few stuff here and there compared to Lite.
  14. Just got the Nimbus and.....HOLY MOTHER OF PRESETS! I was surprised lol. Also AMAZING reverb! Just from the default preset alone it sounded so natural. It also gave my noisy midi sample a better sound! I got the $9 Excalibur deal when it was on so this is an awesome deal to add! All together $38 for both plugins. A STEAL LOL!
  15. Oh and by the way. Don't be worried if it says you are getting Melodyne 4. As soon as you register your serial for it you will get version 5 for free so the download page takes you to version 5! ;D
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