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  1. OK, so I tested it again. I can load 6 instances (VST3) of Chromaphone 3 and it works fine as long as I am loading them one at a time. If I try to duplicate 6 at once or create six tracks at once then Cakewalk wont respond. So it works for me as long as I don't overwhelm Cakewalk. So I would say that it isn't as efficient as it should be. I was able to add 6 instances of Arturia Pigments 3 simultaneously or duplicate 5 instances of it. Both scenarios worked just fine. I even tried to load 6 instances all in one go of UVI Falcon and it worked just fine. P.S. The crashes don't seem to be consistent either. Sometimes it would crash after loading 1 or 3 or 4 all in one go when 6 is selected. But If I am loading a project that has multiple instances of it, than its fine. So I would say that it isn't Cakewalk or my computer not being able to handle it. But rather the plugin not being as efficient as it should be. The fact that I was able to load plugins that I thought would be heavier very easily compared to Chromaphone 3 or Ultra Analog VA-3 says something. I did try to load 4 instances of both Chromaphone 3 or Ultra Analog VA-3 all in one go again before posting this and it did work. So I would say that the plugin is just not as reliable with many instances. But it can work. Just be sure to save your work. 😜
  2. Yes. I verified that I was using the same version. First time I load the plugin it takes about 3 seconds to load. When I open it, it takes 3 seconds to open. But then it works just fine. When I close the plugin window then re-open it, it does so immediately. This is the same with the other 3 instances. Once all are loaded and opened at least once, they open immediately when opened again. I also did this while I had another project already opened with 3 instances of Ultra Analog VA-3. Keep in mind that I have a fairly new high end PC. p.s. The first time I tried to test after reading your post, I had tested Chromaphone 3 and it worked fine. Then I attempted to duplicate the track and Cakewalk crashed (not responding). I closed and re-opened Cakewalk and did the same thing, but this time it didn't crash. First time that happened for me, and all the other times I tested it nothing out of the ordinary happened. This may have been nothing to do with AAS and perhaps because I had just opened Cakewalk for the first time today and tried to do everything fast while other stuff was working in the background and I didn't wait. IDK.
  3. I'm using the latest CbB build and latest version of Chromaphone 3 and Ultra Analog VA-3. Seems to work fine for me.
  4. Bandlab Assistant updates have been working for me for many versions. I'm always on the latest Windows 10.
  5. I ran it again recently and this time it gave me no errors and I was able to install the update.
  6. I find myself using Pigments a lot to find the sounds I like (and I have MANY synths). HIGLHY recommended! Especially with the 3.0 update!
  7. Thanks to CM I now have both Slice and Carve EQ FREE!
  8. YAY! Free upgrade! I also couldn't help get the pack for that cheap! I found out it includes a few wavetables of it's own too with similar names! Now I have about 1700 presets LOL! And this is the first preset banks I bought. 😜 Pigments seems to be the synth I go to for a variety of sounds, so this is well worth it! 😎
  9. They were counting on feeding the GAS! Which is why I bought a 5th plugin for $30! 😆
  10. Thank you! I just did that two more times and now I have a third free plugin and one after voucher that cost me only $9.99, LOL! 😂ðŸ˜Ū😎 The two are UA Fault and UA SpecOps. Making that 4 plugins all together and only paid $9.99! ðŸĪŠ
  11. Second free plugin. UA G8! ^__^
  12. For anyone that doesn't have either versions. You can buy the upgrade to full version and get session for FREE! Making it $49 for the full thing since they give session version free with every purchase! ;D
  13. Got Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro for free, because why not, LOL! 😛
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