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  1. I would love to see Cakewalk support CLAP!
  2. Tested and Wedge Force Matcha no longer hangs Cakewalk when changing presets. Thank you!
  3. Awesome! Thanks for investigating and for the workaround. No hang or crash happens if I turn the audio engine off before changing presets. That's something I never thought of! Looking forward to the fix.
  4. OK. Uploading now and will PM you the link when it's done.
  5. I just noticed one of my vst plugins crash Cakewalk whenever I try to change to any preset. Even if I select "custom preset". It seems anything selected in the preset menu crashes Cakewalk and it hangs instead of giving a crash error. This seems to happen repeatedly and not a one time crash. There are a few rare times where I tried to select a preset right after I load the vst and it didn't crash. But as soon as I select another, it crashes. This only happens with the latest update. I rolled back to 2021.04 and it never crashed. Then updated back to the latest 2021.06 build 53 and it crashes. I used Task Manager to make a crash dump file and unfortunately it is 2.4 GB. Compressing it to a zip file only shrinks it to 1.63 GB. The plugin name is Wedge Force Matcha (It's a Plugin Alliance instrument plugin). So what do I do from here?
  6. Just updated Cakewalk through the software itself instead of BandLab Assistant for the first time. Everything went well! 😀👍
  7. So I was able to get TAL-Vocoder to work in less than a minute in Cakewalk. It's very easy. I started a Basic template that includes 1 Audio track and 1 MIDI track. I added an audio clip. Then added TAL-Vocoder to the FX in the Audio track. Selected Enable MIDI Input from the VST menu. Then clicked on the MIDI track. Input Echo automatically turns on when I do that. And done! Now I just play the clip and use the keyboard (I used the virtual keyboard) and pressed a key when I played the track. The clip sounded vocoded.
  8. Hillmy

    Out again!

    So what you are saying is, start saving my money now so I have enough when you get back. ðŸĪ”
  9. Hillmy

    PA Mega Sale

    Ha! I have not even used one, let alone all. At this point I have just accepted that I am a G.A.S. fueled plugin collector that collects stuff for some distant future where I make epic tracks. 😆ðŸĪŠ You'd be surprised how "cat horking" sounds can be useful, probably meme worthy, LOL! Imagine putting it through the granular processor of Byome or Triad! ðŸ˜ē😛
  10. Hillmy

    PA Mega Sale

    Well, I now officially have all their virtual instruments. 😛
  11. I just went ahead and got it anyway because it's cheap and.....G.A.S.! 😆
  12. So.....is it worth the ₮15? Especially if you don't have a guitar and only virtual instruments. I'm kinda undecided and want to know before the discount expires.
  13. Just tried. no change.
  14. I singed up earlier to their newsletter to see if they would give me coin. No luck. Also left the item in cart to see of they would give me a discount. Still no luck. It shows the price is $22 CAD. Is it worth it for this price if I don't have a physical guitar and already have the free TH3 stuff in Cakewalk?
  15. I singed in and added the item to cart and it doesn't show the "use coins" thing like someone had screenshot.
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