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  1. According to Bitwig website, The Grid is only with the studio version
  2. My fault was probably downloading it right after release and before ASC update. ASC got updated and a few days have gone by since I last tried, so when I installed it, it activated automatically like there never was a problem to begin with, lol.
  3. I only have AL4 and Pigments 2. It shows both AL4 and AL5 in the Arturia Software Center. But when I install AL5 it says Demo and it wont even activate. I only however have AL4 as my registered product on their website. Is AL5 supposed to be a free upgrade or did they just decide to showcase it in the plugin manager so people can check out?
  4. It worked for me. I don't know if some of you that have a problem waited for it to update. It doesn't show a status bar of it downloading the update. If you have fast internet then the wait will be seconds. But if you have slow internet, you will wait and think nothing is happening. For me, all I had to do was wait almost a minute and it downloaded and installed automatically (it does show install progress though).
  5. YES! Just what I wanted after getting the free Drumazon!
  6. Yup! My experience with wanting to do a quick and easy edit with video and audio was so much easier than I thought. And this was when I first used it! Based on how advanced and complex it can get, I thought a quick and easy thing won't be that easy, but it turned out easier than all the other editors I tried before. So despite what some people may think, this is beginner friendly with the option of being advanced.
  7. If anyone has a code to get it to $19. Send it over pls
  8. How does this compare to Blender (which is free and does 2D animation now as well)?
  9. It was instant for me.
  10. That's new to me. I just followed the instructions to "Cloud" it and it worked. Thanks.
  11. Uses iLok but needs dongle to activate!
  12. I only NOW just got the update 😛
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