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  1. Looks interesting. And it's FREE!
  2. Hillmy

    IK Mixbox

    With Unfiltered Audio TRIAD that is multiband and has so many effects and modulations. Plus having Reason Rack Plugin also many effects and modulations. I think I am covered when it comes to multi effects plugins. 😛
  3. I use Windows 10. Maybe that's why it's easier for me. Also, I just need the basics. 😛
  4. You do know anything Windows 7 and higher you can make a system image for free included in Windows! I have been using it since I got my new PC this year. Making a system image and restoring one is quick and easy. I see it similar to anti-virus software the way how it is now included with Windows 10. Sure if you need tons of features or not tech savvy at all something you buy may "help" you. But It's not necessary.
  5. Hillmy

    UVI Extreme FX 1.5

    Was waiting for this sale!
  6. For $10 it is not bad. Considering you could also use samples and have it go through the crazy synth effects and modulation.
  7. A workaround to that problem is to type whatever you want in Notepad then Copy & Paste it in the field (i.e. CTRL-C/CTRL-V).
  8. I always say that as well and yet, I keep getting more synths justifying my purchase by either price or "I don't have that particular function/sound" 😆
  9. Have you tried SubLab? if that doesn't work, there is UVI Meteor and Falcon 2. But that is not cheap. It will definitely get the job done though, any for that matter. 😛
  10. In that case I will retype what I wrote before editing it out 😛 SynthMaster and/or SubLab both at decent prices and SynthMaster seems like an all around synth that may do what you want. SubLab is great for 808, Bass, and any sub/low end sound. Try the demo of both of them to find out. Keep in mind that it probably is the combination of synth and FX that may get the sound you want as well.
  11. I have the full Nectar 3, but when I go to trials in the Product Portal I see Nectar 3 Plus. What the heck is that? I couldn't find anything on their site or Google about it. 😕
  12. So I tested the demo. VST 3 version is buggy and just closes Cakewalk while it scans for VST 3 plugins. VST 2 version is more stable and able to scan for VST 3 plugins. This however doesn't load up an instrument. It loads ups as an FX. And not just in Cakewalk. I tried it in Davanci Resolve and MPC 2. Same result. The reason I would want this is for loading up VST 3 instruments. It does however load up VST 3 plugins in Davinci Resolve and also loads up MPC Beats in Cakewalk and runs without Cakewalk crashing. But it's useless because it is loading it as an FX. So it's a good thing I tested the demo first. I'll save my money and pass on this unless they update it to be able to be used as both an FX and Instrument.
  13. I wonder what is the difference between this and UVI Meteor?
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