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  1. Same here. I'll be fine with Melda, IK, and Izotope. Those are also the most license friendly plugins. Also very little confusion updating unlike Waves.
  2. A company that have finally got the multi installer right.
  3. Odd to see 3rd party selling PA stuff. I think they renamed this.
  4. It would be mine if it were less. My Kontakt libraries are equaling the same amount of my plugins. This is another one of those developers I added to my own everything list.
  5. That one dude on youtube said, "I'm too stupid for this." Have you tweaked it or used presets? Which presets?
  6. I have that Melda super duper verb. I will probably learn 3 Draws before I figure that one out.
  7. kitekrazy

    Spark 2 Upgrade

    I mentioned this some time ago in another Arturia thread.
  8. So has anyone tried this yet?
  9. I was hoping for me EQs.
  10. I treat loop prices like plugins prices. I don't like their player or any other loop player. I couldn't pay $50 for any loop library these days when there is so much competition out there that great stuff is easily had for under $20.
  11. kitekrazy

    Waves OVox

    You can install that on every system you own.
  12. kitekrazy

    Waves OVox

    Post of the week!
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