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  1. I feel that way when people auto tune everything to death.
  2. Same here. These are games by developers that don't always require boutique hardware. I prefer older games since they don't use a lot of space and can run on older systems.
  3. Never mind that as you get older those 4K resolutions demands that you sit really close to see.
  4. KVLT2ForFastPeople discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart first 100 will get the discount! Easy pass. I have one of their other drums. Too complicated to figure out.
  5. No, they always have the 99$ upgrade sale at this time. It is not reflective of a new version.
  6. Everything I bought I didn't need. I buy loops quite often.
  7. Multiple clicks to find out how much something costs - not a fan
  8. I'm done (yeah right) with buying more libraries. I tend to value the not go with the flow opinions.
  9. Well it hasn't worked on me so far. I can never really afford their libraries. The plus on these sales is they are their Kontakt instruments. Meanwhile I've been collecting VSL in small doses.
  10. Wow! At those prices, I'll be hoarding.
  11. Not sure how they do that. I know both them an Seagate have been sued before. I buy WD almost exclusively since their RMA is hassle free. Their HDDs are great. I still have Blue and Black drives that I now use with a drive dock.
  12. I was curious about some of the stock sounds. I've not explored Max. After using Kontakt the ST browser drives me crazy. I keep my ST sounds on a HDD and they load fine. They also have where you can create your own libraries.
  13. You will have to share what sounds you like. There are not may heavy Sampletank users.
  14. Studio One is one of the easier DAWs to transition to from Sonar. I might need to get a couple more SSDs for my other two systems.
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