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  1. Erik, I guess with today's relatively cheap storage archiving (muted in bulk) is the way to go. Will gladly bump the request if you point me to it. I tried searching: "archive and take and lanes " in Feedback Loop, got many pages and got lost...
  2. Ideally I would like to see 3 functions for take lanes: 1) Select group (shift/control)->right click->bulk delete 2)Hide muted lanes (or archive them on a specialized single lane) 3)Delete muted
  3. "Hey, whatever works!" This should be a new Cakewalk toaster notification
  4. Surprised?!?! Indeed!!! Actually more, but who counts... But to satisfy your curiosity, I like to keep sketch ideas in 1 or 2 tracks instead of individual tracks or folders, so take lanes are perfect for my workflow. If something I think is worth coming back to, I re-name that lane. Take lanes and their recording behavior (Thank you Noel!) was a game changer for me.
  5. msmcleod, you are a beast! (a good one ) Thank you for deep explanation and a video! Will try a few scenarios on the next project to see what works better. Hopefully this thread will help someone else too.
  6. Greatest Scook saves the day... Again! Thank you! Worked. --------------------- P.S. I remember putting in request of being able to have an option to "delete muted lanes". I still think it is a valid request.
  7. Hi Folks. Is there a way to delete Take Lanes selectively (Shift or Ctrl) in bulk? If I select the upper left corners of take lanes (see attached), right click-> delete, it only deletes a single take lane only, not all that are "selected" Of course I can hover over actual audio clips and it will delete those in bulk.... but not the Take lanes they sit on. Is there a way to select-> delete actual Take lanes in bulk? Thank you.
  8. msmcleod, Sorry for not replying sooner, I think my email notification is disabled on the forum. Thank you for suggestions! Yeah, I think " I would create per-output instrument tracks" this is the way to go. I have one project I am working on now, do not want to screw it up, will try it on next one. The last workout also sounds reasonable. Thanks again!
  9. msmcleod, thank you for the reply and suggestion. Yes, you correct a single channel in this scenario. So, to put it to rest, there is no way to actually use a single track (the one Kontakt sits on) with multiple volume automation lanes in same track (Add Automation Lane) , something like Midi envelope channels, to control volumes of individual instruments within same single instance of Kontakt?
  10. Hi Folks! Can somebody please suggest a workflow other than what I do? Here is the scenario. Cakewalk + Kontakt+single midi chord track that outputs to Kontakt. Assuming I have 4 instruments loaded in Kontakt. What I want to do is to automate volume of individual Kontakt instruments linearly - automation lane with nods, not through Midi learn fader in Kontakt. I usually just open 3-4 instances of Kontakt and use volume automation in Cakewall track which Kontakt is attached to. The idea is to use a single Kontakt instance, instead of 4 and not using Kontakt "midi learn" volume sliders. Is that possible? If yes how? If it is doable, is it possible to do something like a template for future uses, the "generic" template? Meaning, regardless of what instruments are loaded to have certain number of automation lanes that correspond to Kontakt instruments from up->down. I hope I am making sense I am only interested in volume automation. Thank you in advance!
  11. Hi Folks, Noel. Was there a solution found for this? I never had this sharing violation issue and I have used Halion/Sonic almost in every project. Now it does not let me save, this sharing violation is popping up. I am able to do a "save as", but the next time I open Cakewalk, I would have to re save "As" again. So far, 20+ files for single project Kindly let me know if there is a solution. P.S. E-licenser latest. Done maintenance routine. Thank you.
  12. I feel like completely disconnected. When recording, sure, I press little "fx" button and can get away with 256 buffers... But when mixing, having a bunch of dynamic, lookahead vsts (8 or more) plus some Kontakt/Halion stuff, I can not getaway with anything lower that 2048. i7-8850H/32ram/nvme m.2/ usb 3 + thunderbolt.. Tried both usb controllers. Oh well. Thanks everyone!
  13. I am not a heavy user at all But I might have instance of Halion + Kontakt + few FX... Still 2048 is usually what I have for mixing / auditioning and it works, but sometimes need to go higher. Limit 1024 in Motu is just ridiculous. Built is great btw, preamps are nice if you are dealing with small projects.
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