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  1. Tecknot, Amazing! Thank you! Worked like magic. Super cool! Martin, Thank you for trying! I did try your way, I also tried moving my friend's tracks to a folder and moving the track folder. Tecknot's way worked a bit more efficiently.
  2. Hi Folks. Got this scenario. My project is 15+ tracks. My friend (remotely) recorded vocals. Her CWB (bundle) file looks like this: A mixdown of my project plus 4 tracks with multiple takes on each. Is it possible to merge these two projects, so I do not pull individual stems out of her bundle to import into mine? Or what would be an intelligent way to do this. Please let me know. Thank you.
  3. Noel, Thank you for the answer. I admire your positive spirit, even if this never hits the DAW! Hats off to you and the crew for doing absolutely amazing job in maintaining Cakewalk. I never expected such pace of progress after Gibson thing. Thank you and Happy New Year! Misha.
  4. Noel, Thank you for your time! Can you please tell me if what I am asking is possible. I am not requesting a feature here (now), I am just trying to understand... When FX button on top is pressed, it is almost instant, like a light switch. "Scenes" seem to actually load/unload things, sometimes making Cakewalk unstable. In theory, is it possible to have a mechanism that would selectively turn off some FX, leaving others from/in sound engine, same way all of FX are turned on/off with the button on top? Basically splitting the VST load to two parts, which can be turned on/off Globally independently? Or it is not possible by design? Thank you.
  5. Scook, Noel, thank you. Got it. Have to figure out another workflow with Melodyne as far as scenes go. Vicious circle. I just wish there was a way to selectively turn FX on / off from sound engines as a particular "heavy" group, without deleting them. Would help with tracking / mixing workflow. Basic example: You have 15 VSTs FX in FX bins and 2 FX buttons on top. One turns on/off 4 VSTs from sound engine second button turns on/off all 15 (or remaining 11) P.S. Touch navigation sucks on Melodyne. I wish touch was streamlined to have same feel as Cakewalk
  6. Noel, Scook Thank you. I am using it as FX insert on individual track(s). It "produces" clips with transfer button on VST, so I assume it is considered a clip based plugins and will not work properly with "scenes". Ohh, I wish Cakewalk would have 2-3 FX On/Off switches for different scenarios, so it does not load or unload FX, but takes it out of sound engine just like that single FX doing now... just selectively. Maybe one day
  7. Martin, Thank you. That one I knew I think I even requested a feature of a couple of these FX on/off buttons... For example one for heavy duty VSTs and one for light things.
  8. Noel, Martin , Thank you! I checked, and basic stuff seems to be saving. It is just the Melodyne thing is a new beast to me As I understand, it is acting as a sampler in a way. It captures the track and saves audio to its folder and when project is re-opened, it loads those Melodyne tracks to the project... So if I have two scenes, one with Melodyne and one without Melodyne, once I load the scene without Melodyne from the scene with Melodyne, it will unload all of it from the engine and once I switch to scene with Melodyne back, it will load VST plus all of the audio data for it. So in theory I can go back and forth. The reason I am asking, I just got Melodyne and tried it on already established project. Everything kind of worked for a while...then clicking scene change started to crash Cakewalk. I suspect it is Melodyne, because it is the only "new" thing that was brought into equation. I have to do more testing to figure out what exactly crashing my Cakewalk. Maybe it is just that project and combination of VSTs used. Thank you, M.
  9. CJ Jacobson, Thank you! I was a little concerned about more complex plugin save states as Kontakt or Melodyne. I just got a basic Melodyne to play with, as I understand it saves actual "captured" audio files to HD... Another question, please. I know there are "workarounds" when working on single project for tracking and mixing. To have some CPU / iO overhead for tracking, it seems that "scenes" are the most straight forward approach. Is this the most common workflow for this or there is something else I should look into? Thank you!
  10. Hi Folks. A gentleman from the forum suggested that I try "Mixing Scenes" to manage VST FX for different situations. I started experimenting with it, seems it is doing what I want to accomplish. So it is clear, I want the scenes to work for two scenarios. Tracking "light" scene with 2&3 VSTs and Mixing "heavy" scene with 10+ VSTs on a single project. When making tunes, I work meticulously, so I want to ask somebody who actually tried and knows this, so I do not lose things Assuming I am working on a project, switching from "light" to "heavy" scene, changing things in VSTs (FX, Kontakt or Melodyne) in different scenes.... will a single File->Save click will save all VST parameters in all scenes that were changed? Or I have to pay attention to something particular? Thank you for your time!
  11. Martin, I think you are totally right! This seems to be working almost exactly as I wanted. I only played with it a little today, but seems it will do the trick. I was worried, that it would not save "scenes" to Cakewalk's "Template", but it seems to be working fine. Thank you!!! Blue Cat items have very powerful features, but for this I will stick with Cakewalk's "scenes". Craig, I was talking about "selective" FX off/on from the audio engine. It does not work by turning a single FX on or off.... It is all or nothing (global FX). My main issue was having these "scenes" for different purposes in single project, which I totally forgot about and thankfully Martin reminded me where to look. Having 2-3 FX for tracking works fine on my system, 20+ FX slows everything down in unwanted direction. With "scenes" it lets me choose how many and type of FX I want to use almost on the fly, Instead of deleting and inserting or turning off globally... it is one button operation once you set everything to your liking.
  12. Hi Folks! For a couple of years I was considering of purchasing Blue Cat's PatchWork for some stuff outside of Cakewalk. Still can not decide if I need it or not. One of the things in Cakewalk that I do not like, is that even if VST FX is turned off, but present in the bay, it will use CPU resources, because if I remember correctly it is called "hot", meaning it is always on standby. Unless global FX is turned off of course. The list of features and possibilities of BC Patchwork is astonishing, but I was wondering if somebody with experience with this plugin can help me to understand if it will work the way I hope it will in real world. Workflow I am after: Usually I work with about 15-20 tracks. I want 2-3 FX scenarios, that I can recall/change easily. FX light, with 1-4 FX instances for tracking FX heavy, for mixdown FX sketch pad, medium FX load to try out different FX stuff. Is this possible to achieve with BC Patchwork? To have these "FX scenarios" and change them quickly depending on situation? Thank you!
  13. I think, it reminds us that there should be a balance between new and shiny default features of plugins and how it interacts with actual system it is being installed on and running project Perhaps a more generous & universal monitoring system (analyzer) , that will allow not only monitor but adjust latency related items in a single place? Settings could include something like: Wizard-for new comers / Intermediate for someone like me / and advanced, for seasoned users. I know it is probably a little dumbed down request, but most likely would benefit many..
  14. Martin, I followed instructions from Fabfilter: Windows: Click the Start button, type 'regedit', Enter to open the Registry Editor. (You might have to give permission to continue.) Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FabFilter. Right-click and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value. Name it GraphicsAcceleration and ensure its value is 0.
  15. Martin, Now sure what plugins you are using, I guess process is somewhat similar. This was for mine: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FabFilter. Right-click and select New > DWORD. Name it GraphicsAcceleration and ensure its value is 0."
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