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  1. Misha

    Noel & Bakers Thank you!

    hmmm, this was a bug, that was confirmed by former gibson team, not a feature For for future feature requests... I know that MIDI 2 is coming out soon..... so lets aim for MIDI 3 to start early on development for future socket design, somewhere below right ear (left ear is optional, subscription based) where cable would go, connecting you-the artist directly to Cakewalk. 128 simultaneous track recording of ultra-hyper-444k-definition-audio-video signal.... ⏳
  2. Misha

    Noel & Bakers Thank you!

    Noel, yep, that was the only splinter under my toenail Sure, I have feature requests, but who doesn't these days 😇 As far as problems, honestly I can not think of one. Had been using Cakewalk for 10 + years. Again, big thank you!
  3. Recent release included a fix for take lanes that I was struggling with for a long time. Just want to thank Noel and crew! This was the only blemish for me to view Cakewalk as a perfect companion. I can not stress enough how relieved I am that this got resolved. Thank you!!!
  4. Misha

    Backup recomendations?

    I was also researching a way to effectively backup things recently. I decided not to use third party software...because who knows... I settled for native Windows HD "image" backup as far as whole hard drive goes. For now, I have my Hard drive image created by Windows, including recovery partitions and once in couple of weeks I manually copy folders that get new material. Somebody mentioned Microsoft SyncToy. An app that can sync 2 folders (internal/external). I tried it some time ago, for non-music related things and if I remember correctly, it worked fine. I think this is the route I will take. Make HD image once in a few months + use Microsoft SyncToy to update loose folders on external drive that get new stuff.
  5. Misha

    Take Lanes state Today

    Erik, I believe you did not understand what I was referring to.... I was talking about new material being recorded on previously muted take lanes. see attached.
  6. CosmicDolphin, good thinking. How about a choice of both: freeze and disable FX on the bus? Bakers!!!!!! Great idea here!!!!
  7. Hi Folks / Bakers. I would like to suggest a feature that would allow to disable/enable FX for all tracks on particular bus. Not the global FX or Bus FX. But automated, simple way to disable /enable FX of all individual tracks FX that sit on that bus. Also, has to be dynamic, so no matter how many tracks with individual FX you add to that bus , that bus enable/disable FX feature would turn them on/off. That feature would be useful to control CPU hungry VSTs when tracking or referencing mix.
  8. Kevin, thanks, but not it. I guess it is a "feature request" For some reason I thought it would be somewhat popular.. to be be able to disable/enable tracks FX of all tracks that sit on that bus.
  9. Chuck, thanks. Still... Not it. This combines (and enable/disables) FX that sit on the bus itself not FX of individual tracks it is hosting.
  10. Skook thanks.... but There are only two options for bypass FX on Bus that I see. 1) Bypass FX which is particular to global FX on that bus (It does not turn off racks for individual tracks on that bus) 2)Bypass similar, which is a totally different thing and disables those "similar" FX throughout whole project, regardless which bus they are on. If I have 10 tracks with various FX chains on these individual tracks going to one bus, is it possible to turn off /on those FX in bulk for that particular bus without touching FX settings on other busses and without manually clicking on all individual tracks on that bus and disabling everything one by one? Thanks.
  11. Misha

    Take Lanes state Today

    Keni, Thanks for the magical Shift! I probably have to make a tattoo with Cakewalk shortcuts on my hands... Works well, but right click would still be a convenience....:)especially with a pop-up such as with "duplicate track". So you have those important choices plus maybe a choice to "name" that new track. I know that this should be in "feature requests" section. Could not help it. Tracking using take lanes is very important to me. If moderator desires, he/she welcome to move my posts there. Thank you.
  12. Sorry to bump this up. I will try to re-phrase my last question. One of biggest limitations I face is when I use CPU hungry FX in Cakewalk. As far as choices to reduce the impact of these FX in my understanding is to : 1)Disable FX globally 2)Freeze tracks 3)Archive tracks muted tracks. 4)Move "similar" tracks to a bus-shared FX. Is there a way to disable / enable FX for particular bus that has tracks with individual FX chains (not shared by that bus) ? I hope I am making sense. Thank you in advance, Misha.
  13. Misha

    Take Lanes state Today

    Hi Noel. Thank you for trying! For very simple tasks that might work. Take a look in attachment. This track with all of the "takes" is in the middle of the project. To select clips and drag them with mouse all the way to the bottom would not be very easy... to keep them at the right time, unless some hard snap is involved. I am not saying it is critical, there is also "copy special" feature too, but I think right click on clip(s) and have a choice: move to a new track (where their positions in timeline would be preserved) seems logical P.S. I tried it the way you described, but it is not dragging well and retaining positions. Kind of freehand movement.
  14. Misha

    Take Lanes state Today

    I love take lanes! That was one of major reasons for me to use Cakewalk for some years now . I am waiting with my fingers crossed, for the tweak that Noel B. had mentioned. If it fixes the issue of placing newly recorded take lanes into previously muted lanes, it will make Cakewalk near perfect for me. One thing that I believe would improve workflow with clips is ability to right click on a clip (or selection of clips) and have a option of "create new track from clip(s)" with choice of retaining properties of the track it "came from"... or not to retain these properties. This is helpful if you have 20-40 take lanes, but you want to keep 5-10 from these, archiving or deleting original track for example. I know of "copy special", it is just the above will make things faster and more intuitive. Sorry, this has to be in features, but had an urge to jump in and say: DON'T TAKE MY TAKE LANES AWAY FROM ME OR I WILL TURN INTO DRACULA! 👹 (does this look like Dracula?) Thank you.
  15. Thanks, interesting stuff! I think Ctrl will do most of things for me too. Control groups seems like a powerful feature, I am wondering if it will work for this scenario: I usually run all instrumentals on one bus and vocals on the other. Curious if "Control groups" would allow for Freeze / Unfreeze function on all tracks on the particular bus dynamically? What I mean is, it seems it will work with select--->assign method. But will it actually capture newly added tracks? Maybe there is a better method to do this? At times I experiment with various FX and things get very rough for CPU, so I am trying to build a template that would allow to free up resources fast, without turning all FX off . Seems that freezing all tracks for specific bus should do what I am looking for. Thank you in advance.