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  1. Jim, Thank you! I think you are right. There 2 things that gone unchecked to receive the emails.
  2. pwalpwal, No doubts about it The question is, can it be addressed at graphics level?
  3. Hi Folks. If I remember correctly "Notify me of replies" on the forum threads used the send a notification emails when somebody replied to the topic... Now it does not. I do get a little "bell" notification on upper right corner of the forum, but nothing in my email. I did check the "spam" folder. Was it done intentionally globally or something happened to my account?
  4. Gswitz. It is not Midi specific. I do not run more than ~10 Midi tracks at once. Project is mainly audio. For example the latest would be: 6 Midi tracks through Halion VST, about 30 audio tracks, with approximately 400 take lanes, mostly short (10-30 seconds). 95% of take lanes are muted, so about 30 active audio segments and of course VST FX. Most likely this question is for someone who knows how the touch transport / zoom works in relation to the Cake project/Windows/GPU and if it is "adjustable". Not really interested in "compacting" or "freezing" project parts, I rather live with graphics lag But if it is possible to address without modifying actual tracks, would appreciate the info. Thanks.
  5. This is happening on mixed projects Audio + midi, when they reach certain "weight" not specifically midi or specifically audio. I believe in video games you adjust settings in GPU... (I am not a gamer, so guessing). So still unclear if GPU lagginess of large projects related to the project ="project dependent", or the graphics/touch/zoom for Cakewalk interface can be adjusted somewhere? Thanks.
  6. Gswitz, I do thank you for the input, but hiding, freezing is not something I want to include in the workflow. I rather have laggy touch response However, if it is possible, to manage lagginess of touch response of big projects with settings / resource adjustment, I would like to know the things I should try. My computer is fairly new (2018) and GPU is also fast Geforce GTX 1050. There maaaany... settings related to video performance scattered everywhere, I really do not want to try "everything" approach.
  7. Thanks, I am not interested in deleting, archiving or freezing options. I am interested to know if this can be resolved by other means like setting in Cakewalk, GPU or Windows...?
  8. Lots of audio takes+plugins+some midi. The project touch/navigation/zoom lag is happening only with heavy projects. If I have 10-15 tracks or so, it is fine. So the question is: if it is a nature of big projects or it can be addressed with settings in Cakewalk, Windows or GPU...? Thanks.
  9. Hi Folks. Got this question for pros. I used touch screen function a lot when working on projects to zoom in / locate segments etc. in Cake. When I have a "heavy" project. (30+tracks), touch / pinch zoom response is laggy. Is it possible to address this somehow inside Cakewalk settings or perhaps in graphic card settings? My card is ok: Geforce GTX 1050... Or this is the nature of heavy projects and this is how it is? I do not want to try random things if there is a proper way to do this. Thank you.
  10. Hide /Unhide all muted tracks and take lanes globally, with a single button... perhaps even "freeze@archive"+hide / un-hide all non playing items. So if you have a project with a lot of stuff that is "not playing", but you want to keep it "in project", this will make it cleaner to work with and reduce the usage of computer resources.
  11. Global FX engine on/off expanded to 2 instances and enhanced. One as it is with a possibility of automation: "Off" on record / "On" on playback and.. fully customizable second button, where you can specify which tracks to include in "global FX" on/off function. This is to reduce / have more control over latency with FX heavy projects.
  12. Thank you Meng & Amazing team for developing and improving Cakewalk! Music is among those few things which keep me sane in this uneasy world.
  13. Tecknot, Amazing! Thank you! Worked like magic. Super cool! Martin, Thank you for trying! I did try your way, I also tried moving my friend's tracks to a folder and moving the track folder. Tecknot's way worked a bit more efficiently.
  14. Hi Folks. Got this scenario. My project is 15+ tracks. My friend (remotely) recorded vocals. Her CWB (bundle) file looks like this: A mixdown of my project plus 4 tracks with multiple takes on each. Is it possible to merge these two projects, so I do not pull individual stems out of her bundle to import into mine? Or what would be an intelligent way to do this. Please let me know. Thank you.
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