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  1. Nice! Worked like magic! Synkrotron, Thank you for your efforts and graphics! I see what you are saying about buses, and it does make sense, but for my projects gain automation is exactly what I need. Noel, Thank you for confirming! Best regards, Misha.
  2. Hi Folks. Please see attached image. I would like to know if it is possible to "tail" the effect (lets assume reverb or delay) of the piece in the red box? As you can see volume automation is set to mute the take lane after the phrase in red box.., so when effect is present in the bin, it will die as soon as it hits the volume node. So what should I do, if I want for effect to continue for "some time" after the phrase in outlined in red box? I must admit, I forgot how to do these kind of things. I used to know with older Cakewalk (20 years back), but I think the process has changed. P.S. I do not want to "render" FX to audio. Thank you in advance, Misha.
  3. Craig, Thanks! I read and re-read what you said... I know that you are very familiar with Cakewalk, and I was surprised why the drag thing did not retain mutes and automation for me. Then.... I figured it out. It was closer than my nose. I was trying to create "new" audio track in destination project and paste things there, mutes were not retained from source...but when I dragged selected track from source to empty space of destination project it dragged over everything. Thank you!
  4. Craig, ok... Thanks for post. Ok, so folder copy is out of the question (hopefully will happen one day) This is where I get stuck. Lets do it with round numbers for the sake of example. I have 5 tracks about 50 take lanes in each = 250 take lanes. About 200 are muted / 50 un-muted. When I drag, or copy and paste to new project, mutes on take lanes are not preserved I have all 250 takes play simultaneously.... 😮 I want those muted items there, since I might choose something over something at later time.
  5. msmcleod, yep, that is the goal Here another scenario. One person does music/mixing another vocals. When I work on the song, I might have 200+ vocal takes of various elements etc. Intuitively, I would just share the folder to the person who does the rest, so they can "pick" what works better. And many, many other uses for the sharing track folder between projects. Before jumping to "request" section, I want to hear from veteran(s), maybe it is possible with some obscure workaround? Thanks.
  6. And how exactly it will help? I will have a project with a single track folder with tracks and track "take lanes" in that folder, most of which are muted.... But how do I import that folder to another project?
  7. Insert track template does not work, as it does not retain take lanes (places) and mutes. It imports a single take lane into new project. Freezing will not be good choice too, because it copies only "unmuted" lanes. Strange, I thought there would be a way...
  8. Man, I saw that "template" thing today, but I thought, it has something to do with template without content. Bill, if it works, huge thank you! I am in the middle of the project, but will try it in the morning.
  9. msmcleod, Thanks, but it does not work well, because copy/paste track command does not preserve "mutes" on take lanes. So when I paste track on new project dozens of take lanes play simultaneously
  10. Today is my noob day Can somebody please let me know if it is possible to move a "track folder" from one project to another. Track folder contains several tracks with about 100 or so take lanes in them most of them are muted of course.., but I do want to keep it like this. Please let me know. Thank you.
  11. Scook, very cool feature! Thank you! After X1, I had "Home edition" so never got to learn it. Opens a huge door! In my case it was trickier than I thought. I mentioned 5 Midi + 5Audio for the sake of the example, actually there was more than 30 tracks and some of these had cross-over notes to next bars etc. Of course, I am far from the workflow of the guy in the video, but surely was a great lesson for today! CatusMusic, Thank you! Since I had some cross over notes, I worked out something in the middle, close to what you suggested. Old school + ripple editing.
  12. Hi Fellows and Gals. Hoping for good suggestion on this. I made a backing track for the song which consist of 5 audio + 5 midi tracks. I realized at a later time that I want another verse+chorus. Ending and other parts are already in place. I do not want to re-record whole thing, but to use something that is already there. Meaning I can identify start/end points on the timeline and destination point... Lets assume, "destination" is somewhere in the middle of the project. I really do not want to do this "free hand" drag method and I do not want to mix things to have them on single track ... There is also a small catch. I do have some vocals recorded, so I do not want to touch those tracks when doing this. Can somebody please share "smart" method on how to take section of 5audio+5midi tracks and copy (insert) them to the middle, so everything on the right moves correspondingly? Thank you!
  13. A possible solution for future members and guests. What really resolved Halion crashes (c000005) for me was full re-install of Nvidea drivers. I resolved it by "blind" method, but then it was confirmed by Halion tech in Germany. No more c000005 crashes for me.
  14. Jon, Thank you. Not sure what helped, seems to be stable for now. I reinstalled whole Halion Suite (not just Sonic) and Licence manager. Fingers crossed, so far no crashes for 2+ hours. It is freaking Halion thing. Cakewalk was super stable for me for the past 60 or so songs. If it will crash again, I will try your method of resetting VST before re-scan. Hopefully Halion is happy now.
  15. Thanks, but as I mentioned in my post, everything is (Halion 6) fresh install (from Steinberg download manager) so all stuff is up to date. My guess it is either driver (video) or some sort of security issue... All drivers are fresh install too from chipset to video... Unfortunately do not even know what I should look for.