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  1. What equipment are you listening on? It's the high end that's really rolled off with Amplitube.
  2. Are you able to hear how Amplitube is really rolled off compared to the other two? I listened using Sennheiser HD-600's, and it really sounds deadened compared to the other two. But I do like high gain metal 🙂 I wonder if it was using the same IR for all three though.
  3. The latest is version 1.8.something I joined their Facebook group to find out about upgrade pricing, and it seems version 2 is planned for either late 2022 or sometime in 2023, and the upgrade cost is likely to be a little under 100€.
  4. I wondered about this too as I also had crashes, but noticed something with the demo - it's version 1.4.2 which is quite some way behind the current version. I had heard that it was pirated some time back, that may be why they haven't updated the demo.
  5. 50% off is the lowest discount I've ever seen with this one. Importantly, they recently removed the Code Meter protection and it now uses a key file and allows 3 activations. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/4-Synth/3201-VPS-Avenger
  6. Where did you come across the code for this @telecode 101? I am on their mailing list but didn't get an email about it. I'd love to understand the mystery of the Softube coupon codes.
  7. Craig N

    PA Forever $29

    Introducing the new Forever $199 plan. Any Host for $199 any time. Introducing Gig Performer 5 with generous upgrade pricing available. The future's so bright 😎
  8. On Facebook they suggest a version with VST3 and Apple silicon support is coming. Just no dates on when.
  9. Only 87 more updates until what we've all been waiting for.... version 2.9.100 😁
  10. Craig N

    PA Daily Sales

    I bought Tantra 2 untested the other day. Just tried it out for the first time. It looks and sounds amazing here. It looks like it's designed and optimised primarily to look good on high DPI displays rather than old school HD displays. If you have a decent NVIDIA graphics card you can use NVIDIA DSR scaling to fake the appearance of a High DPI display. When I turned DSR scaling off and went back to 2560x1080 Tantra 2 looked pretty average. It's one of those plugins that the thumbnails and shrunken screenshots doesn't do justice to. Rob Papen's plugins are somewhat similar in that they look great at full size and lame in thumbnails, although the frame rate of the animations on Tantra 2 are super smooth where Rob Papen's are slow FPS by comparison.
  11. Looks like it's an emulation of the Alesis XT reverb unit. I really like the Alesis MidiVerb/MicroVerb sound too - bought Tim Petherick's Nebula sampling of the 86/89 models and I'm keen to pick up Korneff Audio's Micro Digital Reverberator next time it's on sale too. Given that I've been heavily into electronica, IDM and psytrance I've probably heard a lot of music drenched in Alesis reverbs over the years.
  12. These are the audio demos I heard that gave that impression https://www.xhun-audio.com/site/xhun.php?page=shineverb
  13. Wow, I see why it's called ShineVerb !!!! damn .... I really don't need any more reverbs! And yet... the sheen on the sound ... it sounds so compelling ... Anyone know what that's down to? I can't think of any other reverbs that have that particular sound. It sounds like fully produced music that one might hear on an album, rather than simply an instrument with reverb applied to it. Compelling.
  14. No coupon for me. Wonder if it's only for people who have purchased thru PSP directly rather than thru resellers.
  15. Post updated with a link to the sale (lol) and some further details.
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