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  1. Ah ok. Anyone know what the basis for premium membership actually is?
  2. Yan, what's the link in the email? I assume it goes to a page on the Softube site; I'm thinking that for those who didn't get the email, they may still be able to access the link on the site. I didn't get an email, but I've noticed I don't get a lot of these kind of marketing offers from various companies. I think some email providers are maybe too diligent in their spam filtering.
  3. She'll absolutely drive you wild ... wild ... with the upgrade pricing
  4. Sorry should have mentioned that - the discounts only appear after logging in.
  5. Coupon code may cease working before the 7th of June though. I found it separately at https://www.dontpayfull.com/at/gospelmusicians.com?c=85736603#c85736603 and it lists the following terms: Terms: Exclusions may apply. There is a limited range of products marked as available for this discount. This promotion is subject to stock limitations. One per person. This deal can be restricted by the retailer at any moment without further notice.
  6. https://gospelmusicians.com/collections/virtual-instruments Sale Ends June 7th, 2024
  7. BlueBeast sampled from the EX5 TGX-85 sampled from the SY-85 TGX-99 sampled from the SY-77/SY-99 $49.99 each Take a further 10% off with the coupon code DONTPAYFULL786 I just grabbed all 3 and having had a play through I'm very happy with them so far. Also, you can buy for either native plugin or pure synth and then get a free crossgrade for the other version by adding to your cart at $0 and checking out. In case you change your mind about which one you'd rather run.
  8. I liked MorphVerb when I first bought it. It was one of the first Reverbs I bought. Then I started testing reverbs with plain saw waves and hated it for its harsh metallic tones and decided it was the 2nd worst reverb and one of the few plugins I regretted buying. But then Baby Audio's Crystalline came out and I was demoing it vs all the other reverbs I owned and I realised I could get the same sounds out of MorphVerb. Now I don't hate MorphVerb any more. It has its place. I don't really reach for it, but whenever I see Crystalline advertised I think to myself nahh I'm good, I have MorphVerb. Sure, I can't really remember the settings that matched Crystalline. But they're in there somewhere.
  9. Someone on KVR said Martinic wrote the DSP for Arturia's DX7 V.
  10. I haven't been able to find anyone actually mentioning the actual coupon in the usual places, and it didn't say the coupon in my cart. I think it might have been auto-applied when the sale was live. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  11. Surprise late checkout post-sale sale. If anyone else didn't decide to buy whatever they were looking at back at the end of Feb / start of March, check out if there's still items in your cart. If so, you may find you still have the Leap day coupon applied like I did, and you can finalise an order with this discount. I just bought three more plugins. πŸ™‚
  12. I grabbed this $1 plugin. Threw it on a track I'd been stuffing around with and it clearly improved the sound with only a few knob turns. Great for anyone who doesn't want to have to master the art of mixing before they can get a track sounding better. I am interested in another of this company's plugins, SampleX V3 which is currently $29 but has been on sale for $9 previously. I'm on an SP 1200 kick at the moment.
  13. If every plugin was gone.... we'd all have to buy a bunch of new plugins!!!!?!
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