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  1. Sounds like it's a library that's going to want you to use the batch resave feature in Kontakt. If anyone else doesn't know what that is, I've recently discovered it's well worth giving it a go! It's a function that re-saves the files in what must be Kontakt 6 format (it warns that you lose compatibility with older versions) which makes for faster loading times. If you have a library that sits unresponsive for a minute after you click on it, this can solve that. Makes a huge difference with Pearl Concert Grand Piano for example, so the UI appears in about two seconds (I have it installed on an 8 gig HDD, not a speedy SSD).
  2. Craig N


    I thought Larry was back for a second there!
  3. https://facebook.com/groups/plugindeals/ Big group I think over 40k members now so a lot of deals get posted but it's public, so I don't like to participate on it. I've even seen the odd deal posted there by the great King Larry 🙂
  4. Wondering about this myself. Between this and the fear of hiss I decided to jump on the Scarbee Classic EP 88 with the Matrix upgrade and it's really great. I might still pick up the Famous E with the group buy because I love knowing the history of that particular instrument. That said.. the more I keep playing with this Scarbee the less I think I need anything else.
  5. It looks like you've got your iLOK key selected in the License Manager so it's only showing licenses that have been moved to your key, you'll probably find the new licenses in your "greattunes" account at the top.
  6. This is what scares me about deeply sampled libraries, after buying the Impact sound works bundle on the strength of the pearl grand piano only to find one of the mic positions (hall) has faulty samples with audible noise in the upper register that are unable to be fixed. Disappointing that it continues to be offered for sale with this issue.
  7. Haha that breaks my brain. Must not buy plugins that cannot be resold. Must buy at a discount. How will I resolve this cognitive dissonance.
  8. I wish it was possible to demo this against the Orange Tree one. Instead I think it's going to be a test of how OCD I am. Must I have them all? So tempted to collect them just to have all the flavours haha. It's an illness, I swear.
  9. It just occurred to me this would be a hilarious name for a semi-modular synth from IK.
  10. The FX collection is a separate product to the V Collection. So if your offer is to upgrade 7 to 8 for $149 it won't include the Fx Collection 2. The reason I think some of us got this offer for $129 is that Arturia was including OBXa with V collection 7 for $299 last year and that's when I bought it. So owning one of the synths in 8 means we get a slightly cheaper price for the upgrade. (but if you had bought V Collection 7 for $249 you'd be ahead as 299 + 149 > 249 + 129) If I had taken up the $29 offers to upgrade Stage 73 or Jup 8 maybe my upgrade price would have been even lower, like $99.
  11. Hehe me too. Various entries in Arturia V Collection 7 have been some of my most frequently used instruments over the past year and a bit. I'd actually logged in repeatedly in the past week, looking at the $299 upgrade price each time to see if it had dropped, so it would have been crass of me to ignore it 🙂
  12. I don't have UAD (yet lol) but the Sanctuary mode in Valhalla Vintage Verb is said to be inspired by the EMT 250. I demoed it against the TC one, Nimbus, VSR S24 (on a hunch) and the EMT 250 impulse responses and they can all sound pretty close at the right settings. I'd probably be happy enough with VVV. I really should buy that one of these days. Never being on sale, there's no rush...
  13. That may have been the TC Electronics one, it has a controller that can authorise the software in place of iLok.
  14. At first listen I was really taken by this. It seemed to add something to the high end that none of my other reverbs had. But after comparing to some EMT 250 impulse responses and getting out MMultiAnalyzer I realised it's that ERS 250 aliases like crazy, with shrill disharmonic tones clearly audible. Totally unsalvageable. Thankfully it has up to 4x oversampling, so I turned that on.... only it actually made it worse, if you can believe it! I checked out the TC EMT 250 plugin as well and that one is as clean as a whistle. But I don't want to spend $90 even if its currently reduced from $199. But if anyone else is interested, here's the link: https://www.tcelectronic.com/product.html?modelCode=P0DCR
  15. It says it's an exclusive offer for V7 owners. After logging in earlier to check the price they're offering me, now they're showing me an ad for it on Facebook.
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