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  1. What I'm learning with some of the upgrades that have been floated recently is that I can know whether it's worth it or not based on how much joy something brings me. D16 Lush 1, and Nepheton 1 brought me precious little joy, and definitely less than I anticipated when first buying them, but GForce synths all bring me a great deal of joy, as has Sonic Projects OP-X PRO II. I only bought version 2 in March but it's a pretty amazing soft synth and the amount of fun I've had with it is way more than I expected. The sound is stunning, and I'm a preset surfer, so the number of great presets included blew me away compared to the paltry number of presets many synths come with. OPX PRO might only do one thing one compared to a super synth, but by golly does it do that thing well. For me at least, letting version 2 languish without upgrading would be like having a Lamborghini and not wanting to pay to have it serviced. My only regret is not buying version 2 sooner.
  2. The loopcloud plan would probably grant a free license for d16 repeater since I think that's an active offer, assuming I havent confused my sample providers.
  3. Hi Mira, sorry to hear you are in hospital with COVID. I hope they are helping you to feel comfortable as best they can and you are able to find some peace in spite of the circumstances. Merry Christmas and all the best wishes for a speedy recovery. I hope you are back home soon and making music again... or at least finding some great deals!
  4. I bought Cubase Pro 11 crossgrade from ProAudioStar in Feb 2021.
  5. I posted about it 2 hours ago, have a look a few posts up. I know hardly anyone is aware of its existence so just pointing out if anyone particularly wanted the liquidsonics bundle for 30% off, there would likely be a new code in the Facebook group or Discord chat for members.
  6. Since it leaked they probably changed the code. Join Control Room and you'd be able to get the new code.
  7. I bought the whole liquidsonics bundle plus the Reverb Foundry ones and standouts for me are Cinematic Rooms and Tai Chi, but I do like having Reverberate for IR use and it comes with some good impulse responses if you only want to spend $99
  8. That coupon code is from a members only club called Control Room run by Romesh Dodangoda. I joined Control Room to get access to the discounts and stayed for all of 2022 but cancelled after that Black Friday as the costs were adding up and my plugin spend was decreasing after I added up how much I'd spent since COVID started (lol). It's not much though, 5.5 quid a month. If you do use that liquidsonics code, I'd suggest joining control room for a month as I know for a fact that many of the companies who offer control room discounts verify the membership status of people who use the codes and cancel purchases if they're not members. It's basically an educational discount program. So if you belong to Control Room then you're golden. But if you don't then you are running that risk of getting the license revoked. Control-room.net/subscribe
  9. Craig N

    Gone Again!

    Bon voyage Larry! You will be missed 😊
  10. If Black Friday was a song... January, February, March, April, May I see you crying but girl I can't stay I'll be gone 'til November, I'll be gone 'til November And give a kiss to my mother
  11. Accidental double post. Oops
  12. See my post on the other thread for the full breakdown of how you can slice and dice it, but Zo's calculation of $388 was missing an important element - the need to also purchase the $349 "SYSTEM 6000 NATIVE BUNDLE" bundle before the $388 upgrade product applies.
  13. These upgrade prices are on sale (half price going from memory). I have the Icon Series Legacy Native Bundle but I don't have the System 6000 Native Bundle yet, which is $349. Cheapest option for someone who doesn't own anything yet and wants to get the total collection is to jump straight in at the price of $599 for "TC Studio Elite Collection". If I bought the "TC Studio Elite Collection, upgrade from Icon Series Legacy Native Bundle" at $499 I'd have spent $628. If I bought the "SYSTEM 6000 NATIVE BUNDLE" at $349 and then the "TC Studio Elite Collection, upgrade from Icon Series Legacy Native Bundle and System 6000 Native Bundle" upgrade for $199 I'd have spent $677. If someone bought the "SYSTEM 6000 NATIVE BUNDLE" first at $349 then the "TC Studio Elite Collection, upgrade from System 6000 Native Bundle" at $399 they'd have spent $748 to get the total collection. The partial upgrades approach of stacking things is useful if you want to break the investment down over subsequent years, which is what I had planned to do originally, except now that I'm staring down the next step at $349 or $499 I'm not so keen to pay that much this year with interest rates what they are.
  14. Bitsum Process Lasso Pro - makes my new computer able to handle low latency audio so much better iLok Zero Downtime w/ Theft & Loss Coverage - now I can go away for a few days without stressing about thieves stealing my iLok key Ableton Live 11 upgrade from Standard to Suite, providing a free upgrade to 12 Suite when it is released - I realised recently after trying Ableton Live again that Bitwig had been a creativity killer for me. After switching back to Live, the music has started flowing again. Weird, but I'm running with it. DDMF Metaplugin - I'd wanted this for a while, and the Sweetwater price was too good to pass up BFD3 - The VSTBuzz price with code was too good to pass up Waldorf Streichfett - regretted not getting it at the launch price ever since, no brainer now that its back that low
  15. For those thinking of buying it new, get it for a few bucks more than the RRP upgrade price depending on your tax zone https://www.thomannmusic.com/vengeance_sound_vps_avenger_2.htm
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