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  1. Spent some time demoing Bitwig over the weekend and picked it up last night using the discount code from U-He. As an upgrade from 8 track I think it came to $269. It might have been fractionally cheaper in the past but I've wanted Bazille for a while now. Given how often Live crashes with plugins like Sampletank, the plugin sandboxing feature sounds great. Although I did experience one hard crash during my testing. The speed of the interface around selecting plugins really impressed me. Live's constrictive UI seems to hamper the subtle flow of creativity by comparison. Also it uses some magic keeping the list of plugins updated. I installed a demo of a synth and V Piano 3 and they were visible in bitwig immediately without a tedious rescan like needed in Ableton or FL Studio. Brilliant. One feature I'll miss is retrospective midi recording. Here's s hoping Bitwig adds it soon. Just awaiting delivery of a Bazille serial now 😊
  2. What a great feature! Love it.
  3. The have a points program that can earn discounts eg I have a 5% off coupon in my account based on past purchases. There's also a members only discount (10% off) for at least one paid educational program out there. But you can get the same effective discount with audiodeluxe as deluxe bucks towards your next purchase.
  4. $100 off No idea if it's any good... but I do love reverbs https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/zynaptiq-adaptiverb (earns $13.90 deluxe bucks) https://pluginfox.com/products/zynaptiq-adaptiverb?variant=21573524979772 https://www.jrrshop.com/zynaptiq-adaptiverb (no additional discount) https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/17-Reverb/2710-ADAPTIVERB (earn £6.10 virtual cash and 2.4 rewards tokens that can be cashed in too)
  5. I have Kent and Surrey but on my aging PC they are useless for playing live due to latency. They also seem a bit glitchy where some things work and some don't work as expected, and I'm not sure how to fix them apart from doing a total PC rebuild, having uninstalled Nebula and these libraries without it totally fixing the issues. Does anyone else find them a bit glitchy or is it just that I've somehow stuffed up my installation while demoing them? They definitely sound amazing and I'd buy this new one for reamping just on the basis of having the best sound if I had the confidence there'd be no weird bugs.
  6. Oh well. We didn't like plugins being Forever $29 so I guess I shouldn't complain about the overinflated retail price haha. Bargain!
  7. 85% off they claim. So it's normally $193??? Haha
  8. Yeah it's got a very unique tone to it that brings something special. There's some hidden options in there for modern/vintage mode and oversampling. When it was last available as an EXT via PA I demoed it and discovered it aliases, but I didn't know it had oversampling at the time. So I'm keen to get it this time around.
  9. With code ALL50 Fuseaudiolabs.com ✨ Free v2.3 Update and 50% off All Plugins ✨ All our plugins have been updated to v2.3 which includes GUI improvements, feature additions and various bugfixes. Here is the full list of fixes and improvements in v2.3: GUI improvements. Add grouping feature to various plugins. Add mix lock feature to VREV-666. Fix offline automation issues. Fix automation issues in AU in native M1 mode. Fix HighDPI scaling issues on Windows. Fix tail gating issues in Bucket-500. Go here to download the new v2.3 installers. Check the following FAQ on how to automatically update multiple plugins in one go. 50% DISCOUNT ON ALL PLUGINS Get 50% off all plugins until July 31st 2022 (12PM CET). Use the following voucher during checkout: ALL50 TRIALS AND PLUGIN ACTIVATION You can test our plug-ins without any restrictions for 14 days. Simply click the "Activate Trial" button in the plugin GUI after the installation to start your trial period. To activate your full license you can purchase a product activation key on our website. The activation key will be sent to you by email once the payment process has been successfully completed. Click "Activate plugin..." in the plug-in GUI or the drop down menu below, enter your email and product activation key and hit the "Activate" button to proceed. FAQS AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT An overview of Frequently Asked Questions can be found under the following link https://fuseaudiolabs.com/faq.html Our tech support can be reached via the following link https://fuseaudiolabs.com/support.html
  10. Just popping in to say I hope everything's OK with our King of Deals. I did think the comments made to him the other day were a bit unappreciative given all that he does around here, and I notice that those people critical of Larry's posts aren't themselves posting any deals in his absence. So maybe those folks might take this opportunity to have a bit more appreciation, given how much time Larry spends posting deals around here, because this deals forum is very much dimished in his absence. So I hope you're OK Larry and if it's not clear already, we miss you!!!
  11. Thanks for registering to say that, @Jan Schmitz Now I own everything Nembrini makes except the Shimmer Delay. With Eventide ShimmerVerb I couldn't justify installing another shimmer plugin. What an epic deal.
  12. @GregI just realised I received a follow up email mentioning a further code PLUGIN50 so that might work if you still wanted to pick up any more after using the PLUGIN60 code. Not quite the same discount but close... if it works. I was just playing with the Faceman (Fender Bassman) tonight, and it's remarkable how responsive/dynamic the feel of Nembrini's amp sims are.
  13. www.physicalaudio.co.uk I've had my eye on the dual spring and plate reverbs for a while now. Seem to be HQ algorithms from some bonafide academics. From $69 now $45 USD. Demos available. Pretty sure they're iLok.
  14. Do you think it offers anything new for OB-E V2 owners? I am out of town so I can't demo it at the moment. Seems like it might be a stepping stone for people who don't own the OB-E, with a discounted upgrade price. My biggest fear is the presets being drawn from the OB-E's presets.
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