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  1. 105 each is still expensive at 30% off but when you factor in the new effects and consider what you would pay any other company for them individually it starts to seem like better value. Eg if they were modules in Softube Modular. I was going to say Voltage Modular, but Spectrasonics is on a totally different level quality-wise.
  2. Craig N

    Softube Vol 5

    Yeah it only has ever gone to 50% off the full price, and since the price of the bundle went from 799 to 899 from version 4 to 5 (due to increasing inclusions) the sale price has increased from 399.50 to 449.50. The only way to get it any cheaper is to own one of the included plugins and upgrade it to the bundle via Softube directly when they have a sale. Edit: Spelling
  3. I too am very reluctantly avoiding this due to budgetary constraints. But I read that BBCO uses up to 13GB of RAM to run. I've only got 16GB of RAM in my machine so it helped me make the decision to hold off rather than buy something I don't have the specs to adequately run.
  4. Welcome back Larry! Hope the fam are all well. It's great to have you back! And you're just in time for the IK counter to go to the 25 mark. You couldn't have timed that better if you'd tried.
  5. Well I just jumped in a fourth time, now I think I will be able to get almost everything except the SampleTank loop libraries. No FOMO for me!
  6. How good would that be! Unfortunately it looks like a grab bag of entry-level items to entice people into relationships with companies like Softube, Ableton, PA
  7. Locking the thread seems ridiculously heavy handed to me. Someone makes one weird post and the whole thread gets locked? Shows a real lack of regard for the community here.
  8. Perhaps you just selected SampleTron 2 as a freebie? That came with 30 free jampoints for me.
  9. It's like they always say... 30 days have September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31 except for October which has 32.
  10. I think what we must be seeing with this increased pace is all the people that thought they'd wait to see if the group buy got up around the 20 mark before jumping in / jumping in again. It's getting to be do or die time. It may not make it to 25 but if you want to get in at 19 products for the price of 1, now is the time. I was originally going to hold out until it got to around this point before making my mind up.
  11. Yeah I did the sums earlier and let out a hoot of both joy and pain haha. I don't really have the money for this bundle but damn it's a good deal at that price averaged per instrument. I bought electro acoustic (drums) recently on sale and had been keen to pick up a couple of their other instruments. This is the smarter move. Love these kind of bundles.
  12. I heard my son playing this song earlier and realised the lyrics were remarkably fitting. I feel like this should be the theme song for this Group Buy! Can the energy take us higher... all the way to 25k ?!?!?!
  13. I'm going through the process of installing all the freebies at the moment and I noticed there are Sound downloads for both Sampletank 4 and Sampletank 4 SE. Does anyone know if it's enough to install just Sampletank 4 or if Sampletank 4 SE has a core of sounds separate to Sampletank 4 that should be installed additionally?
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