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  1. My FX2 upgrade to Elite was $80 last week and $90 with the sale this week. Lol.
  2. Greg

    Harvest MIDI Plugin

    I can't order this. Says I have an invalid state. Strange.
  3. I hadn't heard of them before but they were $29 when launched in June as an intro price. Maybe I'll wait for black Friday and see if they match that again.
  4. Just started working for me. I just updated to iOS 12.4.1. Not sure if that made the difference.
  5. Greg

    Coming Soon from IK!!!

    Apparently was an error. They updated it.
  6. Greg

    Coming Soon from IK!!!

    custom shop says intro price 80 credits. I bought 75 credits as I had 12 left. clicking on the buy now 80 credits shows the price at 100 credits. Aghh., Contacted support. I actually had time to play around with this tonight. Bummer as support usually takes a day or two to respond. I really hate the convoluted digital currency which makes buying things annoying in the first place when it actually works properly.
  7. Greg

    Coming Soon from IK!!!

    Oh come on. I love Brian May and have one of his guitars and a small Vox Deacy amp. Find it hard to buy IK stuff at launch now as it goes on sale quickly generally.
  8. I used to the have the hardware version. Cool.
  9. If you are using the monthly voucher and get a plugin under $99 after monthly voucher can't use the $25 voucher. Lame.
  10. Is vintage collection 1 new? Thanks for the heads-up.
  11. Bummer. Recently bought the tape collection and Darrell is the only IK item item I don't have in this list.
  12. I didn't even realize time space sent a code until I read it about it here!.Went for a small purchase of a TH-U expansion. Thanks for posting!
  13. Greg

    BFD Expansion Sale

    Looks like new Jazz Noir expansion pack released as well.
  14. Greg

    PA Announcement

    I think I have all legacy PA minus 2 plugins and the 6 new ones. This isn't tempting at all. Only real upside is that PA release plugins often. One would think they are going to cool off on the 29$ plugins. For new users this would be appealing.
  15. Up to 55%! One more tier to go.
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