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  1. Nice. First update since this was released a year ago.
  2. I had a $10 coupon from them in my email from a couple of months ago that still worked so I upgraded FX 2 to Elite for $40. I think I’m getting amp sim fatigue at this point though.
  3. out now. also release notes updated WHAT'S NEW IN REVOICE PRO 4.2 PROCESSING Internal signal processing is now performed using 32 or 64 bit float values. Revoice Plug-ins will support audio with a levels greater than 0dB (If supported by the DAW) You can select to output file format. Now supports 64 bit float wave files. ARA2 Faster operation with large sessions WARP Tools have been redesigned to allow faster working. You can adjust the part of note used to calculate the average pitch You can slip the start and end of notes. Automatic Scale Detection, based on the pitch in your audio Formant shifting Bypass of processes audio (, key) APT Formant shifting New settings panel
  4. Usually updated with something new to follow.
  5. Greg

    Magix Acid Pro 9

    I ordered last night. Larry, did you get the serial #?
  6. Greg

    Slate All Access

    I’ve had the subscription for 2 years but have so many other plugins I think I’m going to not renew this time around.
  7. I need a new 2TB. My drum sample 2TB is just about full of toontrack, fxpansion and drumcore samples!
  8. My FX2 upgrade to Elite was $80 last week and $90 with the sale this week. Lol.
  9. Greg

    Harvest MIDI Plugin

    I can't order this. Says I have an invalid state. Strange.
  10. I hadn't heard of them before but they were $29 when launched in June as an intro price. Maybe I'll wait for black Friday and see if they match that again.
  11. Just started working for me. I just updated to iOS 12.4.1. Not sure if that made the difference.
  12. Greg

    Coming Soon from IK!!!

    Apparently was an error. They updated it.
  13. Greg

    Coming Soon from IK!!!

    custom shop says intro price 80 credits. I bought 75 credits as I had 12 left. clicking on the buy now 80 credits shows the price at 100 credits. Aghh., Contacted support. I actually had time to play around with this tonight. Bummer as support usually takes a day or two to respond. I really hate the convoluted digital currency which makes buying things annoying in the first place when it actually works properly.
  14. Greg

    Coming Soon from IK!!!

    Oh come on. I love Brian May and have one of his guitars and a small Vox Deacy amp. Find it hard to buy IK stuff at launch now as it goes on sale quickly generally.
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