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  1. Feature request: show the date posted on the deal. I’m always curious when the deal is from. Also the sort date (up arrow and down arrow) - might be nice to add (oldest first) or (newest first) after the words date. Thanks!
  2. FYI - this is $69 now at JRRShop, Audio Deluxe, Best Service.
  3. Thank you for your interest in Sonoma Wire Works products. We appreciate all of our customers and the past and present Sonoma team. We've enjoyed creating products that so many musicians have found to be helpful. After much consideration, and for many reasons, we are announcing: 1. July 31, 2022, RiffWorks, DrumCore 4 and iOS apps will no longer be sold to end-users by Sonoma. 2. After October 31, 2022, Sonoma will no longer offer support for our products. While we are looking for a new home for RiffWorks and DrumCore, and have found some potential interest, there is no available information or guarantees for the future of these products.
  4. Greg

    Where is Larry?

    Larry is the heart and soul of this forum. He can say whatever he likes. When it comes to deals he is infallible.
  5. Thanks for that heads up. I already have Electrum, but it still may make sense considering the price.
  6. somehow I missed this at $19 at launch. Anyone have it? Any reviews?
  7. Thanks. I just added everything else I didn’t have from Nembrini. I hope this fire sale isn’t a sign of anything going south with Nembrini.
  8. If using Cubase can use drum maps to accomplish in a more manual manner what EZ Player Pro did. Takes some time to build a map but once you make it can reuse, etc.
  9. FYI - looks like you can only use the code once. I ordered a few amps earlier and realized there were a couple more I wanted to get but I couldn't use the code again.
  10. Is there a code for this? I don’t get an e-mail and have a fair amount of their amps.
  11. Greg

    IK Mixbox updated to 1.5.0

    I wonder if this will be included in the next Total Studio Max or are these add ons outside the TS Max package/
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