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  1. FYI for those that want Dandy bassist, I’m seeing it for 39.99 on Ujam site directly with a free 3 month plugin alliance Mega bundle subscription.
  2. Been using Cubase forever (Atari forever) and this was the first time the update caused me an issue. Cubase wouldn’t launch with a GUI resource error. I trashed the prefs and it still wouldn’t load. Trying to reinstall from download assistant didn’t work (because it looks like the silent install recognizes the install and just skips over doing anything). I used the manual install from the link and forced it to reinstall and all was well. Wanted to post in case anyone else ran into this.
  3. Thanks. Pretty lame that the new version is subscription only.
  4. I didn’t get this e-mail and have MPS 4. If it’s $100 a year to stay up to date on ozone and neutron I guess I’d pay more on upgrades. is the $99 for one year only?
  5. Greg

    Spectralayers 8 out

    Details here - https://new.steinberg.net/spectralayers/new-features/ pro upgrade looks to be 79.99.
  6. And exclude the mixing videos!
  7. Greg

    Electrum Guitar Amp

    Also in for $6. Wonder how well the EQ matching works on this. Sound like your heroes EQ Matching is Electrum's secret weapon. Make your guitar sound similar to the tracks that are already out there and you admire. Just load your favourite guitar performances into your track and loop-play them to analyze. Then analyze your guitar sound and let Electrum do the automatic match with incredible accuracy.
  8. FYI - with code and my existing products I am seeing it for $59.
  9. They develop so fast, Lift 4 is probably a week away!
  10. Cool. Just redeemed. Looks like it’s free for a month.
  11. I somehow misread the sale and thought 50% off landed at $99. Was happy to see it at $50 and purchased last night.
  12. Thanks. Not sure how I missed that! Guess two things I don’t have are mixbox and philharmonic 2.
  13. When was mixbox $50? Or was someone selling on KVR? TS Max for me at $299 is a bit crazy considering I have everything but the full Philoharmonic 2 is crazy.
  14. I’m seeing $299 for the TS 3 Max upgrade. I think the only item I don’t have is Philharmonic 2. I have Philharmonic 1.
  15. Was odd. Support twice told me I was out of luck and it annoyed me enough to find the tone-empire person who posts there and sent them a DM. He asked for my email address and then the support who twice told me I should have checked social media for the deal if I didn’t get the email provided the code. I was able to order. One of the stranger experiences after buying plugins since they’ve been released 25 years ago!
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