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  1. The auto update for waves central doesn't complete (I actually have the same issue with slate). Not sure why the silent install doesn't finish. Anyone else see this? I grab the installed from a temp directory or download from site (14.07 last night wasn't posted on waves.com just in the waves central) and run it non silent mode. Anyone else see this before? Also super annoyed about this new model - I have been buying Waves stuff for decades and spent a fortune on this stuff before they went $29 a plugin.
  2. Greg

    Sonible pure:bundle

    Check out upgrade pricing from your account. Was $45 ish for me (40 euro).
  3. I take the other perspective. I have a dozen or so Nembrini plugins and having an easy way to manage updates is a big time saver for me.
  4. Greg

    UAD $50 Coupon Code

    I used an RME UFX for last 10 years or so and it was always rock solid. I have had an a UAD card since they were released. I recently got an Apollo x4 on Windows and really got into the unison preamps, console app (though RME TotalMix is far more flexible), and the whole UA interface. I thought I’d keep my RME UFX to track natively low latency, but I get 32 samples on the x4 with no issues and then didn’t seem the need to keep the RME which I sold last week (and felt bad letting it go!) I do need a few more inputs so will wait to see if anything is announced at NAMM and get additional UA interface next month. They are all cool tools for sure. RME does drivers right no doubt.
  5. Larry - do you use this? I also associate JST with metal focus. Maybe that isn't the best way to look at it.
  6. 1.4.18 -> 1.4.19 ---------------- - Added Tri-Chorus effect to TH-U Premium In download area https://overloud.com/user/download-installers?user=440
  7. I have all but 5 of the plug ins and also get $50.
  8. Greg

    UVI Vouchers are out!

    Hmm. I have a bunch of UVI stuff and never get vouchers.
  9. I can’t even tell what I don’t have anymore. Wish they added a Hide Plugs I already have like UA.
  10. Another guitar plugin from the Audiority guys https://www.polychromedsp.com/ Intro offer is $99 The McRocklin Suite is a selection of amplifiers and effect pedals, tailored together to provide Production Ready Guitar Tones. The suite features four uniquely voiced amplifiers, four stackable distortion pedals, 15 fully produced speaker chains, seven effect pedals and many more exciting features. McRocklin was previously using a vast amount of hardware and software to create his tones. It was a complex setup that relied on over $3000 worth of software, multiple hardware controllers, drive and compression pedals. Ultimately it became unmanageable, there had to be a better way! Thus the concept for the McRocklin Suite was born. Specifications Four amplifiers: Acoustic, Clean, Edge, Gain Four distinct Acoustic voicings Four distortion pedals Heatpressor Synth Octaver 15 Speaker Chains Speaker’s Tone Shaping (Resonance, Air, Lo/Hi Cut) Dual EQ (4 Band Parametric + 8 Band Graphic) 3 Delay modes (Stereo, Pong, Grain) 3 Reverb modes (Shop, Space, Dream) Stereo Chorus Post-chain Compressor Gate Stereo Widener Global Input/Output controls for gain staging Over 350 presets Resizable interface Intro Price: €99/$99 (until March 5th. Regular price is €149/$149)
  11. Hmm. I have every Kuassa product but don’t see this as free.
  12. The courses are more than the plugins! I’ve been eyeing them since they came out and they never seem to go on sale.
  13. Gotta love Joe Bonamassa. He knows his gear. https://www.guitarworld.com/news/joe-bonamassa-amp-collection-ik-multimedia
  14. Have fun! Cruises are great because you don’t have to do anything but relax! Nowhere to drive, nothing to clean. Win! I bet you got a good deal too!
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