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  1. slight off topic but does Ultimate ever go on sale?
  2. I think Larry needs to leave his account in escrow with someone so he doesn't miss things like this!
  3. Greg

    Realidrums 50% off

    I forgot I had this!
  4. I now have everything I can in the 199 tier that I didn’t have. Any thoughts on picking up things I have any trying to sell the original? Even if I get $10 better than nothing I guess.
  5. Is it worth taking a product I already have like AT5 and then trying to sell the license I paid for? Even if I get $20 it’s better than nothing.
  6. Oops. I should have known better! Sorry I missed that post.
  7. https://tone-empire.com/shop/goliath-v2/
  8. The total bundle was 237? Wow. I paid more for LXP when it was released and semi refuse to buy the full because they offer no upgrade path after they lowered the pricing.
  9. Probably silly question- what’s the best way to see what one doesn’t own. I’m probably covered with with going for electromagentik and cinemagik. I think I will only be missing the extra pieces that come with AmpliTube 5 max vs regular AmpliTube 5 but is there a way to get that with the group buy? Other than buying AT 5 max outright which wouldn’t make sense for me as I already have AT5. Thanks.
  10. Is anything excluded or limited in any way? Does electro magnetic count as 199 or 149? I thought I was sitting this one out but I guess not
  11. Hi - does Sampletron 2 count count as a qualifying or free product? I thought it didn’t for some reason, but clicking on qualifying product on the web site seems to show it as an option. also, can the new comprexxor be one of the free choice? those two are the main things I don’t have. thanks.
  12. Get from the user area https://overloud.com/user/download-installers 1.4.3 -> 1.4.4 -------------- - Added the possibility to demo Rig Libraries - Made LICENSES window open much faster when there are a lot of licenses - Used orange in DEMO window text to see at a glance which demos are in progress - Fixed a crash that could happen when opening the DEMO window - Fixed LICENSES window showing some licenses as active when they're not - Fixed Rig Player ON/OFF images to correctly reflect the state of the switches
  13. Greg

    EastWest 60% off

    I bought from JRRShop. I have the license for backup singers. It was your experience that Opus should follow in the next day? I just registered the backup singers today. Thanks for the help!
  14. Greg

    EastWest 60% off

    I just registered hollywood backup singers and installed Opus, but am getting an message that I have no ilok license for opus. Anyone else see this?
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