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  1. It’s like AMPLIFIKATION 360 now in that you can mix and match the “legacy” products like a vintage amp room, metal amp room, new Marshall amps, effects, and build rigs
  2. Greg

    IK British Channel

    I ordered some THU tone cabs (or whatever they are called) on JRR and got the serial number etc.
  3. Might wait for the inevitable sale. I have the other 3.
  4. Doesn’t look you can combine with the 20% discount. <sorry already stated. >
  5. FWIW - I got it from best service and got the serial number instantly.
  6. FYI - the resizable interface only seems to allow to make the plugin smaller, not larger.
  7. Run installation center to update play to 6.19 and IC to 1.3.8
  8. Fix issue where S-Gear may request re-activation after a major Windows update Add 75% scaling mode Minor Bug fixes to User Interface VST3 plug-in loads correctly in Cakewalk https://www.scuffhamamps.com/download/s-gear-v2
  9. same. oh well, I will get back to the other software I don't really use either
  10. https://www.ujam.com/my-account/?utm_campaign=Content_NL_VB_21_Release&utm_content=content_nl_vb_21_release_nl_new&utm_medium=email&utm_source=zaius can't copy and paste release notes but includes resizable interface, DAW sync, Presonus Studio One exclusive chord and key track feature.
  11. update from inside standalone by checking for updates Release notes Version 5.0.2 Bugfix: The installation program no longer launches under Windows 7, displaying instead a message saying that Windows 7 is not supported. Bugfix: In the Note Editor, you can now also place time handles without having to select a note first. Bugfix: In the Note Editor, you can now also move note separations without having to select a note first. Bugfix: In Samplitude X5, when a new audio file is detected, whichever algorithm is selected as the default is now used. Bugfix: There is no longer a delay before newly inserted note separations are displayed in the Note Editor. Bugfix: In Cubase (in Transfer mode, i.e. without ARA), Melodyne still displays correctly even if you have changed the size of its window. Bugfix: During local playback in ARA mode, overlapping notes are no longer erroneously played back at the comping boundaries.
  12. $50 voucher also not useful.
  13. Slate rarely releases new versions of anything not SSD.
  14. Greg

    Xchange Collections

    Good idea! Just ordered just for that.
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