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  1. I really like the way Toontrack keeps innovating and releasing new content. I get it that some programs like EZD2 and EZKeys are a bit old, but they are constantly updated with bug fixes, new features, etc. and Toontrack has a steady stream of new content which I appreciate.
  2. Run Audio Center to update. Looks like the SSD update includes VST3 support, and Mac Big Sur compatibility.
  3. Thanks. My post hasn't even been approved after a day. Bummer.
  4. Thanks for posting this. That forum doesn't seem to allow PM (or maybe I don't have enough posts). Hopefully I find a way to connect with someone there!
  5. Greg

    TH-U 60's Pack

    32.99 at JRR Blowout branded site.
  6. Greg

    Nembrini Voice DC30

    Revalver hasn’t been updated in years. When they changed ownership I thought we might see something, but not yet.
  7. release notes not updated for 1.3.3 https://overloud.com/user/download-installers 1.3.1 -> 1.3.2 -------------- - Fixed: unavailable models no longer appear when replacing an effect - Fixed: right-clicking on Looper buttons to show their pop-up menu no longer triggers the button action - Fixed: when turning some effects on and off, Cakewalk DAWs no longer "stutter" - Slate-only: restored banks of factory presets that were missing in new installations 1.3.0 -> 1.3.1 -------------- - Slate-only: fixed a message requiring authorization to install a Rig Library when not actually needed
  8. Greg

    What deals used to be

    I remember buying a 30 meg drive for Atari ST in the late 1980s for $500 as a major deal and thought I’d never be able to fill that.
  9. Greg

    IK MIxbox Crossgrade

    If I could have used jam points I likely would have bought this but there will be some sale in the future. There always is!
  10. First time in a long time I was able to use the $50 voucher.
  11. I have Revoice Pro, why would I want Ultra? To use with ARA?
  12. does clavitube come with ST 4 Max? Not even sure if I have it!
  13. I felt a bit let down by Kazrog after I bought into their amp plugins and what was supposed to be 3 years or so of upgrades that didn’t really pan out as initially sold and then the plugins were discontinued.
  14. The quick pack was somewhat premixed as just one kit I believe. I always liked the sound of the platinum samples stuff.
  15. 1.2.2 -> 1.2.5 -------------- - Apple Silicon supported natively for Stand-alone app and AU, VST2, VST3 plug-in formats - Added search box for the products listed in the "Licenses" window - It is now possible to reinstall authorized Rig Libraries from the "Licenses" window - More robust retaining of tone control parameters when replacing amplifiers - Vibrato pedals now have the "Force mono" switch - Fixed a condition that could cause audible artifacts when replacing an effect - Fixed a potential problem when opening very old exported presets containing MIDI bindings - The currently viewed area of the chain is highlighted in the overview image - Various visual and usability improvements https://overloud.com/user/download-installers
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