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  1. does clavitube come with ST 4 Max? Not even sure if I have it!
  2. I felt a bit let down by Kazrog after I bought into their amp plugins and what was supposed to be 3 years or so of upgrades that didn’t really pan out as initially sold and then the plugins were discontinued.
  3. The quick pack was somewhat premixed as just one kit I believe. I always liked the sound of the platinum samples stuff.
  4. 1.2.2 -> 1.2.5 -------------- - Apple Silicon supported natively for Stand-alone app and AU, VST2, VST3 plug-in formats - Added search box for the products listed in the "Licenses" window - It is now possible to reinstall authorized Rig Libraries from the "Licenses" window - More robust retaining of tone control parameters when replacing amplifiers - Vibrato pedals now have the "Force mono" switch - Fixed a condition that could cause audible artifacts when replacing an effect - Fixed a potential problem when opening very old exported presets containing MIDI bindings - The currently viewed area of the chain is highlighted in the overview image - Various visual and usability improvements https://overloud.com/user/download-installers
  5. Of the new stuff adds Neold is the only one I don’t have. Wonder if it is worth spending $30 on it.
  6. Thanks for posting it. I had it waiting too and even forgot I bought this!
  7. I think Dandy is a little cheaper now too. I’m going to hold out though. Been spending too much $$$.
  8. So tempting. I have so many plugins though.
  9. Greg

    LetiMix GainMatch

    Version 1.1 recently released too.
  10. Greg

    Did you Notice?

    i bought 8 Friday the 13th movies on iTunes for $13 for what it is worth
  11. zplane has released a maintenance update for vielklang Instant Harmony V2. Fixed in vielklang Instant Harmony V2 v2.4.4: Issue causing crashes in some DAWs. Crash when deleting notes. Undo upon changing voice order in intelligent harmonization. The update is free of charge and can be downloaded from the zplane user area. https://products.zplane.de/vielklang
  12. I want better drum building capabilities like what toontrack did with its song builder but integrated into a groove track with some Jamstix like AI thrown in. Groove Agent does some things ok but it’s so clunky. I always request this on the surveys. Would also like a native gain staging solution.
  13. FYI - version 1.20 out - got link in email 1.2.0 Patch Notes - 11/02/2020 Added Chord Inversions. Cycle through available inversions in the top right of each chord square Added Filter window. Filter desired chords by root or type Added Grid Octave control. Increases or decreases octave of all grid items simultaneously Added List Octave. Set the default octave of chords placed onto the grid. Changes octave of all chords played from the list Added Randomize Inversions. In the drop-down menu, inversions can be randomly assigned when "Randomize" is used Note Selector, Chord List, Exclusions and Filter data will now be recalled when a DAW project file is saved and then loaded Fixed stuck notes in various cases Removed Clear Exclusions button
  14. Hmm. This looks pretty underwhelming and I’m a lifelong (since Atari) fan.
  15. Cool. Bummer they don’t have Dandy bassist there.
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