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  1. Thanks guys, I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment. I know it is a bit harder than what’s normal around here. But it’s my thing;) and Lynn, if it matches your mood these days, feel free to rock out hard to it! It’s therapy music 😂 stay safe, lads! And thanks again
  2. Thanks for checking it out! And I’m happy you like the mix. I haven’t mixed my own metal stuff in years because we always sent it elsewhere, so I had to relearn quite a lot - and I had much cooler stuff to use this time😎 I appreciate you taking time to listen and comment! stay safe
  3. Hey folks! I’m not so active in the forums anymore but have been doing a lot more music work the past few years. However, I managed to craft this little solo debut since my band decided to call it a day. This is the video from the single and the full EP, “I’m A Giant”, is out everywhere today. I hope it’s ok that I’m posting about it here.
  4. Thanks! I really liked the 1073 as well and was demoing them both hard, but in the end, the 1084 won my heart. Some of the UAD stuff is beyond awesome!
  5. Great article!!! however, I couldn’t resist anymore and am now the proud owner of a Neve 1084 licence. So smoooth.... ❤️❤️
  6. Also, all the modules are available as individual plugins in your DAW. You don’t have to load up the entire Neutron or Ozone plugin if you just want to use its EQ, for example, the old fashioned way.
  7. I wish I hadn’t been so reluctant to get Neutron... that thing is fantastic! Together with Ozone, I nailed a mix with mastering in record time tonight - and it sounds better than I usually make anything sound! I just need to practice with these weird tools
  8. Hah, good question! I have no idea how an IR loader is different from a reverb plug-in, but I will try to load a reverb ir into it and see what happens
  9. Cool! I’ve been looking for a IR loader.
  10. projectm

    PA Diezel VH4

    This is great for some seriously heavy tones. I’ve been using it with my Apollo for a while and am currently mixing a project with this on all the guitars. Very heavy, very nice
  11. projectm

    Front DAW 60% off

    I jumped ship some years ago and is currently working in Logic in Mac and can’t compare it directly with pro channel. but if memory serves me, this can add a little bit more grit without the nasty artifacts that used to occur in the PC Console Emulator (I understand this is not an issue anymore, though). I have changed so much of my setup and have a new room etc since I used Sonar, but I was never that impressed with the console emulator as I have been with FrontDAW. I slap it over “all” my tracks as the first plugin. It is resource friendly so I never had a problem with that. I use other things on my buses and master so this is just a gentle touch on tracks for me. But the difference can be mesmerizing
  12. projectm

    Front DAW 60% off

    This is a helluva plugin! I use it all the time👍👍
  13. I would get the burger to be honest, and call a friend who can sing when I’m done eating it😉
  14. I love both the Diezels, both the Herbert and the VH4 and use them extensively
  15. Yes, I agree. I’m forever done with Waves. The plugs are good but not worth the hassle
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