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  1. It’s a really good developer. I abuse Mammoth almost daily and I have Rhino on my iPad that I use when out ‘n about. It’s one of the most versatile amp sims I know about. They do some magic over there!
  2. Only half good. Still haven’t bought anything for my studio. Haven’t bought cigarettes either…
  3. Wow! I thought i’d hate it. But it really peaked my interest.
  4. Yes! Bring it on! 💪💪
  5. He plays it like a piano player too. but I agree, I’ve heard much better
  6. Interesting. Got a slight Andy Rooney-vibe. Subscribed. Best of luck with the new channel!
  7. Delay Lama and I go way back 😎 https://www.kvraudio.com/product/delay_lama_by_audionerdz As for NYE resolutions, I’m not going to put any money into my studio this year, just harvest income from it. And maybe start smoking. I’m aiming for 50% success. I’ll get me coat…
  8. Nah, that’s nothing, but it looks like a double bass in a doll house, next to a doll! Man, I’d never go near that thing😅
  9. I was told I don’t need it… Very good product video, tho😂
  10. I got: -Sonarworks upgrade to Reference ID from 4 -Socks Didn’t get: -Anything else 😎
  11. This upgrade is day one and only BF purchase this year. Do not regret it so far…
  12. projectm

    Steinberg Nuendo

    for some reason the quote didn’t show up, but TheSteven, yes I have been using Nuendo extensively for years. BTW, great to see you here, Larry. Hope all is well on your end👍 I actually plan to update my Cubase license to Nuendo. I used it for years at this studio I was working at. After I quit I find my self missing it. Not a bad word about Cubase, but there are nuances that are different. I don’t know if I need the extra features, however. But it is a pretty damn nice piece of software, especially for sound to video and for mixing. I am currently freelancing at this place with Pro Tools and I tearfully miss Nuendo for that from the moment I power up the studio machines there 😝😝
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