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  1. Wow, that’s actually quite interesting
  2. Of course. Sorry, I meant for hosting UAD plug-ins 😎
  3. Too bad there are no DSP chips in these, bit I guess it makes sense it this price point. Still very interesting. I think I might grab one of these in November.
  4. Oh man, who’d thunk a desk bell could be like this! I love the real deal and that’s why I get kicked out of hotel lobbies, but they took it to the next level with this one😅 dunno if I’ll ever find much use for it, but I’ve just spent to of the loveliest hours I’ve had so far this October with it now!
  5. projectm

    Windows 11?

    Pretty sure to reduce long mouse travels when you open the start menu on a 49” widescreen monitor 😉
  6. Haha! Either I’m going blind or that didn’t show up when I checked the offer when it launched a few weeks back😝😝 anyways, thanks👍
  7. Cool! Thanks for the info! Much appreciated! Couldn’t find it on their site.
  8. Do you know for how long? I’m Considering getting this.
  9. Haha!! The NI website is syrup slow! 😂🤩 I’m getting the Cremona Quartet upgrade this year. Nothing else I need or want, but this will be great!
  10. projectm

    FabFilter incoming

    I just spent a few hours with it and wow, this is a whole new ballgame! Sounds great and it’s ridiculously easy to use! You can make anything from your bread and butter delays and echoes up to some seriously freaky sounding stuff! It runs in circles around version 2 in terms of versatility, ease of use and functions. I do think this will be my go to delay for sure! and Zo, it doesn’t add much character but it breathes a fresh breath of life into your signal. For tape and tube delays, I’d look elsewhere, but for everything else, this is a winner for me.
  11. projectm

    FabFilter incoming

    I find that FF plugs are extremely transparent. Timeless 2 has a tape emulation thing going but otherwise is very transparent as well. I use other things for character when I want that. I suppose TLv3 is the same. I just picked it up for cheap but won’t have time to dive in properly yet. Curious to hear how it sounds.
  12. projectm

    FabFilter incoming

    This looks like it could be a very good update! I use Timeless 2 all the time but find it a bit… old.
  13. If anyone is interested, I have made this tear down of the track, from full mix removing elements to where the farts are revealed in their purest form, straight from the Kontakt instrument from Jens Bogren. It gets nasty towards the end there so be careful. And yes, I know it is very childish 😇😝😂
  14. Hey KurtS Thanks for checking it out! Ha ha, the final fart sound is just there for good meassure. But all the drum sounds are actually fart sounds. I got a little creative with ADSR envelopes, some pitching and dynamic processing, aiming to make them usable as drum sounds. And they turned out quite alright in the mix here. 😅 I layered the kick-fart with a low sub kick to add a little weight to it, and I added a very muffled crash cymbal to the cymbal-fart to make it sizzle a little more. And I programmed a hi-hat loop in Maschine on some parts to give it some energy. I was surprised how well it all came together with guitars, bass, vocals, blip-blops and stuff. It has a very industrial feel to it. And my aim was to make them usable in a production and not sound funny as I guess one normally would use fart sounds, as an experiment. 😝😇
  15. Did anyone get the free samples of Jens Bogren’s ultimate drums on April 1st? Well, they turned out to be fart sounds and a world of rock and metal producers had a good laugh ... while I made this. Enjoy
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