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  1. I wasn’t going to spend money on my studio this year, but this upgrade became one of the exceptions to confirm that rule. Very happy I did. Not a revolutionary upgrade but it irons out some significant annoyances for me. yeah, the color scheme is a bit hard to look at but I spent some time tweaking it to my liking. Overall, I’m happy with upgrading, and it seems surprisingly stable so far for a Steinberg release.
  2. Managed to activate the demo. This works for me. The difference between using my headphones vs my speakers are way smaller now. It sounds like the sound is coming from a speaker position. Just got to see how a mix translates to everything else first. It irritates me a little that it costs money, but I’m pretty sure I’m getting this.
  3. This looks cool. Seems like their servers are down. Can’t activate the trial😅
  4. Same here. Doesn’t matter for me. Won’t buy anything anyway, but I can’t remember if I have MPS or not, and if I do, what version.
  5. Not worth full price, good for the sale price if you need it. Saved my ***** a couple times, and remedied some really bad recordings I’ve received from others.
  6. Oh no… I really liked the dimb9
  7. Hmm. They only have one plugin for sale now it seems. Are we seeing the end of OhmForce? Anyone know? Surely they need to be selling more than one plug-in to survive.
  8. Oooooohhhh…. I miss my 1616m. I’ve never loved an interface more.
  9. I got rid of all my IK stuff years ago. Never really missed any of it. Seems I’ve saved myself a lot of headaches…
  10. projectm

    SSL Meter

    Those folks can charge anything for whatever they make. This is rather ridiculous.
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