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  1. Sounds really nice!
  2. Yeah, happens to me all the time also. I always consider this before using their products because it’s so unreliable wether they work or not. Having said that, they all sound pretty stellar. Hopefully they’ll work these issues out.
  3. Wow! I’ll be demoing the crap out of this one…. And I expect it to demand my blood! Or cash, as some may call it 😎 Edit to add: been playing with the demo for a couple of days now. This is a tone monster and a very contemporary ampsim. And it’s probably the most versatile Archetype so far. I really like where this is going - and, I have too many ampsims!!!
  4. Wow, they are churning out products these days.
  5. I made this with Bogrens April 1st fart samples. Keep in mind, we were under a very strict lockdown at the time😝 (Full track is available on the channel for those interested)
  6. Haha! I said the same 10 years ago when I bought my first Mac. Windows (8 at the time) wasn’t worth the hassle. But still, I did enjoy putting the three or four systems I built together when all the kinks in the hardware was ironed out. The problem was that I always looked for ways to perfect it. Not anymore though, can’t upgrade a Mac and you can’t afford it after buying one either 😉
  7. Interesting thread and congrats on the new system(s). Made me miss the time when I built my own computers actually. It was fun and cost effective💪💪 but I just ordered the Mac Studio and I have to say, I’m looking forward to start using it without having to assemble it first😅
  8. You have to reinstall Sonar that had the plugins you want in CbB. But I think you can run the installer and only select the things you want, e.g plug-ins but not main software -IIRC. It’s been a while since I looked into this.
  9. I wish I had that 15 years ago or so!!! I will keep an eye on this - and start a new band 🤘🤘
  10. I just picked up a new license for this at Thomann for €398. Seems to be a sale until June 26th. So no BBCSO for me, but I think this will be pretty darn cool! edit: they didn’t charge taxes and it’s a download so looks like I only paid €331 😅
  11. The Rhino is a monster!! I have the iOS version. Will be picking up this one👍👍
  12. Sprigs are still good 😉 I’m one bad decision away from investing in the BBC. Do they do sales on that?
  13. Been testing the trial version for a week. It’s interesting for some plug and play action and it sounds great. For me it’s of little use but I know some guitar players who’ll love this plug.
  14. Too many knobs on his effects…
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