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  1. Mesh

    Arturia Pigments 2

    This is a fantastic synth and lot of fun to play with. There's also included tutorials within the synth......I like it!!
  2. Mesh

    Arturia Pigments 2

    I was just demoing Arturia's Mini V last night and loved those sounds. Do they usually have a Christmas/holiday sale for everything at Arturia? Pigments 2 is a nice too and a nice intro price...will demo that tonight.
  3. Thanks Tim. That Krups machine looks to be very nice albeit a steep price. Most of the reviews I've read say the grinder seems to go out after a few years and to repair it isn't worth the cost (most get a new or different machine). I'd hate for it to go out after a few years but, I do like a 'good' cup of coffee. Generally, any machine that has a lot of features will also have more issues. Appreciate the excellent info here (from a true connoisseur). Looking into the Cusinart one now....
  4. I'm a huge fan of Satch...looking forward to his tones for Amplitube.
  5. Mesh

    IK Black 76

    The Black 76 is a really good plugin and is one of my go-to's. It just does a nice job an any sound source.
  6. Mesh

    8DIO Christmas Sales

    Would love to hear some harp in my favourite genre: Polka death metal jazz
  7. Thanks gents for the CH laughs, but the hunt is still on...
  8. So, the next best thing is to wait for a super discounted sale (hopefully, for Christmas) and get the real deal. I haven't installed it yet and wondering if it's worth the effort??
  9. Mesh

    Gforce - 3 synth sale

    I've been using Webroot SecureAnywhere for years (very small footprint) and very effective.
  10. Mesh

    Gforce - 3 synth sale

    Hope to hear some good news soon, coz that Imposcar2 is giving me some serious G-Force GAS.
  11. Arrrrr Matey, Scottish you say......
  12. Right on! Will be looking forward to hearing some Van Halenesque tracks from you soon. (I'm a huge VH fan...DLR era)
  13. Mesh

    Gforce - 3 synth sale

    Man, that Imposcar2 sounds fantastic!!
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