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  1. Mesh

    Focusrite driver update

    I was disappointed for some time with their 'no support' on 1st generation devices. This is good news though....now I can use my 2i4 again.
  2. Butt-head is still here though
  3. Lately, I've been spending a lot of time at APD as I've noticed they have a lot of loop based libraries for Kontakt (yes, I'm too lazy in doing my own backing tracks ) which are really made well i.e. Riffendium, Barrage/Tranzform, Synferno etc... Just installed Synferno yesterday, and love it!! Of course, I got them all on a sale price and now I'll have to check this latest offering....huge library it is and haven't used anything from Ueberschall (yet).
  4. Mesh

    Waves Submarine Flash Sale

    If I'm picking up what you're dropping here.......you're saying Waves know how to flash, but PA doesn't?
  5. Mesh

    DiBiQuadro - Virgo for Nebula 4 / Nebula 4 Player

    Thanks Tom, will definitely follow your tips and test it out this weekend. Cheers!!
  6. Mesh

    DiBiQuadro - Virgo for Nebula 4 / Nebula 4 Player

    This looks very interesting Tom and this is the first time I've seen this . Could you please give some details on how you use it (with the N4 or N4 player)? I got very interested after reading about the "all-tube guitar amplifier" part and wondered how it all works out when using it on a guitar.
  7. It's thirsty Thursday, It's Beer O'clock somewhere, and I'm here twerking it. (live feed requires a subscription)
  8. Mesh

    Listening to this now

    So far ahead of his time. Listening through headphones you can truly appreciate all the little things that are going on.
  9. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. 'Anonymous soap on a rope'
  10. Mesh

    Toontrack Basic Rock EZKeys MIDI

    If you drink enough of red wine, then it actually sounds like all of them put together.
  11. Mesh

    Listening to this now

    Beautiful stuff....Oscar Peterson!!!
  12. Mesh

    Audio Assault Westwood Drums

    Not sure about their drums, but their amps are definitely worth more than the $5 I paid (and they're not just for metal).