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  1. I quacked up on that....
  2. Simeon is such an excellent musician, he has single handedly managed to empty my wallet into buying instruments I have no business in playing.
  3. Don't mind me, just here to plant this onto the next page.
  4. Mesh

    Scuffham S-Gear Sale

    Last day for the sale and yes, I couldn't resist.
  5. Just got mine a little while ago, but have to say almost forgot what I ordered.
  6. Mesh

    Electrum Guitar Amp

    I never had anything from United Plugins and just signed up with them earlier. Got this for free with their coin system and have to say it's pretty good considering the entry fee. Got some nice sounds out of it from the little time I spent with it.
  7. Mesh

    Electrum Guitar Amp

    They charged me double for my looks...
  8. Although math is not my strong subject (underwater basket weaving is my specialty), shouldn't that be $22.91? Or is that with VAT and what not lol.
  9. Infected Mushroom Pusher is also a useful tool and works very well for all instruments.
  10. Mesh

    Nembrini Brown Sound

    That was my experience as well and I gave up on them. On a different note, I'm very happy with the versatility of Archetype's Gojira and now on my way to get Scuffham.
  11. You're in luck, the pole is exactly 5 feet!!
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