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  1. Thanks Hillmy....on my way to spend $29.
  2. Is Nectar 3 included in Ozone 9 Advanced?
  3. So sorry to hear that Kenny.....we're here for you brother.
  4. Interestingly, I only have used it in standalone mode. The only issue I have is the gui is a bit too big ('medium' is the smallest setting) and it takes up the whole screen. Other than that, it works fine (sample rate is 48Hz and buffer size 256 with 5.3 ms)
  5. Which bugs did you run into Fitz?
  6. I also gave Euphoria a test spin and was quite impressed with it. Might just get this as well.
  7. Review Review Review Review Review Review
  8. Haven't heard of this guy, but the band is pretty good.
  9. I get this reaction quite often....especially after listening to some of my tracks.
  10. Currently, with the "NewPassword" code it comes to $79.99 (USD). Is this the best deal around or is there a better one elsewhere?
  11. Is it only 1 file to download (4.6GB)? That's all I see in my account....thought it said close to 10GB's?
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