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  1. Thanks Jacques!!! Glad I asked first.
  2. I'm in this GB and to get the MODO Drums (all 10 kits), do I have to first get the SE version and then use another selection to Crossgrade?
  3. https://snipboard.io/ is also very useful and free.
  4. In the User Area, click on Serials/License
  5. That's a bit pricey for just 30MB/20MB. If you can get AT&T's fiber optic in your area, you can get 1GB upload/1GB download (in actuality, about 900MB up & down) and I pay $100 for that. Only thing is, it's not always available in all areas.
  6. So sorry to hear that Greg, my deepest sympathies to her family and you.
  7. Been wanting to get the Eden bass sim, is this the best deal or is BF a better time to get it?
  8. Now, that's more like it
  9. I'm not a beat maker either, so I really enjoy using XO and I can highly recommend getting all the drum samples from here: https://samplesfrommars.com/
  10. Mesh

    PB Sept. Freebie!

    'detuned horror-style vocals'......that's me on a good day!
  11. This ^^ and a great human being with a big heart!!
  12. Shirley, you're not serious?
  13. On the fence on getting A5 .....what's most likely going to happen
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