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  1. Large facilities probably have the real Harrison MPC .
  2. Wish I could've solo'd at 13 like this....very good version! Listened to a few more of Chelsea's tracks and she's seriously talented.....she has played live with Steve Morse back in 2003.
  3. That Boss distortion pedal gave it the edge she needed
  4. I heard your mixes will improve by 150% (give or take 140%).
  5. Variety is the spice to life! I do like anything melodic and musical, but do tend to gravitate towards guitar stuff as it's easy to relate to. Believe it or not, I like classical to Disco too.
  6. Mesh

    Frozen Plain Wraith

    As soon as I saw 'Drone", I said "where's Andy".....and yes the interest died down after that.
  7. Mesh

    IK Axe I/O

    This is a sweet deal. Back in May, I got Ampltube Deluxe (which I already had + then some) for about the same price.
  8. For all you Cake Boys, this Juan's for ewe
  9. I've had Realivox Blue for sometime and never had the patience to sort out the words. It has been collecting virtual dust and I'm planning on selling the license. As far as vocals are concerned, this is going to be my next buy (hopefully on a rare sale): https://output.com/products/exhale
  10. That's very true. I've seen quite a few Filipino cover bands and they're just naturally talented bunch.....was very impressed with the musicianship.
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