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  1. Mesh

    Heavocity Damage 2

    My exact thoughts....after saying Whoah!!
  2. Mesh

    Gauge Mic Locker

    Did you get a chance to test out this plug Piotr?
  3. Mesh

    Audiomodern Opacity II

    A little patience and this can be had for $70 off that list price...APD I'm looking at you!!
  4. How do you guys like this Sand 3 plugin so far?
  5. I'm looking to get Finisher Neo and hoping BF will bring good deal.
  6. For what it's worth Grem, I like the term SHMOO
  7. Mesh

    Kilohearts ONE FREE

    I got it immediately and now my head hertz.
  8. Thanks so much for all the details!! Will give it a shot. Of note, I had the Vocalizer 1 working without issues, but haven't touched that in years. Cheers!!
  9. Abacab, have you been able to use Vocalizer Pro in Cakewalk? I've had it for years, but due to all the issues, never been able to use it. (not sure if it's worth the hassle)
  10. Thanks Leones, this is an excellent freebie!
  11. Good to see you Dave! Let the party begin!!
  12. If Bapu only had a dime for ever time he heard that.....
  13. Mesh

    Audiority Pre X7 Sale

    It's a good one Mibby.....highly recommend it. Tube Modulator is on my list to get on the next sale.
  14. They're aimed more for Metal, but you can get some other good tones out of them. If you like to tweak a bit, they might be worth it....I need instant wows lol. I got most them on their $5 deals. However, I haven't used any of them in a track as I have better amp sims and don't do a whole lot of metal. I just couldn't pass up the $5 deals . On a similar note, I'm thinking of getting the Ownhammer deal going on.
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