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  1. Mesh

    PA Gig Performer 3

    This was my experience as well and do like it a lot. The tones I got out of was very pleasant and yes, that organic/analogue feel was definitely there. It's quite deep, so will have to spend more time learning to use it.
  2. Yes, thank you....Arena Rock here I come!!
  3. I also had the same issue, but noticed this at the bottom right of my cart: Please note: Currently UK only 😧
  4. Very nice sounding synth...anyone have this?
  5. Mesh

    Kuassa 50% off at JRR

    For $25, justification is in the air of the GAS holder. I demo'd it and IMO well worth this sale price.
  6. Got Gig Performer and still learning how to use it. I'll mainly use it for my guitar, so will be looking to get some interesting setups (any tips would also be most welcomed).
  7. Sorry to hear that Bill. Here's to hoping things will change to what the Doc says.
  8. Not sure Steven if it has been improved, but John Maar said it won't be updated on the same schedule as Deskew. Of course, the pricing at PA is very tempting and if it doesn't have any issues, I'm in.
  9. Oh no, that Gig Performer 3 is only $69.99....I'm just not sure if PA does any updates on this? Demo'd it and I do like what it does.
  10. I saw them back in 84 (I think) and they were pretty good live.
  11. Just can't any respect around here...
  12. G'day gents!! This Fred seems to be drooping on the way side....where did everybody go?
  13. That Omega 458A is very nice on any sound source. Thanks Steven, instant purchase!
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