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  1. Yes indeed....all the parts just flow smoothly with the chords.
  2. Mesh

    Amazing AAS deal at StackSocial

    Great idea Grem!! Chromophone and Object D. are the only one's I don't have.....I can start collecting for Chromaphone. Thanks mate!!
  3. Mesh

    It might be time to quit

    He said to 'Have a little faith in me' since he has a 'Perfectly good guitar' to get the job done....of course, he just maybe 'Over the hill'.
  4. Mesh

    Storm Damage

    Just saying....
  5. Mesh

    Amazing AAS deal at StackSocial

    After it authorised, that's when I noticed I had a few duplicates. Now what to do with the dups?
  6. Speaking of James Bond, I was listening to this last night and thought this would fit nicely in a JB movie.
  7. Mesh

    Storm Damage

    Stay safe Bill, and relocate to my side of the river (in the Sunshine state).
  8. Mesh

    Amazing AAS deal at StackSocial

    I noticed in my AAS account, I have a bunch of duplicate serials. Am I allowed to sell the extras or possibly transfer the licenses to someone else?
  9. Mesh

    8Dio Insolidus 48hrs Flash Sale - $198 (reg $598)

    Thanks Marc, that library does sound beautiful.
  10. Anyone seen Eddie Boy around?
  11. Mesh

    8Dio Insolidus 48hrs Flash Sale - $198 (reg $598)

    Anyone have this? Your thoughts....
  12. Mesh

    SoundIron 1 Day Music Festival Sale

    It goes really well with the Flutes of Fire....before you know it, you'll be doing a ceremonial aerophone version of Highway to Hell.
  13. Mesh

    Happy Anniversary!

    Seeing how you have Road Fever, I ain't even going to say Honey Hush
  14. Boys, it's Friday.....need I say more?
  15. Actually, this was my first 4 track recorder (before moving on to a computer).