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  1. Thanks Nigel, I was thinking of doing something similar....at least taking the drive out and reconnecting it. Been so busy with work, I've neglected my DAW....😟
  2. That's what I don't get....it says it has the "Latest" driver installed, but yet requiring the drive to be formatted??
  3. Thanks Craig! I ran Glary (Check Disk) and it only checked 3 of the 4 drives (didn't check the F: drive (Toshiba)).
  4. Happy (belated B'day)Steve! The weekend's not over yet, and the pub is still open....have a drink on me!! (please keep a social distance)
  5. I've been trying to update to the latest version of Windows (1909) for last month and it usually goes to 99% on the update, and then says it 'cannot complete the update, undoing changes'. This morning I updated/rebooted and for some reason, it actually successfully updated (Feature Updates).....at least that's what it show in the Update History. Checking the System/About: still shows Version 1903 (installed on 8/29/2019) ?? Anyway, my problem is my HDD Projects drive (F:) shows it needs to be formatted although it's an old drive that's been in the system for years and hasn't been disconnected or done anything to it. I checked in Device Manager/Properties/Events and it shows this: Device SCSI\Disk&Ven_TOSHIBA&Prod_DT01ACA300\4&1a58a66f&0&000000 was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match. Checked windows to update the driver and says I have the latest....also wanted to try 'Roll Back Driver' option, but that's greyed out can't roll back. I really need to get access to this drive as CbB takes awhile to load up (although I've temporarily redirected it to another drive for projects), and would like to know how to fix this? All of this started after I tried to update Win10 🤦‍♂️ Thanks all! Mesh
  6. That's definitely a good thing to see (fixing bugs asap)....certainly helps when buying and/or supporting them.
  7. Once you had a chance to play with it, would like to see your thoughts/review on this.
  8. Just jumped in on Scaler 2 upgrade and the current download version is 2.05.
  9. My exact thoughts as well. I'm getting 920mbps on download, which I imagine is more than I ever need.
  10. Mesh

    EZ Bass NOW Available!

    On the plus side, they're on top of the updates/bug fixes and they've always been good with that. I just got it and looking forward to using this.
  11. Mesh

    Who Is Larry Shelby?

    Larry has many aliases and depending on each situation, they simply manifest themselves. (Just FYI, there's a huge difference between, shredder and undershredder). 👀
  12. Mesh

    EZ Bass NOW Available!

    Did you use a cupon code for Time & Space? It's $149 Best Service has it for $136
  13. A little funk for your soul!!
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