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  1. Happy New Year gents!! I'm always late to a party...
  2. Movie or no movie: ground hog, flying pig, it's all the same to me....BECAN!!
  3. Happy Belated B'day Craig. Hope you had a good one!! Cake for all!!
  4. Thanks Zinc, I'm glad to hear that it's good upgrade from AT4. Testing it out now . Cheers!!🍻
  5. Thanks Marc and Michael!! Definitely appreciate the input and looks like I'm getting an early Christmas present. Cheers guys!! 🍻
  6. So, what's the verdict on A5, is it worth an upgrade? I'll be honest as I haven't read all 34 pages on this thread, but would like to know the general consensus/your opinion on it. Cheers and rock rock til you drop!!
  7. Hi Lawa! That's an interesting plugin and I'm also considering it. Just checked at JRR and with 'Group' code, it shows $66.36.
  8. Don't think I can let this $99 deal go...too many goodies in there. 😉
  9. G'day Gents! 1) Has caffeine returned to the CH? 2) Is Bill drinking shampoo (again)? 3) Has Bapu found his Mooch? Inquiry minds want to know.
  10. +1 In XO, about 90% of my drum samples are from them and sounds excellent.
  11. Mesh

    AAS Chromaphone 3

    They've done a really good job on Chromaphone 3 and such an excellent upgrade price for it.....love it!!
  12. Yes, very good call Simon! Hail to the King!!
  13. Looking at the size of it, seems to be a bit sleepy/drunk from eating too much.
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