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  1. pretty cool stuff! Works well in REAPER. Sounds aweome using the Charlatan synth.
  2. I bought Kontakt as a crossgrade from a free Kontakt Player library at their July sale for $125. Best money I've ever spent! The amount of free libraries available is just crazy! For me, Kontakt is the most essential piece of kit a modern musician/producer should have. It' more essential than a DAW.
  3. Don't know if it has been posted before but these are some awesome free libraries for Sforzando (free sampler). Strings and Taiko. Videos: Download links: http://schristiancollins.com/vi-orchestra.php http://schristiancollins.com/vi-percussion.php
  4. This pretty generous, even if you have to wait 14 days. I only have one of their $29 products and all of their LABS and can't afford a large orchestral library. Musicians all over the world will be thrilled, especially from underdeveloped/developing nations. Thank you SF!
  5. Very nice free samples! Download process is a pain and Continuata sucks massive donkey balls. can’t think of why you would discontinue free sample libraries though.
  6. Awesome! Picked the same libraries as you and most people did
  7. Yes to all of this! Simple things go a long way.
  8. Yes! This is my most wished for feature. Please make it happen, bakers! 😩🙏
  9. This would be cool. Also, the ability to create a drum map for a track while at the same time being able to use the normal piano roll could solve this. That way you could send only the key switches to the drum map and display it on the drum grid pane above the prv to manage articulations. Key switching is such a fundamental element that that develop simply REFUSE to implement...
  10. Really good piece! Really enjoying it right now.
  11. That's some crazy good orchestration!
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