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  1. I'm mostly comparing it to itself a year ago.
  2. Not at all, just curious about where development is going. I hope they integrate a sampler BTW, one of my most wanted additions.
  3. Anybody else thinks that development has become slow? For a long time updates have been small bug-fixes, with the ocassional feature. But nothing like the first couple years. Do you think they lost part of their team and this is the new reality? Or maybe they’ve been working on something big for a while, like an engine rewrite?
  4. I use Surge XT when I need a 'super synth', which I rarely do. Much lower CPU and arguably more powerful. GUI takes some getting used to. Definitely should upgrade my PC soon though. Vital does have a very nice workflow.
  5. I love it but CPU is kind of crazy for my ancient laptop
  6. Thanks, that solved the problem! I had no idea about the different modes, will have to research a bit. Do you know if there’s a way to make every clip to follow project by default? Everything that I record and import will be streched during the project and would like it to be the default behavior like in Studio One and REAPER. Thanks for the help!
  7. Hi, So, I dragged a loop, stretched to fit project tempo, bounced, made into groove clip, looped section, changed tempo and it all works fine. But if I use AudioSnap / Clip follows project, instead of Groove Clip, the loop goes out of sync with the metronome when the loop restarts. It changes tempo to fit the project, but it gets increasingly ouft of sync after each repetition.
  8. Any way to make CW change track selection to the track of the currently selected clip?
  9. You can demo it for 90 days too, which is nice.
  10. I wonder if version 10 will drop soon. They've been working on it for a long time.
  11. I had 50 reward points since years ago. I think it’s because I bought Reason 10 at some point.
  12. I got The Legend for free in the Rewards Shop! I emailed Synapse Audio and they gave me a VST license as well!
  13. Same about REAPER and Studio One. I’ve been mostly using REAPER for a few months exclusively and now I’ve returned to Studio One and the whole workflow and user experience is MILES ahead... I’m not coming back unless I need very specific things done. I’ve tried Waveform a few times but I always got crashes, even with the stock plugins (😐) but 12 has a rewritten engine, so let’s see if it’s better. I always keep CbB installed without using it, maybe a future update will convince me to give it a proper go!
  14. I may try the free version for one of my new projects to see how it compares to Studio One and REAPER.
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