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  1. I got Indent 2 and Fault ($9 each). Indent comes with Dent 1 and 2 (didn't know that).
  2. I actually got refinement and I've already put it in a background vocal buss (9 vocal tracks) and it works wonders! Totally recommended!
  3. How's bx_refinement for taming harshness? I'm in need of something like that. Both my voice and my microphone have some nasty harsh frequencies 🤢
  4. Appeared on my account, although I own it from TR5 SE
  5. Either a biggie or confirmation that CbB is in maintenance mode and no more big updates are coming.
  6. It uses more than 10 times the CPU than TONEX
  7. Same, how do you install these files?
  8. very cool looking! EDIT: the delay looks quite powerful:
  9. Nice 'cheeky' freebie 😉
  10. can you luad your own samples to Cube mini? How's the CPU? Sounds amazing.
  11. The pace of development is keeping me from switching.
  12. All the Tukan plugins add immense value to REAPER. Analog summing, eq's, comps, verbs, delays, modulation, sequenced fx, amp sims... wow.
  13. That sucks man... there seem to be some problems with the 16 which don't occur at 4 or 8. The drivers do occasionally freeze the screen, but I do have a bunch of stuff open at all times... Disconnecting it helps. At the beginning I was having lots of problems that got solved once I set Windows at the same sample rate as the interface (right-click on speaker icon, select "Sounds", go to the properties panel of the input and output of your interface and change set the sample rate and bit depth to the same values as the EVO control panel).
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