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  1. You may want to email the developer and ask about a crossgrade offer. Synapse Audio offers free crossgrades between vst and rack extensions. Don’t know about Korg, but it may be worth the try.
  2. Hmm, weird. The installation page says you can: https://www.meldaproduction.com/MDrummerDrumEmpire2020/installation Drum Empire 2020 is used by following plugins. Download MeldaProduction universal installer, run it and make sure you select one or more of the plugins that use this pack. MDrummer MSoundFactory MSoundFactoryLE MSoundFactoryPlayer Still, too annoying to download 60 gb just to check.
  3. can anyone confirm that this works with their free player? Are they multi velocity? Cheers.
  4. Sitala is nice but Poise is actually insane workflow-wise. Totally recommended! You can specify an audio editor program to send your samples and then reload them back to the pad (right click in the layer icon). You can resample a sample after applying effects to save cpu. You can click and drag to select all pads, etc. Possibly the best drum sampler I’ve ever used, and I used to own Battery 3 and Geist 2. If only the GUI was a bit bigger... but whatever.
  5. UPDATE: So, a few weeks ago I installed Poise from One Small Clue, which was recently made free, but I discarded it since the GUI is a bit small. I decided to give it another spin and it's actually quite amazing. I can live with the small GUI, it's not that bad. I am using this skin though: https://vstskins.com/poise-aiva-1-5/ You can very easily layer drums and much more. You can even drag audio from the sequencer to the pads. Also, you can MIDI map the sample start and end points! I recommend you watch this 4 part tutorial, it is very useful:
  6. Hi all. I’ve been using Sitala, which is cool, but I want something that allows for sample layering for blending more than one sound together (very common in modern genres). I have Kontakt already but the interface is hard to navigate IMO. Poise apparently can do it but the GUI is too small. Any free/cheap option? thanks!
  7. They’d slowed down in the past few weeks/months. They used to release dev builds every couple of days but they released one today after 12 days. They’re working on a new area selection feature that appears to be taking them a lot of work. REAPER has been my main DAW for a long time, but I’m digging CbB much more now. Even though it doesn’t have all of the features and flexibility of REAPER, it’s better designed overall and the workflow is better, IMO.
  8. Yes. Seems to be language related. I have a laptop that I bought in Germany, so parts of Windows seem to be hard coded in German or something. My default OS language is Spanish and I run CbB in English (I know...). Still, switching languages doesn’t help. I emailed support and they responded with some questions about Windows version, CbB build number, and language settings. I also told them that the right click menu on the arranger track also displays weird characters. No response after that. I really hope they can fix it on next release, it’s really annoying and I worry that the bug could be present in the nex-to-be-introduced articulation manager... 😧
  9. Can’t you use the gain knob at the top of the mixer channel to trim the mic input?
  10. View the attached image. Any solution? Thanks
  11. Thank you! that did it after I went nuclear and did a clean install with no success. I actually had a previous version in another sub folder...
  12. CbB is opening version 6.2.2 of Reaktor as oppossed to 6.4, which is the latest. I deleted the .dll files (I had it installed twice on my vst folder and a sub-folder), reinstalled from Native Acces, reset and rescanned all plugins but it's still loading the older version of the plugin. Any tips? Working fine in other DAWs.
  13. Yes, REAPER does it best. It would be awesome to have it in CbB.
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