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  1. Where I live that's enough to support a child. I presume that's the case for him as well.
  2. yeah, I remember him saying that he could do it full time for $800 a month, which means he's way over the target.
  3. Got the Chandler amp for a tenner rock n' roll time!
  4. My desert island amp sim: STL Tonality Howard Benson. Underrated gem!
  5. Orange amp is a bit wonky, but the others are great, especially the Yellow and Red ones. The amount of controls and optionson the amp and overdrive sections are bigger than most amp sims. Same goes to reverb, delay and modulation sections. The cab is not IR based, apparently, except for the "ambience" parameter (I think). It sounds great and I don't find myself missing my IR's. They jammed everything into one page and they still managed to include more options/controls than most amp sims. Sound is great. I'm getting some very satisfying crunch/mid-gain tones from this.
  6. I’m VERY happy with this purchase. Try it out!
  7. A video of you headbanging to the tornado like that Florida man would be appreciated.
  8. I have an account because I have Front Daw from when they gave it away. The discount showed on my laptop but not on my phone, so there's that.
  9. Sad about HASR. I won some great plugins there on there giveaways when they just started out and it was a great resource.
  10. Nice! Just bought. It’s metal time!
  11. “Inheritance for my son” is a good justification for buying gear. Now I need to get a son...
  12. My broke azz is tempted
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