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  1. Portnoy would absolutely kill it, but he's back on DT so I doubt it.
  2. Yeah, I was talking about Audient and highlighting how not all companies have the same policies with second hand items.
  3. Glad they took care of you. I bought a used Audient interface and they refused to give me the software or even register it on their site...
  4. It comes with the December issue of Computer Magazine.
  5. Also, it comes with a LOT of presets, most of them pretty usable. Sound quality is excellent, and the sound is distinctive. A steal for less than $5.
  6. Or buy CM and get it for much cheaper.
  7. Woah, didn't know that anybody was developing plugins here in Chile! Chalo is an absolute legend.
  8. I spent some time listening to their stuff and thought the same. Any recommendations for more creative/out there stuff?
  9. Thanks! I think I'll get Electric.
  10. 7 VST files? I only got the main MPC Beats .dll yesterday
  11. Overview of the EQ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5ERarcHkwY&ab_channel=iZotope%2CInc.
  12. Yeah, no real alternative. bx_refinement gets some use here, it's pretty decent. Some people are selling the bx creative bundle, which includes bx_refinement, for $10 or so on KVR.
  13. Thanks! It sounds way better without the CM logo 😆
  14. Good to have an option for Reaper. Hopefully there will be a native solution at some point. They're all in Linux now!
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