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  1. Esteban Villanova

    Bugs Drive Me Nuts!

    Maybe try the beta Focusrite driver at beta.focusrite.com
  2. Esteban Villanova

    Tap tempo and click and drag tempo

    It would be so useful to have tap tempo function right there in the transport section and to be able to click and drag the tempo from there too. Please?
  3. Esteban Villanova

    Real-Time Track Resizing Improvement Request

    Yes, a bit of graphic coherence would be nice across the board. These are the small details that make the program seen "unfinished" and rushed. Hopefully details like this will be a priority at some point.
  4. Esteban Villanova

    Clip gain vs waveform ala pro-tools

    This one is extremely important for me too... Please!
  5. Esteban Villanova

    Problem integrating Nektar Lx25+ with cakewalk

    Transport and other controls work fine with here with the same controller. Right-clicking vst knobs and clicking 'Learn MIDI' does nothing though, maybe I'm doing something wrong...
  6. Esteban Villanova

    Dragonfly Hall Reverb & Dragonfly Room Reverb - Very Nice Free Reverbs

    Thank you, Michael!
  7. Esteban Villanova

    Great price on Kontakt 6 full version

    Embertone Arcane (a free library) qualifies for the crossgrade. Just bought it yesterday for $125, great deal! There's lots of free libraries, take a look at the freebies section of Vstbuzz.com
  8. Esteban Villanova

    Nektar Impact not working with CbB

    Nevermind, managed to solve it by deleting the control surface entry of the keyboard and loading it again in the preferences.
  9. Esteban Villanova

    Nektar Impact not working with CbB

    Hi, I just installed the setup files to use the Impact LX25+ with Cakewalk and it doesn't work at all. Before installing the files it worked as a midi keyboard with no transport functions but now it's just nothing. I followed the Nektar instructions and checked inputs and outputs of track but don't know what else to do...
  10. Esteban Villanova

    $500 worth of IK plugins at Recording Revolution

    Hi, just bough this. If I install the 5 CS, will the individual modules also have the new GUI? Thanks.
  11. I didn't know that you could open SF inside CW either! Will it work with SpectraLayers?
  12. Esteban Villanova

    Tip: Using an existing VST as a ProChannel module

    So awesome
  13. Esteban Villanova

    Pro Channel

    An underrated thing about the PC is the ability to create custom UI's for FX chains so you can control any plugin the same way that the included modules. I want to start creating UI's for my amp sims to control them from the track inspector and map the controls to the knobs on my Nektar Impact. Talk about workfkow!
  14. Esteban Villanova

    Auto crossfades and grids

    Snap to grid: https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X3&language=3&help=Tools.18.html To create an automatic crossfade (real-time): Click the Track view Options menu and choose Auto Crossfade.
  15. Esteban Villanova

    the Wild Animals

    Amazing song!!!