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  1. That’s the reason? An Obi Wan joke? That mod is a moron. Go ahead and ban me if it makes you feel powerful.
  2. I really recommend you try Toneboosters EQ 4 before buying this.
  3. Really?! I might wait to update if that’s the case.
  4. Apologies for my unnecessary rudeness, the rest of the update is welcomed!
  5. What would we do without them lol and 150 bucks for a pedal emulation?! Sorry, but what are they smoking over there?
  6. I also use Reaper mostly but I’m trying to move to Cakewalk for orchestral stuff. Such a nice DAW for free!
  7. I’m on 11 Intro myself. I’ll consider upgrading on December if there’s a good deal and they add some DAW features. They confirmed that VST3 is coming this year, along with the parts of the sequencer that haven’t gotten hires treatment. Combinator does look amazing though!
  8. https://www.reasonstudios.com Get your hands on the all new Combinator, high resolution graphics, Mimic Creative Sampler and more.
  9. Sorry for the massive gif, first time haha
  10. I have it set to follow cursor. Works erratically. I assume it's my error, as it usually is.
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