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  1. Yeah sorry, I was thinking of the company that I like a lot more than OT.
  2. Have you guys already noticed the OT glitch? Add 3 products from the OT sale and everything else you add from NI including hardware will also be 30% off.
  3. Come on fellas. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/4-Synth/6465-Phosphor-3 Quite a unique emulation and full MPE support. Also, Cello Textures is a pretty bad library, even for its kind. So is Sax Fury. I wanted to become a Have Audio fan really badly, but their cheaper products are more miss than hit. I hear very good things about the Nordisk Bass and Nordic Cello, however. I can also confirm you cannot activate SoundSpot products. Steer clear.
  4. Minimum spend is 99 for that code. I'm out.
  5. Thanks, I think I need this now. APD sends out coupons very rarely, and never for bargains this good.
  6. A regular Zebra 2 licence and not this one that doesn't have an upgrade path to Z3: https://u-he.com/products/zebra-legacy/
  7. If it's so easy to sound like Tom Morello, why does nobody else sound like him?
  8. Someone on Knobcloud recently sold me their non-Legacy Zebra 2 licence for $66 so now I get to use all the Zebras right now and will be able to upgrade to Zebra3 for $29. One of my best purchases ever.
  9. I don't have 80% of the stuff in Komplete 14 Standard installed and can't for the life of me figure out what anyone would do with all that stuff in Ultimate or CE unless you work in 37 genres.
  10. This is a weird bundle. The Intimate Strings and Frozen Strings are generally much higher regarded than the Epic Strings, to a point where they get used even by people with thousands of $$$ worth of orchestral libraries. The Firewood Piano is purely a character piano and the opposite of versatile. I'd get the Grand or even the Tack Piano (which has a preset for a regular upright sound) instead. Can't say anything about the other Originals included, but I don't think they're highly regarded at all...
  11. I don't own SD3, but it's pretty much like this: SD3 = king BFD3 = close second AD2 = decent enough for demos or when realism isn't asked for SSD5 = a toy
  12. Someone figure out a glitch quick because I really need Piano in Blue in my life.
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