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  1. I know, but I have VSX and Realphones already so it’s too hard to justify.
  2. There still hasn’t been a sale on the Virtual Monitoring addon and even IF I wanted to buy it it’s extremely hard to find on the website. It's like they don’t want anyone to buy it or even know about it.
  3. Like any of us degenerates have any "projects“ or anything we make money with. We do however all have the "need“ part covered.
  4. Damn, mine came with Cubase and was activated automatically even though I've never even used it…
  5. Most headphone correction profiles are based on the publicly available oratory1990 profiles, which is why these devs can support 12 million headphones quite easily. Realphones and Sonarworks do their own measurements AFAIK and sometimes it’s just a matter of taste which ones you prefer. Remember that what sounds subjectively "better" doesn’t mean your mixes will translate better. I find the opposite to be true more often than not, actually, but of course it's also important that the sound isn’t too fatiguing. The only way to know for sure is creating like 5 mixes with a profile and checking how they translate to other systems. All this is why I'm so glad I got VSX and never have to worry about which profile or software I should use. It just works. And for pleasure listening I can grab my DT 1990 with a Realphones profile that is adjusted exactly to my taste as opposed to what I feel I "need" to use.
  6. It's quite shocking how much taste can differ. I had the opportunity to get this for like $45 with EDU discount during the intro pricing and I still passed because it sounds like a $29 synth from 2008 to me…
  7. And if you want cheap headphone correction that doesn’t crash DAWs or emit random clicks and noise bursts like at least half of all Hornet plugins, get Toneboosters Morphit and support a dev with actual talent.
  8. Capitol Chambers wouldn’t even make my top 10 reverbs, to be honest. Sound City, on the other hand, is like a cheat code to put any source in a realistic space and combine as needed, and it’s also a reverb if you want it to be. I also love the dbx160, 1176 and Distressor even though they’re admittedly boring picks. Don't really use anything else much even though I own all of it.
  9. They're just nothing special considering their price point. On par with GGD or AD2 but nowhere near BFD or even Tokyo Scoring Drums.
  10. Their plugins are top tier, truly groundbreaking, next level stuff, but I found out very painfully that their drum libraries kind of suck.
  11. True. I paid 479 EDU price which is 40% off 799. Damn!
  12. https://dmgaudio.com
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