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  1. Well, I don't own it (yet). Guess I'll find out when upgrading my bundle during the group buy.
  2. Yeah it's half of $70 and other places it's half of $90.
  3. Yeah, it's mainly for new customers or existing ones who own a maximum of say 2 or 3 plugins of theirs. When they first did the $99 thing, I had 6 or 7 already that I wasn't quite happy with anyway and it made me want to sell them even more. Thing is, seeing an all bundle for sale at $99 devalued single plugins to a point where it was basically impossible to sell them. I couldn't sell Magnetite and a few others at all, not even for $10 and I sold KH-Comp and something else for $15 when I had paid at least double that. They essentially lost a customer that would have happily paid $29 for single plugins here and then over the years just for a quick cash grab, in turn likely only winning new customers that are not ever going to buy a single plugin for $29 because to them the value is more like $3.50. Looks like they need a marketing strategist. Or maybe it's actually worth it for them. Who knows.
  4. Great catch. I hate you.
  5. I'm as much of a fan of OTS as anyone on here, but the demos for this sound really bad, IMO. Almost like synths imitating flutes. Lifeless and soulless. Just me? Carry on. Don’t let Mr. Grumpface ruin your blind praise thread.
  6. Extra 10 with EXTRA10. I'm not a fan, personally, but the current all bundle for $90 has got to be some of the best value around.
  7. Yeah, last year someone on VI-C won something. Some really big library as well, iirc. But the win rate is very clearly like 0.000001%.
  8. https://www.bfddrums.com/expansions/dark-farm.html
  9. I read on VI-C the hi-hats in this have 127 velocity layers. Not sure if it's true at all, but it would explain why they are BY FAR the best hi-hats I've ever had the pleasure of playing on my e-drums. The toms in this are fantastic too.
  10. Metallophones seems like their best deal in months. I own a bunch of other Marcos Ciscar libraries, and while most (all?) of them are on the more mellow side of things, they are high quality and incredible value for 70% off.
  11. Tried Jr. Absolutely phenomenal sound. Need to get the big one.
  12. Hadn't heard about these up until a week ago when that deal had a surprising number of upvotes and I checked them out. Here's what I wrote: Sweep is a great randomisable filter sweep thingy that can do filter sweep thingy-y things but also add some subtle movement to boring things when used with a maximum of 10% wet (probably causing phase issues and what not, but who cares). Codec seems to be a nice little bit crusher and general sound destroyer of sorts. Nothing more, nothing less. Good stuff. I've also tried Transfer, which can place and MOVE sounds inside of a room including different room models and generating early and late reflections if you want them. Really great stuff for the discounted price. I don't care too much for the rest, but mostly because I've spent a LOT (or as my wife would say a LoOOOOOoOooOoOOOoOOooOot) of money this BF season. Will have another look during the next sale. My general feedback for this dev would be presenting their products better. The demos hardly, if at all, feature any dry sounds or explanations, and it's often times kind of hard to fathom what these products actually do. I only found some slightly advanced showcases on their YouTube channel, but I imagine a lot of people are not going to bother in this oversaturated market, and the lack of feedback on forum threads around the net seems to confirm this from what I've seen.
  13. I missed BF100 a few times but yesterday they sent out an email advertisting "CYBER94" and so on. Reacted immediately, tried CYBER100 and it worked. So I got basically everything they make for free. I don't know why they're doing this, because from now on the price I'm willing to pay for their products will forever be ZERO and they're pissing off all the customers that actually paid real money to buy this stuff. I'm not an expert, but it seems like an extremely bad marketing strategy without any benefit but a few happy people who probably won't become paying customers.
  14. A spring reverb after all this years is a bit underwhelming, but oh well. Also, without having tried it yet, it seems to be sharing a lot of ground in terms of possible usages with Fuse's VREV-305, being a clean, not-very-spring-y spring reverb and all. Guess I'll find out.
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