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  1. Nice. Working on Reason Lite. Just some presets will not load.
  2. Yes, Portuguese install. and Wow, problem solved Thanks thanks thanks
  3. Windows 7, clean install ( https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034066393-Clean-Install-Cakewalk-by-BandLab ), administrator rights and no error messages. The program simply didn't install the Classic Creative Suite dlls. There is a way to generate or see an install log?
  4. Same here and i can't find the Classic Creative Suite dlls in the installation folders.
  5. Sampletank 2 needs Cakewalk to run as Administrator. And if you use DX Shell for old DXi, there is a random problem during re-Scan that it changes Sampletank's name to some generic "synthedit" or other vst in the list.
  6. Same here. Searching in the folders and nothing too.
  7. Here is ok, I downloaded now without problem. Try again
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