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  1. They translated the headlines but the site for downloads is the same. Something will not work
  2. Tried this one? http://forum.cakewalk.com/Kontakt-volume-keeps-resetting-itself-m1106210.aspx
  3. FREE Hammond B3 - HaNon B70 "HaNon B70 is an emulator of the B3 Hammond equipped with a leslie 122. It is based on the emulation of the 91 toneWheels, which rotate permanently at low cost CPU, which allows to have natural keyClicks and a relatively simple synthesis. The leslie is composed of its tube preamp, its tube power amp and the emulation of the 2 rotors as well that first reflections on the body" https://www.lostin70s.com/#/plugins/HaNon B70 download here >>> https://www.lostin70s.com/#/download --- It's quite simple. The only thing I found really bad was the Vibrato simulation that cancels part of the volume and that's why I leave it off.
  4. BBC SO Discover Template for Cakewalk: For those who have Cakewalk and bought or grabbed Spitfire's BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover for free, I created a simple Template to load all the instruments of the Orchestra with instrument icons, family colors, the tracks all named and separated in folders. There is no mystery. It is very basic. Just to have a starting point and not spend more than 2 hours assembling everything before starting to create music. Note: This consumes about 5.72 gigs of RAM to load all instruments. Note 2: If you make modifications to the template, it is better to leave the .png image next to the .cwt file when doing SAVE if you still want it to appear as a Template icon on the Cakewalk home screen. ------ (PT-BR) Template BBC SO Discover para Cakewalk: Para quem tem o Cakewalk e comprou ou pegou de graça o BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover da Spitfire, eu montei um Template simples para carregar todos os instrumentos da Orquestra com ícones de instrumentos, cores das famílias, as tracks todas nomeadas e separadas em pastas. Não tem mistério. É bem básico mesmo para ter um ponto de partida e não ficar gastando mais de 2 horas montando tudo antes de começar a criar música. Obs: Deve consumir uns 5,72 gigas da memória RAM para carregar todos os instrumentos. Obs 2: Se você fizer modificações no template, é melhor deixar a imagem .png junto do arquivo .cwt quando fizer o SAVE se ainda quiser ela aparecendo como ícone do Template na tela de início do Cakewalk. --- Thanks to the user @Matthew Sorrels for the track icons and for the other Template Spitfire BBC SO Discover - Cakewalk Template.zip
  5. Vangelis reverb preset in C-Large> "SeaBeams" in reference to Blade Runner movie "Tears in Rain" monologue: "I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate"
  6. Sounds great with DX7 like percussive patches.
  7. Wow, my first keyboard! I love the Special Night music demo
  8. Nice! They asked me a lot of questions.
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