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  1. I use a Zoom 505 pedal (C4 - Choir Wave) on my Yamaha DX7II and this is the Flanger that is emulated Perfection
  2. Got this one by 9$ via Audio Plugin Deals site Very good https://audioplugin.deals/xperimenta-harpsichord/
  3. https://varietyofsound.wordpress.com/2022/09/13/tesslapro-mkiii-released/
  4. Somehow you Kontakt volume slider is acting as automated. Is it reading from your controller modulation wheel?
  5. This one was irresistible for me. Bought it
  6. Preferences > Project > Midi > Other Options Zero Controllers When Play Stops.  Project - MIDI
  7. I still have my Nintendo 64 cartridge of this game
  8. Nice synth! Asper Synth Teste.wav Pat Organ Sync FM 2.txt
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