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  1. https://karanyisounds.com/lofi-lite-free-campaign/
  2. I always have problems with VSTi that uses .ch1 sample files in my Windows 7. They always crashes the Vsti when loading the sounds.
  3. Best Binson Echorec emulation to achieve this hammond sound of Vangelis.
  4. Lindell Audio MBC Free with code: MBCforFREE-hd9uPYen57 after the code added, reduce quantity to 1 and it will be $0.
  5. The Presets i used in it: bx_oberhausen - Pat Analog Arp.vstpreset bx_oberhausen - Pat Synth Brass Pad.vstpreset EC300 - Pat Astral Realm 477.vstpreset Fresh Air - Shiny.vstpreset
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