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  1. There are 2 music documentaries on Hulu now that are superb. One about The Band called Once Were Brothers and a brand new one out a couple days ago called McCartney 321. I learned tons of things about The Band I never knew like they had been together since they were kids. The McCartney one is a multi part series. I watched episode 1 tonight. It was fantastic. There's also a non music related one call Sasquatch. I starts out being about "bigfoot" but takes a wicked turn. I get Hulu free with my cell service. They offer a free trial period if you don't have it. Worth the hassle for these 3 shows. To be honest ... these are the only 3 shows I've ever watched on Hulu. 4 sorry ... they have The Last Waltz also.
  2. Dumb question ... What is bandlab? Is it an app or did they redo CbB? Btw yeah I got an email but honestly I had no clue what they were talking about.
  3. The trick is you have to understand how to drive what you are driving. I always get better mileage than my wife does in her 4 cyl. for example. It's becausr she just goes and doesn't think about it. I used to drive 45K miles a year for work and I watched my mpg like a hawk. I had a Honda Fit and got 47 mpg in it. I started keeping an excel spreadsheet with mileage because nobody believed me. What opened my eyes was the realtime mpg indicator on the dash of my truck. If you go slow it takes you longer to get from point A to point B and you get 4 to 6 mpg when you gi from a dead stop. You still get 4 to 6 mpg if you accelerate faster but you get to a more 'coasting' speed quicker which uses less gas. I see these old farts going 20 - 25mph in a 40mph zone thinking they are saving gas and are actually using more because the engine has to work harder to pull the weight of the truck. What I do is get to the speed limit as quick as I can and I set my cruise control even in slow zones. You can't set it below 35 so I set it at 35 and back it down. I coast if nobody is behind me if I can from long distanced to stop signs and lights. Here's a screenshot of the dash of my truck. It's a 2018 GMC Sierra. I had a brand new 2018 GMC Sierra but a school bus ran a stop sign and totalled it and almost killed me. The only one I could find to replace it was the one I found with a bigger engine. The pic of the one with Best 24mpg is my V8 5L the pic with Best 29.9 is my current V8 6L.
  4. I can't believe I did this but double speaking of Eagles, my wife through work got first shot at tickets to go see The Eagles here in K.C. and I turned them down. It's official. I'm old. I just heard on XM Classic Vinyl channel today that Vince Gill has joined them. I bet that's going to be a heck of a show.
  5. Geez. New Ac/Heat in your studio, 21 gallon gas guzzler. Planet murderer! I was astonished when I got my 2nd new truck. The replacement from the accident. I had to get the same make model and year because of insurance. I originally have a 5.2 V8 but the last one left within 150 miles was a V8 6.3. Best I got on the 5.2 was 16 town 24 hwy. I'm getting 20 in town, 27 on the main hwys around the city and when I went to NJ last summer before the coof I got 29.9. You would think the bigger engine would be worse bur it was far far better.
  6. I give up trying to figure out what's tos and not so I just say what I want now and let the fella's in charge delete what they want. Make them earn their keep. Last night I had a post deleted that was a reply with a video to a post with a video by the same artist. I said I loved her and that the video I posted was her latest. That's it. His post is still there and mine was deleted. I give up. Lol.
  7. Yeah. The Feds seizing your inventory, multiple times, tends to have that effect on companies.
  8. Huh. Mine is all purple and bent from jamming it in my back pocket and sitting on it. I should probably get it serviced before it explodes.
  9. The Zoo is great. So is the Budweiser factory tour and the Arch is cool too although I refused to go in it. Heights ain't my thang. It's getting bad here again regarding the coof. I wouldn't be surprised if they made people start working from hime again. To keep it on topic when I was there at the Bud factory tour I hit a music store a block away. I thought they were closed but the bars on the windows and steel folding doors are apparently a thing there once you get 1 block beyond the Bud factory campus/safe zone.
  10. Glad to hear that. My wife was working from home for over a year. I thought we'd be at each others throats but we actually got along great. Seems we needed to spend more time together. I'm not worried about when she's retired anymore. Gas is about $4 here too for Premium. Diesel too. I use it in my tractor. I have the smallest Kubota makes. Takes me 4 hours to mow my place once sometimes twice a week. It has a bucket I take off when I mow and I use it a lot for everything around here. I guess I've traded my music for the country living domestic life. At least I don't have to go to KC every day and I do thank God every day for that. I am very grateful and very lucky. Regular gas is just shy of $3 for low grade here. It was $1.67.
  11. I'm sorry to hear that. Are you ok? Last time I went was 14 ... 15 years ago. I'm good.
  12. Sorry. Gas is back up to $3 a gallon and steadily climbing. Can't afford to drive there. I don't know what happened. It was $1.67 a few short months ago. The economy is dying again too and it was great a few short months ago as well. Much like the cause of all the problems ... I have no clue what's going on around me. I'm just Bidin' my time waiting for the hammer and sickle to fall.
  13. If you order it now from Amazon you can have same day delivery by 3PM .... Just sayin'.
  14. No. What I think he means is that even the most basic FREE to use forum software has basic Light, Dark, and Gray theme's for those of us that have a bit of trouble seeing the forum on our handheld devices which are what 99% of the world uses now and he's wondering what the ***** gives man? Am I right Zo? I think the same guy who designed X1's GUI is running the forum. Last time I said that when X1 came out I posted a pic of Marty Feldman along with the post and was banned for a week. So I better not do that again. But you could probably get away with it Craig. I triple dog dare ya!
  15. Seeing how everything is overpriced and the government backed corporations suck the life and finances and future out of the population here in what used to be The United States of America I think you'd be better of buying something overseas where paying someone $.32 cents an hour actually is a decent wage and they still put a little pride in to their work as well and will actually work. Everything coming out of Mexico, Japan, and China far exceeds the overpriced garbage being produced here. But I could be wrong. I don't know.
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