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  1. Please edit your posts to delete hostile words so the thread does not get locked. I'm travelling now and only have my cell. When I get home to a keyboard on PC I'll reply to your question of who I am and where I heard this information ... respectfully. Thanks Pathfinder.
  2. Copyright claims on youtube are common. In my experience they simply mean that if you try to set the video so you receive ad revenue youtube will give it to the copyright holder. That's why people do not monetize and ask for donations instead. 50% of mine have copyright claims so if I ever monetize the video the copyright holder gets the money. I had 1 strike and takedown. I contested it and said it was a cover and they put the video back up and said I could monetize it. Still scratching my head over that one. It was a video of me playing the lead to Hotel California.
  3. I'm not an anti-vaxxer but this has not been tested enough and the numbers have been greatly distorted. I have as much faith in the C19 numbers as I do in other recent numbers. No mask. Ok maybe a mask. No wait. 2 masks. No scratch that wear a face shield. Wait. Wear 2 masks and a face shield. On second thought wear 2 masks a face shield and get an untested vaccine. Pay no attention to the fact that Covid has been around and mutating long before 19 so you better just stay home indefinitely. But don't worry we're giving you 2400 bucks a month. No wait 600 a month. Hold on it's only 1200 per family. No hold on it's 1400 but you have to claim it as income and give us 40% back. Wait lets put that on hold. We'll get back to you. Just lose all your savings job car belongings and home in the meantime. 3 million dead in the US in 90 days (stated a year ago). Hopefully people can understand why some might be a tad suspicious.
  4. Funny you should mention that. She took my leather jacket from high school but I got it back. Then she held up the divorce for 4 years and finally settled for a 10 year old TV and a car which I had already voluntarily given her which she parked in a field and abandoned. Good times.
  5. The way they market Sphere you feel like you are getting more than you really are. It's still great if you have extremely limited time to be in your home studio but I don't know. I got along perfectly fine with version 3 up until now and I could have upgraded to it for $100 U.S.. There was a deal to upgrade to Studio One 5 for $100 that Larry posted here the other day and it ended before I got a chance to jump on it. I kind of regret that now. Normally the U.S. upgrade price is $150.
  6. Damn. I knew if I waited till morning someone else would steal this thread title from me. 😁 I was going to go in a different direction, but I think yours is better. Reminds me of my x wife. It was the only good thing about her.
  7. Glad to hear it! Some good news for a change.
  8. I sold my Mesa and bought a cheap little Fender Champion 100. It's a bare bones modelling amp. That thing sounds better than any amp I have ever owned. I love it. It's a 2 x 12 combo 100 Watt modelling amp with a few hardware knobs for selecting the models and effects and that's it. It sounds really good with my Strat, Tele, and Sheraton II hollow body. Here's a link to YouTube vid about it. Ironically it's by a guy named Shane who also happens to play left handed. Hah. I'm right handed but play guitar left handed. It's a curse. For recording I just run my guitar through the 2 ART units in my signature and use Guitar Rig Pro 4.
  9. I had one of those way back when I used to play live. I regretted buying it very soon after. Never could dial in a good sound with it live. I ended up using it clean with a rack mount FX unit. I used a Strat back then and they don't seem to play well with those Mesa amps so maybe that was the problem.
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