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  1. Shane_B.

    Studio One 25% off

    LOL I wish! I sure miss the SPE 8.5 days. That was a truly great customizable DAW.
  2. Shane_B.

    Studio One 25% off

    I just cancelled my Sphere subscription and will buy the upgrade. I can get it for $112. That's about the best I've seen in a long time. Plus they just did an update to 5.
  3. Is that a bass guitar in your pocket or are you happy to see me?
  4. Shane_B.


    I haven't even turned my daw on a few months. Haven't cancelled Presonus Sphere and never used those Melda plugs I got for a few bucks on sale. I repurposed my daw monitor which was a TV back into an actual TV in my bedroom so I couldn't if I wanted to without a lot of hassle. It's a real pain to try and log in and navigate sites from my cell which is all I use now. That's why I haven't gone in and canceled Sphere yet. That said I have dozens of vsts I've downloaded and never installed. It's an addiction. I highly recommend boxing up your daw and walking away from it regularly. It helps you gain control of the situation.
  5. 2 years ago today I left the gym about this time of day to give the manager a ride home because his car was on the fritz. On the way back home a school bus ran a stop sign and totalled my truck and almost killed me. The airbag blew my arm back against my head and severely sprained my wrist and broke my fingers. Gave me a severe concussion. Almost lost my right eye. Had my right foot jammed on the brakes and the impact rammed my leg back and messed up my hip. Caused tremors in my arms and hands. I was lucky I was in great physical condition. I had lost an enormous amount of weight. Gained a ton of muscle. Had just won two weight loss/body transformation contests back to back. They said if I wasn't so strong especially in my legs I would have shattered my hip. At the time I could easily do 3 sets of 15 leg presses at 600lbs. I had to relearn how to pick guitar temporarily. I could only use a couple fingers for months. I still can't play like I used to. I've never fully recovered from any of the injuries but at least I'm alive. 👍 Anyway. Thanks everyone for being here.
  6. Is it curved or straight?
  7. Howdy. Thanks for asking/caring. Well, since the people want to know ... Put simply I just don't feel welcome here. It has absolutely nothing to do with the forum members. I like everyone here even the ones I've get in to heated discussions with. My posts are heavily censored while others that clearly violate the ridiculous TOS are allowed and I'm just done with it. It's not fun to be here anymore. I bumped in to Guitar Hacker on another forum and said hello and asked him to pop in here. He completely ignored me and never showed up. As far as I remember I always got along with him and liked his posts. Bit's last communication that I saw/viewed was with me regarding the censorship. Haven't seen or heard another peep from him. He did say he got vaxed and was looking forward to getting back together with his band iirc. I'd put money that's where he is. I still read once in a while but I'm rarely here. Take care.
  8. @Kevin Perry Thanks for the info! I think I would feel better with three drives but I'm not sure. I assume I can add a third later. I'm amazed at what you can do now at very little cost. You can get free plug-ins for FreeNAS. You can set up your own secure cloud server so you can access everything and share it with anyone. You can also get a program called Plex and stream all your ripped movies and music and pics from your NAS to any device that you can install the Plex App on. Kindle Fire, android, even my extremely app limited Samsung TV allows Plex. They do it by offering movies but you can use it to stream your own content as well. I can't wait to get all the items together and dive in to this. From everything I've read my i5 650 should handle all of this no problem. I've seen videos of guys running 4K streaming from FreeNAS via Plex on much older hardware than mine. I can stream in 8K with my internet connection so I know this will work for streaming my 1080p and 4K rips. 👍
  9. I've been looking for a video card a long time and doing a lot of research. You can get an entire system with an RTX3060 video card for almost the same price as the card. Although the cards are coming down. The cards are readily available on amazon and ebay. I've seen them going a few bucks cheaper than an entire system but only by a few. I can get a good deal on Dell's through where my wife works. I did my homework on them and they are bad even upgraded/customized. The best deals I've seen on systems with an RTX3060 have been on Amazon. Real cases and real components that you can update/upgrade yourself. No weird Dell stuff. I almost bought one of these systems in this video. Glad I found it before I did.
  10. Every time I've seen a change like that on a forum it also included other major changes that screwed the users in some way. Look how long it took to make the current changed and how many things changed ... Careful what you wish for. You may get it.
  11. @Bapu Thanks! If I can't get this to work I may take you up on that.
  12. Shane_B.

    My moves

    I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Well, except those that seek this stuff out illegally and get hooked. You got what you deserved IMO. The all natural solution is A-OK here now but unfortunately the Mrs. won't even discuss it. Me: But hone ... Her: NO Me: But the doctor sai ... Her: I SAID NO! Me: But it has to be better than synthetic heroi ... Her: If you ever want this again you'll shut up about it! Me: What's the difference? I don't get it no ... And that's all I remember. Woke up slumped over on the couch 3 hours later. And I was doing so good too. Had a senior moment and tripped and fell in my yard yesterday and set myself back I don't know how long. What a maroon. It's ok. I gots you's guys to keep me entertained. 😁
  13. Shane_B.

    My moves

    That's one of the lesser known/talked about side effects of the opi pain meds I'm on. It requires you to take bushels of this.
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