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  1. I'll do the crying part on Within You Without You. I got it down pat! 🥹
  2. Shane_B.


    That's exactly what I do with the exact same unit. I have thr mic pre and the compressor. I usually just leave the settings flat. Except on bass. I compress that a little.
  3. I would buy 20,000 acres in Utah. A stretch that goes from the mountains to the valley. Build a beautiful log cabin in the middle of it. Build another building dedicated to music. Another for my farming and survival equipment. Then, nobody would ever see me again unless I needed a doctor. Maybe family could come once a year. Maybe. As for doing good with the money, yes, after I have it set up to live off investments and the initial amount could never dwindle. I've always dreamed of moving to Utah. It will never happen now though, but if I coild have stuck it with my wife, we planned on retiring there. I've been all over the country and it was by far my favorite place to be. We were passing through one time on a 2 week vacation. We rearranged all our stops in other states and stayed there the whole time and didn't want to leave when it was time to come home.
  4. Shane_B.


    Being the frugal type, I've actually spent very little on software over the years. I've always found ways to get most things on sale or upgraded from free versions that came with my DAW software during sales. I honestly can't remember a single thing I got that I paid full price for. And there's been a few times where I've just reached out and said hey, I really only need this software package for a few functions but I have to buy the whole thing, can you give me a discount, and they have. But! My greatest discount of all was my SDD discount at the auto parts store. The battery died in my wife's car and it was like $250 for a replacement. I jokingly came unglued and ranted and raved. I said man it's been a bad week can you give me a discount, my dog is sick, my wife hates me, I don't have a job, and I have a small "richard". The manager doubled over laughing on the counter gasping for air. He gave me a 25% discount and marked it 25% SDD in the computer. Small Richard Discount. I kept the receipt for years in my wallet and showed it whenever the opportunity arose and explained how I got it. Hey, I'll lie through my teeth if it gets me a discount. As for hardware, I'd say I'd invest in some decent compressors and mic pre's but my inexpensive ART stuff sounds great to me. I'd probably spend the money on room treatment. It took me many many years to truly understand the effect a room has on the recording, mixing, and mastering of a song. I've seen huge changes just by duct taping a peice of floppy foam packing material around my mic.
  5. I've also read that it's the only planetary/moon type object they have found that does not have a rotation. It's probably just leftover material from when the aliens made The Great Pyramids. <-- I learned that from the guy with the blown back hair on the History Channel.
  6. I've actually been here ... It's in Missouri.
  7. Pffft. That's nothing ... https://nypost.com/2024/04/30/us-news/murder-suspect-ate-victims-eye-ear-after-killing-him-near-las-vegas-strip/ There's a typo in the article. They listed "eye" twice as eaten. They meant eye and ear. As well as face.
  8. I guess so, I never actually thought about it. But he's not their dad. Their dad passed away and our mom remarried. There was 11 years difference between my dad and mom now that I do the math, but honestly I never thought about it before. So I can see why that seems weird reading my original post. Lol! She had me at 44 ish, so he would have been 33. Give or take a few months here and there. @paulo One of my ancestors founded the village there before it became Buttzville, so the story goes. But yeah, that town is the butt of many jokes. 😁 I thought I posted this last night but must not have hit thr submit button right. Duh.
  9. I keep seeing reviews for the world's cheapest effects pedal that's only on Temu. Everyone says they love it. I've been thinking of grabbing one just for the heck of it. I actually don't have an effects pedal. Sold them when I settled in to hime recording and have just used vst's ever since.
  10. Ok. Finally have a few minutes. Between working my first job, moving, and running my brothers business while he's recovering from surgery, it's been a tad hectic lately. One day I'm down in a crawl space fixing broken pipes and the next day I'm dressed up working on a copier in an office. Lol. Family is the real reason I moved back to NJ. I was born here, moved away 26 years ago, and have been back almost 2 year to the day actually. May 20th. I still have one brother, one sister, and my dad left. When they are gone I'll probably move again. They're a lot older than me. I turn 53 in a few days, my brother is 64 and my sister is 72. Dad is 86. It was time to come home. I do miss MO and IA though. They are truly great places to live if you don't mind the cold. It's a different cold than here in NJ. Too much humidity from the ocean here. Very dry in the Midwest. I haven't said anything, but I guess everyone can read between the lines. My wife and I parted ways after 25 years. It was a mutual thing and not a bad parting so all is as good as it could be in these situations. But the only reason I came back was because of family. My ultimate destination is Utah. I absolutely love it there. We went there for vacation one time and was only supposed to spend 2 days just passing through. We changed our plans and ended up staying 2 weeks. I'm between Belvidere and Washington now out in a rural area. I took over all the maintainance at a small apartment complex 5 minutes up the road from me. First real job I've had since I retired 12 years ago. Been here for 2 years now. I stumbled onto it literally 3 days after I got back. It was like it was meant to be. I was terrified nobody would hire me at my age and being out of work for so long and boom, after 3 days of being back I was working again. Thanks everyone for the well wishes. It's been a heck of a ride the last 2 years. Quite a change from the comfy life I was used to.
  11. Thanks. I'm really looking forward to it. I still have my Presonus Studio 1810c interface. It's been a great interface for me. Once I got the routing figured out I was really getting in to mastering with hardware. Even with my hardware set to default, it just adds something I like that was easier to achieve than using VST's. I still have some of my gear in storage in MO. I have to make one more trip to pick it up and my larger tools. I have several very expensive large tile saws and a few other large items I didn't want to sell when I left. I'm pretty much dedicated to S1 now until the next generation of CbB comes out. I'll definitely take a look at that. I love S1, but I still can't warm up to the GUI after all this time. For now I'll still be using my old PC, but it worked perfectly for my needs. Iirc it's an i6700k? Well, gotta go make a very large wire transfer. Closing in 1 hour. I'll respond to the why and where questions later. Lol.
  12. I'll finally have my own dedicated studio and music room soon. I close on a house tomorrow back home here in NJ. I'm excited, scared, thrilled, terrified. It was brutal in this housing market, especially here, but I finally found the perfect place. Can't wait to get everything set up again and get back to making music and living ...
  13. Wild Mountain Honey by Steve Miller.
  14. Congrats to both of you.
  15. Wow. Who would have thought the topic of cheese could bring us all so close together like this. 🙄
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