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  1. Milk Carton Kids I always thought that was a bad name. One of my favorite songs ...
  2. Ozone 9 Advanced is your friend. I suffer from high and low end hearing loss. I did take a supplement and it helped a lot but my hearing will change from time to time. O9A shows you a graphical representation of your EQ curve and you can see where you have peaks and valleys compared to popular mixes or a selection of mixes you want to emulate the EQ curve of. It completely changed my mixes and masters for the better. They've never been as close to pro sounding recordings. I know they never will be at that level due to my recording environment and gear limitations but O9A can help you polish things. I imagine in the coming years after AI has advanced even more it will get even easier. The last 3 mixes and masters I did I used headphones only and O9A and they were the best I've ever done. But yeah. I've had hearing loss and tinnitus since I was a kid. You get used to it or you go insane. One or the other.
  3. I was listening to a bluegrass band one time at Pigeon Forge in Tennessee(?). They set up and the sound guy twisted a few knobs and they went on. They played about 30 seconds and he walked outside to have a smoke and the feedback started. He stood there at the door and finished his smoke listening to the ear damaging screeching like nothing was wrong. A song and a half later her came in and tried to stop it but couldn't so I left. On a side note I know the or one of many maybe sound guys for Hall & Oats. I wasn't impressed with him either. Sound guys and bass players. I tells ya. Sheesh. 😁😜
  4. Hah. Same in MO. Haven't seem it happen once here in NJ ...
  5. Thank God for amp sims and subscription services.
  6. Can't wait for 128bit to catch up.
  7. The algorithm needs an update to BapsBot 4.0 so he can find all the 64bit plugins ... because 64bit matters ... 😁
  8. What's a Like and a Play? Never seen either. 😜😁
  9. FWIW I haven't said a word to anyone about anything I'm going through except family. I just got back from NY this afternoon. Have a memorial service to attend tomorrow morning and reception in the afternoon. I need to go away by myself for a while but can't. It's all good though. Nothing more or less than anyone else goes through in life. It's why I don't bitch and complain about shit anymore. Does nobody any good and I'm sure as hell not the only one and many have it far worse. @craigb I have tried it. It must have helped because I've been bombarded almost every day for the last 2 months and I haven't snapped yet. I've developed a twitch in my left eye and the shakes came back from the bua accident but it's all good. Lol. Everything will work out and it will be what it will be.
  10. I'm in upstate NY rebuilding a rotted porch on someones summer home. One of their relatives saw my work in NJ and paid for a hotel for 5 days plus a set amount per day to get me up here. Guys who can swing a hammer (successfully) can't be found so I'm told. Now I have more work in NJ and NY than I can handle. All in just a few weeks of barely even trying. It all just fell in to my lap. Lost all my shit in MO so I'm temporarily borrowing tools from my brother. Go back home to NJ Friday. Music is on hold for now but I'll be back.
  11. I'm in the process of walking away from everything. I'll let you know how it goes in 6 months. Haven't worked in 9 years and now I'll be in the street if I can't find a living wage. Something over $25/hr plus health insurance. IOW ... I need to find the nearest sturdy branch that will hold a noose.
  12. Happy Birthday Steve! Love the guitar. Always wanted to try one but I've never seen a lefty one of those.
  13. I played live every weekend for 16 years straight. There were songs I liked that the audience didn't and ones they liked that I didn't. I hated that Elton John Lion King song. Can You Feel The Love Tonight? Or something like that. But the floor was elbow to elbow every time we played it and that I loved. My favorite to play was Hotel California. Nobody within our tri state area ever attempted it. Took me weeks to learn the lead and rearrange it for 1 guitar. People would sit there staring at us until it was over and then they went nuts. Least favorite I can't really remember. I think Hello by Lionel Ritchie, or maybe Desperado. It was the only song I played keys on and it was incredibly stressful. But people loved both so we kept doing them for a very long time.
  14. I am actually. I'm still in NJ and nobody wants to see me. I'm having a hard time forcing myself to go back to MO though. It's becoming a problem ... Oh great. Now there's a puzzle involved. Anything over those big 10 piece wooden ones and I'm lost.
  15. Im still lost. Who has the dress on? The girl or the ladder?
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