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  1. #1 ~ #10 .... "it sucks" Closing statement, "It's excellent." They're kinda sending mixed signals there. Lol.
  2. I so regret getting rid of my DAT. I should have kept it and tried to get it repaired. It was a high end Sony. I have a bunch of tapes I can't listen to now. Fwiw working ones are going for around $600 on ebay. The drummer and I in my last band got tired of unreliable bandmates so we decide to record our basic rhythm tracks and some backing vocals. We used my 8 track analog Tascam and transferred it to my DAT. Back then we were the only band in our area to do that. Now it's the norm. I still have all our tracks/sets plus a ton of lp rips. It was probably a simple fix. It just didn't recognize there was a tape in it anymore. When it did work it worked perfectly. But yeah, like aidan said, I'd be worried about putting the tapes made on one machine in a different one.
  3. My mom always used to tell me, "Cheer up Shane. Things could get a lot worse.". And ya know, she was right. I cheered up and they did get worse. Speaking of guitars and money ... I just saw a used Martin at my local music store here in NJ. Lefty, perfectly set up, played better than any other acoustic I've ever touched. Sounded beautiful. $2500, which is a great price for a Nazareth made Martin. Had to walk away. I knew the previous owner/ founder of the company since I was a little kid but he just recently sold the business and retired. Back in the day he would have told me to take it and just pay on it what I could until it was paid off by a certain date. I get the impression the new owner isn't quite as 'trusting'. But I get it. Times have changed. We used to walk out of there with thousands of dollars of equipment to try out on gigs to see if we wanted to eventually buy it on a handshake. Those days are long gone.
  4. Being the tallest by far in the bands I was in (6'3") I always got stuck with speaker hauling and setup duty. And amp hauling duty. It's amazing how all the guys I played with had bad backs. Hah. To be fair though I started at 13 and played till I was 29 and all the guys I played with were hugging 40 when I started. I didn't mind and I'm lucky I never got hurt. Hope you heal up soon. Glad you didn't miss the gig.
  5. I may take some heat for this but on a side note I have always felt that way about Jimmy Page. After seeing video of them live I swear that it is not the same person playing on the studio recordings.
  6. Well that image is implanted in my head now.
  7. Shane_B.


    Here they just throw you in jail and take all your stuff if you don't pay your taxes. Fun fact ... my taxes in MO were 2.6K a year. Same size house and same size lot here in NJ ... roughly 20K. We the people aren't the ones who need the iron maiden or jail .... But yeah .. I like Iron Maiden.. Odd coming from a 50s country fan I know but I like them. Especially their live stuff.
  8. I wrote a song called Shades Of Death Road. I never posted it because I mever copyrighted it. I didn't want it to get passed around locally and have one of the local artists steal it. Plus I lost the master and never polished it. There is a history to that road. Native Americans occupied that area. Settlers came and they tried to get rid of them. They chased one of the settlers daughters down that road and trapped her on a cliff. Her father yelled to her telling her to jump off so they wouldn't get her. If you look at a map near SOD Rd. you'll see Jenny Jump State Forest. That's how it got it's name. It is a very creepy road. Goes through the woods. Swampy area near the side in one part. Always seems foggy out there.
  9. There's a road near me in NJ that is called Shades Of Death Rd. That sign gets stolen a lot too.
  10. And if they do use them things will be even brighter. For a few minutes at least.
  11. I have my own Cakewalk history compilation. Unfortunately the crash log file is too large to upload to the forum. OK ok. That was/ wasn't funny. I started with Pro Audio 7 iirc? Or was it 9? I can't remember anymore. Skipped a bunch of versions then jumped back in at S8PE. But my favorite version to date is CbB. Not sure which version of it I started with but it is rock solid since Bandlab took over.
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