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  1. So ... really ... what happened? I see all his posts have been edited.
  2. I don't know who this guy is, but he's really great. Just fantastic. Amazing. Handsome too.
  3. I've never been a cat person myself but this wild stray showed up at my door a few years ago. I think she was a Siamese but I'm not sure. My wife and I were sitting there watching TV and I looked at her and said my ears must be getting worse because I swear to God I hear a cat meowing. She heard it too so I went outside and there it was way out in the yard begging for food but wouldn't come near me. She was skin and bone and her one eye was messed up. I started calling her Blinky. I would crush up our dogs food and put a bowl out with some water for her and she would sneak up and eat it. Her eye healed up in a couple weeks and eventually I got her to come up to me. She started hanging around all the time and I thought great, I have a cat now. I called the vet made an appointment to get her fixed, get her shots and chip, and bought some really good cat food he recommended. When it was time to feed her that night she sniffed the bowl, took one kibble in her mouth, spit it out, and ran off in to the woods and I never saw her again. I couldn't believe it. My wife thinks someone scooped her up and kept her inside once I got her back to health and looking good. She was a beautiful cat. This is her. Her eyes were awesome.
  4. Thank God someone didn't yell "Freebird!" It would have taken an hour a 49 minutes.
  5. I could give you a dozen or more examples but I don't think anyone likes the music I'm in to anymore. A lot of stuff from the 50's were remakes of old show tunes from the 30's and 40's. Gordon Lightfoot's version of Me And Bobby McGee is still my favorite. I can't stand Janis Joplin's voice. That said, the original of Bobby McGee was done by Roger Miller. Here's Gord's version. Here's the original version. IIRC it came out the same year as Joplin's but her version blew his off the charts. IIRC.
  6. The HDMI port's capabilities are determined by your CPU. The new Gen CPU's support HDR. They all support 4K resolution but the HDR part is different. Mine does not support HDR and I think that's where the problem is. Thanks. I'm running an i7-6700. It's pretty old now but there's zero chance of the boss letting me upgrade. I mean, gee. I already upgraded 6 years ago. 🙄 Prior to that I was running my DAW off thumb drives. No lie. I wish video cards weren't so outrageously priced right now. My neighbor is an IT type something. I'll see if he has a newer one laying around. I'm not really sure what he does but drink, play video games, and collect money for doing nothing in his makeshift "server room" in his barn. But hey, good for him. 👍🏻
  7. Bapu, I seem to remember you mentioning you got a large monitor a while back. I think a 45" or larger maybe? We just got a 50" 4K TV to put in a room I'm remodeling. I hooked it up to my DAW just to see how it would work and it actually functions in 4K resolution unlike most TV's when used as monitors. I tried running it off my old video card and the mouse lag was really bad. I switched to my CPU's video output which actually specs better than my old GeForce card and it's a lot better but not quite perfect. There's still a bit of mouse lag. I'm thinking if I had a modern video card that actually supported 4K UHD that this TV would work extremely well. My CPU's video output supports 4K resolution but not actually 4K UHD and there's a difference. My old GeForce card is the same way but it doesn't even come close to my CPU's specs. I'm starting to think that the video card is more important now than it used to be, especially with Studio One. Editing with it on a large screen is a joy. OMG. I'm starting to understand the whole curved monitor thing now though. I absolutely see how it would be a plus. I got an LG 50UP7670PUC from Sam's Club and it's an excellent TV. I think it's a Sam's exclusive because I can't find it anywhere else. I can stream 4K UHD movies on the apps and the clarity is stunning. There's a lot of 4K UHD demo video's on Youtube that are incredible if you're in to eye candy. I was using a really cheap Vizio and it worked well but they did a software update and it stopped working as a monitor. I'll never buy another Vizio. It's been a piece of garbage after they did a couple of software updates. At first it worked great. What kind of video card are you using? Is what you got a TV or actual PC Monitor? How is the mouse lag? Do you think a better video card would eliminate the mouse lag I'm seeing? 4K Video on youtube through my DAW plays perfect. Thanks.
  8. 1. Starting and scrapping a song because I thought it was garbage then 10 years later ask myself why I never finished it because it was really good especially compared to what I'm able to do now. 2. Finishing a song 10 years after I start it. ** 3. Waiting another 10 years after it's finished to remix and remaster. I have stuff from the 90's I'm working on right now. Technology keeps changing and making mixing and mastering easier for us common folk. 4. Forcing myself to like something even though I don't because everyone else uses it and says it's the best ever. (In regard to DAW's and VST's) 5. Obsessing over minutia in regard to recording ... at my dining room table with a full sized mirrored wall and huge bay window that reflects the sound around the room like a bouncy house at Chucky E Cheese's. ** Here's a prime example. It was just the double vocal and rhythm guitar 13 years ago and I scrapped it. I started it in IA and finished it in MO. 3 years ago my nephew died and my sister asked me if I ever finished it because she would like to hear me sing it again. So I finished it and sent it off to her. I added bass, a guitar lick, Cakewalk SI Electric Piano, and SD3. I got inspiration from Loretta Lynn's version of She's Got You. Her vocals on this in certain parts do that ASMR thing to me with the tingles and goosebumps. IMO this is her best recording.
  9. Bud is really bad. My dad used to drink Schmidt's. It was 12% back then iirc. I don't know if they still make it. Peil's or Piel's (pronounced peels) was popular when I was a kid but I haven't seen it either. Bud is the only beer I've ever had that gives me a terrible headache and it only takes 1. I think some people like it because you can drink a lot and it doesn't do much. IOW bragging rights about how much they can drink. The only one I can drink anymore since I've had it is Tank 7. It's from a KC brewery called Boulevard. 2 of those and someone is driving me home. 3 and I'm out cold. Normally I can handle at least a 6 pack over the course of an evening. It tastes great and packs one hell of a wallop.
  10. I wonder if The Poo Man group could use that in their act? Sorry. I'll leave now.
  11. There's a mid/side joke in there somewhere. There's gotta be.
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