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  1. Grem

    One More Day - Video

    So was I when I watched it.
  2. Grem

    One More Day - Video

    Great work on the video Gary. You really brought it home with this.
  3. @Jon Sasor After I have installed this version of CbB, this Early Release version, when the final public release version comes out, will I have to uninstall the Early Release to be able to install the public release? Or will I be able to just install as is?
  4. Grem


    Dat's what I'm talking about!!!
  5. Grem

    One more Day - Collaboration with Grem-Simeon

    Yes, thanks to all for the listens and the very heartfelt comments.
  6. Grem

    One more Day - Collaboration with Grem-Simeon

    Thanks for the replies and for listening. Gary will get up in the morning and see this. @bjornpdx every time I look at that pic I smile!! : )
  7. Grem

    Sonar and that vertical bar

    I have my number keypads 'Key Binded' to 1 = Previous Measure 2 = Next Measure 3 = Previous Marker 6 = Next Marker If I need anything with more resolution, I use Snap To. I can move around my project with ease. [edit] Pressing J puts the cursor in Jog mode. : )
  8. Grem

    One more Day - Collaboration with Grem-Simeon

    This is a song that the lyrics were wrote by a friend of mine that was going through an illness that eventually took her away from us. I used EZ Keys to come up with the song's chord progression. I also added the vocals to it. I then asked Simeon to play the piano part instead of using the EZ Keys stuff, and also asked if he could add some strings. Well he took this song and turned it into a beautiful piece of music. He did a fantastic job. I came up with, recorded a vocal part and was able to let my friend listen to what she inspired and contributed to before she lost her battle. But I couldn't give it the emotion that it really needed. So I asked Gary to help out and he accepted. He has done what I believe to be a fantastic job and can not thank him enough for the enthusiasm and talent he gave in his contribution to this project. He also did the mix! Much better than I had done. This is dedicated to you Dina, RIP girl.
  9. Grem

    Head in a Basket - Constructive mix feedback welcome!

    That's a wrap!! Put this one in the bag! It's done!! Don't mess with it!! : ) Leave it alone. Time to let it go! I listened to this last version on my monitors and this version is really clean and clearer than that other version. And the loudness was about the same that I could tell. Just listening with my ears. Didn't bring up any meter. Just from my ears they sound real close. Like I said, let it go!! You done good!! : ) LOL!!!
  10. Grem

    Waves Vocal Rider + Tune Real Time

    Haven't used Autotune in years. But Real Tune is a real time tuner. I have never used it for anything other than pitch correction on vocals. I will adjust the vocal with Melodyne, then stick this plugin in the fx bin, set it up like I want, and it really smooths things out.
  11. Grem

    PA Announcement

    Even that would be iffy!!
  12. Grem

    Waves Vocal Rider + Tune Real Time

    Sweet deal. Waves Real Tune is under the radar people. And you know what Voc Rider can do.
  13. Grem

    PA Announcement

    Back ot. There is nothing in the emails I got from PA that interest me. With what I have from Melda, Waves, and IK, I can do without thier prices. Props needs to go to Larry for getting me in on all the great PA deals when they were available!!
  14. Grem

    PA Announcement

    Yeah really!! Dirk said everything but subscription!!!