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  1. Along these lines, I don't do social media sites hardly anymore. I still have a FB page, but it been at least three to four days since I went there. This Deals and Coffeehouse forums keep me as informed as I wanna be. And I definitely ain't checking on it every hour!! As for the phone, I put.it down when I am doing something and don't check it unless I am taking a break or I'm finished. I didn't take it upstairs to my studio untill all this "dual authentication" started. Otherwise I would leave it downstairs. Getting away from all this bs for a little while is good for the mind.
  2. Some company were giving something away the other day and after about 3-4 minutes of nothing but signing it to this or that, I gave up on it. Wasn't worth the time and hassle. All the BS I went through to get Luna installed, all my plugins authorized!!? I already had a UAD account!! WTF!! And then all the BS I went through to update my PSP plugins... spent more time doing that than playing music. Coming to grips with this GAS. I am about done with it. Thanks Pace. You have helped me.
  3. OWWeee!! Getting low in here!! Watch your head! LOL! 🤣
  4. Yes it is. They probably gave input through other channels. Yes, I also assume they are busy. The release of Sonar can't be too far off can it?!!
  5. Well they are on top.of getting things stable. Gotta give em props for that. But I will still sit this one out for a little while longer.
  6. Last few days I have been trying out my VD Solid. I have played with it before, but never really sat with it to get something I was after. Like Brian, I just enjoy playing around with the different licks!! Real good fun. Anyway, I am starting to get a good grip on how to make them work. And I was using Sparkle 2 with it. (I never gave Sparkle much time at all). But I am coming up with a good way to get these two to work together. I know they were made to go together, but like I said, I have only played around with them. Never really tried to do any work with them. I really think that is going to change.
  7. There's a LOT OF STUFF on that page!! I can feel the GAS!!!
  8. From the prices I saw for the version I was looking at (out of curiosity, not to purchase!!) was $78,000! To be fair, it looks and sounds like an amazing instrument.
  9. You can take it on those cruises!! Get inspired man!!
  10. While looking at the video on that referenced page, I noticed this in the back ground and was interested in it. What is this "Colossus"?
  11. Agree with this. This is the "Best Bang For Your Money" method with IK.
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