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  1. Great news Bit. On the return trip are.you gonna let the same sound guy handle the FOH?
  2. My process of coming up with an idea serendipitous has me recording as I am making up the parts. Once I know where I want to go with it, I will re-record it all and mix, master. This did take years at one time. This whole process has been cut down a lot lately. I am not spending as much time as I used to. But I do find when I do work on other things besides my songs, I can work much faster. My decision making is much quicker.
  3. Wow mettelus!! Great info! I was in the shower this morning thinking about what to do next. I forgot to say in my other post that in spite of the flaws that I found, the neck has plenty of potential! I will replace that nut, the bridge, and probably the pups too. Bridge is just not acting right. The springs are weak, the Allen screws are sharp at the top when the stick out, and when I try to adjust the height they slide! Not sure what that's about. LOL!! Thanks again mettelus. We can do a zoom meeting so we can talk and bs about this!!
  4. @mettelus Well I got it together. Plugged it in and took it for a spin. Now I see why I paid $188 for it! That tremolo bridge needs to be replaced. Will it do? Yes. But I am use to something much better. The nut on the neck isn't slotted well at all. The slot drops down towards the fretboard making most of the strings sound like they are being palm muted, or has a ringing like a Ring Modulator. And it's aggravating. Not to mention that there are quite a few dead spots on the neck. But I expected that. So I got some more work to do on it. Here is the thing all put together:
  5. I almost went that route. But I promised myself I wouldn't skimp or take any BS shortcuts. If you remember, this was also about me learning to take my time and not fall prey to my inability to have patience. I may have taken it a bit too far in the other direction... which is human nature!! But I am about to string it up here shortly. I think I may have started in April. I did a lot of work on the neck too. Learning to dress those frets. That was the biggie. But getting the back of the neck to feel the way I wanted it to feel was a chore. I wanted to seal it well with the Tru Oil, and I wanted it to feel silky smooth. Well that takes a lot of coats and a LOT of sanding with 000 and 0000 steel wool. But it feels silky smooth!! Want to feel how it's gonna play.
  6. I quit counting after ten! It has at least 18 -20. I just worked on the body first. Sanding and sanding, I actually took a wood rasp to the top bout because I wanted it more thin like my G&L. Once I did that it took a few rounds of sanding, rasping, to get it where I wanted it. The wood was too light in color and I wanted it to be darker, so I got some stain When I applied the Tru Oil I would let it dry at least a day or more before I would sand again, first with 200 then worked up to 0000 steelwool. So it has some deep grain look to it that doesn't show much in the pic. That top right bout in the pic is washed out, but it has a "moving" quality to it. I used some dark stain on it before I started with the Tru Oil. Dark Walnut (semi-transparent). I put it on and wiped it right off. Didn't leave it on there long at all. Then I started the sanding again until I got it to how it is now. Anyway, I really am enjoying this build and would encourage anyone thinking about doing it, Stewmac has the kits on sale right now. For under $200 you can get something really nice and depending on what effort you pour into it... can turn into something that means a whole lot to you. Will be putting strings on it later today. Will let ya'll know how it sounds.
  7. @bluzdog you gonna do the installation yourself?
  8. I would have to agree!!! We know you can see flaws, but we don't!!
  9. Funny you are talking about this Mettellus. I am in the process this weekend of putting the thing together. Got the neck on, all the holes drilled to put pickguard, spring plate, and jack in. Just put the tuners on and lined them up, just need to drill the holes for them and put the screws in, solder the two wires to the jack and the one ground wire, screw it all together, string it up and take a pic!! I just set the pickguard and jackplate in place and snapped this pic. So this is close to what it will look like.
  10. I got: IK Shipwrecked Piano -$10 Toontrk EZK and EZD midi packs for $10 each -$20 Upgraded Studio 1 to 6 - $104 Stewmac Klon-clone (Ghost Pedal) pedal kit, 2 strap-locks, and got a free digital caliper -$125 And unless something really great pops up, I am done.
  11. Zo, I don't have PT so I have no idea. However, reading what you posted above, it seems that you can transfer a PT license IF you are a "registered owner"'. If you meet that requirement, then... You can buy a ASC for $40, fill out the form, send it in, take the license you own off of your iLok, and they will take care of the rest. Maybe someone else reads it a different way... IDK.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating the holiday. To everyone else... have a great day!! Go eat some turkey. Somebody got some leftovers!!
  13. For those so inclined, this may interest you. From Stewmac: FREE GIFT - 1 Day Only! Featherweight Digital Caliper with every $125 order Free gift automatically applied to cart. Limit 1 free gift per order while supplies last. Offer ends Thursday November 23, 2023 at 11:59 PM (ET).
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