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  1. Yes, I had to use the old Product Authorization to get my new Syntronik sounds to get recognized, even though IKPM said they were installed and authorized. [edit] Forgot to add: I really love the sound of all of IK products. It's why I put up with the BS. Same with Waves and Wup. Love the sound of their plugins.
  2. Thanks scook. I thought I remembered it that way.
  3. Anybody knows when and if Vallhalla has sales? Looking at Shimmer and Ubermod. And I don't mind supporting a god company, but that'a a little more than I want to give at the moment.
  4. Grem

    Kuassa Efektor Week

    No have not tried that one. I will take a look at it. Wanted to mention that their fx pedals sims are really good plugins too.
  5. Grem

    Kuassa Efektor Week

    I was playing on the Vermillion amp the other day. I did have it paired with Red Wirez IR's, but it really had good rich sound that I was enjoying very much. [edit] And I just noticed that it's on sale at JRR for $19!! Wow! Great deal for that amp.
  6. That problem has been solved!!
  7. Good choice. I really like their SSL console strips.
  8. Only thing I can think of Larry is you must have not updated when you thought you did. I thought I had my main music PC updated more than my Surface. But evidently, that wasn't the case. We are getting a little older now.... : )
  9. I checked my Surface and there was no update for EZB. It was already on the latest update released in November. I have no EZ Bass MIDI pks... yet!
  10. I updated EZB just a hour or two ago.
  11. Yeah, really!! Duh!! Got it, thanks!! Been waiting for this one!!
  12. Yes, I like this. I may finally break down and d/l Kontakt Player just for this.
  13. Hope springs eternal!! God bless.
  14. I agree with you, I thought the same thing.
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