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  1. I like Audio Assault stuff too. Will probably get this when I get home.
  2. Wow!! What's with all these acquisitions??
  3. Yeah, me too!! There was not much I wanted at the prices before these "good vouchers " came around. Now I done spent a fair amount in this week!! Well ya'll talked me into it... I got the Ampeg -15N and Bass Mint for $20, ten bucks each. Sweet
  4. That's a real good one right there. Never hear anything about it at all. It's a sleeper.
  5. Here I was talking shzz about PA having nothing I wanted and now I done bought something from them twice in the last three days!! Been looking at that Amek console strip. Got that for $15 the other day. I love Lindell plugins, so I was able to grab that API 50 Series for $15 today!!! Damn... they pretty good with the marketing at the moment!!!
  6. Me too. Since PA 7. I just know it so good. I have the latest version of S1 and Reaper, a d will upgrade both. But I just really dabble with them when I really want to do something, it's always CwbB
  7. Yes it is and I picked it up. I wonder if I can use it more than once? Might pick up some Ampeg amps I see it's a one use per user. Drats!!
  8. I married one too!! Ain't we lucky!! LOL!!! She has a baby grand in the former Formal Dinning Room. And a 64 key yammy portable in my studio (formerly a bed room). Her old upright is at her sister's house. We just didn't have to room. And that's not mentioning her guitars!! All acoustics.
  9. Mine let me have a Taylor 12 string!!! It's nice! Sounds beautiful!!
  10. You been around that long and don't know what GAS means? I think somebody pulling our leg here!! : )
  11. Let me know how that works for ya!! LOL!!!
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