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  1. OK, I did the install of AT5 5.03. Here is the results. Using the same preset of mine (not default) as I did in this post, I ran the test as before. AT5 (5.03) 2% single instance. Six instances was 12% - 13% Then I added the Leslie as a second speaker cab to the preset and the CPU was 26% for all six instances! AT4 (4.10) single instance was 2%. Six instances was 20% with Leslie as second cab. Reinstalled 5.2.0 AT5 (5.2.0) Default preset 2% single instance. 15% - 17% six instances. With my preset Silver Plate 50 and matching cab, in the rack TERC, Digital Delay, Hall Reverb six instances 20%. - 22%. Add the Leslie as a second cab and the CPU is 25% - 26%. ON par with 5.03 and AT4 Add a second amp to the signal chain with the output going into a leslie and CPU is 29% - 30%. Add MODO drums to the mix... well it wasn't pretty. Stuttering, glitchy playback. Buffer was set to 1024. Had to archive 5 of the trks then playback was fine. Add MODO Bass...
  2. Grem

    TSE Bod FREE!

    I think that TSE made the best Tube Screamer, and gave it away!!
  3. Yeah, we all should be set for a loooong time!! Good luck trying to stay focused on your music. You talked about filtering your emails but nothing about not coming around here. It's like the old saying goes... Hang around shady places and you will get involved in shady deals!!
  4. You can get very creative if you like. Sing a melody, convert to midi, play through any synth you want. The door is wide open.
  5. I will, but it won't be until I get home from work tomorrow. I can do it then. Will let you know.
  6. I did one more test, with Kuassa Amplification 360. 6 instances my own preset of Vermillion Amp (love that amp too!!) with a chorus ensemble, and jet flange plus plate reverb: 4% CPU!! If you haven't tried that Vermillion amp and like clean sounds, give it a shot.
  7. Yes I forgot to state that my specs were in my sig. But I also wanted to post them in the thread because sigs don't show in the mobile browsers. So here are my specs: i9 9900K; 32gb Ram; 500gb M.2 SSD System, 1tb M.2 storage, 1tb SSD Samples, 500gb SSD Audio; 3TB & 2TB Project/Programs Storage; BkUp; UA Apollo Twin X Quad TB3, UAD Satellite Octo USB; UAD Octo PCIe, Win 10 Pro 64; CWbBL 64, Now I just did a test with THU and GR6. Same as the AT5 test except for the different amp sims. THU 5% CPU Guitar Rig (Native Instruments) 7% Yes that was also 6 instances of each amp sim with all 6 trks playing. THU had my preset with Metro (love that amp too!!) and rack reverb, tube screamer up front, another amp and so on. Almost anything I loaded in it didn't faz the CPU hit. Stayed almost constant @7% AT5 did stay the same no matter what I loaded into it also. 21 - 23% CPU So although I don't think 23% CPU is high for six instances of AT5, compared to other amp sims, it is a little high. AND if earlier versions are more on par with AT4, then the sudden CPU spike/hit is a concern. BTW, AT4 with my preset and all four rack fx's going (comp, chorus, reveb, delay) with the same 6trk test was 11 - 13% cpu hit. Take all this with a grain of salt. My methods (if you want to call them that!!) may differ from yours also!! I by no means did this show anybody anything other than myself. But I did want to report what I found.
  8. OK I been reading all this about AT5 taking up CPU on machines. I thought it was only certain machines. But it was pointed out to me that no, it was all machines. IOW, not system specific. Well I did my little test with CW. No other program was running on my machine. The first instance of AT5 took 15 seconds to load. Every instance after that loaded in around 4 seconds. At idle CW was at 2-3% I had 6 instances of AT5 with the Default preset it installs with CPU at 18% Even when I started playback it stayed at 16-18% Then I loaded one of my presets with a rack delay and rack reverb, and the SilverPlate 50 (I like that amp!) on all 6 instances of AT5 AT5 got up to 23% cpu. I will do a test of TH3 to see what that does. Might try GR. At this moment, I am of the belief that 23% CPU for 6 instances of AT5 is not really all that high.
  9. Yes. It's just a word game in that drop down.
  10. So I think we have pretty much determined that the problem with the new update to AT 5 is system specific.
  11. This is a nice plugin to give a little air to a vocal. It's a good eq. Back in the day when it came out we all we fawning over it!!
  12. Yep. Exactly. Well said.
  13. They would have to do something positive with BFD3 before I will think about BFD 4. I believe in the development team, just not so much with the company they are owned by now.
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