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  1. Grem

    Still annoyed with zoom issues!

    You know Keni, when this happens to me I always think, there is somebody else that complains about this too, but I can never remember who!! Just last night I was working and wishing that the takes lanes could be bigger than the trk lane, which was HUGE!!! How about this, when you expand the Take Lanes the Parent trk collapses and stays like that till you close the take lanes. I'm with ya on this one. But I love my take lanes!!
  2. When I 'Shift+i' it opens the Clip properties. But 'Shift+i' will not close it. However, if you 'Shift+Ctrl+i' it will toggle/advance to the Track tab and 'Shift+Ctrl+i' again closes them out! HTH
  3. Years ago I was cleaning up my project HD and decided to make a backup zip file of the info. Well somewhere along the way I decided I would reformat the drive and restore from my bkup. Yep you guessed it. Zip file would not read. Corrupted. Ever since then I always check any back up I make!! Simeon, I have a 4TB external drive that I got about three/four months ago. Got it for the purpose of bkup on my Music PC. It's still sitting in the box I got it in. : ( So your post has got me to thinking, and I got a funny feeling inside, so when I get home tonight, I am taking that thing out the box and Bk'n up!!!
  4. Grem

    Waves Buy 3 get one FREE Sale

    Let's say Koby has this deal, his prices are around $23 per plugin. $23 x 3= $69/4=$17.25 per plugin of your choice. Damn Larry! You keep getting them to lower the price again and again!! Is 17.25 the new $23?!! : )
  5. I am working with 24/44 on my Surface Pro. And I see your at 48/32 which may be why we see a difference. But based on what I am seeing, I think what your issue is has to do with CbB saving extra data/info for the clip so that it can revert back or undo. And that is compounded by you switching the tempo after the project was started. Others have reported strange behavior that was due to info that is 'traveling' with the clip for reasons of reverting and undo. So I am not sure if this is a bug or expected behavior. Now I could be way off on the reasons why this is happening, but I think I am in the3 ballpark! : ) Maybe someone else will chime in and give us a different reason.
  6. Nope. I still get the expected results. I don't see the extended zero waveform lines that you see. Even when I do it like you do in the video. On another note, I never use the Smart Grid. It does things that I don't expect and I am left wondering 'Why is this happening?' So I made myself a project template that I use for new projects. So I essentially never see Smart Grid in action. Let me ask you this, has that clip your dragging been edited at the start/beginning of the clip? That might have something to do with this. IOW, CbB is saving the info that's been edited in case you want to revert back to the original clip. And look what happened with me! This was after I edited the clip, then bounced it to clip.
  7. Ohhhh!! Now I get it!! : ) I changed the tempo BEFORE I did anything else. Let me try it now that I know what you mean and see what I get.
  8. I agree with this. And this was the only thing I forgot to look at when I did your test. And @Sonarman you are correct, at the last seven to eight steps from zoom being maxed out (or would that be maxed in!) the grid lines disappear. I think you may have found a bug. : ) You can report it by submitting steps to reproduce the issue to @Noel Borthwick, @Jon Sasor, or @Jesse Jost any one will get you to the place to make the report.
  9. @Sonarman look here to make zero crossing settings: https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X3&language=3&help=Dialogs2.076.html I can get the clip right back on bar 2, but it takes a little drag/drop/drag/drop to get it just right without snap settings. With snap settings it just snaps to the bar 2 mark. Is this what your referring too? How does it sound? Does it sound like a click at the beginning of the clip? Is it out of timing?
  10. @Sonarman I did what you described/ asked. So yes I changed the tempo. I also zoomed in as far as it will go, sample level. And yes, I did as you asked, when zoomed in max I was able to move the clip, get it back exactly to bar 2, and I was able to get the now marker on bar 2 also. If you want a clip to fall exactly on the beginning of a bar, you can use snap settings of a musical time. IOW measure, half, quarter, eighth, act. There is also a setting (not at my computer) that puts edits at the zero crossing, eliminating the need to zoom in and check.
  11. How are you zooming in? I just tried what you asked, I zoomed in to the sample level, and my clip stayed exactly at Bar 2. I can not reproduce your issue. When you zoom in so far, the grid lines disappear depending on your snap settings. I had it set to 128th note and the grid did disappear after I zoomed in beyond that level of note resolution.
  12. Grem

    VPRE-562A Vintage Tube Amplifier

    Interesting. I looked at some of their other stuff too. Not bad looking plugins for sure.
  13. Grem

    One Day Only - Waves Gold plus Vocal Rider free on BestService

    I forgot about that. Your are correct KK. And if anyone wants to upgrade the Gold Bundle to include the RennMaxx just ask Koby, he can cut you a good deal. He did for me and many others.
  14. Grem

    One Day Only - Waves Gold plus Vocal Rider free on BestService

    That's what I'm thinking. No-Brainer here people!
  15. Grem

    UAD Capitol Chambers

    It's stuff like this that makes me glad I didn't get that UAD unit from Bapu! That would have been hard to resist!!