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  1. I have had places that I tried to buy something and it wouldn't accept any input on the email address, so it wouldn't complete the transaction. Several computers too And different browsers. Sounds strange. I thought it was something with my machine, but tried it on several machines and it was all the same. WT?
  2. Glad to hear about the product downloader/authorization Peter. Hope it will install the products too! With options of where to install, 32 or 64 bit, choose what folder to put the vst dll in. And on and on!!
  3. Is there a demo for it? I didn't notice one. I did go back and take a second look and re-read the info. They have a great idea going on here. Using the studio's own mics and mixers in the rooms themselves, and having all 3 studios in there gives it appeal no doubt. But I would still be honest in saying I am not ready to open the wallet at that price. $79 intro to loyal IK customers, I would have really thought about it.
  4. Noel has said many times that one of the reasons a plugin doesn't work in CbB (or Sonar for that matter) and it will work in another DAW is that they (CbB devs) adhere more closely to Windows specs and Steinberg vst specs than other DAW's do. So when a problem occurs in CbB, it could be CbB code, but more often it's the plugin devs not following the specs as close as CbB does. So that could be why it shows in CbB and not in another DAW.
  5. No doubt that we don't know the full extent of what this reverb can do. But as an analogy, when Melda came out with their Turbo Reverb and that asking price was way beyond what I can get Abbey Road Plates for on sale, to me as a buyer, it just seems over priced. (To Melda's credit, Turbo Rev sounds really good and what you can do with it is really worth the asking price. I have it now. But I did get it on sale!! : ) Knowing what I know about all the T-Racks stuff I have I never had any question that this new plugin would sound fantastic. Just not ready to pull the trigger on that much for another reverb. Maybe I'll take another look and see if I missed something. And as I said all along, I will end up with this plugin for sure. Eventually.
  6. Did they last? Were they worth the money spent?
  7. That was funny!! Best quote of the day!! I would have to agree with you. We really don't need another reverb, in 2020, at that price!!! I'll pass on this .... for now!! Told ya'll.... I'm gonna end up with it... no doubt. Not at the full price. And for sure not at the intro price either.
  8. That would have been the end for me too. I didn't know about this. Though I do think I remember something about it vaguely, didn't know the details. Now I can understand some of the negativity when talk of Waves comes around. Not a good way to treat customers.
  9. Grem

    Waves OVox

    Ohhhh.... that's the part I didn't understand. Give it a shot. Nothing to loose!
  10. I guess congratulations is in order to IK for slamming another out the park!! (Thanks Zo for reminding me of my manners)
  11. I am not inclined to spend that much on a new reverb. I am sure the plugin is top notch. No doubt sounds great with the Sunset character. But..... No doubt I will get it though. When it goes on super sale!!
  12. I was going to ask the same thing.
  13. Intro $149!!? Nobody sees this as "high"? Regularly $249!!! WT *?
  14. From the videos I watched, it looks like the system is capable of 64 channels. But that is with a SoundGrid server. And I don't know if the server has A/D converters in it. [edit] No it does not come with converters. That's another expense. And you will still need a PC to work with it too. Oh, and it can use up to four touch screens at the same time. All examples I saw was with two. So the way it looks to me is, if (and a mighty big if!) the venue your going to mix at has a SoundGrid setup, then all you would need to bring to it is you touch screens (and/or the FIT) and your laptop. Another way to look at it is $$$$
  15. Grem

    Waves OVox

    I agree. @Joakim write to Koby at everyplugin.com and tell him what you want to do and he will let you know what's your best option/bang for buck.
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