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  1. Grem

    AAS All That Jazz

    Yes, but they are usable as a scratch pad for writing. I have used it on my Surface Pro (with very limited disc space) to get going on songs, or to fill in on a song in progress. But the whole time I was using it I kept thinking this is more geared for a keyboard player. Which is why I was agreeing with you about it needing an update. I would like it to have a UI that is more friendly to users not having a keyboard. But... that may have been the target audience!
  2. Grem

    AAS All That Jazz

    I think this is Strums best use. I have thought about using it as a filler, to add to a track, but never have used it in that way.
  3. Grem

    AAS All That Jazz

    It is really geared towards a keyboard player playing a guitar in real time. IOW, a good keyboard player could make some good sounding guitar tracks with it.
  4. Grem

    AAS All That Jazz

    No. Nothing musical. Only info on telling Strum how to strum. IOW up, down, mute, ect. They are something that you can drag into your DAW from Strum that will be used in Strum, if that makes sense to you. I don't think the info is useful to another program. IOW these are midi files to tell Strum how to play a certain strumming pattern. This pattern can vary pretty much like normally playing a guitar. These same midi notes are mapped on the keyboard that allows a keyboard player to do this on the fly, to obtain a realistic playing style. A user can create these file themselves too.
  5. Izotope should pull it instead of leaving it for others that don't know. SMH
  6. They all look good. And for a home setup wouldn't be bad at all. I just go too many as it is so I passed on this. But I did look!!!
  7. That should have read : SOC, for all the same reasons... Yes it is. Hands down one of the best secrets out there, for these three reasons below. The Saturation is one of the best out there. To be able to get this on sale is really unbelievable. One of the best purchases I made.
  8. I would have recommended the SOC, or all the same reasons Ken and mibby stated.. but I stayed focused on just a stand alone comp. And the C1 is just a really good, quick and easy comp. Clovis mentioned the comps in the Pro Channel, and he is correct. All of them work very well. I still reach for them for general purposes.
  9. Mixhub is a really nice plugin for the money. Good choice. Didn't even think of that.
  10. Mistake. Wrong thread!!
  11. I don't have Phoenix Verb. Not using Pace.
  12. A shout out to Waves C1 comp. Great compressor, easy to use GUI. Get it here for $26 https://everyplugin.com/c1-compressor.html
  13. I agree. And should have stated this in my post.
  14. )Well, to play devil's advocate, it may have gotten to the point where they were devoting too much resources to accommodate the amount of transfers. So to make it less appealing... the fee. I believe the end of free licensing transfers are gone. I know there are still ones that don't charge, but vast majority do. I also believe that a majority of software companies don't want users to sell.
  15. I am finding that my plan of having a 1TB SSD as my sample drive is proving to be inadequate. So I have moved on to also using my 1tb M.2 Intel 660 drive as an alternative sample drive. And that is starting to fill up fast!! I don't know if I can believe that!! Seems like a setup to me!!! : )
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