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  1. Grem

    SSL 9000

    They gonna want $500 for it. But "You can get it for $x in the Mega Bundle!"
  2. LOL!! But I did! I had some PA plugins in my cart trying to use my $50 voucher. And it still was going to cost me over $40. So I looked at the plugins and said maybe I could do better with the $25 survey voucher. That didn't work out either. They really ain't got anything I really want anymore. Now I used those two attempted purchases as my reasoning for my "holding off comment" for EZ Bass. But since it's just PA stuff, not sure that really counts!! : )
  3. I missed this. I have all the original RedWirez IR and mixIR2. Also have ReCab 5. Use both and never really bothered with any other IR. Except Melda's ne Cab IR plugin. Anyway, going to check out RedWirez new stuff. Good people over there.
  4. What sold me for UA (because like you @jesse g I stayed away too!) was the Unison Technology. I knew what it was suppose to be, but until I got it and started using it, I really didn't understand the length that they went to to get it right. Example, I can plug my guitar into the Apollo and it knows it's a high impedance instrument, and then it automatically sets the input impedance to match the amp sim that I am using! And I get the same gain staging in the amp sim that the real amp has. And that works! It really feels and reacts like a amp. Now take this same interface, plug a mic into it, load a console strip plugin, and presto... now the impedance has changed to match that console sim! Along with it's own unique gain staging. I haven't tried the console strips as much as that Fender amp, but if it works the same (as I expect it will) I'm gonna love this thing!!
  5. Just really getting into my Apollo Twin recently since I finished my new build. I really am surprised at how good these plugins sound. Been playing with the 55 Fender Deluxe. Man that thing is sweet!! With the Unison Technology, my Les Paul plugged into the Apollo... one of the best amp sims I have ever played!! Agreed Zo about the 10 bundle. But also agree with Craig! Man if the ol lady found out I spent $1k on plugins.... I might not be posting anymore!!
  6. That's sounding pretty d**n good already!!
  7. Working with the demo, I can see what Matt is talking about. this is like learning a whole new DAW, from scratch! Plaqyed with it for about an hour. Saw what it's about, and some of what you can do with it. But definitely need to spend more time with it. It's a new way doing things... and that takes time. And if your not getting pleasing results, or the results you trying for, you loose interest. At least that's the way it works for me. Will have to watch some of the video tutorials. Might miss this sale.
  8. Thanks Matt for the review. I am d/l the demo and installing as I type. One thing I was wondering Matt, are the bugs show stoppers? Or more of annoyances? If you buy now you can get the upgrade to V4 for free. Read that on the product website.
  9. Thanks for that Larry. I knew I held off on some purchases for some reason!!
  10. I got one of these at that price. So far so good. Speed is nice. Not slow at all. Well I mean it ain't PCIe 4 speeds, but it will transfer a 250gb file a lot fast than I thought it would, that's for sure.
  11. I own the full ReMatix and I put Sessions 1 in my cart and it brought up the second Session code. I had both in my cart and the total was just under $57 for both! I didn't pull the trigger. I want them, but not right now.
  12. Grem

    Audiority Xenoverb

    Looks like a decent plugin.
  13. Grem

    WD Black 1TB $72

    At newegg. 7200rpm https://www.newegg.com/black-wd1003fzex-1tb/p/N82E16822236625?item=N82E16822236625
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