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  1. Melda, Klanghelm, all of AAS, almost all products that came with CW, such as Overloud, Boz, IK, and others. So many others that I just can't remember.
  2. I forgot about that!! Yes and I think there were some issues with some plugins.
  3. Did Sonar 4 have support for VST or was it still on DX?
  4. Yes they are!! Even some that ain't
  5. Nice looking guitar. I have thought about getting a Schecter before. Finish was really nice and it played really well. And it was feature rich. I really almost pulled the trigger. Can't remember why I didn't get it. But I still remember playing it. Forgot to add... welcome back!!
  6. I am makin Drum Map and it was brought to my attention that I could also make them into instrument definition file also. So when I get them made up I will post more. EZD2 American Basic.ins EZD2 DFH Basic.ins EZD2 Vintage.ins
  7. And now I have one for EZD2 Americana EZX Basic EZD2 Americana Basic.map
  8. I want to mention that I looked at the info that Toontrack provides for the Vintage set. It doesn't correspond to what I was finding when actually hitting the keys. IOW, they show notes 72 - 84 as being assigned to samples. But when I hit these notes on my keyboard, nothing sounds. However, you can still use them as I have them mapped. Here is another EZD2 Drum Map for Cakewalk. EZD2 Vintage Basic.map [edit] This one will work for all the different 'sets' in the Vintage sound library in EZD2. It seems that each set just has different mixer/fx settings.
  9. I almost almost got that.
  10. Grem

    I'm officially cold !!

    Yep. Happens to a lot of people.
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