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  1. Program EQ (Pultec emu), 670 comp, EQ PB, PA, 73, 81 are all great sounding EQ's.
  2. Ohhh... I didn't know that either. Since I have never had more than one voucher, I didn't know this info, nor had I tried to do it. That's good to know though. Agreed on not worth it to me either. And you have to wonder, what is it worth to the majority of us here? With all the very good free plugins, with all the excellent cheap plugins out there, why would someone like us want to commit to a monthly, yearly sub? I can see if we were in business with it, but not just hobbyist/part time users. And the vast part of the plugin business is not big studio's, it's us, the regular guys. That's why Waves is selling for $29, because they make more from us than they do the big guys. That's why there are so many small plugin makers. They selling all that stuff to somebody! And I think just like you found out Matt, those that do the sub will feel after a while they aren't going to continue on. Just not getting enough for the money your shelling out. And then all the companies will do what happened to EW. Lackluster releases, no competitive edge anymore.
  3. I gotta give bx credit on this. I thought the Waves SSL sounded good. I think these SSL by bx sound just as good. And they have the random channel thing going on which really works too.
  4. So, to cover/offset the transfer fee, that voucher he gave you should be a good voucher. Not a used one. Something ain't smelling right.
  5. That's the only reason I can see you not getting credit for this purchase, that upgrade price. I think what it is with the other deals was that they came from a third party. IK Sold a boatload of Serial# to these people, then when they saw the Group buy, they saw an opportunity to make a buck. Like Peter (or Ryan I forget which) said, he was surprised they still had serial #'s left.
  6. I bought a Qualifying product on sale for $49 that lists for $99. I got all the freebies at and below $99 once I registered that Qualifying product. Lesson to learn here, when you buy something to Qualifying for the group buy, make sure it is a Qualifying product. Not sure I am understanding here. The JHA AT collection IS a Qualifying product, so I am not sure what a "JHAC upgrade" is exactly. However, if you only paid $39 eur for it, I would suspect it's not a Qualifying product because of the fact that the JHAC is $99 everywhere I looked. I post this to hopefully help others that don't have the time to read this whole thread to bring to their attention that there are ways to get in on this great group buy without paying full price for 'some' products. But when you do buy these cheaper products, make certain that they are a Qualifying product.
  7. This is what I got in on a very long time ago!! For the same price too. And they didn't include Cosmos back then. I think I had to buy Magnetic, and upgrade that to Magnetic II, then I was able to get the Integral PAck for $99. It was something like that, just so long ago!!
  8. You may be an Anxiousmofo!! : )
  9. No, but free is free. And I did debate on whether to use my voucher on this or just let it go (IOW give it away) if nothing else came along, but it was in the cart, all ready to go, I pushed the button!! Free!! They would have to do something to get me back in the fold. This is a start I will admit. But I ain't expecting much more. Come on PA, prove me wrong!! [edit] Forgot to add that like KK, I have other plugins of the same type. So that's why I was debating to get it or not. And my reason for getting it is the above reason!!
  10. And I just did too. Free!!
  11. I couldn't get that working in CbB. What are you using it in?
  12. Grem


    Yeah... we know!!
  13. Grem

    Waves $1 Sale

    Great choices!! They both sound great. The RS56 is another really good sounding Abbey Road plugin.
  14. Exactly. No rhyme or reason to it.
  15. Ye the microwave trick works well. I just use very low power when heating it. Like 2. Gets it just warm enough to relive that first time!! : ) LOL!! Never tried the Duncan Donuts. For me it's plain ole glaze or Apple Fritters! Or cinnamon twists. OR Honey Buns!! Or... I like me some donuts!!! I gotta stay away!!!
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