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  1. I got the same $99 offer. If I can stack the loyalty voucher with this, I will jump. I still may jump at $99 if I can't stack vouchers. Very hard to resist!!
  2. Yeah, it will be sky high. But Lindell plugins sound really good. I like all of them and think they are some of the best that I have bought from PA. This one maybe hard to resist!! I ain't got the Focusrite console strip yet. Not really wanting it for the asking price either. But that Lindell..... mmmm.
  3. Some of these plugins are just as good as anything you can get. These remind me of Sonitus plugins. Very good sound for not much jack.
  4. PSP Springbox is an excellent spring reverb. I love to use it on stuff. High quality sound with excellent controls. Well thought out plugin. Just picked up Nexellence for under $15.
  5. Maybe it should be called the Axe O/I? : )
  6. This show for me at $147.52
  7. Grem

    Magix Acid Pro 9

    @Starise I agree with you on this. Using loops in CW just isn't as easy as I thought it would be. I played around with BandLabs Android app and was really surprised at the ease of use. I mean for a phone I got some really decent results!! That got me wondering when I was following this thread: If Acid makes using loops as easy as the Bandlab app did, I think I could get into this. Thanks Kenny. Right in the middle of a new PC build. So I haven't d/l and installed it yet.
  8. Wow!! That looked..... trippy!!
  9. I would let Support know. You may have found a major bug that slipped through testing.
  10. Grem

    Sandisk 2 TB SSD

    Some guy is correct. These drives also don't have a very good garbage collection routine. The performance will continue to drop as the drive gets older.
  11. That is strange Larry. That's the first I hear of the Axe I/O having an issue with an IK product. Will it work inside a DAW?
  12. Yeah, at work they told us that computers would make our jobs much easier!!! LOL!! I guess ya'll know the moral of that story!!
  13. Agreed. Also late to the party!! Good job Bat. Keep 'em coming!!
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