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  1. I also had Red Roaster too. It was very intimidating to me back in those days. But I dug into it, learned it, and I almost became a Samplitude user instead of a Cakewalk user. Even back then the fx in Samplitude sounded a lot better than what CW was offering at the time. Cakewalk went to Sonar and loops, and I almost went with Samplitude when that happened, but the initial cost was prohibitive at the time. So I stayed with CWPA 9 for must have been 6 years. And used RR to burn and master. And during the Gibson scare I almost went with Samplitude again, but since I already owned Studio One and Reaper, I went that way. Since I built my new PC, the only DAW I have on it is Cakewalk. I still own SO3, and may upgrade that. But I sure like some of the features of Samplitude. I could get into that easier than Studio One I think.
  2. Grem

    JRR Shop

    It seems to be the case. I just don't know about that place. Just something ain't right about that. But to give Uncle E his due, I haven't heard of anyone getting jacked over there, or anything wrong with dealing with them. Just something ain't right
  3. Yep, that's not worth it. That was a good one!! LOL!!
  4. I don't have a voucher. And I have spent some money with them in the last few months. I was thinking of getting the 3 pack. So I put it in my cart and looked around did not see any voucher.
  5. You didn't like it? Not what you thought it would be?
  6. Grem

    IK Mixbox

    Yes, I am sure they will at some point. I mean Amplitube and SampleTank have macros.
  7. Grem

    IK VI Group Buy

    Think we will get another two weeks to see if this thing will go over the top?
  8. Grem

    IK Mixbox

    Also the free Studio Rack has Macro controls. You can assign them to any of the controls on any of the fx in the rack. Oh and the Multiband split is not only one split of your choice, it's 5 splits of your choice!! Really nice rack for free!
  9. Yep. About as clear as muddy water!! So, I have a Apollo and a Octo Satellite. If I want to use my Apollo Twin with my Surface for a mobile job, and use my UA plugins on my Surface, from your explanation Larry, that would not be possible. Am I reading that correctly? IOW, the plugins are not tied to the UA hardware, they are tied to the computer/system. But they need a UA hardware dongle to be able to use them. That ain't WAS!
  10. Grem

    IK Mixbox

    Yes I knew this too. Never went that far with it. I was wondering about a limit on it. Works really well.
  11. Grem

    IK Mixbox

    Yes, and that's a really kool feature. It also allows a Parallel Split too. Reall a good rack fx. Never thought I would go for that sort of thing till I tried that one out. Looked a little closer at the new IK MixBox and it ain't got some of the fx I was hoping for. Still has a lot. And if you don't have any IK products, this will be a great buy for someone like that. And like Zo says, seems to be made for certain flows of work and if it fits the bill for ya. Seems to be also geared toward live work too.
  12. Grem

    IK Mixbox

    Waves Studio Rack is pretty kol for being free. It has a splitter in it that you can split the signal and send it to two different fx. Haven't really looked at all the features of the IK rack yet. So not sure what Amplitube fx are with it, but if it's got the TERC chorus, the Amplitube Tube Comp, and the T-Racks Pultec eq, and the Oceanway, and the......
  13. Grem

    IK VI Group Buy

    I will try to answer your question based on what I do with it. I am a guitarist. Like Larry, I had to work many many hours, day after day, year after year, to be able to play decently. And I have always wanted a synth in my toolbox. Mostly to do stuff like Heart, Head East, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Rush, .... you get the picture. I have ST2, 2.5, 3, and now 4. Also have Dimension Pro, Rapture Pro, and of Z3TA (That thing sounds great). I mostly used Dim Pro before I switched to Sample Tank 3, then 4. I have used the bass sounds to compliment/add to the sound on my bass that I played. Same with some of the kicks and toms that come with these programs. I have used the pianos, horns, world instruments from Dim Pro and ST. I have even tried to use the vocal sounds that came with these programs. I could go on with examples, but I am sure you're getting a picture by now. Surely the most fun I have with all these synth programs is going through the presets and fiddling around with them and getting something I like and then coming up with a little riff/ progression that I want to use in a song/begin a song. I must have 20 - 30 of these things recorded. Little ditties that I took a fancy to and will one day use. That's how I use a synth.
  14. @Zo sale extended till tonight!! Hope for the best all those in the fires out west
  15. That's the article I was referring to.
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