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  1. Yes they sure did. I saw them a few years ago and they were just as good as they were when I saw them on the 2112 tour back in the day.
  2. At least you got an open mind!!
  3. Yes he is. Seen them.several times back in the day. And one of the first things you realize is that!! He is great guitar player as is James Young.
  4. That was a good one!! Personally, I could care less if your sarcastic or not.
  5. Exactly. Yep. Well said. I have used Band In A Box to write and create songs. I have used EZ Keys to write and create songs. The songs I created with these programs (guess we could refer to them as "beats") I would have never come up with on my guitar. And I have attempted to write what I call "orchestral" music in CbB using several different programs that generate midi notes/rhythms. These "works" are pleasing to me. All in an attempt to get something inside of me out so that others may experience it, and hopefully enjoy it. Which brings me back to what Rain said, "at the end of the day, if the song is good..." I will add "who cares how it was created" And just to be clear I don't understand a lot of the new ways of making music. And like Starship Krupa said "I have no disrespect for any method used to create music". I just sit back and try to take it all in. Some I like. And some.....
  6. Yep. Capitalism. It drives innovation like nothing this world has ever seen!
  7. Elton John. Saw him in Baton Rouge several years ago. Right before covid hit. Excellent show. He put on a rocking performance. It was his original guitar player and drummer along with him. Saw Stevie Nicks (Christmas present to my wife) at the Woodlands, north of Houston. Ole girl can rock. I'll give her that. Waddy's playing wasn't impressive at all. But Carlos Rios was very impressive. Clean, clear, nice licks. Great guitarist. Bass player was really good too. But I couldn't find any info on him. Benmont Tench was great too!! Actually her whole band was excellent except Waddy. Side note: if you've never seen a Stevie Nicks concert you have no idea how much her fans REALLY LOVE her!!! LOL! It's just unbelievable!! Saw Fleetwood Mac when Mike Campbell was with them. He really did well. He held true to the spirit of the songs, but definitely had his style on them. I did not miss Lindsey. So glad I was able to see Christina perform. Her voice I love!! Saw Coheed and Cambria with my son a few years back. Man they f'n rocked!! Whole crowd was totally into it. Singing every word to every song!! And I was singing right along with 'em! Felt like I was 18 again!!
  8. It could be anything musical, as you point out in your next paragraph. But will it sell? That's the key to "beats". I have purchased a lot of beats (more than I will ever use) geared towards a type of music I will write. Others purchase beats based on what they write. Airbit was started back in 2009. Has millions of sales made. Somebody is buying it. So Meng apparently sees something we don't. Electric guitars and amps weren't looked at with much respect when they first hit the stage. But they changed the world.
  9. IDK about selling directly from CbB, but probably be able to upload beats you make from CbB directly to the cloud.
  10. If Synth V is a vst plugin, it will have a .dll that Cakewalk will read and be able to use. Not sure what you mean by "configure". [edit] I looked at the Synth V web page and see that a vst comes with the Pro version. Are you not able to see it in Cakewalk in your list of plugins?
  11. Grem

    TDR Kotelnikov GE - $11

    I took a look (I knew I shouldn't have done that!) and would have to agree.
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