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  1. TTF was his old forum name.
  2. Grem

    IK Black Friday Deals

    I don't use any other sampler. I don't have Kontact, so that helps!! But I find myself reaching for ST4 now instead of any other sampler I have. Instead of EZKeys or True Piano, I grab ST4. Instead of Garritan Personal Orchestrator, Dim Pro, Or Rapture, I grab ST4. Just finding that I am learning ST4 more and more and just think of it instead of anything else. And my needs are not that extensive/demanding.
  3. I have several chord generators. But none integrate with the other plugins like Orb.
  4. Grem

    IK Black Friday Deals

    T-RackS 5 MAX Crossgrade $299.99 $89.99 Thats a great deal!!!
  5. This does look like a good deal. Reading the agreement, it says that all future products may be free, or cost you. But you will get a favorable discount. For someone with little plugin inventory, this would be a good deal. Better than a subscription.
  6. Seems to be the case. To be fair, what I am looking at is $24-$64. The $24 stuff is just for the drum samples. If you want it all, it's $64. Which is not a bad price for the quality and amount. Just not what I want to pay on a so-called BF deal.
  7. So far I got Studio 1 for $99 Kuassa Vermillion amp sim - $19 Kuassa Reverb pedal - $9 Kuassa Custom 5 fx Bundle - $45 UAD API 2500 Comp - $94. Hoping Melodyne Studio upgrade gets cheaper. [edit] Forgot about XLN stuff. XLN MIDI 5 pack - $45
  8. Looking at some of thier Blues products. They sound pretty good. Still... on sale they are kinda high... $50 - $64 for what I am looking at.
  9. Went ahead a grabbed this. $96. Got serial number right away. I went to my product page and selected S1 3 and then the Upgrade button... (Thanks @kitekrazy ) entered serial number... done deal. Downloading now.
  10. You ain't the only one!! [edit] As I was writing this post my wife walked by and wanted to know what I was smiling about!! Tried to explain it to her..... She still thinks I'm nuts!!
  11. Yes, I got enough EZX too. Midi, I am always looking at. EZD2 has the editing feature that I really like. Song Creator works like a charm too.
  12. Back in the day I couldn't justify the cash outlay for SF, so I went with Cool Edit. That was a hellava program there. I can still run CE2K on Win10. But I have moved on to Audition. I only have the last version that they put out before going subscription. To me Audition is just an updated GUI version of Cool Edit Pro 2k. All the real meat and potatoes fx are still there and working like they always did. Editing features are mostly the same as before CE became Audition.
  13. Well, have you tried the Twisted Kit or the Claustrophobic Kit? Those are not your stock content. I have both and they don't get used regularly, but when you need something different...
  14. I have used it a little. Time is the biggest factor, or the lack of it. But I also think it is a very creative app. I like working with it and was learning all the features. Which are all well laid out and useful. Time... just not enough of it!!
  15. I have S1 3.5 and have not upgraded to 4 or 5. I went and 'Purchased' this deal, but it's not showing in my account. I do have FC Vintage 3 Band FC The Tube EQ FC Classic Comp FC The Tube CB FC VT1 EQ Correction, it is in my account. I t just was not showing under 'Recent Purchases' but looking under Products/Add Ons and they are all there.
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