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  1. Grem

    Love You

    This took me by surprise. Just did not expect to here a Rap song, that sounded so spacious, lots of atmosphere. And a great beat too. Good vocal performance. Totally agree. This song is a winner here. I'd buy this.
  2. Another great work Nigel. Love the video. Love the colors in the martini glass! Good song. Great mix. Fantastic video.
  3. Grem

    One More Day Remix

    Gary I listened to it on my home PC with some old Altec Lansing speakers. They are not bad speakers, but I wanted to hear it better so I moved up to my studio to listen to it on my monitors. Right off the bat I can hear more focus in the vocal. The delicate parts sound more 'soft', the strong parts still have power but aren't dominating. Simeon's piano sounds beautiful. I can hear much more detail in his playing. The climax sounds great. Clear and powerful. Then it drops back to the soft sound. I thought you did an excellent job on the first mix. But this mix I like better. Just sounds cleaner, focused and just a richness in the upper frequencies. And much more dimension. I did watch and listen to the video, and man... you did an excellent job on that video. Really touching.
  4. Grem

    My king, where art thou

    Has anyone noticed that there has been a dramatic decrease in the amount of posts that say: That deal has already been posted!!
  5. Grem

    My king, where art thou

    And deserves it if he wants it.
  6. Never heard of Stripe. Sounds good. : ) And looks good too!!
  7. Isn't this weather nice!? : )
  8. Thank you very much. That was very thoughtful of you. And I know very little of Findand's history.
  9. Grem

    My king, where art thou

    Neither did I!!
  10. This is an excellent reverb. Well worth the sale price. If you don't mind iLok that is. I have the old version before iLok protection scheme was put in it.
  11. Yeah... I remember that. He went off really bad like,... really bad! I don't even remeber who it was. But I remember that they weren't familiar to me at all. I had never seen them around here before.
  12. Grem

    UAD Half Year Sale!

    I can believe that!
  13. Grem

    UAD Half Year Sale!

    I knew you would be!!! I have ZERO regrets too!!
  14. Grem

    UAD Half Year Sale!

    No, I didn't see this. Did your card register as new or used?
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