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  1. There.. corrected! : ) Yep, me too.
  2. Grem

    Boz Provocative $19

    Boz says: Easy to use yielding great results quickly, ProVocative is a micro pitch-shift plug-in that’s light on CPU resources, heavy on sound quality, and features high- and low-pass filters for frequency-specific pitch shifting, along with track widening and independent wet/dry mix controls. https://www.bozdigitallabs.com/product-category/application/vocals/
  3. Grem

    FabFilter incoming

    Once I went to select only Timeless 3, the price jumped up to $65. So I am going to take a pass.
  4. Grem

    FabFilter incoming

    Yes, me too. Think I will grab this.
  5. Grem

    Studio One 25% off

    You can open projects saved in a later version of CW in a earlier version of CW. Has always been that way. The new features won't be available of course. But you can work with it. That said, always bkup important projects regularly. No matter what DAW you use.
  6. Grem

    FabFilter incoming

    @ZoTimeless 2 is a great delay.
  7. Started watching it here at work. Using Bluetooth audio to the stereo unit here. Not best sounding speakers. But I did like the background you used during the interview. That was really nice. Will watch more when I get home. Catchy little tune your using.
  8. Light bar? CHAUVET DJ GigBAR 2 LED and Laser Lighting System Restock
  9. Was looking at that EQ. What type of authorization do you use? NM I saw the instructions.
  10. Looks interesting. Kinda looks like the yellow plugin of theirs. Two different sat flavors you can dial in to taste. Might give this a demo
  11. Never heard of these plugins
  12. Oh, ok. I thought you were wanting those things in the short list!!
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