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  1. They most certainly were NOT directed at you. t hope your wife is doing well and wish her a full recovery. I have some experience at being the caregiver; two knees and a kidney. All three with outstanding results.
  2. Just when my caffeine and sugar levels were sagging you gave me the boost I needed Bats. tough “Room” lately, 7 days on the forum and nary a review? come on guys, show a brother some love! t
  3. Jerry rocks Pokey & Gumby. Cool stuff! t
  4. DeeringAmps

    You & Me

    I love the sound of mark skinner in the morning. I’m chained to my embroidery machines here in OKC, it’s “crunch” time, and this certainly settled my nerves and started the day off right. always a fan... t
  5. I think you hit the mark freddy! t 20 hours on the forum, 26 views, 1 review? shame on us, my excuse; on the road. what’s yours?
  6. If your guitar player has a favorite drive pedal I suspect he’ll prefer the “vintage” channel. The “hot rod” deluxes have never given me “chills” with the drive or more drive channels. I’d jump right in when it arrives, he’ll be fine. t
  7. I’m in OKC, vaccinated I’m back on the road.
  8. 👍's Doug! Always enjoy me some Kirby... Have I asked this before? just got back from Nampa, ID; the pic on SC looks a lot like downtown... t liked Drifter a lot too!
  9. Always look forward to hearing more freddyJ! You never fail to deliver Freddy. t some good suggestions above on the mix/effects, but don't stress or linger too long. Print it and move on...
  10. 👍's t I've given up tryin' to get the gang to like/comment/share at YouTube... I'm out of energy on that front, sorry Nigel
  11. Tracking analog, mixing plugins. I recently sold off all but my LA-610 (go to for Vocals and Bass). I just wasn’t using anything else. Bare in mind that I don’t do drums, heavily driven guitars are compressed by the amp. Half or more of the time I’m using virtual amps anyway. HTH t
  12. I'm so far behind, I need this "all places at once"; so a big thanks for that Wooks! ya saved me.... t
  13. DeeringAmps


    More great storytelling Barry. Love the tone on the solos. t
  14. While not exactly my genre, these do NOT appear to be "pedestrian". Pretty sure with a bit of judicious cut/paste, they could add flavor to any genre... I going to be honest, I haven't bonded with EZB in the way I thought I might. I will admit I have NOT gone "down the rabbit hole" like I have with EZD, EZK and SD2/3. Maybe I'm missing something? or maybe not? 🙃 t
  15. These are MIDI packs (not audio loops) and are quite "pedestrian". Read that as I was underwhelmed.... t
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