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  1. DeeringAmps

    Young Love

    As always Mark, great storytelling, performances and production. t I left that with about 10 secs left in the tune, why does SoundCloud just randomly place my comments? Why am I asking You?
  2. DeeringAmps


    This'll lower the blood pressure for sure! Thanks. t "This'll" is not a contraction of "this will"; learn somethin everyday I guess...
  3. DeeringAmps

    Dark eyes

    What he said! t btw, 👍's back for one tiny crit; let that last note fade out naturally...........................................................................
  4. Sounds great here on the DT 990's. ditto that! You or the vocalist write the lyrics? t
  5. DeeringAmps

    Reach Up

    👍's, big 👍's t lef my comments over ta utube, y'all should too...........................................................................
  6. @Bill PhillipsExactly. The template is a cwp file. I don’t use the cwt extension. All my templates are saved as “read only”, then when I save I’m prompted to “save as”. I don’t have anything near as comprehensive as Decker, but his work flow makes perfect sense. I have a basic 8 buss template I work from. As I said above, six months ago I could have thrown some energy into this. t
  7. Very interesting interview to be sure! I think that many Mixers are known for the samples they bring to their drum tracks; seems to be a "signature" thing. Kind of validates Superior Drummer 3 (or insert your drum VSTi of choice "here"). Six months ago I would have been "all in" on your project, but as vaccinations sweep the country, hopefully the wife and I will be able go back out on the road; so its a commitment I just can't in "good faith" make. (I literally haven't been in the studio in over a month, I have a new UFX+, still sealed in the box, waiting to be put in the rack) Good luck on the project. PM a cwp, and if I can squeeze some time, I'll have a look and offer suggestions... t
  8. Yes, move “Deals” to “General Music”. t
  9. 👍's What more can I say? t
  10. I'll just echo all the above, anxious to hear more. Great drum track! 👍's t
  11. Good chorus on this one John, although a little sad. Well done! t
  12. Exactly. Are you playing chords here, or is it a "patch" that a single note gives you a chord? (and trust me, I get the "playing with my thumbs", I'm not a keyboardist, nor am I an "arranger") I would try for a little more "motion" in the "pad", and again not being an "arranger" I can't be more specific... As to the "second" guitar. Use the "dim solo" to play it against the mix, its just a couple of spots were it sticks out a bit to me; again a very minor thing. A little automation on that track maybe. (just a note, when I listen to Get Back, there's a guitar in there, George maybe?, that misses a change. As far as I know I'm the only one who ever noticed or mentions it...)
  13. That was beautiful Barry; well done! Its hard to criticize, but that's what you want so here goes... I hear what I believe are open strings in one of the guitars that are just "loud" (0:43 on the time line for instance), minor thing really but I went back to be sure what I was hearing; found it a bit distracting (again minor thing). The string pad in the right can is a bit "static", again a minor thing, but you asked for "critical" so that's my 6 bits... t As always tremendous piece of storytelling. You know how I am with song length, and seeing it was 5 plus minutes I thought "oh boy". BUT, it was perfect, you used that 5+ to tell your story; wouldn't change a thing... 👍's
  14. Its an age old question for those of us of a certain age, that's fer shure... 👍
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