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  1. SampleTank 3 for me, consequently I stopped installing IKM Vst3’s. Tom
  2. And maybe this is the reason I haven't installed the upgrade yet! And that I don't care where the VST2 dll is placed. S-Gear VST3 failure Tom There have been more than a few VST3's that haven't played "nice" with CbB.
  3. @steve@baselines.com Thanks for doing the research and updating us all. Tom
  4. Hey John, The message/story line here is great; the lack of rhymes in most of the verses; its really about the message. Love the drum track, excellent bass line; however (boy I hope I don't have this wrong) it would really "shine" if it was played and not a midi track. I "play" in bass lines on the keyboard a lot, but sometimes I gotta pull the bass down off the wall and play the bass line. Overall, "thumbs up" man, I like it! Tom
  5. I'm assuming, we all know what that does, that yours is a serious question (this is the Coffee House though). From the Mayo website: More-common forms of radiation, such as electromagnetic fields from power lines and radio frequency radiation from microwave ovens have not been shown to increase the risk of glioma. The drivers in headphones would qualify as creating an "electromagnetic field". So, are they a risk? Given my complexion, I'm more worried about UV rays; one of the "benefits" of being Dutch/Irish, transparent skin... Tom
  6. I think Tom's comments are spot on. Fine composition. If this is a "snapshot" of your work in the 90's; so be it. I had an EMU Proteus MPS Plus in those days. I thought it sounded great! As to balance in the mix; as Tom said, bongos up a bit, and I'd bring that vocal up just a tad as well. The other Tom
  7. I'm teased! Now get focused. Good Luck! T
  8. Right of the bat, the percussion, the B3; brilliant! Now the bad news, I can't squeeze hard enough to help ya; nor do I have a first rate vocalist for you. Sorry, cool tune though; some one will come along. Small niggle, the guitar solo is a bit "thin" sounding; needs some, well you know, that part you squeeze... Tom
  9. Finally, I get me some Black Pickguard Tele, so kudos from me! My only niggle, wow that kick is totally dominating the mix. I love the definition, that click; but... So thumbs up here, just work that kick into the mix. Tom
  10. Owens Corning 703 is the super dense insulation often used in "sound proofing" (actually what you are trying to do is "absorb" low end and low-mids, reducing "standing waves") studio spaces. In this case it is exposed to the room, in front of, not behind, the drywall. You then cover it with fabric, John Sayers recommends covering it with plastic first so as to not absorb too much high end. The result, especially in a small room, is that it is "tight" (claustrophobic); before the plastic went up it was a bit "unsettling" on first visit to the project. T
  11. 🙄 I love ambiguity in lyrics and titles; so good on ya there! Well done BTW. Tom has summed it up succinctly! for whatever reason FireFox and/or the forum software is not allowing me to hit the enter key and leave my signature. Or, a "sad" emoji (not about the tune, just the stupid software); oh well.... the other Tom
  12. Had another listen, Bjorn is right; not a deal breaker, but something to be aware of in future mixes I think. T
  13. Again not a "challenge"; but doesn't this make the case that all VST2 dll's should be in Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins ? T
  14. Does it really matter, adding the path in Plug-In Manager is no big deal. Not a "challenge" here, I haven't installed yet and wonder why you are concerned. Tom
  15. Yes, I too hope so. I agree with Jesse on the bass line, great tone as well. Tom
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