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  1. I had an ES-225, bacca burst, back when. That rosewood bridge and I never got along. I’d “whack” it, and it run across the top; ouch. “Just didn’t seem to have no finesse “ Me, not her.
  2. <humor> almost as good as when Henry acquired Cakewalk? </humor> t btw, did a year with Slate, realized I could live, was living without it. The FG-X can get a track loud, fast. Too bad it’s abandonware…
  3. Select the track, “k” on your keyboard will mute it (“k” again to unmute) or click the “mute” button if pulling the fader to all the way down is not silencing the track you have a routing issue. A pre-fader effect send most likely. HTH, t
  4. Oh I get it. I should have included, I never listen on my phone unless it is bluethoothed… t
  5. We’ll $99 sounds like a no-brainer deal to me then. Thanks gents! t done! thanks again…
  6. It’s my understanding that if you need good midi support; best to take a pass… Cakewalk on a PC, Logic on a Mac. t
  7. I always find Warren’s YT videos informative and fun. Is it worth joining? TIA t
  8. Bluetoothed to cans or my bose speakers. Both hype the bass, but sound better than the system in my Caravan.
  9. I get “pops” in delays if the tune has tempo changes and I set the delay to “sync to tempo”. Something to check. t
  10. Nothing wrong with loops Riff. Whatever it takes to “feed” the muse. t
  11. Got that nice Chuck Berry “chug”. We’re all Chuck’s “children”; eh? 👍 t
  12. Usually I pass on the praise stuff. Clever the way he dropped the beats in the chorus. (I actually “learned that from Sounds of Silence IIRC) Good bit of work on your part it would seem. Vocal might be riding a bit high over the backing track. Pretty sure I’m hearing some “artifacts” from auto harmony (I generally avoid that type of thing). There’s some “clams” or just bad note choices in the guitar track. The overall “sound” of that era and medium are present. But you played the hand you were dealt pretty well so all things considered 👍 👏 t Welcome to the forum, look forward to more.
  13. Damn you been busy! do me a favor though, ya gotta leave just a moment of silence and let that last note ring. These are “rookie mistakes”. Get with the “program”, I’m givin’ ya “jewels” here; just like Pacino in Sent of a Woman. Don’t make me get the flamethrower out! t i love ❤️ that film!
  14. Great groove on this one. Relaxing in the van, up on “PillHill” here in the Emerald City; waiting on the wife to return from a docs appointment. Yeah man 👍’s… t
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