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  1. I have the Royer mic clip that holds the 121 and the 57, makes it so easy. If I have to have a real amp on a track that’s my go to. Blend to taste... t
  2. Hammond in the right can, pull the single note guitar to the center and you’d be set. EZD pretty common round here. Like the way that guitar breaks up when you dig in; great tone TBS. Track is too long, sadly I’ve got to bail, but a 👍 on this one from me... t
  3. A real Steely Dan vibe on this one. And I don’t mean reminiscent of an SD tune, more their production and performance. A great one to be sure. Your storytelling is always top notch. t one little suggestion; note in the thread title that a new/final mix is up; I think I missed a mix or two. I find putting the lyrics in the video to be a big plus. 👍’s
  4. Another instance of “three sure signs of old age for me”? TBH it’s been a while since the install. Just for S&G I’ll check it when I get off the road. Good to know, and a “heads up” to all new users when installing. Thanks t
  5. Surprised we’ve not mentioned “Blinded by the Light”. Dylan covers are “easy” to find... t again I’m on my phone or I’d throw up some links.
  6. @Old Joad & @jackson white when “You Really Got Me” was released it was about as raw a track as anything coming out of the British Invasion at the time. I would call it “transformative”. We all stand on the shoulders of those who preceded us. Im not “knocking” your choices. Just a reminder that the Kinks could Rock the Bandstand”. If I wasn’t on my phone I’d link to Warren’s (Produce like a Pro) video on it. It’s worth a “google” and watch. t
  7. @User 905133 “Deluxe” was the best option for me. But as “tele” said it will vary depending on what you already own. With 24 freebies the few I used for TRackS was freebs well spent. Same with Amp5. I had some gear credits I used instead of freebs, seemed foolish to drop a $150 freeb on a 10 or 15 GC item. YMMV... t
  8. Just a shout out to “Lars our King”. You know we all loves ya (but do NOT read that as we wants to take long hot showers with ya). But following the Deals forum is tougher than following the Epic IK GB thread. And I think that most (if not all) would agree that was the only thing that sustained us during your absence. Thanks for all you do! t
  9. DeeringAmps

    Sonnox Inflator

    I’d signup for that class! (truth be told, I have more than once ☹️) t
  10. DeeringAmps

    Sonnox Inflator

    Definitely then on the “must have” list! anything that can f-up a track or mix is right down my alley... t
  11. Who’s got some peanut butta? pbbj (peanut butta, becan and jam) ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm t
  12. These are good cans, I use them for tracking in the studio. For listening in the office I have the 990’s (open back). I don’t “mix” on either, but could I guess if I had to. BF price protection, it’s a no-brainer... t
  13. @InstrEd I’m seeing 62 consistently, but the participants is all over the map. t
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