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  1. First let me say this is not my genre, but you wanted some feedback on spectral balance and I think I can comment on that. Here on my cans it sounds just fine. I'm not a "gamer" so I can't comment on the current state of Video game music production; but, I do wish you well in your endeavor. You say "I turned a 1 minute ditty into a ..." That's how it works, a moment of inspiration, then a ton of perspiration. Stay at it! Tom
  2. K.M. I definitely see this opening, or running under the credits, of a film. Good solid mix here. Showcases your style and vision quite well. You say its "your most ambitious" to date; keep it up! all the best, Tom
  3. Thanks Steve, and please feel free to. Tom
  4. High output buckers have never worked for me. Lindy makes the best, to my ears (same caveat as above). But I will admit, once I put a set of Fralins (8k, 9k) in my Paul, I’ve never looked back. I’ve got a good story on that one if anyone is interested. Maybe there’s something out there... Tom
  5. "they are what I consider to be the third/final portion of the general equation in setting up an amp sim rig" Great amps stand on three legs; pre-amp, power amp, and speaker. So Christian has nailed it there. With speakers it comes down to "excursion", and to my ears, this is why 100 watt (or 50 watt) single speaker combos never can/will sound "right" (please note the caveat "to my ears"). You got to "spread" the load and "move" some air. Guitar amps are all about harmonic complexity, and just like the pre and power amps, that complexity is all about "pushing" things a bit. I bought the OX Amp shortly after it first came out, great idea, but in demoing it I found it not mature yet (again same caveat). I think as time goes the OX or software will get there, I just hate buying in early and then having to update, update, update. Updating software, no issue; hardware, ouch! I've been using Two Notes with some success, just need to dig deeper. Now onto the subject of DI, oh man... all I will say is right now it’s Little Labs, wish they had a 500 version, I am kind of "jonesing" for the Neve 517; I gotta stop or I'll have one coming... All the best to all in their "quest" Tom
  6. Amplitube has been a "workhorse" for me, but I'm always "looking". I'm more a 4 input Marshall kinda guy (read that JTM-45 or the Super Lead 100). Had a plexi full stack back in the day so that probably explains that. I do have the S-Gear and consider it top notch. Although I had a 2210, I mostly bought it to be sure I was getting the more "modern" Marshall sounds in my amps; so not sure the MRH810 is in my "ballpark". I'm getting some mileage from the UAD '57 Deluxe, but some of their Marshalls leaving me yawning. Really wish I could find an emulation that nails the EL-84 amps that are more to my liking than the 6V6 small combos. I will have to d/l the demos from Kuassa and Nembrini, thanks Christian for the heads up! T
  7. What do ya think? Is this the "no-brainer" price, do I/we wait? Samsung EVO 2TB T
  8. DeeringAmps


    Well Freddy it seems we have more than a few things in common (and if you don't mind me saying, we old guys gotta stick together). This song says "I love you", sounds like you're a lucky guy (and she's a lucky girl {hope that isn't sexist }). I get it, been there, been doing that for 46+ years... Off topic, is that a Vox Phantom in the Went to the Well image? Vox used that body shape a lot and there's not quite enough detail for me to suss the exact model. All the best, keep it up! Tom
  9. The only thing I'm not hearing is the hi-hat or ride cymbal. Kick, snare and bass are all well defined. Otherwise I think its balanced just fine. If I'm producing this one, I'd let the guitar and/or bass fade into the vocal on the breakdown at 2:38. Or fade out and bring the vocal in a moment or two later; just kind of an abrupt change there. Just me. I know how it is "trusting" these ears that have been abused over the years; I feel for ya. Print it, move on, certainly nothing glaringly "wrong" with your mix. Tom
  10. Freddy you’re too kind, thank you. Hidden, thanks for listening, Ozone 8 gets all the credit. I don’t know what’s up with my website, I’ll rattle some cages in the morning. Well that was odd, somehow the .com in the link went away. I guess it was Rockus and Rollus (the gods of rock music) having a little fun at my expense again. All is now well. Tom
  11. A little something I wrote years ago, never satisfied with it. Finally reworked it. Somewhat biographical, or not... Rock 'n' Roll Ladies Let me know what y'all think. Tom
  12. Just logged in to check the forum before I get to work and lo and behold; a little Batsbrew to start my day. I am now ready to boogie! njoy I did Thank you Bat T
  13. "Someone from Knt Washington just purchased TrueIron" Yeah, I downloaded the demo, but you do that by "purchasing" the demo for $0.00; no money changes hands. I misspelled Kent, Knt, that's how I know that the "purchase" was my download. So they aren't getting filthy rich. I was researching how to authorize the plug, as I too am curious how the licensing works. But, the question remains; what is the authorization and licensing system? Tom
  14. Nice open clean mix on the cans here. I wouldn't call it "lo-fi". Well done. Tom
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