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  1. The future’s so bright 😎 t
  2. iPhones are not mp3 friendly (mine at least). I’ll get back to it…. t
  3. Late to the party here so I’ll just echo the above. Lovely ambiance on this one. 👍‘s 👏 t would have liked and commented over at SC, but alas, trying to do so on my phone is a nightmare…
  4. I’ll echo all of the above. Brilliant work! The tune is even better with the video; 👍‘s 👏 Tried to like and comment over at YT, but the phone app for YT is just a flaming turd. All the best, t
  5. I’d go with the “Heritage” myself. I have a “Tall Vintage” cab loaded with G-Backs; sounds great. I have a regular 1960A loaded with the Heritage’s. The problem there is do you buy the 50hz or 75hz roll off ones. ( The good news is you can buy full compliments of both and mix/match to find the “best” set) Isn’t GAS great? t
  6. There are some user options, I think. Unless I’m thinking of my FW1884. Frontier did the programming for the 1884 as well. Glad it’s working. I’m out of town til the first week of March. Stay in touch, I’m glad to help if/when I can. As I said above, I find it indispensable. t
  7. 👍's 👏 t Glenn, I'd push the vocal up a bit, but; your tune, your production
  8. DeeringAmps

    Talking To

    Left my like and comments over at SoundCloud.................................... Shouldn't we all? t
  9. Dave I truly hope this has helped with your healing.... t I have no issues with the rhythm, working here
  10. The Man 4 Sure didn't have time for fancy graphics... t
  11. Does anyone actually use this one? You know I'm a "sucker" for a $20 Marshall, never bonded with channel switching Fenders... t I have built a couple/three amps with this transformer set and was not disappointed. But I can say, that the trannys in the BASSMAN 135, will make your eardrums bleed. but I digress...
  12. Yep, works a treat! In fact one was recently offered for sale here on the forum. I told the seller I would take it if no one else wanted it. (basically he wanted the shipping covered, he was cleaning house). He didn’t want to wait. Now I have a spare. I have it in the vocal/acoustic booth. I’d be lost without it… t can you spell indispensable? I can t-r-a-n-z-p-o-r-t
  13. What's your frequency Kenneth? Whoops! RME here, studio and office; no issues. Might want to list some specs? Just sayin'... t
  14. Strong backing track, tasty guitar licks; what's not to like? Spiders don't bother me, so... t
  15. Good to see you got it working Jack. Crtl+V just like @mark skinner posted. t Ctrl+C doh! my bad...
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