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  1. I renew every November for $99, seems to be on BF sale every year. This deal is $104.88. Just sayin'... t
  2. I was having zero, I repeat ZERO, issues with EZD3.0. 3.02 updated flawlessly and EZD3 continues to work perfectly. t Off topic, but related: The fix made for Cakewalk specifically speaks volumes about ToonTrack, and should eliminate any doubt that CbB is not taken seriously by the "industry"...
  3. RME Babyface Pro? Top $ for the 2 in “class”, but comes with RME drivers. It’s all about drivers, drivers, drivers… t
  4. Well crafted, I liked this a lot. Lot of verb on the first section (not a crit), and you handled the "tails" very well (meaning it didn't become a jumbled mess). That contrasts a bit too much, IMHO, with the second section, but: your tune, your production. If was mixing this, I'd pull that distorted bass down a bit (or a lot). Again, IMHO, its dominating the mix, it should "support" the mix (again, IMHO). High marks on all the performances, so 👍's! t
  5. I've had no issues (yet?) with EZD 3. Typically I am dropping EZKeys into EZBass; but I have used Bandmate to "start" some drum tracks. I'm working to get a little more "click" in the kick (I like a little "beater" to better define the kick; I have the Pop/Rock kick pretty well "dialed in" in EZD2, but there's too much bleed if I sub it into the EZD 3 kit). Also, the snare has a bit (maybe more than a bit) of "ring" to it than I like. Toon seems to love the "ringy" snares. To my ear the snare should "crack" (like a horsehide ball coming off of a Louisville Slugger), not a "doink" (like a rubber coated ball coming off an aluminum bat). Maybe a bad explanation, but I hope you (vous) get my meaning... Not really, I think the whole track; I think I could whip up a "heavy" rhythm track muy pronto; then a solo lead (with a little effort). Maybe even a run at the vox... t
  6. Interesting stuff with the synth vocals. Looks like you used EZD 3 on this one? (Blood credited EZD 2) If I was singing Clouds I would do a little editing on the lyrics. Often the "prose" gets in the way of the "meter". I always end up striping lyrics from my collaborators work, reminding him "we're not writing War and Peace here." 👍's t Blood on the Sun is begging for some heavily distorted guitars.
  7. There ain't no success like failure, and failure ain't no success at all... Did I hear a little ELP at about the 0:17ish mark? t
  8. If I got the key right, the root is A minor? I would use just the I & V; A and E (basically an A "power" chord) over the Am Over the E chord the full triad is perfect. As to adding the 7th on the E, whatever sounds best over the vocal melody. On that A, since you're playing a triad, probably A E A; but maybe E A E. Again, whatever "feels" best over the melody. Love the tune... t
  9. So the (11 is it?) new synths are worth the price of admission? How about the updated synths, is there a "real" improvement? $34 and change with whammy jammy points, No-Brainer! t
  10. Shootie does a great job! Watch and learn.... t
  11. DeeringAmps

    Modal Mini's

    Yep Check, mate enjoyed t
  12. The Revolver album is maybe my all time Beatles fav. Always felt that Tomorrow Never Knows was the inspiration for Are You Experienced?. When doing something tedious, boring, repetitive; I just play TNK back in my head the whole time. Great job, 👍's t
  13. Much enjoyed here Keith! 👍's t Serious question; How do you keep your guitar and key chops up to snuff? My father tried to have me trained to play the piano, all I wanted to do was play guitar. I've always had to go back and edit my key performances, do you find yourself doing the same? TIA
  14. What am I missing guys? I pretty much filled up the Syntronic 2 eco system in the Epic Group Buy. At least I thought I did.... t
  15. I listened back to back, and 11 artifacts or not, the "remastwer" is better! As far as the reckoning being "wild", I do not have an opinion... t
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