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  1. RME UFX (here) that’s “best practice” BTW, that “MainBuss” or MASTER as I label it, is what is used for all exports. That way you don’t have to remember to bypass ARC. t
  2. It must be Sunday! 👍 t BTW, left my like and comment at YT, hope you all will too!…
  3. I dropped a “like” early, and it’s just got better. Nicely done Barry! Left a like and comment over at YT, y’all should too… t
  4. Late to the party, so I’ll just say 👍👏 t
  5. This is not the first time this has been brought up. I have lobbied extensively for the community to “show support “ at whatever platform a forum member is using. Mostly it falls on “deaf” ears. I wish you all the best, will do my pitiful best to help.., t
  6. GREAT! Subscribed, left my “like” and comments over at YT. Good luck in your adventure! t
  7. How dare you! This IS The Coffee House. t
  8. @Cannimagine you’re happy with CbB, right. You’ve been happy all along; right? I’m confident that the move to the “new” Sonar will be as seamless as each CbB update has been. Worry not, the “bakers” have got this! t
  9. How dare you! t boy, am I really trying to get this thread locked?
  10. (there, fixed that for you) not their obligations ? could of fooled me… we’ll just have to “agree” to “disagree” on that. IF you distrust BandLab, Reaper is a very affordable alternative. Many here have migrated to Studio One and it is a robust platform (I hear). BUT whatever you do, you need to get over the “wrongs” inflicted on you by Henry. He is “bad guy”. It’s time to move on my son. Perhaps turn this “angst” into song? t my apologies in advance for getting yet another thread locked. I know better, but my “trigger finger” can only “itch” so much before I take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and squeeze it… as @Bapusaid: IBTL
  11. Some classic FreddyJ and some classic Jesse Screed, what more could you ask for? it’s a banner day… t
  12. Classic FreddyJ! You know you got the blues when there’s another mule kickin’ in your stall… 👍‘s 👏 t
  13. @Bapu won’t let me quote IBTL, but that’s why I didn’t respond… t
  14. Comments and like left over at YT. Much enjoyed! t
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