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  1. DeeringAmps


    Correct me if I’m wrong, as we’ve reviewed your work, some classic bands, artists get mentioned. You know what, your style is as unique as any mentioned. I’m digging it brother. I was going to say, “maybe I’d go with a little cleaner tone on that rhythm guitar”; but belay that, its your tune, its you! Fine work Doug, fine work all around. Tom
  2. Nicely done! We guitar players, of a “certain age” shall we say?, have a tough time staying sharp. But, the emotion you bring (and I mean you and the “royal” you) is really what’s most important. You’ve “caught” that, that’s all that matters. We pick (no pun intended) our battles, make subtle changes to the material, and say our piece. Again, Lovely! Tom
  3. Funk me up baby! This track is working; shake a tail feather mama. Right now that bass is the “lead” instrument, ain’t nothing wrong with that. If we’re done, print it! If a vocal, or as Gary mentioned “a searing guitar solo” is in the works, we want it now! I do like the outro, come back in with the piano line; tres bien mon ami! Tom
  4. DeeringAmps

    Tamiami Trail

    Some classic Freddy for sure! Really like that sharp five. So, if I’m “behind the glass” on this one Freddy, I’d have you come out of the solo on the four; kind of a bridge, but I think the verse would work fine across it as is. One little niggle, lead guitar is “walking “ on the vocal a bit; its a “taste” thing, like things “falling apart” at the end; just me. Like I said “classic” Freddy; I love it! Tom
  5. OS - 250 gig SSD Samples - the biggest m2 you can afford; if your board supports it Audio - I’m still using WD Black drives. If you want SSD rock on baby. For me “wasting” an m2 drive for OS doesn’t make sense. BUT if your board supports two, and your budget can stand it, go for it!
  6. That’s nice! Is another good one.
  7. Thanks for the update, if I had to choose one fender amp, it would be the Blackface Super Reverb. So often when reviewing it comes down to “taste”. “If I was producing, I would”. Lots of times I just want to say “print it”, “what else ya got?” This is where the DAW does not “shine”; no project is ever “finished”. Thank care Lynn, I’m a fan.
  8. DeeringAmps

    Mondo Lynn

    Mix sounds fine here. I'd bring the mando up a tad maybe; in spots anyway. Beautiful, that's how I'd describe it. I find that so true here as well. Bring us some more instrumentals! Tom
  9. Nice little romp here. As Tom said above, changes are always just around the corner. And I agree with John, catchy and clever. Well done. Tom ps: I don't consider myself retired, I prefer gainfully unemployed.
  10. Interesting for sure. Never thought of Star Trek in an operatic setting. Well done overall, all the elements are there. Ready for Scene 2. Tom
  11. I've commented before about a bit of darkness in your lyrics, hope you're getting through it. "Maybe last for awhile", don't like the sound of that, hope all is well. Tom
  12. Ramble on baby! Always a pleasure to start my day with a little Wookiee magic, that's for sure. Tom
  13. Man I love me some good sax (whoops, almost used an e there). Loving the guitar work as well, nice touch, phrasing, note selection; its all there for sure! Is that a different sax after the guitar, maybe just the upper register, huh? I'm with Mark on that sudden start, needs a little something there. And thanks to the Wookiee for fixing the link. Lots of "thumbs up" A's and +'s from me. Tom
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