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  1. DeeringAmps

    Big Moving Parts

    Great stuff Peter, the writing, arrangement, performance, mix and video; really enjoyed the PIP stuff. Things sometimes "fall through the cracks", its got some traction now. t especially like the way you lay down a melody and every time its repeated its just a bit different. ear candy to be sure...
  2. DeeringAmps

    Sea of Mediocrity

    For some reason I was thinking a bit earlier, The Association comes to mind; don't know why... Your voice reminds me of someone, but I can't put my finger on it. Nicely done, its working here. t
  3. Let me first say that while all the above "advice" is well intentioned, jBridge continues to work just fine in CbB in the Win 10 environment. For reasons never explained, I was one of a very small group that IK's Amplitube3x64 stopped working in Sonar. As it was my "go-to" amp sim I was forced to install jBridge (bit bridge did not work), and it has continued to work flawlessly ever since. Needless to say I have moved on to Amp4, but I digress. I also have a couple of 32bit VSTi, namely MrTramp 1 & 2 that are 32 bit only; both work flawlessly using jBridge. Again no longer my "go-to" electric pianos, but they work just fine. If you have 32 bit VST or VSTi that bit bridge will not get working for you, jBridge is certainly worth the "price of admission"... HTH, feel free to PM if you need help/advice to get jBridge up and running. tom PS: I just loaded up CbB 2020.8 and verified that both Amp2 and MrTramp are working flawlessly.
  4. Without Lars to guide us, how would one know? Without a doubt it is well worth the price of admission. I use two instances on every project, one for drums and one for guitars. Room three being my favorite... t
  5. From the OP. Where is Lars when I/We need him. (hope all is well with his family, but he's been MIA for several days [a week now maybe?]). I have $168 in Whammy Jammy $'s. I am assuming if I crossgrade to either ModoD, ModoB or H B-3X, I am then qualified for all three when we hit 750 registrations? O wherefore art thou Romeo Lars? tom
  6. DeeringAmps

    Pandemic Blues

    Reminds me of some cofffeehouse gigs in the late 60's, early 70's. Pete Seeger comes to mind more than Laine for me, though I don't think Seeger ever used this instrumentation. Dropped a like over at Tube, looks like you're getting some action... tom
  7. Makes me think of Tom Petty and I can't tell you why; just popped in my head. Some very good guitar tones, especially that pedal steel. πŸ‘ t two little crits: 1) needs a moment of silence on the start, kind of abrupt. 2) its bass heavy here on my DT990's (not on the Bose cans today, they are always bass heavy). If that's the way you mixed/wanted it, good to go.
  8. Can definitely here your influences shining on these! t
  9. Well done! No soundtrack for the fledglings in the nest? Next project? t
  10. I don’t think we have to worry about that! πŸ‘ t
  11. 4 instances of TTS-1 implies you have 16 stereo pairs available. Can I assume each of the 15 tracks has been assigned its own stereo pair? How are these tracks then routed? (I work with a combo of audio and midi tracks as a matter of course; separation either way shouldn't be an issue) I would suggest you break up your instrumentation to several busses (for me its VOCALS GUITARS DRUMS KEYS/STRINGS) that then are routed to the MASTER. (I also use a SUB-MIX buss {all instruments} so I can quickly raise or lower the Vocals) When you solo the Drums where is the track peaking? If the TTS drums are sent to the DRUMS buss pull it down so you have some headroom on the MASTER (-18 is a good place to start). Now slowly bring up the rest of your tracks. Level and Pan each and get them "sitting" in the mix: hopefully you'll start to get everything working together. I find controlling "levels" in the mix easier at the buss level than everything going straight to the MASTER; YMMV... Sounds like you have some "masking" going on, and several instruments are competing for the same frequency space. That's a bit more complex subject, lets get the basic mix working, then move on to fine tuning it. HTH, tom
  12. It can't be said loud enough, it can't be said often enough: Get out there and cause Good Trouble! I'm sure John is smiling down on you Freddy. So well done on all levels! t yes indeed, we have lost another great one...
  13. First off; well done! I've used Cake for covers since 3.0 Pro; but most are basic backing tracks so a buddy and I could play out. This is pretty much radio friendly I must say. (and now the BUT, take it for what its worth; you know free medical and legal advice are worth exactly what you pay for it!) This comes from my toughest critic; the vocal is way too bright. I gotta say I agree with her. Now this is just me, Nectar is useless; it always results in a grating vocal tone that, (again I quoting my toughest critic here) "is like an ice pick in my ear". Overall she loves the tune (generally this is a pretty high bar, so take that anyway ya like...) Free advice, well again; ya know... t
  14. Can't disagree with that. Metal is not my first choice, I'm bit on the "old" side. But a πŸ‘'s and well done from me... t
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