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  1. Promidi

    Melda BF Sale

    For Melda installs, I just set my the folder for 32 bit plugins to my Windows temp folder. Then I have a script that runs in the evening that clears out the temp folder. 32bit plugins are banned from my PC
  2. Me too. In this day and age, I'm not a fan of proprietary synths. The only program I still use from that purchase is Spectrallayers 4, so it wasn't a total waste of money.
  3. Promidi

    Sluggish save in CWBB

    Can you tell us a bit about your system, your projects and average track count? Is there an antivirus program operating on the folders you're saving to. Personally, I exclude any Cakewalk folders from antivirus real time scans (program and data) There are disk faults that can manifest as slow saves (But I would expect slow loads as well). Check your Windows system event viewer just to rule out disk errors (like bad blocks).
  4. As a test, I created a new project with a single track with just Rapture Pro, which I know responds to CC7 events. I was able to get the search back (MIDI chase) to work correctly on this track. With this track I created a simple 4 note sequence with a couple of different volume values for CC7 therein. One of the CC7 events was before the notes started, another one was after (but before the end of the last note). If I start playback after the start of the first note, the volume gets set correctly. If I unchecked the "MIDI Event Chase on play", the volumes do not (which is expected) Bottom line, it is working properly here.
  5. In preferences | Project | MIDI > under "Other options" > "MIDI Event Chase on play" needs to be checked for the project to search back for controller events on playback. Note: This is a per project setting.
  6. If you already have entered controller events that are too bunched up, you can use the CAL script "Thin Controller Data.cal". I use this all the time. Hope this script is in your CAL scripts folder as defined in Preferences | File | Folder locations > Cal files
  7. Use the Cakewalk command centre to install Platinum. https://www.cakewalk.com/Command-Center
  8. Yes, you can open and use them (even in CbB 2019.11 b59). You just can't edit or create your own with the later versions of Cakewalk.
  9. Which audio interface are you using and are you using the latest drivers for it. Are all your other hardware drivers up date (including graphics drivers) Check on the manufacturer's websites rather than any automatic driver checkers. Is your Windows fully patched with all updates? Are you running the latest build of Cakewalk by Bandlab (which is 2019.11 Build 59) < note: this includes the 2019.11 Hotfix Early Access 1 Try disabling all effects to (press E) see if it's a plugin is doing it.
  10. That is correct - it only takes three extra words - something like "Needs Kontact Full"
  11. This was not a request to be inundated from posts from Kontact's fan club. I was a request to be notified if a deal needs it.
  12. Probably a good question for the developer of the product that states "Needs full Kontact"
  13. There are those who say that same thing about Pro Tools......
  14. If you post a deal, please mention if it needs Kontact Full Saves a click (and a bit of time) for some.
  15. Needs full Kontact 4 or above (player doesn't cut it)
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