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  1. I think the Music Rebalance tool in RX8 Standard (and now RX9 Standard ) is a vast improvement over RX7 Standard. I also had RX7, but held off updating at the time when RX8 was released. I am glad I did. I grabbed RX8 while the free update to RX9 was offered. I am glad I did.
  2. The reason I mentioned it is for those who have Windows 8.x who might have missed that little detail.
  3. Note: The system requirements for RX9 for PC lists Windows 10 only.
  4. Change log https://s3.amazonaws.com/uvi/Release_Notes/uviworkstation_changelog.pdf
  5. When I started using CbB, recording was flawless. It was only with playback that I experienced the very rare pop and click. That was usually when notes requiring CPU heavy synths (MSoundfactory comes to mind) kicks in. In my case, the setting that fixed that, was to disable C-States and Intel Speedstep. That's basically telling the CPU to run at full speed at all times rather than stepping down the clock speed when a higher speed in not needed. As you can imagine, this can play havoc for DAW use that needs a batphone to a full speed CPU. What you can also do is set CPU min and Max to 100% These days, it's not just the shear power of PCs that makes for flawless DAW operation. It's more how they are optimised. Remember, on my lowly, 2014 i5 4670 CPU, I do not get clicks and pops during playback within CbB. For me, 256 samples seems to be my sweet spot. I do play VSTis inside CbB in real-time and I do not notice the very slight latency. Remember, if you are 2 metres from your monitors, the delay there is 5.8 milliseconds.
  6. I am using a PC as per my signature and I do not get “latency/pops/clicks” To me, “Adjust the buffer settings accordingly” simply means adjust so that the latency is tolerable (or barely noticeable) but not getting pops/clicks. There is a document doing the rounds that can help reduce pops and clicks. See: https://download.cantabilesoftware.com/GlitchFree.pdf One other thing I would suggest is to use the Beta Focusrite drivers. The release notes for this specifically mentions fixes for Cakewalk by Bandlab. Using a non Firefox browser, head over to here http://beta.focusrite.com
  7. When you say “I don't use Workspaces”, you mean it is set to “none”? If not, then you’re using a workspace.
  8. Promidi

    BPM calculator

    I wrote my own in VB2010. I enter a time duration in seconds (to 3 decimal places) and the number of beats in that duration. Then it spits out the tempo.
  9. Are you using any Workspaces? Unless you configure used workspaces not to, those Workspaces will load their own specific Keyboard shortcuts. I use Workspaces and many custom Keyboard shortcuts. However, I have configured the Workspaces I use, not to load Keyboard shortcuts from those Workspaces (Done in “Manage Workspaces”)
  10. Worked for me. Got confirmation email with download link in about 20 seconds.
  11. Promidi

    Problema con vsti

    Desinstale y vuelva a instalar el VST. Sería útil saber de qué VST en particular y de qué versión de Cakewalk by Bandlab estás hablando.
  12. Please let's stop all this talk about screensets being abandoned. There has never been any official evidence that this is ever going to happen. I have used screensets and workspaces (FNA Lenses) in my projects for quite a while now For me, Screensets and Workspaces have worked flawlessly and harmoniously to date. Scroll up my previous post in this thread (April 30, 2020) for more info.
  13. The latest version is actually 3.1
  14. How are the pitch bends getting there in the first place? I do many MIDI only projects and use pitch bend all the time. The only pitch bends that get put in there are the ones I have intentionally put in there. I always remember to put a Bend = 0 event afterwards. I have written a CAL script that zeros last pitch bend event of a group of selected pitch bend event to make the easier. This CAL script is bound to ALT E I have written another CAL Script that automatically places a Bend = 0 slightly before every selected note. If no notes are selected, it puts it at the NOW cursor. This CAL script is bound to ALT W
  15. Ok. There is not really way for the PRV to ignore previous controller changes. It has to be programmed in the synth. For instance, to get a synth to not respond to pitch bend, you have to find a way to set that synths pitch bend range to zero. The method depends on the synth. You may be able to issue a specific NPRN command - again, depends on the synth. Some synths respond to RPN0 > 0 (TTS-1 being an example) Events to set the pitch bend range to zero.
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