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  1. Netframes are all up to date, in fact was just updated this morning. Vdist runtimes are all up to date. 2022 X64 14.31.31103 Win10 Defender is disabled. I use Malwarebytes 4 Premium with all CbB program and data folders excluded.
  2. Just tried nudging it down (and up). Same crash. Definitely an issue. Which version of CbB are you using?
  3. Confirmed here as well. Lodge a support ticket https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000025633
  4. Promidi

    sustain pedal issue

    If you have two keyboards, then what you might want to do is set one to channel 1 and the other to channel 2 Then in Cakewalk, when you set up a MIDI track for a given keyboard, make sure you set It's MIDI channel appropriately rather than Omni. Any MIDI track set to Onmi will respond to events regardless of the channel. (as long as the MIDI track’s local on is enabled)
  5. Promidi

    sustain pedal issue

    Exactly what is your sustain pedal issue? I use a sustain pedal with a PCR-800 MIDI controller. On my configuration, this pedal is configured to transmit on CC64 (which is the MIDI standard for sustain)
  6. If it's happening when playing the SY77 keys, then I would have to know more about your Cakewalk set up. As an experiment, does the issue happen with Cakewalk closed? If it does, then this is an SY77 issue, not Cakewalk. If this is happening with Cakewalk open, then I think what is happening is that played MIDI data is being looped back to the SY77... causing more notes to trigger - eventually causing the SY77 to run out of polyphony. I suspect that you will have to turn Local Off on the SY77 (see page 221 of the SY77 user manual)
  7. Then that should just be MIDI data. I have a PC configured as per my signature and I have no issues sending dense MIDI data to an SW1000XG card. Have you updated your MIDISPORT 4x4 Drivers (using manufacturer's websites rather than Windows updates). Also, check your Prepare Using N Millisecond Buffers. (in MIDI - Playback and Recording). Mine is set to 200 When you say “when I play chords”, I am assuming that’s a performance from Cakewalk itself rather than playing them on the actual SY77 keys.
  8. Which synth? With that CPU, you might run into performance issues wit some modern synths..
  9. I watched your videos and there definitely appears to be something funky going on there. I am wondering if this might be a windows 11 thing (I am on 10 still) You might want to open this as a ticket. https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000025633
  10. Can you please post your full PC specs The first thin to try is fully patch your PC and update your hardware drivers (using manufacturer's websites rather than Windows updates) Are you using ASIO driver mode? (This is recommended) While onbaord audio is barely adequate, an external audio interface, that comes with dedicated ASIO drivers, will give best results.
  11. I have used the Transform tool since the feature was introduced. On my system (configured as per signature), the Transform Tool works on controllers whether they are selected or not. In fact, if memory serves, I think I even once put in a feature request to ask if the transform tool could be made to respect event selection.
  12. Perform all Windows updates Update all Windows drivers (using manufacturer's websites rather than Windows updates) Maybe increase your audio buffer size My PC is configured as per my signature and I have never had this issue.
  13. With a Focusrite, there are BETA drivers that you might want to try - depending on the exact Focusrite model you have. With a non Firefox browser (Edge will do), head over to beta.focusrite.com and search for your model name. (for example, for a Scarlett 2i2, search for Scarlett. In the notes for many of these drivers it specifically mentions Cakewalk by Bandlab. It states “Fixed an issue that could cause a crash in Cakewalk by Bandlab” Maybe give these a go.
  14. Promidi

    Strange repeat issue.

    As a test, I used addictive drums to replicate your Scenario. 2 stepped clips, the first starting with a crash and hi-hats. The second stepped clip with just the hi-hats. I put the second clip straight after the first clip. Pressed play. It played as I expected. No crash cymbal sounded when the second clip played. One thing I can think of is this. You know how you can drag the right edge of a stepped clip to repeat the clip. Well, I am wondering if you inadvertently started a drag of the first clip's right edge to start a repetition. Zoom into the first clip to make sure there are no repeats. I was able to replicate your issue by dragging the right edge of the first clip. Once I did this, then the crash sounded at the play back of the second clip.
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