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  1. Note: Rhodes V8 requires 25 GB disk space minimum.
  2. This is probably better sent as a support ticket Maybe drop a note Cakewalk support here: https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000025633
  3. Selecting "None" on the track's MIDI track’s input should prevent SI Drum Kit from responding - even with input echo on. Are you absolutely sure you do not have any other MIDI tracks (that has your Korg as input) routed to SI Drum Kit? Note: I just tried it here, and selecting "None" on the track's MIDI track’s input prevented SI Drum Kit from responding to my MIDI controller.
  4. Quadra - Traveler has been updated to version 1.01 Changelog 1.0.1 ------ - Fixed missing samples errors in some presets Update via UVI Portal or download directly from your UVI Account Page. (need to log on or be logged on) https://www.uvi.net/my-products#PRO398
  5. Maybe drop a note Cakewalk support here: You might want to include a project were this is manifesting https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000025633
  6. As a test, I did the following. I created a SIT (Simple instrument track) with Rapture Pro - though this could be any audio track. From within that track’s send, I created two sends, each to its own AUX track (resulting in two AUX tracks). I put a reverb (Eventide) Black Hole) on one of those AUX tracks. The other, I put a delay (Arturia Delay Tape-201). Both effects were definitely audible. When I disabled either of these sends, the audio stopped being sent to the respective Aux track. I also created a group containing these two ’enabled/disable" sends. I gave both control a start value of 0 and and end value of 1 (also clicking the custom button) This also worked as expected..... disabling one send also disabled the other, resulting in nothing being sent (therefore no reverb or delay) So, on my system (configured as per signature) disabling sends to aux tracks works as expected.
  7. If this were my PC, I would want to get those device manager entries sorted so that there are no exclamation triangles. Did you run all of the motherboard driver software? Few more things. Have you disabled all audio devices that you are not using (onboard and maybe GPU - on my Nvidia GTX960, I have disabled that) In Device manager, there are “High Definition Audio Controller” entries under “System Devices” - I have disabled those. To quickly open device manager, Start Run > "devmgmt.msc" I also make sure that anywhere where audio sample rate, bit depth (and sometimes buffer size) can be set, I make sure they are the same everywhere - including Windows itself. To quickly open Windows Sound settings, Start Run "mmsys.cpl" Note: Do you use WIFI? If so, try disabling that. Personally, I would not have any enabled WIFI adapters at all on a PC running a DAW. If I need the PC connected to the internet (Which I have 24/7), I would always opt for wired ethernet. Some people say that just the internet connection itself can give issues. However, I have never had any issues (My current PC configuration as per signature).
  8. ..... and I would rather that be done on the GPU - leaving the CPU with more of the audio stuff..
  9. If you have the Smart Tool enabled, holding ALT while single clicking in the Controller Lane will place a single controller event.
  10. No WHEEL events in the lead instrument MIDI track prior to the start of the first verse? (can use Event list view to check) I usually place a WHEEL > 0 event in each set of MIDI initialisation events at the start of all project’s MIDI tracks.
  11. Try Start + run "control powercfg.cpl,,1" (without quotes) and set CPU Min and Max to 100% (Under Processor power management) I am assuming that the first thing you did before installing CbB that you installed all Windows 10/11 patches. I am also assuming you installed the latest drivers for all of your hardware (Not just for your Audio interface). I am thinking you did this using manufacturer's websites rather than with Windows updates. While you’re at it, you might as well check you are using the latest versions. In preferences | Audio | Configuration File try adjusting the following: EnableSetThreadIdealProcessor = False MixThreadCount = {number of cores minus 1} You might like to exit Cakewalk by Bandlab, go to the following folder and make a copy of the AUD.INI file before doing this: %appdata%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core This may not be as important these days, buy it’s worth a try. See if disabling C-states and Intel Speedstep helps (This is done in the PC's BIOS and the method varies between PCs) What Sample rate, bit depth and buffer size are you using? Other users might have better suggestions than these.
  12. I think it depends on what graphics card one has and how the Pigments patches are programmed. I have a Pigments patch hat uses the sampler engine (with granular active) and the analogue engine (3 oscillators active), and random modulation of the granular engine’s start time. I have that running through Pigments multi mode filter and the format filter. The filter’s is also modulated. The task manager CPU hovers around 10% when playing a 4 or 5 node chord in Pigments standalone. This is on a PC configured as per my signature.
  13. Or put another way. Is there anything sonically that MiniFreak V can do that Pigments 4.01 cannot?
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