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  1. I do this every time with UVI stuff. The portal is slower than direct download (on my PC anyway)
  2. You are going to get plenty of folk on here say "Works fine here" You have provided no information ("an error crash" tells us nothing) and yet you asked: "Do you have any solution" - not going to happen until you provide much more information.
  3. Cakewalk Support will probably tell you the same thing.....
  4. That CPU is below minimum spec (Clock speed is too low) See: https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021857753-What-are-the-minimum-requirements-for-using-Cakewalk-by-BandLab-
  5. Here is one thing I can think of. If you inadvertently choose a clip background colour that is similar to your waveform colour, the waveform outline will allow you to still see the waveform clearly. That being said, it’s optional and can be switched off if you don’t feel you need it..
  6. What are your PC specifications (Including the iteration if the i5 CPU)? I have a system as per my signature and I was able to load 6 Spitfire Originals instruments and it did not miss a beat. See: my reply on
  7. Do your projects contain lots of automation? Under “High resolution plug-in automation improvements” it mentions that “Plug-in automation envelopes were previously being decimated at a uniform 50 msec interval” This has been changed to 5 milliseconds The decimation interval can be changed via the audio configuration (Preferences | Audio | configuration File) property AutomationDecimationMsec (2-30) in preferences.
  8. Is this after installing build 145 and then heading to Preferences | File | initialisation file and adding the option ExceptionHandlingSeverity and setting it to a value of 5 and then restarting CbB? To go back to the default setting, delete this value (the actual default value is currently 7)
  9. Thanks for this quick update. On my PC, these issue are now resolved with Build 145.
  10. Are you running a fully Patched Windows 10 PC (That is, all updates installed)? Have you visually confirmed that all of your hardware drivers are up to date? (Do this using manufacturer's websites rather than by using Windows updates) - do this after installing any Windows updates. My PC is as per my signature and I have never had this issue with any version of Cakewalk to date.
  11. I can confirm that Loop Construction View, Surround Panner, Sysx View, and Video View have always been present. I have also configured some keybindings specifically for the Sysx View which I have used for quite a while now. One thing to note is that is you do use a lot of keybindings and you use workspaces, your workspace will load its own keybindings. Personally, I deselect “Keyboard shortcuts” under “Load From Workspace”in the workspace manager for the workspaces that I use.
  12. Yes See: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/28721-current-release-202104/
  13. With CbB 2021.4 Build 144, try the Category drop down. On mine, Track View is missing. On Build 125, it’s there.
  14. Confirmed here as well. I do actually have some custom keybindings that I had under the Track-View Category that still work. Ripple Edit. This is even when Workspaces is set to none I have lodged a support ticket.
  15. Thanks for confirming this and for that extra detail. The snapping of the aim assist, in the PRV, worked as expected when measure 1:01 is visible. I have lodged a support ticket with Cakewalk support.
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