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  1. Promidi

    Should Hyperthread be enabled in BIOS?

    I have configured my Windows updates so that Microsoft never updates any drivers on Patch Tuesday. I like to manage drivers myself - for this very reason.
  2. Promidi

    Change Mouse Scroll Function

    Not at this time, no.
  3. Promidi

    Melda Updated to 13.05

    I notice 13.04 has been pulled, so especially if you have this version you might want to upgrade.
  4. Promidi

    Straight Ahead Samples FREE Jazz Drums

    Note: Works only with the full version of Kontakt or higher
  5. Blue screens are either a driver issue or hardware failture. Initially I was going to suggest that maybe a driver was updated when Windows perform its update. That is until I read about corrupted files. Maybe have a look at the SMART info for your system drive. Can you check your system event viewer for disk errors (like bad blocks)
  6. Promidi

    Any offline cakewalk installer available?

    That sounds like something that would have to be sorted at your end - either your router or your ISP or even your PC itself... I have yet to have an issue downloading Cakewalk by Bandlab using Bandlab assistant.
  7. Promidi

    Should Hyperthread be enabled in BIOS?

    It must be only certain Nvidia Video cards. I have one (an MSI GTX960, not over clocked) and I am not getting any latency issues in CbB. In my Nvidia control Panel - Manage 3D settings, I have my Power management mode set to Prefer Maximum Performance. I actually measured the current draw between modes and it was only a 3 watt difference. In fact, all power saving features on my PC are disabled. Those settings are really only for notebooks when battery life might be important (or maybe for those where power costs are insane).
  8. Promidi

    remove "silent Hardware" warning?

    This is done by editing your %APPDATA%\cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\cakewalk.ini file. You need to add WarnSilentBuses=0 in the [WinCake] section See: https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/20090221/Warning-when-busses-have-no-output
  9. Promidi

    Forum members /home country ?

    Adelaide, Australia
  10. Promidi

    Sonar crashing in Windows 10

    There are a couple of third party programs that allow you to do this. https://winaero.com/ https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10
  11. Promidi

    Still using SONAR?

    Lodging a support ticket will get a better response. There, your issue will have a reference number assigned and they can keep better track of the progress. Simply relying on the forums will mean your issue will get lost in the hundreds of other posts.
  12. Promidi

    Still using SONAR?

    I ended up removing Samplitude X3 Pro completely. I didn't really like it (instruments are locked to it). Went back to Cakewalk by Bandlab.
  13. Promidi

    Still using SONAR?

    You really need to contact support with any issues you find. https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Note: the last time I reported an issue (it was with PRV), It got fixed within a few days.
  14. Promidi

    Should Hyperthread be enabled in BIOS?

    That's always an option as a test. However, remember there are some plugin's graphic User interfaces that take advantage of the Nvida CUDA. Meldaproduction is an example of such a plugin suite.
  15. Promidi

    Should Hyperthread be enabled in BIOS?

    Start Run and enter eventvwr.msc However, to Interpret these properly, you really need to know what you're doing. There will be many events present, even on a system exhibiting very little issues.