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  1. When it comes to retiring 32bit plugins, there is no "may", only "do"
  2. I would say that's because the ufs files are fairly compressed in the first place.
  3. I always do a direct download from UVI's website using "US Standard Link" using a multi-threaded downloader addon in my browser. The only thing I use UVI Portal for is to check for a new version and check the change log. Downloading using UVI portal is painfully slow. The update fixes the following: DigitalSynsations-ChangeLog1.4.5 [FIX] Tuning in some "DS1" presets
  4. Instead of importing the midi file - try opening it directly into Cakewalk instead...
  5. For the last 20 years, I have always sent project files as saved MIDI files (type 0 and 1) to my clients. Never once has this resulted in lost CCs in the MIDI files. The MIDI files my clients receive always have the CCs and all sysex intact. This has been the case from Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 all the way to the current Cakewalk by Bandlab 2020.1 Build 28. Are you sure the actual CC data is missing or could this be a case of the CC data not being recognised by the person's equipment?
  6. Just wondering if you are using a graphics card that uses its hardware to do that actual capturing and encoding (Like NVENC on the GTX650 and up cards). There is also free recording software that utilise NVENC and can Capture sound via ASIO inputs. What I do is I have two ASIO devices - one is used by the DAW and the other is used by the video Capture software. I route the signals via an external mixer's AUX outputs.
  7. Those pops and dropouts are the PC itself, not the plugin. Remember, he's screen recording a PC session at the same time as running his DAW as well as the plugins. Under these circumstances, you have to expect the odd pop and drop out. I can assure you that the plugin itself does not produce those pops and dropouts.
  8. Like anything really, use whatever "floats your boat"?
  9. I watched the video - yes that's similar to what I get with my PCI card. Does not occur with Focusrite 2i2 2nd gen with latest BETA The 4.0 drivers. The 4.0 in PCI Express 4.0 is simply the theoretical transfer speed - mine is 3.0 4.0 is double that od 3.0 I am thinking maybe try an Nvidia card..... Obviously one that supports three monitors (maybe a GTX1050). If you can borrow one that would be a bonus. If you go this route, then make sure you turn of Nvidia's power saving feature. You mention "just return this PC" - does this involve boxing it up and sending it back or is the vendor within driving distance? Note: just changing the video card would not require a software reinstall. Unfortunately, the only way to tell if this is going to solve the problem is to actually try a brand different card. What did Latencymon report?
  10. Are you using Cakewalk by Bandlab 2020.1 build 24? What audio interface are you using? Does it come with native ASIO drivers? If so , then ditch ASIO4ALL and use them instead What soft synth are you trying to play. Have you checked the MIDI channels on the CASIO USB-MIDI instrument and the MIDI track are correctly set?
  11. Yes, this happens here as well (latest 2020.1 Build 24). Not sure if it's intentional. It only affects the display of the controller data - the values themselves still function at the point where they have visually disappeared. Maybe contact Bandlab support with screenshots (I'm considering doing the same)
  12. Worked fine here. All subsequent updates install correctly following the move to 1909 My PC is Windows now 1909 and fully patched , all drivers up to date (manually, not via Windows update). Internet connected 24/7, PC running as local administrator with updated Malwarebytes Premium 4.04.49 Using modified Windows 8.1 driver for PCR-800 on Windows 10 - no problems there.
  13. Is your Sonar content in a custom location perhaps? Maybe search your entire system for a folder with the string "SONAR Themes" in the name.
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