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  1. Was ripple edit enabled at the time?
  2. I just tried writing pan automation using Meldaproduction MStereoProcessor. The automation remained (and played back) when I paused or stopped. So it works fine here. Any chance of a video screen grab showing the issue. Also, mention when your version of Cakewalk.
  3. Yeah. GUI Fonts still way too small.....
  4. I would expect for an MSRP of $AU599.00 that NI could at least make an effort in this area....
  5. I have just checked out Kontakt Player 6. Man those a small fonts. How do you folks cope on anything bigger than a 1080p screen? I hope 7 improves on that. I guess we can ask those who pulled the trigger on Komplete 14 on the 27th for a unscaled screenshot.....
  6. Have a look under %USERPROFILE%\documents\Nomad Factory\Plug-in Settings for *.prg files
  7. I also tried to grab Embertone's Arcane to quality for the €124.00 cross-grade to Kontact 6...... but the “invoices” were not containing the serial numbers to register with NI to confirm the eligibility criteria. Maybe Embertone ran out of serial numbers.
  8. Hi folks, I hope you’re well I know I am probably late to the game, but I may be in a position to pull the trigger on Kontakt 7 Full Since it looks like being released in October, I am holding off acquiring Kontakt 6 Full. I do not have any projects that use any version of Kontakt. I am thinking, why buy 6 now (even though it's on sale at the time of this post) and then pay the upgrade price to 7, when I can just buy 7 after its release date (when it's on sale of course - BF coming up) My question is this. When a new version of Kontakt Full is days away from release, has Native Instruments ever let one buy the current version and then let one update to the next version as part of the package? (Kind of like what Izotope does with RX and Ozone)
  9. Not really a lot to go on here. Can you give us some info about your setup (see my signatuire for some of the info we need). Is Decent Sampler 32bit or 64bit. VST2 or VST3. If VST3, can you try VST2, or vice wersa To open the project without the plugin, With a fresh Cakewalk open, Hold shift while opening a project. Then you can bypass plugins. Are you running Cakewalk by Bandlab 2022.6 Build 34? (The latest) I am assuming you are using the latest version of Decent Sampler, your hardware drivers. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling your hardware drivers (Not just for your Audio interface). Do this using manufacturer's websites rather than Windows updates. While you’re at it, you might as well check you are using the latest versions.
  10. Plugins - Absolutely! VST2 and VST3. For the highest stability, choose 64bit plugins. If VST3 gives you issues, choose VST2 (if available for given plugin) Soundfonts - depends on the format. These need a plugin. Plogue sforzando comes to mind. https://www.plogue.com/downloads.html#sforzando
  11. Just tried a transform with the transform rectangle surrounding selected and unselected CC events. Both selected and unselected events transform when changing the transform rectangle.
  12. As per title. Transform tool adjusts events even if they are not selected. Not sure if this is by design or an oversight.....
  13. My mistake. Yes it is version 2. Title corrected
  14. You have just replied to a two year old thread. You would be better off starting a new thread. Mention your PC configuration and what you have tried so far.
  15. I might be wrong on this, but I think the reason UVI make us download the whole thing is that UFS files are like image files that contains an entire disk structure - complete with folder and files. It's a bit like changing the content of a zip file or a RAR file, or even a VMWare image file. A program would have open the complete archive, make the change, then re-save the entire archive. Probably not ideal..... but it is what it is. Maybe drop an note to UVI to see if they are open to doing it another way that does not involve downloading humongous files.
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