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  1. What does Windows Application Event list say happened at the time of the crash?
  2. Which is why it would be handy if the percent field in Process > Length allowed for a mantissa. Currently, only whole numbers are allowed in the percent field.
  3. Goldwave does not use ASIO drivers either....... Might have been a setting in Audacity that caused the stuttering in Audacity. Is everything set to the same bit depth? (24bit seems to be the one most people use)
  4. You need to find out where the VST DLL file for Guitar Rig 6 resides on your computer. Then add that location to the list of VST Scan Paths in Preferences - Files - VST Settings. If that location is already listed, then from that same preferences screen, do a scan.
  5. This is what I would be doing. Collate all emails and correspondence between you and SC.
  6. Please list everything you have checked/tried? I am assuming you are using the latest drivers for your Focusrite, I am also assuming you have disabled all power saving options and set CPU min and max to 100%. Try disabling c-states, intel Speedstep (done in BIOS)
  7. I usually record MIDI events from a MIDI controller directly into a MIDI track. Then I can do further edits on the resultant MIDI events in the PRV controller lane for the given controller. In your case, it is probably CC74 for LP filter cut off.
  8. Your PC kicks way more derriere than mine ever will, yet I am not having this issue. My PC stays on 24/7, sometimes with weeks between reboots. Make sure the only thing your defrag tool is doing to your SSDs is TRIMMING. Anything else will shorten its life. Have you done a 4K alignment on your SSDs? Have you tried disabling the Windows Prefetch (called SysMain in services), Superfetch and the indexing services? Have you excluded all folders that have anything to do with Cakewalk from being scanned by any real time Antivirus / Antimalware programs?
  9. Soon after I lodged a ticket with Izotope, they released an update to RX11 that addresses the issue.
  10. Native Access 3.11.0 works fine here.
  11. Give it time. I used the Izotope website. I reckon there will be an update to the product portal soon.
  12. RX11 has been updated to 11.01 FIXED inaccessible Channel Routing options in RX Audio Editor Preferences. This should be available in the product portal or website.
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