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  1. Unluckily I didn’t need the stomp filter but I couldn’t leave it.
  2. Yep. That’s what I did. Borrowed a whole load of guitars and recorded a whole load of different pickup configurations. With the plugins I already owned I ended up getting Complete for a tenner.
  3. Softube Model 84, 80, 72 each for 49$ with code "SUPERMODELVIBE" https://www.softube.com/guides/model-series-at-a-glance
  4. But you phoned IT helpdesk and they fixed it so all good right? I actually love it when I get locked out at work. Best excuse ever.
  5. Unfortunately Nembrini also add tax at checkout so not €24.99 here.
  6. Current password new password confirm new password
  7. Yeah, they're good. Got 5 sitting on the shelf in my studio as I write.
  8. Trialed 2 minutes. Uninstalled.
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