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    Night Beach

    Hey, Wook, You've got a very nice ambient piece with beautiful composition and playing, lovely melodies and a crystal clear, wide, well textured mix!👍 I love the choice of synths on this one, and the arrangement is also really well done holding the listener's interest throughout the entire pleasant ride. Great work, John, excellent stuff!😀😀😀 Have a good one! Bob
  2. Wow, Tom! This is like a very cool and very wild ride to Roswell, New Mexico!🤩 Great instrumental with lots of fun elements and effects popping in and out and making a cool statement. The bass, percussion and clean jazzy guitar that kicks in around the 2:19 mark was spectacular, and the mix is clean, punchy and fresh sounding.👍 Very cool stuff, brother Tom! I never know what to expect from your eclectic song posts, and I'm always amazed just how talented you are and the high level of musicianship and production skills you possess!😀 Fantastic ride, buddy, have a good one! Bob
  3. Hey, Freddy, I missed the first version, but this definitely sounds "slinky" and great!😀 Great down home Blues with that recognizable "Freddy" trademark sound! Nice guitar playing as always, cool lyrics, great vocals, and I really love that tasty harmonica, it definitely adds the icing on the cake for the clear, well textured vintage mix.👍 Excellent work, Freddy, keep 'em coming, buddy! Have a good one! Bob
  4. Bob Oister


    Hi, Steve, Great song with excellent composition, arrangement and lyrics, and outstanding vocals!😀 The instrumental performances are beautiful, and the mix is absolutely top notch and perfect for the theme and genre. The song is absolutely dripping with emotion, fantastic work, Steve!👍 Best Wishes, Bob
  5. Hi, Kakku, Very cool song with lots of interesting elements and melodies weaving throughout!😀 Nice choice of instruments and synths, and I really like the sound of the synth that comes in at around 42 seconds, great for the lead melodies.👍 Very nice work, kakku, best wishes! Bob
  6. Hi, John, Very nice job on this melancholic, yet very pleasant instrumental!👍 It sounds really nice and conveys your heartfelt feelings perfectly. I'm sure that Ginger is wagging her tail somewhere in doggie heaven!😀 Nice work, buddy, have a good one! Bob
  7. Hi, Ken, Sincere heartfelt condolences, brother, I'm so very sorry for your loss. Just remember she'll always be alive in your heart. Thoughts and prayers, and best wishes to you and your family. Sincerely, Bob
  8. Hey, Douglas, how are you, buddy? Hope you're gearing up for a great holiday!😀 This is a really cool song with great songwriting and playing and excellent vocals and harmonies! I always love your song posts. This one sort of reminds me of early Smashing Pumpkins stuff, I listened to it five or six times.👍 If you're still in the process of remixing this, the guys above all had good suggestions, and I just wanted to add that I think the "different space" situation might be from too much EQ disparity between the rhythm guitars and the vocals. It sounds to me like the main rhythm guitar panned to the left side lacks some mids and hi-mids, and is a bit muddy. I'm not sure how your EQing the rhythm guitar tracks, but I would try lowering your hi-pass filter, (or raising your low-pass filter) to try to add a little bit of mids back in, and maybe even a slight touch of sparkle to those dark guitars. This would also probably help with the bass possibly being masked by the similar low frequencies. I think Tom's suggestion on the cymbals is a great idea. If you notice, they're fine during the intro and verse, and then at around 1:02 during the bridge the compressor seems to be clamping down and smashing them. If the drums and cymbals are all recorded to one track, a multi-band compressor may be able to fix it pretty easily. Anyway, as always, just my own subjective two cents, the song and performances are really fantastic, and I think with a couple tweaks, it'll be radio-ready!👍 Have a great Fourth of July, Douglas!😀 Bob
  9. Hey, Myriad, This is another killer good rocker with great instrumental performances and musicianship, and dynamite vocals!👍 I think the new mix is much better. Fuller and punchier with much more separation and clarity. The low end has much more body than on the first mix, which really adds to the overall punch. Your singer sounds a lot like Billy Gibbons from ZZ Topp on this one, which is cool, and I really liked the wah guitar solo, too. Nice work, and great band, brother!😀 Have a good one, Bob
  10. Hey, Jesse and Freddy, Really nice work on this very cool, bluesy, experimental alt-rocker!😀 Freddy always does a great job on his stuff, and his guitar tone and playing are excellent on this, as usual. I really liked the cool intro with the keyboard and vocal effects, and Jesse, your vocals are dynamite on this, and the harmonica is absolutely spectacular! This sort of reminds me of the really early Rolling Stones blues based stuff, which I always liked. By the ways, Jesse, I really like your acoustic song, "Sip Some Whiskey" which came on after this on your Soundclick page, good stuff!👍 Anyway, really great job, guys, excellent collab!😀 Have a good one! Bob
  11. Bob Oister


    Hi, Bjorn, Nice job on this classic sounding folk song! It sort of reminds me of late 60's-early 70's coffee house folk stuff, like Donovan, Cat Stevens, Dylan, Harry Chapin, etc. I have to disagree with your assessment of your vocal ability, your voice on this sounds really pleasant and heartfelt, which gets the message of the song across nicely. Just for the record, I always enjoy your cool instrumentals, too!😀 Anyway, cool song, Bjorn, good stuff!👍 Have a good one! Bob
  12. Hey, Daryl, Wow, I've been only popping in and out of the forum for the past six weeks due to life and work suddenly getting extremely busy, so I almost missed this tasty Brit-Pop rocker!😀 You guys did a fantastic job on this. The lyrics are great, the vocals and harmonies are super, as always, Ed's bass was dynamite and really drove the song, the keyboards were outstanding, and Mesh's guitar tone and solos were the icing on the cake! The mix was crisp, clear, and right on the money. Another cool collab, boys, really well done!👍 Bob
  13. Hi, Allan, You've got a really pleasant sounding pop song here, with excellent songwriting and lyrics, great instrumental performances, and fantastic vocals and harmonies!😀 I agree with Joad, and I bet this could be a great mainstream radio pop track.👍 Nice work, buddy, have a good one! Bob
  14. Hi, Gary, Excellent job on this beautiful Gospel song!👍 The instrumental performances are excellent, the vocals are fantastic, and the mix and production work are top notch and, totally pro sounding! Fantastic work, my friend!😀 Have a good one! Bob
  15. Kenny Wilson: Hey, Kenny! How are you, buddy? Hope you're having a great week!😀 Big thanks for checking out the video for me, and for your always good input, observations and encouraging words! Yes, Sir, that's what the song is all about, breaking away from things that might be holding you back and moving forward in a positive way. It's been really great to hear you playing and posting again here in the Songs Forum. Your last two song posts were dynamite, outstanding tone and amazing melodic playing, as always from you!👍 Thanks again, Kenny, I'm very grateful for your input and support! Have a good one! Bob
  16. SPAK: Hey, Steve, How are you, my friend? Hope you're doing well!😀 Thanks so much for your time, input, observations and very kind words! Your input truly means a great deal to me, because all of your song posts are fantastic quality, and the mixes are totally pro!👍 Sincere thanks, Steve, I greatly appreciate your input, friendship and support here on the forum! Have a great weekend! Bob
  17. gtrpastor: Hey, Sean, Thank you, brother, I greatly appreciate you taking time to check out the video for me, and also the very encouraging observations and comments!😀 You, Mike, and Reece did a fantastic job on your new SG post for "One". Dynamite vocals, excellent musicianship, and I really loved the killer guitar tone and playing in the solo! You three make a great collab team, and your songs always have a great positive message!👍 Thanks again, buddy, and have a Rockin' weekend! Bob
  18. Grem: Hey Michael, 😂LOL, I know exactly what your mean! And, then I drive my wife crazy again when we're in the car, playing the same song over and over until we get to where we're going! It takes the patience of a saint to be married to a musician!😁 Have a good one, Grem! Bob
  19. Beagle: Hey, Beags, how's it going, buddy? Hope you're doing well!😃 Thanks so much for checking out the video and the kind words! Yep, I actually shot the video footage last fall and unfortunately didn't get enough correct footage for the guitar solo, and also had some problems with lighting and angles in other parts, so I kind of piecemealed the clips together try to make it work as best I could. So, sorry, no vocal shots in this one. Thanks again for checking it out, and your new SG post, "You", is excellent, you, Sean and Mike always do a great job!👍 Have a good one, Reece! Bob
  20. Hey, Kenny, Absolutely beautiful, very tasty melodies and dynamite playing as always from you, and I really love that clean, creamy jazz tone!😀 Excellent stuff, Kenny, big thanks for sharing, brother!👍 Have a good one! Bob
  21. Hey, Beags, Another excellent song with a great message, excellent performances by all three of you, and a nice clean, fresh sounding mix!😀 The vocals and harmonies were outstanding, and I really loved that great guitar tone and killer solo. Excellent musicianship as always, the three of you make a really great team!👍 Nice work, guys, have a good one! Bob
  22. Hey, Freddy, I'm late to the party on this one, but this is a really fun classic blues song, and it sure sounds like you had a good time putting it together!😀 As always from you, clever, funny lyrics, great playing and excellent vocals and harmonies. I love that crystal clear lead tone, and the blues harp solo was great! This mix sounds right on the money for the vintage blues genre, and, LOL, 😁 I think just about all of us here on the forum can relate to the song's theme! Excellent job, Freddy, cool song!👍 Have a good one, buddy! Bob
  23. Hi, Kaustub, Beautiful job on this gorgeous cinematic orchestral soundtrack!😀 Excellent composition and arrangement, great playing, and the choice of instruments sounds perfect for the piece. The mix is clear, wide, well textured and pro sounding, and I could easily imagine hearing this as a motion picture soundtrack! Fantastic work!👍 Best Wishes, Bob
  24. Hey, Lynn, Wow! This song is pure dynamite!👍 Fantastic writing, great lyrics, great playing and absolutely outstanding vocals and harmonies! The mix is clear, full, punchy, modern sounding and totally pro! If this was one of mine, I wouldn't change a thing. This is definitely my new favorite from you, Lynn, spectacular job!😀 Have a good one! Bob
  25. Grem: Hey, Grem, How are you, buddy? Hope you're having a great weekend!😀 Big thanks for taking time to check out the "Unchained" video for me, and also for hanging in there to check out "Carry Me" afterwards. I sincerely appreciate your good input and observations, and also your encouraging comments! I'm also grateful to hear that the Youtube mix seems to be translating fairly well on the small work speakers. I always try as best as I can to check mixes on everything from laptop speakers to PC speakers, old boom boxes, to TVs, car stereos and high powered audiophile systems, and also check them in mono. LOL, sometimes I drive myself, (and my poor wife😁), crazy trying to interpret what's happening on all the different listening systems and environments, so I really appreciate the comment about the JVC speakers.👍 Thanks again, Grem, greatly appreciated, have a good one! Bob
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