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  1. Myriad Rocker

    Do posts get removed from here after some time?

    Thanks for digging in. Yeah, I had replaced those media fire links a while back. I changed them to soundcloud and most of the posts in the thread were comments about the soundcloud versions.
  2. Myriad Rocker

    Do posts get removed from here after some time?

    It had the words "Sun Lightning" in the title. Something about mix feedback. I searched all the pages for it and also used the search bar to look for it. I also checked my posts on my profile. Unless I'm crazy, it's MIA.
  3. I ask because I went to go update my mix for Sun Lightning (title in the original posting) and it's no where to be found. It's like I didn't even post it? Am I crazy?
  4. Myriad Rocker

    Head in a Basket - Constructive mix feedback welcome!

    That's the one from last week. V3 is the latest that, so far, just has instrumentation. I did lower both guitars by 1db. That change is posted in the original post under the same V3 clip. Thanks a bunch! Appreciate the compliment. I couldn't find the "mouthclick" you were talking about at 0:28 specifically. That's before the vox come in. However, I moved the volume envelope closer to when the first transient hits there. I haven't posted a V3 mix with vocals yet, so that's coming. We'll see if I got that click out when I post up the latest. Thanks guys! I've been out of town for a few days but I'm back, so back to work it is!
  5. Myriad Rocker

    Head in a Basket - Constructive mix feedback welcome!

    Welp...like my other one I went back and did a re-mix on AGAIN, I'm doing this one. I changed the original post just so things stayed clean. Am I headed in the right direction on this one? Let me know if anything jumps out to you that needs attention.
  6. Myriad Rocker

    Changing Order of Busses in Console View

    Shut the front door! Thank you!!
  7. Hey all. I think this is likely something super simple that I'm just not finding. I've searched the old forums and this one and I can't find out how to change the order of the busses in the console view. In track view you just drag and drop where you want it. Anything I click on in console view just selects it. Could someone let me in on the secret? 😀
  8. Myriad Rocker


    Nicely written and dynamic. I enjoyed it. My only constructive criticism is that when the drums come in, they do sound programmed. Maybe you were going for that. They have plenty of power, but you might tweak the velocities a bit. Maybe even shift the kick just a tad ahead of the beat every little bit. That way it really feels like the drums are driving/pushing the song forward a bit. And when I say a tad, I'm talking in the low milliseconds. Just my thoughts. I really enjoyed listening. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Myriad Rocker

    Melodyne 4 Essential

    DANG! Can I have it? 😀
  10. Myriad Rocker

    Good sounding Reverb/Room?

    Another vote for the Slate verbs. Very nice, I like!
  11. Myriad Rocker


    sibilance, sibilance...
  12. Myriad Rocker

    Quietly She Sings

    I don't think the bass is too hot at all. I think it's almost a feature instrument in this piece. I really like what the bass line starts doing at 0:58. Really adds movement to the arrangement. I like how it then pulls back just a tad later on. I might pull the vocals back a few db, but I'm being picky there. The ending "heart", in my opinion, needs to be pulled back. I think it would be nice to end the song a little more "delicately" if that makes sense. An almost whisper-like vocal on that last word might even be cool there. I enjoyed the song. Nice writing/arrangement.
  13. Myriad Rocker

    "On Your Way"

    Nice mix and writing. I like how everything sits. Agree with your self-assessment, but it's sure close. The song has a vintagey but not in the EQ. EQ is bright and clear. I would say thicken up the low-mids a bit, as I agree with SPAK just a bit.
  14. Myriad Rocker

    C'mon C'mon

    Nice work! I really like the delayed guitar that comes in and how the song evolves instrumentally as it goes. Really like the change at 2:10. For me, the vocals are a bit to forward at the beginning of the song, but not by much. That's me being picky, though. I think it all sounds really good. Nice and clear. Listening on headphones here at work, it has a good stereo image.
  15. Myriad Rocker

    Reason Why, pop rock

    Good work. Is the sax sampled or do you play? Is this destined for any vocals?