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  1. This is kinda sorta related to Cakewalk, but I can't find a good way to put in a support request to BandLab, so here I am. I did submit something off into the internet abyss but the options to click on the website didn't have a section for Assistant so I chose "Other". I'm curious if anyone else is having this same issue. I haven't had any problems, that I can recall, until now. When I open Assistant, I show that there's an update for Cakewalk. I click the "Update" button and it says "Downloading 0/0" and then just stays there. If I cancel it, the button then changes to "Install". If I click that, it just shows the add ons (drum replacer, melodyne, etc). Anyone else having this issue with Assistant?
  2. I thought the mix was good. The vocals are a bit too up front, as mentioned, but I seem to recall the original having some pretty up front vocals as well. That was kind of a thing for Garth Brooks. For me, the vocal is consistently too staccato sounding. I'd like to hear the words "flow" more into the others. Not unintelligible or anything, but just more flow. Sounded a bit like you were reading from a lyric sheet. I say this because I've heard plenty of your other ones and you've done great with them. Garth is a hard one to do. You can like him or you can hate him, but you can't deny he's one of the most popular country and recording artists of all time. I like him quite a bit, personally. Seen him a few times and he's just a great guy...incredible performer. Had an uncle that had a farm next to Garth's property in Oklahoma and he always said he was super nice.
  3. Just posted the latest mix. I think that's a wrap on that one.
  4. Myriad Rocker


    That was a super fun listen. I actually hate that old song, but you made it fun to listen to. LOL! I honestly think this would be perfect at the end credits of the movie. I don't know why.
  5. New mix posted! See my updated comment in the original post.
  6. My mind immediately goes to Elvis. I don't think it's because of your previous Elvis song posting, but maybe I'm getting some implicit bias from that. But for me, it's mostly your vibrato. It has a very "Elvis" feel to it. Not a bad thing at all. Your tone leans his way as well, but that's quite alright. In any case, I still think the vocal performance is great. I'd actually like to hear something from you that's a bit more rockin'. You're on a country kick lately...maybe do a Garth tune or something by Brooks & Dunn?
  7. Slight adjustments. As mentioned, brought up the kick outside mic. Put some more EQ on the chorus octave guitar part and panned a bit so it would pop out more. I took the "operatic" chants out of the first pre-chorus part...that's not really a pre-chorus. Let me know what you guys think. I think I may call this one "done". I'm curious how the loudness is, though. I didn't apply ANY EQ in mastering. I didn't think it really needed it, but I may be wrong. All I did was run it through a limiter and that's it.
  8. Myriad Rocker


    I can definitely hear the Santana influence. Nice work.
  9. @garybrun, who would you say are your primary vocal influences? I'm hearing a few, and I want to see if I'm right or I'm just hearing what I want to hear in them. Nice vocal performance. I could use a few more harmonies here and there on certain words/phrases to add emphasis in the verses.
  10. I adjusted it a bit. Brought the kick outside mic up some in the mix since it had more of the low end extension. We'll see what that does. I'll bounce it down a little later. I also made some adjustment to the chorus guitar that does the octave part. It didn't pop out like I felt it should.
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