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  1. Excellente - this one surprised me - it sounds like a pro performance and mix - nicely done. I really enjoyed your vocal - well done there.
  2. I had to look up what a cajon drum box is - this composition was a fun listen, and I enjoyed the mix - there was quite a bit going on in there, but it works. Nicely done - this was an interesting listen - a bit of an ethno jazz vibe to it.
  3. Douglas Kirby

    kissin up

    It's an unusual song yet it kept me interested throughout - it's quite catchy actually - the type of song you sing along to. I liked your vocal - I thought it was an excellent performance - well done.
  4. I like this one Nigel - it's a rocker - I like the up-tempo groove. Your mixes are always good, and this one is no exception. The backing vocal phrase "Sounds Like Heaven" during the verses was very cool - I liked the fx there - nicely done. Now all you need is a record deal😊 Keep up the good work.
  5. Hi Lynn - thanks for taking the time to listen to my song.
  6. Thanks for listening John - I appreciate it.
  7. Douglas Kirby


    This is a bit different from your usual postings - I liked it - it reminded me a bit of a 60s or 70s movie soundtrack type of music, although the synth sounds 80s - nicely done.
  8. I thought it was a cool song and I liked the mix - well done there. I liked your vocals as well. The guitar work was quite good in this one.
  9. I thought it was a cool song - I thought the mix sounded fine to my ears. I enjoyed the lyrics - well crafted there. It sounded like you sang from the heart - nice job.
  10. Thanks for the kind words Paul - and I'll keep you in mind for a backing singer - cheers.
  11. Thanks Jesse - you guys here on the forum make it fun to make music and here your feedback. Regarding production, over the years I've really come to enjoy mixing my songs in Cakewalk- it might be my favorite part of the whole process.
  12. Thanks for the crits Tom - I'll give the song another listen regarding the bass and the kick - there's always room for improvement in the mix.
  13. Any module I selected (I tried several different ones) caused the project to crash. Also, I tried a few different projects and ended up with the same result. As I said, after uninstalling and then reinstalling the new version of Cakewalk, I now have no problems. Sure, I'll send you the crash dump. Thanks.
  14. The issue is fixed - I uninstalled the latest version of Cakewalk and then re-installed - now the ProChannel works fine. Thanks for responding.
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