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  1. Douglas Kirby

    She's Top Shelf

    Hi Everybody, This is a song I wrote back in 2009 which I never posted, and it's off my "Wishful Thinking" album. Please let me know if you have any critiques of the mix, and thanks for listening. Here it is: https://www.soundclick.com/html5/v4/player.cfm?songID=13529046
  2. Douglas Kirby

    Beyond Reason's Edge

    I thought it made me think of ELP a bit - a bit of a progressive piece. Nice job. Thanks for posting.
  3. Douglas Kirby

    Horizons (Steve Hackett Cover)

    I really enjoyed the listen. Funny - I bought a classical guitar last year - my first nylon string. It is a lot of fun to play - sort of a different world from a steel string. Thanks for posting.
  4. Douglas Kirby

    Signals from the Heavens

    That was a cool groove and listen overall. Thanks for posting.
  5. Douglas Kirby

    Can't Wait - work in progress (remixed 6/23)

    I too thought of surf music when the song started. I liked your lead vocal, and it sounds like you have a nice work in progress here - I don't know if it needs anything more actually. Thanks for posting.
  6. Douglas Kirby

    "Secrets (of the songs and dance)"

    Yes, the synths are cool on this song. I think the bass sounds fine, as does the overall mix. Cool ending. Thanks for posting.
  7. Douglas Kirby

    "You" by Scandalous Grace

    I enjoyed the song, and I thought the mix was excellent. Oh, I did hear a bit of the ssss on the BGVs mentioned above. Thanks for posting.
  8. Douglas Kirby

    Antisocial Media- Scandalous Grace

    The lead vocal reminded me a bit of Dennis DeYoung - sounds cool. I liked the song - good arrangement. The guitar solo was very nice. No crits on the mix - it sounded fine to me. Thanks for posting.
  9. Douglas Kirby


    That was wild - I never know what to expect from you. Very creative. It was a pleasant listen - thanks for posting.
  10. I enjoyed the song - your lead vocal works well with the song. The mix sounds good to me. I didn't hear the clunks - did you remove them? Thanks for posting.
  11. Douglas Kirby

    New song: "Broken Man"

    I enjoyed the song - I agree with the bit of melancholy to it mentioned above. I thought the mix was excellent, and I liked the video as well. Tasteful guitar solo and a pleasant lead vocal. Nice job - thanks for posting.
  12. Douglas Kirby


    I enjoyed it Wookiee - the music did sort of flow along - going well with your theme. I liked the bells - that was a nice touch. A creative listen - thanks for posting.
  13. Douglas Kirby


    Joad - Thank you very much for listening. The Velvet Underground - that's a compliment right there😀
  14. Douglas Kirby


    SPAK - Thanks for your comments and for listening - I appreciate it.
  15. Douglas Kirby

    Quietly She Sings

    I was taught a long time ago to sing from the diaphragm of the chest - from deep down. I sit down when I do a vocal, but I lean forward and sing from the diaphragm. Once I learned that, I rarely need to use Melodyne. In fact, instead of using Melodyne, I usually punch in and sing the phrase again.