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  1. martsave martin s - Thanks for giving my song a listen. That lead guitar on the bridge is my Telecaster through THU - I think THU is a really cool guitar plug. I used to use PodFarm - but THU blows it away. Lynn - I use iTunes for the conversion from wav file to mp3 - I'm going to see if I can use something different for better quality. Like you said, SoundClick takes CD quality mixes now - perhaps it's time for a change. I'm glad you liked the song - cheers.
  2. There are a lot of really cool guitar tones in this, and the performance is superb - very nice. You must be a fan of Satriani - just a guess. I really liked that ending - very cool.
  3. Douglas Kirby

    Cool Water

    This is a really cool tune - made me think a bit of Peter Gabriel - maybe that's because of your vocal. I really liked the sound of your lead vocal - whatever fx you're using there - and there were some very nice BGVs in this. The mix sounds quite nice to my ears - the bass line is very clear. There's a lot going on in the mix, but it sounds like you've got it under control. If I were you I wouldn't change the mix - it sounds professional - radio ready.
  4. Thanks Makke - I came up with the main lick on my 12 string, and it developed from there - it was a fun song to do.
  5. David Sprouse - Thank you very much for listening - yeah I liked the Kinks growing up - cheers. DeeringAmps - Thank you very much for your comments - I'll give the outro another listen. ABull - I'll give the mix another listen and perhaps add a bit more warmth to the mix. Old Joad - Thank you very much for listening to my tune. congalocke - Thanks for listening - the Telecaster definitely adds a different flavor on lead.
  6. I enjoyed that - but I wish it had been longer. Never been to Portland - I've heard it's a beautiful city - cheers.
  7. Douglas Kirby


    I really liked the sound of your lead vocal - whatever eq or fx you're using there are quite cool to my ears. You sound a bit like Peter Gabriel. Your song was quite mellow, but I liked it - very nice.
  8. That was impressive - you can certainly play lead guitar quite well. The mix sounded quite nice to my ears - I liked the tone on the lead guitar - what are you using there? Overall - a well done jam - cheers.
  9. For some reason this made me think of Devo - nice job overall on the lyrics.
  10. I liked the song - the arrangement and melody - cool tune. I thought the mix could use a bit more volume - a bit more punch to it. Your vocal is cool - even though I have no idea what you're saying😃 I think you have a potential hit with this if the mix is right - thanks for posting.
  11. It's a good song - I enjoyed the listen. The bass and kick were clear in the mix, and I enjoyed your vocal. Your vocal made me think of Cliff Richard. The tambourine was a nice addition to the rhythm track. Nice job overall - cheers.
  12. A Scottish folk song - this sounded like surfer rock to me - nicely done.
  13. Douglas Kirby


    It's a cool groove and I enjoyed the melodies of the lead synth. I thought the mix could use a bit more punch, if that makes sense - it's a bit too subdued. I agree with emeraldsoul about the drums - a bit too much of the same is the same - they could use a bit more variety - perhaps bring in the ride at some point. Anyway, thanks for posting - cheers.
  14. I enjoyed the video and the music fit very well with it. No crits on the mix - it sounded quite nice to my ears.
  15. That's a quality Christmas song - nice job guys. I liked her vocal - she sang it well.
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