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  1. I would have liked to hear the rhythm guitars more - they sound thin - perhaps some eq treatment or just turning up the faders. I couldn't hear the bass all that well either. Those are my two crits - good song - I always enjoy your vocal.
  2. I really liked this one Nigel - it might be my favorite song from you - nice job. Excellent mix - no crits there. Cool video as well.
  3. Freddy J - the King of the Blues - this is a cool song, and as always I enjoyed your lead vocal - nice tone there. Nice bgvs as well. I also liked the lyrics - fitting for today's times. I thought the mix worked quite well.
  4. Thanks for listening John - I appreciate it.
  5. Thanks for your comments Tom.
  6. Thanks Bjorn - I do like the Gem Voice - it has quite a few different vocal tones to it, and I'm still learning it as I go - I'm happy with the purchase, since I'll be using it quite a bit.
  7. Thanks Wookiee - I think I agree with you on putting a bit more reverb on the vocal.
  8. Hi Everybody, This is a track off of the album I'm currently working on called "The Westerly Sessions Vol. III". As always, any comments or critiques are welcome. I sang the lead vocal with an AT4040 through an ART MPA Gold preamp, and I processed the lead vocal with my new toy - Overloud's Gem Voice. The drums are AD2 and the lead guitar parts were played with a Gibson Les Paul through TH-U. Here it is: https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14110778
  9. I thought you did a pretty good job on this cover - the groove is right where it should be.
  10. I also thought the trumpet sounded fine - I enjoyed the listen for this one - nice job - somber is a nice way to describe the mood of the song. Cool video as well.
  11. I had a good time working on this one with you - the instrumental version is quite pleasant to the ears - I like the main melody of it.
  12. I enjoyed the listen - this is a very creative instrumental. I was trying to think of something that it reminded me of, but I couldn't think of anything - so you score high on originality here. It was cool when the dual guitars kicked in towards the end. I thought the mix sounded quite good - lots going on in it - well done.
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