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  1. Douglas Kirby


    Nicely done Bjorn - I enjoyed this - a quality video along with the music. Looks like a great place to visit.
  2. This is a top-notch song John - nicely done. As others have mentioned, EZKeys sounded really good to my ears. As Andy mentioned above, I thought it had a bit of a progressive rock vibe as well. The mix overall works for me - good job.
  3. Thanks for listening John - have a happy 4th.
  4. That was a wild ride Jesse - I really liked how the drums sounded through my cans. Interesting track.
  5. Thanks for giving this one a listen Jesse.
  6. Thanks Wookiee - glad you liked it. It's Guitar Rig Pro 6 - I purchased it last Black Friday for half price - not a bad deal - I'm still learning and exploring it.
  7. I enjoyed the listen - nicely done. Sounded great through my headphones.
  8. Thanks for giving my song a listen.
  9. Thanks for listening Nigel.
  10. Thanks for the crits Philip - I wish I could afford to hire a session drummer - lol. You're probably right in that I should do a better job on the rhythm guitar. Thanks for giving my song a listen. By the way, I do record with low latency, but not zero - I'll have to check to see exactly what it is.
  11. Thanks Freddy - the Fender amps in Amplitude are excellent - in my opinion.
  12. Hi David - yes that synth bass was quite interesting - nicely done. I really liked that ending - cool.
  13. Hit Tom - I was going to add a tambourine on the 2nd verse for some variety, but for some reason the drum map wouldn't show Flex 2, only Flex 1. I used Flex 1 for the cowbell on the solo section. I guess the AD2 kit I used on this one didn't have a Flex 2 - if that makes sense. Yes, I like the C214 a lot - I think it is just a bit better than the AT4040 for my voice, but it is close.
  14. Hi Tom - I remixed a new version bearing in mind your critiques - I think the hash you were referring to was Guitar Rig - so I applied the Sonitus Gate on the lead parts to limit the noise. Also, I made some changes to the bass track as well. Regarding Clapton tones - for some reason this one made me think of the lead tone in "Strange Brew" - perhaps because of the SG - just what I hear anyway. Thanks for listening - I always appreciate your ears.
  15. Hi Everybody, This is a brand new track I just finished up for the album "The Westerly Sessions Volume XI". On this one, I sang the lead vocal with an AKG C214 - one of my favorite mics. I know everybody's voice is different, but I like the 214 - it works for me. Also, all the lead work on this song is Guitar Rig Pro - I picked it up on sale for $100 last year - it doesn't have as many amps as Amplitude or TH-U - but it does have a huge assortment of fx - so it's fun to use. As always, any comments or critiques are welcome, and thanks for listening. Here it is: https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14448917
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