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  1. Here's to a speedy recovery for you Wookiee - cheers.
  2. I enjoyed your composition - nice job. Regarding the mix - plenty of depth and clarity for all instruments used - a very pleasant listen to my ears.
  3. As usual with your stuff - this song really rocks. You played the bass on this right - it sounds great. Your guitar playing is always excellent.
  4. Nice job Larry - that was a fun listen with my morning coffee. The harpsichord and cello sounded quite authentic to my ears.
  5. It's a well written song and I like the message in the lyrics. Again, you vocal makes me think of Dan Fogelberg - nothing wrong with that. You know, the brass sounded pretty good - what did you use there? Made me think a bit of Chicago.
  6. Douglas Kirby

    Empty Rooms

    That's a well constructed song - a very pleasant listen. Your vocal made me think of Christopher Cross a bit. I liked the mix - it sounds good to my ears. Also, the guitar playing was excellent - great tones.
  7. Douglas Kirby


    I also thought of George Harrison and Ravi Shankar - I really enjoyed the listen. You have a talent for composing - very nice.
  8. Yes, I enjoyed this composition - nicely done. Makes me want to buy a clarinet😊
  9. David Sprouse - Thank you very much for listening. bjornpdx - I'm glad you liked the song - thank you very much for your ears - I'll give those instruments another listen that you pointed out sound like they are only on one channel. Paul Bush - Thanks for giving my song a listen. DeeringAmps - I'll check out those guitar fills - I'm curious as to what you and Bjorn are hearing there - cheers.
  10. This has a pleasant country vibe - I really liked the banjo. For some reason now, I feel like listening to some Merle Haggard. Good start to the day with my morning coffee.
  11. Douglas Kirby

    High Road

    I really enjoyed listening to this - there's a lot going on in the mix. I've never used BFD drums - I'll have to check it out. Excellent mix - quite a bit of depth and well-balanced. Thanks for posting.
  12. How about with a chic through the forest😀
  13. DeeringAmps - Your comments are very kind - thank you very much for listening. Comparing me to the Kinks sounds cool to me - cheers. freddy j - thanks for listening to my tunes and I appreciate your comments. amiller - Thank you very much for listening.
  14. I enjoyed that Gary - very nice - well done.
  15. To me - this is a composition that leads to contemplation in the first half - interesting. The sort of thing where you ask yourself - where am I going, what am I doing - that sort of thing. The second half of the song is more of a party - bartender - I'll have another. I thought the mix was top-notch - I don't think the piano is too soft going out - I think it's just right. Nice job emerald😊
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