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  1. Douglas Kirby


    Nice work on this one David - I thought it was a good listen throughout. I thought the ending worked fine - well done.
  2. I thought the groove wasn't quite "in the pocket" - so to speak. But it's not bad - just seems a bit off, especially early on in the song.
  3. I think you have a good song here, but to me the drum track isn't quite in the groove - if that makes sense. But overall, this is a good song that demonstrates your style of composing quite well.
  4. I listened to "Constellations Collide" - an excellent tune - which is always the case with your stuff.
  5. Glad you liked it - thanks.
  6. Thanks for listening John - I appreciate it. Yeah, I know what you're saying - I don't really hear any new rock on the radio - only classic rock.
  7. Douglas Kirby

    Modal Mini's

    Creative as always - nicely done.
  8. Thanks Wookiee.
  9. Thanks for listening David. I took a bit of a break to write some more songs - always a fun challenge for me.
  10. Hi Bjorn - thanks for listening and for the compliments.
  11. Thanks for listening Andy - I appreciate it.
  12. Hey Allan - thanks for the positive vibes - I liked that you mentioned Ozzy - that's cool. Yes, the bass is a bit trebly - my Ibanez bass has a good variety of tones to it - so I picked what I thought worked best for the song. Perhaps you're right about it needing a bit more bottom end to it.
  13. Cool song Freddy - I thought the mix sounded pretty good to me. The vocal harmonies were well done on this track.
  14. Thanks for listening Freddy.
  15. Glad you liked it Tom - thanks.
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