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  1. I thought that was quite pleasant as well - went well with my morning coffee.
  2. Good job Bjorn - you did a cool version of the talking blues - it worked quite well.
  3. Yes - this mix sounds quite pleasant to my ears. It's a good song.
  4. Thanks Bapu - I appreciate you giving my tune a listen.
  5. Douglas Kirby

    Diamond Sky

    That was very cool Bjorn - I like that Heavyocity Vocalise you used in this - it fit the composition well. This had a dream-like quality to it - just my impression.
  6. Your stuff sound quite professional - I really like the song. The lead vocal is very cool -she's a good singer. Top-notch mix - well done.
  7. Very cool - an enjoyable listening experience. I really liked that cello in this. I thought the composition overall was quite good - nice job.
  8. Thanks Starise - I appreciate you listening to my song.
  9. Hey Barry - thanks for your comments and critiques. That hissing you heard in the background is the Waves Abbey Road Vinyl plug-in - it gives my tracks the warmth of vinyl - I use it on every song. I like it anyway. Thanks for listening.
  10. Thanks for giving the song a listen Allan - I appreciate it.
  11. Hey Makke - thanks for listening - I appreciate it.
  12. Oh yeah - that's a cool groove you had going on in this one. Your wife has a cool voice - very suave. The productions sounded excellent - a very nice mix to my ears. Nice one Daryl.
  13. Good job on this cover - I thought it sounded pretty close to the original. Well done.
  14. I think you have a good song here - I thought the mix was excellent. I liked your lead vocal. It sounds radio-ready to me - well done.
  15. Douglas Kirby


    Wow - that was quite a listening experience - that was wild - well done.
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