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  1. Thanks for listening.
  2. Thanks for listening Makke - I appreciate it.
  3. Excellent guitar playing Makke - this composition gave me a James Bond vibe (like Nigel mentioned above) - very cool. Nicely done.
  4. Thanks for your comments Tom - I appreciate it.
  5. Thanks for listening Steve.
  6. I liked this one guys - nice job. I thought it could have used some bgv aahs on the chorus, but overall well done.
  7. This one is a bit different from your usual work Bjorn - nicely done. This would be cool music for a lounge-type atmosphere - very chill.
  8. An impressive instrumental - nicely done. I thought the mix was excellent. Superstring theory calculates that there are 10 dimensions - that blows my mind. Also, I've read that there could be multiple universes - so what does that mean? Interesting stuff.
  9. Thanks Treesha - I appreciate your ears and comments.
  10. I thought you did a good job on this one - nicely done. Good song (I liked the melody) with a quality mix. I enjoyed the vocal performance as well.
  11. I agree with Lynn in that the reverb sounded quite good to my ears - just the right touch. Also, the guitar sections sounds quite good as well. A creative composition - nicely done.
  12. Very much a new wave vibe to my ears on this one. I'm curious - what fx are on your lead vocal?
  13. Douglas Kirby


    I liked the song and the mix - you definitely have your own style. Nicely done on the vocal. I also enjoyed the lead guitar intro and fills. Well crafted lyrics as well.
  14. Well done Nigel - excellent mix and "Sounds Like Heaven" is a quality hook - kept me interested.
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