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  1. Douglas Kirby

    Some arp fun

    I thought there was some nifty keyboard playing on this one - nicely done.
  2. Douglas Kirby

    Secret mission

    I agree with Daryl - definitely had a Bond vibe to this one - nicely done.
  3. I really enjoyed the lyrics - well crafted there. Top-notch mix as well - nicely done on the vocal. Also, that middle eight was trippy - very cool.
  4. Douglas Kirby


    I don't have any suggestions for the final mix because I thought it sounded pretty good to me - nicely done. I hope Rachael deserved this composition😄
  5. Thanks for listening - I appreciate it.
  6. Douglas Kirby

    Sunday jam

    Nice guitar playing Markku - well done. I love the tremelo/vibro on the lead guitar.
  7. Thanks for listening Tom. Regarding Amp5, it's pretty cool. My only complaint is that it's a bit slow to load on the first instance in a project. Besides that, it sounds great.
  8. I enjoyed the listen - this made me think of 80s synth pop/new wave.
  9. An impressive live performance - nice job. Regarding the mix, I didn't hear too much distortion, as you mentioned.
  10. Again - this sounds professional to my ears - a quality song and mix - well done. Also, having pretty women in a video never hurts😄
  11. I had to look up tone poem - I didn't know what it was. I enjoyed the listen - I think this is quite creative. It was lengthy but it kept my interest throughout - nicely done.
  12. Cool song and video Lynn - nicely done. I always enjoy your vocal - you have a top-notch voice.
  13. Nice job on this one guys - I especially enjoyed the lyrics. Quality mix to my ears - well done.
  14. Thanks Mark - this was a tough song for programming drums - it doesn't have any tempo changes, but it probably should. I probably shouldn't have posted this, since it's a bit too loose - oh well. Thanks for listening.
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