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  1. that was Hodgkins from "Bones" ...made a dog well up...
  2. If they can't get T's taxes made public, then they can't get a DAWG's!!! I think I'm OK!
  3. I've got a full version 3 I'll sell you!
  4. DOH! I probably still owe him back taxes from 2012...
  5. There are some...Gigastudio is the biggest one that comes to mind (especially since I lost a lot of $ on it!)
  6. 'sup guys! don't touch my becan...
  7. I just picked up a Dell mini desktop at a local computer shop for $75. i5 2nd gen 3.1GHz, 8G DDR3. no HD, no OS (duh). I already had a 1T mechanical drive with Win10 installed I can use for it. I plan to use CdB and video editing software on it for recording at church.
  8. mmmm....Beagle's Becan! I've seen Karen on "the facebook" occassionally. I hear she's "got a gun"
  9. Thanks so much Bob! very glad you liked the harmonies and the guitar solo! Sean will very much appreciate that! and we all work hard at our harmonies, so thanks for that! thanks for the listen and great comments my friend!
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