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  1. 'sup guys! don't touch my becan...
  2. I just picked up a Dell mini desktop at a local computer shop for $75. i5 2nd gen 3.1GHz, 8G DDR3. no HD, no OS (duh). I already had a 1T mechanical drive with Win10 installed I can use for it. I plan to use CdB and video editing software on it for recording at church.
  3. mmmm....Beagle's Becan! I've seen Karen on "the facebook" occassionally. I hear she's "got a gun"
  4. Thanks so much Bob! very glad you liked the harmonies and the guitar solo! Sean will very much appreciate that! and we all work hard at our harmonies, so thanks for that! thanks for the listen and great comments my friend!
  5. Thanks so much, kloon! appreciate the listen and the suggestions! we'll look into it.
  6. Beagle

    Quietly She Sings

    John, these guys, Christian, Tom, Douglas, they're all correct. Please don't take criticism as a sign to quit. Your songs are really good, don't quit just because one dog says you could improve. Use that to fuel you into doing better and yes, EVERYONE can improve unless they have a physical limitation that prevents them from doing better. There are free options on the internet. search them and try them. work on it. DON'T give up.
  7. Beagle

    Quietly She Sings

    Michael is completely correct. the voice takes as much practice as any instrument, and I certainly am not an expert vocalist, I have to train and practice constantly just to get to the level that I have. I sincerely apologize if I have hurt your feelings. even tho the voice is an instrument, it's the most personal one. saying someone needs help with their singing is usually an insult and believe me I did not intend to insult you. I only want you to take my comments and use them to learn to do better. you have the potential. I am sincerely suggesting that you use that to make yourself better.
  8. Thanks John and Tom! we appreciate the feedback a lot and we always discuss each comment and appreciate each one! thanks again!
  9. Thanks so much Tim! we do a lot of different types of styles - we have a CD coming out soon and there are at least 5 different distinct styles. 3 guys...whatever sounds right at the time is what we write! thanks!
  10. Thanks so much, John B! we appreciate that a lot! that's one thing we really hope to get across in our songs is the connection and feeling with the song and lyrics. thanks again!
  11. awesome chune, monkeys! love it! ....even the bazz!
  12. Hey Rockin' Bob! how are you buddy? great song and mix is really good! love it! if I may criticize just a little, there were places where your playing and the guitar recording didn't match - a latency between your fingers and the sound. it won't bother non-musicians, I'm sure, but I notice it easily. Also, that's you singing, but you're not singing in the video, only playing guitar. I'd like to see a singer in the video, too. great song and great performances as usual, my friend!
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