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  1. Beagle

    Hot Dog!

    Hey Freddy! nice rockabilly - really good guitar work and your vocals are perfect here! great stuff!
  2. Daryk me ol mucker! I would recognize this as your song without an introduction! great work! love it!
  3. excellent Tom! very creative! nice work.
  4. Beagle


    Hey my furry friend! nice work on this. I really liked the fade out and change up. good stuff!
  5. Beagle

    The Restitution

    Very nice, Tim! I love the tension you created and resolved. nice work.
  6. Beagle

    BJZ presents Nattmara

    Awesome Ed, James, Ken, Hugo! drums are really good. really good. kept waiting on the guitar solo...OH my really nice, Jaymz!
  7. Hi Everhyone! Ready for some MOTOWN????? we've been slow getting more new music out lately, but I think we're starting to break through the barrier! Here's our latest! All comments welcome! Beagle Bain: Words and Music, lead vocals, Rhodes, drum programming, mixing, producer Michael Hanson: BGVs, Bass, Rhythm Sean Peifer: BGVs, Rhythm, Lead solo
  8. I bought Sam when they had the super sale on it right after Gibson dumped Sonar. I never did "get into it" - I ended up selling it on KRV. I am using CbB.
  9. no one knows? "it's all crash! it's all crash! In the loudspeaker!"
  10. Hi guys, there's a feature in track view editing mode that drives me crazy. when I click on the mouse wheel, I ONLY want it to bring up the HUD. but it has a dual purpose and if the mouse pointer is not exactly where sonar thinks it should be for the HUD for that track, it will advance the track view. I really want to be able to disable that function. If I push on the mouse wheel, I ONLY want the HUD, never advance track view. I can't find anywhere in the documentation where it tells how to disable this. is there a way to do it?
  11. that was Hodgkins from "Bones" ...made a dog well up...
  12. If they can't get T's taxes made public, then they can't get a DAWG's!!! I think I'm OK!
  13. I've got a full version 3 I'll sell you!
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