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  1. I just bought a new computer (yay power, boo price!) and I've installed CbB, but of course all of my settings are not transferred. I want the control bar to ALWAYS appear on the BOTTOM of the screen, not the top! how do I get it to persist there?
  2. Hey Tom! so glad you brought your suggestions to the table! always a pleasure hearing your perspective! thanks! and a shout out to Danny as well from me! so glad you joined in the band of merry listeners! thanks for your comments and suggestions, as Mike said always a pleasure to hear from you! thanks also to David, Wookiee, Tim and Douglas. this was a pleasure to help Mike on this song bring it to it's current glory! agreed, it may drag a tad, but that brings it a character of it's own as well thanks again everyone!
  3. hey bapsi, jamz and zarg! I was expecting an epic, and wasn't disappointed! great chune! love the wall o' sound!
  4. Hey Daryk me ol mucker! this is great! had me smiling and tapping to the beat the whole way through! so glad you're being true to your perfect self!
  5. I remember the original that Tom posted. this is a beautiful addition! kudos to you both!
  6. very nice guitar playing, Adam. are you using a delay on the acoustic to create the stereo space? Happy anniversary! lovely family!
  7. love the stereo arpeggios! awesome photos! the ending seemed to cut off tails of reverb and even sustains. you might want to check the ending to make sure you're not cutting off the tails.
  8. thanks everyone for the comments so far! we appreciate them very much!
  9. Thanks everyone for the great comments! Like Mike said, we've been kinda slow lately ever since our last CD came out. this song, IIRC has been "in work" since November of 2019! we have some more "in the pipe" as well, stay tuned and thanks again for the great comments and suggestions!
  10. I have adjusted the vox with EQ and volume to cut through the areas of where the guitars overlap. let me know what you think of the new version! same link!
  11. Thanks Bjorn! I have uploaded a new mix version with the vox EQ'd and raised some to break through the guitars. I appreciate the comments on the tempo, but I don't plan to change the tempo at this time. maybe at a later date. thanks for the vocal and guitar compliments!!! Thanks Tim! I appreciate the listen and the comments! you can be as truthful and transparent with me as you want! Thanks Doug! I appreciate the listen and the great comments! I might increase the tempo at a later date, but I don't plan to re-work for tempo at this time. I do appreciate the comments on it, tho and it seems to be a consensus to up the tempo next time I work this. thanks!
  12. thanks Daryk! we would love to be able to play live together, but alas one of us lives in California and the other two in Texas. Mike and I have played live together and we did play some of these songs, but it would be so much better if we all 3 could! I hear you on the tempo and of course everything you say in critique is taken in love because you're the love monkey! I'll consider upping the tempo, but that might be for a much later version - that would take a lot of rework. thanks so much for the listen and comments mate!
  13. Thanks, Gary! I plan to work on the mix some based on your suggestion here to get the vocals to pop out over the guitars. appreciate it!
  14. Thanks so much John! we appreciate the listen and comments!
  15. oh boy! this is a really nice song, Paul. the lyrics are very sad, though. this may be an odd comment to you, but the lead guitar playing seems opposing to the lyrics. it seems "happier" than the words it is complementing. just my 2 cents.
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