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  1. Hi all! here's a remake of a song I wrote a few years ago. I wrote the song as a tribute to a friend who had lost his life due to depression and addiction. some of the folks of this forum helped me on the original and some of you may remember the original version. thanks for listening! critiques are welcome! Lead Vox, drum programming, B3, mixing: Reece Beagle Bain Rhythm Guitar, Bass, BGVs: Michael Hanson Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, BGVs: Sean Peifer Additional BGVs: Beverly Bain, Diana Hudson
  2. Thanks so much John! glad you appreciate it! Thanks Tim! I always struggle with tempo. did I do it too fast? too slow? IDK. if we ever redo this one I'll consider a faster version! thanks Appreciate it Paul!
  3. Really great Paul! production is top notch on this! loved the guitars great work!
  4. Beagle

    Milo !

    Hey Kenny! this is just great! toe tappin' fun! loved the guitars - awesome playing as usual!
  5. Beagle

    End of a Long Year

    Hey Bjorn, this is really good! I've tried using Z3TA+ before but never could get it to sound like I wanted it. you've done a great job with it here!
  6. Beagle

    Peace Be Still

    Really nice Tim! loved it!
  7. Hey Rich! great song! love your daughter's harmonies!
  8. Beagle

    show me your heart

    Hey Jack, good song I agree with my friends above, keep at it, it's a learning process and you have potential!
  9. Very nice, John! it was too short, tho!
  10. Beagle

    Stay Forever

    Hey Doug, love the guitar fills on this. chorus is really good. thanks for sharing.
  11. Beagle

    The Lord's Prayer

    Hey Tim - this is really great! I love the guitar and flute and really nice instrumentation. if I could critique a little, though, your vocals sound "distant" - as if you were singing too far away from the mic. the sound of your voice is great, you have a good voice - but the recording of your vocals is very different from the instrumentation. they sound like 2 completely different things that have been put together.
  12. Thanks so much David! yeah, I love having the ladies sing with us, but it makes mixing a lot harder! lol!
  13. Thanks so much Freddy! I'll look into the levels on the lead vox. appreciate it!
  14. Thanks Bapsi! appreciate it my friend!
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