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  1. Right now, on my hard drive, I have twice that much socked into vst and plugs I will hardly ever use. I could have bought food, or paid bills, invested, or gambled it away. Your question is over my pay grade. What I do is shake my head in disbelief, and then go on to the next Larry post, to see what else I could "invest" in.
  2. I should have been more specific. I would not be sending signals. I will only be needing power for the laptop, speakers, focusrite solo, and midi keyboard. I want to be able to "compose" outside under the trees. Thanks for the advice Outrage! Thanks Tim, I had seen those specs online, but wanted to make sure I was being accurate. I appreciate your verifying that I should be OK.
  3. Let's say I want to run an extension cord for my laptop, midi keyboard, and computer speakers and let's say I need to run it for 100 feet from the outlet what is the cord I need, and is there a line conditioner or something I need so I don't ***** this up? Thanks in advance
  4. I feel like I'm on Sunset Boulevard, heading north, on a road trip to nowhere only thing I can say is push it the top is closer than you think!
  5. light is tender at the dawn, and the dusk it just flows out of you it does right?
  6. whenever an artist slangs the real thang it is good don't do anything except maybe thank your lucky stars you found harmony and her smile
  7. work it out if you are tied to her elst kick her to the curb and walk alone there's plenty to be had
  8. There is reality and then there is Freddy an amalgam of the dark and the light dude knows where to go
  9. Jesse Screed

    Rain - video

    I love the rain and I love your foray's don't ever stop what you are doing I need the inspiration
  10. I have not heard a rendition of this for long now I can't remember when she sure is a good one Thank you so much
  11. Jesse Screed


    so see' I had posted a response earlier but for some reason it did not stick what I said was, it sound like your hands, your ears, and your imagination are having a cup of tea together
  12. Jesse Screed

    Modal Mini's

    Still my touchstone trying to figure out how you found that hello
  13. there is no harm in putting the hammer down you always shake the rafters and aim straight dang dang
  14. at first it sounded like you were a bit hesitant but then you stepped into yourself nobody will hear the truth until you express it
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