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  1. I like GR PRO, I use it mucho. I am on 6, but I will not upgrade at that price, because I want to have food too.
  2. I am so thankful for all the free years that CbB has provided, and this is my thank you song. This was all recorded in CbB. https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=14654357 when you get watermelons make what you can.
  3. I basically feel the same way as you do Keni. I have loved my years with Sonar, starting with Sonar 6 and all the iterations after that including my Lifetime Updates that I purchased. CbB was great for me and I am excited for the future and to see what the new Next and Sonar are. When you do the math it could very well be "less than the total cost one double latte a week from your favorite coffee vendor per year," to continue using my favorite DAW. We all have an individual tolerance for ambiguity, some more, some less. I look forward to the future. Peace!
  4. Well dang nabit, I know all about buyer beware, but jeepers. Is this really true? I can read, and it says no rollback installer. But is this for the latest early access which is causing issues? If so it is now time to find a different solution. I still have my lifetime Platinum somewhere. Surely this will be addressed and fixed.
  5. I am having some strange save issues also. It has happened on two projects which were produced on various versions of Sonar and CbB. Clips disappearing and other weirdness that I can't seem to pinpoint because it is so random and head scratching.
  6. This is the first time I have tried the early access. I am having some strange behavior with the new early release also. I can't quite nail it down, but after saving I am experiencing lost clips and other weirdness. I have not spent the time to dissect it, but there is something strange happening on projects that were stable before. I think I might roll back to save myself some frustration.
  7. Three Things in Human Life Are Important. The First Is To Be Kind. The Second Is To Be Kind. And the Third Is To Be Kind Henry James
  8. Hello Johnny V, I have been following your journey and I know that you leave no stone unturned when seeking the truth. I have read the links hsmusic provided and there was some great info. My only point was that Bandlab does offer a paid service, but they also offer the service for free. If you choose not to pay the monthly fee they take a 20% cut of your royalties. When I look at the payout from all the streaming services a 20% cut is nil. It will take over 6000 streams on Spotify to make $25.00. If you take the free service from Bandlab you will get a check for $20, with Distrokid you end up with $5 over the year. The biggest issue I had with the Bandlab service is that it was so vague and didn't really provide much info. That may be because it is so new? Yes, there is always a glimmer of hope. It is a great skill to have sharkdar. I wish you all the best in your quest, and thanks for all the great videos you provide to help us all learn to use our tools.😊
  9. Hello JohnnyV, Bandlab has a distribution service also. I don't know anything about it, but here are some links. https://help.bandlab.com/hc/en-us/articles/16970445724825-What-is-Distribution- https://www.bandlab.com/distribution I did find a little more. There is a free trial. After a free trial you can still use the service but it is an 80/20 split, but if you only make $0.22 from streaming who really cares. https://blog.bandlab.com/how-to-use-bandlab-distribution/ https://blog.bandlab.com/intro-to-bandlab-distribution/
  10. https://tubitv.com/movies/475594/death-by-metal another great workout video
  11. check this out, maybe you can use it Tezza
  12. https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=14645199 Silence is golden 50 will get you nothing
  13. Since I've Been Loving You Otis Clay
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