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  1. https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13936420 you may say you're not of my ilk you may say I have no grounds for my complaint in no small degree I'm responsible for this lamentable situation I find myself in
  2. thanks for trying, I don't know if I have seen you here befkre I know exacltly what you mean, that is probably the most cognizant post evr, thank you so much sortry this fred I know
  3. A bit of? That is pretty high praise for a miscreant like me, but I will take it as more of a Bob Dylan allusion than the bender part allusion🤣 I will have to look up tonality, I am not sure what the definition of tonality is. Do they have tonality in rural Cheena? I am working on some new stuff, so I will get back to you noynekker. What is a noynekker? Seriously, it rolls off the tongue so easily, but I feel like I am just speaking in tongues, would you care to elaborate? FYI, I was named after a distant Uncle, supposedly he was related to Charlemagne, and Charlemagne was related to some others. At least that is what my Vikram has said. My Vikram is afraid of spiders, so I am not so sure if I agree. Anyway, isn't life in the unintended fake consequence facts wisdom to the extreme era cool? Man, if only my brain had not rusted might I have the heart to roar. For some reason I have an urge to listen to some Toto. Carry on my capricious one. What happened to Kansas could happen to anyone,
  4. Hello Freddy, it probably says more about you, than about me. What I mean is, you have a larger bubble than most people. For instance, I know people who eat the same thing everyday. That doesn't make them bad, it just means that they don't wish to do their thing any other way., and God Bless them for that, we need them around. When it comes to listening to disparate musical styles, you have dabbled in may genres, and you have found value in most of them. Craig B also seems to have a major bubble, he has like 50 gagillion song files by everybody from virginal cherubs to zombies. Now here is how I do what I do. It takes equal parts of the list below. 1. Ambivalence 2. Lack of training 3. Curiosity 4. Gumption 5. Naievete 6. Being alive now, during the technological revolution, where everyone is a cinematographer, rock star, novelist, expert, influencer, future worm food... 7. Luck of the draw 8. Something else I can't think of right now That's really about it, thanks for listening Freddy Jay Jay
  5. https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13929577
  6. I did read it, the whole way. I found it interesting that you can say Melda must be as good as you say!
  7. Hello Robert, I am thankful for you as a member of this forum. You are always so helpful. You were correct that the Axiom had been transposed. Your solution was partially correct, and did lead me to the solution. The Axiom has two buttons, (one labeled -, and one labeled +,) situated above the mod wheel. The buttons function as Octave or Transose. Somehow over time the keyboard had been transposed. What I had to do to correct the issue is hold down the two buttons simaltaneously. That changes the Axiom from OCT to TRANS, and sure enough it was set at +9, all I had to do was set it back to zero. t hen I pushed the buttons simultaneously again to get it back to octave mode. Thanks again for your reply. I have edited the name of the topic in case someone else needs the same information.
  8. When I load an instance of a soft synth and set input to my axiom 49 and I press middle C on the axiom The vsti plays an A note, 9 steps above C how do I correct this anomaly? thanks spirit
  9. Jesse Screed

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  10. https://www.soundclick.com/html5/v4/player.cfm?songID=13923924
  11. First song, first set, at Jam on the Green, a precursor to the night ahead. Once the sunsets, it all kicks in.
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