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  1. because you need to either educate yourself, or find a new hobby
  2. What about you? But what about you? Well what about you? Hey, what about you? https://www.bandlab.com/ But, but , but, but peace is so Pollyanna Them kids! Do you want to educate them, or teach them a lesson? Don't see no hooks in your But t.
  3. You know, I'm starting a new thread. Though many great points have been made, This is getting us nowhere. We're comparing raisins to grapes. There will always be grapes and there will always be raisins. It is a pour soul who "what abouts you" that "never the twain shall meet." The Woodstock generation? Honestly?
  4. An article comparing the 1987 Stereo remasters, the 2009 stereo remasters, and the 2009 mono remasters. https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/13425-stereo-box-in-mono/ "These CD versions are definitely louder across the board, but there's still plenty of breathing room, so that the dynamic sound-- and these records were nothing if not dynamic-- hits the way they should. Interestingly, the mono mixes are uniformly a bit quieter than the stereo mixes, tending to fall somewhere between the original stereo master and the new one. To get geeky here for a moment, a few diagrams, so that you can see the increases in volume with the new set."
  5. freedy it's a game of wait and see it's all about skin s in the game PROFESS yourself you right there you see the before and after do it
  6. I knew an Esther I really miss her This made me remember her I cried Thank you
  7. Jesse Screed

    With Being

    treesha! I am so glad you posted this keep doing that and you'll be golde. I like this I want to be free I want to be child like, too I would dance with you
  8. Jesse Screed

    Warp 9

    and wookiee is adored by the infinite
  9. are you sleeping? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKx6t8T9iwY
  10. me too this good, it is I like IK sales I remember getting T Racks 5 for $99, most thanks to the cclar coffee house sub forum.
  11. Jesse Screed

    Monkees cover

    OK, now I remember you. You released an album about a year ago, Despite my Situation. I need to pay better attention! Great work, inspiring!
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