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  1. Jesse Screed

    My New Years Resolution

    No more Wham bAm Thank You Ma'am It's going to be a slow boat to Cheena from now on. you just wait and see
  2. Jesse Screed

    "I Need Some Socks"

    E soul so great to hear from you way so much going on here tasty acoustic there at 3:30 or so so if you really you are in the weeds I say cut this down to no more than 3:00 you can do it man I could say more but right now i am indisposed anyway, it doesn't really matter, but it is really good, now make it better
  3. Jesse Screed

    iTunes we hardly knew ye

    so I checked out that link and I typed in beatles and noticed that electric light orchestra was far removed but it is still a great resource
  4. Jesse Screed

    Sweet Anne (version critique please)

    that is a great story, I am happy that your woman tolerates you so early in the morning she must be a gem stone keep her close
  5. Jesse Screed

    Save that old version of CbB

    you used some great phrasing "did it a few times" "to be sure I wasn't drunk" "something went nutzo." the truth will set you FREE
  6. Jesse Screed

    I'm not a Rock Star, but I play one on the Internet

    dang, I know, missed that Llama thanks for pointing that out. your (queue the grammar *****) the best
  7. Jesse Screed

    I'm not a Rock Star, but I play one on the Internet

    my pleasure. scrolling is good, but I can go with the down arrow key or the page down key, depending on my state of mind.
  8. Jesse Screed

    I'm not a Rock Star, but I play one on the Internet

    Kenny, forgive me for my effrontery, but that does not look like your Duke, the duke I know always has a smile, but if it is your duke, well, I apologize. I hope he feels better soon.
  9. Jesse Screed

    Lighthouse (for my Mom)

    Cool, nice playing, and neat use of woodwinds(?) Just very nice use of instruments that I don't hear often in my world. excellent piece you should make a video collage with this, to share with the rest of your family.
  10. Jesse Screed

    iTunes we hardly knew ye

    here is a link to a store that sells it. It has some thumbnails that enlarge parts of the poster. It looks like you could get lost in there for awhile. Might even expose you to some artists missing from your Excel spreadsheet. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MUSIC-POSTER-OF-ROCK-BANDS-ON-TREE-GUITARS-DRUMS-KEYBOARDS-/392242161950
  11. Jesse Screed

    New Year, Better Day

    david, please come back.
  12. Jesse Screed

    Sweet Afton

    love it needs lyrics, but pry not.
  13. Jesse Screed

    Lighthouse (for my Mom)

    sue wish i could hear this
  14. Jesse Screed

    Your A Woman

    I just found a 688! gave a little jack for it, but it was worth it. This is indicative of what can be done? Jou banked it baby!