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  1. now I'm not an expert but just maybe AI has been pulling the strings all along and now the truth is becoming clear are we waking from a stupor or what not
  2. well, it is great to me, and i am deaf in my right ear the vocal should cut through a bit more, not louder, just eq but if I had written this song, I would be okay if I died tomorrow
  3. You are the Fool! https://www.bandlab.com/post/1013e8d3-6c2b-ef11-86c3-000d3a9eef58
  4. to copy me you must be intelligently artificial for every way out there is another way out too https://www.bandlab.com/post/f2dc8506-a22a-ef11-86c3-000d3a9eef58
  5. so much turmoil in the world in 2019 I asked Freddy to do a collab he provided this can't believe it was that long ago https://www.bandlab.com/post/f2dc8506-a22a-ef11-86c3-000d3a9eef58
  6. full disclosure I paid for the backstage ticket specially when they said 30 percent off was as good as it gets 104 so now I have a year of sonar, and backstage name tag still can't eat at the buffet, but do get to stand in line to get a fist bump from the bass player I record with cbb or sonar nearly everyday I understand you all have your vibe and what not so then there was a thread about AI I'm going to post everything I have recorder to that backstage thing don't really care I could use 2 boom boxes and headphones for a mic and it will alll be the same, when i can't even affford that I'll just sing anyway but yes I get it change, FI oh, and my next song in the song forum is a collaboration with Freddy
  7. Elvis Presley and Nancy Sinatra - Ain't nothing like a song.
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