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  1. https://soundclick.com/r/s8nt4h
  2. Hey Simeon, I watched your video about the ordeal I especially liked the story about the boat going to the other side we are we are also, does one of our forum moderators know that you have a hairy rendition to your left? anyway, I hope the best for you
  3. this is the 7th movement of my sos symphony would you push my button.mp3
  4. Thanks Bapu, I just measured my hand from wrist to tip of middle finger and I get 7.75 just like you. Is that considered big or small or medium? I am not able to use my thumb on guitar or base, but maybe it is a problem with flexibility or technique. It just looked like his basses all had thin necks. Thanks for the info on basses. I have a MIM P base.
  5. Well, I watched it during my workout, and I have to say I was more impressed by his credentials than the presentation of the ideas. He is obviously a very smart human, and he was probably rushed for time, but it seemed like maybe he wasn't super prepared for it. Not that it was bad, but if he worked on the delivery a little it could be a whole lot better, that's just me, I get what he means, wonder how it translated in real time for the audience whose first language was not English.
  6. Hey bass players, Are the necks on 4 string basses narrower than on a 6 string guitar?
  7. very nice bass work. The music seemed happy, but the subject seemed sad. I guess it is the absurdity of life right? Nice arrangement and cool use of organ and ?harpsicord? Cool son, can't wait to hear the album.
  8. Oh Great, first Keith Wilby's Garden and now this😞 I read the first line in the description and knew I had to proceed. I like songs about real experiences. So I'm going to listen I like songs that move in and out. I can really hear the anguish coming through your guitar playing. This made me reflect on all the people I have loved that have passed, as well as the friends and family that are dealing with life's travails. Thankfully we can find some solace in the music we create. Bless you!
  9. Jesse Screed

    The Garden

    I like the simple arrangement too. I really like your voice on this one. What is that instrument at 2:15? Wow, what a heartfelt piece. I really like it.
  10. This is a great question, but I find that I should always stop about 2 steps before I finally do. I think you should contact the team and pitch this to them. It would be perfect on the big screen at the stadium with full volume. I really appreciate the way you always seek to have better mixes. I learn from your queries on the sub forums. Keep on seeking!
  11. This reminds me a bit of King Crimson, and I like it! Jack, you are an endless river of musical ideas.
  12. Now this is something I can relate to in my own little way. What effects did you use on the vocal? Did you play the guitar? I like the way it has different comings and goings. Very cool and inspiring. It is a great message if you listen to the lyrics. This is cool, what do you call this style and who were some of your influences on this song?
  13. Nice JB, I am not familiar with the Cure at all. Nice guitar work and sounds. I did notice the backing vocals too, but can't make a comparison to the original. Nice mix and really like the guitar, if I may repeat myself.
  14. Jesse Screed

    Time to Fly

    Have you lost your mind? At least, and damn fine at best! Love it! All of it. Nice work. Got me going after the Free Ear Candy Dream piece I listened to before this!
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