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  1. Jesse Screed

    I Smell Fish

    Hey My Brother, I did not find you unpleasant in anyway at all. My music has been sorted as genius to garbage. I don't care. I was just expressing myself to my reality, take it with a grain. What I do care about is that you actually listened to it. Don't mind all the asterisks, I was just making a point about censorship. The only way to combat free speech is with more free speech. Now if you may allow me to go off on a soliloquy Roses are not always red Violets are not always blue the measure of our success is how we perceive me and you If you are hateful you will surely find hate If you are tolerant you will surely find tolerance The above gibberish has nothing to do with anything, Thanks for listening, and thanks for expressing yourself, the first take is not always the best take, it goes both ways, and here we are now. I would surely lend a hand if you would take it. SEND ME BACK LOCK ME UP
  2. Jesse Screed

    I Smell Fish

    I can't even make a living busting my ***** for the man so what the ***** does this matter
  3. Jesse Screed


    *****ing kick ***** ***** ***** the rumours engine red ***** yes kick that steel bitch drag on drag on
  4. Jesse Screed

    "Tomorrow Is Today" - original song

    I could not agree more I have a hard time being careful what I say
  5. Jesse Screed

    Like an Atom Bomb Ready to Explode

    https://www.soundclick.com/html5/v4/player.cfm?songID=13911820 one of these days and it won't be long you'll look for me and I'll be gone she fa doe
  6. Jesse Screed

    I Smell Fish

  7. Jesse Screed

    I Just Don't Trust the MAN anymore

    https://www.soundclick.com/html5/v4/player.cfm?songID=13910556 20 4 16 OR 16 4 20
  8. Jesse Screed

    I have seen the Krystal Kreek Kairy

    I know Freddy, and who would want to? cept those "square the circle" people like you, and a smattering of others. I have a serious problem and I can't shake itl I have a new one called "el paco es locos" but it seems like spitting into the wind nobody goes to the All Night China Buffet everyday so i will languish and make a salad
  9. Thanks SCOOK, I am doing an internet air hug with you right now!
  10. Hello all, Because I generate a project practically everyday, And because over half of them lead to nowhere (IMO🤣). Thus taking over gigs of space, As well as leading to confusion, I am reviewing, and deleting many of them. I store all audio on per project basis, so when I delete a project, am I deleting all remnants of it, or are bits of it stored elsewhere besides the project folder? And if bits are stored elsewhere, where should I look to delete those bits too? Also, when I choose to rename a project, should I use the Save As function, or just go into the file folder and change it there? Does the Save As function create another project? I looked in the manual, but could not make sense of it. I am not good at making sense, sometimes. Thanks!
  11. Jesse Screed

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

    Thanks for that! I just assumed that if you already had a $99+ product you were in😀 Thanks Matthew,🍀 the clarification gives me food for thought.
  12. Jesse Screed

    I have seen the Krystal Kreek Kairy

    In a million years I would never think anyone would appreciate this. But after knowing you guys for a while, I can honestly say that you all probably aren't afraid to plunge into the deep head first. You guys are both what I would call cut ups, and you are probably scallywags too.
  13. Jesse Screed

    A song or band like... [This Song]

    I won't be able to help, but Craig is a go to guy when it comes to this stuff. He has like 50 bajillion songs in his collection. He will find it, but it will probably come to him when he is eating a bagel with cream cheese while watching his favorite conspiracy channel on youtube next week. Let us be patient
  14. Jesse Screed

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

    Larry, I agree 100%. Absolute crazy bidness, and no loyalty for the likes of you and many others. Fold that Rant up and put it in your back pocket because a rant like that needs to be presented on a regular basis....even though IK cares, just not enough to adjust. Now I find out that I don't qualify for the promotion, it has to be a mistake. I have the tape collection Modo Drums Modo Bass T Racks 5 Max Amplitube 4 max SVX 1 ARC 2.5 Sample Tank 3 I could contact them, but I just might not, it is kind of convoluted how you contact them....extra clicks...find the right department... What else do I need anyway? Give them Hell Larry, I'll let you know if I think you are taking it to far, but this time not so much you.
  15. Jesse Screed

    Daddy Don't Live In That New York City - Steely Dan cover.

    The Dan! Man jeepers gilligan, that was cool