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  1. ABull


    Hi Paul thanks for listening & commenting -- appreciate it - Allan.
  2. I don't hear 'epic' but it was well recorded and arranged. The choir sounds don't do the piece any favors -- perhaps you could use them sparingly and not bring them in so soon. It's good to challenge yourself and I wish you well in your work -- Allan.
  3. ABull


    Thanks Nigel. Hey Byron, very descriptive comment -- thanks.
  4. ABull

    Lucille (a Cover)

    Hey Freddie, wow, for a minute there I thought you were gonna do Richard and I thought man, Freddie's got a pair to attempt that. BUT, your cover of Everly's version is great -- your vocals are spot-on as is the feel of this -- everything is just right and a toe-tapper. I enjoyed this a lot -- good work! -- Allan.
  5. Hey, this is well recorded -- very clear mix -- Allan.
  6. ABull

    The Meaning of Love

    Hey Rex, very good demo of a very sweet song -- the clarinet? could do without but hey... -- Allan.
  7. ABull


    Thanks Freddy -- glad you like the song :) -- Allan.
  8. ABull

    Nothing to Me

    Very nice Nigel -- no crits from me -- good stuff - Allan.
  9. ABull


    Thanks Nigel -- I'm glad ya like it :) -- Allan.
  10. ABull


    Thanks Tom -- Allan.
  11. ABull


    Much thanks Paul :) - Allan
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