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  1. ABull

    To Always Love You

    Hey Rex, another terrific demo from you - the mix is very good -- I like your acoustic guitar playing: the rhythm is slightly unusual -- and, your vocal is spot-on: a warm resonate sound coupled with good phrasing. Good work~~Allan
  2. Hey Douglas -- this is a good demo of your song -- vocal is riding the mix just right -- maybe drums could go up a tad tho--nice work~~Allan
  3. Hey Rex, this is a terrific demo of your song -- vocal is very good as is the mix -- cool title too :) I enjoyed this. ~~Allan
  4. Very nice listen -- good arrangement -- thanks for sharing.~~Allan
  5. Hey Freddy -- this is another cool number -- I like those guitars cos they sound swampy -- and bless your heart for not rhyming Sally with Alley :) ~~Allan
  6. Yeah, and they last a long time -- I've had mine for years and it gets a lot of use -- and oh yeah, I use the mic a lot too~~Allan.
  7. Hey, I'm glad you like the song -- thanks for listening & commenting~~Allan.
  8. Why thanks Freddy -- I'm pleased that you like it~~Allan.
  9. Yeah, Squeeze were/are a great band aren't they? -- some wonderful songs. And Tilbrook is such an underrated guitar player -- fluid and melodic.
  10. Hi John, thanks for the tip -- I'm pleased you listened a few times and that you like the song--much appreciated mate~~Allan.
  11. Hey Gary, can't say I hear that but I'll take the compliment :) I'm not a huge fan of The Stranglers songwriting and I'm not overly familiar with them but I've heard a bunch of their music that I've liked -- esp. JJ's roaring bass and those proggy keys~~Allan.
  12. Hi Douglas, that's my one and only mic -- the sm57. Glad ya like the song -- thanks~~Allan.
  13. Hey Paul, thanks for listening & commenting mate--glad ya like the song~~Allan.
  14. Hey, thank you for listening and commenting -- I'm glad ya like it~~Allan.
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