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  1. ABull


    Hey, this sounds very well put together -- the mix is good as are the performances. Only nit is that to me it sounds a bit too bright and the mix could use a bit of breathing room -- good work -- Allan.
  2. Hey, very modern sound -- everything sounds great -- hope you get some traction with it! -- - Allan.
  3. Hey, Steve, glad you like the demo -- thin guitar and all...:) -- Allan.
  4. Hey Nigel, thanks for listening & commenting -- yeah, that thin sound is an integral ingredient of my special demo sauce -- Allan.
  5. Hey mates, here's my demo of one of my new songs Beneath The Southern Sky... BENEATH THE SOUTHERN SKY -- written (music & lyrics) & performed (vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, percussion editing etc.) by me – home studio.
  6. Hey Larry - thanks for listening & for those comments on my demo - yeah we could all use a carver of tones-- right? -- -- Allan.
  7. ABull

    MADNESS (Revised)

    Hey Freddy, a little bit - just a little - out of your usual wheelhouse -- another corker I'd say -- but those drums need some work mate -- -- Allan.
  8. ABull


    Hey Paul -- very nice -- esp. when it gets to the doo-wahs and the bridge -- some clever chord changes there. It does seem that the song really gets going from the bridge on -- maybe try to connect the verses before that better music-wise? The mix and arrangement are pleasing as are the vocals. Catchy song - - Allan.
  9. Hey Freddy, this is a different type of song from you, I think (haven't heard them all) -- the recording needs some work (eq and stereo separation come to mind) but the demo gets the song across as demos are usually want to do, right? I like the melody on this and the guitars are good -- your vocal sounds a bit different too -- I like it! :) Allan.
  10. ABull


    Hi Paul thanks for listening & commenting -- appreciate it - Allan.
  11. I don't hear 'epic' but it was well recorded and arranged. The choir sounds don't do the piece any favors -- perhaps you could use them sparingly and not bring them in so soon. It's good to challenge yourself and I wish you well in your work -- Allan.
  12. ABull


    Thanks Nigel. Hey Byron, very descriptive comment -- thanks.
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