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  1. Where indeed, right mates? Here's my demo of my song Where Do The Days Go?... WHERE DO THE DAYS GO? was written (music & lyrics) & performed (vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass guitar, percussion editing etc.) by me – home studio -- you know the drill... © IncaBull Music
  2. Hey Kenny, I've been listening to a lot of JH lately (esp. Band of Gypsys) so this hit the spot. Very nice mixing and of course your playing is stellar. I really liked the relaxed funky feel of this too. Only two nitty nits ------ you coulda left Bette (no "y" there) out of it and I wouldn't be unhappy and the chicken pickin' parts kinda took me out of the feel of the more Jimi inspired parts of the song -- more Wah, more Jimi! As usual...great.~~Allan.
  3. ABull


    Thanks much Sabby.
  4. ABull


    Hey Kurt, I'm glad you enjoyed my little demo ditty --thanks for listening~~Allan.
  5. ABull


    Hey Mark, I feel your pain -- don't we all? -- thanks for listening~~Allan.
  6. ABull


    Hey mates, here's my worktape-demo of my song Things!... Things! was written (music & lyrics) & performed (vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, boxy drums edits, etc.) in my home 'studio'. No autotune, melodyne or the like were hurt (or used) for this demo.
  7. Hey Kenny, whenever I have dreams of playing -- I mean really playing -- electric guitar...I sound like you. Your playing is fantastic, mate.~~Allan.
  8. ABull


    Thanks Paul, as your work is of such high quality I truly appreciate your listening and commenting. And hey, thanks for digging that guitar solo and that bridge! As always, I look forward to hearing your next song post, mate~~Allan.
  9. ABull


    Hey Paul, thanks for that -- coming from you that's high praise indeed~~Allan.
  10. ABull


    Hi Kevin, glad you like those vox and I appreciate your telling me -- I'll keep your comments about the falsetto in mind for a new mix -- you say love your stuff and I say back at ya mate~~Allan.
  11. Cool vox on this Paul -- perhaps a bit busy arrangement wise and there seems to be a lot of noise like Kevin said -- it also sounds brickwalled. But, given that, it has the sound of much of what you can hear today in indie music (actually going forward from the 80s) so there's that~~wishing you good traction with it~~Allan.
  12. ABull

    Melody In My Mind

    The mix is pristine (see Kevin's comment) -- that synth violin can really sound poignant and you did good work arranging this to bring out that aspect.~~Allan.
  13. ABull

    Cats Don't Care

    Hey, the mix is good and clear as a bell. I like your voice -- it has an appealing hint of English 80s new wave -- nicely done~~Allan.
  14. ABull


    A commODE TO BANALITY Dis here's such a glad azz bump not like that certain sad azz chump who thrills his mates with bad bazz thumps on songs that smell like his azz dumps.
  15. ABull


    Hey thanks Paul.
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