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  1. ABull


    Thanks for your generosity Douglas -- I'm glad you like the song :) -- Allan. Hey Freddy, I appreciate your listening & commenting -- glad you like it! -- Allan.
  2. ABull

    Lead Me On

    What a cooker Douglas -- from the intro drums on it has a terrific feel and your vocals are spot on. (there's a bit of Ozzy in your voice amirite?) I like the mix and the sound of the guitars -- and the bass (could use a little more bottom but hey...). All in all a really enjoyable listen -- oh, yeah, liked that guitar lead too -- -- Allan.
  3. ABull

    Blues of the Night

    A lot of passion in this Freddy -- one of your best vocals imo -- it has somewhat of a Dylanesque feel to me -- (another) good one! :) -- Allan.
  4. ABull


    Thanks Nio
  5. ABull

    Take the Knife

    Great production, performances, recording and arrangement! -- Allan.
  6. Beautiful demo of your song -- that guitar performance and tone is the tops! Good work my friend -- Allan.
  7. ABull


    Good vocals Paul -- Allan.
  8. ABull


    Thanks for your nice comment T.
  9. ABull


    My Song To My Self
  10. ABull


    Hey Freddy -- I'm glad you appreciated it -- thanks for listening :) -- Allan.
  11. ABull


    Hey Tom, thanks for those generous comments -- much appreciated. - Allan.
  12. ABull


    Thanks for listening & commenting mate :) -- Allan.
  13. ABull


    Tomorrow Is Today
  14. I don't care for that rambling song but you did a good job of capturing it -- -- Allan.
  15. Hey Paul, this is a terrific demo of your song -- nice arrangement with good vocals and sweet acoustic guitars -- (wish I could get acoustics to sound that good -- one of the major banes of my recording existence!) Allan.
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