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  1. Thanks Paul -- coming from you that's quite the compliment -- Allan.
  2. Thanks much Freddy -- glad ya like it -- :) -- Allan.
  3. Hey Douglas, thanks for listening and those specific comments -- I agree with you about the drums so I remixed it -- thank you for your ears, mate! -- Allan.
  4. Hey mates, thanks for all of the listens & comments -- glad you like the song -- :) -- Allan.
  5. “Society is invincible—to a certain degree. But your real life is your own, and nothing can touch it. There is no power on earth that can prevent your criticizing and despising mediocrity—nothing that can stop you retreating into splendour and beauty—into the thoughts and beliefs that make the real life—the real you.” ― E M Forster, Where Angels Fear to Tread
  6. Hey mates, here's my new demo of my song Mr. Together's Comin' Apart -- Remixed 4-27-2021 MR. TOGETHER'S COMIN' APART was written (music & lyrics) & performed (vocals, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, etc.) by me – home studio where I don't use *@t##ne%*^ M@#%dy& or the like. © IB Music - ASCAP
  7. ABull


    Thanks mate -- your appreciation is much appreciated by me -- :) -- Allan.
  8. ABull


    Well, that's charming of you to say RR -- thanks :) -- Allan.
  9. ABull


    Hey John, thanks for that -- Allan.
  10. ABull

    What was I thinkin'?

    Hey Freddy, I close my eyes and listen to this and suddenly it's over -- I open my eyes and I'm shocked that I'm *not* sitting in some roadside joint -- that's very disorienting mate -- -- another good one from you -- Allan.
  11. ABull


    Freddy, thanks so much for those kind comments -- I'm glad you like my 'lil 'ol demo (...and the like) -- Allan.
  12. ABull


    Thanks Kurt.
  13. ABull


    Hey thanks Douglas -- yeah, way back in the way back when I attended Acme College of Demo Knowledge, I majored in no-autotune...and the like...and minored in snappy snare sound. So, good catch on your part... :) --Allan.
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