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  1. kakku

    Dance Tryout

    Thank you
  2. kakku

    Dance Tryout

    Thank you Wookster
  3. kakku

    Dance Tryout

    Thanks Tom. I did the project files with my old 32 bit daw so it would be a lot of work to fix the mix as I would have to do replace all the plugins in the project. My old daw comp is missing since after I moved. But thanks for the tip. Maybe I will remake the project on my current daw. I am experiencing reduced thirst for all daw related stuff so it may be much later
  4. kakku

    Dance Tryout

    Thanks much. I used the free Aquestone plugin
  5. kakku

    Dance Tryout

    Thank you
  6. kakku

    Dance Tryout

    Hi. Wanted to visit the song forum again so decided also to post my old tune, which I have posted before but the improved version did not get more than one listen so I decided to post it as I have no new stuff done. I'm still virus free or I at least think so. I hope the virus will not break you. I welcome comments.
  7. Very good song and video looked also very good
  8. kakku


    Very nice mix sounded good in my ears
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