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  1. Only reason i started with cakewalk was that a copy of cakewalk express came with purchase of yamaha's sw60xg. It was easy to use
  2. kakku

    Simply Dancing

    Thanks for commenting. I think there is not too much wandering going on. I might return to this tune later. Problem with that is I bought a new computer after making this tune and I would have to do it again on my new computer because my old computer is now very slow. I would like to make new stuff rather then fix old tunes but writer's block is my problem in this plan. I can make new stuff but I cannot get decent quality stuff done. I hope I get over this phase soon
  3. kakku

    "You" by Scandalous Grace

    Very good. Sounds pro in my ears
  4. kakku

    Can't Wait - work in progress (remixed 6/23)

    Sounds great already so could start another project.
  5. kakku

    Simply Dancing

    Hi. Time for another kakku tune. Horns included. Not too complex. I welcome comments. Å
  6. kakku

    Beyond Reason's Edge

    I really liked this. Great melodies and well mixed
  7. kakku


    Master piece is not too far said when describing this wonderful song
  8. kakku

    Reason Why, pop rock

    Thank you for an extra large comment post. I really don't like the tune enough to make many changes as it would take too much time and I don't have much time except on weekends and even then I think I will try to make new stuff
  9. I think it was Yamaha sw60xg, an isa card. I thought it was great and worked like a charm
  10. kakku

    Reason Why, pop rock

    Thank you. Maybe I will return to this bad boy(this tune) again bit later
  11. kakku

    Reason Why, pop rock

    Thanks for the comments and tips. I gotta work with 'em drums more
  12. kakku

    Reason Why, pop rock

  13. kakku

    Reason Why, pop rock

    Thanks. It is a sampled free dsk sax. Pretty good for free vst
  14. kakku

    Reason Why, pop rock

    Hi. Time for another kakku-tune. Old but I rewrote it better I think. I hope you like it. Comments are welcome
  15. kakku

    "I Need Some Socks"

    Funny lyrics combined with excellent performances. Like Zappa reborn with an attitude