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  1. kakku

    Wusik Products 90% off

    Wusikstation download feels pretty big and I hate big downloads with slow connection. I have a pretty speedy connection but some plug sellers give really slowly their stuff and there is not many reviews of Wusik
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    Thanks. I opened the x1 project in cbb and I can see I used sq8l, which is a free 32 bit vst, and cakewalk's dimension Le which I liked a lot but don't have anymore in the new daw. I used fm8 in the verse melody. I could improve the tune but I would just need to find new sounds to replace the 32 bit vsts.
  5. kakku


    Hi again good Forum folks! I put this time an older tune for your enjoyment (I hope at least). I did this one on the x1 so I cannot edit a lot this tune as my old comp which is in pieces atm and the parts are even in two different cities hold the x1(sorry very cumbersome text). Anyway, I hope you like the tune and all comments are welcome
  6. kakku

    Summer Dreaming - Song # 8

    Slightly Vaiesque guitar work. Great melodies and performances and nice soundscapes
  7. kakku

    "Demented Circus"

    Brilliant stuff. Great jazzy grooves and melodies. And ghost like theremin stuff and then came even country vibes. Awesome stuff dude
  8. kakku

    Understand (New Lyrics)

    Very nice. I got an almost bit of fusion feel from the instrument parts
  9. kakku

    I Smell Fish

    I feel this is one of your better ones in it's fusion like and relentless attitude
  10. kakku

    Bangin and Poppin (metapop tune)

    Hi. I did a quick bass boost thing on the tune. I hope you like it better now. https://metapop.com/JonTrask/tracks/poppin-and-bangin-bass-boost-edition/94259
  11. kakku

    Sonivox Filmscore Companion

    For the price these are almost unbeatable
  12. What software did this? I have hyped samplitude which I never use btw, but i paid nearly 200 euros for it but it does not torment me with ads
  13. kakku

    Emotional Gtr [new mix]

    Very good
  14. kakku

    Bangin and Poppin (metapop tune)

    Thank you
  15. kakku

    Bangin and Poppin (metapop tune)

    Thank you