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  1. kakku

    Jam In Am

    Thank you. I thought the name would do something like that
  2. kakku

    Jam In Am

    That you
  3. kakku

    Jam In Am

    Thank you
  4. kakku

    Jam In Am

    Hi. For some reason I made this tune private when I posted it long ago. Now it is public. I do not know where put the project files so I cannot edit it more. I hope you like it and I welcome comments
  5. kakku


    Very cool tune
  6. Really good song and the performances were great too
  7. I liked it. Very good song. Listened with koss portapros and mix sounds good
  8. I do not like the plain pringles but the paprika flavored is alright
  9. kakku

    Dance Tryout

    Thank you
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