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  1. kakku


    Thanks for help. I decided to use the Sentimental Mind tune although the mix is not great and the chorus is a bit busy
  2. kakku


    Thank you
  3. kakku


  4. kakku


    Thank you
  5. kakku


    Should I post the links I think are my best or should I ask a mod to transfer this there?
  6. kakku


    Thanks for helping. Bangin and poppin is already used in metapop in another compo. Also used in metapop are Missing you and Sol. I got 3 days left to send my 'winning' tune. I don't take the compos too seriously because there are so many good writers participating in the contests
  7. kakku


    I need help(and not just psychiatric help;)). You see there is a great composition contest at the metapop site. To win I just need to beat hundreds of other competitors with one of my tunes. I need you to say which one of my many tunes is somehow best. If you have listened to many of my tunes maybe you can say which you have liked the most. I am probably sending my Xentris 5 tune or Peace or Darkest Hour vol ii. So if you have the time or remember which tune you have liked, then please help
  8. kakku


    Hi. This is one of my bit older tunes. I hope you like it. Comments I welcome
  9. Very good performances and melodies. Mix was also good imo
  10. kakku

    Say It Again

    Very cool sounds and melodies
  11. 820 GB would be horrid. Especially with slow download speeds. It would probably scare off all but the bravest
  12. Once again your deductive detective skills rival the skills of Sherlock's
  13. Very nice melodies. Singing voice reminded me of the excellent late Freddy
  14. kakku


    Thank you but cant get vocals
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