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  1. Great service. Thanks for the tip
  2. Just went to the aas pages and indeed there is a sort of guitar upgrade I do not have. But.. the upgrade is blues oriented and blues is one of those styles that I really cannot do. Blast...
  3. I just bought the funk guitar upgrade. Dunno if the is sumthin that grabs my interest as I think I mainly need guitar thingies
  4. kakku

    This Is Your Life

    Very nice. Splendid even
  5. kakku


    Thanks for the analysis. I think you are correct. I might try fixing this when I am able again
  6. kakku

    DMS Acension Synth

    For some reason I did not like the presets on this synth. Not sure which is the culprit, my ears or the synth
  7. kakku


    Hi. This one is just about year old I think. I hope you like it and I welcome comments.
  8. kakku

    The Walking Wounded

    Very good song. Nice melodies and your own style
  9. Good song for head bashing etc. Real groove monster
  10. kakku

    A Christmas Songs

    Very nice. Real Christmas song
  11. kakku

    Flowing Going On

    I agree this is a problem with this tune. The second version is not much better
  12. kakku

    Flowing Going On

    Nice to hear this. Thank you also for the improvement suggestion
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