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  1. bjornpdx


    https://soundcloud.com/orygun/tranquility Kind of a cross between Vangelis and Heavenly Music Corporation. Thanks for listening.
  2. bjornpdx

    1 Bit

    Hey I know that guy! Great arrangement as usual. I don't think I could get those instruments to work together so well. I gave up on VocalSynth but gonna have to give it another try after hearing what you came up with.
  3. bjornpdx

    Something a little experimental

    Those darn banshees night after night. Pretty cool story - the breathing leading into tortured sleep and told in synthesized sounds. I'm not familiar with the Roland Space Echo thing but excellent use of those Arturia instruments.
  4. bjornpdx

    Baby Boomer Blues

    I can certainly relate to the lyrics Freddy. I think this is one of your top five songs, if not the best. And I always like the photos that go with the song titles.
  5. bjornpdx

    Presonus Announcement on May 21st

    Studio One 4.5 gets stuck on plugin scan for me and others. I tried following some suggestions on the Presonus site but didn't work. Did a system restore to prev version and all is good.
  6. bjornpdx

    Come on Down and see MY PHarm

    "Come on Down and see my Pharm" is the catchiest phrase I've heard in a long time. Can't get it out of my head.
  7. bjornpdx


    Douglas I just keep repeating myself after listening to your music. Great song and great performance and I wish you all the success you deserve.
  8. bjornpdx

    New song "I will love you forever".

    Yeah, this version is better than the first and a huge step in the right direction. I think your voice sounds just fine and you should bring it out more.
  9. bjornpdx

    A Wookieeised attempt at Berlin School type of thing

    Wookiee Nice one. I really like it. I just bought Arturia V Collection 7 and I've been playing around with the Modular synth a bunch trying for that nice Berlin school kind of sound, like you're doing. Good stuff.
  10. bjornpdx

    Plan 9

    Leadfoot and Douglas Thank you for the comments John B My birth certificate says I'm 72 but if I didn't know that I'd guess 18.
  11. bjornpdx

    New song "I will love you forever".

    The lyrics belong in more of a ballad genre so I think a simpler arrangement would be better, maybe just the piano with a string pad and bg vocals. I like the piano intro and the fill at 1:25 BTW. The vocal is too quiet at this point so hard to comment on that. It's a promising start for sure. Just one man's opinion. I know what you mean about recording and re-recording vocals to fix a few bad spots. Often it sounds different because something changed in the environment or the recording level isn't the same, etc. Melodyne is great but sometimes it introduces artifacts like clicks or weird transitions and then you have to fix those things.
  12. bjornpdx

    Plan 9

    Kenny, Paul, Lynn, amiller, ramscapri and Tom Thanks for listening and commenting. John B - The movie came out in 1959 so yeah I was around.
  13. bjornpdx

    Dad's Song

    Leadfoot I could tell by the waveform that the mellow part at the beginning would soon get a lot less mellow but I didn't expect the AC/DC rock n roll energy. I like the "heaven is a little bit louder" which tells me something about your dad. I'm guessing you're a chip off the old block. Outstanding performance and guitar playing!
  14. bjornpdx

    Song - Interlude

    Very pleasing interplay of lead gtr and backing guitars makes for a relaxing afternoon. I listened to some of your other tracks and they're all very good, esp River Ride that you posted a while ago.
  15. bjornpdx

    Collab Gold - Made Emily Dickinson Poem Come to Life

    Hawk, I really like this and I think Emily would have too. 😁 Great idea to use a well structured poem to build a song upon and you and your collaborator did this very well. I couldn't make out the lyrics in several places but I have more trouble with that than most listeners I think. All in all, a great song!