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  1. bjornpdx


    A little bluesier than your other tracks. Love that guitar solo. Yeah, I'll second JohnB and declare this song as my favorite of yours.
  2. The vocal isn't as up front as the 1st attempt and that helped bring out the backing tracks more.
  3. bjornpdx

    Dance Shower

    An energetic tune to brighten up your day and with the kakku style change-ups Good luck on the move
  4. Tom I really wanted a lead instrument to come in around 2:40 Bass sounds very good, stands out clearly. Good interplay with the bass and drums. Seemed like the volume wasn't consistent
  5. Wow this is nice. There's a little hesitation in spots but doesn't distract. I like the little embellishments here and there which make a big difference in the performance.
  6. bjornpdx

    Tamiami Trail

    Wow there's a blues song for you. Someone mentioned toe tapper, and that it is. 0:20 great driving bass line Never would have guessed Tamiami is pronounced like it is.
  7. I don't think I've ever heard this genre on the forum before. Can't call it a blues song cause the bouncy tune put me in a good mood. Very inventive to say the least. Could be background music in a Betty Boop cartoon (and there's a cultural reference you don't see every day)
  8. Wookiee A little more introspective than your others. I like the kind of mystical quality to it. Is there a z3ta+ synth in there? I missed that part where you had surgery? Which explains the cone comments. Wish you the best.
  9. bjornpdx

    An Artist - video

    I'm going to forward all the nice comments to Aunt Betty. I just know they'll put a smile on her face. Thanks everyone.
  10. US Army here. '68-'71 Spent a couple years maintaining radar site on remote hilltop in Germany. Managed to avoid Vietnam.
  11. Bhav Not sure what genre it's in but I like it. Piano accom to poetry reading. You could almost cut everything else out and it would work. Well just my opinion. I use Nectar on my vocals (it's essential really) always high pass shelf up to about 150Hz then boost some of the mids. Doing that removes a lot of the roughness in my voice to the point of a near acceptable tone. And then there's Melodyne... Often I just give up and do the talk/sing thing.
  12. Bat Can you come over and show me how to play a guitar? Thanks. Excellent as always. Nothing else to say.
  13. FJ Pretty cool. Not like my recording sessions where I always worry if my neighbor will start up his lawnmower. She's an excellent vocalist.
  14. JB Only Time Seemed like a mismatch between the upbeat music and lyrics. But then nice transition at 1:17 with the brooding strings. Need more of that. Vocal is quite good. Not sure if that voc fx on "woe, woe" is really needed or what you were trying to do there. The rhyming and cadence are very good. I was confused about: "wish there was a way to leave you" implies you're still in the relationship "only time can heal me now" implies that relationship is over but the pain remains. Ominous: "something that I cling to" "Why would you care?" Overall, I did like the song quite a lot. I get the feeling that I might have missed something about the lyrics.
  15. bjornpdx

    Skin Tight

    Excellent production. Love the guitar solo and bass. Definitely an 80s tune. I kept hearing bits of Eleanor Rigby in there.
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