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  1. Freddy Just love your bluesy playing. Haven't heard a song about cars and racing since the Beach Boys days. The lyrics get stretched bit too much to make them fit the music but that's OK. You have a knack for creating fun songs.
  2. bjornpdx


    Kakku Yep, very Kakku song. Lots of changes in there. That bell like synth sound at the very beginning seemed perfect in a song about summer, but the bass kind of overpowered it. Cool song.
  3. David I like it. The horns at the beginning bring up a picture to me of a busy major city street. Reminds me of 70s cop shows with the jazzy background music. Doing jazz isn't easy and I think you did a great job with the composition. Might be too episodic at this point but I'm guessing it's more a work in progress.
  4. amiller Thanks. Appreciate the listen. Tom I tried lots of different violin and string vsts and they all sounded too much like violins - that kind of scratchy sound they make that I don't like. The factory violin in Kontakt sounded pretty good to me. Gonna try using straight ahead synth sound instead as per Daryl's suggestion below. JohnB Thanks for listening and commenting. Daryl Thanks. See my comment to Tom above.
  5. bjornpdx

    A New Day

    douglas vocal is really good as expected and I thought you did very well with the piano. this song isn't up to the level of the others you've posted I think because this one's not quite as melodic. something like that not sure.
  6. Piano is a bit mechanical sounding you always do wonderful things with the guitar cool that you recorded the storm and used it in the song
  7. Got it and got it going now. Thanks for the tip about updating biab to latest build.
  8. Daryl I always like what you do with your lyrics. In the 1st verse: "You've changed" in line 1 Then: "It's strange" in line 2. And then Shame/blame. Being the lyrics guy I am I'd suggest that same kind of rhyme in verse 2. Except for that nit I enjoyed the song quite a lot.
  9. Thanks Rik I did have it as an oboe and harp at one time and it almost worked IMO. I should look at that again.
  10. Rik You posted a Django song a while ago and mentioned his finger injuries. Didn't know that you too have those issues and despite that you play really well! Excellent sound! I have this pattern of learning the guitar and then quitting, then starting over again 15 years later. So I restarted again a couple of months ago and it's coming along. My goal is to play Creole Bell like how Mississippi John Hurt played it. Listening to you and all the other great players around here is an inspiration.
  11. A work in progress. I like the melody but the arrangement could be a lot better. I wrote this a few years ago with a flute and guitar instruments but I decided to change to violin and piano which sounded better to me. The piano part isn't how a piano is usually played I guess. I used the violin and concert grand instruments from the Kontakt Factory Library so nothing fancy there. Thanks for listening.
  12. bjornpdx

    Dig Summer

    You captured that bouncy spirit of summer sound very well. I thought the vocal was good and the song itself worthy of more development.
  13. John, Yeah lo-fi I guess, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's a really nice song. Way better than what I was doing back then. Great guitar playing too. Back in the late 80s I used my home stereo and a cassette recorder to record my music. I didn't do anything that required a mic like sing or play guitar. Had my Atari 1040ST with Dr T KCS and Ensoniq ESQ-M. Eventually I transferred all the tapes to wav files and I listen to them now and then, mostly when I'm feeling nostalgic.
  14. The PDX in my user name is the airport code for Portland, Oregon. I use that so I can be distinguished from all the other Bjorns around here.
  15. bjornpdx

    Valse a deux,

    Rik I really enjoyed listening to your excellent playing. I had never heard of Django's injury before. Boy, there's an inspirational story!
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