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  1. Sea Anthem I started writing this about a year ago and I was really liking the melody but then I realized the melody was actually from the Song of the Seas track from Vangelis' Oceanic album. So I put the project on hold. When I heard that Vangelis had passed away recently, I got back to the project, changed the melody a bit and tried to make the song sound like something Vangelis would have done. So kind of a tribute to Vangelis. 6 minutes. Sorry. Pigments Omnisphere u-He Zebra and Repro Analog Lab V Wide Blue Sound Orbit
  2. Moods correspond to different scales, for example the "Spanish" scale has a mystic quality to it. Not sure what kind of mood corresponds to the scale you just played Wookie, but definitely not comfortable, at least to the Western ear. IMO -Bjorn
  3. bjornpdx


    Nigel, short but sweet bonus track. One of those songs that carry you off to someplace pleasant. -Bjorn
  4. I'm really liking the melody and lyrics John. You have a strong vocal range that handled the highs and lows of the song very well. -Bjorn
  5. Like Larry T. said above, definitely a Eurythmics influence here. Sounds great! I always enjoy your vids because they have that Lynch/Fellini kind of strangeness. -Bjorn
  6. bjornpdx

    Modal Mini's

    Nice one. Different from your usual. I'm guessing you were switching from one mode to another (Dorian, Lydian...) Reminds me of the communicating with the aliens scene in Close Encounters. -Bjorn
  7. bjornpdx


    Spanish guitar song but no guitar? Orchestration with the flute is very nice. I like how you handled the ending with the ascending notes before landing on the final one. -Bjorn
  8. Very nice interplay of instruments. Is the vocal from Micah's choir? -Bjorn
  9. bjornpdx

    Rain - video

    Thanks guys. I appreciate the input. Hey, John B is back!
  10. I like it. Around 0:40 it kinda went into a circus-y bit which instantly brought to mind Country Joe and the Fish. "1-2-3 what are we fighting for..." Well it did to me anyway. -Bjorn
  11. Klaus Schulze and now Vangelis. That's like half my music collection right there. So very sad.
  12. Another one of yours I enjoyed listening to Freddy. Great intro and really nice melodic theme throughout. The overall sound comes across very well. Could use a stronger chorus, one that really grabs the listener. -Bjorn
  13. bjornpdx

    Lead Me On

    Bit more aggressive vocal than your usual. Excellent guitar work and nicely done drums - very impressive. -Bjorn
  14. I listened to the Knowing Not Knowing track. Very good! I liked the cinema like bits in the otherwise jazz genre of the track. -Bjorn
  15. bjornpdx

    Rain - video

    David - I hope this doesn't turn out to be one of those years without a summer. I remember a couple of those around here. But I definitely don't want 115F like we had last year. Wookie - Dogs are like little kids. They love jumping in puddles and getting all wet and you having to clean up after them. Jack C - Thanks I do appreciate the comment Doug - Thanks! I read some articles by Craig Anderton about LUFS and limiters and such which really helped my mixes.
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