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  1. bjornpdx

    It's Not That I'm Old

    amiller, gary, steve, lynn Thanks. I wasn't sure if I should post the song or not so I appreciate the positive comments.
  2. bjornpdx

    Too Lonely, pop stuff

    Very cool airy synth at beginning. Really good melodic changeup at 0:52 and 2:05 Impressive drum track. Kind of abrupt change 1:36 but I like how you added in the synths as it went along. I think I can recognize a kakku song anywhere now. 😄 Nice job.
  3. bjornpdx

    One more Day - Collaboration with Grem-Simeon

    Beautiful song. There's singing and then there's singing with emotion. You expressed the sentiment of the lyrics incredibly well with your compassionate delivery. I listened on headphones bluetoothed to my laptop at Starbucks. I couldn't make out some of the words esp those sung at a lower volume. I think the voc could be clearer if you EQ'd out the muddiness around 80Hz or so. Of course, this opinion is from an older guy whose hearing ain't what it used to be so take that into consideration. Love the photo. 😃
  4. bjornpdx

    My Babe Is So Slinky (with even more changes)

    I love your music Freddy. It always puts a smile on my face.
  5. bjornpdx

    Silver Lining

    Lynn The light reverb on the voc is just right. Guitar accompaniment is excellent. The horns ~2:20 didn't work for me. Really liked the section ~ 3:20 with just the bass, voc and minimal percussion. Great job esp on the lyrics!
  6. bjornpdx

    Elegy for Doc - in memory of my father

    Very moving tribute to your father. I agree with Tom about the piano volume. Really like the theme starting ~2:40.
  7. bjornpdx

    It's Not That I'm Old

    I saw a bumper sticker that said It's Not That I'm Old. Your Music Really Does Suck. Always wanted to write a song with those words so here it is. Maybe the lyrics are a little snarky? I had a lot of trouble with the vocal track. When it sounded ok on my studio monitors it was too muted and muddy in the headphones on my mp3 player. Tweaking the EQ made the ss's and ch's stand out too much. De-ess'ing made me lisp. I went in and brought down the volume of individual ss's and over enunciated t's and b's and that introduced some clicks to deal with. Anyway, this is what I got. Thanks for listening.
  8. bjornpdx

    Public Domain Video Websites

    Maybe not exactly what you're looking for but you could try the Prelinger archives https://archive.org/details/prelinger You can find all kinds of free public domain stuff. There are links at the upper left corner to videos, audio, texts etc.
  9. bjornpdx

    Snow in June

    Good job on syncing the video with the music. Are those your legs dangling off the building? Really good gtr track. seemed like the resurrection of an old song worked out really well.
  10. bjornpdx


    Thanks everyone for the comments. Always encouraging. Tom, yeah that strum wasn't supposed to be there as soon as you hit the Play button. Sorry for the GI issues or any ensuing cardiac arrests.
  11. bjornpdx

    Take to the Sky - sorta colab

    daryl I like the song a lot - the guy singing is incredible. I'm impressed with the vocal track which I assume you did some work on? If so, would you work on mine next? Just kidding, but it does convince me to learn more about mixing vocals.
  12. bjornpdx

    "Destination Unknown" (Rock)

    bob o As mentioned above you write perfect lyrics for the genre. And it's easy to make out the words because you have that great voice and the mixing ability to make it stand out. You really have that wanna-hit-the-open-road feeling here
  13. bjornpdx

    Aankhon Aankhon Main (2019) - By iAmad

    pcode Terrific song. Good mix and very clear vocal. Effective reverb. Not so sure about the vibrato effect near the end though. I don't know anything about Urdu music but did you use a particular scale in this song? Couple of notes I wrote while listening 1:13 auto tune effect? 1:31 bass glitch?
  14. bjornpdx

    The Cardinal - An Original Ragtime Piece

    Jeff, I checked out a couple of Professor Longhair YT videos since I wasn't familiar with him. Gave me a better idea of what you were going for so I listened to your song again. Have to say the drums are a pretty cool accompaniment and the horns seem to fit in perfectly. I'm impressed with your piano composition - really melodic and fun.