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  1. bjornpdx


    Thanks Jack Nigel, I bought the library years ago on sale and finally got around to using it. I have a lot of stuff like that. lol Wookie, yeah I thought the saz was a little loud but I'm never sure since my hearing has been steadily going downhill lately. Appreciate the comment. Noynekker Thank you!
  2. Steve, you really know how to hit the emotions with your voice, lyrics and delivery. Very well done (again). Enjoyed it a lot. -Bjorn
  3. bjornpdx

    Space Trouble

    Space Trouble Electronic genre with some old B movie dialog interspersed here and there. Thanks for listening/commenting -Bjorn
  4. Hard to watch and hard to realize that events like this actually happened. Not sure why you're concerned about political correctness? Great lyrics and you made them fit the video well. Looks like the soldiers are marching along to the beat. Only connection I have with WW2 is that I have a relative who helped rebuild destroyed cities in Belgium. -Bjorn
  5. bjornpdx


    The vocalist is from EastWest's Voices of the Empire library. ( www.soundsonline.com/vocals/voices-of-the-empire) Thanks for commenting. -Bjorn
  6. bjornpdx


    Euphrates Middle East instruments from NI Middle East library Female vocals from EastWest Voices of the Empire Thanks for listening/comments
  7. Right on lyrics and sentiment. There have been so many protest songs over the years, you kind of wish the people in charge would take them to heart. -Bjorn
  8. Terry, I remember I really liked your previous songs and was looking forward to listening to this one, but I just can't get it to play on Amazon, not even a 30 sec clip. -Bjorn
  9. Hi Larry, the newer version has a lot more presence to it, maybe because of better reverb use or something. I'm not much of an audio engineer, but I can tell when something sounds better! Good job. -Bjorn
  10. bjornpdx


    Thanks Jack tho I don't know about Depeche Mode 🙂 Thanks Makke I appreciate the comment.
  11. bjornpdx

    In My Life

    Yeah, I can identify with the lyrics. Very original use of synths in the background. -Bjorn
  12. bjornpdx

    Southern rain

    Paul, Your voice really fits the genre nicely. Great tune and arrangement too. And you have a knack with lyric phrases that stand out- "worn out make up and worn out shoes" "a few miles on the clock" Love it. Great work on this. -Bjorn
  13. This is really good! Love that kind of Americana/country-bluesy music and the video looks great. You've probably already found these free video sites, but if you haven't here are a couple that I use: pixabay.com pexels.com and the prelinger archives has some unusual stuff. I recognized a couple of video clips in yours that I've used in the past. Great minds... --Bjorn
  14. bjornpdx


    Hydra, a Tangerine Dream like track Thanks for listening/comments
  15. bjornpdx

    The Gull.

    Hi Wookie, I got some nice visuals of a swooping, diving gull so I think you succeeded nicely in describing its flight in sounds. -Bjorn
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