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  1. The Answer is always...42.
  2. Local Hero 2 I wrote this a few years ago and I thought it sounded pretty nice. I took one theme from the song and made a few edits on it and also used better sounding vst instruments. The piano accompaniment is a little rough maybe but I like the violin and bassoon parts. Work in progress. I'm taking a nature photography trip to Australia soon but will try to check in when I can. Thanks for listening/commenting. NI Kontakt The Grandeur piano Embertone Joshua Bell Violin BBC Symphony Orch Bassoon
  3. bjornpdx

    Stratos 1977

    Lynn and freddy, thanks for the comments. I was going for a dark sinister tone which seems to have come across. -Bjorn
  4. bjornpdx

    Stratos 1977

    Thanks tom. Appreciate the lesson and comment Hi Nigel. I thought I had most of Klaus Schulze's music but he's done so much I've probably missed quite a few. Thanks Mark Appreciate it Thanks Kevin for listening and commenting
  5. bjornpdx

    Mourning Lilly

    Definite dirge vibe. Great song title. I think the tempo is too slow but it may be appropriate for a memorial. Sorry for your loss. -Bjorn
  6. Nigel, Effective use of monochrome and color and a great soundtrack makes for a great video. And I can certainly relate to the story. Well done! -Bjorn
  7. I've heard this song a million times and never knew it was a Dylan song. Mix sounds really good but mostly I'm blown away by the performance. Wow, great job. -Bjorn
  8. Minimalist but a lot there. I downloaded the album so I can listen to the rest later. Thanks. -Bjorn
  9. bjornpdx

    Stratos 1977

    Stratos 1977 I spent some time with the new Cherry Elka-X vst synth, trying out the presets and tweaking the knobs. Pretty soon I was getting a Klaus Schulze kind of a sound which I used in this song. It's spacey electronic music featuring filter frequency and resonance tweaking along with the filter ADSR envelope tweaks. It takes a lot of time to hit the right combination of settings to get that Schulze sound. Not totally happy with this one but here's what I came up with. It's more of a backing track. Gonna add some keys on top if I can think of how to do that. As always don't listen while driving or operating heavy machinery. Synths used Arturia CS-80 Cherry Audio Elka-X Omnisphere Thanks for listening/commenting.
  10. Really like the spacy sounds at the beginning Nice backing bass track and the guitar sounds really good playing over it. Might be a bit repetitive though? -Bjorn
  11. I listened and incurred only minor injuries. Very effective delay on the voc. I didn't realize what the song was about until I read the lyrics near the end. Wow, well done! -Bjorn
  12. Have to say I didn't understand the point of the vid, but that's okay. It's very well done and the music is very good. -Bjorn
  13. I think this is the best song I've heard from you, Larry. Minimal but packs in a lot of visuals for me. Love the guitar riff and tempo change ~ 0:40 with other instruments coming in. Well done. -Bjorn
  14. I really like this one, John. The bass line plays off the melody and ties things together nicely. Well done. I stumbled on the word "err." "Mistake" seems like a better word to use there. Also, the song sounds pretty upbeat for a somber subject so maybe a little minor key here and there would work? Well, just a couple of suggestions from my own unique take on the world. -Bjorn
  15. C, Eb, and G walk into a bar. The bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve minors." Ba da boom.
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