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  1. bjornpdx


    You had me from the get go with that wet synth. Love the transition ~ 2:00. Overall very creative use of all those synths. Do you pick a sound at random and develop from there or do you have one in mind and find the one you need? -Bjorn
  2. bjornpdx


    Really like this one. The vocal treatment fits the theme well and overall production is very good. -Bjorn
  3. Jesse, I would suggest transposing the keyboard down an octave and bringing up the guitar volume. I like the guitar. Name of the song sounds like some kind of insecticide. -Bjorn
  4. bjornpdx

    Casbah - video

    Wookie - I'm not familiar with the album Passion. Sounds intriguing enough to check out. Thx Jack C - I had to listen to it again and yeah I guess it is a bit spooky. Mark - Thanks. A song can be so-so but if you put it to a video somehow it sounds much better! Doug - Thanks. We went to the Louvre a couple of times. Amazingly huge museum and complicated to find things. We got lost several times. Jesse - Thanks. I think I'm getting pretty good at the special effects but the hard part is coming up with a visual story. Which I'm still working on. Makke - Thanks. Appreciate the comment.
  5. bjornpdx

    Casbah - video

    I'm starting to really like DaVinci Resolve. Resolve has what they call the Fusion page for doing intricate effects, but I'm not using that here, just doing some easy effects similar to how they're done in Vegas. I used clips from our trip to Paris a few years ago and some clips I downloaded from Pixabay. Also, some images from NASA and I made some jpg images in Photoshop. There's no theme or anything. I just put in effects that I thought looked good. Thanks for listening/comments.
  6. I love your lyrics John. Inner rhyming and pacing of the words is so poetic. I can almost hear it as a hip hop song too (sorry). Beautiful song my friend. -Bjorn
  7. bjornpdx

    Young Love

    Mark, really good, really *professional* This is one of those songs that inspire me to try harder with my own songs. Makes you ask why isn't this guy famous? He should be. -Bjorn
  8. This is very good. It just sounds like a traveling kind of song. Nice chord changes. Fit well with the song but they got a bit repetitive maybe? Voc started strong but seemed to get buried about 1/2 way thru. Just my opinion that's all. Great song. I enjoyed it. -Bjorn
  9. bjornpdx

    step tap

    Good song. I like it. I agree with John B above about EQ. Also I think you could drop the section 2:10 - 3:00. Just my 2 cents. -Bjorn
  10. bjornpdx

    Cherry blooms

    Makke, the title of the song and tune sounds maybe Japanese theme? But then you have the cool surf sound in there too. Well done. -Bjorn
  11. I checked out Acustica a while ago but didn't get into it that far because it seemed kind of complicated to me. Have to say your mix sounds really good so no doubt it's worth the effort. Really like the song. -Bjorn
  12. Wookie, very creative use of all those Arturia instruments and Cherry audio. And sounds like you had a lot of fun too. The beginning part really drew me in. Really liked how things developed after that. Good one. -Bjorn
  13. bjornpdx

    Lucky Break

    This one goes in my Doug Kirby top 5 hits. Besides the solo guitar playing, I'm always impressed with how you do your accompanying tracks too. Just great. I saw a news report on NPR a while ago where they mentioned Westerly and I thought hey that sounds familiar. It had something to do with giving vaccines in Rhode Island and it featured your town. -Bjorn
  14. bjornpdx


    Tom, very nice. Relaxing as all get out. Wasn't sure if that repetitive note was working for me but it fit right in there after a while. Kind of hypnotic actually. -Bjorn
  15. Elephant in the Room I posted this song a few years ago in the old forum. I was never happy with it so I did it over and it's better now. I like the lyrics anyway. Thanks for listening/commenting. We all know no one's immune from the elephant in the room It's a fact of life but we don't think about it It's just sort of there At the edge a bit Once upon a time There was lots of time ahead I'll write that song This year you said You never got to it Other things to do The time is gone With nothing to show Does it really matter to write that song something to remember me After I'm gone Three am I'm staring at the ceiling There's a whisper in my ear The elephant is stirring I think about my life Lying there awake all that I remember are all of my mistakes I made a lot of choices I dwell on them again Playing back scenarios Of things I cannot change I've let some people down Need to make amends But I've burned all my bridges Never see them again What's it all about Something to ponder Is there any purpose Or nothing there I wonder existential musings in the daylight sobering reality in blackness of night Three am I'm staring at the ceiling I catch a glimpse of something The elephant is stirring Gray light of morning streams thru the blinds the elephant retreats into the shadows of my mind
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