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  1. My one and only experience with a psychedelic is recreated every time I hear a song from side 2 of Abbey Road. Just to add a music reference to this forum.
  2. I'm liking this one a lot, Doug. Not much to critique IMO, maybe could be EQ'd a bit brighter IDK. Really liked that lead in ~ 0:35. Something in there sounds like a 60s band to me but can't put my finger on it.
  3. Thanks. Works for me. Just have to make a few edits for my VSTs.
  4. bjornpdx


    Hidden Symmetry Thanks for listening and commenting. I just kept my usual slouch while composing this. Doug Thanks. I hope that Kraftwerk sound will make a comeback some day. Fat chance I think. Tim Thanks. I think every song has a story and it's interesting to hear how they came about. Makke Thanks. I love seeing those old 40s and 50s movies about Hygiene and Popularity etc. Can't believe they were taken seriously back then. And the student audience at that time probably didn't. Tom Thanks. It was a fun project. It had languished for a while and needed something and I believe you had an influence in my adding in the old movie soundtrack stuff. David Thanks. You live long enough and you see changes that are directly opposite to what was believed years ago. Like in Reefer Madness. Bajan Blue Thanks. Yes! Klaus Schulze was (is) one of my heroes. Amazing what he did with those old synths.
  5. I listened to the 2nd song in the links just above. Sounds good to me. Lovely song and well performed too.
  6. bjornpdx


    Very promising song, just needs some more time spent on the mix. I think the voc level is just about right and the bgv are very good.
  7. Love it! Very Eno-esque. I'm totally chilled out. Love the title. The music takes me right there to that harbor. And I kind of liked that good old vinyl scratch sound. Haven't heard that in a while.
  8. bjornpdx

    right place

    Wow there's some time distortion, slo-mo vocal vs speeded-up instruments. You could average the two but it wouldn't be the same. Jesse, your songs are never boring.
  9. bjornpdx

    Emotional Rain

    Mix is great. I felt like I was in the center of the room. I thought the vocal could be bumped up just a tad. I always look forward to hearing another of your songs.
  10. The vocalist is excellent as is the whole production but I agree with Tom above about the violin; it does seem a bit shrill. In fact to me the violin just didn't seem to fit in with the song. And that's probably because I'm not accustomed to hearing them so up-front outside of a symphony (except for fiddle in country music). Not taking anything away from the violinist who certainly has the chops as you said. So, just one person's take on it FWIW
  11. Barry Welcome to the forum! Well, maybe not constructive criticism here, just a comment. The mix and all sounds good to me but I'm no sound engineer. Just wanted to say that the story and your lyrics are absolutely top notch. And your voice has that rugged quality to it that's perfect for the song. I know what you mean by background noise. What I hear is the distant freeway plus tinnitus, but I pretend it's the soothing sound of a river. 😃
  12. Missed this the 1st time around. I'm impressed you came up with the lyrics so fast. I could hear the Lynn and Daryl styles in there for sure. Nice melding job. Lynn, that kind of swirly vocal fx you're using works really well. Thought I'd lost my internet when that silent bit came in. 😁 Congrats on an excellent collaboration.
  13. Tom Truly unique sense of humor you have there! Teeth to piano keys - nice. The WTF at the end - nice. The burning building - hmmm. Really liked the music (esp the Gamelan (?) intro) and the performance is excellent as usual. You always brighten the day for me.
  14. bjornpdx

    Simple Sam

    David Wait, you're the classical guy, not country. Really good song and your singer makes it authentic. That aaaah kind of took me out of it at first but on 2nd listen I thought it worked very well.
  15. bjornpdx

    A Small Collage

    Tim, 1st track I hardly ever listen to Christian music but the ones I've heard have some catchy melodies and this one certainly does. Couldn't help thinking that a soul on fire kinda means you went to that other place. 😁 2nd track You mentioned you're going for a combination of contemporary music with hymns. This seems a little too far in the hymns range IMO. 3rd track Voc is too up front. Instruments might be a bit heavy on the reverb, but have to say reverb can pump up the emotion when listening to the lyrics. Your excellent voc delivery comes out as being sincere in what you say.
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