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  1. bjornpdx

    Truth and Reality

    Freddy As always I like your bluesy guitar work. Yep, there's reality and then there's the truth. You would think they would mean the same thing.
  2. Nice one David. Especially the bass holding things together.
  3. Doug Your songs seem to be getting even better lately. Don't know if it's a production or composition thing but whatever it is, it's working. I agree with the other comments that the voc needs something like bit of reverb or double tracking. It's very good the way it is but could be bumped up a notch. What do you think of Gem Voice? I'm going to download the demo but probably won't help me much. ☺️
  4. This is the instrumental version of Going Back Home that I posted a few months ago featuring Doug Kirby on vocals (thanks again Doug). The melody brings to my mind a peaceful country road with fields of cows and corn on either side. I really wanted to play the melody on guitar but my skills aren't quite there yet (close, though). This is about the 10th version I've come up with and it's still not there so it's kind of rough. The photo on SoundCloud has nothing to do with country roads. I just like it. I took the photo - it's an osprey catching a fish, which they're very good at. Thanks for comments/suggestions.
  5. bjornpdx

    Summer Daze

    Take a deep breath. Those kids in the video are now in their 70s. You caught the spirit of those times very well. Reminds me of the Yellow Submarine movie. Just a suggestion: put in a couple of nods to the music in that year, maybe a few notes of a Beatles song just enough to recognize it.
  6. Another impressive orchestral piece from Jerry. So the clarinetist played along with the virtual instruments which must have been a different experience for him. I played clarinet in my high school marching band, mostly in the 3rd clarinet section which only plays whole notes every measure. But I looked good in the band uniform.
  7. For a guy with no music theory knowledge you did incredibly well with this piece. Hope to hear more from you.
  8. Love those synths and I like what you did with them. I'm still thinking of getting Triton but it's a bit expensive.
  9. bjornpdx

    Track 12

    The faux trumpet sounds pretty good to me as does the rest of the orchestra. The time lapse video is really cool. I don't think I've seen or even heard about an airplane graveyard like in the video. The transition at 1:37 is very good. Not sure if the music really fits the video IMO at least in this 3 min segment.
  10. Definitely a guy song. Listening with headphones the mix sounds very good although I thought the bass could come up a little. To be incredibly nit picky, the word "baby" in the chorus threw me off. Didn't seem like you'd sing this to a woman. Excellent musicianship. Love the harp. Love the burp.
  11. Amad Very nice. It's great to escape the prison by making music and sharing it.
  12. Sounds very good to me. Great keyboard playing.
  13. Impressive production on the song esp the vocal. Really like the bass. The drums are a bit too up front IMO. Great job.
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