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  1. Some songs have beautiful lyrics and some have beautiful melodies and this has both. Very nice Ross. -Bjorn
  2. I would have thought those were NASA images, not from a guy in his back yard! Very well done, as is the music. -Bjorn
  3. Nigel, Yeah, a bit different this time. I like the more rock and less pop direction you've taken here. As always, terrific video editing. -Bjorn
  4. - Orange Tree Sitardelic. I had a lot of Orange Slices I'd forgotten about which brought the price down even more. - UVI Falcon Expansion Modular Noise. Compares to NI Reaktor but not as radical. - u-He MFM2 I love u-He products but this one's a bit complicated so I might regret buying it. - XLN - a couple of AD midi packs Almost bought Avenger but not sure now. I have enough trouble tweaking Falcon patches so don't need another convoluted synth to figure out. Wish they had a demo.
  5. I'm not a metal fan but I like this, esp Zargg's growly voice. Great mix too. -Bjorn
  6. Nice toe-tapping take on a classic. Might be a bit too quantized IMO but overall very enjoyable. -Bjorn
  7. Pleasant enough, but I think it's too repetitive. The recurring melodic background piece could be altered a little every measure or two for variety. -Bjorn
  8. Great cover song and pretty close to the original sound, even to Ozzie's voice. Sounds like your elderly synth is still in working order! -Bjorn
  9. Sounds good. So are those synthesized voices? I think you were dabbling in Synthesizer V a while ago. I like the innocent/elephants rhyme. -Bjorn
  10. Noynekker: thanks I appreciate the comment Steve: Tubular bells, hadn't actually thought of that but yeah probably was an inspiration Jack, Leadfoot: thanks I appreciate the listen/comment Mark: hey thanks! Appreciate the comment on the mix, something I always have trouble with Wookie: Yep there's just something mystical about gamelan sounds imo. -Bjorn
  11. bjornpdx

    In Every Way

    Just another well produced and highly professional sound. Radio ready and maybe it's already out there? Have to say the falsetto bit at 3:00 didn't seem like it belonged in there, but just imo. -Bjorn
  12. bjornpdx


    Great arrangement. Nice dreamy sound to it esp the vocalist. -Bjorn
  13. Very well done Steve. I appreciate all the historical notes on the song too. I had no idea that George and John didn't perform on the song. -Bjorn
  14. bjornpdx


    Wookie, the arps play off each other well. Really like the phaser effect too. -Bjorn
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