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  1. Jerry This really sets a wistful kind of mood. I like to actively listen the 2nd time around to hear all the different instruments coming in just when they're supposed to. Very good, as usual. -Bjorn
  2. noynekker Thanks so much for the kind words. Wookie, Doug, Kurt Thanks for listening and commenting Lynn I really appreciate your comments. Thank you. Jesse Thanks. I appreciate your comments. tom The 2 (or 9) in a scale always sounds like southern rock to me. Just gives me a homesick kind of feeling.
  3. bjornpdx

    "Welcome Out"

    Lee, I like the optimistic tone in your singing and I'm hoping the lyrics prove true real soon. Very good overall performance. The organ in there sounds really good. I don't trust my aging ears but is that a little glitch at 3:30 and maybe at 4:03? Great job.
  4. pcode I like the high-tech arps in the circuits kind of transforming to something intelligent when the violin comes in. Well that's my interpretation anyway. The first few notes sounded a bit like a slow Bolero but that's probably just me. Very well done!
  5. bjornpdx


    Steve Great to put a face to your voice. I don't have the guts to do that yet. You always manage to squeeze out every bit of emotion behind the lyrics by way of your distinctive voice and timing. There were a couple of spots where the voc got a bit drowned out for example ~ 0:56 but no biggie. Always look forward to hear your stuff.
  6. The title says it all. Very well done. The song gets a bit predictable until 2:05 where you have a nice breakout. Great guitar playing. I'd suggest bumping up the tempo a few bpm.
  7. Freddy I like the bendy Jingle Bell Rock at the beginning and your playing throughout the song. Very nice. Never thought I'd hear "airborne spread" in a song. Hope next Xmas will be back to normal! Great shark video. I got a little concerned about those kayakers.
  8. Philip One of those songs where you discover something new with every listen. I really enjoyed this. That is a distorted drum sound for sure. Somehow it doesn't distract from the vocal. I like the different styles while keeping the same theme. Cool piano accompaniment to the voc. Singer reminds me of Kate Bush. Great job.
  9. In words and pictures. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/28/magazine/martin-guitar-factory.html
  10. It's sort of a Thanksgiving tradition at a lot of radio stations to play the song. Or so I thought.
  11. Day Dreaming Afternoon I was going for a Celtic sound but it veered off a bit. I used only these 5 notes: A C D E F# I looked it up and it's an Am6 Pentatonic Scale which sounds Celtic to me. Not much structure to this. If you play every instrument in the same scale you can't go wrong. I really like BolderSounds Violin 2 because the articulations sound good and they're pretty easy to do. Ample Guitar Bolder Sounds Violin 2 Indiginus Renaxxance Precision Sound Cletic Whistle RealGuitar Classic EastWest Voices of Passion (Bulgaria) Thanks for listening/comments.
  12. Every Thanksgiving without fail. In Portland OR on radio station KINK at noon and 5pm (I think). Also YouTube.
  13. Hey Kenny Not familiar with Betty (with a y) Davis. Cool how you were able to lift bits of her voice and insert them into your project, more for the dramatic effect as you said. As always I did enjoy your guitar playing, like how could you not? And I just wanted to comment that I was moved by the story upstairs of the new best friend in your life. Glad that worked out for you.
  14. bjornpdx

    Beyond Part 1

    Wookster Reminds me a bit of Jarre's Oxygene. You have an arsenal of synths and you certainly know how to use them! Hearing this I'm now thinking of getting Monoment Bass. Sounds great. I've been to Stub Stewart Park for star photography. Would have been cool to have this playing in the background. -Bjorn
  15. Realivox Ladies is $199.95 which I think is a sale price. I'm considering it. https://realitone.com/products/realivoxladies They're good about refunds. I bought their Realidrums a while ago. I didn't like it and asked for a refund, which I got a day later.
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