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  1. Down and Out Short video. A work in progress I think. I had written the music a few years ago with the idea that I'd make a video showing early Sunday morning in Portland, OR. I had envisioned a nice peaceful story of people drinking coffee while strolling along the river. But times have changed. I walked around downtown Portland early this morning and took some videos and pictures. There are still remnants from last year's riots here and there but at least the stores aren't all boarded up now. I should say the whole downtown area is not like the images I took, just a small section in the mostly older part of town. But it's sad to see the deterioration and the homelessness. The music features the lya Efimov Duduk, one of my favorite VSTi but I don't use it that much. Thanks for watching/commenting. -Bjorn
  2. bjornpdx

    It's About Time

    Thanks Jack. Appreciate it
  3. Tom, like...wow! Terrific production around your very funny and clever lyrics. Excellent pacing too. Pretty much have to watch a couple or more times to pick up on all the bits. Thanks for posting this. I really enjoyed it. -Bjorn
  4. bjornpdx

    I Like You

    Doug, Another great song. Every time I listen to your songs I always think, How does he do that on the guitar? A couple of people mentioned back up vocals and I agree. Or at least a little double tracking on the chorus maybe. Or not. -Bjorn
  5. Your unique style is always interesting for sure. Lyrics are very good. I thought you could change it up a bit but that's just me. -Bjorn
  6. bjornpdx

    It's About Time

    It's About Time I like this as an instrumental but decided to add some vocal bits here and there. Not sure how well they worked in the song though. Thanks for listening/commenting. -Bjorn
  7. Nice one David. Really good orchestration. -Bjorn
  8. Freddy, I just love the traditional blues progressions going on in the background. "Too much time for thinking" fits right in with the blues theme. -Bjorn
  9. bjornpdx

    A Soft Parade

    That main synth reminds me of the 70s somehow, maybe Wendy Carlos? I like how the machine gun percussion seems to turn the page to another theme -Bjorn
  10. Nigel, boy I really like the visuals in this one. Fits the music perfectly. Hope things are going well for you. Sounds like crazy stuff going on where you live -Bjorn
  11. bjornpdx


    Steve, Such a beautiful song! Makes you appreciate how the accompanying parts can add so much to the main melody and lyrics. -Bjorn
  12. Lynn, A reminder that the seemingly insignificant has a huge impact when they're gone. I really like how the song builds up to a powerful ending. -Bjorn
  13. bjornpdx

    On Off World

    Very nice! Enjoyed listening to this on a lazy afternoon. I'm not familiar with Jon Hassell. Will have to check out his music. -Bjorn
  14. Steev, I must have heard this song a million times but never as a cover. Great job on what you did with it! You kept a lot of the original sound but also made it your own version. To my ears the bottom is lacking a bit so I think I would tweak the lower freqs up or lower the highs. Just my take, that's all. -Bjorn
  15. bjornpdx

    Do You Remember?

    Freddy, I really like the sentiment in the lyrics. Some kind of disconnect between the voc and instrument not quite synced up or something? Bluesy guitar is excellent as always. Looks like that hurricane is headed your way? -Bjorn
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