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  1. Messing around with synths and playing around with video fx in Vegas. Thanks for listening/comments.
  2. I really like your voice! Guitar accompaniment works very well. The honesty of your lyrics comes across so well in your performance. Excellent!
  3. bjornpdx

    Some arp fun

    Very good! Can't get enough of dial twisting arps! CS-80 is probably my fav Arturia instrument along with Modular. Pigments is pretty good too - I just picked up some Luftrum presets for Pigments. Highly recommended.
  4. bjornpdx

    Need to Forget

    I like it. Just a couple of suggestions: The voc is good but it could use reverb or something to make it stand out more. Good lyrics but maybe repeated too much. Couple of spots where nothing much going on Abrupt ending. But overall a very good song. I enjoyed the listen.
  5. Beautiful tune, beautiful video. I really enjoyed this!
  6. bjornpdx

    Lockdown Blues

    Excellent. You guys never disappoint.
  7. bjornpdx

    Oh So Beautiful

    Paul This is a very good song. What really makes it for me is your voice which is just right for this genre. So just sitting here as a casual listener, can't say that I noticed timing issues.
  8. bjornpdx

    The Shadow

    David, While listening I kept thinking that your song sounds like someone telling a story. That was before looking up "tone poem" and finding out that's what a tone poem is. Very creative! Reminds me a bit of Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev. Thought I heard a bear sneaking up on me in there! -Bjorn
  9. Daryl Really liking the chord changes and the kind of circus sounding organ. This is one of those songs that's instantly likable and you want to hear it again and again. Great job on this! -Bjorn
  10. bjornpdx


    Really like that bass track especially. Overall production is excellent. Great job. -Bjorn
  11. Well handled story telling arrangement. Really liking the arp-y accompaniments and sound fx. The voc track could use some leveling for consistency. Nicely done! -Bjorn
  12. Tim, sounds very good. Is this improvisational? Not your usual thing as you say but I do detect a little Celtic-ishness in there. -Bjorn
  13. Lynn Yeah, I do remember this one. The video is a bonus but I think the song really stands on its own. Have to say the lyrics and melody really struck an emotional spot in me, so well done with that! We all get older but we just keep on keeping on, my friend. -Bjorn
  14. Love the audience participation. You can hear they're really with you. There was some distortion but I understand you want to keep the live sound of the recording which did come out very well. I even understood some of the Norwegian. -Björn
  15. bjornpdx

    Foolish Days

    Nigel I always like your videos because they take me away to this dreamy place far away from my wintry reality. Again, great song in a professionally produced video. -Bjorn
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