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  1. Not into metal but I liked this one nevertheless. Also, what Mark said above about the EQ. Just seems like the volume drops in that section. -Bjorn
  2. bjornpdx


    Jesse - Thanks for the comments. I've found that "spacey" music isn't that easy to do. Seems like you could just lay a couple of drone tracks and you're done. Way more to it than that. Mark - I appreciate the comment about the guitar. Wasn't sure if a guitar would fit but seems like it works. -Bjorn
  3. bjornpdx


    Callisto is the second largest moon of Jupiter, but you already knew that. I picked a guitar as the main instrument but I didn't get that "spacy" sound I really wanted. But it sounded good so I kept it in. Absynth has very nice other-wordly sounds. Haven't used it in years, in fact completely forgot I had it. Thanks for listening/comments. -Bjorn Cherry Audio Memory Mode Absynth NI Reaktor Omnisphere u-He Zebra Arturia Pigments
  4. bjornpdx


    Wookie - Good ear. One of the tracks is a gamelan (Gamelan Wheel, an Omnisphere patch). I like it because it has kind of a mystical quality to it. jack c - thanks antler - thanks for noticing the pitch bends. not so easy to do depending on the instrument musekanp - thanks. I've been enjoying your space music too. tracing arcs - KS is one of my heroes. Jnicholson - thanks appreciate the comment David - thanks so much. appreciate it! -Bjorn
  5. bjornpdx


    Ganymede Ganymede is one of the four Gallilean moons of Jupiter. You can actually see them with binoculars on a clear night. So far, astronomers have discovered 79 moons of Jupiter, Ganymede being the largest. So now I'm thinking of writing spacey pieces for the other three Gallilean moons, sort of like Wookie's gas giants theme. One of the tracks has what I call Klaus Schulze noise effects, for example at 0:10 and 0:19. I've been trying to get that sound from my synths for a long time (years actually) and finally I figured out how to do it! Close enough anyway. Thanks for listening/commenting Omnisphere Pigments u-he Repro u-he Zebra Kontakt Wide Blue Sound Orbit Cherry audio Memory Mood
  6. bjornpdx

    Fiddle Tune

    Jeff You're right about the fiddle being too upfront. I didn't notice that after listening to the song so many times. Really should remember to put a project away for a day or so and then listen again. Thanks! Makke, Nigel, Tom Thanks for the comment.s Appreciate it.
  7. bjornpdx

    Some space music

    Aaah, I'm just space travelin' here in my Herman Miller chair. Very well done. One thing about this genre is it's difficult to create your own unique sound, so I think that's a direction to strive for. (Just my own opinion) Thanks for posting. -Bjorn
  8. bjornpdx

    My Message For GOD

    Jack, I like the churchy organ in the background. I thought the ending could be even more powerful if you'd included some personal reasons for the message. -Bjorn
  9. bjornpdx

    Mysteries of Time

    Very nice ! Enjoyed it. -Bjorn
  10. Jeff, love that bluesy piano sound. Thanks for sharing 'cause I really enjoyed it. -Bjorn
  11. bjornpdx

    Fiddle Tune

    hey tom, thanks so much. Well, if your Irish Great Gram liked it then I must be doing something right. Larry T, I appreciate the comment. jack c, Thanks for listening and commenting.
  12. Great video! I didn't notice any strong language but I have trouble understanding lyrics anyway. If you're looking for lyrics, you can always find a daily horoscope somewhere so maybe come up with lyrics from that. Just a suggestion. -Bjorn
  13. bjornpdx


    Very well done, David. I'm not used to hearing brass playing the melodic part. Would have expected a violin maybe but you did a great job. Not a crit just an observation. Like you said classical music is difficult to do because of the required articulation to get the right dynamics and I've found that to be true. -Bjorn
  14. Larry, Ambient pop. I like the concept. The intro is a bit long and you have those 4 notes repeated throughout. They would make a nice background if you lay something on top. Also the timing seems a bit off in places. But overall it's very promising for sure. -Bjorn
  15. bjornpdx

    September Nights

    So not an old Finnish traditional song this time? Sounds good Markku. I try to bend notes in MIDI but they never sound as good as the real thing. -Bjorn
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