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  1. Lee Really like the overall minor key sound. Great vocal and production. And I so relate to the political and medical lyrics . Take care.
  2. John B I didn't mind the length at all. You need the time to bring in all the parts and make them fit in a musical manner. Great job on the arrangement as usual. One of your best I think. Thumbs up!
  3. Paul You have a talent for lyrics and in this song I know exactly of which you speak . Been there. Those "stops" didn't work for me but that's just me. Enjoyed the song as always.
  4. bjornpdx


    Wookie You really should develop the part starting around 2:48 into a new song. Very nice beginning there. UTK? Another acronym everybody knows except me?
  5. As a casual listener comparing the two versions I think the original sounds better. Not being a sound engineer I can't tell you exactly why but I did notice the stereo separation seemed a bit better which gives the original version a fuller sound. But my subjective opinion takes nothing away from what you've done. The musicianship and the sequencing are excellent, esp considering the tricky (to me) timing.
  6. bjornpdx

    The Great Divide

    Thanks David...I think 😁 DeeringAmps, Daryl, freddy, Douglas Thanks for the encouraging comments.
  7. bjornpdx

    The Great Divide

    thanks Mark. I really do appreciate the comment. I forgot to mention that the lyrics are there in text if you go directly to the Soundcloud page. In case the vocal isn't clear...
  8. One of those songs with a beautiful melody that puts you in a good mood. Very nice! The vocal track volume was a tad too high imo but didn't take anything away. I did notice a little static (?) at the beginning and maybe it continued throughout but again it didn't take anything away from enjoying the song.
  9. bjornpdx

    The Great Divide

    The Great Divide I posted this a while ago then took it down because I didn't like my vocal, what else is new? But I'm re-posting it now despite its faults because of my very strong feelings about the topic. I'm a mellow fellow so those feelings actually surprised me. So this is just my opinion told in a song. I tried to mangle the vocal to hide the overall bad tone of it. Maybe that worked? The vocal does sound clear in the mix so I think I got that right. Thanks for listening.
  10. What I like about GC is that they never call me "sir" I'm old enough to be their grandfather but they always say "How you doing man?" Makes me feel young.
  11. Daryl "don't need specifics/when i'm trying to eat" I laughed out loud on that one. Good song. I liked it.
  12. Jesse Your songs are all so different from each other and yet the same somehow. Don't know what that means really but it's a good thing. What I really like about this song is the changing mood of the backing track and the kind of sci-fi sounds you put in. One of your best imo.
  13. bjornpdx

    Hot Dog!

    Mr Freddy One of your best IMO. I know you said electric blues/rockabilly but the song takes me back to that good old toe tappin' rock n roll of the 50s. KaChunk sounds pretty close to Chunka but it is different.
  14. David Sounded like you're sharing your stream of consciousness thoughts. I truly hope that making music brightens your day.
  15. bjornpdx

    Empty Rooms

    Paul This song and your previous song Take it on the Chin have a nice nostalgic mood to them. Guitar playing is top notch as is the vocal. Big thumbs up.
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