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  1. bjornpdx

    Sad Day

    "it is so sad to see how she is disappearing" Well said Wookie. The words brought a tear to my eye as did the music. Take care. -Bjorn
  2. bjornpdx

    Coming Home

    Great vocals! I really enjoyed this one. Yeah, bell bottoms. I wore them way back in the day. -Bjorn
  3. bjornpdx

    One Touch Away

    Beautiful song and well produced. Professional caliber as usual. I wasn't hearing any bass if there is one? Not sure if the falsetto works (just my opinion) Boy, that's one held note at the end. Wish you the best. -Bjorn
  4. bjornpdx

    Come On To Me

    Glenn, sounds good. I like it. The 4 notes behind the lyrics "come on to me" have a nice hook that could be developed more. But idk they also sound a little familiar? -Bjorn
  5. Great guitar work as usual. You do a lot of surfing there in Finland? -Bjorn
  6. Very creative use of sound fx. You should add a little something in that last 30 sec of silence. -Bjorn
  7. I always like the social commentaries in your lyrics and your voice is just right expressing them. There are a couple of timing issues and some of the lyrics weren't distinct enough to come across well, at least to my ears. But very promising overall. -Bjorn
  8. The instruments sound good and the mix is good. Bit repetitive but I get that you're trying out vsts in a different genre than your usual. Always good to explore. -Bjorn
  9. bjornpdx

    Night Flight

    Very nice! I like the mix esp the bass that doesn't get buried under the other instruments. Great job. -Bjorn
  10. bjornpdx

    Saturday Night

    Nigel, thanks. I uploaded a new version with more bass. KSband Yeah, I had a feeling the song was maybe too repetitive. Appreciate the comment.
  11. Asato Might be better if you post the song somewhere where the listener doesn't have to have an account or post it on Bandlab where I think everyone here has an account. -Bjorn
  12. bjornpdx

    Saturday Night

    Saturday night An original (I hope) melody I came up with. Kind of a 50s/60s feel to it. I really like Bolder Sounds fiddle which I thought complemented the guitar well. Thanks for listening/commenting. I used midjourney to create the image on Sound Cloud. Hmm seems like the bass isn't loud enough, now that I've already posted it. Edit: I remixed the song with more bass. Ilya Efimov acoustic and electic gtr NI Picked acoustic RealGuitar Bolder sounds fiddle Trillian Addictive Drums
  13. bjornpdx

    Dirty Lies

    Very nice overall. I always listen for accompaniment bits so I really liked the little piano and organ riffs in there. Did you post in the old Cakewalk forum? Seems like I recall a FreeEarCandy from somewhere. -Bjorn
  14. bjornpdx

    Look Into My Eyes

    Thanks everyone for the comments. This was one of those songs that I listened to again after a few days and then think well maybe not so bad. Michael, thanks for the cdbaby info. Didn't know about that. And yeah that's me on Spotify. The movie audio snippets are public domain, at least to my knowledge. -Bjorn
  15. Wow. Just wow. The lyrics express my sentiments exactly. I assume Tristan is your son? Did he write the lyrics? Since I do some video, I'm totally blown away with what you've done. Must have taken you many hours to put that together. Excellent! 42 is always the answer. -Bjorn
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