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  1. Wookiee

    Hear my call

    Sounds OK here.
  2. Wookiee

    the fallen

    Just the sort of thing to play to bring it down after all the funking jazz groove. Nice sounds OK here on the Adam's nice clean click on the sidestick with just right level of Kick not to much punch but nice solid beater sound. Sweeeeet
  3. Your bass player has really got his funk on along with the guy providing the back beat on the kit, nice bit of funk jazz groove with some interesting horn, keys and guitars generally funking it up in jazzy way over the top. Comments based on version 1.
  4. Wookiee

    What comes after 5

    Thank you Tom, nice to see you here I hope all is well your absence has been noted.
  5. Wookiee

    And Rest

    @Lynn Wilson thank you sir you are most kind, I do appreciate your ears and time.
  6. OK peeps keep it civil or we will have to take steps. As noted by each both methods have there merits so please accept that different peeps can have a different points of view. Personal attacks are not acceptable in any form. Remember this is a public forum.
  7. Wookiee

    And Rest

    Thank you Andy, I think for now I have moved Beyond Beyond, but there is more stuff rattling around the furry skull desperate to get out I just need to let the arthritic and carpel tunnelled furry paws work out how to let it flow. Thank you again. I will admit the Stage 73 was unconstrained, as I had in the previous uses, this was pretty raw as far as additional FX was concerned. Thank you for your persistence and continued support.
  8. Mix sounds quite nice here at The 4077, I do wonder if a little thicker reverb or perhaps a little slap back on the vocal might give it a little more depth., JTTOAFAFAGFFFA.
  9. It even has that 70's pop mix sound, you seem to have got the sound right.
  10. Does have that FGTH sound, mix works quite well here at The 4077.
  11. Wookiee

    What comes after 5

    Only you can answer that one for I have moved Beyond Beyond. Though if anyone is interested in hearing the complete suite then I have comped it together and will stick it up somewhere.
  12. Wookiee

    Work It Out

    Sometime the issue with listening to a song out of the context in which it was written 😎
  13. Wookiee

    And Rest

    Well one has to stir things up sometimes, thanks for the ears and kind words. From you Nigel is a real complement, thank you your most generous sir.
  14. Wookiee

    And Rest

    That was the kind of idea, thank you for your ears and time sir. My evil plan, again thank you lending this your ears. Would you believe me if I said the only FX on this is the Vibrato of the Stage 73 V and Breverb from Overloud. For once not one of my collection of 25 delay plugins was used. Thank you David
  15. Would it be inappropriate to ask how you are capturing your bottom end? of your guitar obviously.
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