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  1. If you take the time to read the forums the simple answer is yes and no. The yes significant part is that in Cakewalk Sonar the GUI is now created using vector graphics. This may not seem a big thing now, but will allow for faster future development, due to us8ng new development tools. The no part is not a bad thing as functionally it is identical to CbB with one small additional the X-Sampler. But things will come to it. No you don't have to be online but will need to reauthorisation/reactive regularly. The answer to that is probably, I never known BETA testers who haven't signed an NDA. But who knows only they do and they can't say anything 🤷
  2. Check out www.GPU.audio they are already producing FX that run in spare GPU processing capacity.
  3. This appears to be a breach of forum policy due to it being information only available to subscribers.
  4. @Xoo people forget Xeon processors were always aimed at the server market. Where you don't always need processing grunt just file movement which is what e-cores are good at, i. e. Mundane simple tasks. I used to manage networks and server farms. @RexRed a lot of the advances in AI have been made using GPU technology because the average GPU has a lot more cores than most high spec CPU'S. Have you tried any the GPU FX from GPU audio. When I last investigated unfortunately neither of my GPU's were compatible, since investing in a new PC with a higher spec GPU I have not tried. You are right I think there is a lot of scope for DSP processing on GPU's in DAW's.
  5. Anything that still has a heartbeat 🤪😎
  6. I used Alpha PC's and servers, and at one time worked for the company that eventually gave birth to the ARM CPU architect.
  7. The Gull is resting from his success, thinking what could be next. This was totally unexpected I was noodling around with Cherry Audio's Voltage Modular, like you do, and came up with an interesting drone base. Stuck it into Sonar then, added impOSCar 3 along with the OB-X . Then things started to fall into place. Added the DMX for some percussion and the MiniBrute for some basic bass pulsing. Two hours later I had a tune. Few more hours refining the mix total time four hours from silence to this. Thanks for the ears, time and continued support.
  8. Wookiee


    Nice to hear Julianna's vocals in this forum again, such a stunning and versatile voice. Nice tune, nice capture.
  9. @RexRed as my reply states I did an internet search with the quoted question and the replies I got back all said yes, for i7/9 ,10/11/12/13/14 gen intel CPU's. As far as I know ARM CPU's use a very different architecture. The current Intel architecture is an extension of the DEC Alpha CPU which basically had reprogrammable arrays that could be configured to emulate different CPU's and enable Hyper threading.
  10. Wookiee


    Interesting topic in the lyrics, perhaps a change into a middle 8 and a return with the refrain Liked it, very valid.
  11. Nice surfing blues sweet
  12. Wookiee


    Nicely done too. Soporifically relaxing in a very plesant way, 😴😴 😴😴 😴😴 . Nice mix, good definition.
  13. Definitely going through something poor compliant young lady. Agan an engaging track well captured and performed.
  14. Quite wood Nigel. As ever Jesse you push the envelope. In a nice way not quite always harmonicaly but in a way that gets existentially warped. Nothing wrong with existential warping. We do have season on Kashyyyk but you really don't want to be there when it rains. All Wookiee own boats.
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