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  1. Good for the Morse study, the percussion plays a kind of morse pattern through out, either closed HH for DOT or open HH of DASH, or on the ride, Tip for DOT and Bell for DASH. Apart for the moment when the drummer has a moment and runs round the 7 toms in the kit. Thanks for the listen and kind words, glad to of been assistance to get you though the vacuum cleaning.
  2. Wookiee

    Further Away

    @Douglas Kirby What can I say other than I did enjoy that very nice sir
  3. @Lord Tim they were after my dalliance with Metal I am more an early Sabbath, Purple, Led Zeppelin kind of Wookiee. But as usual you have a cracking performance here.
  4. Wookiee

    The Rise The Fall

    As noted by T the Kick is a bit pronounced, it also sounds a little lifeless to be more like a box than a drum, it has no ring. The rest of the mix sounds reasonable here on he Adam's, though it does sound a like nothing is really panned even stereo instrument's can be panned to give a better soundstage.
  5. @PavlovsCat Just a note on the side it is best to keep a single song to a thread you will get more attention that way. I can only agree regards vocals and I rarely comment on vocals because Wookiee singing kills none Wookiee life forms within in a Parsec of the Wookiee that is singing.
  6. Wookiee


    Again another pleasant and enjoyable example of your talents @David Sprouse. A nice introduction to the start of my day, thank you
  7. @bjornpdx As ever you make my furry ears smile with your musical adventures. There is something so evocative about those Middle eastern scales, they add a depth that I feel is often missing in western scales. Peter Gabriel's Passion album springs to mind. If I was to offer a constructive criticism the opening female vocal feels a little harsh perhaps some subtle surgical EQ to take the edges off. Keep them coming I just love your style and approach to making music. Thank you for sharing with us here.
  8. Thanks Nigel nice to know you enjoyed this.
  9. Tricky I suspect especially for the drummer or percussionist, the same pattern is repeated throughout, either on the Hi Hat or Ride cymbal, it is played around all 7 of the Tom Tom's of the SDX Feilds of Rock Stone room, twice if the furry brain remembers correctly. Thanks for having a listen and commenting.
  10. Radical thought, a furry alien with clawed paws writing earth Prog 😂. Your time, ears and comments are appreciated thank you.
  11. As Request .--. ..- .-.. ... .- .-.
  12. @Michael Fogarty if you are using a sub it is probably intentional.
  13. @noynekker there is a secret in that time signature, thanks for the listen & comments.
  14. Thanks nice to know you enjoyed this. Interesting you also see this as an island vibe, perhaps I need to provide a subtle clue
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