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  1. Wookiee


    Thank you Nigel, yes agreed great plugins but must be treated with respect. Mr Moog did seem to enjoy making mistakes with drive. Glad you liked it, thanks again.
  2. Easy on the ears song, mix sounds nicely defined, vocal is well placed and sits nicely in the mix, not bad for a demo
  3. As a dance track it probably doesn't matter but it sounds all down the middle on my Adams. no sense of spread. Did you capture this in CbB?
  4. Wookiee


    Thank you Larry most kind sir.
  5. Definitely going in a different direction from your last, grittier, rocking, nicely done as ever, thanks for sharing.
  6. If you like it that is all that really maters @Barry Seymour, your mixing skills have come one, sound OK here on my DT-990's
  7. As ever @Jerry Gerber outstanding, superb soundstaging crystal clear audio images. You do know when traveling at the speed of light you cannot see anything outside your ship.
  8. Sounds very pleasant on my DT 990's, good mix definition.
  9. Wookiee


    Thank you Ed, your continued encouragement and support touch my furry heart, you are most generous. Thank you for lending this your ears, time, mind and making comment. 😎
  10. Wookiee


    Always good to hear when it is relaxing, most of my noise is intended to chill. Thanks for your ears and kind words.
  11. You say you found a solution what was the solution?
  12. Wookiee


    Your are only using HTTP as you transfer protocol and not HTTPS, the "S" means secure site, most browsers consider HTTP as risky. Can you blame people from being wary, to many nasty rabbit holes spreading nasties to take the risk of an unsecured website.
  13. Wookiee


    Not a case of can't access I am getting an unsafe site site is not secure. It is not using HTTPS just HTTP, which means there is the potential risk of viruses or other malware. Consequently as I don't know the site I feel safer not proceeding simples. Just listened on YouTube through the TV and the HiFi, not bad not outstandin though, the mix is balanced, unfortunately it doesn't seem to go anywhere. Is it a work underdevelopment?
  14. Wookiee


    There appears to be some security errors/issues with this site, sorry can not listen.
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