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  1. @Enriquelab Have you check all your system rights to directories, are you in the Admin group of your PC?
  2. Sorry @cclarry this thread has disintegrated in to a bit of a *!*! fest so I am locking it down
  3. @Bajan Blue Thank you Nigel you are most kind, Meddle is my all time favourite of Floyd's.
  4. @Amicus717 Thank you for you kind words, I to prefer the sightly less present vocals and that mix is going on the new CD I am compiling called "Watching the Black". Thanks again for you time and ears.
  5. Some nice playing on this, mix is dense but things cut through OK.
  6. Mix certainly works here Steve, thanks for sharing.
  7. Thanks Ed, you have been very quite musically @Bapu everything OK?
  8. Nice Piece of Fun there Tom.
  9. Wookiee

    Mortal Tears

    What is there to not like, sweet song writing, cool playing, excellent production, nice one @Bajan Blue.
  10. Wookiee

    Like the Seasons

    I think I remember this, still nice track @bjornpdx.
  11. Wookiee

    All Along

    This is cool music, nicely done @Hidden Symmetry. Probably the age of the original file may have been the cause of the crashes, but you got there in the end. (PS Followed you on Bandlab too)
  12. Hi @Lee Shapiro, nice, sounds good for a quick test of your new toys.
  13. Following on from the kind words of encouragement and some advice, @emeraldsoul thanks Tom, here is a remix of On The Wind Of Dreams
  14. I think the comedian Frank Skinner did this with a ukulele once. Hum not sure about this one chaps.
  15. MIX seems OK here there is a slight hint of bass rumble/mud. Listening on Adam A7x's no sub
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