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  1. Thank you to you all, @Jim Fogle there is a little Wookiee in all of us as there is a little human in me.
  2. That I have not been contributing much here since September last year, I know a couple of tunes have been posted but they were nearly done. The reason is that in September I was diagnosed with skin cancer, it appears that three inches of red-brown fur and a heavy jacket is not sufficient to protect the Wookiee skin. Perhaps I also need to check the UV shields on the Millennium Falcon. Anyway two surgeries later and a 6.5cm by 5cm by 1.5cm deep (3" by 2" by 1/2") hole in the forearm of my right fore paw has limited my ability to do anything very much other than listen, which I have done quite a bit and found it to be quite enjoyable. Typing or using the mouse has been and still is quite painful, as to playing keys or my guitars impossible. Anyways thanks for all the music and hopefully now I have received the all clear, for this location, once the wound heals some more I will be back making noises and commenting to you guys and girls about your music. Thanks for keeping this furry alien from total madness with your music.
  3. Mix works well here, good production standards, like Tom it would be good to hear her really let go.
  4. Mix works well here on the Event 20/20's the fill is little biased but seems OK.
  5. Thanks @garybrun. There is always another Rabbit hole to investigate Gary, I did enjoy both pieces I just could not think of anything of value I could add.
  6. @Max ArwoodThank you as well for your ears and comment they are all appreciated.
  7. @Fleur Gris Thank you for the ears and comment appreciated.
  8. @SteveC Thank you for dragging this one back from the depths, more delay, possibly, the delay was achieved using Audiority's Echos-T7E which is their emulation of the Binson Echo unit.
  9. Different and quite eclectic mix of genres that appears to work quite well, thanks for sharing.
  10. Wookiee

    "Trippen East"

    Classic Bat's Brew wall of guitar sound on this, nicely done sir.
  11. A little variety in the drums would be cool but other than that sound OK here.
  12. Wookiee

    Science Rock

    Fortunately this time round @garybrun the fun guys, mold's etc have not got a hold.
  13. Wookiee

    A Woman Scorned

    Everything that needs to be said has been said so I will just say thanks for sharing and I will keep the furry ears out for the remix.
  14. Wookiee

    New Song Mix

    Overtones of Mr. Fripp and King Crimson in the somewhat repetitive riff in the opening minute or so. MIx sounds OK though as Tom notes a little more on the bottom end would be nice.
  15. Wookiee

    Red Light Blues

    Sounds like you are making progress @bjornpdx, I enjoy your lyrics and this.
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