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  1. I will be only to happy to pay Daryl thanks for your time, ears comment and generous nature. 😎
  2. The difference 20 ticks can make to the start of an envelope, this has been corrected now in release 3, thanks you for stopping by having a listen and commenting. Lucky man very nice not sure I would be able to move one they are supposed to be very heavy. Thank you for your ears and time as well.
  3. @Douglas Kirby Thank you sir you are most kind. @bitflipper Thank you Dave your input is always appreciated, and you are right partly my own stupid furry fault. In changing the kit I did not change the drum map as a result some of the crashes were mapped to China's and Rides. I Changed the map to the correct one, checked the velocities as suggested and they were excessive. Tweaked them, changed the choice of cymbal's around tweaked the mixer and EQ settings and we now have Release 3. Thnak you again for your ears, time and cooments which are always welcome.
  4. Thank you Paul, just Guitar rig 5 pro a preset that I have tweaked a little, glad you enjoyed it. Nearly but not quite Andy starts in 4/4 then slips in to 12/8 drops to 6/8 for bit then back to 12/8 before a final hooray in 4/4. Thanks for having a listen and commenting you are most kind.
  5. Release 3 or see OP. Drum kit changed to SD 3 New York Avatar as @kurt soderquist noted he thought the drums sounded a little thin and I agreed. Few other mix changes as the CS-80 was blowing a fuse and I suspect the M1 did not record properly in release 1. Instrument list Korg M1 Arturia CS-80 V, DX 7 V, Wurli V and Jup-8 V Toontrack's Superior Drummer 3 and EZBass. Fender Stratocaster Ash body with Seymour Duncan Pups. All mixed in CbB using Pro Channel Stock plugins on each channel, and Cakewalk FX except for the Drums and Kick which used Boz Digitals +10dB compressor in parallel mode. The Strat went through NI's Guitar Rig 5 using a personal preset. The vocals were process with Cakewalk's VX-64 vocal strip and then the Pro Channel. The Lyrics, which do not make reference to any mythical beings of planet earth. Back before Anything and Nothing When time was just a delusion A question needs to be asked Did the Creator create The Dark Lord? Or did the Dark Lord create the Creator? Did the Dark Lord create the Creator? So he could destroy the Creators creations Or Did the Creator create The Dark Lord? A question needs to be asked When time was just a delusion Back before Anything and Nothing
  6. Wookiee

    2020 Ballad

    Hi @JEISONX just edited your post to make for a proper link. Also if your track contains strong language we ask you to advise people first as we do have younger listeners.
  7. You are hard to follow?? I think I have a similar issue but then I have an excuse I am a furry alien from a galaxy far far far far away. 😎
  8. I did wonder if someone would incorrectly make this assumption, absolutely nothing to do with any mystical beings associated with planet earth. Thank you for popping by and having a look Is there an issue here Gary or is your mind working in way my furry one does not follow?
  9. I know mind blowing, such originality I just do not know where it comes from. Thank you @garybrun for your ears, your time and your wit 🤣😂😎
  10. I agree I am still playing with which kit to use I have tried 3 from SD 3 basic kits, thin k I might need to consider a different kit from one of the other SD 3 SDX kits , thanks for your ears and time.
  11. @bjornpdx Thank you sir no arp's or patterns where injured or abused in the creation of this track The xylophone is a voice from Arturia's Jup 8. Appreciate the ears and the comment thanks you sir.
  12. Thanks for listening and commenting David, I confess I have not and did not even know about it. There are only two synths in there that really appeal to me and that is the Andromeda and the Taurus emulations. I also am not one to use synths that are sample based, other than drums, I have a few, like Dim Pro and Rapture Pro, M1 and Wavestation, EZBass but they all have relatively small sample base footprints. Many of the other synths in the IK collection I have in the Arturia V 7 collection as modelled synths so it would be duplication and I have a enough fun now deciding which synths to use. I have a number of Synths from this guy Full Bucket Music they are worth checking out and are Free/Donationware
  13. This track comes with a warning of danger to none Wookiee life forms, I hope those who listen survive When Time was just a Delusion Thanks for listening. This has a different drum kit as it was mentioned the the lit sounded a little thin and I agreed. Following soem further comment and some from someone who I greatly respect here is release 3 When Time Was Just a Delusion release 3
  14. Well Ed it was not apparent so it can not have been far out? I do not like to crit anyone's voice since mine is so bad.
  15. I would never encourage any form of drugs taking young Sir Thank you for the ears and comment. (Now where did I leave those king skins)
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