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  1. Wookiee

    Sad Day

    Thank you Bjorn.
  2. Wookiee

    Sad Day

    Thanks, music is a universal language understood by all.
  3. @RexRed no mix comments as I listened on my phone, but it was still a pleasant listen and well written song.
  4. Wookiee

    Sad Day

    Thank you Lynn, most definitely a loss, we still held hands when we sat together and when we were out walking
  5. Wookiee

    Sad Day

    Thank you Mark, you are most kind. The horrible truth is she is probably quite unaware 80% of the time the other 20% who knows. Thanks again for your ongoing support.
  6. Wookiee

    Sad Day

    Thank you Colin.
  7. Not quite sure why we need a sub or 8 inch my Adam A7x's appear to be producing all the Bass that is present in this mix, they do go down to to 30Hz, but I will check this out on my 5.1 with its Bowers and Wilkens sub later. Nice track I too like the use of the Arab string tuning. Edit: As promised I have just listened to this again in Stereo plus the Bowers & Wilkins sub. I also listened in 5.1. The stereo plus sub sounds very similar to the Adam's, same amount of bass content. The 5.1 most of the mix comes from the centre speaker, which is again Bowers & Wilkins, very little stereo spread more a hint of the reverb content. There is a tad more bass in 5.1 but I suspect that has more to do with the centre speaker having a mix of left & right content summed. The main left and right speakers are original Epos ES 14.
  8. @Bajan Blue I have been listening to quite a bit of Divine Lie in the evenings on my TV with the 5.1 system via YouTube. All are impressive. This is as ever another example of your talents Nigel, along with your fellow band members a round of applause and
  9. Interesting I like the use of dissonant chords in the intro, the throaty screaming? lyrics do not appeal so much, as Nigel notes the lead guitar could do with some clarity. Not sure if it is just me but I think the ladies intro vocal could do with a little lift in volume too. All in all that track seems well composed and the mix is reasonable other than what I note above here on my Adams. As ever this is all very subjective it is after all your track and it should sound how you and the band want it too.
  10. Wookiee

    Sad Day

    Thanks, you are quite astute, we had many happy days, weeks, years together. She was amazing and supportive of my love of music. She even brought me one of my guitars and found two of the others along with several of my VST synths. We had a lot of fun together, it is so sad to see how she is disappearing. Thank you again for your ears and kind words.
  11. Wookiee

    Sad Day

    In late December 2022 I had to do something I really hated doing but it had to be done. My best friend of 38 years who I loved deeply and whom I had known for 45 years needed a level of help and care that I could no longer provide. It may feel/sound a little like a dirge but it is short less than three minutes. I do appreciate you listening if you do. Toys used in it making Sad Days. Cherry Audio Elka-X, Sines, GX 80, Miniverse Roland Cloud D-50 FX Boz Digitals +10Db Compressor Moog MoogerFooger MF-1085 Clusterflux, MF-1045 Delay x 2 Overloud Breverb All Other FX stock Cakewalk or from its S-Plat days. Composed, recorded and mixed in Cakewalk by Bandlab.
  12. So much air, so sweet. Nice @mark skinner very nice
  13. Wookiee

    Time to Fly

    @Jesse Screed what is this mind thing you speak of and is one really necessary? 🤔
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