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  1. Wookiee

    Cool Water

    Nice stuff @Lynn, mix sound good here.
  2. Wookiee

    Hold Me Down

    @Kevin Walsh I like this, it has a real feel, the mix is lovely here on the Adams nice space and time for the music to breath.
  3. @Kevin Walsh Thank you, I am not sure I had anything mind as this fell out of the furry paws. Sometimes the muse just brings things to you out of the ether?
  4. Hi @Martin Vigesaa If you can I would get a TI chip-set Firewire card. Focusrite have always been very specific about using TI chip-set. I have used two Focusrite Saffire firewire interfaces, my first was an older 26 I/O that was under 32 OS and currently I also use a Pro 40 over 3 different PC's always with a TI (Texas Instruments) Firewire card and I have never had an issue with either of the interfaces. I found Startech cards to be very good, I had one go bad after 23 months they replaced it within 48 hrs. Functionally I am running my Pro 40 with the Firewire Latency set to Small, and a ASIO buffer of 128 samples with a total round trip time of 7.9 msec's glitch free. Most of the music I make is with Arturia's modelling synths which can be quite CPU heavy.
  5. @Martin Vigesaa Hi I understand you are having some issues with your Pro 40? I have been using a Pro 40 for a number of years with S_Plat and now CbB perhaps I can help. Firstly what Firewire Card are you using? Does it have a TI chip set?
  6. @Martin Vigesaa What Firewire Latency do you have set? My pro 40 under windows 7 I was getting 10ms Round trip with the Firewire latency set to small.
  7. @Makke Thank you you are most kind.
  8. Hi @kennywtelejazz thank you for the listen and comments you are most kind.
  9. @congalocke Interesting comparisons, thanks for listening and commenting and for enjoying the journey.
  10. @Lynn Thank you good to hear it translates to other monitors. Thank you as well for your kind words and encouragement. The furry for-paw is healing well but.... I have to go have some more surgery as they did not get a big enough margin around and below the melanoma.
  11. @SPAK yeah it is longish but it just did not want to stop, it just kept showing me more I could do with it. Thanks for you ears and comments here and on SC.
  12. Thank you @Old Joad good to know it translated well.
  13. @Douglas Kirby Thank you, I will try I never really know what is going come out the furry paws.
  14. @daryl1968 Thank you Daryl this sort of just grew with a life of its own.
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