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  1. Wookiee

    Young Love

    @mark skinner Absolutely nothing here to fault, mix is super smooth and balanced here on the Adam's. NIce playing too with some cool ear candy to keep one's attention. Applause sir, applause,
  2. Wookiee


    As noted above the snare is to forward or present in the mix.
  3. Wookiee

    Love is Love

    Pleasant song well sung, mix worked here.
  4. Wookiee

    Reach Up

    Oooooh squelchy funky bass now that is always a good place to start. Nice Touch of strangled guitar. As ever Nigel you pass the mark with your production skills. I like.
  5. Sometimes the time just disappears and nothing get done but I make a lot of very weird noises on the way. Thank you for your time and ears. Warp 5 may be baked.
  6. Me too, thank you Nigel your ears are always appreciated. I cannot ask for more so glad to hear you enjoyed this thank you. Thank you sir you are most kind.
  7. Or the filters are both self oscillating under automated sweeps. Thanks for listening and commenting. Here on the Adam's I am not getting edge but the folded ribbon tweeters are very smooth.
  8. Thank you sir, your time and ears are appreciated. Hey do not blame me they just make good synths, I would also check out Cherry Audio's synths the main pad for all these is their Polymood (Polymoog) which for $29 is silly money. Thanks for your ears Lynn as ever I really appreciate your input and support.
  9. @freddy j thank you sir I do understand there is a lot of twiddling with synths, I am glad you enjoy my twiddlings thanks for the ears and the time along with your ongoing encouragement.
  10. Wookiee


    So facing 30 Storm troopers with just my Bowcaster is not being brave? So sneaking on board a Death Star is not slightly Mad?
  11. So I am told 🤔😎 Thanks for giving this one a listen David.
  12. @noynekkerthanks, the others are on my Soundcloud page if you wish to have a listen. I do appreciate your time and ears.
  13. I enjoyed this a very pleasant journey
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