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  1. Lynn Wilson

    Sad Day

    This is a very emotional piece, Wookie. I feel a sense of loss from this. Expertly done.
  2. Philip, you nailed the friendliness part perfectly, this is a fun song! I love your voice and the way you treated it; it gives the song a very upbeat vibe. Good luck with this, as it deserves to be heard.
  3. Steve, this is super cool! I like everything about this. Keep it up!
  4. Lynn Wilson

    Lead Me On

    Tim, it's good to hear from you! You've got a terrific song that's well mixed and well performed. I like the sound of your voice in this, as it contrasts texturally from the rest of the mix very well. I hear a strong Celtic influence?
  5. Fred, this is the real thing. It's tight, the tones are spot on, and the vibe is colorful. The mix is well panned which gives every element a chance to shine. This is a joyful song! I just love the guitar and your deep voice.
  6. Mark, this is a masterpiece! It makes me want to dust off my 57 because it captured your voice beautifully. I, too, heard the Poco vibe which compels me to say - don't stop singing! Inspiring
  7. Steve, I've enjoyed this song for some time, and the last time I heard it, I had different monitors. Your singing and lyrics give this song soul and depth, as they're very convincing. The video just goes so well with the song, which shows your growing skill in video. All in all, a good package! Should you decide to remix, I suggest a bit less compression on the master which might de-emphasize other issues. I look forward to hearing more!
  8. I'm not gonna comment on the mix, but the song is terrific. It has an epic vibe. As always, cool video! Whatever happens with this song, I wish you the best of luck. It deserves an audience.
  9. Tom, this tune is a sonic amusement park! Oh, so clever and fun to listen to. The video is terrific; your patience paid off. I don't ever want to go back to tape, but I still have all my tape recorders, and I keep them in good repair.
  10. Lynn Wilson

    El Guerrero

    Sweet! Very balanced and spacious. Wonderful arrangement!
  11. Audacity, a free, stereo wave-file editor, may be what you're looking for. Check it out here: https://www.audacityteam.org/
  12. Thank you for your input! I really don't like the genres that Soundclick forces you to use, but Indie might be the most appropriate. Your words are very encouraging! Hi Jesse! Thank you for your kind words. No horns in this one, but I did use a different guitar that I normally use: a 1992 Epiphone Sheraton. It has a wide palette of tones. I put up the lyrics in my original post to answer your question. And, you're right about the family gathering scenario! Thanks for you thoughts and time, Steve! I've only posted on Bandlab a few times, but maybe it's time again? Again, thanks for the compliment. Thank you, Nigel, for raising the bar so high around here. There are so many people here getting better all the time that it's hard to keep up.
  13. Thanks to you all for your input! The chorus in this song is the section that ends with "it's not the same", but it is different in each verse. Not the typical approach. Mark, those times you pointed out are sections that have been juxtaposed, and may be a little jarring, though this was done by design. Something for me to consider. Steve, I am going for a warm mix with detail, but whether I achieved my goal is up to your ears (and others). And, to KSband, good idea! This is why I've been sitting on this song for months, and I'm glad to have so many talented ears to help.
  14. Merry Christmas to all my CW friends! I hope you're all well, and gearing up for a better year. Here is a song I wrote a few months ago, which I just put the finishing touches on. I'm finally ready for your opinions, advice, and suggestions. Without going into great detail, this song is about that one person in a family that just can't stay out of trouble, and drags others into their drama. This is my attempt to sugarcoat it without hiding the facts. I'm curious to know how it sounds to the casual observer. Thank you in advance for all your help! It can be found here: https://soundclick.com/r/s8m3nd Here are the lyrics: It just so happens that you’ve been here before You’re in no hurry to open that door There was a time when you just couldn’t wait You’re never early cause you’re usually too late Things are different now It’s funny that we change somehow Do you remember how I always had your back, I took the blame You always told me not to worry when you attack, it’s not the same Just as soon as you work up the nerve I’ll be happy just to throw you a curve Anything to upset your plans Unless you’re trying to get sober again It not the same as it was I’m less afraid to put up a fuss Did you think that you would always get your way? Have you no shame? And, now you’re crying because your life was thrown away? It’s not the same BRIDGE: You suddenly realize you’re past your prime Your fortune left you without a dime Now there’s no one left the hear your pleas And, you don’t know how to bend your knees Sometimes a person has to go it alone Life eventually wears you down to the bone It takes some courage to keep going on You better wake up before it’s all gone It all boils down to this Sometimes we swing, and sometimes we miss When life is harder than it’s ever been once more, alibis are lame You should belearning how to get up off the floor – do you know your name? Winter’s coming, and it’s closer day by day – stay near the flame You think it’s better if you don’t get in the way, but it’s not the same (It’s not the same 2x’s)
  15. Lynn Wilson


    I'm glad I didn't miss this. I have thought many times that you have a Paul Simon quality to your voice and songs, which I find very inspiring. Good job, Steve, and all the best!
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