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  1. Tom, thanks for your advice! The instrument is called UDU MEINL in a Toontrack percussion pack. I've never used it before, and after going over the song with a fine-toothed comb, I think I know where it works and where it doesn't. I'll be working on this tomorrow, and I really appreciate your ears and kind words.
  2. Lynn Wilson

    Stratos 1977

    Bjorn, this hits me on a visceral level, unlike other songs I've heard from you. It seems dark and sinister, therefor, cinematic, and ready for a movie or documentary. Though I've been incommunicado for a while, I've heard most of the songs you posted lately, and you've been keeping the beat going for a long time!
  3. I think I've heard you sing before, but this is a pleasant surprise. Your voice reminds me very much of the late Richard Wright, and the whole song has a dreamy, Pink Floyd vibe that I like. Of course, the mix is great! Thumbs up!!
  4. Hi Jesse! This piece really strikes home with me. The rhetorical question of the ages: "what's so hard about loving one another?" This arrangement and mix really pops on my KRK's, and your voice has never been better. This may keep me up at nights!
  5. Phillip, you've written a beautiful song that sets a mood. Your lyrics are very relatable, and while poignant, they convey the mood very well. The only thing that I noticed was that the overall mix sounds a little "muffled" and low in level. Perhaps a hi-pass filter on the vocals or mix might clear things up a bit, but if you do nothing else, it is a success.
  6. Terrific job, Mark and Tony!!! Your arrangement is superb, and the performances are off the chart. More, please.
  7. Well, thank you for taking the time to listen twice! I know what you mean about the chorus; the pre chorus is pretty dominant. I take them as one part anymore. I did spend a bit of time with headphones, but they differ so much from brand to brand, even when calibrated, that all I an hope for is an "average" mix from them. Again, thanks for your feedback!
  8. Thanks Michael! Standards are my next goal "Pete' should be bloody jealous" That's one for the ages :)! Steve, it's truly good to hear from you. I did manage to chronicle my year in song, which I will let slip out over the next few months. I have tried to keep up with you, and if I missed a review, I will say now that I've liked all I've heard from you.
  9. Jeff, thanks for your reply! The timing issue was brought up earlier, so you are not alone in hearing this. When constructing this song, I used preset percussion beats from Superior Drummer 3 and combined straight beats with swing patterns (ala King Crimson and Bill Bruford) for an experiment in polyrhythm. Whether it works or not, is kinda up to the listener. It was one of my question marks about this tune. Good ears!
  10. Nigel, I love the new sound and vocalist! You raise the bar very high, but something to aspire to.
  11. Just terrific! You have a way of writing the most mesmerizing music. I have to dive back in!
  12. Very stylish, Fred! You have a very close relationship to your muse, and may it ever be prosperous!
  13. Well done! As Mark said, you put your signature on this tune. You've done a good job overcoming your physical problems and creating something highly entertaining.
  14. Truly adventurous, Jesse! The road less traveled is often the most interesting.
  15. Thanks a million, Daryl! I spent a lot of time under the cans with this tune. I'm glad to hear that it paid off!
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