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  1. Very nice, Glenn. It sort of sums up my feelings, too. This is fun to listen to, and the mix is very good. Well done!
  2. Lynn Wilson


    Jesse, thanks a million for your kind words. I appreciate the way you noticed the drums in this, as I wrote the song around the drums presets from the SD3 Fusion Pack. I believe in a solid foundation!
  3. I love the dynamics in this piece! In a short time, you've gone a long ways to making this sound complete. This is truly epic.
  4. Bjorn, you have really mastered the art of writing well crafted instrumentals that stay with you for a while. I'm inspired to try something like this, but I know it doesn't come easy. You have a deep well of creativity that never gets tiring. You give this Celtic tune a touch of the blues while keeping a traditional sound, thus, making it more interesting. Well done, my friend!
  5. I love doubleheaders! You hit the jackpot with these two songs. In the Santa song you deliver a great PSA while backing it up with your usual panache. I hope that people listen and heed your advice! The second song and video is a homerun all the way. It is swampy (in a good way), bluesy, and well played and well sung. Your rock-a-billy guitar has never sounded better. I always look forward to hearing new songs from you, and you never disappoint! Stay healthy, Freddy.
  6. Lynn Wilson


    What a pleasure to see you perform! This is a terrific song that features your smooth, melodic voice, combined with a bit of sadness, that is very convincing. And, that, to me, is the hallmark of your music; your conviction. You can't fake that. What a great start to my day!
  7. Well done, Lee! I share your hope and optimism. This is a really enjoyable song to listen to, and the mix is very nice. Your vocals, lyrics, and performance are top notch. Keep up the good work.
  8. Lynn Wilson


    Hey Freddy! I'm glad to hear from you, amigo! What a year it's been, huh? I'm looking forward to a brighter future, which is what inspired this song. But, make no mistake, you've been the voice of reason around here this year. It's time for your encore.
  9. The vst3 GR6 is working just fine here in the latest version of CbB. I did have to download it from the Native Access portal, but OK after that.
  10. Yet, another terrific song from you guys! I love this style of music, so I'll be visiting your website to get better acquainted with it. Rock on!
  11. Yes! This is better. I still would like to hear a 16th note shuffle with the hi-hat to glue it all together, but this is an improvement. I appreciate you taking the time to try my suggestion!
  12. Very mesmerizing and appropriate for the times. It actually makes me feel nostalgic for some reason. Well done!
  13. I'm glad I finally got here! This takes me back to a time when music seemed fresh and adventurous. I would have bought this album in a heartbeat! Keep em coming!
  14. Lynn Wilson

    The Rising

    I like where this is going. There's great potential here, and I look forward to hearing this when you get it to the point where you think it's completed. Truly terrific tones and textures!
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