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  1. Kevin, this is on the road to becoming a brilliant song! Your vocals are haunting though not quite clear (at low volume), but regardless, terrific! I'm sure you'll get this right.
  2. Lynn Wilson


    This is a great song, Steve. Your voice has a very ethereal quality that speaks to me. I don't remember this, so it is very fresh and chill. Keep 'em coming, my friend!
  3. Lynn Wilson

    Love in Time

    You wrote a beautiful song, Rex! I, too, share your love of CW, and I'm constantly amazed at its proficiency. I'm looking forward to the next phase. Keep up the good work, and have a great holiday season!
  4. One of the hardest talents to attain is consistency. You've got that in spades! Good job, Nigel!
  5. Very dope! Wish I could dance~~~
  6. You've never sounded better!
  7. This happens to me sometimes, and when it does I bounce the clip to itself to regain the waveform. It might work for you.
  8. Sorry, Tom, my bad🤪
  9. Terrific song, Barry! I do agree with John's evaluation about shortening the song, and the one thing that stood out to me was the high trumpet. I wonder if it might be more impactful if you did it an octave lower. It cuts through, but is weak in its delivery in spite of being loud. I say this as an ex trumpet player in a soul band (high school). Otherwise this is one to be proud of.
  10. Keith, your kind words are so welcome! I like your suggestion about the vocals. Had you been around, I may have tried that.
  11. The lycra idea is irresistible! I'm always game for game. Steve, how about a super trio? It could be the "Dazlyn Dilemma"? Or, the "Dazlyn Trifecta"! 🤑
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