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  1. What I mean is: normally when one closes a project the project goes away but Cakewalk doesn't close. The background (screen) remains, and the start menu appears just like when you start CW. In my case, the screen or background goes away though the start menu stays. When I select a new or old project from the start menu, it just disappears and I have to restart CW to change projects. I mean it just totally closes down. I'm getting the idea that this problem may be unique to me, but I'll send you a fresh crash dump to investigate. I have NO other complaints with CW, Thanks, Noel, for listening.
  2. I like the articulation maps, too! I'm getting ready to test it out now, but I've already discovered one thing about this release; 1. I open the app and the start menu comes up 2. I choose any project from it and the project opens 3. I close the project 4. The start menu appears, but the background (rest of the app) disappears. 5. I choose a project from the start menu and everything disappears, even the MIDI symbol in my task tray. Everytime, with any project, even blanks. The simple work-around is to minimize the current project and open a new one before deleting the first project. I.E. I have to open a second project before deleting the first project or the entire program crashes. Two versions ago, this began, and I sent in a crash dump file officially, which was acknowledged by CW. This is not terribly annoying, just an irritant. I'm still looking forward to and expecting a fix eventually. This may not happen to anyone else, so I'd be curious to know if it's just me. Again, thanks CW for your continual improvements!
  3. Don't be discouraged! Once you get to know CW, you may end up in hog heaven!
  4. Are you using Bandlab or Cakewalk by Bandlab? Big difference.
  5. If you're recording acoustic guitar, check your mic, mic cable, and mic placement. Are you using batteries in any place in the chain?
  6. Listening to this song made me very happy. I like the mix the way it is, and think this is a gem! Fun, fun, fun...
  7. Great PSA, Freddy! I'm with you all the way!
  8. You're always playing with fire when covering the Beatles, but I think you did a good job with this tune. This has always been one of my favorite early Beatle songs, and I suspect if John Lennon would have had this reverb available to him, he would have gladly used it. Well done!
  9. Paul, this is a damn good song, with a clear, well-balanced mix, good arrangement, and very good vocals. I hear many influences here, and I never get tired of this style of music. The only crit I have is the bass guitar. I've read your post in the instruments forum and noted your concern with the bass, and while I like the part, it just seems to be missing the low end to balance out your bass drum. But, that's all; the rest of the song sounds "radio ready". All in all, I'm ready to listen again for the fun of it!
  10. I couldn't agree with you more, Freddy. I'm glad to hear this song, and I love your approach to this topic! I just want to add one thing: vote!
  11. Nigel, thanks for your inspirational song and video! This is very uplifting for all of us. Keep it up!
  12. Fabulous! I want to listen again because I wasn't expecting this. You get strong points for originality, but that's no surprise. Congrats!
  13. Another terrific song, lyrics, and vocal from Staypress! That was a tasty guitar solo, btw. I once was acquainted with a real psychic vampire, and she truly sucked the life out of the room, so I can relate to this very well. Gee, it's too bad we're relegated to making only demos here because this raises the bar.
  14. Make sure that Stop at Project End button is unchecked under Options.
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