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  1. Forget the Windows sounds! Create your own "enhancements" using the tools in CW or whatever VSTs you prefer. There are many tutorials showing the basics of CW, so take advantage of them! Best of luck.
  2. Again, all good ideas! Stay tuned!
  3. Thank you for your ears and time! I'm glad you like the song, and I'll give your suggestion some consideration on my next pass. This is what I'm looking for!
  4. I like it as is! Good arrangement.
  5. Lynn Wilson


    Jack, this is very entertaining! I've mentioned dynamics in the past, and it seems like you got it because this is nuanced and subtle and well arranged. I like the melody very much and the processing on your vocals is just right for this song. Keep 'em coming.
  6. Way to go, Nigel! You've produced another winner, and I'll be listening and studying this song for a while.
  7. I have to agree with the above comments; everything about this production is first class! Songs like this showcase CW very well. Keep it up!
  8. Craig, thanks for your kind words! You have good ears regarding the vocal. I'm using Waves VocalBender on the lead vox, and it is a doubling f/x. On the choruses, I've added an Eventide Harmonizer to the lead one third higher and sang a harmony up a fifth, so 2 voices=3. Normally, I would sing all 3 parts, but this was an experiment. Hi Paul, glad to have you back! If you hear the vocals that way, I may have succeeded in the mix (lol), but sometimes it's good to be lucky.
  9. I don't remember if I used this Avatar, but I was on the old forum for sure. All the best, Craig!
  10. This proves that one can write and record a hit song using only CW tools. I wish this was on my car radio, I might start listening to radio again. A+
  11. Lynn Wilson


    This is superb! I like the mix, melody, vocal, and arrangement very much. Nicely done, Steve!
  12. Thanks again, Freddy! It took a few days to get the hang, but was worth it.
  13. Classic Makke! Let's go surfing!
  14. Wow, where did that come from?? I love the way you are processing your vocals lately. You've opened up a whole new world to explore. I've been trying to get used to my Waves OVox and Vocalbender, but I don't quite grok it yet. Anyway, this is a very entertaining song, and I dig where you are!
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