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  1. I think this is a terrific recording and song! Though I'm not a fan of Landr, this works OK for this song. I like things that are a little different, and this sounds just fine, as is, to my ears. I'm looking forward to your next song!
  2. What a pleasant surprise! This is so different and clever that I'm in awe. It's very professional and polished and deserving of a large audience. A+
  3. You've gotten good advice here on the mix, but, overall, this song has the potential to be a gem. The lyrics are quite good, and if you make the vocal shine, this will be stellar. Well done!
  4. This is a nice way to start my day. Your unpredictability is one of your greatest talents.
  5. I love the sound of this, and especially the Iridium. Superb production all the way!
  6. A beautiful song sung in a lovely setting just adds to the depth of the message. Thanks for sharing this with us!
  7. Thank you, Paul, for your time and kind words! Cheers to you, as well!
  8. Another classic from you! The words made me nostalgic, so close to events that I've been through. I really like the chord progression in this, as well as the arrangement, which is quite sophisticated and unpredictable. All in all, very inspirational.
  9. Lynn Wilson

    Foolish Days

    Everything about this is top notch! These lyrics really speak to me, so kudos there. Keep it up!
  10. Makke, thanks for taking the time to listen and respond! Glad you liked it.
  11. Lynn Wilson


    Just what I said about turning the vocal up. All else is clear and well panned.
  12. Classic! A cut above, etc., etc. Time for a video of you playing?
  13. Lynn Wilson


    Jack, you have such a unique approach to songwriting that makes it interesting to listen to even if the mix is a little off. In this case, my only crit is that the lead vocal could be louder so that the words can be understood better. Overall, your voice is well recorded and clear, just not quite loud enough for my old ears. You write interesting songs, and I can hear the time and thought that goes into each one, so let those lyrics shine!
  14. Wow, I really like this song! Your vocal is very strong and convincing and well performed. This has a retro vibe, yet a modern sound. A little less reverb would make this sound closer to the listener and more intimate, but I like reverb, so it belongs regardless. Good songwriting!
  15. Lynn Wilson

    Sunday jam

    I never get tired of hearing a Fender guitar played like this. I might bring the background instruments up in the mix, but it works quite well, as is. Good job, Makke!
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