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  1. Thanks Gary for the post and thankyou Jesse for the Vid ... Really enjoyed this ballet
  2. SPAK

    Sense of Space

    With regard to the mix, I think it's rather clinical, however I believe you mixed this work to have that 'clean' sound in mind. For me I would keep the mix as is but try some compression with a reduced ( very slight) attack time and using a bit of soft knee to reduce the harshness of the lead acoustic, as said it wouldn't hurt to increase the reverb tail a tad but hay ho! That's all I have ( excellent playing BTW πŸ‘‚ ) Steve
  3. ..... And I think the lyrics are top notch .. seems you hate praise but I can't help myself sorry Jesse πŸ––
  4. SPAK

    Red Light Blues

    Love where your going ... Def a Dylan vibe, poet with a guitar, Keep it up Bjorn ! Steve
  5. Chaos meets structure ... and the lion is tamed, I agree with DA in bringing the vocal up .. Good stuff mate Steve
  6. SPAK


    I like this very much ..love to nick it and try some lyrics ...plus I think you achieved your goal with cello ..so well done and thumbs up from me for what it's worth All the best and thanks for a Harrison tribute Steve
  7. I love your tin opener ... great stuff Bjorn but what you made here is what we call in old blighty ' dinner for one after a day on the lash' ( It's a bloke'y thing 😜 ) Your vids are getting better 😁 Steve
  8. SPAK

    This Love

    Think it's done! Great work
  9. SPAK


    Thankyou David your comment is highly regarded here in the SupaReels camp ! Thanks for the comments ...it also goes well with a cold beer LOL 🍺πŸ₯΄
  10. SPAK

    I Failed To See

    Just sussed it ! .... Early Jagger .. took a few listens . .keep 'em commin'
  11. I have to say your stuff is really hard to comment on, the mix is always good the lyrics are great and I think I kinda liked this ... kinda but not sure, although I have become a fan of these later mixes. I would really like to see this performed live, say on Jools Holland late night show ... never gonna happen I guess. Back when 'The old gray whistle test' was around whispering Bob would have lapped this up .... hey ho heady days ATB Steve
  12. SPAK

    This Is Your Life

    Thanks for that ..I will hear it in a more understanding way now, for me it's kind of important with work like this ... Thanks again for your time πŸ‘ Steve
  13. SPAK

    This Love

    For me no drum beat then I'd slowly build up the pad ( crescendo ) to 1.24 and then use the trip intro drum to accentuate your chorus to the beat .. also the snare feels a little high ... but all good really and works better for my old ears ... ALB Steve
  14. SPAK

    This Is Your Life

    Right up there .. I get Toms obs and your take on the beat, for me it all works although I would have loved a M8, say lead guitar, but it's a small crit .. I do love your stuff as you know, probably 'cause of your lyrics with great mixing ... so all good here, thanks for the post πŸ‘Š Steve Where was the inspiration for the lyrics ..? Just love to know
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