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  1. SPAK

    An Old Old Recording

    So are you gonna remix it ??
  2. Very talented you are ...thanks for the laugh and look forward to your future projects ! Steve
  3. SPAK


    Nice work with the NI picked Bjorn .. I bought this a couple of weeks ago but haven't had a chance to use it .. Sounds good, what settings were you using ? Stay well Steve
  4. SPAK

    'An Awkward Silence'

    Revisited as I needed a G fix .... 🙂
  5. Great balance on the mix ... very tight and everything in its place ... wonderful, Thanks for the posting. Steve
  6. SPAK


    Thanks for the compliment David ... and sorry about the ending 😏 Regards Steve
  7. SPAK


    Thanks for listening mate ... Steve
  8. SPAK


    Thanks Mate ... glad you had the patience to listen ... Been busy with a whole lot of bad sh** wondered how your doing with the studio ? Steve
  9. SPAK


    Thanks Daryl ..made up that you liked it ! Steve
  10. Well said my friend .. It's all about the fun .. still think your bloody good though ! (Just bad at endings LOL) All the best
  11. SPAK

    Comme Des Etoiles

    I really wish I spoke French as good as you speak English ... laid back tune, excellent guitar so good work mate .. All the best ( hope your keeping well ) Steve
  12. SPAK

    girls loose

    Sounds like you had a great time Jesse ... did I like ..No .... but your stuff has so many colors it draws you. A taste you need to take with a pinch of salt ... All the best mate .. keep 'em coming Steve
  13. Bloody hell are you good .... so all good to my ears, could say more like I don't like the ending but hey ...I can start at the beginning then roll it again LOL Great work Kenny Steve
  14. SPAK

    Lost in Time

    This is really good, I love the build to the break and the riff all the way through quality seems a bit lacking (might be these cans I'm using) to me it's a bit different to your normal stuff ... Great work! Steve
  15. SPAK


    Many thanks for the compliment ..For me I think it goes on a bit without to much variance but there was a message to relay, and it was done a few years back, I'd probably do it a different now ...but thanks for listening Regards Steve
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