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  1. SPAK


    SteveC Yep looks like I have a re-mix and redo ...watch this space ..... Thank for taking the time to comment Steve WOOKIEE Thanks Wooks your comment means a lot Stay well 👊
  2. SPAK

    Hold Me Down

    This mix is so unusual here ..... but it works just great to give that sad feel and the hook is gonna stay in my head for days.. love it ..more of this stuff please 👍 Steve 3rd listen .. still great
  3. As a vocalist, cant hep feeling absolute respect ... this work ( and what I've heard on the Tube etc ) pulls me back to the times I was young enough to feel free ..... Thanks ..Great job .. ( and count me in for a fan )💜 ATB Steve
  4. SPAK

    This Love

    Some how, and although I believe this is one of the best love songs I've heard from you, for me it doesn't quite work. As Gary commented, the drum pattern is too mechanical .. flat is a good way to put it. Your vocal work (as always) is great but the song needs more feeling and possibly a less staccato rhythm regarding the guitar work. I really like this Rex and although it doesn't sound like it given my comments. Perhaps a little less 'up front' with the beat with maybe a string pad and harmony on the main lyric 'This love' bit ... looking forward to the revised version ... if it comes. Well done for a good bit of work ALB Steve
  5. SPAK

    Cool Water

    Blimey! That's a bit more like it ! Vocal and mix sooo good ..as Daryl says guitar IS great ..but a given ..No Crits .. tight mix mate 👍 ATB Steve
  6. SPAK


    Thanks for the listen Steve
  7. Much better No2 seems more softer somehow ..nice one David
  8. SPAK


    Thanks guys for taking the time to comment ... I'm made up Steve
  9. It's the one time I don't agree with you .. I really think the acoustic guitar has a little more of a 'mellow' sound and not so discordant as observed by Andrew. I think your version is as good especially given the lack of dynamics as you said and I always learn when your posts come up ... thanks David .. I just wanted to post the version I listend to for reference ... https://youtu.be/w0sMam70dxk Steve
  10. Tell you what .. (and I'm gonna get a reprimand for this), but sometimes you godda say what you really feel and ..I *****ing love it !! I love the harmonies, love the way you sang it, the mix ... clear as a bell and it shows your talent in spades .. not gonna say well done 'cause you'll get 'big headed' but I will say 'I wish I'd written this' .. so Great song, I wish I'd written it 👊 Steve
  11. SPAK

    Between Night and Day

    As said on SC ..Great stuff mate ..am I allowed to say your stuff is getting better .. from me ? .... Well Goddammit, there ... I said it!
  12. Just great .. that's all I got to say 🤠yep I think so ..
  13. OMG Missed this one 🤔 and I think you have a fan for sure, been listening to your back catalog (Cosmos Music) great stuff indeed 👍 Steve
  14. SPAK


    DAVID Thankyou, a real compliment given your understanding of music .... I think I'll give the call to Pete a miss though 🙄 Steve BJORN Thanks mate, have to say it's what your good at too! so I'm made up👊 All the best
  15. SPAK


    Thanks very much Tom .. I always feel your observations are so helpful, as said, I used my old compressor ( YAMAHA GC2020BII) which was always a bit hot when trying to achieve the correct Comp Ratio/Threshold, so that's most probably it .. but you never cease to amaze me .. have you got digital hearing I wonder 🤔 ? Take care mate and thanks again for the comments Steve
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