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  1. SPAK


    All my words and songs are about her, so thankyou ...she has an aggressive form of Leukemia and your comment will be passed on to give strength ... love can be a bitch ...but cancer is worse
  2. SPAK


    Sorry about my response as my wife is very I'll in hospital .... But just to say thanks for the compliments on this song Regards Steve
  3. SPAK

    It's Not That I'm Old

    Absolutely great ... your lyrics are the best .. needed a bit of cheering up today and this hit the spot ..well done Bjorn 😂
  4. SPAK

    Money can't buy love

    Still working on this one Tom ..your comment on the bass is correct in that it's a bit muddy ... I'll post when I've fixed it .... thanks Best Regards Steve
  5. SPAK

    Money can't buy love

  6. SPAK

    Silver Lining

    Hi m8 Love the message and the song, the mix needs a little tidying but nothing you can't handle ( sound a little rushed ? .. dunno I'll have another listen) Powerful stuff though ...really is .. Great work, Great lyrics Stay loose All the best Steve
  7. SPAK

    Your Resplendent Ways, popper

    I have to agree with the comments made here. Good instrumental that needs a bit of pruning ... only thing I can say is if it were my mix I would kill the reverb and check each track has the right balance and placement. In these old ears and everything seems to fighting without a winner. I'm not sure if your using one FX out for reverb, but if so use different delay times making separate instrument busses for the main mix to further a clearer overall sound. EQ often helps to remove some middle/ muddle ... Anyway' .... It's hard getting a mix right but I have to agree with Tom ..however, I feel, this is worth a little extra time .. Hope this helps 🤔 Regards Steve
  8. SPAK


    Many thanks for the compliment Steve
  9. SPAK


    I have three grown kids, seven little grandsods ... and a loving (very understanding) wife .... and after a lot of climbing life's wobbly ladder and getting near the top, my feeling is mostly disappointment the world is as is. I am a great believer in the power of words but as you say it's hard to get the emotion of a rhyme within a song that conveys the whole meaning of what your trying to convey. Thankyou for understanding and taking the time to post .. for me, it makes it all worthwhile 👍 Best regards Steve
  10. SPAK


    Thanks Wooks and Yep I have to agree it seems as though a promise doesn't have kudos these days when it comes to politics ..but hey! what changed .... Steve
  11. SPAK

    The Cardinal - An Original Ragtime Piece

    My Grandad used to play the old ivories back in the day, especially at Christmas when the whole family would gather 'round ...this was his style. Thanks for the moment ..... and the drums ? .. leave em I say, they sound ok to my ears. Steve
  12. SPAK

    The Dance

    I think your vocal suits this genre and full marks on the mix, I can't help feeling a bit short changed when you use canned midi, probably because your an old muso and I like the bumps & warts of a homemade song that's posted here and then helped to fruition ...mind you mate I use Komplete Sunburst for a lot of ideas and backing so I'm not getting up ...really 😉 Godda say I'm enjoying the 'new' stuff a lot. All the best Steve
  13. SPAK

    My Babe Is So Slinky (with even more changes)

    Ya'know .... I love your stuff and this is nooo different but I feel it hasn't reached it's full potential given your thoughts... don't know what version I got but Tom's input is key to this one reaching it's deserved production ... Still loved it ,,,, but hmmm ...... 🤔 Steve
  14. SPAK

    Take to the Sky - sorta colab

    Wo Ow great song indeed ...one thing, for my ears the rhythm guitar could be brought up in the mix then brought down and widened for the lead to come in .. but that 'Harrison' type lead made be go cold, (Wish I could play like that) .....this is the type of track I listen too whenever I find it and if it goes on an album I'll be very tempted to buy this ...anyway top marks ... sounds like you really enjoyed this one ! Steve