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  1. The LA2A collection is included in Spark I just installed it on my laptop, along with 3(! API Vision Strip, Brigade Chorus and the 1176 collection) other plugins (and I also own quite a few). All the best.
  2. A friend of mine has "333, Half evil" tattooed on his arm (in between a bunch of others). It was between that and the "667" one. I like the "667" betterer.
  3. I have both Revoice Pro and Melodyne (Studio). I've never tested the pitch editing features in Revoice until yesterday. I have to say that I couldn't tell the difference between them. I don't think I need this, but unlike someone else, I won't buy it (or can afford it) 😎
  4. I was able to hear 18000 Hz on my headphones. I didn't think I would get that high (frequency wise). It sounded quite a bit lower (no pun intended) that the other frequencies though. I wasn't very kind to my hearing when I was young, but have taken better and better care of it as I've gotten older.
  5. A friend of mine used to sing loudly "sa ba do" to Metallica's Sad but true until we told him (after a while). I've probably done this myself without knowing it when I was younger. I stopped shouting in public (for a while) when I got older.
  6. So I was wrong it seems. Through my son, that'll hear about this Never too old to learn at least (I hope). All the best.
  7. I'm a Tool fan, and have been for 20(?) years. Something that has rubbed off on my sons, I'm pleased to say. My oldest son usually keep me up to date on the latest releases of bands he knows I like before I know about it myself 🤘 They're one of my top 10 favorites, I'd say. I like their older stuff better than the latest releases, but that's probably just me getting older and hang on to old favorites, I presume... 👴 They played in Oslo a month or so ago, and I didn't know about it until the day of the show (🥴), so no way to get (legal, and at 10 times the price) a ticket. One of my nephews went without telling me, and he won't do that again They are one of a few of my favorite bands I haven't gotten to see live, and probably never will (now). I also like that they make all the music and vocals before handing it over to Danny Carey (the drummer). A thing my oldest son told me, and (supposedly) quoted from Maynard James Keenan (vocals) and Adam Jones (geetar) is that: "We finish everything before giving it over to Danny to *#@% it up". So, yeah... I'm a Tool (fan).
  8. Congrats! That's great news 👌 All the best.
  9. I shouted at Mike 2 days ago for the 1st time since before the summer, and me getting Covid. I had to play geetar until I got enough breathe to dare shouting at Mike. Not the worst "penalty" to get though. New CR song in the making, plus a couple of my own.
  10. My go to amp sims these days, and past year are S-Gear (now v.3) and Amplitube 5 (with most of the amps, cabs and stomps). I've also started using Softube Amp Room lately, when layering geetarz.
  11. Zargg

    This the end, or is it

    Fingers crossed that he'll make his way back home to us again 🤞
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