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  1. Hi. I purchased East West Symphonic Choirs from them last autumn/fall, and had no issues with them. Serial came in minutes. All the best.
  2. It's probably for the breast 🥴
  3. If I could do that (generally), I'm not Shure if beer would be the 1st thing that came to mind...
  4. Like a zebra farting, backwards, I'd like to think.
  5. I'm having my 1st beer, sitting alone, in over a year. I might even go for a 2nd one.. They are small beers...
  6. Zargg

    IK VI Group Buy

    Hi, mate. I bought a pair of iLoud Micro monitors from their website, and they were shipped from Italy (to Norway). Not sure about keyboards (or anything else). All the best.
  7. You're looking the wrong way... I've just got to finish that other project, as it's on a deadline, versus NagBap 2.0, which is always available 😉
  8. I think the live version on the Conan show is even betterer.
  9. Nothing to see here. Move on.. Look over there!
  10. Just to check if anyone noticed. I didn't...
  11. Stay safe, and best of luck.
  12. Thanks, guys! One year left in the 40's, then I have to move up to the 21st century.
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