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  1. Sorry to hear this, Bill 😕 Hope for a speedy and full recovery for you. Best of luck!
  2. I ended up getting this. Still awaiting the sn. I liked the demo, and it will fit nicely in my Console 1 collection. Always nice to have options, and I'm using C1 for 80+% of my mixing (besides time based fx etc). Will report back on CPU usage.
  3. Without a dedicated AI, I would say that WASAPI is the best route to go. Nothing in particular to be aware of. All the best.
  4. Back to the top again.
  5. Hi. Do you not have the option to use WASAPI? It should perform better than MME. I suspect that the USB-C to Jack adapter does not come with ASIO drivers, and that is the reason you don't have that option. A budget Audio Interface (AI) with proper ASIO drivers would help a lot. Others will hopefully chime in with AI suggestions. A budget will be needed for getting good advice. All the best. To add something for you to start reading: https://consordini.com/best-budget-audio-interfaces-under-100/
  6. I'll pass on this one, as I'm satisfied with the Gambit Eq. I only use the Gambit Channels strip on a few sources (snare, OH, some Vsti's ++) I often put the 9000 on the Main out/Master bus.
  7. Thanks! Same here. That is why I asked for a comparison between them.
  8. I know at least Bapu has one. I really hope more people has Console1, as it's a very great piece of gear 👍🤘
  9. Has anyone compared this to the Weiss Gambit Eq for Console 1? All the best.
  10. You should be ok without an Eq. As mentioned above, you can change the tone some with different settings. When I use Eq on the way in, it is usually with "broad stokes" to get the tone as close to where I want it (as the only Eq's I have are the Eq's on my preamps). I do use plugins afterwards 95% of the time.
  11. Back to the top again.
  12. I'm influenced by everything from Beethoven to KoRn, and everything in between. It depends on the day and the setting. Some free jazz however, I can find tiring/exhausting though.
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