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  1. Hi. I am in a bit of the same situation as antler, but the Pro-Channel plugins are actually very good. I still think the CA2A is one of the best LA2A plugins I've tried and got. And I've got quite a few. UAD's LA2A's comes above the CA2A though, IMO. All the best.
  2. Zargg


    Have a great time, Larry. Enjoy! All the best.
  3. I Am quite certain that NagBap 3.0's algorithm might be tougher though 😁
  4. It is totally legitimate. Ed and I have made such a transaction in the past. It is nothing more than a purchased serial nr from Thomann, that hasn't been registered anywhere. Toontrack has been paid by Thomann for their bundles, and Thomann has been paid by Ed.
  5. Zargg

    New mix In vain

    Thanks mate! The solo is sidechained to the acoustic guitar that plays the verses, so fades out/compresses more when that guitar comes in. Perhaps too abruptly? The next part is a verse, so is on most my songs naturally lower in volume. The pic is of my wife and I on our wedding party for our friends. We kept them apart from the families
  6. Zargg

    New mix In vain

    New mix is up with more snare and kick in the choruses, and lowered the 1st verse vocals a little after another suggestion.
  7. Zargg

    New mix In vain

    Thanks for listening, and feedback mate🙏
  8. Zargg

    New mix In vain

    A new mix of this song is up, after getting it reviewed by Warren Huart (worked with anything from James Blunt, to KoRn, founder of Produce like a Pro etc.) on the monthly Produce like a Pro Feedback Friday Members Originals in February. I've done my best. Feedback is appreciated. All the best.
  9. He lives there/then😁
  10. Happy birthday mate! Hope you have a good one. Cheers!
  11. 1: Releasing a song of mine. 2: Get in better shape. That's a years worth of stuff for someone like me. Happy New year peeps. All the best.
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