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  1. The Abbey Road Brilliance Pack is great, even if they are 1 band eq's. They deliver something extra compared to a normal eq at those frequencies. All the best.
  2. Great song! Sounds great as well. Good work all around 👍 All the best.
  3. Hi. I've only had stage fright for approx. 5 minutes, before I just enjoyed it. I usually play guitar on stage. I still got/get very nervous the last minutes before going on stage, and fells like I have to pee the whole time. But I have learned to use that nervousness to pump myself up the last minutes before going on, jumping up and down, and playing on my guitar while banging for myself. As soon as I connect the cable, and have sound, the nervousness is totally gone, and I just look forwards to being on stage again. As mentioned earlier, if I do make a mistake, I just laugh at it and continue. It happens that I look around to see if anyone noticed it, but I've gotten past the error already when I start looking at the audience, and get back to enjoying it. A wrong note(s) (IMO) doesn't take away from a whole performance live. It's my favorite place to be. Not sure if I've been of any help, but just rambled. All the best.
  4. I follow him on YT, so watched this earlier today. Very cool!
  5. Zargg

    TC MD4 HD Demo

    A moderator has to do it. Just ask on of them to delete the thread. All the best.
  6. Zargg

    TC MD4 HD Demo

    PM sent.
  7. I got 2 Drum MIDI packs for SD3 at a tenner each, minus some best coin and extra discount at Best Service, and that is all I'm gonna get this time. I kinda got my GAS under control after the IK GB. Unless it is very cheap, and I can use it with my Console 1, I'm not that interested anymore. I know I should be ashamed...
  8. I thought about getting one of these, but the shipping is $29.34, so that makes the deal a bit less of a deal for me. I have the SW version of the Polytune, and that is great as well. All the best.
  9. Hi. Not sure where in the world you're located, but I got this a month or so ago, and I'm very pleased with it. https://www.thomann.de/gb/swissonic_usb_hub_1916.htm All the best.
  10. Zargg

    Process Audio Decibel

    My iPad is too old to use with Decibel, but I can use my phone until I get something else ( in which I'm in no rush to do).
  11. Zargg

    Process Audio Decibel

    It's out now. $149 though. https://process.audio/en/products/decibel
  12. Zargg

    Process Audio Decibel

    It'll be good 😉
  13. This is what I use myself, plus/minus 0.5 meters or so. (I make my own cables)
  14. I have never experienced this myself, but a friend of mine said not to go longer than 15 meters, or you'll notice it. All the best.
  15. I have a few vague memories, but no sketchy ones. I do have some actual memories as well. The Heineken brewery is nice 👌 (I have a few pictures in my head (and been told some) from when I visited the Old Jameson distillery in Dublin. That was a hard one!)
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