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  1. I don't think so, to be honest 🤭
  2. Nais bass mate! But there are only 4 strings???
  3. I did it due to the videos above, and just weighed in on those two. Agree that the C1 is underrated, and often forgotten.
  4. I use Console 1 for (almost) all my channel strip, but the Scheps Omni Channel is my favorite outside the Console 1 platform. The 3 compressors, and double de-esser makes it stand above the CLA Mixhub, IMO. All the best.
  5. They're usually found in C:\Users\YourName\Documents\iZotope. I have Izotope plugins on my laptop and studio pc, using both dongle and machine, but I have never had this happen (yet). All the best.
  6. I'm on the same Win release as you. I got a message that I had an update awaiting when opening IK PM, but no updates to be found. Not sure if it has any relevance or not.
  7. I got the upgrade from 10.5 for approx. $70, and will await registering it until the next release.
  8. I updated my laptop a few days ago and my studio pc yesterday, and haven't had any issues (so far). All the best.
  9. I bought this mic for a friend of mine the last time the mic (alone) was on sale. I have to say that it was quite a bit better than I expected, especially for the price. I think I paid $ 19.95 then.
  10. I've mainly made for Studio One, as even I can make macros for the things I use most. Inserts, full track templates, etc. I've got 4 pages loaded with macros on my SD, and as you say, it's a work in progress.
  11. Nais! Will have to try it with my StreamDeck (15). Edith: After reading, it don't come with the possibility to try before buy. I'll continue creating my own for my DAW's.
  12. Happy birthday, Daryl!
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